Foreword: Growing up, Hanging With Mr. Cooper was my favorite television program. Not only was it fun and educational, but it was positively delightful. I loved the positive way in which it portrayed the black male Urban Professional. Mark Cooper was my favorite guy on TV back in the day. A tall, good-looking black man with a wicked sense of humor and lots of charm. He wasn't afraid of taking things as they came, or to laugh at himself sometimes. And I thought about all the fun he could have had with voluptuous African-American beauty Robin Dumars and sexy light-skinned honey Vanessa Russell. A heterosexual black male living in a big house with two sexy black women he isn't related to. And the three of them aren't married or anything like that. And he doesn't have any physical or mental dysfunctions.

Am I the only one who ever thought of the erotic possibilities? My favorite hookup would have been between Mark Cooper and Robin Dumars, the big-booty, tall, busty and very voluptuous black woman who was his sexually repressed but oh-so desirable roommate. That sexy, curvy black woman had a booty I simply can't forget. No red-blooded man could forget an ass like that. It's time Robin Dumars gives Mark Cooper some of that fine black ass. Without further ado, I give you this sexy tale!

Hanging With Mr. Cooper: Thanks For The Memories (MF,MFF,anal)
by The Fan

The Cooper/Dumars/Russell Household, Friday at Midnight.

High school music teacher Robin Dumars licked her lips and looked into Mark Cooper's eyes as he spread her plump ass cheeks wide open and shoved his long and thick black cock into her asshole. They were in the living room, getting down and dirty. It was raining outside and they were soaked when they came in. Their roommate Vanessa was out visiting her parents and they had the house to themselves. As Mark took off his jacket, he was caught by the sight of Robin Dumars bending over to pick up her shoes and put them in the closet. Hot damn, that woman had a booty ! He got hard just looking at it. A lot of black women had fine asses but Robin Dumars booty was nothing short of spectacular. Definitely in a league of its own. Especially when she was bending over.

Robin turned around, and saw Mark looking at her. The lust in his gaze made her smile. She knew she could turn him on any time she wanted. She went to him and kissed him. Mark caressed her big round butt as they made out. Hastily, they undressed each other. Robin sat Mark down on the couch and took his long and thick, uncircumcised black cock into her mouth. She sucked him until he was hard as a piston. Then she climbed on top of him and went for a ride on his magic stick. Mark thrust his dick deep into her pussy. Robin groaned as his manhood filled her snatch and rode him hard. They went at it for a few minutes before they switched things up a bit. Robin got on all fours and spread her plump black ass cheeks wide open. Mark pressed his cock against her backdoor, and pushed it inside.

The big black woman gritted her teeth as her sexy black male lover's big member stretched her once tight asshole to new girths. The things she does for love...and sex, of course. Mark Cooper, NBA player turned high school gym teacher placed his large hands on his thick-bottomed black girlfriend's wide hips and shoved his dick deeper into her asshole. Nothing he loved more than fucking a big black woman in the ass. Why? Simply because big-bottomed black women had really tight assholes, which makes anal sex with them so much more fun.

It took him a while but Mark Cooper slowly turned Robin Dumars into an anal sex addict. Now his favorite big black woman openly admitted to craving his big black cock in her ass. She even said she couldn't get off anymore through regular vaginal intercourse. Mark told her this was a damn shame but inside, he rejoiced. What man wouldn't want an anal sex addict for a girlfriend? And now Mark was enjoying himself by sodomizing his very willing, big-booty African-American girlfriend.

Robin Dumars gritted her teeth as Mark Cooper put her on all fours and began spanking her big round butt while fucking her. Oh, yeah. That's exactly how she liked it. Some rough spanking during anal sex excited her. Contrarily to popular belief, lots of women were into rough sex. Not all of them liked their lovemaking to be soft and romantic. Mark began to tear her ass up, slamming his dick into her shit hole and fucking her hard. He even grabbed a handful of her black hair and yanked her head back while fucking her. Robin Dumars screamed and begged Mark Cooper to fuck her harder. The tall black stud laughed and did as she requested. Nothing he loved more than fucking a big-bottomed black woman in the ass.

Truth be told, Mark Cooper had been dreaming of fucking the lovely Robin Dumars in that big round ass of hers ever since they first met. Back when he was a college basketball superstar. Robin had a shapely behind even back then. One that seemed to beg for attention. And now he was tapping that big black ass of hers virtually whenever he liked. Of course, Robin Dumars insisted that they kept their fornicating secret from their roommate Vanessa Russell. Of course, Mark Cooper didn't care. He already told all of his home boys that he was banging Robin Dumars and he even shared a delightful little tidbit with them. The elegant, assertive and independent Robin Dumars, the prototypical strong black woman, absolutely loved getting fucked in the ass. Robin was a total submissive in bed and Mark was her master.

Suddenly, Mark Cooper pulled his long and thick black cock out of Robin Dumars asshole. The big-booty black woman gasped in protest. Mark laughed, and told her to relax. He applied more lube on his cock, then placed it right back in her asshole. Robin Dumars murmured her thanks as Mark shoved his big black cock deeper up her asshole than ever before. He went in balls deep, burying the entirety of his cock in the big black woman's asshole. Robin Dumars squealed as Mark Cooper's big dick filled her ass completely. Her ass was full! The big black woman screamed loud enough to wake the dead. Her screams turned on Mark Cooper so much that he came, squirting hot manly cum deep into her asshole.

