Hercules - The Legendary Journeys: Romancing Hercules
by The Fan ([email protected])

Hercules was stalking his prey. The son of Zeus walked around, moving
quickly. He was hunting someone very dangerous. The person he was hunting
had already done impossible things - like stealing the Golden Apples of
the Hesperides and killing one of the Olympian gods. He was hunting down

Callisto was once an ordinary psychopath. A beautiful but twisted young
woman who became an assassin after the death of her parents at the hands
of a warlord. She became a rather infamous killer. She even attracted the
attention of Ares, the God of War. For awhile, Callisto was Ares's right
hand woman. She killed whoever he wanted. Kings. Queens. Princes. Merchants.
Traders. Ordinary men, women and children. She killed indiscriminately with
a song in her heart. But she was ambitious. She wanted power. Thus, she went
after the Golden Apples of the Hesperides. These apples were magical and
could turn an ordinary human being into an immortal. Callisto ate one of
them. She became immortal.

Hercules was too late to stop her from achieving immortality but still
fought her and managed to trap her inside a cavern and blocking the entry
with a huge boulder. Callisto had become immortal. Her body would never
grow old. She would no longer need to eat, drink or sleep. But that did
not make her any stronger or faster than she was an ordinary human

Somehow, she got out and went on a rampage. She killed many people. She also
stole the Dagger of Titanus and bathed it in Hind's Blood, the only substance
that could kill a god. She went after Ares, the god of War. She couldn't kill
Ares but did succeed in killing Stentor, a lesser god who worked for Ares.

Now, all the gods on Olympus trembled at the sight of Callisto. She wanted
to find Ambrosia, the magical substance that could turn her into a god. Well,
a goddess anyways. She wanted to become the Goddess of Terror and wipe out
the gods and goddesses of Olympus and rule the world by herself. Since the
gods of Olympus were cowardly and not exactly cynical, there would be no
stopping her.


The task of stopping the immortal madwoman fell to Hercules. He was walking
into a gorge, careful not to make noise and sticking to the shadows. He knew
his enemy could move very quickly. He did not however see Callisto sneak out
from her hiding place. He felt a light tap on his shoulder, turned around
and was rewarded with a hard punch in the face. Hercules staggered under the
blow and was dizzy for a second. His aggressor came at him with multiple
blows and kicks. He recoiled then charged at a screaming Callisto. His fist
connected with her face and she was thrown back ten feet.

Not to be deterred, she came at him with a sword. Hercules recoiled, dodged
and picked up a piece of wood from the ground, using it to block her sword.
They circled each other. He looked at her. She was a tall, beautiful blonde
woman with blue eyes. A scar went from one side of her face to the other.
The scar made by Xena's blade when Callisto fought the Warrior Princess as
a normal human being, or as close to normal as Callisto got when she was

"Callisto, it doesnt have to be like this," he said.

Callisto looked at him. She smiled nastily. "SHUT UP AND FIGHT !"

She lunged at him with the sword and he struck out, lightning fast. He
disarmed her with one blow to the arm, which made her drop her sword and
then kicked her, sending her against the wall. Callisto whirled under the
extent of Hercules's strength and hit the wall face first. He came at her,
grabbing her arms and exterting his superior strength to make her yield.

"Surrender," he said.

"Never!" said Callisto as she head-butted him.

Hercules grunted and slammed her against the wall. He knew that she couldn't
die because of the hits and blows, nothing could kill her but she could get
hurt. He kept slamming her against the wall until she got ready to listen.
"I am bringing you back to Olympus," he said. "The gods will know what to do
with you."

Callisto suddenly stopped fighting. "Alright, man. I give up."

Hercules hesitated. "You do?" he asked incredulously.

Callisto suddenly turned around, moving as fast as a serpent. She kicked out
his legs from under him and Hercules fell on his knees. She caught her sword
and held it before her, inches from Hercules's head. He looked at the wicked
sharp blade then at her. Inside, Hercules felt a pang of fear. Well, if this
was the end, he was gonna face it like a man. He had lost, after all.

