Hercules - The Legendary Journeys/Smallville: Otherworlds Part 1 (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

There are many worlds in the universe. Many worlds. There are many versions
of the planet Earth which humankind claimed for itself countless ages ago.
The question is what happens when realities collide? Suppose that there are
all these great powers in the multitudes of universes. There are the Gods.
The Ancients. All of these great forces. Suppose that there is something
else out there trying to destroy these great powers and taking over the
universes by eliminating them. Something very old and darkly powerful. A
Dark Power. What have you got here ? Every universe has its champions. Men
and women with a certain power who fight to defend their world against any
and all threats. Heroes. What happens when a hero is taken out of his or her
environment ? What you have got is the stuff of legend......something called


The Dark Power flew across the void between universes. It left the emptiness
between worlds and crossed over. It entered the world of myth and legend. The
world ruled by the Olympian Gods. The Dark Power saw the darkness of Tartarus
and the countless immortal brutes trapped inside it, the Titans. The ageless
enemies of the Gods. It freed them.

The Titans were storming Mount Olympus. Somehow, the titanic brutes had
gotten loose from their infernal prison in Tartarus where Zeus imprisoned
them eons ago. The Titans hadn't tasted freedom in ages but they also hadn't
forgotten about their grudge against Zeus. The King of the Gods had always
been their most dangerous foe. The Titans attacked Olympus. These ancient
beings were older than the Gods themselves. They looked like human beings,
but they were simply gigantic. Sixty feet tall seemed to be the average
height among the Titans. Some exceeded it by far. They looked like an army
of gigantic men and women. Although they looked like mortals, the Titans were
not even remotely related to humanity. These beings were immortal. They ruled
the world before the Gods came into existence. It was Kronos, one of the
Titans who sired Zeus, the King of the Gods. Kronos was also the father of
Poseidon, God of the Sea, Hades the God of the Underworld and Hera, the
Goddess of Law and Matrimony. The Gods became the enemies of the Titans the
day Zeus rebelled against his parents, the Titans Kronos and Rhea. He led the
other Gods in a full-scale war against the Titans called the Titanomachy. The
war lasted many years. It ended when the Cyclops created the perfect weapons
for Zeus. The Lightning Bolts. With these awesome tools, Zeus made short work
of the Titans. He locked them up inside the Underworld. He created a
high-intensity energy barrier that separated them from the world.

Eons went by. The humans evolved on the Earth and became the dominant
lifeform. They learned to share the world with the older races such as the
supernatural breeds of the Centaurs, the Satyrs and the Dragons and various
Monsters. The humans learned to respect and fear the Gods. The Gods
multiplied. Zeus and his queen Hera had several children. Ares, the God of
War. Hebe, the Goddess of Youth. Apollo, the God of Light. Artemis, the
Goddess of the Hunt. Hecate, the Goddess of Vengeance. Aphrodite, the Goddess
of Love. Eros, the God of Lust. Dionysus, the God of Wine. Hermes, the God of
Travels. Hephaestus, the God of the Forge. Those were but a few of Zeus's
Divine Children. On occasion, the Gods and even the Goddesses of Olympus took
ordinary mortal females and males as lovers. The result of these unions were
half-mortal entities known as the demigods.

The demigods were often men and women of great power who accomplished many
amazing feats during their lifetimes. The most famous of them all was the
heroic Hercules. Hercules was the son of Zeus and Alcmene. Alcmene was an
ordinary mortal woman whom Zeus fancied one evening and seduced. Hercules
was born different from the rest of humanity. He had abilities far beyond
those of ordinary mortals. He was impervious to harm. He had the strength
of a God. He used his powers to help people. He journeyed the earth in the
company of his friend Iolaus and fought against Monsters, Demons, petty
Gods and even ordinary men and women. Hercules became the most famous and
celebrated of all the Greek heroes. He was the most famous among all of
Zeus's children. Hercules and his Divine father did not get along. This
happened mainly because Zeus chased every beautiful woman or Goddess he
encountered and sought to have sex with them. He was the ultimate ladies
man and he had had eternity to perfect his "art". The King of the Gods also
had a very short attention span and an even shorter temper. He found most
of his children beneath his notice. Hercules was no exception.

Hercules was summoned by his father Zeus to Mount Olympus when the Titans
attacked. Hercules went, but not out of some deep love for his father. He
knew that the Titans were extremely dangerous and that his best chance of
stopping them stood with the Gods. Hercules stood atop the Home of the Gods
with the Great Ones. There were many Gods and Goddesses there. Triton, the
God of the Waves. Amphitrite, Goddess of Marine Life. Proteus, God of Shapes.
Morpheus, God of Sleep. Nyx, Goddess of the Night. Erinnyes, Goddess of
Destruction. Zhanatos, God of Darkness. Persephone, Goddess of Dread. Hades,
God of the Underworld. Thanatos, God of Death. Vertumme, God of the Seasons.
Demeter, Goddess of Nature. Calliope, Goddess of Music. All of them were
gathered there, ready to battle the Titans for the rulership of the world
once more.

