Hercules - The Legendary Journeys: The Dark Side (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])


The story of Hercules is quite well known. Zeus and Hera, the King and Queen
of the Olympain gods had a son. They named him Hercules and on the day of his
birth, the gods and goddesses of every land came to pay him their respects.
He was the newest child of Zeus and as such stood to gain a lot of power as
he became older. Hercules was meant to become the Champion of Gods and Men
during the battle opposing the Titans and the Gods.

Hades, the dark God of the Underworld wanted to get rid of Hercules so that
he could use the Titans to destroy the Olympians. He sent his demonic retinue
Pain and Panic to snatch the infant Hercules from his crib on Mount Olympus.
The two demons stole Hercules and used a nefarious portion to render him half
mortal. Hercules remained caught somewhere between human and divine, between
mortal and Immortal. He was a demi-god. The two demons tried to finish him
off by turning into dangerous serpents but Hercules bested them. Hercules was
found and raised by a mortal couple named Amphitryon and Alcmene. They raised
him as their own son.

Hercules would eventually find out his true origins and under the tutelage
of the Satyr Philoctetes, he set out to become a true Hero so that he could
rejoin his parents on Olympus. Zeus had decreed that if Hercules could prove
himself a true Hero among the Humans, he would become a God on Olympus. Hades
found out about this and threw an endless horde of monsters and brutes on
Hercules's path. The young demi-god used his Super strength to defeat every

Hades sent a beautiful woman named Megara to seduce Hercules into revealing
his weakness. Megara fell in love with Hercules and refused to help Hades
destroy him. Hades used her anyway and managed to trick Hercules into
surrendering his super powers in exchange for Megara's safety. Hercules was
power-less. He rejected the apologetic Megara. With nothing in his way, the
evil God Hades went to Tartarus and used his powers to free the band of
colossal immortal brutes known as the Titans. The Titans vowed to destroy

The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus put up a brave fight but the sheer
strength of the Titans was too much for them. Even the mighty Zeus fell under
the brute force of the Titans. Hades seized control of Olympus. Meanwhile,
on Earth, Hercules went to face a monster known as the Cyclops without his
powers. Megara was worried that the man she loved would get himself killed
so she asked Philoctetes to talk some sense into him. Philoctetes came and
advised Hercules on the best strategy to defeat the Cyclops. The Cyclops was
hurled to its death by a clever scheme of Hercules. As the titanic brute
died, it sent waves of shock throughout the city of Thebes that was the
battleground between Titan and Man.

A massive column was about to fall on Hercules. The young man was unaware
of it. Megara saw it coming and rushed to push Hercules out of the way.
The column fell on her instead and she died almost immediately. Hercules's
strength was restored once the deal he had made was broken. The dark God
had a hold of Hercules's strength for as long as Megara was safe. Once she
was harmed, his powers returned since the dark God's word was broken.
Hercules looked at the dying Megara and vowed to save her.

He went to Olympus to fight. Hercules easily defeated the Titans and freed
the Gods. He went back to Megara's side and saw that she had ceased to live.
He flew to the Underworld in a rage. He wanted to confront Hades and force
the dark God of Death to restore life to Megara. The dark God remained
unimpressed. He was an immortal being with great powers and had nothing to
fear. He made a deal with Hercules hoping to trap him. He told Hercules that
if he plunged into the Styx, the River of Souls and saved Megara's soul then
life would return to her body. Hercules plunged into the River of Souls. He
found Megara's soul, risking his life in the attempt. The Fates were unable
to cut Hercules thread of life because he had become a God. By risking his
life to save Megara's, Hercules had fulfilled his purpose as a true Hero and
become a God.

Hades, the dark God of the Underworld was shocked to see Hercules as a
nascent deity. Hercules hurled Hades into the River of Souls and walked out
of the Underworld. He restored Megara to life. He took the young woman with
him to Olympus and was at once in the presence of the Gods and Goddesses of
Olympus. The hundreds of Immortals deities gathered to see the Son of Zeus
and his Lady enter the Gates of Olympus. Hercules was hailed as a Hero. He
was home at last. He was offered the chance to live forever on Olympus but
decided to become a half mortal once more so that he could live on Earth
with Megara. The two young lovers returned to Olympus where the people of
Greece cheered Hercules as the greatest Hero of all time, the Champion of
Gods and Men. The Gods even hung a picture of him in the stars. A picture
made up of constellations. The men and women of future generation could
always look upward and see the image of the greatest Hero of all time.

