Hercules - The Legendary Journeys: Why We Fight (Mmf, MF, anal, slash)
by The Fan ([email protected])


The home of the Gods of Greece. It is a place of power. Many reside there.
Olympus was built thousands of years ago by Zeus, the god of Thunder. He
built it as a fortress where the gods could resist the Titans, their truly
gigantic immortal enemies. After the defeat of the Titans, it just became
everyone's favorite hang out. Zeus ruled there with his wife, the goddess
Hera. It was where he could keep an eye on all his children.

Zeus peered through the Portal. He saw his children. Ares, god of War was
in the land of Thrace, selecting a new warlord to lead his devoted followers.
Hermes, god of Speed was playing tricks on a poor merchant, stealing his
treasure just for the fun of it. Aphrodite, goddess of Love and her son Eros
were in the city of Numece. One of Eros's arrows wounded a woman named
Calista. She was 36 years old, the devoted mother of 3 children. She was the
faithful wife of a prince named Thyrsus. Eros made the morally upright woman
fall in love with Andreis, a 15-year old slave boy. This ought to be
interesting. Andreis rebuked Calista's love, for many reasons but mainly
because he feared for his safety should they be found out. Calista was quite
obsessed and was considering leaving her husband and children to run off
with the boy. In Corinth, Apollo the Sun god caused a woman to go blind and
another to go mad and set a small village on fire.

Zeus shook his head. None of his children were up to any good. He looked in
on his brother, Poseidon, the god of the Sea. Poseidon was having a full-on
orgy with a lot of pretty ones, both male and female. For a moment Zeus
considered joining him but he had been in countless orgies so this one did
not matter. He looked in to see Amphitrite, the goddess of the Waves and
Poseidon's promiscuous wife in the arms of a young man named Calydon.
Calydon was a handsome young hunter from the land of Argos. Amphitrite was
in love with him and made him an immortal. Zeus continued to look.

He saw Dionysus, god of Wine. He was in Thebes, disguised as a handsome young
man and was talking a 17-year old girl out of her virginity. She was in love
with him the poor thing. Zeus followed his daughter Athena, the goddess of
Wisdom. Athena was in a courtroom in Athens, presiding over the trial of a
man falsely accused of murder. Athena was whispering into the ear of one of
the jurors, having made herself invisible to anyone who might see her. There
wasn't enough evidence to convict the man even though he had no decent alibi.

Zeus nodded. At least Athena was being true to her name. Saving the life of
an innocent man. Not many gods or goddesses cared. He looked in on Artemis,
the goddess of the Hunt. Artemis was hunting in the land of Thessaly, chasing
a stag in the company of Nestor, a 12-year old boy. Artemis was known to be
opposed to males and sex in general. Many on Olympus thought her to be a
closet lesbian but she rebuked the efforts of women as well. Zeus found it
fascinating that she had taken Nestor, a 12-year old orphan under her wing.
Nestor was no ordinary child, though. His father was Portunus, the god of
Harbors. Portunus had many children all over the place and did not care for
them one bit. Nestor was a half-god. He was as mortal as the rest of
Humanity, but had special powers. Zeus watched as Nestor ran faster than the
eye could see and caught the stag before bringing it back to Artemis. The
goddess looked at the smiling boy with an expression Zeus had never seen on
her face before. So, Artemis was in love. Too bad the object of her affection
was a man and she was extremely opposed to sex and men and favored chastity
and virtue above all. This ought to be fun to watch since Nestor was just
reaching puberty. He had about as much sexual experience as the goddess who
loved him: none.

Zeus kept looking. He saw his wife, Hera trapped in Tartarus, the underworld
prison where she had been thrown by his son Hercules. He had no desire to
see Hera get out any time soon. Marrying her was the biggest mistake he ever
made. She was eternally jealous and angry. Impossible to live with and
endlessly nagging. Oh, by the beard of Kronos! He was glad to be rid of her.
He loved her, once. But that was many thousands of years ago. Hera was a
control freak with anger issues. Zeus looked in on his brother, Hades.

