Hercules - The Legendary Journeys: Twilight Of The Gods (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Hercules. He was the son of Zeus. A fascinating man. The son of Zeus, King
of the Gods of Olympus and Alcmene, a mortal woman. He was born with special
abilities due to his divine heritage. These abilities came in the form of a
spectacular physical strength and raw stamina far exceeding those of ordinary
human beings.

He grew up in the city of Thebes and in his youth tried to hide his special
abilities. He later became an adventurer then a Hero. He wandered the world,
fighting everything from evil men and women to monsters and demons and even
the gods themselves. He became famous, his name became a household name. He
was the most famous person in the world. Unlike the gods, Hercules fought
for Humanity. He used his powers to held people. Common men and women knew
Hercules and thought him to be the best guy around. Hercules led quite an
exciting life. He eventually settled down.

Hercules married a woman named Deinera and they had children. He gave up
his life of adventure for that of a family man. The goddess Hera killed
Hercules's wife and children, taking away all that he loved in a ball of
fire. Hercules became a vengeful man. His best friend Iolaus brought him
back on the right path. He became a Hero once more. He journeyed the earth,
fighting to end the suffering of men, women and children. He reunited
husbands and wives. He saved cities and villages from those that would
threaten them. He braved the wrath of the gods to help Humanity.

He seemed fated to go on endless adventures but never to settle down and be

Until he met the Golden Hind.

A half human, half deer creature. The Golden Hind was immortal. The last of
an ancient breed. The Hind was a dangerous creature because its blood could
kill a god. The gods hunted the Hinds to extinction. The Last Hind was a
female named Serena. She was gifted with the Power to Heal and became a
servant of Ares, god of War. Ares planned to use the Hind to destroy Hercules
and use the Hind's Blood to wipe out the gods of Olympus. Hercules fell in
love with Serena. As it turns out, the Hind could assume the form of a
beautiful woman. In human form, the Hind was mortal, utterly powerless.
Hercules made a deal with Ares. He surrendered his super powers so that he
could be with Serena. She in turn agreed to become a full-blooded human
being. She lost her immortality and the fearsome powers of the Golden Hind.

Ares was pleased. He plotted to destroy Hercules and Serena. He sent his
servant, the god Stentor to kill Serena and frame Hercules for it. The people
of the nearby town hunted Hercules down. Iolaus, helped by the beautiful
Warrior Princess Xena and her best friend Gabrielle helped restore Hercules's
good name. Zeus intervened, restoring Hercules's powers. Hercules fought the
god Stentor and won. Ares and Stentor left. Once again, Hercules had lost his
chance at happiness and gained only grief.

Twice he had loved, and twice he had been disappointed. This time he decided
to turn his back on the world.

Hercules left for the island of Lemnos, and remained there.

Hercules came to Lemnos. It was a large island in the Greek realm. A small
island with a population of only a few thousands. The people there were
fishermen and farmers. Some hunted the birds and wild animals. Hercules
came to love the island because its people had never heard of his famous
name. No one had left Lemnos in over sixty years. The island's patron deity
forbade them to leave. Lemnos was an isolated community. Hercules met a man
there, Patroclus. Patroclus was a farmer. He had a wife, Semele and a
daughter named Myrnissa. Myrnissa was eighteen years old, a tall and slim
girl with long blond hair and blue eyes.

She took a liking to Hercules, as did her brother Cadmus. Cadmus was fifteen
years old. He was tall and slightly chubby, with dark hair and brown eyes.
Hercules loved spending time with them. He took Cadmus hunting wild boars and
took Myrnissa to look for wild horses. Once, Hercules led the two siblings
away. He hunted deer and roasted it. They ate the meat and drank some fine
wine. They also camped in the woods.

Hercules sat by the fire place and watched over the young ones as they slept.
He had left their parents in town, a day ago. He had been on Lemnos for two
years now and the people had gotten used to him. He took great care not to
show his strength around the ordinary humans. He was happy to see them.
Sometimes, he thought of the life he left behind. The women he loved. The men
he befriended. The people who meant so much to him. His life. His Father, the
Lord of Olympus. He wondered what they were all doing now.

