Harper Valley PTA: Travels Of Joshua Long Part 14 (MF)
by JH

Joshua sat in his chair smoking a cigar and sipping on a scotch and water.
He had finished a number of Bewitched shows and was contemplating how he
would set up the show so he could get the star, Barbara Eden. It was
happenstance that he had seen a TV movie Harper Valley PTA (made in 1978)
and found that it had been made into a series (in 1981) starring Barbara
Eden. More important to him, however, was that the Barbara Eden of this
later series was far sexier than the one who starred in I Dream of Jeannie.
So he began to watch all the copies of the series he could find until he
had a scenario/fantasy worked out. He rolled to the machine and put the
headset in place. A few adjustments on the dial and the world began to

Joshua Long found himself on a street in the suburban town of Harper Valley.
(He realized, with some humor, that he had no idea where Harper Valley was
supposed to be!) He had a folder under his arm as he walked to the door. It
took a moment for her to answer, but the door swung open. The woman who
answered had a mane of blonde hair falling to her shoulders. She stood 5'3"
(or so) and her 112 pounds was distributed on a 36-24-36 frame. Her large
blue eyes were highlighted by dark outlines emphasizing their size and a
light blue eye shadow. She was wearing a short skirt and a tight turtleneck
sweater (emphasizing her 36D chest).

He stuck out his hand (thinking this approach was much like the one he had
taken with Samantha Stephens), "Mrs. Johnson?"

She shook his hand, "Yes."

"Mrs. Johnson, I am Joshua Long and I have a proposition for you."

She smiled (he was amazed at how it lit up her features). "Won't you please
come in?"

She escorted him to the couch and sat on the opposite end.

"Mrs. Johnson, may I call you Stella?" She nodded the affirmative. "Stella,
I have two propositions the first will help you solve a problem and the
second will help you avoid one."

He handed her the envelope. Inside were some digitally altered photos of her
(actually, Barbara Eden but in this world her). She opened the envelope and
began to pull the picture out. She became increasingly shocked.

"The problem I will solve is your ongoing conflict with Flora Simpson Reilly.
As you know she will make it her life's work to ruin you. With those pictures
she can. I am going to fix it so those will disappear and Mrs. Reilly will
cease to be a problem."

Stella Johnson looked at him with wide eyes. "I dont have any money."

Joshua smiled, "Stella, I have no need of money."

She looked at him a moment. "Then what do you want?"

"Not much your gratitude."

She knew exactly what he meant and in answer she slid next to him. Her hand
went to his lap and she rubbed his groin. "I can be very grateful." He
reached over and gave one of her breasts a gentle squeeze. "But, my daughter
will be home soon."

He handed her another envelope. "Ok, how about Friday night about 6:00?"

She rubbed him one more time and stood up. "I will see you here at 6:00."

* * *

At 6:00 he rang the doorbell and she opened it. Her hair fell in waves over
her shoulders. Her eyes, wide and blue, were outlined by dark pencil lines
and high lighted with blue eye shadow both more heavily applied than when
they first met. Her mouth lipsticked a deep red. She had a sleeveless white
minidress cut low enough to show the swell of her breasts. The sleeveless
design was off set by the shoulder length silk or nylon gloves. When she
turned to let him in he saw the dress was so short that when she moved the
tops of the white seamed nylons showed where the clasps of the garter belt
held them. Her 5'3" height was made 5'8" by the over the knee white spiked
high heel boots she wore. He began to get hard just looking at her.

She led him to the couch and pushed him down. As she did she got close to
him and her tongue was in his mouth as their lips locked. She took his hand
and put it between her legs and pushed it under her dress. He felt the nylons
and the bare skin above the welt. His hand slid along the garter strap and
ended at the nylon covered mound. He rubbed the mound and the material became
very wet. She spread her legs as she continued to french kiss him. He slipped
two fingers under the elastic of the leg and rubbed the lips of her vagina.

She reached into his lap and unzipped his pants. Her hand dug into his pants
and she began to rub his half hard prick. She pulled him out. She pulled her
lips away from his and lowered them to the head of his cock. Her tongue
swirled around the head. She licked at the head and the shaft. While holding
it in her gloved hand she began to suck him into her mouth. He felt himself
being drawn into her mouth until he was fully down her throat. She then began
to bob her head so the cock would piston in and out. At the same time she
used her gloved hands to jerk him off. She turned and got on her knees on the
couch next to him. When she did her dress pulled up over her hips exposing
the white nylon covering her ass and the garter straps holding her nylons. He
reached around and rubbed her ass getting the panties soaked. She continued
to suck him. In this position she could get his cock deep into her throat.
Her hair fell over her face. She pulled it out of the way so he could watch
her give him a blow job. He could watch his cock sliding in and out of the
red lips and hear her soft slurping sounds.

He unzipped the back of her dress. She kept his cock sliding in and out of
her mouth while she shimmied out and let it fell on the floor. She kept his
cock firmly held by her lips and pulled her panties off. He pulled her up
and she knelt next to him with a wicked smile and a glint in her eyes. Before
he could move she reached into a drawer and pulled something out. She threw a
leg over his hips and reached down grasping his hard prick. She centered it
at the opening of her cunt and she settled down until it was buried deep into
her. He felt himself being engulfed by her. She leaned forward and he heard a
low hum. Her breasts had pulled over the lace of the bra and the nipples
rested pink and large on top. He felt her vagina harden and could see she was
sliding a vibrator into her own ass. Her eyes were closed and she let out a
low moan. He felt the vibration through the tissue wall between the cunt and
rectum. She was moving her hips by flexing the muscles of her legs. At the
same time she was pumping the vibrator in and out of her ass.

"Oh, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me."

He leaned forward and got a nipple between his lips and sucked it until it
became hard and red. The movement became faster and faster. The fluid from
her cunt was dripping down both her legs and settling in the welts of the
nylons. Her eyes were open wide while she ass fucked herself with the
vibrator. He began to feel himself about to cum. She was moving rapidly and
she pulled his mouth to her breasts.

"Suck my tit. Fuck my cunt."

She suddenly began to orgasm. When she did her cunt muscles clenched him,
involuntarily. This pushed him over the edge and he shot his load deep inside

Before the world began to shimmer he heard her, "I told you I could be very

He found himself back in his chair in his lab.


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