Hades was the god of the Underworld. He ruled that gloomy place with his
wife, the goddess Persephone and a string of other gods, among them Morpheus,
the god of Shapes and Thanatos, the god of Death. Hades was sitting in the
Hall of his Kingdom, watching the Judges of the Underworld try souls for past
misdeeds as humans. The guilty went to Tartarus, a hellish region and the
innocent went to the Elysian Fields, the beautiful place Hades had created
for the worthy of his realm. Zeus looked away. Hades was one boring guy.

He looked in on his favorite child.


Recently, Hercules had become the god of Mercy. Zeus had given him
immortality as well as many powers. Hercules had since left Olympus and gone
on a quest to help people. Presently, Hercules was at sea. A large ship, the
Voyager was caught in a storm-tossed sea. The sailors prayed to Poseidon, god
of the Sea for salvation but the mighty sea god ignored their pleas as usual.
No other god would bother to rescue them. Hercules suddenly appeared. He
materialized inside the ship.

"What seems to be the problem here, captain?" he asked a tall, lean young

"Who the hell are you?" said the captain, a man named Polybus. Hercules

"Just a friend," he said.

He teleported himself underneath the ship and magically sealed the hole where
water was pouring in, threatening to sink the ship then he flew high above,
into the clouds. He willed the super strong winds to calm themselves. The
gods Aeolus and Zepphyr were in a competition with the minor sea gods
Charybdis and Scylla.

"Hi, guys," he said to the airborne gods.

Aeolus and Zephyr were ancient gods even though they looked like tall, slim
dark-haired young men. Twins.

"Hercules," said Aeolus. "Care to join in the fun?"

Hercules looked at Zephyr, who smiled nastily. "No. Innocent people are down
there and could get killed unless the storm stops."

The two gods looked at him and shared a grin.

"So? They're just humans, Hercules."

Hercules crossed his arms. "They still deserve to live," he said.

Aeolus shrugged. He vanished. "Yeah, whatever, getting boring here."

Hercules flew back and talked to Charybdis and Scylla. These gods were even
older than the two he just met. Scylla was tall, lean, with transparent blue
skin and golden hair. Charybdis was equally tall, only with transparent green
skin and silver hair.

"What do you want, Hercules?"

Hercules said calmly. "For you to stop your squirmish because innocent people
may die."

Zeus watched intently. Charybdis and Scylla were not known for their
intelligence. "Screw you, kid." they said in unison.

The two minor sea gods charged Hercules at once. Scylla rose a wall of water
a thousand feet high and used it to batter Hercules out of the sky. Hercules
flew through the water way and fled, with the two lesser gods hot on his
trail. Hercules was quite smart, leading them away from the ship. He evaded
them for hours before he placed himself between them, causing them to collide
with each other. It would take the two of them many days to recover. Scylla
and Charybdis were all-powerful in the water but when they touched it each
other, they dissipated and needed a long time to reassemble. No one knew why.

Hercules returned to the ship. "Is all well here?" he asked the surprised

"Yes," the man said. "Who are you?"

Hercules smiled. "Just a friend," he said. "Where are you headed?"

"Thebes." the man said.

Hercules smiled. Thebes was his hometown. He whipped up a wind that buffeted
the ship fast over the calm sea so they made record time. He left them in
view of the Theban harbors.

"You're safe now." he said. "The name is Hercules."

Hercules vanished.

Zeus smiled. He just loved watching his son work. This was the one worthy to
rule by his side until the end of time. He just wished his son had a worthy
woman to be with. Zeus had hundreds of thousands of lovers in his long, long
life. Compared to him, Hercules was chaste. Heck, Hercules was chaste. Most
of the time. Zeus checked in on another one of his children. This one was a


Long ago, Zeus seduced a woman named Lamia. She bore him a son, Cadmus. Like
all mortal children of Zeus, Cadmus had special powers. Cadmus built the city
of Cadmia and used Giants to help him in his quest. Cadmus married a woman
named Kellarnissa and got a daughter from her, Melene. Melene grew up to be
Queen of the city of Cadmia and the nearby lands. She married a young man
named Telemachus. Telemachus was the son of the river god Alpheus and a human
female named Janice. Telemachus was a demi-god, much like Cadmus was. The
children born to Telemachus and Melene were Texus, Phylibus and Armoza.