"Do it." he said flatly, looking into her eyes with defiance.

Callisto hesitated. She was not expecting this. Usually, the men and women
she had on their knees were begging to be spared. She recalled a woman in
Sparta who offered up her children in bargain for her own life. She
remembered a girl in Thrace who wanted to trade her younger brother's life
for her own and a defrocked priest in Athens who offered up his wife and
riches in order to spare his life. Of course, she killed all of them, in
terrifyingly creative ways. The Spartan woman she burned...slowly. She had
the defrocked priest covered up in honey with his wife and tied up over an
ant hill. She could still hear the screams at night in her dreams. Oh, and
the Thracian girl she buried alive. This was fun. Never before had she met
someone with enough courage to just accept death after a fight that they
had lost. Usually, they were begging and weeping.

Personally, Callisto hated weepers and cowards. They were the reason she had
started killing in the first place. The cowardly people of her village ran
away while she and her parents made a stand against the warlord Xerus. Her
parents got killed and she was knocked unconscious. When she came to, she
vowed revenge. As soon as she was grown, she killed the people of the village
and then went after Xerus. She infiltrated his camp by disguising herself as
a prostitute and then went to sleep with him. She killed him...slowly. He
died a cowardly man, begging for his life just like all the men, women and
children she had met. Heck, even the god Stentor had begged for his life when
she got ready to kill him. Maybe Hercules was different...


He was still looking at her, eyes filled not with defiance or resignation but
a rather solemn and serene look. The only other person who had that look was
Xena. The beautiful and noble warrior princess. Hmm. Xena and Hercules were
cut from the same cloth. All beautiful and strong and noble. She hated them
but why did they have to be so...ugh.

She was debating whether or not to lop his head off when suddenly she heard
something. She looked up. One of the huge rocks atop of the gorge was
beginning to roll down. It was headed straight for them. Callisto gasped.
Hercules moved quickly. He shoved Callisto out of the way as the rock fell
on top of them. Callisto landed on her ass and turned in time to witness
something fantastic. Hercules standing tall, lifting a huge rock that fifty
men probably couldn't budge and grunting as he threw it away. He looked at
the rock as it landed a hundred feet away. He then turned to look at her.
Just then, a smaller rock fell on top of his head. The Son of Zeus fell,
and lay still.


Callisto got up and stood over her fallen enemy. She raised her sword. He
had been on her trail for days. She was not going back to the Olympians.
They were going to get rid of her. The gods could never forgive the death
of one of their own and as long as she was around she was going to be a
threat to them. She almost felt a bit of regret about killing Hercules. He
was...interesting, and decidedly not a coward. Just as she got ready to
finish him off, she hesitated again. He was just lying there, defenseless.
And for what? He had just helped her out by stopping that huge rock from
crushing her.

No one had ever helped her out before. She stiffened. Well, no one asked
him to help her. He could have just gotten out of the way. Still, he had
just saved her. Well, not saved her since she could never die but prevented
her from being flattened by a rock. Being flattened by a rock was bound to
hurt, no matter how undying you were. Slowly, she lowered her sword. She
didnt know why but she could not bring herself to kill Hercules. To kill in
the heat of battle was one thing but this...her own thoughts surprised her.

Usually, she didn't care for her foes. Killing them was something she
enjoyed. So, why couldn't she kill the Son of Zeus? She told herself she had
something worse planned for him. What? she asked herself. Well, she'd think
of something. She looked at him as he lay there, unconscious and bleeding.
Whatever she had planned for him, she was gonna have to take care of that.

Hercules woke up slowly and painfully. He was lying on a blanket on the
grass...somewhere. There was a campfire nearby. Where was he? He couldn't
remember. He rested a bit, thinking. Nah. He couldnt remember didley-squat.
He knew his name was Hercules and that he was looking for something. That's
about it.