But what if things went differently?

What if the Son of Zeus and Hera wasn't such a goody-two shoes? Let's say
that Hades did something different. Instead of having his demonic spawns
try to kill the infant Hercules, the dark God has them bring him the baby
instead. Hercules is not given the potion which makes him half human and
half god. He retains part of his Godhood. Instead of killing the Son of
Zeus, Hades dips the infant into the waters of Tartarus. The waters bathe
him in darkness and darkness creeps inside the baby's mind, body and soul.

Hercules is raised by the Erinnyes, the Spirits of Vengeance. These beings
teach him to be a violent and vengeful being. They raise him to enjoy
inflicting pain and suffering upon others. They turn him into something he
would not have been, otherwise. Hercules becomes a Darkling. The Darkling
is trained in all forms of combat and has absolute loyalty to the dark God
Hades. Hades raised Hercules to believe that his parents Zeus and Hera
feared that he might become too powerful someday and threaten their
rulership of Olympus. Hades lied to Hercules and told him that Zeus wanted
him dead. Hercules grew up with a hatred of all the Gods and Goddesses of
Olympus. Hades was satisfied. He had taken his most dangerous enemy and
turned him into his most powerful ally. Hercules had changed from what he
was meant to be. He was meant to be the Champion of Gods and Men. Hades
turned him into the Darkling, Sworn Enemy of the Olympians and the
Underworld's greatest warrior. He was the Soldier of Darkness.

The Beginning

The sun rose over the land of Bogamos. It was a beautiful place. Bogamos was
home to the Sacred woods of Artemis. Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt.

If anyone had dared enter the woods, they would have seen the most beautiful
of all rivers. They also might have seen... the Goddess herself. A strikingly
beautiful young woman is bathing in the water. She is the most beautiful
woman ever. Six feet tall, slender, with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes.
Of course, she was not a woman at all. She was a Goddess. Artemis was
enjoying some off time. As one of the Olympian Gods, she had many duties. The
men and women of the world could seldom get by without the influence of the
Olympians. Today was the Goddess's day off. She was in the river, bathing and
swimming. She was at peace.

Suddenly, Artemis heard a noise. She turned and saw something. A tall,
masculine figure clad in red and black armor. The... thing approached her.
Artemis stared at it. Any creature would have to be suicidal to face a
Goddess. She looked at the thing as it walked toward her. "What are you?"
she said.

The thing didn't answer. At once the Goddess rose out of the water and
summoned her flamboyant attire. She waved her hand and a ball of energy
formed in it. "Begone!" she said.

She hurled the magical ball at the thing. It moved amazingly fast and
produced a sword seemingly out of thin air. The blade absorbed the magical
energy and Artemis gawked. How was that possible? The Goddess willed herself
to be in full battle-attire. She held her mighty Bow in one hand and put an
Arrow in the sling. She let it fly. The Arrow flew toward the intruder,
guided by divine will. The intruder snatched it out of the air and ground it
to bits in its hand. Artemis knew at once that she faced no ordinary
opponent. She produced a magical sword and came at her enemy.

She struck at amazing speed. Amazingly, the intruder blocked her lunges and
returned blow for blow. She willed the ground to shake underneath him but
that did not seem to bother him. He attacked her relentlessly. She tried to
decapitate him in a swift lunge... he dodged and slashed at her arm.

Artemis saw the blade connect with her arm. What surprised her was the sight
of her divine blood pouring forth from a deep cut. The Goddess felt something
she had never felt before... pain. She screamed, more in shock than in pain.
She erect a protective field of magical energy between herself and the
intruder. The thing came right through the shield she erected and smashed its
fist into her face. Artemis saw stars. The intruder slashed at her with the
sword. Again and again it struck. Artemis unleashed her full power upon it
but the thing didn't even look dazed. She watched her magical energy destroy
the armor that covered it but not the thing itself. She found herself staring
at a young man whose handsome face was full of wrath.

"Die, Olympian Bitch!" He screamed.

