Hercules - The Legendary Journeys: Norse Gods (MF,FF,inter,anal,BDSM)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Hercules has traveled a long way. He has left Greece. A wandering hero on a
journey. He has come to the land of Scandinavia. The home of the Norse

Land of the Norse Men

Upon arriving in Scandinavia, Hercules ran into a horde of thieves. They were
attacking a family of farmers. The farmers were defenseless. The man, Olaf
tried to protect his wife Sela and their children, Hunor and Madkor. But what
could one man do against a horde of experienced thieves and killers armed to
the teeth?

Hercules had been wandering by. He was looking for the nearest city. Even
though he was a hero, staying in the wilderness all by his lonesome was no
fun. He had been walking by when he stumbled onto the scene. Fifteen men on
horseback were circling a farm. They were shouting and wanted to do some
harm to the family that owned it and take away their possessions. Hercules
had long hated bullies. He decided to help the Norse family against those
riders. He came and attacked the riders with a large club.

They came at him from all sides. They were well-trained in the art of
fighting. They were brutes and bullies. Hercules swung his club, knocking
riders from horseback and clubbing them to unconsciousness. He dispatched
three riders that way. The rest of them took this as their cue to leave.
They had seen the fearsome strength and combattive prowess of Hercules and
feared that he was a god or something. They ran away.

The man who owned the farm came to Hercules and saluted him. He bowed low
before him. Hercules shook the man's hand and introduced himself. "Hi, I'm
Hercules. I'm from Greece." he said.

The man looked at him. "I am Olaf, Thank you for your help."

Hercules looked at the man. Olaf was tall and a bit chubby, with long black
hair and a beard. He was in his early forties. He introduced Hercules to his
wife Sela, a good-looking woman with brown hair and blue eyes. She was in her
forties as well. Then, Hercules met the couple's teenage sons. Hunor and
Madkor. Both were tall, lean young boys with brown hair and blue eyes. They
didn't look a day over fifteen. They were also identical twins.

"You are more than welcome to stay with us." said Olaf and Hercules accepted
his offer.

That evening, Hercules slept on a bed rather than on the cold forest floor
for the first time in over a year. He also had the pleasure of eating some
meat and drinking wine with pleasant company. It was in times like these that
he missed his home.

He remembered all that he had left behind.

Memories Never Die


His mother Alcmene lived there with her husband Jason. Also, his best friend
Iolaus was there with his new bride Nautica. Iolaus had met Nautica a while
back. She was a daughter of Triton, one of the gods of the Sea. As such, she
was a beautiful woman who was immortal - as long as she did not leave the sea
where she was born.

Nautica wanted to see the world and meet humanity. She came to land, becoming
momentarily mortal. She fell in love with Iolaus. Triton opposed their union.
Hercules had a talk with Triton and the Sea god agreed to let his daughter be
happy and permanently transformed Iolaus into a sea-dwelling immortal so that
he and Nautica may be together in the underwater realm of Atlantis. Hercules
lost his best friend but was glad that Iolaus had at long last found

Hercules had returned to his life of high adventure without Iolaus. He met
with Autolycus, the handsome and rugged King of Thieves. Autolycus was in a
scheme to steal something without implicating his former wife, Luciana aka
Luscious. Hercules helped the two thieves out of trouble. Autolycus and
Luciana gave up their life of crime, remarried and moved to the island of

Hercules later ran into Ares, the god of War and Evander, his son. Zeus,
King of the Gods wanted to use Evander to free his wife Hera from the Eternal
Prison of Tartarus. Hercules had to help reunite Zeus with Hera and also stop
the Titans, the brutish former enemies of the gods whom Evander unleashed by
accident. In the end, the Titans were defeated and Hera was restored as Queen
of the Gods. Hercules's job was done. Still, he felt a bit lonely since
around him everyone was getting hitched. His best friend Iolaus and his lady
friend Nautica. His friend Autolycus and his lady friend Luciana. His father
Zeus and his wife Hera. Plus Evander was reunited with Ares who was now
dating Discord, goddess of Vengeance who has had a thing for him for ages.

