Britney Allen (Bring It On 3)...Hayden Panatierre
Christina (Yours, Mine And Ours)...Katija Pevec
Emily (Life Is Ruff)...Kay Panabaker
Jack (Mammoth)...Summer Glau
Kelly (Yours, Mine And Ours)...Haley Ramm
Megan (Drake And Josh)...Miranda Cosgrove
Moze (Ned's Declassified)...Lindsey Shaw
Phoebe (Yours, Mine And Ours)...Danielle Panabaker
Ruthie (7th Heaven)...Mackenzie Rosman
Frank, Jack's father (Mammoth)

Original charcters
1 Chastity Kane...School Headmistress
2 Zane, Charley And Kevin...Horny Ghosts
3 Bobricubus...Big nasty demon
4 Sloggy...chef and demon

7th Heaven/Bring It On - All Or Nothing/Drake And Josh/Life Is Ruff/Mammoth/
Yours, Mine And Ours/Ned's Declassied School Survival Guide/Zoey 101:
Hollowheart Haunted School For Girls Part 1 - The Arrival
by Hamster ([email protected]) and Vermillion ([email protected])


The Camden household was home to a very normal conservative family. This
normalcy and part of it's conservativeness was about to obliterated like a
caterpillar in the path of a Samoan pro-wrestler with a taste for doughnuts.

Reverend Camden noticed the letter on the table right away. It was hard not
to. A spider was dragging it over to him. The reverend was paralyzed with
fear. He wasn't generally afraid of spiders but this one was the size of a
peakapoo. The spider dropped the letter in front of him and made a strange
chittering noise. It opened it's mandibles wide and looked as though it may
lunge and bite. The spider however seemed to change it's mind and leave. It
crawled off of the table, then down the floor until it disappeared under the
fridge. Reverend Camden's heartbeat slowed to normal and he stopped breathing
hard. He picked up the letter in his shaking hands. He tore it open and
looked at the contents. A stupid look came over his face. Stupider than usual
that is.


Ruthie ran down the stairs and hit the kitchen at a run. Her father's tone
was such that Ruthie knew that she had better reply as quickly as possible.

"What's wrong dad?" she asked.

"Pack your things. We're sending you to an exclusive private school." He

"What? But we... you can't just..." Ruthie began to protest.

"No arguments. Pack. You leave today." Said Reverend Camden firmly.


It was Sunday, and there shouldn't have been a letter in the mailbox, but
there was.

Frank Abernathy stared at the envelope quizzically. It looked like a normal
white letter, but something about it He shrugged his shoulders and
began to read as he entered the house.

"Honey did you see the mailman come by today?" he shouted upstairs, knowing
full well Jack wouldn't be listening. *That girl really needs to get out
more. She is starting to scare me.*

"No, Dad."

"Well, maybe if you could bring yourself out of bed for more than a few hours
a day, you would know." Frank cried back.

Jack came downstairs. She had obviously been crying, her eyes swollen and
puffy, but she walked as though nothing was wrong. "Sorry if my depression
is cramping your style."

"You know that isn't it. I am just worried about you. You have to move on
from this." He finished reading the letter. "And I might just have the thing
to help you."

He handed her the letter as he went into the kitchen "I think that this will
be good for the both of us."

Jack plopped down on the sofa and started reading aloud.

"Dear Dr. Abernathy,
It is my privilege and great honor to offer you a most
exciting and irrefuseable proposition.

Recently, renovations at our school, Hollowheart Academy,
have uncovered what appear to be ancient ruins and artifacts
of unknown origins. Our onsite researchers cannot accurately
determine the age, purpose, or source of these relics. The
closest they have been able to determine is somewhere during
prehistoric times.

There are also several fossils that do not resemble
catalogued creatures, and may in fact be newly discovered
species. This is where you come in, Dr. Abernathy. You are
consistently referenced as a leader in your field, and may
be the only person with the experience necessary to truly
understand what has been uncovered here.

Taking into consideration the recent events in your life,
we know that you may be apprehensive of taking on such an
endeavor. We assure you that all precautions have been
taken for your safety, and you will be receive considerable
compensation for you input.

We have also taken in account your unique living situation
with your daughter, and again considering your remarkable
history, we understand your reluctance to leave her alone.
Therefore we heartily extend her an offer of enrollment into
our school. Her tuition and student fees will be deferred as
part of your compensation package. And we are an all-girls
private academy, so there will be no distractions from her

An official acceptance package will arrive soon, giving you
and your daughter all you need to know about our academy. We
wait to hear from you soon on your decision, and hope that
you will become a part of the Hollowheart family.