Artemis tried to retreat or even erect a field in her defense but it was too
late. The sword slashed forward and cut through divine flesh and bone. The
Goddess's head rolled on the ground. The Intruder stood victorious over her
slain form. He picked up the head of the Goddess and tucked it inside a small

"Bravo!" came a voice.

The Intruder turned to look at his master. The dark God known as Hades looked
at his butcher. "Nice job, Hercules." he said.

Hercules looked at his master and nodded. "One less Olympian, my lord." he
said. "Would you like her head?" He offered Hades the head of the slain

"Thank you." said Hades. He smiled. "Great work."

The Darkling nodded grimly. "Who is our next target?" Hercules asked.

"In time, my son. In time." Hades said.

He touched his "son" in the shoulder. The young demi-god smiled. Hades did
not regret sparing him almost two decades ago. Hercules had become a mighty
warrior and now, he'd become the Killer of Gods. The God-Slayer. Hades smiled
to himself. No one was more devious than him. Turning the Son of Zeus against
the Gods of Olympus themselves.


The Gods and Goddesses were gathered in the Hall of Olympus. The great ones
were there. Ares, God of War. Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. Bacchus, God of
Mirth. Hephaestus, God of the Forge. Hermes, God of Travelers. Apollo, God
of Light. Poseidon, God of the Sea. Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. Hebe,
Goddess of Youth. Hestia, Goddess of Virtue. Lord Zeus sat in his Throne
and at his side sat Hera, Goddess of Matrimony.

The extremely beautiful faces of the Gods and Goddesses reflected varying
emotions. Sadness, anger, fear.

"Someone killed Artemis." said Zeus.

The Gods looked at their leader. He had said the unsayable. The Goddess of
the Hunt was no more. She was dead. Beheaded by someone or something. No one

"How is that possible?" said Ares.

"We are immortal." said Aphrodite.

"Death is for humans and animals, not the likes of us." said Hermes.

"Well, one of us died." said the Goddess Athena.

"Who killed her, that's what we should discuss." The God Hephaestus spoke up.

"Who killed our beloved Artemis, and how." he said. "We should really worry
as to who possesses the weapons with which to kill a Goddess."

The deities looked at each other. These were not beings used to feeling fear.
They were as different from humans as humans differ from insects.

The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus were descended from Kronos, the being
who fathered the Gods and once ruled the Titans. Kronos was the Son of the
Elemental Male Uranus and the Primordial Earth Mother, the wise and wonderful
Gaia. The Children of Uranus and Gaia, namely the Titans and the Gods were
immortal. They could not grow old. They could not get sick. Their bodies
could not be cut or pierced or burned or crushed. They had amazing magical
powers and could affect and control the forces of nature itself. These were
supreme beings. Death was not for them.

"You shall all remain on Olympus." said Zeus. "Until I have resolved these

The Goddess Aphrodite protested. Zeus shouted at her angrily and immediately
the skies darkened. Thunder and lightning filled the heavens. The elements
entered the very room and forced themselves inside Zeus's body. The Lord of
the Skies glared at his fellow Gods with lightning in his eyes. Suddenly, he
had changed and become a colossal being. This being stood easily a hundred
feet tall and towered over the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus. "My will is
not to be questioned, by either man or woman!" Zeus shouted.

The Gods shuddered with fear and excitement. Slowly, the Lord returned to his
normal size. No one questioned him again.

The Underworld...

Hades knew all that was happening on Olympus. His fellow Gods were frantic.
One of their own had been slain. Beheaded. What they didn't know was that
the lifeforce of a slain deity went inside the body of the nearest deity.
As Artemis died, her power flowed from her lifeless body into that of Hades.
Hades was currently enjoying his new powers. Originally, Hades had abilities
common to every deity. He could change form, he could fly, he could appear
and disappear at will. He was also impervious to physical harm in all its
forms. Those powers were common to each and every God or Goddess. Now, he
had the powers of Artemis. He could communicate with animals and plants. He
could also control and affect some elements of nature itself. He had
Artemis's fieceness in battle, which was matched by very few Olympians.

Hades was satisfied. His plan was well under way. He would use Hercules as
his own personal Executioner. His backup plan was to gather enough raw power
to liberate the Titans and unleash their full might against the Olympians.
For that, he needed more Gods and Goddesses slain so that he could steal
their powers. He sat on his Throne. Beside him stood his most faithful
warrior. The darkly clad, handsome and grim Hercules, Soldier of Darkness.
The Darkling looked at his master, awaiting orders.