Hercules left Greece behind. There were too many painful memories. The loss
of his first wife Deinera and their children when the goddess Hera killed
them. The loss of his friends and members of his family over the years. The
death of his second wife Serena, who gave up the immortality and powers that
she had as the Golden Hind to be with him. This was the reason why he was in
Norse Country now. To forget about the past.

When morning came, he left the House of Olaf and continued on his path. They
had given him directions to the nearest town. The town of Iggdrasil. Hercules
walked into Iggdrasil. It was a town full of square wooden houses. A big
trading place. He sniffed the air, sensing the many flavors of humanity.
Maybe this was the place he was looking for.

What Hercules didn't know was that someone had been watching him since he
first came into Norse country. A young man stood atop a hill. He was tall,
lean and handsome. He had long brown hair and pale blue eyes. He didn't look
a day over twenty and wore a black leather costume. His name was Loki. He
was the God of Chaos and Destruction. And he found the stranger from
Greece...intriguing. Captivating the interest of Loki was a precarious
position to be in, whether you were man, woman or animal living in Norse
country. Loki had a way with....everything and everyone.

* * *

Meetings with Gods and Monsters.

The children ran. They knew they should not have been playing in the woods
but here they were. They didn't think they would be in any danger. But they
were...something was after them. Something that terrified them. It was a
wolf. Not just any wolf. This wolf was far bigger than it should be. A
fifteen-foot tall, thirty-foot long wolf-like creature that was called

Fenris the supernatural wolf. He was not an ordinary animal but a creature
forged in the bowels of the earth and animated by life from the heavens.
Fenris was the Minion of Loki.

The supernatural wolf had an intelligence greater than a man's. He was Loki's
trusted enforcer and chief Minion. Fenris could shapeshift at will. He could
assume the form of man or any other animal. He could also appear and
disappear at will by means of magic. Fenris was in the woods when he saw a
pair of human children playing around. He had been in human form, having
completed its latest mission for its master Loki. Fenris had assumed the form
of a handsome man and seduced the princess Mina, daughter of Alloram, the
king of the Hvasar. The Hvasar were a proud people. They believed in justice
and truth. Loki despised them.

He sent Fenris to destroy them. Fenris seduced Mina and talked her into
murdering her mother and sister. Then, he had her kill her own father. All
this she did out of love for him. Then, he exposed her shame to the Hvasar
people who put her on trial, found her guilty and burned her to death. The
Hvasar were without leadership and Loki had one of his murderous warlords
attack them with his army. The Hvasar were vanquished. The men, women and
children of this proud people were sold into slavery in distant lands. Loki
was satisfied with his Minion's deeds.

He had a rendez-vous with Loki in the woods but his Master was late. When
he saw the human children playing around, he fgured he might have a little
snack. Fenris toyed with them and chased them for awhile. He took his time
because he knew they could not escape.

That's when lightning struck above. Fenris hesitated. In a flash of light,
two men appeared. The first one was very tall, buff and muscular, clad in a
red leather bodysuit. He had long blond hair and blue eyes. He carried a
sinister-looking Hammer. Fenris recognized him as Thor, the God of Thunder.
The other one was tall yet slim, ordinary-looking with his short black hair
and dark eyes. He wore a costume made of animal furs. This was Baldur, the
God of Peace and Harmony. Thor's protege. Fenris growled. These gods were
powerful but he would not relinquish his prey.

"Back off, beast." said Thor. "Or suffer my wrath!"

Fenris roared. Who did Thor think he was? The overgrown moron thought he
could scare him? Pfft. Fenris charged without hesitation.

Thor came at Fenris, swinging his Hammer. Fenris suddenly changed form,
changing from giant wolf to a form he preferred. That of a huge, truly
fantastic and fearsome-looking creature: A 120-foot long Serpent that was
as wide as a house and very big. A close imitation of the Midgard Serpent.
In reality, the Midgard Serpent was far bigger than Fenris but the Minion
had the ability to mimic forms, within limits. Truth be told, his mimicry
of the Serpent was as close to the real thing in size and power as a
blowfish was close to a shark in size and ferocity. Fenris in serpent form
hissed and spat out venom.