Suddenly, he heard a voice. He saw a woman. Tall, blonde and beautiful, with
a jagged scar on the face. The woman wore a battle-armor. She was bent over
the fire, roasting something.

"Hey, " he said.

She turned around and looked at him fiercely. "Yes?" she said.

"Who are you? Where the hell am I?" He said.

Callisto was taken aback. Had she heard right? Hercules didn't remember who
he was and what he was doing with her? She frowned at that, then smiled. A
nasty little plan formed in her twisted mind.

She approached him carefully, this could be a trick of his. She still thought
it was a trick until he looked at her with guileless eyes and said, "Who are

She grinned. "Who am I?" She tried her best to look offended. "I'm your wife,
silly." she said.


Hercules looked at her, and frowned. "I don't know what happened to me. I
can't remember squat. I didn't even know I was married." he said.

Callisto saw that he was buying it and resisted the urge to laugh. He sat up
and looked at her. She had bandaged his head and all.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I am Callisto." she said.

"We...had a fight, I ran off and you chased me. There was an avalanche and
you saved me but got hit in the head."

Hercules nodded. "Sounds plausible. My head does hurt a lot." He looked at
the bonfire. "What's cooking?" he asked.

"Oh, a rabbit I caught." she said.

She helped him up. God, it felt weird to be close to Hercules and not know
whether to kick him Nothing like that. They sat by the fire and ate
the rabbit together. He kept asking her many questions.

"Have we been married long?" he asked.

Callisto shook her head and said, "Not long at all, though you've been after
me for awhile." she said. That was true enough. She sat closer to him and
gently touched his face. "I am glad we are finally together."

She leaned over for a kiss and after a slight hesitation Hercules kissed her
too. Callisto kissed him and stuck her tongue in his mouth. Her left hand
caressed his body just as her right hand slipped inside his pants for an
exploratory feel. Suddenly, his arm stopped her hand.

"What is it?" she asked, surprised.

Hercules hesitated. "It just doesn't feel right," he said.

Callisto was disappointed. She was surprised by her own actions as well. Did
she really want to get in bed with Hercules? "It's alright," she said with a
small smile. "We've got time."

That seemed to reassure him. He went to sleep and she came and lay next to
him. She answered the questions he had, and he had many. She wondered how
much longer would she be able to keep this up.

Over the next few days, Callisto got to know a Hercules she never knew. He
was very different from the seemingly invincible strongman she was accustomed
to fighting. He was beginning to remember step by step. His childhood in
Thebes. His origins. His friends.

"Do you remember me yet?" she asked.

She was not kidding on that subject. Hercules would be enraged if he suddenly
remembered and learned she had been playing him for a sap. He seemed to
know her name and face and that he knew her from before his 'accident' but
couldn't remember their wedding or life together. Probably because no wedding
ever took place between Hercules and Callisto. When he wasn't asking
questions, he was quite pleasant to be around. He was a great hunter, cook
and excellent companion. Callisto found herself liking his jokes and
appreciating his company. She felt a bit uneasy, though. She was not used to
having people around her. Usually, the men and women around her wanted her
dead for various reasons. She was used to that. Having a man around, laughing
at his jokes and enjoying his company was strangely pleasant and at the same
time so alien to her.

They were on the road to Calydon...

They were hungry and Callisto volunteered to hunt. Hercules went to the
nearby river and wanted to catch some fish. She didnt like fish so she went
hunting anyway. There was no game to be found so she returned to the river
hoping to catch some birds nearby. What she saw made her freeze on the

Hercules stood in the middle of the river. He was naked to the waist, his
well-muscled form glistening in the sunlight. God, he looked good enough to
eat. He was just standing there. Motionless. His face was very serious as he
looked in the water, trying to see some fish. Suddenly, he moved. He moved
too fast and his prey eluded. He cursed out loud in frustration. Callisto
chuckled. Hercules turned and looked at her. She stopped laughing.