"Go." Hades said.

"Thy will be done, master." Hercules said. With that, he swiftly departed.

Hades sat there. He heard a noise and saw who had come to visit him. A tall
young woman with red hair, green eyes and pure white skin. She was beautiful,
clad in a green and red dress that shone brightly. At once Hades knew who
this was. This was no mere young woman but his dark-hearted ally. Persephone,
the fledgling Goddess born of Zeus's union with the Demeter, Goddess of the
Seasons. Hades met Persephone not long ago.

"Welcome to my humble abode, my dear." said Hades.

Persephone looked at him. "I salute you, my lord." she said.

Hades looked at her. This was his spy among the Gods of Olympus. His
accomplice. The only female in the universe he trusted slightly more than
he mistrusted her. Barely. Hades knew that women couldn't be trusted.
Goddesses were no exception. Persephone fed him the latest gossip and
hearsay on Olympus. The dark God looked at her with a beaming smile.

"How did I do, master?" she asked, looking at him with deceptively beautiful

"You did well." he told her.

She smiled and leaned closer to him. She gently kissed his lips. Hades had
promised her that he would make her his Queen of Darkness once he took over
the Universe. He just needed to get rid of Zeus and the hundreds of Gods and
Goddesses who served the Thunderer. Hades felt Persephone's soft feminine
body press against his and knew what she wanted.

"Let's go to bed." she said.

Hades followed the young Goddess to bed. They were in total darkness which
was his domain. He kissed her full and deep and she returned his kiss. He
wants to possess her right then and there. She surrenders to him. He tears
her clothes off.

His rough hands feel her soft, full breasts. His mouth eagerly seeks her
tits and suckles on them. His hands grasp her smooth, firm buttocks. He is
exploring her body. His hand slides between her legs. A gasp escapes her
lips. He touches her in the most private of places. His sleek fingers play
with her tender flesh like a fine musical instrument. She moans and pants
under his touch. He pulls her to him. She feels his hard throbbing manhood
and yearns to feel it inside her. She wants to be taken. But on her terms.
She drives him down into the dark pit with her. He is down, a bit surprised.
She smiles and caresses him. Her mouth kisses his lips, his chest and his
belly. She feels his pulsing manhood and takes it into her hands. She can
feel it. His strength and power. The hub of all power. She sucks it into
her mouth and licks it. It is his turn to moan. The dark God is almost
helpless as she sucks on his manhood. His strong hand grabs ahold of her
hair and she licks his balls. She breathes in his fine, masculine smell.
She gets so turned on that she can feel a wetness begin between her legs.

He erupts in her mouth and she drinks his seed. His hot, potent seed. He
draws her onto him. His hands grab ahold of her waist and brings her on top
of him. She goes down with the flow that he has set in motion and her pussy
is impaled on his cock. He thrusts upward and she thrusts downward. They
meet. He is inside her. Although he has been there with countless women
across the ages, literally hundreds of thousands, it is an exquisite feeling
each time. He thrust inside her and she moans as she is entered. It is a
bitter and sweet feeling. Pain, followed by pleasure. Pleasure enough to
overwhelm her senses each time he enters her. She feels his hot spear of
immortal flesh inside her. They set up a nice and easy rhythm. She is
rocking back and forth onto his cock and bouncing up and down. She feels
an intense feeling building up deep inside. She grunts. He feels a rush in
his loins. They quicken the pace of their lovemaking and he erupts inside
her. At the same time, the feeling that had been building up inside her
reaches its culmination point and she explodes into a climax that rocks her
body. So powerful and overwhelming are the sensations felt by the entwined
lovers that divine energy pours forth from their bodies and send waves of
shock deep inside the earth. They lie in each other's arms, spent.

The Lord of Darkness looks at the beautiful face of the young Goddess next
to him. She looks so beautiful. It is almost easy to forget that inside this
beautiful body dwells a being who is an expert at lying, scheming, plotting
and deceiving. For the time being, she was on his side. He sighed when he
realized that someday he would have to kill her. He did not look forward to
it, just accepted it as something to be done. For now, he would enjoy

The End


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