Thor roared. "False serpent! My Hammer shall break you!!!"

He rose his Hammer and struck. Fenris felt the Hammer connect with his skull,
then bounce off. It went flying. Fenris looked at Thor who stood looking at
him defiantly even though he had no weapon.

"Without your Hammer, you are nothing!!!" said Fenris as he prepared to
swallow the god of Thunder in one gulp.

Thor roared in rage and dodged as Fenris came at him, jaws wide open.

The children ran.

* * *

Hercules had spent the night in town. When morning came, he wanted to see a
bit of the place for himself. He went hunting in the woods. He had been at
it for hours with very little success when he heard some strange noises.
Thunderclaps in a sunny morning. Screams. Hisses. More screams. He also
heard what sounded like human screams.

He ran in the direction of the sound. Two children, a boy and a girl, each
one about thirteen years old came at him. They looked scared out of their
minds. Hercules tried to speak to them but they ran right past him. They
were scared out of their minds alright. Hercules wondered why, and suddenly
saw a fantastic sight. A man was facing off a truly monstrous Serpent.
Hercules looked. The man had no weapons and couldn't dodge the beast forever.
Hercules saw the snake spit out venom and knew he couldn't let the man die.
He ran headfirst into the fray. Hercules seized the Serpent by the tail...and

Fenris had been waiting for Thor to slip up before he could have his
victory. The god of Thunder fell, slipping on a wet leaf. He looked up at
Fenris-the-snake with defiance.

"I hate you and your master, fiend!" he shouted.

"Famous last words," said Fenris.

"Now, let's end this!" He readied himself to devour the fallen god.

Baldur had watched the whole thing. The god of Peace and Harmony saw that
his brother had fallen.

"Save yourself, brother!" said Thor.

Baldur did not. Instead, he shouted, "Nooooo!!!" and came at the
monster-Serpent with nothing but his clenched fist.

Thor shook his head. It looked like his brother and he were going to die
together. Just then, Fenris gasped. He felt super-strong hands tug at his
tail. He turned. There was a man pulling at his tail. A very strong man
that he did not recognize.

"Who are you?" hissed Fenris.

"The one kicking your ass!" said Hercules.

He grabbed Fenris, exerting his might then forcing the Serpent away.
Incredibly, Fenris felt himself pulled away from his prey by a power he
had never seen before. A strength he had never felt. He tried to bite the
stranger but the strange man punched him in the jaw and one of Fenris's
fangs broke. He screamed in sheer pain and lost his concentration. He
shifted back to wolf form, then to human form. Hercules held on as the
strange creature he was fighting changed shapes. He finally threw the
human-sized Fenris into the bushes. Fenris screamed in pain, then reverted
to wolf form. He looked at the one who hurt him, and growled. He was about
to charge when a booming voice came.

"Leave them alone."

Fenris hesitated. Lightning fell from the skies and burned the grass only a
few feet before him. The Minion got the message. He was to disappear, which
he did.

Hercules watched the strange wolf-snake-man creature disappear into the
woods. He walked over to the two men. The slim, dark-haired one looked at
him with.

"Who are you?" he asked.

Hercules looked at him and knew that this was no ordinary human being. "I am
Hercules, of Greece." he said.

"I am Baldur of Asgard," said the dark-haired young man. He helped his
bulkier companion get up. "This is my brother Thor." Baldur looked from Thor
to Hercules. "Dear brother, meet Hercules of Greece."

Thor looked at Hercules. He said nothing. "A half breed," he said

Baldur's eyes widened. "This man just saved our lives. We owe him!" he said
to Thor.

Thor picked up his Hammer, which hung in the air in front of him. It returned
to him magically a while after each throw. "I am Thor of Asgard!" he grunted,
but declined to take the hand Hercules offered.

Baldur exchanged a knowing look with Hercules. Then, Baldur placed his one
hand on Hercules's shoulder and the other on Thor's and all three of them
vanished in a flash of light.