Sincerely yours,

Chastity Kane
Headmistress, Hollowheart Academy for Young Women"


Jack was startled at the sudden appearance of her father with a plate of
sandwiches. "So what?" she replied.

"Do you want to go? I know I want to see what they have there, but I am not
going to force you to go."

"You know what?" Jack smiled. "Why the hell not? Our luck can't be that bad,

Hollowheart Academy, the Office of the Headmistress...

Headmistress Chastity Kane reviewed the files for the new arrivals on her
island refuge. Pretty girls, she though. Her tail, which she normally hid,
absently wagged as she looked at the pictures attached. It was a demonic
looking barbed tail and the only sign that there was anything unnatural
about the woman.

"Nice pretty young things." She commented to herself. "...Hold the phone.
Britney Allen....hmmm...I wanna tap that something fierce."

Something about the pretty blonde immediately put the school's headmistress
in an extreme sense of arousal. Her tail slid up her leg and the barbed tip
poked at her wet pussy through the fabric of unreasonably priced underwear.
She imagined herself sucking on Britney's juicy tits and slapping that sweet
ass with her tail.

Chastity began to imagine all sorts of nasty things that she could do to the
girl. She returned her thoughts, with difficulty, to her task. She didn't
actually give a flying fuck about the education of her students; her true
task was to sacrifice the girls to her dark master Bobricubus. Her master
preferred but fortunately did not require virgins. Even a rampant
cum-guzzling whore would do in a pinch. Frankly quantity was a lot more
important than quality. Her job was, therefore, simple: Keep the bitches on
the island and try to keep most of them from having too much sex. Appearances
needed to be maintained so chastity made her way to the kitchen.

The kitchens, a few minutes later...

Sloggath hovered over the bubbling pot of soup, his nostrils flaring in

"Could you NOT put that crater face of yours all over the food? I have to
eat this crap too." Chastity had shed her human form and sat on the adjacent
counter in all her seductive demonic glory, nibbling on what appeared to be
roast beef. She knew if she ever showed up as a human near 'Uncle Sloggy',
as she called him, he would try to rip her apart in his lustful effort to
force himself upon her. The only way to keep him under her thumb was to
remind him often that she wasn't another mortal he could defile. In her
demonic form Chastity was bright red, and had a pair of slender, elegant
horns, her feet ended in hooves instead of feet, she also had a set of very
small wings.

"Now remember, Sloggy, don't spike my plate with your stuff, or it will get
really ugly during dinner. And I better not hear about you cherry-picking
again. These girls are for our master, and we can't spare any for your sordid
little fingers to play with."

The lesser demon adjusted his chef hat and frowned.

"I would be more inclined to listen if you didn't keep calling me Sloggy."
He laid a hand on Chastity's thigh and slipped a finger between her legs.
"Of course, there are other things you could do to make me...heh, heh...
obedient. The apron does say to kiss the cook."


A large welt formed on Sloggath's face where he felt the sting of Chastity's
tail. "Down, boy. You especially don't get to touch ME. Now, finish your
meal, before I kill the cook."

"Fine, but here is a little show of what you're missing." Sloggath pulled
his massive member out of his pants and began to jack off. As he approached
orgasm, he pointed his shaft at the pot, blasting his evil seed to the
boiling soup. "Now whoever eats the soup will be hornier than, well, me."

"Also, don't forget that I will be having my dinner with Dr. Abernathy. Leave
his food clean, I have my own methods of getting him on our side." She jumped
off the counter and left the kitchen, shifting back into her human form.

*Hmmm*, she grinned, *if that is what he is packing, I should let him defile
me once or twice before this is over.*

Sloggy began spiking their food. The girls' sexual appetites would be

*** ABOUT HOLLOWHEART: New students are taken to the island where the school
is located by way of a boat. The Misty Ghost has sunk and been salvaged no
less than three times!!!

Aboard the Misty Ghost...

Three sisters sat together on the boat that sailed to the island that was
home to the Hollowheart Academy. Phoebe North and her stepsisters, Kelly
Beardsley and Christina Beardsley. The boat was an ugly wooden monstrosity
and the crew was the ugliest and most sullen looking group of men that the
girls have ever seen. A young blonde walked over to the four sisters. She
was wearing a very short skirt that barely hid her panties. The Phoebe and
Beardsleys all looked up.

"Hi." Said Zoey.