He lay on the soft grass, and closed his eyes. He wasn't quite asleep but
instead let his mind roam over his life and all that had come to pass. He was
still thinking of those things when he felt something. Soft, warm hands were
touching him all over. He could not identify them. He felt someone pull off
his pants and then felt firm hands grip his cock. He felt a warm mouth around
his member. He opened his eyes ever so slightly, to see his unexpected
bedmate. It was Myrnissa. She was sucking his cock. Hercules wanted to stop
her, being the dutiful hero that he was. But he was also a man and had needs.
He let her suck his cock. She was going at it quite fast. He felt her teeth
brush his cock and bolted.

"What?" he said. He looked to see Myrnissa, the beautiful blonde girl in her
full glory. She had his cock in her hand and was licking it eagerly.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

Myrnissa stopped licking. "I just want to make you happy."

Hercules needed to get happy. He let her continue sucking his cock, gently
stroking her hair. When he felt he was about to cum, he told her. She told
him to go ahead and he came all over her face. Myrnissa drank his load.
Then, Hercules took her into his arms and kissed her.

"Take me," she said.

Hercules looked into her eyes. He could tell she had been wanting him ever
since he had first come to Lemnos. Myrnissa pulled her legs back with her
hands behind her knees. The folds of her cunt opened and the pink of her
inner flower showed. He could see tiny beads of her love juice on the fine
hairs surrounding her sweet pussy; the sweet pussy he soon had in his mouth.
He licked down to her waiting pucker and heard her whimper as his tongue
teased and moistened it. His straining cock was now aching to enter the hot
dark confines. She got on her hands and knees and said, "Take me like this,
Hercules, I want to be yours".

He came up behind her and reached between her legs to rub her sopping cunt.
Some of her juice had leaked down her thigh and Hercules gathered it up and
wiped it on the purple knob of his cock, which was so hard and pulsing, he
hardly recognized it as his own. He entered her ass again. This time he
pushed inch after inch slowly up into her. The heat and gripping tightness
excited him almost past the point of hearing the beautiful girl's moans and

"Oh Hercules,'re in my deep big, so good...yes... for
you, only for you...yes baby, fuck your girl...oh..."

Hercules pumped her in a manic combination of lust, love and desire to master
and possess; a desire to have her, and yet be one with her. He was completely
in her. He felt her start to shake. With a long "Ohhhhhhh" she pushed back on
him and started to come. Hercules's first jet of cum lubricated the
excruciating grasp her tight tunnel had on his cock. He bucked in and out of
her ass as the hot streams of cum coated his cock and her asshole. With each
deep entry she let go to another level. With moans and cries in between she
said, "I'm yours...I belong to you...anything for you...always for you
Herc...oh...oh... mmm".

With her final shudder Myrnissa collapsed on the bed and then started
laughing a relieved laugh. "Whew, that made up for a lot of years of not

Hercules laughed and kissed her, "We're not nearly done love; we have lots
of time to come".

Hercules held Myrnissa in his arms and kissed her. She confessed that it was
her first time. He was not surprised.

Hercules and Myrnissa spent a lot of time together. Sometimes, he took her
horseback riding and other times, swimming. He caught fishes for her in the
sea. He also helped her plant flowers and tend to wounded animals. They made
love in her family's hut, and other times they did it in other places. A
cave, or by the beach front. He loved this girl. They lay together on the
sand at night, thinking and looking at the stars. Hercules told her the truth
about himself one day. He told her of his father Zeus, of the men, women and
gods who filled his life. He told her of his adventures. She didn't believe
him until he proved it by lifting a huge rock which a hundred men couldn't
budge. Myrnissa threw herself on the ground, thinking Hercules was some type
of god. He assured her he was a human being, just one with special abilities.
She came to accept that. In time, she enjoyed watching him perform certain
deeds. He revealed himself to the rest of the people of Lemnos. Once again,
he had to convince them that he was not a god or some ruler from a distant
land but just a guy. Just one of the guys. Hercules lived with them for ten
more years.

