Hangin With Mr Cooper: Robin (MF)
by The Fan

One fine Saturday morning, substitute teacher Mark Cooper lay on the couch, watching a rerun of The Cosby Show. A former professional basketball player turned substitute teacher, the tall and lean, thirty-something black man still looked like he could still play for any number of top notch teams in the NBA. A dream whose time has come and gone, as far as Mark Cooper was concerned.

On that particular morning, Cooper was savoring the three-day weekend. As much as he liked teaching, he actually needed, no, badly wanted a break from the classroom. Brother needs some time to himself, that's all. His roommate Vanessa Russell was gone for a while, traveling to Los Angeles with her boyfriend of the month. This left Cooper in the house all by his lonesome...almost.

As part of their agreement long ago, Mark Cooper shared the beautiful Oakland townhouse with two female roommates, his lifelong best friend Robin Dumars, and her gal pal, secretary/fashionista and all-around social butterfly Vanessa Russell. A nice arrangement, to be sure, but there were days when a brother wanted his privacy, and be by himself. This was one of those moments...

"This is the life for me," Cooper said to himself, watching The Cosby Show, just relaxing and chilling. Nothing like doing nothing, especially when one is accustomed to dealing with all kinds of hassles. Being a teacher to a cadre of African American students in the inner city took a lot of work. With his charm, wit and uber-Coolness, Cooper could relate to his students, making him a well-liked teacher.

"Mark, have you seen my sneakers ?" came a feminine voice, and Cooper looked up to see his lifelong best friend Robin Dumars stride into the living room, clad in a blue sweatshirt and booty shorts. The tall, athletic yet curvy, tomboyish African American gal walked on by, her soulful brown eyes darting left and right. Robin is on her fitness deal again, Cooper thought.

"Look by the vestibule," Cooper said, and Robin nodded, then went over there, bending down to check under a pile of clothes that he discarded there. Cooper had always been messy and Robin bugged him about it from time to time, but thankfully not as much as their other roommate Vanessa Russell did. Grinning, Robin held her shoes in one hand and a dirty sweatshirt in the other.

"Mark Cooper, you're still a mess," Robin said, laughing, and she tossed the clothes his way. Cooper caught it, and laughed. Robin stood there, looking at him, hands on her hips. Cooper looked her up and down, and then, something unexpected happened. He felt a stir down below, and it surprised him because he never thought of Robin like that.

"Crazy woman, you know you love me," Cooper hollered back, hoping that Robin hadn't seen the bulge growing in his pants. Robin walked away, and Cooper's eyes zeroed in on her big round bum, which he'd seen a thousand times but never really, really noticed. How come I never noticed that fine ass on Robin all those damn years? Cooper wondered, puzzled.

"Alright, crazy man, I'm off to take a shower," Robin hollered, and with that, she ran up the stairs. Cooper's eyes followed her every move in a way they never had before. Robin has some kind of ass on her, Cooper thought. He shook his head, chastising himself for thinking such weird thought about Robin, the woman who'd been in his life ever since he could remember...

Mark Cooper changed the channel, and decided to watch something else. He went to HBO, where they were playing the old movie Superfly. The scene where a certain hustling brother was getting his freak on with a smoking hot sister. As Mark watched the classic black film, he found himself imagining himself in bed with the hot sister...and the hot sister somehow morphed into none other than his best friend...Robin Dumars. What the fuck?

"What's the matter with me?" Cooper asked himself, and he looked at his crotch, and saw that his dick was hard. He shook his head and changed the channel again. It was the Discovery Channel, and a couple of wolves were, ahem, following the laws of nature. Looks like everyone is getting some except me, Cooper thought, remembering that he hadn't had any since his ex-girlfriend Paula, the same gal who ditched him after his NBA dreams ended, came back into his life...then left abruptly.

Robin Dumars stood in the shower, and closed her eyes, feeling the warm water cascading down her body. Tall and curvy, with an Amazonian build that many men found gorgeous and at times intimidating, she was fine as hell and knew it. Robin's only issue was how friendly she was to the male of the species, and that's why most of the men in her life saw her as the female friend, rather than the type they brought home.

"What's the matter with me?" Robin Dumars asked herself, and she thought of James, her former flame. The tall, handsome brother was all that and the proverbial bag of chips, and he and Robin had some amazing times together. Until he began noticing Robin's girlfriend Vanessa Russell, and made a play for her. This led to their split, and while Vanessa and Robin remained friends, things hadn't been the same since.

"I need me some loving," Robin Dumars whispered to herself, and she let her hand wander between her thighs. Smiling wickedly, Robin began masturbating, teasing her clitoris by rubbing it between her thumb and index finger. In her vivid imagination, Robin started visualizing her ex-boyfriend James going down on her, but the image of James faded, replaced by...Mark Cooper!

