Hercules - The Legendary Journeys: Top God (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])


Once, Hercules was a human being. The son of Zeus, King of the Gods and the
human female Alcmene. He was gifted with extraordinary strength and used his
power to help people. He fought human kings and queens who abused their
power, warlords and savage conquerors. He faced some petty gods like Ares,
god of War and Hera, the queen of the gods and Zeus's bitter wife. He fought
demons such as Dahak and immortal killers like Calliston. He even faced
vampires. And he did all those things as a half god.

Hercules always liked to help people. He became world-famous because of it.
Everyone knew who Hercules was and most people admired and respected him. His
word was his bond. Men and women admired him for being a morally upright,
decent man who helped others. Then, Hercules helped Zeus in a power struggle
that broke out on Olympus. Hercules defeated Apollo, god of the Sun and Hera,
the Queen of the Gods. He saved his father Zeus who in turn saved the soul of
his mother Alcmene. Zeus rewarded his son and turned him into the God of

As the God of Mercy, Hercules went on a world trip to help people. He saved
shipwrecks at sea. He fought brigands and thieves and killers and barbarians.
He stopped whole armies. He rescued cats up trees. He did a lot of good. He
helped the gods of Egypt fight off the Wraiths they feared. He fought side by
side with Thor, the Norse god of Thunder and his brother Baldur, the handsome
god of Life and Peace against Jormungand, the World Serpent and Loki, the god
of destruction. In India, Hercules fought Kali, goddess of Death and Shiva,
god of destruction and restored the Trimurti (the three most powerful Hindu
gods) minus Shiva. He restored Vishnu and Brahma to their seats of power and
did his best to undo the damage Shiva had done. He met the beautiful goddess
Ratri and the benevolent god Ganesha. Having helped the people of India both
by stopping endless civil war and by restoring the gods, Hercules moved on.

He was the god of Mercy. Helping people was his duty, and unlike the rest of
the gods, Hercules took his duty seriously.

He did not know that he was being watched.

Hercules's actions had not gone unnoticed. The gods were a fiercely
territorial bunch. The Ennead did not leave Egypt. The Olympians never left
Greece. The Trimurti and their lesser offspring never left India. The Norse
gods never left Scandinavia. The fact that the greek God of Mercy left his
Father's domain and went to do his missions of his own volition upset many
gods. Long ago, Thor the Thunderer wandered the world fighting evil. Many
gods asked Thor's father Odin to restrain his war-like heroic son. Thor did
not like being confined so he remained in Europe. This was vast enough for
him. Thor had confrontations with Zeus when he came to Greece. They disputed
the title of Thunderer. Without swift diplomacy, it would have resulted in
all-out war between the gods of Scandinavia and the Olympians. Hercules had
done far worse than Thor. He fought other gods on their territory and won.
The humans of many places abandoned their gods and prayed to him, since he
tried to answer every call for help.


He set his sights on Africa. He came to the land of Nigeria. It was a kingdom
divided. The humans were suffering. There were a lot of wars and a lot of
famine. Usually, the country fared well but the humans lacked good leaders.
There was also a problem among the gods.

Upon entering the deep of Nigeria, Hercules was approached by a stranger. A
tall, powerfully built black man clad in red and gold body armor and carrying
a spear and shield. This was no mere man but one of the gods. "I am Acoran,"
he said. "Supreme ruler of the gods in these parts."

Hercules looked at him. "I am Hercules, of the Olympian gods."

Acoran looked at him. "I know of the Olympians. You are new, however."

Hercules said evenly. "I am new to godhood."

Acoran looked at him, scanning him. "You speak the truth, son of Zeus. I am
curious as to what you are doing in my realm," he said.

Hercules said, "Just traveling."

He had come by himself, by means of teleportation. He hadn't bothered to pick
a chariot back in Egypt. His relationship with the goddess Hathor had been
pleasant, but that was before he learned the extent of her cruelty. She
reminded him of Hera. He cared for her and she for him but he couldn't be
with someone who despised humanity. He had spent his whole existence, both as
a half human and as a new god to help humans. He was proud of his human past.
Acoran led him through his realm. He took Hercules to Tamasrajasi, the Home
of the Gods of Nigeria. It was an impressive fortress. Easily the size of
Olympus but not bigger.