"Hello," replied the sisters.

"Do any of you know anything about this school?" Asked Zoey.

"Nothing." Said Christina first.

"It's so weird." Said Zoey. "I was attending PCH and I was having a great
time there then suddenly my parents decided to send me to this school."

"Sort of the same thing happened to us." Said Phoebe. "Our parents separated
us from our other brothers and sisters and sent us here. We didn't want to
come but they told us we had to."

Britney Allen, who was nearby, added to the conversation. "Same thing
happened to me. My father just suddenly told me I had to pack."

"Wow. That's what happened to me too." Said a nearby Ruthie.

Zoey looked around and reality suddenly dawned on her.

"Oh no." Said Zoey.

"What's wrong?" Asked Britney.

"I just noticed that there are no boys. This is an all-girl's school!

***ABOUT HOLLOWHEART: All students are treated to a feast to welcome them to
the school. May god have mercy on their souls.

***ABOUT HOLLOWHEART: Upon arriving at the school all of the new students
were ushered into the dining hall for the welcome dinner feast. Four long
tables were set up and all of the students all began to sit down. Bowls of
unidentifiable slop were heaped in front of each student and everyone began
to lose their appetite.

The girls took their seats around the massive dining table. The chairs had
monster claws for legs and dragon's heads on the backs. The seats were
covered in what looked like purple velvet, and were softer than anything one
could imagine. But the really weird thing about these chairs was the awkward
protrusion coming out from the edge of the seat. It almost looked like a
spigot from a juicer, and when a girl sat down it fit right between their

Each girl found a seat, with Zoey gravitating towards the head of the table
and the Beardsley/North sisters sitting across from each other. Jack ended up
next to Britney and across from Ruthie. At the end across, from each other,
sat Emily Watson and Jennifer 'Moze' Mosely. Everyone noticed a surprising
similarity between Emily and Phoebe. Almost as if they could be sisters.

***ABOUT HOLLOWHEART: At Hollowheart they believe in second chances. Everyone
deserves another chance to begin their career anew and to work past previous
mistakes. For this reason all of the teachers at the academy are teachers who
have been fired from their previous teaching jobs for fraternization, alcohol
abuse, or gross incompetence. Subsequently all of the money saved on hiring
quality teachers was available for renovating the school, which, quite
frankly still isn't up to code.

At the very head of the dining hall sat the collected faculty of the school.

With that, Sloggath, in his human guise, wheeled out a tray of salads and
began to serve the girls. The Headmistress stood, her tail tucked under her
skirt, and tapped her drinking glass with her fork. The students were still
talking. Chastity's smile vanished.

THEN WHIP THE MEAT OFF OF YOUR ARSES!!!!" There was dead silence. "...A-hem,
I mean welcome to Hollowheart Academy. The groundskeeper, Mr. Corker, would
like me to remind you that littering is a corporal offence that can and will
result in a severe paddling. Those students not whishing a painful and
possibly humiliating death will avoid the old church outside the school on
the island. I would like to remind students that all cell phones, land
phones, televisions; computers with Internet connection and mail are banned
at this school. Those students wishing to join competitive sports teams or
cheerleading teams, while Hollowheart maintains a strict policy of no contact
with outside schools, there are four on campus teams that you can join that
compete in various activities. Oh and pick up your student handbook at the
door which will explain the sleeping arrangements. We have a fantastic
four-course meal prepared for you by our illustrious chef enjoy your dinner,
everyone, Unfortunately, I have a previous engagement that keeps me from
enjoying this occasion with you." She paused then glanced at Jack. "But I
will see you all tomorrow. Until then, good night and...sweet dreams."

"Uh she seemed...nice." Phoebe said.

"Scary is more like it...and where is she going with my father?" Indeed Jack
could see Chastity disappear into the hall with her father.

"I don't know but he sure is hot." Said Moze.

Something about the man made Moze's pussy tingle in ways that it never had
before. Jack stared at her in complete shock. She silently fought the nausea
that this comment forced on her.

Someone besides Moze had also developed a crush. A minister raised Ruthie
Camden and had she known that there were actual demons at her school then
she likely would have tried to swim to the mainland. If she had known that
she was object of lust for the hideous disgusting chef demon she would have
likely feinted. Unfortunately for her that was exactly what was happening.
Sloggath was spying on her through a hole in the kitchen wall. She was the
girl he was most attracted to and he was planning on doing something about

The Girls' Dorm room, after dinner...