The battle began and the Gods unleashed their magical powers against the
matchless strength and brutal fury of the Titans. Zeus unleashed loose
magnetic bolts of energy against the gigantic brutes. A red-haired Titan
named Otos went down screaming. His mate, the female Titan Themis came at
Zeus with a large club. Zeus fried her with a lightning bolt. The Titans
kept charging. Like the Olympians themselves, they could not die but they
could sure as hell get hurt. The Goddess Athena struck a Titan named
Porphyrion down with her Spear. The Goddess Artemis riddled the Titan
Ephialtes with her arrows. The Titans just kept coming. A female Titan
named Tethys snatched the God Bacchus out of the air and smashed him
against the side of a mountain. The God Apollo came to his rescue and
struck Tethys with the deadly energies of the sun itself. Ares, the mighty
God of War thrust his sword into the skull of a particularly vicious female
Titan named Omphale. Omphale went down but like the rest of her gigantic
race, she could not die. Ares hacked her to pieces but she was healing even
as he was cutting away. The female Titan Tecmessaand her sister Xanthe
faced off against Zeus and Hera, the King and Queen of the Gods. Zeus
pulverized Xanthe's head with a lightning bolt and Hera neatly cleaved
Tecmessa's head from her shoulders with her sword. The headless bodies of
the Titans fell on the ground. Soon they would regenerate and the lifeless
bodies would be whole again and filled with renewed life but for the moment,
those two were down.

Hercules was caught in a battle of forces far too great for him. A black
Titan named Scipio came at him. Hercules uprooted a tree and used it as a
spear which he thrust into the charging Titan's chest. The Titan screamed
and fell on the ground. He lay still. Hercules could see his wounds healing
already. He had to get out of there. He saw a large rock, lifted it and
used it to beat the wounded Titan's brains out of its skull. The brained
Titan lay still. Hercules knew that his mighty foe was not dead. None of
them could die. The only mortal engaged in this battle was none other than
Hercules himself. Hercules went after a female Titan named Borianna and she
saw him coming. She probably thought he was a suicidal human. She tried to
stomp him with her foot but he raised a club in the air, spiking her foot
with it. Borianna let out an inhuman scream of pain. She hopped on one foot
and Hercules seized the rock he'd used to beat Scipio's brains out. He threw
it after her. It caught her in the temple. The female Titan fell, and lay
still. Hercules carefully navigated his way through the battlefield.

Around him, Gods and Titans were battling each other. The Gods unleashed the
arcane energies that were a part of themselves and the Titans repelled them
with their brute strength. Divine might met Titanic savagery. For a moment,
Hercules was unable to determine which side was winning. He saw Stentor, a
lesser God usually attached to Ares get snatched off the ground by a towering
Titan and get thrown into the heavens. Stentor screamed and went flying
about. Hercules could do nothing for him. A fall could not kill a God, no
matter how great. Hercules could see that the sheer numbers of the Titans
were their advantage. The wounded ones were replaced by fresh troops. New
warriors emerged on the scene to take on the Gods. Hercules watched the Gods
Apollo and Hephaestus as they combined their powers with Zeus to battle a
horde of almost a hundred Titans. Zeus unleashed astonishing lightning bolts
and Titanic flesh sizzled, burned and melted and the Titans fell, wounded and
trashed yet already healing. The Titans just kept coming. More and more Gods
and Goddesses were taken out of the game. The flying God Hermes was smashed
to the ground by the Titan Gracchus. The Titan Dechus crushed the Goddess
Artemis beneath his feet. The wounded Goddess lay unconscious on the ground.
Seeing this, Hercules hurried to help her but was smacked out of the way by
the truly huge hand of the Titan Andromachus. Andromachus tried to stomp on
the dizzy Hercules but the demigod recovered quickly and, leaping into the
air, he slammed his fist into the Titan's jaw. Andromachus shuddered as
Hercules's strength did severe damage to his body and he fell on the ground.
The God Ares neatly cut his throat with his magical blade. The Goddess
Artemis was taken off the battlefield by her brother, the God Apollo. The
Lord of Light carried his wounded sister in his arms and took off into the
heavens. He was abandoning the field of battle.

Hercules noticed that many Gods were doing the same. Looking down from
Mount Olympus, Hercules saw that more Titans were coming. Hundreds of these
towering immortal brutes, ready to replace their wounded. Hercules knew in
his gut that this battle could not be won. He looked at Zeus and saw the God
of Thunder hurl massive lightning bolts in all directions. Titans screamed
and fell. Zeus was a vision of glory. His powerful arms threw bolt after bolt
at his enemies. The Titans seemed to be afraid of him. They remembered that
eons ago, a younger and less powerful Zeus had imprisoned them. Zeus's might
had increased over the countless millennia. Hercules felt something he would
never have admitted to himself. He felt a deep respect for his father. Left
and right, the Gods were fleeing the battlefield. Aphrodite left. Hermes
left. Bacchus left. Hera left (quelle surprise !). Hercules would not abandon
his father.

