Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really fucking stupid. I don't own Half-Life 2 / Half-Life series, or any characters and make no profit from this story. Please read the story codes above to ensure that you are not going to be offended by, or otherwise dislike, the content. This was written for the prompt 'incondite'.

Description: Before Gordon Freeman, the teenage Alyx Vance was attracted to another genius.

Content Codes: Mf, cons, pwp, cream pie, first, inter

Half Life 2: Kleiner Inside 'er
by JD ([email protected])

Dr Vance always wanted the best for his daughter Alyx. As soon as she was old enough, lessons began in everything from survival to science from any resistance member with the ability to teach. He even made sure that she was educated in cultural matters as completely as possible. To lead the human resistance against the Combine and save civilization was one thing, but the young needed to know what civilization had been.

Dr Kleiner, though an old colleague and family friend, was much less involved due to his time consuming research. It was only as Alyx approached her later teens that, at her own suggestion, her father asked the man she'd always called Uncle to cover her English lessons when she was in City 17. While a physicist, Kleiner had teaching experience, and the knowledge, and so began. After a few lessons he sat down across from Alyx in his lab. He spoke, waving her latest piece of English composition for emphasis before looking down at the text,

"I am sorry to say this, Alyx, but I have to grade you a C+ for this story. It's the most incondite work I have ever graded. This first person narrative of a teenage girl attracted to an older man whom she respects for his intelligence works well enough. However, it has some of the worst spelling I have seen from you. Were you typing one handed? The phrasing is clumsy and almost pornographic in places. Furthermore..."

As Dr Kleiner continued to criticize the technical aspects of the story, focused on the pages, Alyx quietly stripped off her clothing.

" in conclusion, unless you can adequately descrined how you would polish this piece, the C+ grade will..." he looked up, "Oh my."

"I've been thinking about you every time I use my dildo, Uncle Kleiner. I want you to be my first, like in the story."

"What? No! Sit down, get dressed! I won't take advantage of my dear friend's daughter. Alyx, I've known you since you were born! Nearly eighteen years!"

Alyx stood astride Kleiner's chair, wantonly fingering her snatch inches from his nervously sweaty face. His spectacles gave him a crystal clear view of her fingers moving across the lightly furred mound, and dipping deeply between her swollen labia. Flashes of bright pink accentuated her beautifully shaded Afro-Asian skin. Moaning, she bit her lip. Aghast, Kleiner slapped his hands on her hips. The middle-aged scientist meant to push the teenager away; somehow, he pulled her close to his face. As he tasted her honey, Alyx wrapped sticky fingers around his nearly bald head.

It had been a long time since Kleiner had satisfied a woman, but scientific thoroughness paid off. Having given in to Alyx's hormonal lust, Kleiner licked and sucked, probed and drank, until Alyx's legs gave out and she dropped bodily onto his lap. His lab coat barely muffled her enthusiastic cries as she lightly bit his chest through the ratty material. Kleiner used one arm to keep her from falling to the floor, and fumbled with his pants with the other. After barely even masturbating for years - and then only after working in confined areas with Mossman - he was pleasantly surprised to see his shaft eagerly hard.

Alyx had recovered enough to position herself properly. There was just a moment where Kleiner's cock pressed pale and white beneath Alyx's dark thighs, and then he slid inside. Alyx's dildo experimentation had certainly eased the passage, but Kleiner couldn't help but gasp at the gripping channel wrapped around him. When Alyx leaned in for a kiss, he returned it as passionately as a man thirty years younger.

"Uncle Kleiner... please... my breasts..."

It was a little awkward fucking in the chair, even when Alyx reached for the back release, but she was gymnastically skilled and managed to balance upon Kleiner, moving enough for both of them. Alyx's breasts were youthfully firm, large and warm and smooth skinned against hands more used to practical lab work. He pinched Alyx's dark nipples in his fingers, rubbing the hard nubs before cupping and fondling the flesh. He was careful not to catch her necklace as it bounced above his fingers.

Alyx responded by arching her back, and riding him faster. She was taking most of him into her, raising high, then slamming down again. The increasingly fast bouncing drew squeaked protests from the chair. Kleiner's age counted in their favor; a man Alyx's age would probably have come inside three strokes. He still couldn't quite believe Eli's beautiful daughter was attracted to him, even if her story suggested it was mainly his intellectual genius. He ground his teeth, determined to hold out until the Alyx came again; at least then he could continue to argue he was only doing it for her.

His heart pounded, threatening a cardiac episode. Sweat turned his shirt nearly transparent over spare gray hair. Alyx was no longer tried to mask her ecstatic screams; he pressed one hand to her mouth. Their eyes locked for a moment, and Alyx winked. He spurted. Alyx bounced frantically as he stiffened, joining him in total erotic pleasure just before he softened. He felt as if he'd transferred half his body fluids into the shaking teen; she'd certainly gushed wetly enough around his organ in return.

They stayed together in the chair; Alyx panted with her face pressed into Kleiner's shoulder. Breathing harder, he found his eyes drawn to a small mirror; his reflected hands stood whitely out against Alyx's bare back as he stroked her skin gently. Finally, she shifted. His flaccid organ flopped free, followed by oozing semen.

"Knew... knew I could make you come before I did, Uncle Kleiner. Competition is healthy, right?"

"Um... You know I love you, Alyx, but this ill mannered behavior really cannot continue. It's as crude as your story. And..."

Alyx slid down to her knees as he spoke, and applied her tongue to cleaning Kleiner's cock.

"Oh dear..."


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