Texus was the oldest male child. He would become king of Cadmia. Phylibus
became the High Priest of the Pantheon of the Gods. He led a life of wealth
and leisure. But what of Armoza?

She was a very special woman. At twenty three she stood 6 feet tall,
well-built, with long black hair and blue eyes. Her skin was light bronze.
She was born with special abilities like her brothers since they had divine
blood in their veins, both from their father and mother's side of the family.
Texus had the ability to become invisible. Phylibus could walk through walls.
But what of Armoza?

She was not stronger or faster than a normal person would be. But she was
not ordinary. Divine power inhabited her mortal flesh, rendering her body
impervious to harm. She couldn't be stabbed, crushed or poisoned. Still,
like anyone she could get tired and did. Her invulnerability did not make
her a great fighter, she had to work at it. Her father assigned a warrior
to train her in fighting every day of her life since she was eight years
old. She was also taught reading and writing and knew something of arts
and crafts as well.

Armoza was a fiercely independent young woman. She had many adventures on
many lands and was praised as a heroine. She also had many lovers, among
them the King Arthos of Macedonia and Tecmessa, the fierce and beautiful
Queen of the Amazons. She did not like to be tied down to anyone for long.

Zeus observed this and thought she would be a perfect match for Hercules.


He watched his son. Hercules was in Asia Minor, helping a bunch of villagers
fight off a horde of bloodsucking vampires led by the legendary vampire
Mordractus, the Blood King. So far away from Olympus, where all Greek gods's
powers were strongest, Hercules was a bit weaker than he should be. For
example, a vampire no matter how strong could not stand up to a god. Yet it
took Hercules a whole night to defeat Mordractus, granted the Blood King was
an immortal and had been walking the earth thousands of years before Hercules
was born.

Hercules defeated the vampires and returned to Greece. Zeus knew some of the
other gods were plotting against Hercules so he allowed them to trick him.
Discord, the goddess of Chaos struck Hercules with a blade bathed in Hind's
blood, the only weapon that could kill a god. Hercules should have died. But
Zeus charged the blade with his power so that it passed through Hercules,
claiming his divine powers, leaving him a mere human instead of dead.
Stricken, Hercules fell to his knees. He could feel that his power was gone.
He looked into the wicked smiling face of Discord. The God of Mercy was now
reduced to a mere human being.

"What is happening to me?" Hercules wondered out loud. No answer came.

Hercules started back on the road to Thebes. His powers were gone. He was
human again. Gone was the immeasurable strength, the invulnerability and the
ability to teleport. Gone was the ability to fly or control the elements. He
was lost. He felt a pang of despair. Discord had stripped him of his godhood.
Why? He knew. Because as a human he would pause no threat to the gods of
Olympus. He had been there for the Olympians, fighting first Callisto the
psycho immortal serial killer then the demonic Dahak on their behalf. He
knew the goddess bested him out of petty jealousy. Hercules was doing
something with his life.

He was walking when he saw a bunch of people coming toward him. "What's
going on?" he asked them.

They had panicked looks on their faces. Draxus is coming!!!! Hercules
grimaced. Draxus was a warlord. One of Ares's pets. He was a very evil man
who craved power. He had an army of ten thousand men obeying him. "Where's
he going?" he asked.

"He's targeted Thebes," said a man as he ran, scared.

Hercules felt angry. The warlord was going to invade his home city, and just
when he had no powers to speak of. The powers he had as the God of Mercy were
gone. So was the strength he had as a demigod. Well, he was not about to let
some thugs conquer his city, not while he breathed, godly abilities or not.

Hercules went to the city of Thebes. There, he saw people he hadn't seen in
a long time. His best friend Iolaus, for one and his mother Alcmene.

"Hercules, you're back," she said and gave him a hug.

Hercules kissed his mother on the forehead and hugged his best friend Iolaus.

"Good to see you, herc." said Iolaus.

Hercules looked at Iolaus. The two hadn't seen each other since the day
Hercules became the God of Mercy.

"What brings you here, buddy?" said Iolaus.

Hercules grinned. "Heard Draxus was coming, thought you could use some help,"
he said.