He saw a female Titan trying to hurl a massive rock at the Thunder God.
Hercules leapt into the air, using his superhuman strength to propel himself
higher than any mortal could have. He drop-kicked the attacking female Titan
in the face and she screamed. Zeus heard her and thrust a lightning bolt into
her chest. She went down. Hercules stood side by side with Zeus and father
and son faced the Titans. Zeus unleashed a massive quantity of lightning, the
likes of which the Thunderer had seldom unleashed in the past. He hurled it
at a horde of attacking Titans. The Titans found themselves caught in the web
of energy and stricken by its power. Their screams filled the air as the
awesome power of Zeus reduced them to mere skeletons. Hercules laughed.

"You've got them, dad!" Hercules said.

Zeus looked at him. After a moment, he spoke. "Just doing my job, son." Zeus
said. The two of them looked at each other. Earth's Mightiest Mortal looked
at the King of the Gods.

"So am I." said Hercules.

Zeus smiled at his son and touched his shoulder. Hercules smiled. Maybe his
father did care for him after all. "Hercules, I....." Zeus began.

Just as the Thunderer prepared to speak, the army of the Titans came roaring
forward. Zeus extended his hand, magically creating a sphere which trapped
the thousands of Titans inside it. The immortal brutes immediately began to
pound on it with all their strength. Zeus looked at his son sadly. "This
won't hold them for long." he said.

"We will win, father." Hercules said. "Together we are strong."

Zeus looked at his son with a certain pride in his voice. "Your story does
not end here, Hercules." Zeus said. "Mine does." He looked at the heavens.
"The Titans must not be allowed to rule this world. There is but one way to
stop them."

Hercules looked at his father grimly. "Which way, father?" he asked

"The King of the Gods must do as he must." Zeus said sternly. "In order to
destroy the Titans, I must unleash the Ultimate Weapon."

Hercules did not understand. He did not like his father's words. At all. All
of a sudden, he knew what Zeus had in mind. Zeus stood up to his full height
and suddenly, he came pure energy. He was beautiful. Simply pure energy. A
divine being in his purest state. The King of the Gods raised his hands
toward the heavens and a huge ball of energy descended from the sky and
covered all of Mount Olympus with it. The Titans were covered by this energy
ball. Hercules watched as Zeus unleashed the deadly energies that were his
birthright and all of Mount Olympus began to crumble.

"No, dad! Don't do it!" Hercules screamed.

"I must stop the Titans even if it means my death, Hercules." Zeus said.
"They must not rule the world. It's humanity's time now."

Hercules hurled himself at the energy that surrounded his father. He did not
want to lose him. Not now. The King of the Gods gently touched his son, and
Hercules felt himself being drained. He saw his whole life passing right
before his eyes. He saw his mother Alcmene's sexual congress with Zeus and
his birth in Thebes. He saw his childhood in the land of Cadmia. He saw all
that. He saw his adolescence and the awkward emergence of his super powers.
He saw his denial of his true identity. He saw his confusing feelings for
both his best friend, the boy Enkidu and the young woman named Kassandra of
Crete. He saw the day he met Iolaus and he became a hero. He saw him
discovering his first love, the beautiful Deineira. He saw their life
together as a happy couple in Thebes. He saw their children. Hercules saw
the dark day when the vindictive Hera, Queen of the Gods destroyed his life.
He saw himself being on the wrong path and brought back by the kindness of
Iolaus. He saw himself become Greece's most celebrated hero.

"The time of Gods and Titans is over, my son." Zeus said. "The Earth belongs
to humanity now. You must lead them into the future and save them when they
need it."

"I don't want this!" Hercules said. "I want to stay here with you."

Zeus glared at him while keeping an eye on the Titans. "I wish you could."
Zeus said.

Hercules continued to come toward him. Zeus reached out and touched his
son, unleashing a powerful wave of energy. Caught in such an awesome and
unbreakable hold, Hercules screamed. He felt his body twisting, changing.
He did not see the energy vortex forming behind him or the hordes of
Titans breaking free of the energy sphere created by Zeus. The King of
the Gods released his hold on the Strongman and Hercules was snatched by
the vortex of energy. He resisted but forces far greater than his own
strength were at work and he could do nothing.

As Hercules struggled against the energy vortex, he watched the most
fantastic thing he would ever see in his lifetime. The hordes of the Titans
hurled themselves at Zeus. The Thunderer unleashed all of the energy
contained in his purest form and incinerated the entire army of the titanic
brutes. The Titans screamed as they burned. Their blackened skeletons fell
and turned to dust. They did not come back to life this time.

Zeus stood alone, among the ruins of Mount Olympus. The once-glorious Home of
the Gods deteriorated and crumbled into dust as well. Hercules looked at his
father. The Thunderer smiled sadly at his son and the energy vortex which had
taken Hercules began to swirl at high speed. It was actually more than a
simple energy vortex, it was a portal through space and time.