"How's the fishing going?" she asked.

He shook his head. "Not so good. How was the hunting?"

Callisto shrugged. "No game to be found anywhere."

He just smiled. "Well, I..." he began.

Suddenly, he tripped and fell in the water.

"Hercules!" Callisto shouted. She dropped her bow and arrows and dove into
the water after him.


He emerged a few seconds later.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

Hercules grunted. "Stepped into something slippery." he said. He was looking
at her and smiling. Callisto smiled too. Here they were. A man and a woman in
the water. "Callisto..." he began.

Callisto looked at Hercules and felt something powerful and overwhelming from
deep within. She came to him and put her arms around him. Hercules looked
into her eyes. Who was this woman who claimed to be his wife? He knew that he
knew her from before his accident but that was it. Could he trust her? She
had taken care of him since his accident so the answer seemed to be yes, for
now, to some extent. He could not remember anyone else. He knew that before
he lost part of his memory he found it urgent to find this woman. Why? Maybe
he was after her because he needed her and she truly was his wife? So many
feelings. So many questions.

Callisto felt something she had never felt before when Hercules held her in
his arms. She wasn't playing anymore. A part of her wanted to tell him the
truth and couldn't stand to lie to him. But would he still want her after he
found out the truth? What if he left? No one had ever made her feel...needed.
She decided to take a chance.

Callisto's lips brushed Hercules's. He did not pull back this time and
kissed her full and deep. She kissed him back and held onto him like her
life depended on it. He took her in his arms and carried her to the
riverbank. There, they stood facing each other on the sands. Hercules was
breathing heavily. So was she. Once again, he hesitated. She did not. She
smiled naughtily and with a swift kick he was on the sand. She was suddenly
on top of him.

"Is this how we know ?" he asked.

Callisto smiled naughtily. "Oh, yeah. You and I tumble like this all the

Hercules smiled. "I like it rough, huh?" he said.

Callisto held his handsome face in her hands. "Boy, you got no idea." she
said as she leaned down and kissed him.

Hercules lay there, watching. He was in awe of this beautiful woman on top
of him and he watched her every move. He watched her undress, revealing a
beautiful, toned body. Her smiling face was wild and beautiful though
scarred. She slowly took off his clothes and ran her hands all over his body.
He pulled her to him and kissed her again. He caressed her neck and ran his
hands over her back, before holding her hips and planting her firmly onto

Once more he looked at this woman on top of him. Who was she? He read in her
eyes that she really did want him and he felt his body's silent but ever
present craving to be with her. He caressed her tits and licked them. She
planted kisses on his neck and back, and her hot kisses set him on fire.
God, he loved her touch. Her hand reached between his legs and she grabbed
ahold of his manhood. She kissed his hairy chest, tracing a trail to his
belly to his groin. She took his cock in her mouth, licking it and getting
the taste of it. Hercules moaned and closed his eyes.

Callisto looked at his quiet, handsome face and once more felt a warm feeling
in her heart. She wants to be with this man and make him happy. She sucks
his cock, running her tongue over it and caressing it with her voluminous
breasts. She sucks it and Hercules feels like his manhood is trapped inside
a velvety vacuum. He gasps and she knows his cum is not far behind.

True enough, he cums inside her mouth. Callisto is a bit surprised by the
taste of him. She swallows it, the seed of her lover. Hercules is lying on
the sand, his eyes wide open as he looks at her. She holds his cock in her
hand and he suddenly pulls her into his arms. They kiss again and he sucks
her tits, playing with the areolas and running his hands all over her body,
from her face to her breasts to her slim waist and hips.