***ABOUT HOLLOWHEART: All girls will be assigned a dorm. The rooms are
spacious and are intended to accommodate up to 10 students.

Jack had been wondering how in the world she would ever agree to come to
this place. She had nothing in common with these girls. She was older, in
mentality, if not in years. They still cared about cheerleading and boys.
Especially the small blond one. She was constantly talking about her stupid
escapades at her old school. Jack was fairly certain the girl was a rampant
slut, deep down inside, ready to break free.

"Logan was pretty shallow and kind of a jerk but he was kind of cute and this
one time we were doing a play together and we almost kissed but I got mad at
him so I didn't but now I think that I should have....." Zoey yammered.

Jack didn't know if she wanted to pity her or punch her. She suspected if
that little pixie touched her, though, the answer would involve a fist. Jack
put on her headphones on in a desperate attempt drown out the noise.

The only roommate that she could actually relate to was Phoebe and
unfortunately she had taken the bottom bunk under her sister Joni and thus
leaving her to bunk with Zoey. Both Zoey and Jack felt a chill. They had the
sudden creepy feeling that they were being watched. The feeling was accurate.
The ghosts of three deceased boys were watching them very closely, in fact.
The three boys who were invisible to mortal eyes began to discuss the girls.

"They're all hot." Said Kevin, who in life was a football quarterback.
Despite being on the football team his ugly face had reduced him to virgin
status his whole short life. "I especially like that Christina girl."

"I like her sister Phoebe." Said Zane, who in life was a guitar player.
Despite being in a band he had been cursed with extreme body odor in life and
had also died a virgin.

"Jack's the one for me." Said Charley, a former nerd, trekki and D&D geek in
life. "Guys we can't let that bitch hurt these girls."

"Wait these demons prefer virgins right?" Asked Kevin.

"Yeah." Zane replied.

"As a matter of fact I overheard Ms. Kane say the more sex they have and the
kinkier it is, the less desirable the girl is for sacrifice." Added Charley.

"Well let's make sure they are not virgins when ceremony time rolls around."
Said Kevin.

"OK, how?" Asked Charley.

"Well I'm going to go take a shower." Announced Phoebe to the other girls.

"I have an idea." said Kevin.

A few minutes later...

Phoebe stripped off all of her cloths and then stepped into the shower and
turned the water on. She closed her eyes and let the water wash over her.
Her new admirers watched her very closely. The lust felt by the boys was
rubbing off on her. The proximity of the horney ghosts was actually making
her horny as well, their lust-inducing presence was much stronger than
Sloggath's suppressing stew. Phoebe began to touch her pussy. She grabbed
her firm round tits and squeezed them hard.

"Shit, I feel so damn horny." Said Phoebe.

As far as the ghosts own horniness was concerned, this was like throwing
gasoline on a fire. Zane seemed to dissolve into a ghostly pool.

"What are you doing?" Asked Charley.

"I'm going to get some." Replied Kevin.

Zane was like a magnet and all of the sludge, slime, and soap scum began to
fly towards him. He drew the physical mass off slime to himself then used
his ghostly psychoplasm to animate the ball of slime. Now in possession of
a makeshift body he could final touch the girl. He resembled a ball of slime
with several tentacles growing from it.

Phoebe hadn't noticed anything unusual. She continued fingering herself while
she was in the shower. Her eyes were closed shut and she couldn't concentrate
on anything but the digit that she was using to pleasure herself. She
certainly didn't notice the blackish tentacle sliding up her shapely calf
until it had made it's way up her thigh.

"What the hell?" Phoebe said out loud as her eyes popped open.

Phoebe nearly screamed but when she opened her mouth a tentacle shot into
it and filed her mouth, preventing her from breathing. Phoebe was shocked
and frightened but thanks to the ghosts she was also out-of-her-mind-horny.
A second pair of tentacles shot up and restrained each of her wrists. A
tentacle stretched out and began to wrap itself around one of her tits.
Finally that last one slowly crawled up her leg until it made contact with
her cunt. Phoebe was struggling vainly but once the tentacle penetrated her
pussy all of her fight left her body. The tentacle dove into her depths
tearing though her virginity and ploughing into her. Pleasure filled Phoebe's
formerly virgin body and she moaned loudly as she was fucked senseless by the
thrusting tentacle.

'OH god I'm being raped by a slime monster and I'm loving it!!!' She thought

Zane pounded her pussy until her body tensed and shuddered from her orgasm.
Zane stopped animating the soap scum and Phoebe collapsed to the shower floor
covered in slime.