They entered. The place was vast. Everywhere, Hercules saw gods and
goddesses. They were tall, nubile people with beautiful bodies. He met them
all. He saw a tall, skinny, frizzy-haired youth with chocolate skin: Bagba,
the god of the Wind. A tall, curvy, somewhat soulfull goddess introduced
herself as Bera Pennu, goddess of Vegetation. Behanzin, a slightly bald
skinny male introduced himself as the god of Sea animals. He met Buku, the
sky god and Balubaal, the goddess of the earth. Arawa, goddess of the Moon
and Apedemak, god of War. Arsan Duolai, god of the Underworld. Anyiewo,
goddess of Deception whose animal was the Snake. Agbe-Naete, goddess of the
water. Avrikiti, goddess of Vengeance and Atete, goddess of Fertility. He
met Takriman, god of Fire and Gurzil, the bull-like god of the wilderness.
Kho-dumo-dumo was the god of Darkness and Sin. Mula Djadi was the goddess
of chaos and destruction. Musa was the goddess of Learning. Nesshoue was
the god of rivers. Ngai was the god of Justice. All of the gods of the
Tamasrajasi were curious about Hercules. The god of Mercy was surprised
when Nyami-Nyami, the guardian God of Doors and Portals ignored him. A
young goddess named Dasilva told him, "He seldom speaks to anyone."

Hercules let Dasilva lead him through the Home of the Gods since he was the
guest of honor. She was a chatty goddess, standing five foot eleven with dark
brown skin, long black hair and pale yellow eyes. She wore a bright red tunic
and long blue cape. She was quite beautiful to look at. "So, Hercules, what
are you doing in Nigeria?" she asked.

"Fighting to help humanity," he said.

She was puzzled. "Why?" she asked.

"I want to help humans because my mother was a human," he said. "I used to
be partly human."

Dasilva considered all this. "You miss being partly human?" she asked.

He nodded. He told her of his childhood in Thebes. Growing up with the
strength of a hundred men. Becoming first a reckless adventurer then a hero.
He told her of his best friend Iolaus, his mother Alcmene, his wife Deinera
and their children. He told her of his friends Salmoneus, the chubby
dinar-seeking entrepreneur, Atalanta the gorgeous female athlete, Autolycus
the King of Thieves and Hephaestus, the god of the Forge. He mentioned Ares,
the god of war and his endless schemes to kill him and take over the world.

Dasilva listened to this. "I was right," she said. "You are different from
other gods." She took his arm. Hercules smiled and they rejoined the

The next day, Hercules went around the land, visiting its people. He saw the
extent of the damage done by the gods neglecting the people. The city of
Axoum was under attack. The hundreds of thousands of people inside it feared
the attackers. One of their walls had fallen and it was only a matter of time
until the cannibals invaded and plundered. They were fierce cannibals,
worshippers of Nelek, the god of Malice and Carnage. Hercules could not allow
innocent men, women and children to be taken by savages that would probably
eat the whole lot of them. He summoned the power that resided within him.

His powers were not as explosive as one would have thought. He had the
strength of a thousand men. He was invulnerable. He could teleport his way
in and out of any place. But he lacked explosive power. He lit a torch,
and set the ground on fire. He willed the flames to augment and spread.
The flames were soon huge, encircling the city and protecting it from the
invaders. The army of cannibals recoiled when they saw the flames erupt.
Hercules appeared before the leaders of the cannibals, standing in the
flames for maximum effect.

"This city is under my protection," he said. "Begone or suffer my wrath."

The cannibals looked at him. The bravest ones charged him. Hercules waded
into them and tossed them around like beach balls. The cannibals realized
that their opponent was not human. "Are you a god?" said one of them.
"We are worshippers of Nelek. He sent is here. We fear no god but him."

Hercules lifted the cannibal warrior and threw him aside. Hercules felt
angry and said in a booming voice that could be heard for miles around, "I
am Hercules, Son of Zeus of Olympus and Alcmene of Thebes. I am the God of
Mercy and I order you to leave or be destroyed."

The cannibals retreated.

Hercules slammed his fist on the ground, sending a kinetic shockwave that
rocked the ground for miles around and causing the cannibal army to flee in
terror. He watched as they fell in disarray and fled. Then, he teleported
himself to the city of Axoum. He appeared to the people. They marveled at
him. Several wondered out loud if he was a god or what if he had something
to do with the defeat of the cannibals. He walked to the fallen wall and
lifted it, lifting the tens of thousands of tons effortlessly and putting
it back in place. A gasp came from the people of Axoum.