Hercules lost consciousness during his struggle against the powerful forces
contained in the vortex. The Strongman had seen forty five winters in his
lifetime and all of his adventures had taken their toll. The vortex created
by his father was more than he could withstand. He swirled inside the energy
vortex for an eternity and finally woke up to find himself... elsewhere. The
Strongman found himself lying on his back in a clearing in the woods. He had
no idea where he was. He got up and took a look around. This world was very
different from the one he remembered... he saw tall buildings and glass
towers and bright lights... yes, a very different world indeed. He got up.
He had to find out where in hell he was, or what his name was, for that


Clark Kent sat in the car with his girlfriend, Chloe Sullivan. They were
coming from the Winter semi-formal. It was one of the best nights of Clark's
life. His father had bought him a nice tux and given him money for a limo.
He picked up his girl, the lovely Chloe and they went to the dance. Chloe
Sullivan felt very happy to be there with Clark. Clark had looked at her
inside the ballroom and seen the prettiest girl ever.

Chloe looked so beautiful in her white evening gown. Simply gorgeous. Clark
felt so lucky that she had accepted when he asked her to go out with him.
Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan had been best friends for years. He'd always
had a crush on Lana Lang but had finally come to accept that it was not meant
to be. Lana Lang was in love with the macho jock-type that Jason Teague
represented. Chloe had discovered that Clark Kent was not exactly an ordinary
guy. He told her the truth. He was Kal-El of Krypton. He was the last
survivor of an advanced alien species that ruled the Cosmos long before
humanity evolved on Earth. He had super powers. Super strength. Heat Vision.
X-Ray Vision. Super Hearing. Invulnerability. Flight. Chloe had been shocked.
All of her suspicions were true. Clark was.. .different. He was also the boy
she had been in love with for a long time. She still wanted to be with him.
When he asked her out, she accepted. They became a couple. Tonight, on the
dance floor, he looked good enough to eat.

After the dance was over, Chloe drove around Smallville in her car. Clark
Kent sat nervously on the passenger seat. She touched his knee and he gasped.
God, her touch had an effect on him. She stopped the car. "Here we are." she

"Yeah." Clark said.

Chloe looked at him. Clark's heart skipped a beat. "Clark, can I ask you
something?" she asked.

"Sure." Clark said.

"Do you find me attractive?" Clark nodded. "Don't you want me?" she asked.

Clark looked at her. Chloe looked seriously hot. He wanted her so bad.
Still... How could he tell her that he had never... well... oh... yeah. He'd
never done that before.

Chloe looked into his eyes and recognition hit her like a ton of bricks. "Oh,
my." she said.

"I've never done anything with anyone." Clark said firmly. He might as well
tell her the truth.

"I see." Chloe said. He hesitated. She held his hand and put it to her lips.
Kissed it. "I want you, Clark." she said.

Chloe kissed Clark and caressed him. He surrendered to her touch and felt his
hesitation melt like snow under the sun. He kissed Chloe's lips and licked
her throat. She put her arms around him and he placed his hands on her hips.
"You want me." she said. It wasn't a question.

"I want you." Clark said.

It wasn't a request. Her hands freed his erect cock from his pants. He took
off her top. Fumbling, they removed the remainder of their clothing. Naked,
their bodies pressed against each other. Chloe straddled him. Clark's cock
slowly entered her pussy. She grinded herself against him. He was inside her.
She placed her hands on his shoulders and moved up and down on him. He thrust
his cock into her pussy. Clark had never felt anything like this before. He
felt a rush in his loins and knew that he was about to cum. He warned Chloe.

"I'm fixed." she told him. "I'm on the pill. I want you to cum inside me."

He did. He came inside her. Chloe screamed in pleasure. She held Clark in her

Clark looked at her, amazed. Chloe looked at him. There was something in his
eyes that hadn't been there before. He had lost his innocence, and gained
some carnal knowledge. She kissed him. "How was your first time, my love?"
she asked.

"Great." Clark Kent said.

Chloe just hugged him. She had loved Clark and wanted to be with him for so
long. Now, he was hers. They had just consummated their relationship. They
were definitely a couple. Just like she always wanted. She didn't want the
night to end. The two lovebirds fell asleep in each other's arms in the back
of the car.

When Clark Kent made it home, it was well into the morning. He couldn't
believe all that had happened the night before. He'd just made it with Chloe,
his girlfriend. He'd gotten laid for the first time. Wow! So that's what sex
was like? Cool! His parents were still out of town. He decided to relax and
enjoy the day. He wanted to call Chloe but what would he say? This was
awesome. He couldn't wait to see her and do it again. Wow! He went to his
living room and turned on the tv. He watched the movie "Soldier". It was a
great Sci-Fi thriller flick with Kurt Russell and Jason Scott Lee. Clark Kent
went to the fridge and took some food which he ate. All was set for a good

Clark Kent was still watching the movie when he glimpsed something outside.
He thought he saw someone. He went to check it out and found a young man
wandering through his property. The young man wore a sleeveless yellow shirt
and brown leather pants. "What are you doing here?" asked Clark Kent.

