Hancock/Once Upon A Time: Regina Finally Gets Laid (MF,inter,anal,rough)
by The Fan

John Hancock, the world-famous African-American superhero stood atop the Hancock Tower in the City of Chicago's opulent North Michigan Avenue. From this magnificent edifice, he could see the entirety of metropolitan Chicago and the rest of the State of Illinois. Ever since John Hancock left the City of Los Angeles, California, he'd been constantly on the move. Crusading across America to fight crime.

The superhero's latest adventure brought him to one of America's toughest environments. The fabled City of Chicago, where a war was being waged between African-American youth and the corrupt, racially biased police force, beckoned. Ever since John Hancock set up shop in the City of Chicago, the crime rate was down, as were the constant shootings of black youth by Chicago's trigger-happy police force.

As a nearly Immortal individual endowed with extraordinary powers of superhuman strength, flight, super speed and invulnerability, John Hancock could effortlessly take down any criminal. For this reason, he'd become the world's foremost superhero. John Hancock went after the unjust with a vengeance, from the toughest thug in the hood to the trigger-happy cops who sometimes broke the same laws they were paid to enforce.

Smiling, John Hancock took flight, noticing that Chicago was peaceful for a change. The superhero's smile was definitely short-lived, for he sensed a disturbance in the air. Far above the City of Chicago, a ripple opened in the sky, and John Hancock's keen eyesight zeroed in on the source of the disturbance. An inter-dimensional portal opened, and even though his experience in otherworldly matters was limited at best, John Hancock braced himself for a fight. For his innate danger sense, which never failed, was tingling.

"I'm ready for whatever, so show yourselves!" John Hancock shouted defiantly as he hovered in the air. Something definitely out of the ordinary was going on and John Hancock, super-powered defender of planet Earth, was determined to get some answers. The glowing, ethereal fissure between time and space widened, and a single figure emerged through the portal between worlds. John gasped as a tall, definitely feminine form materialized before him.

"What manner of creature are you?" demanded a tall, raven-haired woman in her mid-thirties, with a regal bearing. The dark-clad woman hovered in the air, effortlessly holding herself aloft. Her dark eyes locked with John Hancock's, and a frisson coursed through the superhero's nigh indestructible spine. There was something disturbing about this broad, and everything within John Hancock screamed at him to proceed with caution.

"Lady, as this is my world, I'm asking the questions," John Hancock said, and the Dark Woman smiled and sighed. The superhero stifled a lusty grin. This broad was smoking hot, that's for damn sure. A wicked smile crept the raven-haired woman's beautiful face, yet John Hancock noticed that her smile never reached her eyes. His jaw set, John Hancock braced himself for a fight.

"We'll see about that, handsome," the Dark Woman said, and then crimson energy gathered about her lovely, dark clad form, and then she hurled a bright red fireball at John Hancock. The superhero tried to duck but the fireball slammed into him with the force of a freight train. Screaming in pain, John Hancock dropped out of the sky like a stone, dive-bombing toward the ground.

"Dumb move Hancock," John chastised himself, and with sheer force of will, the superhero halted his descent, and flew upward, toward the Dark Woman. As John Hancock approached her, he saw surprise on that pretty face of hers. Clearly the woman, or whatever she truly was, expected him to be over and done with, past tense and all that.

"You're harder to kill than I thought," the Dark Woman said, and then she hurled another fireball at John Hancock. This time, however, the superhero was ready for her. John Hancock caught the fireball in his hands and tossed it right back at its thrower, and the Dark Woman screeched in pain as her own power was turned against her.

"Oh damn!" The Dark Woman screamed, and then she fell out of the sky. As the dark-clad villainess form plummeted toward the ground, a startling transformation came over her. John Hancock dove after her, and caught her mere meters from the paved floor of Chicago's busiest street. As a crowd of onlookers gawked, John Hancock gathered the fallen woman into his arms.

"I've got you, lady, now quit with the magic stuff, alright ?" John Hancock said in a warning tone, and the Dark Woman, whose outfit changed before his very eyes, stared at him dumbly. Gone was the fire from her eyes, and the gal suddenly looked very ordinary and very vulnerable. John Hancock was dumbfounded, to say the least.