"I am Hercules, God of Mercy." he said. He disappeared in a flash. Just like

What Hercules didn't know is that he was watched by someone. A tall, slim
black man with a wiry build. This man was not a man but rather a god. Nelek,
god of Malice and Carnage as well as Bloodlust. The Patron God of Cannibals.
Nelek the Bloody. King of the Night. Master of Destruction. He was not happy
with what he saw. "You will pay for this, son of Zeus." he said.

Hercules returned to Tamasrajasi satisfied with his deeds.

Hercules is sitting by himself, watching the gods. There is no driving force
in their lives. They live forever. They are and always will be supreme,
beautiful and intelligent. They are useless. He hates them all. He tells them
his tales to his fellow gods. Some of the african gods are surprised. Others
are puzzled. No one is angry for in their eyes, the lives of mortals are
easy. The gods of all places are alike. They are narcissistic, opportunistic
and evil. They are petty and scheming. The men and women that worship them
are no better. The human race is made up of liars, thieves, killers. Accusers
and thugs. Men and women lie, cheat, steal, plot, rape, eviscerate, destroy,
pillage and plunder. The gods are no different from the humans. They have not
used the eternity that they have to improve themselves. They are hedonistic.
Most of them are mad. They find his attention on mortals to be a welcome

So, Hercules decides to act like they do for one night. He takes Dasilva up
on her offer. He joins her in her plush chambers. He undresses and so does
she. They kiss and she caresses him. He knows how to pleasure the flesh of
women. He caresses her navel, kisses her neck and lips while stimulating her
pussy with his fingers. He fondles her breasts and leans down to taste of her
flower. He licks her pussy, tasting the sweet and spicy flavor of it. He
probes it with his tongue, tickles it, heck, he even bites the clit tenderly.
She screams in pleasure. He brings her to the height of pleasure, until an
orgasm rocks her body with such force that her scream of pleasure can be
heard for miles around. Only when she is sated does he take her. He enters
her pussy with his hard cock. He begins to slide in and out of her. He goes
in quickly then fucks her slowly since he knows she enjoys the sensation of
being fucked hard and slow and steady. He fucks her while she presses him
into her and then he unleashes his seed inside her.

Sated, he lies with her. Knowing she likes to be held after, he holds her
and murmurs sweet nothings to her. She goes to sleep. Goddesses have more in
common with mortal women than they know. He knows this, because he has been
with both.

For the next few days, he revels in the festivities. He watches the gods and
goddesses and their selected human toys. The beautiful men and women chosen
from the earth are ravished and plundered by hungry gods and goddesses.
Agbe-Naete, goddess of the water takes a young black woman to her bed. Buku,
the sky god takes a boy and a girl. He makes love to both at the same time.
First he suckles the boy's erect manhood, while his own massive cock is
sucked by the girl. He enters the boy's ass and the youth screams. The girl
comes and sucks the boy's cock which grows as he is fucked by the energetic
god. Then, it is the girl's turn to be fucked. Buku arouses her flesh with
touches, kisses, caresses and gentle probes. Then, he enters her pussy while
one of his sleek fingers toys with her ass. He fucks her pussy, plowing in
and out of her while she screams in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He then
withdraws and enters her ass. There is a gasp, a widening of the girl's eyes
and then she grits her teeth as he fucks her, hard. The youth watches as his
master plunders the girl's flesh. Then, Buku cums in the girl's ass and
withdraws his massive cock. She cannot hold it anymore and lets out a scream
of pain as the truly massive cock withdraws from her ass. The girl and boy
embrace their master and kiss him. He draws them into his arms and they lie
with him, sated for he is content.

Hercules wonders how long it will be until he becomes just like the gods he
sees around him. A willful hedonist. He is disgusted with himself for having
slept with Dasilva. He feels....tainted. He is angry. He decides to leave.
She is shocked and demands an explanation. He can tell that she cares for him
and for some reason does not want him to go. But what does a goddess know of
love and caring? Those are human things, and Dasilva is not human. Come to
think of it, neither is he. He gets up to leave. She tries to stop him. He
teleports away from there, leaving her heartbroken.

He leaves the Tamasrajasi. He does so at a critical time for Nelek, the
god of Malice, Carnage and Bloodlust has sworn to bring the gods of the
Tamasrajasi to their knees. Nelek goes and frees an army of demons from
the Underworld. He opens a magical portal between the underworld and the
home of the gods. One night, as most of the gods are asleep, hundreds of
thousands of demons and monsters swarm out of a Portal and invade the
Fortress. Nelek watches as the gods and goddesses are taken by surprise.
Acoran, king of the gods rouses his people and they fight. He uses his
Spear of Might and destroys thousands of demons. It is not enough.