Iolaus looked away. "What are you gonna do, zap him?" He turned to look at
his friend and saw the pain in Hercules's face.

"I have no powers, Iolaus. I am an ordinary human being."

Iolaus's eyes widened. "What do you mean you have no powers?" he said.

Hercules shrugged. "One minute I'm fighting Discord and she stabs with a
blade dipped in Hind's Blood. I should have died but I find myself human

Iolaus considered that. "You still have your strength, right?" he asked.

Hercules shook his head. "We're in big trouble."

Jason, Hercules's old pal and the new King of Thebes called a meeting with
the nobles in the royal palace.

"I have good news," Jason told the gathered nobles. "One, Hercules has come
back to fight for us. And two, we have messengers from Cadmia. The king of
Cadmia wishes to help."

Just then, a group of men and women clad in red garments came. They were
escorting a tall young woman clad in a warrior's tunic.

"Princess Armoza of Cadmia," announced a messenger.

"Who the hell is that?" Iolaus whispered to Hercules.

Hercules shrugged. It had been awhile since he went to Cadmia. He watched
Jason, king of Thebes give the newly arrived woman a proper welcome. As

"Our friends from Cadmia have come to our aid in the Draxus crisis." he
intoned. "Tonight, there will be a banquet in their honor."

Hercules looked at the newly arrived woman, and felt a sense of familiarity.
He knew a demigod when he saw one. Divine power flowed through that woman's
body. He didn't need powers to see that.

"We best get ready," said Iolaus.

He led Hercules out of the Palace. Hercules went to the river, and bathed
thoroughly. Then, he went home and changed his clothes, trading his
sleeveless yellow jacket and brown leather pants for a black leather jacket,
sleeveless of course, black pants and boots. He took time to "take care" of


Now that he was human, he indulged his human needs. He went to his quarters,
and had someone sent to him. Two of the palace servants. A tall, slim black
boy named Jehu and his twin sister, Jana. They were both so beautiful. He
took them to bed and they undressed. Jehu was quite energetic. He sighed with
desire and their kisses again became harder and more urgent while his hands
moved down to Hercules's knickers running over his tight bum. Hercules
managed to pull himself together enough to be aware of the hardness under his
hand and he sat up and pulled off his pants, now stained with precum and he
finally saw what he had been dying to see all night, Jehu's cock hard and
erect with desire for him. He sucked Juhu's cock while Jana sucked him off.
Hercules loved the feel of the black girl's hot mouth around his cock. Jehu
pulled his cock from Hercules's mouth and goes round behind him forcing him
on his stomach. He pulled Herc's pant-clad ass towards him. Hercules kneels,
his ass in the air as he pulled down the back of his pants and moves Jehu's
still hard cock, slick from his mouth and his cum, to my ass. Slowly and
gently, inch by inch Jehu started to enter Hercules.

Hercules's ass griped him and he felt him rock hard coming inside him bit by
bit. Hercules could feel himself beginning to melt around him and then Jehu
finally began to moan and spurt into Herc's ass. Hercules came too gripping
his spurting cock as his own cum shot out in front of him. He screamed and
gasped from desire, not caring if anyone hears him. Hercules lies panting in
bed after being topped by Jehu. Jana comes and kisses them both, then she
sucks Hercules's cock. Jehu watches. Hercules is soon rock hard and ready to
fuck. Jana lies on her back, legs in the air and ready to fuck. Hercules
enters her slowly, inch by inch. Her pussy is so damn tight. He fucks her,
letting his massive cock slide in and out of her. Jana holds on tightly to
Hercules as he fucks her, plowing deep into her pussy. He cums in long spurts
of hot cum that fill Jana's pussy. She howls in pleasure. Hercules kisses
her, briefly, then rolls over and lies down, tired.

It had been awhile since Hercules fucked. He loved those two black kids. The
twins were sixteen and the best fucks in the palace, so he heard.


The army of Draxus came. First, they ravaged the Theban countryside, then
they came to the capital city itself. Hercules went out fighting with the
rest of the Theban army. They were outnumbered, but not outmatched.
Thousands of Theban men went out fighting, and they were aided by three
thousand soldiers brought from Cadmia by the Princess Armoza.