Hercules found himself in a very odd place. A fortress of some kind. The
Fortress seemed to be made of metal. Steel. Iron. Gold. It was vast and sat
high up in the clouds. A floating fortress made of metal. The home of the
Asgardian Gods.

Baldur served as tour guide. First, he introduced Hercules to an old man with
a long white beard. Aegir, the god of the Sea. Then, they met a tall, lean
youth with red hair and fiery eyes. Bragi, the god of Poetry and Music.
Forseti, a tall, muscular man with a dark complexion and a serious demeanor,
the god of Justice. Heimdall, a tall, muscular bald man. He is the Guardian
of Asgard. Hermod, a spry youth. The god of Messengers and Travelers. Hodura,
a tall and strikingly beautiful brunette with black eyes. She is the goddess
of darkness. Idun, a beautiful blonde goddess, the personification of Spring
and Youth. Lorelei, the fiery goddess of the Elements, housed in the body of
a statuesque blonde. And many more. Hercules met the rulers of Asgard. Odin
was a tall, wild-haired, gray-eyed, powerfully built man in his late fifties.
His wife was Frigga, a beautiful woman with long blond hair and blue eyes.
She was the Queen of Asgard.

Baldur invited Hercules to explore the wonders of Asgard. He made Hercules
sit at the place of honor in the Hall of the Gods. Hercules enjoyed a
banquet the likes of which he had never seen. Then, he spent the evening in
a luxurious chamber. He ate roasted meat and drank wine the next day before
accompanying Baldur on a trip. Baldur rode in a chariot made of gold and
silver encrusted with jewels. The chariot was pulled by two magnificent
horses. Hercules could tell these were not ordinary horses but magically
powered animals. He had seen such creatures in Olympus. Pegasus the winged
horse was such a creature.

"Ever ride in a chariot with a god?" said Baldur.

"Nope." said Hercules.

Baldur laughed. "First time for everything, Hercules of the Greek peoples."

They flew away.


They visited the vastness of Asgard. The Home of the Asgardian Gods was a
truly gigantic place. The Fortress hung in the clouds, held up there by old
magic. Baldur told Hercules of the history of Asgard. The war between the
elder gods and the Frost Giants. The rise of the Demons. The never-ending
battle of the gods and the Giants. The long-prophesized Ragnarok or end of
all things. Hercules told Baldur of his adventures.

The two of them left the Chariot behind and walked on earth as would ordinary
men. But they were not ordinary men. One was the son of the King of the
Olympian gods, the other was the son of the King of the Asgardian gods. The
sons of the most powerful beings in the universe walked side by side. As
equals and friends.

Baldur introduced Hercules to the Valkyries. The Valkyries were women
recruited by Odin to seek out brave men and women in his name. The Valkyries
rode on magical horses and flew around looking for brave men and women. When
someone dies, the Valkyries were there. They evaluated the soul of the
departed human being to see if he or she had a war-like spirit. If so, the
man or woman's soul was taken into Valhalla. Valhalla was a Fortress where
the souls of dead men and women with a war-like spirit became flesh and blood
once more to prepare for the war against the Darkness. These people became
the Berserkers. The Faithful Warriors of Odin, the Merciless Lord of Battles.

Hercules met a Berserker named Kahla. He recognized her. Long ago, he met a
woman named Kahla in Greece. She had left Greece and came to Scandinavia. She
was a fearsome huntress. Kahla hunted people who killed others and had no
regard for human life. Hercules befriended her long ago. Apparently, she died
in Scandinavia and was reborn as a Berserker. He met her in Valhalla while he
was visiting with Baldur.

Hercules and Kahla hadn't seen each other in a long time. At first, she
thought he was a Berserker as well but soon realized he was still among
the living. Berserkers were not alive. Their bodies had died on Earth. In
Valhalla, their souls became flesh and blood. They could think and feel
but if they left Valhalla, they became nothing more than ghosts.