The gods fight but it is a desperate battle. Some manage to escape. Most
stay and fight to defend their home. Among them was Dasilva. She fights even
as around her, gods and goddesses are slain. The Dvorak, a bunch of gigantic
monsters tear Yggdrasil, one of the elder gods to shreds. Then, they feast
on his flesh. She is angered and, wielding a magical spear attacks the
invaders. The gods are either slain or have fled.

When the sun rises, three-fourths of the gods are dead and Tamasrajasi is no
more. Dasilva has fought until the end. She resisted and fought like a lion,
even as one of the gigantic demons seizes her. His strength overwhelms her.
She knows she is about to die. So, she gathers all of her godly power,
becoming a glowing mass of energy. She unleashes and the most powerful
substance in the universe, the life force of a god hits everything that lives
within a mile radius. The Giants and monsters and demons are slain.

Dasilva lies, dying. She thinks of the only one who has mattered to her in an
eternity. Hercules.

Hercules is far from Africa, teleporting from place to place when he feels
something wrong. He felt something he never thought he would feel. The
passing of the lifeforce of a god. No. Dozens of gods and goddesses. Dying.
"No, it cannot be," he says.

He returns to the Tamasrajasi. All around him he sees the carnage. The bodies
of fallen gods and goddesses. Everywhere he looks is death. He looks for the
one who mattered to him, however briefly. He comes and sees her, lying in a
pool of divine blood. It is her lifeforce which has destroyed the demonic
armies. "Dasilva," he says. He holds her in his arms. She is fading fast.

"Hercules?" she says. She looks into his eyes.

Hercules feels an overwhelming feeling for her. He doesn't want her to die.
In spite of her habits and moods and quirks (which are impossible to
understand) and tricks (which are impossible to predict), he cares for her a
great deal. He tries to use his powers to heal her. To no avail. When he made
Hercules a god, Zeus gave him immeasurable strength and raw power. He could
go anywhere. He could move mountains. But he could not Heal the wounded. Not
even the ones he loves. "I just wanted you to know," she said. "I love you,

He looks at her. Her body has become transparent. She vanishes. Hercules's
cry of anguish and sorrow could be heard around the world.


Hercules has left the ruins of Tamasrajasi. They were not only the gods of
Nigeria but the gods of all Africa. He hunts down Nelek and feeds him to a
demon before slaying the demon itself. Then, he goes to the underworld and
frees the souls of dead humans. He feels strangely powerful. The lifeforce
of the dead gods had to have gone somewhere. The life-forces of the slain
gods are now free. Hercules binds it with his power and creates a realm
where the souls of the humans can enjoy an eternity of happiness and joy.
He calls it Arsfie or Haven. He hunts down the demons and kills most of
them. Those who escape his wrath flee to other worlds.

Hercules leaves knowing that all the gods of Africa are dead. Not a single
one of them remains. Before he killed Nelek, the evil god saw to that. His
own kind, no less ! Hercules continues to travel. He is filled with regret.
He regrets losing the goddess he had come to love. As a god or as a human,
he always lost everyone. He takes comfort in that somewhere, his friends
are still alive.

He goes to Greece. In making Hercules a god, Zeus changed history. Xena, the
Warrior Princess was supposed to give birth to Livia. The gods of Olympus
feared the child of Xena and wanted to kill it but she wasn't about to let
these gods kill her child. So, Xena would kill all the gods of Olympus except
for Ares, god of War and Aphrodite, goddess of Love. Hercules was supposed to
remain half human and half god and save Xena by killing Zeus.

The future was bright. So, in making Hercules a god Zeus was covering his
own ass. As always.

Hercules went to Greece. War had broken out between Persia and Greece.

The gods of Persia, among them the beautiful goddess Ishtahar and the dark
god Baal invaded Greece. The Persian gods opposed the Olympians. The gods of
Olympus finally had some competition. The gods of Persia were defeated, along
with the humans who served them. The Olympians declared war on the Ennead,
the gods of Egypt.