Callisto is ready to be with him and without ceremony straddles him. She is
dying to have him inside her. Hercules looks into her eyes and reads the
burning desire there. He takes her. Callisto lowers herself onto the erect
manhood of her lover. His hard cock enters her flesh. Both of them gasp as
their bodies are joined. Hercules holds her by the hips and begins to thrust
upward, hard. Callisto grunts and supports herself by putting her hands on
his muscular shoulders. Hercules looks at Callisto as she is bucking wildly
on him. She is fierce and beautiful. What a woman! He holds her tighter and
fucks her harder, going in hard and fast. They change positions.

Callisto is on all fours, facing away from him and he takes her from behind.
He holds onto her hips with his firm hands and begins to fuck her. He goes
in hard and fast, loving the feel of her warm pussy around his cock. Callisto
is bouncing up and down on her lover's tool. She loves the feel of him inside
her. So big and hard and strong. He grips her and begins to fuck her roughly,
and she grits her teeth and pushes back, driving him deeper into her. She
feels something building up deep inside her. She knows what is coming and
urges her lover to quicken the pace. He does. Callisto shrieks. She feels
like her pussy is on fire and ready to explode. Hercules suddenly gasps and
cums, sending his seed deep inside her before withdrawing. As her body is
rocked by an intense orgasm, Callisto collapses. Hercules catches her and
pulls her closer to him, holding her in his arms. They lay on the sands like
this, in each other's arms.

Hercules was soon asleep. Callisto stayed awake and looked after him. He was
so handsome. he knew right then and there that she wanted him like she had
never wanted someone in her life. She wanted to be his wife.


Hercules remembered his life piece by piece and the days after their first
night of love was a blessing, or at least Callisto thought so. She really
loved spending time with him. Talking about the adventures and the life he
was remembering. He blushed when he recalled his first time. She told him
of her past and how her parents had been slaughtered by a warlord. She
couldn't believe she just told him that. She never discussed her past with
anyone and was surprised how much it hurt to talk about it. Hercules just
held her and she just let herself go, he rocked her in his arms and kissed
her forehead, whispering to her that he was there to take care of her no
matter what.

"You're too good to me," she said. Hercules grinned.

"I care about you." he said.

She hugged him with all her might and buried her head in his shoulder,
allowing herself to do something she hadn't done in a decade. She cried.


Hercules and Callisto made their way to Calydon. They traveled the region
and had a few adventures. They ran into thieves and murderers and fought
them, protecting the innocent people on the road. Hercules once more
surprised Callisto. It seemed helping people came naturally to him. She
was surprised when she rescued a family of farmers from a horde of thieves.
They had been so grateful they invited Callisto and her 'husband' to spend
the night.

That night, Hercules had been cut by one of the thieves. A slight cut and
nothing his divine blood could not heal rapidly but Callisto had been so
worried. Not for the first time was she reminded that Hercules was mortal.
She took care of his wound and this led to him taking his clothes off which
led to another lovemaking session. A glorious romp in the hay that left
Hercules's body pleasurably sore and Callisto with a smile on her face and
a content expression for hours. As he slept next to her, she watched him
sleep and caressed his chest hairs. He was mortal in spite of being stronger
than any of the gods. Whether he fully recovered his memory or not, she
would lose him one day. She feared him dying on her almost as much as she
feared him suddenly remembering who she was- well, who she used to be. She
couldn't go back to being what she was. Not after these past few weeks with
him. They were the happiest of her life.

One day, he went off on his own in the city of Argos. He was helping some
miners trapped in a mine and only his super strength could help free them.
She went to one of the many caches she had all over Greece. A secret
underground chamber she created not long ago. She went in there, found what
she was looking for and put it in a bag. She told herself this was for the
best. She could not - would not live without him.

She returned to the house where they were staying. Hercules had worked all
day to free the miners trapped in the mine. Thankfully, all were safe. He was
rather pleased with himself. So confident. Callisto smiled. "How are you
doing, Callie?" he asked her.

At the mention of that cute little nickname he made for her, Callisto felt
her heart warm in her chest. "I've got something for you," she said.