Hercules was glad to see Kahla. She was a rather special lady. She stood five
foot nine inches tall, well-built, with black skin and long braided hair of
the same color. She was an African woman who had grown up in Greece and been
raised by Greek merchants. She developed a taste for adventure and it stayed
with her in life and in death. For her valor, Odin gave her and her fellow
Berserkers the gift of life as long as they served him.

While in Asgard or in Valhalla, they remained flesh and blood. Outside
those places, they were mere ghosts. After being alive and feeling good and
healthy, no Berserker ever wanted to disappoint Odin and become a ghostly
wraith again. Hercules found that tough.

"It's a living." said Kahla.

Hercules looked at her. Gods, she looked good.

She offered to give him a private tour of Valhalla and he agreed. Baldur was
busy talking to Brunhilda, the Captain of the Valkyries.

Kahla led Hercules to the stables where the Horses were. Hercules admired the
fine steeds but he hadn't come here to see them. He looked at Kahla, saw her
smile and knew she was thinking what he was thinking. They undressed
silently, looking at each other. Hercules admired her fine, sexy body. He saw
her full breasts and slim waist as well as her perfectly rounded, tight butt.
He felt excitement rise in him and his cock felt hard. Very hard. Kahla saw
it too.

"Ooh, is that for me?" she asked.

Hercules nodded and put his cock in her mouth. Kahla gagged on it, then tried
to in take as much of it as she could. She sucked his cock, and Hercules's
hand grabbed her head. The female Berserker knew her stuff. She sucked him
dry, and he soon came inside her. She drank his cum, gulping it down and not
spilling a single drop.

Then, he made her get on all fours. Hercules looked at the wide black ass
spread before him and grinned. He hadn't fucked in ages. He spread Kahla's
asscheeks apart and toyed with her asshole a little bit. Then, he began to
slowly insert his large cock in her tight asshole. Kahla grunted. Hercules
pushed it in. Little by little until his dick was inside her tight ass.
Then, he began to push in and out of her. In and out of that tight black
ass. He grabs her hips and makes her rock back and forth as he fucks her.
He fucks her slowly, deciding to take his time to enjoy this. He loves the
feel of her tight ass around his cock. He begins to fuck her hard and fast.
He feels the rush, the buildup inside his balls. The throbbing of his cock.
He knows he is about to cum. He cums, shooting his hot jizz deep inside
Kahla's asshole. She is bucking wildly as his cum fills her tight hole.

Then, she collapses on her belly. He rubs his wet dick on her ass and tells
her to clean it up. She turns around and starts to lick his dick, tasting
her ass on his cock. When she is done, he puts his clothes back on and they
go back to the halls of Valhalla after a glorious romp in the hay. It was
just sex with no strings attached. They are both smart enough to know that.

Hercules finds Baldur in the courtyard of Valhalla. The godling is standing
in his chariot, calming his steeds as they recoil, a bit startled by the
presence of humans.

"How was your re-acquaintance with the lady?" said Baldur.

"Pleasant." said Hercules.

Baldur smiles.

After Hercules and Baldur have left, Brunhilda the Captain of the Valkyries
wanders around Valhalla. She sees Kahla prancing around happily. Brunhilda is
a tall, slim blonde woman with long hair and pale eyes. She is beautiful, in
a pinched sort of way. She is the Leader of Odin's Faithful. She has been for
a long time. Serving the Lord of Asgard had its benefits. The Valkyries would
never grow old or get sick like ordinary humans would, Odin's magic took care
of that. Brunhilda runs a tight ship in Valhalla. She has to be tough in
order to control a place where every man and woman is a trained fighter.
Brunhilda has always had a problem with Kahla. The bitch thought she was all
that. She was so NOT all that. Brunhilda knew she just fucked somebody. It
was against the rules for members of Valhalla to have sexual relationships
outside the mandatory orgies organized in the honor of the Ritual of
Fertility in Honor of Odin. Brunhilda had seen Kahla at the last Ritual.
Kahla had sex with two males at the same time. Brunhilda did not take a
lover. Well, she once had a lover. A woman named Kel. Kel had been a
Berserker. She escaped Valhalla and was trapped as a ghostly wraith for all