Meanwhile in the dorm room the two other ghosts decided to have some fun of
their own. They began to focus their psychic energy on making the girls
hornier. Zoey was the first to show the signs.

"Oh My, I am getting' so fuckin' hawt. Mmmmph."

She groaned and moaned as she grinded against the chair, doing all she could
not to rip her clothes off.

"Zoey what the hell are you doing?" Jack demanded.

The blonde had now rolled up her skirt and was frantically rubbing her pussy.
Her eyes were glazed over and she was lost in her own lust for herself.

"Shit I'm so hot. I want me so bad." she said as she felt herself up and
fucked herself.

It was the same with Ruthie who was now desperately humping her pillow.
Britney was masturbating as well. Emily and Megan were kissing each other and
had their fingers in each other's pussys.

"Oh Dr. Abernathy, yes..." Moaned Moze as she imagined Frank's dad while
pumping an orange crayon in her own cunt. This was something that Bugged Jack
quite a bit.

"What the hell?" Jack said as she looked around in amazement.

"Dude keep them horney I'm going to possess the little blonde." Kevin said.

"You got it." Said Charley.

Kelly was busy fingering herself and barely noticed when Kevin's ghost
crawled into her body and took over. Kelly/Kevin stood up and turned to the
object of Kevin's lust.

"Christina." They said. Christina turned towards her sister. It was Kelly's
voice but it was someone else's also, like to people speaking at the same
time. "We want you Christina, we want you so bad."

Kelly lunged at her big sister and kissed her. Christina knew it was wrong to
kiss her little sister that way but her uncontrollable desire overwhelmed her
and she gave in to it. They grabbed each other tightly and began to tongue
wrestle enthusiastically. Kelly's hand went up her sister's skirt. She
grabbed the grabbed the crotch of Christina's underwear and pulled them down
to her knees.

"We want to eat you so bad." Said Kevin/Kelly in their weird double voice.

"Do it, do it." Christina purred.

Kelly needed no further encouragement. She dove in and started tongue-fucking
her sister.

"Awesome." Said Charley.

"Huh? What's that? Who's there?" Jack jumped up with a start. She was already
freaked out by the sudden all-girl circle jerk, and now she was hearing

Charley couldn't believe it. Could she really hear him? But how?

Nobody with a pulse or lacking demon blood had been able to before.


"Who the hell is there"" Jack searched around for something to use as a
weapon. She finally grabbed the closest thing she could see and brandished
it menacingly.

"Okay...what exactly are you going to do with that...elephant?" Charley began
to chuckle.

He knew he liked this girl.

"Oh, well, let's see you do better when YOU hear weird voices out of
nowhere." Jack retaliated.

"There are some things that you need to know." Said Charley.

As the sounds and sights of all the female masturbation and lesbian sex took
place around them, they discussed the school and then themselves. Charley
explained how he and his friends had been sacrificed in order to summon
demonic headmistress Chastity and how she was now planning to sacrifice the
girls at the school to summon her own master. They talked, for a very long
time. Charley was amazed at how comfortable she was with him, but considering
her history, that wasn't much of a surprise. Charley sat there, staring at
the girl. He had become quite enamored with her. She was like a beautiful
ballerina, so lithe and graceful. She seemed so demure, and yet so sad. He
could see it in her eyes. It was like she wanted to scream, but she just
couldn't. It was then and there that Charley vowed to help her. He wanted to
just come in and touch her, hug her.

"It's okay. You are safe here. Me and the others, we will watch out for you

"Yeah, if they weren't so busy trying to get laid." Jack asked quizzically.

"What about you" Why haven't you became like them."

She thought for a moment.

"I don't know." She hugged the elephant tight to her chest. "I guess after
what happened to me, I just don't have much desire to be with anyone.
Well..." she looked into Charley's eyes. "Not until now."

Jack reached out to hold his hand, but only felt cold air. "Sorry. Being a
ghost kind of puts a damper on intimacy for me." They laughed. "But I do have
an idea." He began to fade away.

"Wait! Where are you going"" She felt a tickle on her cheek.

Looking down, she saw the craziest thing: the elephant was moving!

"What do you think?" It asked in Charley's voice.

"I think you have no idea what the irony is here. Why exactly are you
possessing a stuffed elephant?" Jack said.

"Well..." Said Elephant/Charley "If we are going to get romantic I need a

"Now you are assuming too much." Replied Jack.