Hercules lacked power but he would not lack weapons. His friend, the god
Hephaestus offered to help him. He made him a red and gold armor, a sword
and shield that nothing could break or penetrate, short of a lightning
strike from Zeus. Hercules was no longer strong but he fought well and the
enemy soldiers came to fear him. They called him the Devil Dog of Thebes.
Iolaus and Hercules fought side by side like the old days.

They did all they could to save their city. But everyday, fewer and fewer
Theban men came from the battle field and more and more of Draxus's soldiers
seemed to come forth. The Theban people were beginning to despair. Women
cried for their fallen sons and husbands. Even Alcmene worried about her son
Hercules, now an ordinary mortal.

The war dragged on for a year.


Hercules and Armoza were the leaders of the Army. He found the Cadmian
princess fascinating. She was a woman of great intelligence and beauty. He
admired her prowess in battle. One day, they fought side by side, leading a
large group of Theban warriors against the men of Draxus. Hercules saw her
fury in battle. "What a woman," he told himself.

He watched her take on three men by herself. He noticed that when the blades
struck her, she was not injured. "What are you?" he asked her one day his
curiosity got the best of him.

"A demigod like you," she said.

He looked at her. Tall, beautiful, smart and gifted with a strange power.
Yep. A demigod. Like he used to be. "My powers were taken away," he said.
"Zeus willed it."

Talking about their abilities seemed to make her regard him in a new light.

"You are not what I thought, Hercules." she said.

"What did you think I was?" he asked curiously.

"A violent conqueror hellbent on taking over the world." she confided.

Hercules shrugged. "That's Draxus's deal. I am no longer a god or even a
demigod. I am just a man defending his homeland against a madman." He started
to walk away. Was that how people had come to see him ?

She came to his quarters later that night. "I'm sorry if I offended you,"
she said.

He was surprised to see her. "Think nothing of it," he said. He noticed she
traded her battle uniform for a simple blue dress. But she still carried a

"I just wanted to talk," she said.

He looked at her. There had been a tension between them ever since they
started to work together. "Talk?" he said. He smiled at her. "No you didn't."
he said.

She gave him a wry grin. "Yeah, talk strategy...and stuff." she said.

He approached her. She didn't stop him when he took her pretty face in his
hands and kissed her. She put her arms around him.

"I've been dying to discuss certain things with you," she said.

Hercules smiled. "Like what?"

Armoza grinned. He kissed her and they undressed each other, taking time to
explore each other's bodies. After sucking him, she turned around and bent
over. Her hands were gripping the rail, her breasts were hanging in space
and her butt was up in the air with her cheeks spread to reveal an obvious
target. Hercules put her cock head against her little ass-bud and pushed.
She was really tight, so he entered her gently.

As soon as he reached bottom, Armoza began rocking her hips back and forth,
encouraging Hercules to thrust into her more vigorously. She relaxed her anal
muscles just enough to give him freedom of movement while gripping his pole
tightly enough to keep him in a state of excitement constantly building
toward another orgasm.

Now, Hercules was driving like a piston and Armoza was screaming with every
thrust. The excitement of watching his shining tool ramming those beautiful
buttocks was rapidly building to the point of explosion. He kept fucking her
until he came in her bum. She screamed in pleasure.

Hercules lowered Armoza to the bed and they embraced and kissed. They lay in
bed. She snuggled up against him and rested her head on his chest.

"Come back to Cadmia with me," she said softly. "You'll really like fucking
on the plains with the mountains filling the whole sky in front of us."

"Mmmmm..." was Hercules's only answer. He was already asleep.

Still not sated, she woke him up. "Let's do it regular style this time,"
Armoza whispered as she squirmed under Hercules, positioning her pussy
against his cock-head.

"Sure. It's always fun to be different," Hercules said as he began sliding
his cock into her

Armoza laughed. She continued laughing until her laughter morphed into
orgasmic screams as she felt Hercules come, squirting into her pussy. They
made love several more times that night, and a few times in the following
nights. No one knew their secret affair. And that's just the way they wanted
it. While the war raged around them, they battled in bed every night, with
mutual victory all around.

The End


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