After Kel's demise, Brunhilda had not thought it safe to fall in love again.
She had a fling with the god Loki. He was a nasty pervert. Loki used to
utilize his powers to assume any form he wanted. He was a passionate lover
to Brunhilda. Too bad Loki insisted on having his Minion Fenris participate.
Fenris was a bit much. Brunhilda was angry when Loki dismissed her after
ending their affair. Only Odin's wisdom kept Brunhilda alive. Brunhilda had
thought she was no longer into women. She thought she had put lesbianism and
bisexuality behind her. But she had not. Every time she saw Kahla, she got
wet between her legs. She told herself she was not like that anymore but at
night she dreamed of Kahla. One dream was particularly hot.

In the dream, Kahla was bound and gagged and lying on a table. Brunhilda was
dressed up in black leather. She was looking at Kahla with a satisfied smirk
while Kahla was squirming. She parted Kahla's legs and began to toy with that
pussy. She fingered it and licked it. She sampled Kahla's juices, taking in
her smell and taste. Kahla had stopped resisting when Brunhilda took a small
dildo and began to fuck Kahla's pussy with it. All she did was moan and
grunt. Then, Brunhilda had mischievously slapped Kahla's ass and made her
turn on her back. She parted those fine asscheeks and fingered that tight
little asshole. She took some oil and lubed it up. Then, she took a dildo and
began to fuck Kahla's ass with it. Kahla struggled and bucked like a wild
horse but Brunhilda kept fucking her ass with the dildo. Kahla's outraged
screams were muffled by the gag. Brunhilda loved this.

"Take it up the ass, black bitch!!!" she said.

She slapped Kahla's ass and the black girl shuddered. Brunhilda kept at it,
using two devices at once, one in Kahla's pussy and the other in her asshole.
She suddenly removed the gag and instead of hearing outraged enraged screams,
she heard moans of pleasure. The bitch was enjoying this! Brunhilda suddenly
bit Kahla's tits while shoving both the dildoes as far into Kahla as they
could go. Kahla screamed in sheer pleasure and pain. Brunhilda pulled the
toys out and undid the bindings. Kahla just lay there. Brunhilda grinned,
slapped Kahla's plump black ass and walked out.

"See ya later, bitch." said Brunhilda.

Brunhilda was thinking all that when Kahla appeared in front of her.

"Hey, Cap. what's up?" she said.

Brunhilda looked at Kahla's beautiful body and sweet face and felt her heart
beat and a wetness begin between her legs. She didn't know what compelled her
but she just did it. She grabbed Kahla and started to kiss her. Kahla kissed
her back, to Brunhilda's surprise.

"Tell me you love me," said Kahla, her eyes glowing with an unnatural light.

"I love you." said Brunhilda.

"Good girl." said Kahla.

And she twisted Brunhilda's head until her neck snapped. Then, with a simple
touch she set Brunhilda's body on fire. Of the beautiful captain of the
Valkyries, only ash remained. Kahla walked out of the room. She hoped no one
had seen her. Then, Kahla did something strange. She changed from a beautiful
black female to a tall, lean and handsome white guy with long brown hair and
blue eyes. This was none other than Loki, the god of Chaos and Destruction.

Loki vanished from Valhalla. He went back to his Lair where his Minion, the
wolf Fenris reported seeing Hercules and Baldur flying away. Hercules was
talking of returning to Greece. Baldur was trying to convince him to remain
in Norse country. Loki laughed when he heard all that.

"Hmm. This is just so interesting. My enemies are fleeing from me without
knowing what they are doing," he said.

"Yes, master." said Fenris, now appearing in the form of a slender guy.

"Can you believe I just fucked Hercules and got propositioned by that dyke?"
said Loki.

He had killed Kahla not long ago. He wanted to infiltrate Asgard to know what
was up. Loki's plan was always the same. To bring about the end of the world.
And he was prepared to do it by any means necessary. With Hercules out of the
way, the gods of Asgard wouldn't stand a chance against him.

Life was good.

The End


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