Harriet The Spy: Harriet Caught Spying (tickle,bond,feet)
by Anonymous

Harriet M. Welsch hid in the closet of rich Agatha J. Plummer's house, spying
on everything that went on in the house and writing it down. But, keen Agatha
had the sense that there was something wrong, there was someone in her house
that just didn't belong.

"Go search the house," Agatha said to her maid, "and if it's a mouse, kill

The maid then left. Harriet saw all this happen from her hiding place and
shivered. Her blood ran cold. She knew she was going to be caught. She
couldn't get out of the closet and leave, in fear the maid may see her. So
she stayed there.

Meanwhile, the maid was still searching around the house, looking for whoever
the intruder is, and soon she came across the closet. Suddenly the closet
door was whipped open, and the maid let out a bloodcurdling scream. Then she
came to her senses. Having not been around normal people in a long time, she
assumed the best thing to do was grab the intruder and bring her to her boss,
Agatha. Harriet felt herself picked up by the maid, and not of her struggles
did any good as she was carried away.

"Here is the intruder, boss," announced the maid, holding Harriet back.

"A spy, eh?" came Agatha's reply. "Hold her there." She then walked out of
the room.

When she returned, she had brought a coil of rope and a huge pair of scissors
with her. Harriet shivered even more, as she began to ponder her fate. With
the maid holding Harriet back, Agatha wrapped the rope around Harriet's
wrists, tying them together, and then cut the rope. She then wrapped more
around Harriet's ankles and finally tied a large knot where Harriet couldn't
reach it with her hands. She then cut the rope, dropped what was unused on
the ground, and then tightened the knots around Harriet's hands and ankles.

"So," Agatha said, "you like to enter my house and spy on me, eh? It would
seem as though you like my house. In that case, I'll keep you in my house."

Harriet struggled against the ropes, trying to free herself from her bonds,
but it was useless. They were tied too tightly. Agatha then called for the
maid to bring her a featherduster. 'What does she need a featherduster for?'
Harriet wondered. 'I'm all tied up and can't go anywhere. What does a
featherduster have to do with anything? Maybe she's just going to leave me
here and take care of her house in the meantime.'

The maid then returned with the featherduster, and Agatha took it and placed
it on the floor. She then grabbed Harriet's left shoe, yanked, and off it
came. 'What the heck?' Harriet wondered. 'Why is she taking off my shoe? Has
she lost her mind?' Agatha then pulled off Harriet's right shoe, threw it on
the floor, and pulled off Harriet's socks, exposing her cute little bare

"What cute feet you've got there. Are you ticklish?" Agatha asked after
Harriet's feet were exposed.

Harriet was to frightened to understand. Suddenly, Agatha moved the
featherduster up and down Harriet's feet, causing quite a reaction from her.

"Heeheeheehee hahahahahahahaha!!!!!" Harriet laughed uncontrollably, as the
featherduster reigned it's terror on her feet, and her toes wiggled.

"So, you *like* being tickled, eh?" Agatha returned, obviously enjoying this.
She moved the featherduster left and right across Harriet's feet.

"Hahahahaha hee hee hee hee!!!!! Stah ha ha ha ha ha hop it!!!

"I didn't know you enjoyed being tickled so much. You sound very happy,"
Agatha teased.

Harriet continued to laugh uproaringously as her feet were mercilessly
tickled with the featherduster. She struggled to untie herself, but she could
hardly move. She wiggled her toes as she laughed from all the tickling.
Agatha then threw the featherduster away and ran her fingers back and forth
over Harriet's helpless soles.

"Heeheeheeheehee ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!"

She put her fingers on the middle of her soles and started poking there.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha plee hee hee hee hee heese stah ha ha ha ha ha hop hit!!!!
hi hi hi'll nev heh heh heh heh her spy hi hi hi hon heh heh heh you hoo hoo
hoo ageh heh heh heh heh hen!!!!"

That was what Agatha wanted to hear. She then stopped and faced Harriet. "So,
you'll never spy on me again, you'll respect my privacy? That's what I wanted
to hear. I'll stop tickling you so much. But if you want to leave, you have
to do it yourself."

Harriet then paniced as she realized that Agatha wasn't going to set her
free. She moved her hands and tried to free herself, but was unsucessful. She
could hardly move her hands. She wiggled her feet and moved them about, but
she was too tightly bound to do anything. "Come on, Agatha, set me free? I
said I'd never spy on you again. And I never will. I promise."

Agatha finally turned to Harriet and replied, "You really mean it then, I
take it. I'll set you free. But if you come here again, you will suffer the
same fate, and maybe I'll hogtie you instead."

Agatha then gave Harriet a quick tickle on both soles as she giggled, then
began untying the ropes around her hands. She then stopped and left the room,
leaving Harriet to do the rest herself.

Harriet then untied her feet (it took a while), and put her socks and shoes
back on, and went home. That night she wrote in her spy notebook: "I always
say, a good spy, never gets caught. Maybe I need to be a better spy. Agatha
Plummer caught me, but I never imagined she would tie me up and tickle my
feet! I should stay away from her for a while, and spy on her again later
when hopefully she'll be in a good mood...."



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