The young man looked at him. "I am in need of assistance." he said.

Clark looked him up and down. The guy looked bruised and beat but not broken.
He didn't look homeless either. "Are you alright?" Clark Kent asked.

The young man took three more steps, then a bright light seemed to course
through his body and he fell. Clark Kent gasped. Had he seen what he had just
seen? Energy? Maybe this guy was one of the Meteor Freaks? Clark Kent took
the nameless stranger into the farm. He had to find out who this guy was and
what he wanted with him.

Hercules had been wandering through a rather strange land when he felt
something inside him stir. It was some leftover energy that had remained
inside his body as he traveled through time and space through the vortex
created by the Thunderer. The energy coursing through him had been very
intense, enough to cause him to lose consciousness. It would have killed
an ordinary human, though. He had been wandering through cornfields and
found himself near a farm. He called out the inhabitants of the farm and
a young man came outside. Then Hercules fell. That's all he remembered.
When he came to, he was lying down on a couch. Someone stood by, watching

"Hey." said the dark-haired young man.

Hercules recognized him. The same young guy who had come out of the farm.
Clark Kent looked at the young drifter. The guy looked a little young to be
on the grid. He didn't look much older than Clark himself. Barely out of his
teenage years.

"You lost consciousness on my property." said Clark.

"Oh, sorry about that." said Hercules. "I have traveled far and had many
difficulties." He looked at Clark. "Please tell me where I am."

Clark Kent grimaced. "You are in Smallville, Kansas." he said.

The young drifter glared at him like those words meant nothing to him. "Are
we far from Greece?" he asked.

Clark folded his arms across his chest. "Is that where you come from?" he

"I am Hercules of Thebes." said the young drifter, extending his hand.

Clark shook it. "I am Clark Kent." he said.

Hercules nodded. "Nice place you've got here." he said.

"Thanks." Clark replied.

"Are you hungry?" Clark asked. He had searched the young drifter's belongings
for any identification. He found none. Nothing. It was as if Hercules had
just dropped out of the sky. Who was this guy anyway? Clark allowed him to
take a shower and gave him a change of clothes. Hercules had gotten a shock
when he tried to use the bathroom and also when he saw his reflection in the
mirror. The last time Hercules looked at himself, he was a middle-aged man.
Now, he looked barely over eighteen years old. Wow! He thanked his heavenly
father Zeus for the return of his youth and felt revigorated. Neat!!!
Hercules put on one of Clark Kent's navy blue long-sleeved shirts and black
jeans. Clark didn't quite know what to make of the dude. He had looked tired
and bruised a few hours before but now he looked fresh as a rose. Of course,
he'd eaten, drunk and had some sleep. What was Clark gonna do with him?

"Where are you headed?" Clark Kent said. "I'm going in town, maybe I could
give you a lift."

Hercules looked at him. "I am going to Mount Olympus." he said.

Clark rolled his eyes. First the guy had a name straight out of Greek
mythology and now he was going to Mount Olympus? Did he consider himself one
of the Gods? He could be a loony but Clark doubted it. Was he a Meteor Freak?

Clark Kent looked for the car keys. When he found them, Hercules was gone
from the room. Clark ventured outside. He stepped into the yard and... wow!
He saw Hercules... doing the impossible! The guy had lifted a tractor off the
ground without any sign of strain and put it back down on the ground. Clark
was shocked.

"How did you do that?" Clark Kent asked.

"I am Hercules." said the young drifter confidently, as if that explained it
all. Clark looked wide-eyed at him. He didn't think that there was anyone
else on the planet Earth who had that kind of power. Hercules tapped Clark
Kent on the shoulder. "I wish to see your world, my friend." he said. "Let's
go into town, as you say."

Clark Kent led him to the car. He had to get to the bottom of this and quick.
Hercules looked at the car, and at Clark Kent as he drove. He was fascinated
by the technological marvels of this modern age.


Katherine Townsend walked through the door of the barn. She was a tall young
woman with long red hair and pale green eyes. Some would have called her
pretty. She was a senior at Smallville high school. Katherine had always been
different from others and she felt as though she would never belong. There
was a reason for that. Katherine was one of the Meteor Freaks. It was
something she kept to herself. katherine went to the barn to meet her
friends. They were always there for her. After all, they were the same kind.

Katherine had discovered that she was different at the age of thirteen.
She had been playing with her wooden puppet Aaron when she touched it just
burned. Katherine had been shocked. She would later discover that she had
the ability to transform herself into pure flame. It was a strange ability.
Katherine didn't want to be like this. She wanted to be an ordinary girl.
But she wasn't. She discovered that there were other kids at Smallville who
also had powers. Her friend Helena Giannikapoulos, a slim Greek girl with
short black hair and almond-shaped brown eyes also had powers. Helena could
become any animal she touched. The two best friends vowed to look after
each other through life.