He had gotten married to Myrnissa. They had two children, eight-year old
Nestor and his twin sister Nausicaa.

Hercules was happy once more. He loved Myrnissa. They lived in a big house
he had built them. He spent his time working the fields with the other men
and doing some fishing in the sea. He loved coming home to his beautiful wife
and children at night. Hercules swore that nothing could tear him away from
his wife and kids this time. He kept a careful eye on Myrnissa and their
children. Hercules loved them enough to lay down his life for them if it ever
became necessary.

His Bliss would soon come to an end...

One day, someone came to the island. It was Hephaestus. Hephaestus looked
like a tall, muscular man with dark hair and eyes. He walked with a slight
limp. He was the god of the Forge. One of the many children of Zeus, the
King of the Gods. "Hello, Hercules." he said.

Hercules shook hands with his old friend. Hephaestus had always been a
friendly god. Unlike most Olympians. He spent a lot of time around human
beings. Hercules knew his friend wouldn't have come unless there was a dire
threat in the world. "What is it?" Hercules asked.

The god of the Forge looked him in the eye and told him the story. The
Titans had been freed from their prison in Tartarus and the gods were scared.
Hercules wasn't impressed. Surely Zeus and his lightning bolts could take
care of a few Titans. "Zeus is missing."

Hercules's jaw was flapping in the breeze. Hercules knew he had to have heard
wrong. Zeus was missing! Hephaestus told him how Zeus was gone and the gods
were scared. Well, he didn't care. Let the Titans fight the gods. It wasn't
his problem. Hephaestus was not happy with Hercules's attitude.

"The humans will suffer if the Titans rule this world. Gods may be petty and
cruel, but Titans are purely destructive. No plots or schemes. No games. Just
endless death and destruction." Hercules tried to shut out the god's words.
But he couldn't. He was still a hero. He had to help people. "No," he said.
He cared about the people of the world and didnt want them to be wiped out by
the brutish Titans but he had a family to look after.

"The world needs you, Hercules."

Hercules sighed. He knew what he had to do. He was gonna regret this.

He told Myrnissa. She was frantic. He thought she was gonna be mad at him for
leaving but she feared for his safety. "I don't want you to die, my love. I
dont want our kids to grow up without a father." Hercules held his wife in
his arms. Gods, he loved this woman. "I promise I will come back." he said.

Myrnissa offered a brave smile. "You damn well better," she said.

He kissed her. Then, he turned to Hephaestus, who waited a distance away.

Myrnissa looked at him. "He really is a god, like you?" she asked, seeing
the power glowing around Hephaestus.

"I am just a man, and I love my wife," said Hercules. He kissed her and
walked to his kids chambers. He kissed the twins goodbye. "I love you," he
said. Then, Hephaestus took him and they vanished.

Hercules and Hephaestus materialized on Olympus.

Hercules recognized the place. He saw old friends and enemies. Ares, the tall
dark and handsome god of War. Aphrodite, the extremely beautiful goddess of
Love. Hermes, the Messenger god. Narcissus, the god of Beauty. Stentor, the
annoying lackey of the gods. Nemesis, the beautiful goddess of Vengeance.
Hera, the all-powerful Queen of the Gods had gone on a search for Zeus.
Hercules was glad. He hated both of them.

"Ah, the half breed," said a god named Pyrrhus.

"He comes at last," said the goddess Artemis, sarcastically.

"Mighty Herc comes to save us," said Ares.

Stentor looked at Hercules and sneered. "Pretty boy thinks he can handle what
he thinks we can't." he said.

Hercules looked at them. There was a lot of bravado among the many gods and
goddesses present. The only decent goddess here was the tall, dark haired,
gray-eyed beauty known as Athena, goddess of War and Wisdom. There was also
Poseidon, god of the Sea and his wife Amphitrite. The lesser gods Priapus,
Peleus, Triton and Tecmessa. He counted over a hundred gods there. All of
the Twelve Great Olympians, with the exception of Zeus and Hera, the King
and Queen of the Gods.