Hercules shook his head. The gods of Egypt lost. Zeus himself defeated
Amon-Ra, king of the egyptian gods in combat. Ares, god of war fought Horus,
the egyptian god of light. The goddess Artemis of Greece took on Hathor, an
egyptian goddess. Seth, the nasty treacherous egyptian god was killed by
Apollo, the greek god of the sun.

Hercules knew the gods were losing their minds.

The Greeks slaughtered the Egyptians and the Persians. The slaughter involved
the humans and gods of the lands at war. The Greek gods were finally bested
by the savage followers of Romulus, in Italy. The gods of Olympus were
finally defeated and killed by deities who were very much like themselves, so
much that people confused them. No, the gods of Greece and Rome are not the
same. Jupiter and Mars and Neptune took on Zeus, Ares and Poseidon and won.
Hercules carefully avoided the whole conflict.

The Romans and their gods invaded many places. The war went on for centuries.

The Romans conquered most of the known world. But they allowed a certain cult
following of an obscure deity from Judea to come to them. The followers of
said obscure deity preached of love and virtue and helping others. They spoke
of salvation and penitence and reward. The Romans were overwhelmed by these
fanatics. Soon, one of them became an emperor. Their religion spread. They
believed in a universal Deity.

Hercules had felt a certain power rise in the universe. It was not an
individual god but the lifeforce of countless gods and goddesses slain in
useless carnage. The Lifeforce had formed a single God that had risen, almost
mindlessly in the East and many worshipped him. Hercules saw the rise and
fall of the Romans. He saw the Christians rise. He also saw what they did.
The Byzantine Empire. The Roman Empire. The Barbarian Invasions. The Death of
Many. The Fall of Civilization. The Middle Ages. The Renaissance. The Modern
Times. Hercules had seen what humans and gods did. He saw what was done in
the name of religion.

He saw humans put down religion and embrace reason. He saw the rise of
technology. Airplanes. Cars. Trains. Computers. Hospitals. Medicare.

He saw humans develop an interest in the past. They studied the wisdom
of the ancients. Hercules had personally know the ancients. Sophocles.
Aristophanes. Socrates. He had been there. Living for thousands and thousands
of years. Immortal. Unable to die. He had seen the ruins of the Homes of the
Gods. The Norse Gods had fallen, though they had been the ones to last. The
Celtic gods fell too. When the Christians came, they hunted or converted
anyone who was not of their faith. He saw wonders and horrors.

The son of Zeus remained among humanity. He has been teacher, wanderer,
lover, scientist, warrior, messenger, poet, musician, healer, fighter,
hustler, thug, priest, king, beggar and emperor. He has also been a leper
and a slave. Becoming whatever he wanted to be. Hercules lived among humans.
He married many times. He had many sons and daughters. They were specially
gifted, as all half human, half gods were. He had many wives. He grew bored
with life. He took an endless stream of lovers. Of all sorts.

Finally, he assumed the role of Chronicler, writing history as he saw it
happen. The version he saw in the textbooks was so inaccurate it was

Sometimes, he missed his fellow gods. He missed them a lot. The pompous and
aggressive Ares. The slutty Aphrodite. The lascivious Zeus. The mischievous
Loki of the Norse and the noble Thor. The gentle Balder. The passionate
Hathor. The sweet Dasilva. The wise and powerful Odin. He also missed certain
humans from when he was alive. Autolycus. Salmoneus. Iolaus. Deinera. Jason.
Iphicles. He missed them all.

He was the last god on planet Earth.

Many religions prayed essentially to the same being. The All-Powerful Being
that had been formed out of the lifeforce of slain gods of every culture. A
combination of the Greek gods, the Aztec gods, the Egyptian gods, the Persian
gods, the Babylonian gods, the Hindu gods, the native american gods and just
about the gods of every place. Some so old not even Hercules could remember.
The God most humans in twenty first century Earth prayed to was a composite
of countless deities united as one. A dormant entity, that's for sure.

Hercules came to like the world of the humans.

He established himself as big-time Hollywood writer/director/producer Henry
Kurd. He owned a $ 4 million house in Malibu and was single. After his last
wife Heather Carlson had died in 1790 A.D. Hercules no longer married.
Especially since his last child went on to become a very charismatic military
dictator/madman with delusions of grandeur. He liked his life just the way it

The only thing that worried him was the number of countless demons who roamed
the world and turned ordinary men and women into doers of unspeakable deeds.
Too many crimes were senseless. Truth it, a lot of them was some demonic
possession. Hercules would look into that. He was after all, the last god on
earth and a merciful one, no less.

The End


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