They met a kid named Peter Schanke. Peter was a freckle-faced blond kid. He
had a rather strange power. He could become Intangible and literally walk
through walls or phase through any solid matter. They met other kids, like
Tobias Grant. Tobias was a tall black guy who had a pretty cool power. He
could transform himself from an ordinary human being of flesh and blood into
a being made of steel. In his steel form, he had superhuman strength and was
almost indestructible. The last member of the group was a slim Asian boy
named Liam Khang. Khang had the ability to move at incredible speeds. He
could run a distance of a hundred miles in mere seconds.

Liam, Helena, Katherine, Peter and Tobias looked out for each other. They
called themselves the Supremes. The Supremes had big plans. They wanted to
get out of Smallville and become very rich. Katherine sat down next to
Peter. Helena and Liam were all over each other, typical lovebirds. Tobias
was speaking out about a plan he had. He would need their help to pull the
ultimate heist. They would get inside a bank at night and steal a couple
million bucks which they would split among themselves. Katherine couldn't
believe that none of the others objected. She always believed in living a
decent life and not being bad. The others were listening to Tobias and
wanted to get rich quickly. Tobias explained the plan and all of them
agreed. Reluctantly, Katherine agreed. It was decided. They would rob the
First National Bank in the city of Metropolis. Tomorrow night.

* * *

Clark Kent walked into the Talon. Hercules was following him. Clark Kent saw
his girlfriend Chloe and smiled at her. Chloe brightened when she saw him and
they kissed. Hercules respectfully bowed his head to her and cleared his
throat while looking at Clark Kent.

"Oh, Chloe." said Clark. "This is my friend, Herk." he said.

"Herk" shook hands with Chloe.

"Pleased to meet you." said Chloe.

"The pleasure is mine." said Hercules.

Hercules stood, watching the clientele of the Talon. They came in all shapes
and sizes. Men. Women. Black. White. This was a really diverse place. He saw
a beautiful young woman walk toward them.

"Hi, Lois." said Chloe.

Hercules watched the two of them interract and came to a certain conclusion.
Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan were definitely family. They had a not so
friendly rivalry thing going on over Clark Kent. Clark Kent was oblivious to
it. Lois had enough of it and was ready to look elsewhere. Hercules waited
for Clark Kent, social dimwit, to introduce them.

"Lois Lane, meet Herk." he said.

Hercules shook hands with Lois Lane. The beautiful girl looked him up and

"Is that an accent I detect, Mr. Herk?" she asked.

"The name is Hercules and I hail from Greece." he said proudly.

Lois grinned. "A foreigner." she said pensively. "How do you know Clark
Kent?" she asked.

Clark Kent looked surprised by that question. "He's a friend from out of
town." he said.

"Clark Kent rescued me not long ago." Hercules said truthfully.

Lois invited Herk and Clark along with Chloe to join her in Metropolis for a
fun-filled afternoon. Clark hesitated but Hercules agreed. He wanted to see
more of this new world he found himself in and of the lovely Lois Lane. They
took Lois's car. A beat-up old SUV, as she called it. Clark and Chloe sat in
the back. Lois sat on the front with Hercules. Hercules stuck his head out
the window and took a look around. He watched the cars race on the highway.

"Wow." he said. He looked at Lois Lane. "You live in a strange and beautiful

Lois Lane looked at him and grinned. "Thank you." she said.

Clark Kent sat in the back with Chloe. They hadn't spoken since they made
love. Chloe entwined her hand in his. "So, who is he?" Chloe asked

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Clark said.

"Try me." Chloe said.

Clark took a deep breath. "He claims to be from ancient Greece and that his
name is Hercules."

Chloe grinned. "Greece is far from here." she said.

"He's got super powers." Clark said.

"What?" Chloe said.

"I saw him lift a tractor as easily as I can do it." he told her.

"Wow." said Chloe.

"Uh-huh." said Clark Kent.

"We need to know more about him." Chloe whispered.

"Leave that to me." Clark said.

Lois briefly turned around. "Everything okay back there?" she asked.

"Yeah." said Clark.

"Peachy keen." said Chloe.

Lois grinned. "Lovebirds. Hmm." She went back to driving and focusing on
the road. They soon arrived near the glistening skyscrapers of downtown

They went inside Filene's, a mall near the First National Bank. Lois Lane
couldn't take her eyes off Hercules as he walked through the mall. He was in
awe of the place. He looked every bit as handsome as befitting a classical
Greek god. Women turned to check him out. He looked damn good. Chloe and Lois
went inside Macy's and Clark went inside the video arcade. Hercules followed

"Where are the ladies going?" Hercules asked.

"Shopping." said Clark Kent. "They'll be at it for awhile."

Hercules frowned. "Should we not be with them?" he asked.

"They'll be fine."

Hercules checked out a pretty Latin girl as she walked by. She smiled at
him. "The women of your world are beautiful, Clark." Hercules said. "You are
fortunate." He looked at Clark Kent. "Surely someone with your abilities must
have his share of female lovers."

Clark Kent turned beet red. "Chloe is my one and only." he said. He looked at
Hercules. What did he mean by abilities? He asked him.

Hercules smiled coyly. "I know you have powers, just like me." said Hercules.
"I can see it."

