Hanging With Mr. Cooper/Martin: Black Bisexuality (MMFF,slash,anal)
by The Fan

Mark Cooper, former National Basketball Association star player turned High School Basketball Coach and substitute teacher, sat in his living room in the plush apartment he shared with his friends Robin Dumars and Vanessa Russell. And today, he was having some fun. The eternal third wheel, Vanessa was out on a date with some guy she met recently and Mark and Robin had the house to themselves. They were entertaining some very special guests. Some fellow African-American Swingers. Mark's buddy, nationally known Disc Jockey Martin Payne was visiting from the state of Michigan with his girlfriend Gina Waters. The two of them had known each other for a long time. Since their college days, basically. And upon Martin and Gina's arrival, they spent the evening talking and drinking. One thing turned to another and before long, it was a full-blown swinging night.

Mark Cooper looked at his longtime friend Robin Dumars as she sipped on some wine, wearing nothing but a black bra and matching panties. Although he'd been flirting with her pal Vanessa Russell for ages, he'd always fancied Robin. She was a tall, voluptuous black woman with dark brown skin and short hair which looked kind of butch. With her big tits, wide hips and big, round ass, she looked sexy as hell. Mark always had a thing for big and tall, big-bottomed black women. Skinny chicks didn't do jack for him.

Martin Payne rubbed his girlfriend Gina Waters firm breasts as they locked lips passionately. Gina was horny as hell, and he loved that about her. Before he knew it, she had his pants off and was sucking on his long and thick black cock like oral sex was going out of style. He laid his hand on
the back of her neck and thrust his dick down her throat. Gina was one of the best cock suckers he knew. The gal had skills like he would not believe. While Gina Waters went down on him, Martin Payne watched as Mark Cooper and Robin Dumars did their thing.

Robin Dumars sat on the couch, her thick legs spread as Mark Cooper knelt before her, giving the Black woman's wet pussy a good licking. Martin shook his head. Mark always loved going down on females. The man had skills in the department. During their college days, Mark Cooper always got the chicks. Not just because he was an NCAA Basketball superstar but because he knew how to satisfy the ladies. That's why they always kept coming back for more. Robin moaned as Mark licked her pussy and fingered her snatch. Pretty soon she was squealing in delight and yelling his name in two languages, English and profane!

After Mark Cooper got done licking Robin Dumars hot pussy, it was her turn to return the favor. Robin took Mark's dick in her mouth and began sucking his dick and stroking his balls like her life depended on it. Mark was a well-endowed Black stud with a nine-inch, uncircumcised Black monster of a
cock. Robin loved getting it in her mouth. She sucked him until he was hard as steel, then they got down and dirty. Knowing that Mark's favorite sexual position was doggy style, she got on all fours and shook her big Black ass in his face. Mark grinned, and came up behind her. Placing his big hands on her hips, he eased his cock into her pussy from behind. Robin squealed as Mark's cock slid into her snatch. Mark groaned and began drilling his member into her, pounding her hard.

Martin watched Mark's technique, and nodded in approval. As soon as Gina Waters got done sucking his dick, he decided to give her "the treatment". He put her on all fours and took her doggy-style. It wasn't something they did too often because Gina wasn't as wild as she once was. Her recent weight gain made her feel kind of self-conscious, even though Martin assured her that he found big beautiful Black women to be extremely attractive.

Now Gina seemed to be getting buck-wild. Martin didn't know what brought it on but he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Gripping Gina's wide hips, he began pounding his cock into her pussy. Cursing like a sailor, Gina urged Martin to fuck her hard. The radio jockey didn't need to be told
twice. He slammed his cock deep into her, fucking her like he was paying for it. Gina surprised the hell out of Martin when she requested that he fuck her in the ass. Grinning, Martin took some lube from Gina's purse and applied it all over his dick. He also smeared some on her asshole. He placed his dick against her butt hole, and pushed it inside. Gina gasped as Martin's dick entered her ass. Now that's what she liked. A good fuck in the ass. Contrarily to what Martin thought he knew, Gina was really into anal sex. She and her girlfriend Pamela once spent an evening filling each other's pussies and assholes with dildos. That's what she did on her Girls Nights Out.

Meanwhile, Mark Cooper and his lady of the evening, Robin Dumars were getting it on. Mark had Robin on all fours, face down and ass up. He was shoving his dick into the big Black woman's surprisingly tight asshole and fucking her like a madman. Robin screamed in pleasure and pain, begging Mark to fuck her harder. She wanted him to tear her big Black ass up. Robin loved anal sex and if loving it was wrong then she didn't want to be right. They went at it until Mark came, flooding Robin's asshole with his manly cum. Mark's screams of passion mingled with those of Robin as an orgasm rocked both their bodies at the same time. Robin's high-pitched scream filled the room. She'd never experienced an orgasm solely from getting fucked in the ass before. It was intense and she absolutely loved it.

Afterwards, the four of them sat on the couch, drenched in cum and still horny. This time, Martin Payne and Mark Cooper got their freak on. Robin Dumars and Gina Waters watched as their sexy African-American boyfriends explored their bisexual sides. Martin knelt before Mark and took the tall black man's cock into his mouth. Mark leaned back on the couch and relaxed as Martin began to suck him off. Meanwhile, Robin and Gina found themselves quite turned on by the sight of two sexy black men getting it on with each other. So much that they got their freak on.

Gina kissed Robin, and slowly caressed Robin's breasts. Robin moaned under Gina's knowing touch and giggled as Gina licked a path from her lips to her pussy. Kneeling before Robin, Gina began feasting on the voluptuous Black lady's fine pussy. Robin licked her lips and encouraged Gina to go on as she
got her pussy licked by a woman for the first time. Gina was really good at what she did. So much that Robin was squealing in delight as Gina the sexy bisexual Black woman rocked her world. Gina fingered and licked Robin's pussy until the big Black woman came, squirting hot girly cum all over Gina's face. Gina licked every drop of Robin's precious feminine juices, then embraced her.

They turned around and watched the men as they did their thing. Mark Cooper had Martin Payne on all fours and fucked him in the ass like gay sex was going out of style. Martin screamed as Mark slammed his dick up his ass. It wasn't Martin's first time bottoming but he'd never been fucked by a man as
well-endowed as Mark Cooper, former NBA star. Mark rammed his dick into Martin's ass. Truth be told, Mark hadn't fucked male ass in ages. Oh, his girlfriend Robin loved taking it up the ass but it just wasn't the same. So he was determined to make up for lost time. He buried his dick deep into Martin's ass, making the short Black radio guy squeal. Until Martin begged for mercy. Mark came, sending his hot cum deep into Martin's ass. Then he pulled out of him.

Robin Dumars and Gina Waters clapped as Mark Cooper and Martin Payne finished doing their thing. Afterwards, the two couples hit the showers before going to bed. A good time was had by all. And the fun was just beginning. Martin and Gina were staying in town for a few days, so Mark and Robin were
determined to show them a good time. In every way.


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