She looked around everyone was still masturbating or in the case of Kelly
and Christina involved in a very enthusiastic '69'. The soft noises of
fornication escaping their young bodies. A sudden burst of Ghost-induced
horniness and Jack couldn't see any reason why she SHOULDN'T indulge in
intercourse with a stuffed elephant possessed by a ghost. Wordlessly she
removed her shirt and then her pants and finally her panties. Jack backed
up onto the bed and lay back on the bed with her legs spread apart. Charley
hopped up onto the bed and started out by rubbing Jack's pussy with his

"Mmm yes that feels good keep doing that." She moaned.

"That and more." Said Charley.

Suddenly the stuffed animal sprouted a long firm cock. She lifted her pussy
off the bed slightly the tip of the plush cock slid into her and broke
through her virginity. Jack winced then shuddered at the momentary pain. If
the rest of the girls hadn't been so preoccupied with their own indulgences
then they may have been a bit shocked by the sight of a stuffed elephant
fucking their roommate. The stuffed elephant thrust in and out rhythmically.
Jack was filled with pleasure which built and built until it finally
exploded. Jack was panting after the culmination of her first orgasm. Laying
lifelessly atop her pussy was the stuffed elephant almost as if she had
imagines it fucking her. But all around her the girls who shared her room
began to snap out of the spell they were under, feeling scared and confused.

Frank's Room...

Chastity had personally escorted Frank to his quarters.

"The finest of any of the teachers" Chastity said as she unlocked the door
and gracefully stepped in. Frank followed closely after.

"So I..." Started Frank.

He was however cut-off by Chastity who pressed her infernally hot body
against his and shoved a long acrobatic tongue in his mouth. Her demonic
pheromones began taking their toll on the poor man who was becoming
completely obsessed with her in a manner of minutes. They kissed and
began to feel up each other's bodies. Frank rolled up her skirt and was
incredibly surprised when he found her tail.

"What..." He started after breaking their kiss.

"It's a birth defect. In school I was teased mercilessly." She lied.

An insincere tear rolled down her cheek and she masterfully faked a wounded
doe look that broke Frank's heart.

"Don't cry. I think it's beautiful. It's the cutest tail that I have ever
seen." He said.

"Sniff...Really?" asked Chastity, who now had the poor man dancing on her
puppet strings.

"Absolutely." he replied.

The two grabbed each other and pushed themselves to the bed. Frank ripped
open her blouse and began sucking on the nipples that topped her juicy

"Yes baby, bite my tits bite them hard!" the demoness begged.

Frank was somewhat surprised by this request, but if that was what
Chastity liked, then he felt compelled to honor the request. He bit into
her over-sized boob like a pit bull puppy with a chew toy. The demoness
wrapped her legs around him thrust her hot demonic cunt onto his eager
manhood. The two fucked with the reckless abandon of two wild chimpanzees
on viagra.

Back at the dorm...

Having just had sex with each other Megan and Emily were avoiding each
other's gaze. Christina and Kelly were hugging each other in tears and the
rest of the girls were basically freaking the hell out.

Jack had just explained to her roommates what had happened with her and the

Britney screamed. "What the hell is going on? Ghosts, demons, cults. What
kind of place is this?"

She began to hyperventilate.

Jack, fed up with the girls' freaking out, stood up, strode over to the
cheerleader. The next thing anyone heard was al loud slap, followed by

"I'm sorry but you needed that. Listen," Jack began, stern yet calm. "We
cannot lose it here. This is nothing. If we keep it together, we can get
through this and figure out what the hell is going on."

"Excuse me," Zoey piped up, "but who made you boss? And what makes you think
this is so fucking easy."

"If I can survive a rampaging wooly mammoth resurrected by aliens imprisoned
inside a meteorite that subsequently killed my boyfriend and nearly offed my
entire family, I can handle a few horny ghosts."

The other girls did a double take. "Wha...WHAT???!!!"

"That does it." Said Zoey. She pointed an accusing finger at Jack. "That
bitch is crazy! We ate some really funky food, there were problem shrooms in
there that made hallucinate and made us horny, that's it. Ghosts and demons
don't exist. Jack is just a freak."

The girls all began to murmur in agreement. Jack felt stung as the other
girls simply walked away and started to dress for bed. Phoebe walked over and
sat next to Jack and put a hand on her shoulder.

"I believe you." Said Phoebe.

Jack smiled. That smile turned into a frown when she heard some soft moaning
followed by a whimpering "Oh yes Dr. Abernathy" coming from under the covers
in Moze's bunk.

To be continued....


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