Clark Kent was shocked. "How did you know?" he said.

Hercules grinned. "I have spent half my life fighting against demons, Gods,
monsters as well as ordinary mortal men and women." he said. "I can sense
great power when I am in its proximity." He took a closer look at Clark Kent.
"Besides, you don't smell human." He took a step back, not in fear but to
properly gauge what he was beholding. "What are you, exactly?" he asked.
"Demon? Warlock? Demigod? Monster?"

Clark Kent winced. "None of the above." he said. "I am an alien."

Hercules frowned. "A what?" he said.

Clark Kent grimaced. "I am not from around here."

Hercules looked at him. "Relax, mate. I am a fellow otherworlder myself."

The two of them were still talking to each other when they heard loud noises.

"What is this?" Hercules asked.

Clark Kent scanned the area with his X-ray vision. He saw commotion at the
First National Bank. "I've gotta go." he said.

Hercules watched as Clark Kent vanished in the blink of an eye. Clark Kent
seemed to vanish. He hadn't. He just kept running at super speed, too fast
for the human eye to follow. Hercules was not human. He was half man and
half God. He saw Clark Kent as he moved at hyper speed. The guy was fast.
Hercules figured if there was noise, there might be a fight. If there was
a fight, the Strongman was gonna be in on it. He ran after Clark Kent.
Hercules had not been blessed with stamina or speed greater than those of
an ordinary mortal. He pushed himself and ran just as fast as the top
athlete would, which was remarkable.

Clark Kent reached the First National Bank. He ran inside. The place was full
of smoke and fire. He saw men and women on the floor, wounded. He looked for
the culprit or culprits. He scanned the area with his X-ray vision and saw a
small group of people clad in black getting away. "Stop!" he said.

"Fuck you!" came the reply.

Clark Kent ran after them. They were getting away. One of them stopped
running with the rest. He came straight for Clark Kent. The slim figure
clad in black came toward him and Clark was surprised to see the
black-clad culprit moving at a speed rivaling his own.

"Meteor Freaks." Clark mumbled to himself.

The black-clad culprit attacked Clark and struck him multiple times at super
speed. Clark Kent fought back but the guy was too fast for him. He was hard
to grasp. Just as Clark was ready to catch him, another culprit came at him.
This one was taller and more massive. He met Clark Kent head on. When Clark
Kent struck him, he felt like hitting cold steel. The larger culprit struck
Clark and for a moment, the Last Son of Krypton was dazed. The culprit took
advantage of this. He kicked Clark and sent him flying into a wall.

Clark Kent fell on the floor. He was unhurt. He went after the culprits but
one of them threw a gas bomb in the building. Clark prepared to race through
it but suddenly felt weak. The gas had been made with Green Kryptonite! Clark
Kent screamed in pain and fell on the floor. He felt his powers leaving him.
The green gas was all around him. He felt like it was gonna eat him alive.
Clark was in agony, gasping for breath. He realized that no one was coming
for him and that he was gonna die in that place... all alone.

Hercules went through the First National Bank. The place was devastated.
There were wounded men, women and in some cases children on the floor. He
felt bad for them. He promised himself he'd make the people responsible pay.
The Strongman ran inside. He arrived in a hall which he ran through. He soon
arrived in a vast passageway filled with green smoke.

"Clark?" he called out. Hercules could not see through the smoke. "Where are
you?" he asked. A weak cry answered him. The Son of Zeus looked for the one
calling for help. He bumped into something. "Clark?" he said. He looked down
to see the young man lying crumpled on the floor. He seemed to be in pain.

"Pain..." Clark said. "Kryptonite."

Hercules had no idea what he was talking about. He picked up Clark Kent's
body and threw him over his shoulders. He went back to the main entrance. He
had sensed great power in Clark. He hadn't expected him to just fall apart at
the first sign of smoke, he hoped he hadn't been wrong about Clark Kent.

Hercules put Clark Kent's body on the floor. The young man coughed and
gasped. "What happened?" Hercules asked. "You went after them and fell

Clark looked at him. "Kryptonite hurts me." he said.

"What is Kryptonite?" he asked.

"Green stuff." Clark said.

Hercules looked puzzled. He watched as men in dark uniforms carrying metallic
weapons came in the building.

"We've gotta go." Clark Kent said. He got up and prepared to run.

Hercules leapt fifteen feet into the air and landed on the wall. He clung to
it and made his way across, avoiding the cops and eventually making his way
out of the building. He saw a small red stone and picked it up. Clark Kent
waited for him outside.

"What took you so long?" Clark Kent asked.

Hercules grinned. "Some of us aren't that good at running away." he said. He
tossed the red stone at Clark Kent. The red stone struck Clark. It became
embedded in his forehead.

"Red Kryptonite!" he said.

Hercules glared at him. A starling transformation took place right then and
there. The mild-mannered smalltown youth's eyes turned red and all the veins
in his body seemed to turn blue, stretching and bulging under his skin. He
looked at Hercules with a feral look in his eyes.

