Hanging With Mr. Cooper: So Happy Together (MF,anal)
by The Fan

The morning was off to a wonderful start for Professional Basketball Player turned high school teacher Mark Cooper and his lady, the savvy urban intellectual with a heart of gold known as Robin Dumars. They woke up in each other's arms after an evening of passion. Robin looked at Mark. It was amazing how much she loved that man. He was suave, daring, and full of himself at times but she loved his manliness, his sense of humor, his charm and wit. It took her a long time but once she admitted it to herself, she felt wonderful. Robin Dumars had fallen in love with her best friend and fellow teacher Mark Cooper. The hard part wasn't to get her pal ( a rival for Mark's heart ) Vanessa Russell to back off, but to get Mark to see that she loved him. Once they got that out of the way, everything just fell into place.

Robin almost blushed when she thought of the wonderfully devious things they did to each other last night. Mark came home after a particularly tough day. He'd gone to New Jersey to meet some old relatives and things hadn't gone so well. Mark's family didn't seem to think much of him. When Mark came home, he was crushed. Thankfully, Robin knew exactly what to do in order to cheer him up. She knew her man well. She ran a warm bath for him, then undressed him before ushering him into the bathroom. Mark lay in the warm water, and told her about the horrible way his family treated him. Robin listened attentively while massaging his shoulders. When he finished, she went into the tub with him.

At the sight of his lovely girlfriend completely naked, Mark's worries seemed to flutter out of his mind. Robin was one sexy woman. Tall, dark-skinned, with large breasts, a wonderfully thick body, wide hips and a big, round butt. She had that short hair which made her look quite butch, but she was a staunch heterosexual. Robin grinned, loving the effect she had on Mark. She leaned closer and kissed him. Taking his hands in hers, she placed them over her breasts. Mark grinned as he rubbed her breasts gently, then they began to make love. Robin gently pushed Mark down, and took his manhood in her hands. Mark's dick was long and thick. And it was uncircumcised. It took a little getting used to but Robin accepted her man as he was. Gently, she took his cock into her mouth. Mark closed his eyes and tried to relax as Robin worked her magic on him.

Robin smiled as she sucked Mark's dick. He had a look of such contentment on that handsome mug of his. And there was nothing she loved more than making him happy. Sometimes, she amazed herself. She couldn't believe some of the things she was willing to do for the man she loved. Before Mark, Robin hardly went down on any of the men she slept with. Oral sex wasn't her thing. However, with Mark it was different. She liked his dick. She liked his big balls. She liked his dopey grin.. She liked all of him. And she really didn't mind sucking his dick as if it were a sugar cube. Nope. She didn't mind at all. She sucked him off until he came, then she drank his manly seed. Once again she found herself making exceptions for him. Robin didn't like drinking male semen but she did it for Mark. She liked the way her man tasted. Salty and hot.

Mark breathed a sigh of pleasure as Robin licked every last drop of cum from his member. What a woman! He was so lucky! He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Robin grinned, and kissed him back passionately. Mark kissed her lips, and caressed her breasts and belly. His hands found their way to her crotch, and he began playing with her pussy. His was a knowing touch. Spreading her thick legs gently, he began to give her pussy a good licking. Robin moaned as Mark began licking and fingering her snatch. He was really into it. Mark wasn't a selfish lover, unlike some people she'd known. He liked to give as good as he got. And he attacked her pussy with his nimble fingers and agile tongue like pussy licking was going out of style. A dedicated pussy licker. What woman doesn't like that rare quality in her man?

Mark licked and fingered Robin's pussy, eager to please his lady. Once he had her all wet and delighted, he told her he was ready. Robin wrapped her arms around Mark and begged him to take her. The tall Black stud didn't need to be told twice. He loved tall and sexy, voluptuous and big-bottomed Black women like Robin. He rubbed his cock against her pussy, and eased himself into her. Robin grimaced as Mark's dick popped into her pussy. His member was huge and filled her up completely. Slowly, he began to thrust his dick into her. She pressed her body against his, driving him deeper into her. Robin urged Mark to fuck her harder. She wasn't into the whole tender loving thing. She wanted to get fucked hard. And so Mark took her the way she wanted it. Robin asked him for a break. He paused, a bit frustrated. Robin gently eased his cock out of her, and got on all fours. Spreading her big black butt cheeks wide open, she asked him to fuck her in the ass.

Mark grinned, and nodded. He positioned himself behind Robin, and pushed his cock into her asshole. Robin grimaced as Mark's cock entered her asshole. Unbeknownst to most men is the fact that big women had really tight assholes, especially those in the Black community. So they enjoyed anal sex a lot more. Mark placed his hands on Robin's hips and thrust his cock deep into her ass. Robin gritted her teeth, loving the feel of Mark's cock in her butt hole. She loved anal sex something fierce. So she asked him to fuck her harder. Mark didn't need to be told. Gripping her hips real hard, he slammed his cock up her ass. Robin squealed as she felt like her big butt was split in half by Mark's cock. It hurt so bad. And she loved it! Mark continued drilling his cock up his girlfriend's big butt until he came, flooding her asshole with his spunk. Robin squealed as she felt Mark's burning hot seed flood her asshole. It felt great!

They lay side by side in the tub's now cool water, panting. Mark smiled, and kissed Robin. He knew she still wasn't sated. A little while later, he found out for sure. Robin left the tub and Mark watched her big butt as she walked away. When she came back, she had a strap-on dildo. Mark grinned. Robin smiled, and told him to assume the position. Mark nodded, and got on all fours. Robin came up behind him, and spread the Black man's butt cheeks wide open. She pressed the dildo against his ass, and pushed it inside. Mark grunted as Robin began fucking him in the ass with her strap-on dildo. He asked her to be gentle. Robin playfully rubbed his ass and said she wasn't making any promises. He turned around. She told him she was just joking. Then she shoved the dildo up his ass. Hard and deep. Mark squealed. Robin smiled. She loved that sound! Gripping Mark's hips, she began to fuck him hard. Just the way he liked it.

As Robin fucked Mark's ass with her strap-on dildo, the Black man slowly relaxed and enjoyed himself. She knew what he wanted and gave it to him. Mark loved anal sex. The only thing he loved more than fucking his girlfriend in the ass was to have her fuck him in the ass with her strap-on. Weeks after they shared their first night as lovers, he told her he had this fetish. At first, she thought it was weird but then she really got into it. She enjoyed fucking her man with her strap-on. End of story. She fucked Mark until he begged for mercy. Then she pressed a special button on the mechanized dildo, releasing a jet of hot artificial cum deep into his ass. Mark screamed in shocked pleasure. Robin laughed and gently squeezed his cock. She knew what he liked!

Afterwards, they stepped out of the tub and went to work. Their co-workers and students at the local high school had no idea they were a couple, and they wanted to keep it that way. It's not that Robin Dumars was ashamed of Mark Cooper or vice versa but they believed their relationship was nobody's business. And the secrecy made things fun sometimes. They liked keeping things fresh and it worked for them. That's why they're so happy together.


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