Hercules looked at her. He was genuinely curious. She produced a
strange-looking fruit out of her bag. "An apple?" he said.

Callisto grinned. "Not just any apple, my darling. This one is special."

Hercules grinned. "What does it do?" he asked.

She put the apple in his hand and said, "Just eat it and see."

Hercules looked at the apple. It was so strange. Like no other apple he had
ever seen. Truth be told, this one of the Apples of the Hesperides. The last
of the magical apples that turned Callisto herself into an immortal. The
fruit looked familiar. He took a small, hesitant bite. Callisto had kept her
fingers crossed the whole time. Hercules chewed and swallowed.

"Kind of....odd," he said.

As soon as he swallowed the piece of the apple, he felt strange. He felt his
body twisting and changing. He felt...better. A new power flowed through him.
He looked around and saw right through everything. He could see, hear and
smell better than ever before. He felt that wound on his side heal. He
felt...powerful, supreme and confident. Ready for anything.

Along with these new feelings came old ones. The injury done to his head by
that heavy rock weeks ago healed completely and he recalled everything that
had happened in his life before...he was a wandering hero with his best
friend Iolaus. He was on a mission to catch Callisto, the immortal psychopath
who murdered Stentor, one of the Olympian gods.

He looked at his 'wife.' Callisto looked at Hercules. She could feel the
change happening to him. The apple had transformed him. Made him immortal.
He was like her now. Nothing in heaven or earth could kill him.

"How do you feel, my love?" she asked.

Hercules looked at her. He seethed with anger.

Callisto saw this. "What is it?" she asked.

"You tricked me!!!"

He grabbed her and slammed her against the wall with all his strength.
Callisto grunted as a sharp pain shot through her shoulder.

"I did it for you, for us." she said.

Hercules stood before her, looking imperious in his newfound glory. "You
have been pretending to be my wife for weeks...lying to could you?"

He looked at her with sheer contempt. He was angry and had a right to be. He
started to walk away. His mind raced. He was immortal now. He wasn't human
anymore...Callisto started after him. She couldn't lose him. Not like
this...not after all she had been through...all they'd been through together.

"Hercules, wait." She caught up with him as he exited the house.

"What do you want?" he asked. "Haven't you done enough?"

Callisto looked at him and fell silent.

"Why would you do all this?" he asked.

"Because...because I love you." she said quietly.

Hercules gasped.

Callisto shrugged and said nothing. Hercules looked at her. She looked
sincere, and sounded like it but with women you could never tell.

"I just can't talk to you right now," he said, and walked away.

Callisto watched him go, then she fell down and wept angry tears.


Hercules walked to Thebes. He found that being immortal had a few advantages.
He never got tired. He did not need to eat or drink. Sleep was not even
necessary. He looked around, seeing the men and women around him. The
ordinary mortals. He couldn't believe that one day they would all be gone and
he would still be around. An immortal. He was not a god but like them he
could never die. He went to his mother's house in Thebes. His mother Alcmene
was there, with her new husband Jason. His buddy Iolaus was there too, along
with that chubby weasel Salmoneus. He told them what he had been up to for
the past month. The hunt for Callisto. The accident. His brief 'marriage' and
his ascension to immortality. He also told them that from now on he was an
immortal and would be until the end of time. They took all those news rather
well, considering.

Hercules was rather bored. His life had changed. He was immortal now. Not
quite a god but definitely not a mere human. What did life have in store for
him? He was going to live forever. Years. Decades. Centuries. Milleneniums.
He wondered if he would become as mad and as petty as the Olympians and the
various other gods he encountered in his travels. He realized he would live
on and on long after all the people he knew were gone and their children were
gone as well. Eternity. The greatest curse of all.