"I am Kal-El of Krypton!" he said.

Hercules fell into a fighting stance. He had no idea what just happened here
but somehow, Clark Kent seemed to have become something wild and dangerous.
Kal-El lunged for Hercules. The Son of Zeus hurled himself at the Last Son
of Krypton.

They clashed. Olympian might met Kryptonian force. Strength against strength.
Kal-El seized Hercules by the throat and Hercules grappled with him. Hercules
tried to pry Kal-El's hands off his neck. He had never seen such strength. He
slammed his fist into Kal-El's jaw and the guy just stood there. Even an
Olympian God or Goddess would have been hurt by the Herculean blow. Not
Kal-El. He laughed and grabbed Hercules. With that, he took off into the air,
taking Hercules with him.

Kal-El battered Hercules with blows as they rose into the air. Hercules
returned blow for blow with a strength equal to that of his aggressor. Kal-El
propelled himself higher and higher into the air. Hercules fought him back.
He realized that he was very far above the ground and that a fall might do
him in for good. His only option was to force Kal-El to land back on Earth.
Kal-El's eyes glowed bright red with malevolence. Hercules saw madness in
those eyes. He slammed his fist into Kal-El's face. The Kryptonian drove his
fist into the Strongman's chest. Hercules grunted. Kal-El held him and took
him higher into the air, where he knew the thin air would work against
Hercules. Kal-El was designed for flight. Hercules was not. They continued to
fight and rise into the air.

Hercules had battled countless menaces over the years. He'd fought Dragons,
Monsters and Supernatural Beasts. He even faced petty deities such as Ares,
the God of War and Nemesis, the most vengeful of all Goddesses. He'd never
backed down to anyone. Once, he even took on the almighty Zeus himself. He
hadn't backed down then. He wouldn't back down to a super-powered alien from
another planet. He reached for Kal-El's face and slammed his fists into it.
Kal-El screamed in pain. Hercules had almost split his skull. Kal-El was
wounded. His wound healed almost immediately but not before his body expelled
a foreign element. Hercules watched as the red stone slipped out of Kal-El's
forehead and fell on the ground. Immediately, a change washed over Kal-El.
His eyes were no longer red. His handsome face was no longer filled with rage
and malevolence. He looked like the youth whom Hercules befriended.

"Hercules?" he said.

"Clark Kent?" Hercules asked.

The Alien was still gripping the Greek hero's shoulders.

Hercules was quite shocked to see Clark Kent being himself again. He also
noticed that they were now falling. "We're falling!" he told Clark.

Clark Kent looked terrified. "I can't fly." he said.

Hercules grimaced. He saw the ground rush toward them. This was gonna hurt.
A lot. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. A few seconds later, he
landed on the hard floor of a stone valley. Ouch ! Clark Kent landed not too
far away. He was back on his feet immediately. For Hercules, it took a little
longer for him to recover. He had scrapes and cuts all over. He got back on
his feet. He took a deep breath. Being the Son of Zeus had its perks. The
body of Hercules was a lot more resilient than that of an ordinary mortal.
Also, he healed instantly from anything that didn't kill him outright. His
wounds healed and were completely gone in a few moments.

"Feel better?" Clark Kent asked.

Hercules grimaced. "No thanks to ya, pal!" he said. "Why did ya go nuts,

Clark Kent looked embarassed. "Red Kryptonite has an effect on me." he said.

"It makes you go ballistic." said Hercules.

"Yeah." Clark said.

Hercules grimaced. "How are we getting back to the city?"

The two of them realized that they were in the middle of nowhere, pretty far
from the bright lights of the city of Metropolis.

"We wasted time." Clark said.

"No kidding." Hercules grunted. "Thanks to you, we lost the thieves and we're
stranded in the middle of nowhere."

Clark winced. "Look, that's not helping me right now." he said.

Hercules shrugged. It was gonna be a long walk back to Metropolis...


Katherine sat in the barn. She looked at her friends. Tobias. Peter. Helena.
Khang. They had just pulled the heist of the century. They stole five million
dollars in unmarked bills right under the noses of the people at the Bank.
They had done it. They had gotten away. She couldn't believe it... they were


Chloe Sullivan walked out of the mall with Lois Lane. They were surprised to
see the police gathered all over the First National Bank. Apparently, the
bank had been robbed. Some people claimed to have seen scenes of a fantastic
battle between two men who later took off into the skies. When Chloe heard
this, her heart skipped a beat. She knew that when Clark Kent was under the
influence of Red Kryptonite, he turned into the malevolent and merciless
entity known as Kal-El of Krypton. Kal-El was dangerous. He also had the
Power of Flight, which Clark Kent did not possess.

"Where's Clark and Herk?" Lois asked. "What in hell happened here?"

Chloe shrugged and looked at the heavens. "I wish I knew." she said. She
whispered a silent prayer to herself. "Please, God. Please let the one I
love be safe."

She walked toward the scene of the crime, her reporters instinct kicking in.
There was a story there and she had to get it.

To be continued...


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