"I am here not because I want to be but because my help is needed." Hercules
said. He looked about. All around him were tall, beautiful males and females.
All were immortal and gifted with incredible powers. These were beings who
could bend reality to their will. These were the "masters of the universe."

Actually, the three masters of the universe were Zeus the Thunderer,
Poseidon the Earth-Shaker and Hades, the god of Darkness. Hades and his wife
Persephone had been the ones who freed the Titans from their prison so no one
knew where they were. Hercules and Hephaestus asked the gods to seat at a
table and discuss a plan of action. Athena agreed but most Olympians walked

"What are the Titans?" Hercules asked.

Athena offered him a bright grin. "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Hercules suddenly found himself elsewhere. He was in a village, and all
around him people were running away from something. Hercules gasped when he
saw what they were running away from. It was a snake. A snake that was
easily a hundred feet long and huge. It was black and came, chasing after
its human prey. Hercules saw it swallow a man whole. He had to do something.

The huge serpent came after him. Hercules seized a huge pole and fearlessly
charged at the ancient beast, and tried to avoid getting eaten. The snake
darted left and right, trying to chomp on him. Hercules dodged, and got
close enough to the snake before hurling the pole at it with all his might.
The twenty-foot pole went right through the snake's head. It writhed on the
ground, undulating and thrashing about furiously before laying still. "Dead
as a doornail," Hercules said.

He heard the sound of clapping behind him. "Very impressive," Athena said.

Hercules looked at her. "You knew this would happen?" he asked.

The goddess nodded. Hercules was angry. The gods were always playing with
humanity. They had nothing else going on for them. Immortality equaled

"A man died," Hercules said.

Athena grinned. "Many more will die until you stop the Titans."

Hercules looked at the dead body of the huge snake. "I just killed one."

Athena shook her head. "This wasn't a Titan, just one of their small pets."

Hercules glanced back at the huge dead monster. "SMALL?"

Hercules and Athena returned to Olympus. Some of the gods wanted to fight
while others were just about ready to abandon ship. They reminded Hercules
of everyday humanity. You had the macho man, the idealist, the loser, the
jerk, the beauty queen, the criminal. Ares was nowhere in sight. Hercules
asked about him. Athena informed him that some of the gods had formed
factions. They wanted to fight the Titans on their own. These gods followed
Ares and Apollo. Most of the gods remained on Olympus.

Hercules decided to lead the gods in the upcoming battle. He knew there was
only one way he could do that. He refused when Athena asked to restore his
godhood. As a demigod, he had super strength. That should be enough against
Titans. As a god, he would have many, many powers plus immortality and
resilience but even the might of the gods was not enough. It takes the arms
of Hercules to fight monsters, not the power of the gods.

So, Hercules the man joined forces with the gods and fought the Titans. It
took a long time. The raw strength of these brutish beings was greater than
anything Hercules had ever seen before. He saw gods rise and fall. He saw
the great gods going all out into battle against their enemies. He saw
goddesses struck down, broken. He saw gods mashed against the ground. He
saw divine blood flow as immortal flesh and blood was broken by incalculable
brute strength. Hercules lent his strength to the side of the gods. He fought
many a Titan, and sometimes he won and other times he lost. The Titans were
immortal, as were their godly foes. But both could be wounded. Hercules
fought alongside the deities and the days went on and on. Days became weeks,
weeks became months and months became years. He encouraged the gods to drive
the Titans away from human populated areas and into the mountains and the
wilderness. There, the gods unleashed their full might and Hercules let out
his full strength. The Titans lost. They were buried beneath the earth, their
bodies broken and shattered. But being incapable of dying, they would heal,
even if it took forever.

When the war of the gods ended, Hercules asked the Olympians to take away
his strength - permanently- so that he might live on his island with his
wife and kids as an ordinary man. His wish was granted. Hercules lived with
Myrnissa and their children and never left her again.

The End


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