He walked to the Lair, a place he used to hang out with his buddies Jason and
Iolaus as a kid. The secret place where no one could find them. He went into
the small cabin they built more than twenty years ago. He just sat there,
thinking. He led a long and adventurous life. Now, that life was never going
to end. He was immortal. Now and forever. He thought of the recent events in
his life. Of Callisto, the angry, psychotic warrior woman turned immortal
serial killer turned.....what? She had changed in the time that he knew her.
She could have killed him but didn't. He couldn't figure out why. Why did she
make up that story? Them being each other? He couldn't believe he
was buying it. Seriously. Still, he remembered their lovemaking sessions in
painfully vivid detail and gods, there was a lot of intensity and passion in
them. He heard a noise. He turns. There she is. Callisto. But she seems
different somehow.

She stood there, clad in a white tunic with a red belt around the waist.
Looking beautiful and at the same time alert and fierce. Callisto.

"Hi, there." he said.

She looked at him. "Hello, Hercules."

"How did you find this place?" he asks.

"Your mother told me I'd find you here." she said.

Hercules frowns. "Why would my mother let you know a thing like that?" he

Callisto looked him in the eye. "I think it's because she can tell that I
have changed, even if you can't."

Hercules wouldn't budge. "Why would you change, Callisto?"

She looked at him and shrugged. "Because I love you."

Hercules just froze.

Callisto stood there, and waited for a moment before turning around and
walking away.

Hercules looked at her go, his mind racing. Had he heard right? Callisto
loved him! He recalled their brief 'marriage' and how it felt to be with her.
Laughing. Talking. The smell of her. The feel of her slender yet powerful
form. He just realized that in spite of her perverse nature, in spite of her
lies, he really did care about her. He loved her.

"Callisto, wait." he said.

Callisto heard him speak. She had walked away deliberately. Walking slow
after saying her piece. Just like she and Alcmene, Hercules's mother planned.
She had come to Alcmene a day ago and the two women just talked for hours.
She confessed her misdeeds and her love for Hercules. In the end, Alcmene
capitulated for she could tell the young woman loved her son, and she did not
want him to be lonely in the eternity that awaited him. Callisto had come to
Hercules's Lair and talked to him. Alcmene's plan worked for Hercules started
after her. He stopped her.

"Callisto, don't go." he said.

She turned around. "I have to leave you alone, Hercules. I've already caused
you enough pain."

Hercules held her arm. "I don't care about the past. I want to be with you."

Callisto practically leaped for joy. She turned, put her arms around his neck
and smiled. He pulled her toward him and kissed her. "I want to be with you,
Hercules." she said.

Hercules grinned. "Callie, we have eternity."

Callisto frowned. "I want you now!!!"

Laughing, Hercules let himself fall on the soft grass and Callisto soon
joined him. Pretty soon, their moans and grunts of pleasure filled the air.
Callisto was insatiable, kissing him and caressing him while undressing him.
Her white tunic was on the grass, in the bushes. She took his cock and sucked
it before straddling him and riding him like a bucking bronco. She lay on her
back, surrendering to her lover who parted her legs and began to fuck her
slow and steady. Callisto loved the feel of Hercules's hard throbbing manhood
inside her.

Not one to refuse anything to a lover, she parted her cheeks, exposing a
rather private place in herself and offering it to the man she loved.
Hercules looked into her eyes. She begged to be taken and he obliged, slowly
guiding his cock inside her butthole. He went in and out, slowly at first
then picking up speed while Callisto's hands played with her pussy or
caressed her breasts. He soon got off and came, shooting his load deep inside

They lay on the grass, their athletic bodies covered with sweat. Hercules
felt so tired. Even an immortal body could feel exhaustion when pushed to the
limit. He just lay there, with Callisto's blonde head resting on his chest.
She looked up at him.

"I could go on like this forever," she said.

He smiled. "Me too."

She caressed his hairy chest then her hand slipped to his cock. "Wanna go
again?" she asked.



Hercules and Callisto were married before the people of Thebes some time
during the following year.

The End


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