Robin Dumars screamed even louder as Mark's cum flooded her asshole. A few moments later, Mark slowly eased his big dick out of the black woman's asshole. And at that precise moment, Robin Dumars actually farted, her ass squirting some of Mark's cum in the process. The big black woman blushed, looking embarrassed. Mark Cooper laughed, patted her big black ass and kissed her. Nothing for her to be embarrassed about. Not after being such a good lay.

Afterwards, Mark Cooper and Robin Dumars went to bed and slept. And the next morning, they were in for a surprise. Next to them lay Vanessa Russell, their roommate. She grinned as they stared at her, stunned. Mark fumbled to explain what he was doing in Robin's bed but Vanessa told the two of them to give it up. She was in on their little secret. She knew they were secret lovers. And she wanted in on the fun. Mark and Robin looked at each other and smiled. Then they looked at Vanessa and nodded. Grinning, Vanessa took off her pajamas, and the fun began. They were all down with that. The more the merrier, as they say.

The two sexy black women took good care of Cooper. As he licked Vanessa's pussy, Robin sucked his cock and licked his balls. In no time she had him hard as a rock. This time, Vanessa got the chance to ride on him. She straddled him and impaled her tight pussy on the tall black man's big cock. Cooper placed his hands on Vanessa's narrow hips and thrust his member deep inside of her. Vanessa squealed as Mark Cooper's big black dick filled her snatch. He began to fuck her hard, drilling his cock into her. Meanwhile, Robin fingered her own pussy and sucked on Vanessa's bouncing tits while her man fucked the other woman. Robin always dreamed of suckling on Vanessa's cone-shaped breasts. The light-skinned black female executive had really nice boobs.

Mark Cooper and Vanessa Russell got down and dirty as Robin Dumars watched. The tall black stud spread the light-skinned black chick's ass cheeks wide open and pressed his dick against her backdoor. With a swift thrust, he went inside. Vanessa grimaced but did not scream as Mark's dick entered her asshole. She was really into anal sex and hadn't gotten any backdoor loving in a while. Placing his hands on her hips, he thrust his dick deep into her ass. Vanessa's asshole was supple and definitely no stranger to anal sex. Mark liked that. Vanessa's ass was tight but not too tight. Robin's asshole on the other hand was tighter than a vise. It took tons of lube and patience for Mark to work his dick in there the first time.

He didn't encounter any such problems with Vanessa. In fact, she was fucking right back as he took her. The slender young black woman backed her ass up, driving Mark's cock deeper into her. Hard and fast, he drilled his dick into her asshole like a western miner looking for gold. Vanessa screamed passionately, telling him how much she loved having his dick in her ass. Mark really let her have it, slamming his cock balls deep into her butt hole. And Vanessa took it like a champ. Her ass took all the cock Mark had to give, and then some.. When he finally came, she screamed her thanks. Slowly, Mark squeezed his dick out of Vanessa's asshole. Hot damn, her ass was hot! Mark smiled at Vanessa, and kissed her. Then he kissed Robin.

Vanessa Russell still wanted to try more stuff with the happy couple. Like some black-on-black BDSM. She looked at Mark Cooper and Robin Dumars, grinning nastily. She fastened bindings to their hands and feet, then went to work on them. In her hands she held three giant dildos. Mark and Robin looked at her sheepishly. Vanessa grinned and told them she wanted to fill their holes. Without further ado, she made them get on all fours and went to work. Slowly, Vanessa inserted a ten-inch dildo into Mark Cooper's asshole while shoving two dildos into Robin's pussy and asshole. Hearing the two of them squeal as she fucked them with her dildos turned the light-skinned black woman on like you would not believe.

Side by side, Mark Cooper and Robin Dumars got fucked in every hole by Vanessa Russell. Gleefully, she rammed her dildos into their holes. Mark and Robin screamed as their assholes got violated by Vanessa's super-sized sex toys. Laughing hysterically, she fucked them until they begged for mercy. Then she left the dildos in their assholes and looked at them. Standing over them, Vanessa Russell laid down the law. From now on, they were a triad and she was the dominant one in the group. Everything she said goes. Robin Dumars and Mark Cooper nodded obediently.. And that's how Vanessa became the ruler of them all. After they agreed to her terms and conditions, she removed their bindings.

Every morning before Mark Cooper and Robin Dumars went to the high school where they worked as teachers, Mistress Vanessa Russell sodomized them with her big strap-on dildo. Her way of maintaining dominance. And whenever they had sex, she insisted on being there. She required of Mark that he fucked Robin in the ass daily to stretch her asshole permanently. Vanessa also forbade Mark from fucking Robin's pussy because she considered Robin's pussy her very own territory. Also, she didn't want Robin to get pregnant. When they got paid, she collected their checks and gave each of them fifty bucks to amuse themselves. She kept the rest. Vanessa Russell is a strong black woman, folks. The Mistress of the house. And she doesn't play!


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