Frustrated, Mark Cooper decided to go upstairs to the tiny fridge in his room and grab himself a beer. As he walked past the washroom, he thought he heard some sounds coming from it. Sounds that had nothing to do with the water running. Sounds that were unmistakable. The sound of a woman being pleasured, or rather, pleasuring herself. Robin couldn't be masturbating in there, was she ? No, maybe she tripped and hurt herself, Cooper thought.

"Robin, are you okay?" Cooper asked, knocking lightly on the bathroom door, and he got no response. Suddenly, he heard a loud scream, and, fearing for Robin's safety, he slammed his shoulder against the door. What happened next surprised the hell out of both Robin and Cooper. He slammed the door open, and a vision of beauty greeted him.

"Mark, what the fuck?" Robin screamed, and she stood there, stark naked, her eyes wide, her lovely face filled with alarm. Cooper looked at her, astonished by her sheer beauty. Hot damn, he thought. Robin looked at Cooper, and he glanced at her a moment too long before turning his eyes away like a gentleman is supposed to. Mark Cooper digs me, Robin thought.

"Sorry, Robin, I thought you needed help," Mark Cooper replied, and Robin grabbed a towel, and chided him for barging in. As Mark turned around, Robin noticed the bulge in his pants and smiled. She stepped out of the shower and shook her head, finding the entire situation pretty funny. We've known each other our whole lives and he acts like this, Robin thought.

"Alright, Mark, you can open your eyes, I'm decent," Robin said, and Mark Cooper opened his eyes, looked at her and nodded. With a light blue towel around her torso, Robin looked lovelier than ever. She smiled coyly at Mark, finding his sudden discomfort to be sweet nectar. She didn't know what had come over him, and found it rather...nice.

"Robin, you're looking good," Mark Cooper said, and Robin Dumars grinned, gently elbowing him as she walked past. For some reason, she nearly tripped and dropped her towel. Standing there, Cooper saw Robin in all of her glory. Curvy body, rapturous dark skin, big round butt, pure womanly hotness. Robin mouthed "oops" and then smiled coyly at Mark Cooper.

"How do I look now?" Robin asked, stark naked, hand on her hip. Mark looked her up and down, and drew closer. Robin stood inches from him, all hot and bothered, gloriously naked, and aching for him. Losing his inhibitions, Mark drew closer to her and pulled her into his arms. They looked into each other's eyes and smiled, then exchanged their very first kiss.

"I've been wanting to do this for a while," Cooper admitted, once he and Robin came up for air. She smiled, and then grabbed his ass, giving it a firm squeeze. Cooper looked into Robin's eyes and saw a bold, unspoken lust in them. They kissed once more, then got down and dirty. They barely made it to Robin's bedroom before getting their freak on.

"What took you so long?" Robin asked, as she lay on the bed, her thick dark thighs spread, and Cooper grinned and buried his face between them. Mark began lathering Robin's pussy with his tongue, and she began moaning softly, loving what he was doing to her. For ages Robin had been fantasizing about mark Cooper, but he noticed every other woman except for her. Until today...

"I have been craving you for so long, Robin," Cooper admitted, and he continued working his magic on Robin. As the morning rolled on, Robin and Cooper continued with their fun. Cooper found himself on cloud nine as Robin knelt before him, grabbed his long, hard dick and stroked him before taking him into her mouth. This is pure heaven right there, Cooper thought.

"You're going to hit that ass or stare at it?" Robin asked Mark, a little while later, as she got on all fours and shook her big black ass at him. Mark grinned and caressed Robin's butt, then rubbed his hard dark dick against her. With a swift thrust he entered her, and they began fucking. Robin squealed in delight, relishing the feel of Mark Cooper's hard dick in her pussy. She'd been fantasizing about him for years, and at last, he was making love to her...

"Give me that ass," Mark Cooper bellowed as he gripped Robin Dumars wide hips and thrust his dick into her pussy, fucking her with deep, powerful strokes. Robin kept grinding her big beautiful ass against Mark's groin, loving the way he was fucking her. They went at it like this for some time, and then, they collapsed, exhausted and reeking of their love juices, right on her bed.

"We should have done this a long time ago," Robin Dumars said, as she rested her head against Mark Cooper's chest. The tall and lanky, zany African American stud grinned, and gently caressed her lovely face. Best friend, confidante, and now lover, Robin Dumars was many things to him. Mark took Robin's face in his hands, and looked into her eyes. What an amazing woman, he thought. Forgetting their roommate Vanessa, Paula, and all other women, Mark Cooper kissed Robin Dumars passionately. Sometimes, without even trying, a brother hits the Jackpot...


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