"Where am I? Who are you?" said the dark-haired woman, and John Hancock gently put her down. Standing on wobbly feet, the woman looked at John Hancock, then at the crowd of people that gathered around them. John Hancock sighed and took a deep breath. The innate danger sense he possessed was no longer tingling.

"I am Regina Mills, what am I doing here?" the woman repeated, and John Hancock scratched his head. When he looked into the tall, professionally attired woman's dark eyes, he saw confusion and a bit of fear, but not anger, hatred or deception. Of course, Hancock kept his guard up. Whoever this broad was, she was not to be trifled with.

"My name is John Hancock, ma'am, welcome to Chicago," he said, extending his hand toward her. After a brief hesitation, Regina Mills shook John Hancock's hand. The superhero noticed that the witch had a steady, warm handshake, and smiled at her. Regina Mills returned his smile, and finally let go.

"Good to meet you, Hancock! How come you can fly and what am I doing here?" Regina Mills said, with a disarming smile, hands on her hips. John Hancock smiled, for something in Regina Mills decidedly regal bearing reminded him of Mary Embry, his super-powered former paramour who lived in Los Angeles with her hubby Ray Embry and their son. Maybe this Regina woman was a member of their species?

"I think you and I come from the same place," John Hancock said, and then he invited Regina Mills to grab a cup of coffee with him at a nearby Starbucks. The lovely brunette acquiesced, and the two of them sat down and talked. From the way Regina Mills carried herself, John Hancock could tell that she was a no-nonsense woman. Still, he needed to know certain things about her apparent alter ego, the Dark Woman.

"I come from Story Brook, a world where creatures and beings from every mythology and fairy tale exist, and from your powers, I think you and I might be from the same place," Regina Mills said, sipping her coffee. John Hancock smiled and shook his head. Even though he'd heard many incredible stories in his time, this one was definitely an original.

"Lady, I'm not some fucking fairy tale creature," John Hancock said, putting down his coffee cup. Regina Mills shot him a look and when John glared at her, the dark-haired woman held his gaze. John Hancock reached for his coffee cup but Regina Mills grabbed his hand, and John Hancock winced, for her nails dug into his flesh.

"Behave yourself, handsome, you don't want to get into my bad side," Regina Mills said, and then she looked at John Hancock's hand, which was bleeding. John Hancock gawked, for he hadn't seen his own blood since that time, several years ago, when he and Mary Embry got attacked in the hospital by bank robber Kenneth "Red" Parker and his acolytes. This was disturbing, to say the least.

"Ouch, lady, that hurt," John Hancock said, and Regina Mills smiled, then took Hancock's wounded hand in hers. Gently Regina Mills caressed John's hand, and then brought it to her lips. As the shocked superhero looked on, the bewitching brunette licked his wound, and the injury vanished like ice in the sun, as if it were never there.

"There, mama knows how to make you feel better," Regina Mills said, a wicked grin on her lovely face, and John Hancock looked at her with newfound respect and a semblance of fear in his eyes. The superhero quickly reasserted himself, and locked eyes with the witch. John Hancock, America's favorite foul-mouthed, misanthropic superhero and recovering alcoholic wasn't easily intimidated, not by anyone.

"Nice parlor trick," John Hancock said defiantly, and Regina Mills smiled. The last time the Evil Queen ran into such a stalwart and defiant soul was when she and her acolytes Hook and Emma confronted Peter Pan in the Enchanted Forest. The Dark Youth, as she'd taken to calling him, had been quite villainous. Regina Mills, a former Mistress of Evil trying to be good, could sense that underneath his tough-guy swagger, John Hancock was a good guy.

"I'll do you one better," Regina Mills said, and then she reached under the table and laid her hand on John Hancock's groin, patting his manhood through his shiny black leather pants. The tall, ruggedly handsome African-American superhero jerked awkwardly, and a bemused smile crept into Regina Mills lovely face. The witch had her victim right where she wanted him.

Rising from her seat, Regina Mills asked the Starbucks clerk where the ladies room and then went in there, but not before winking suggestively at John Hancock. The superhero sat there, feeling both disturbed and turned on. Arousal won out over dread and fear, and then John Hancock followed Regina Mills into the ladies room, using his super strength to weld the door shut.

"I knew you'd come for me," Regina Mills said in a husky, sexy tone. The tall, ravishing brunette pulled the tall superhero into her arms. John Hancock looked into Regina's eyes and although he saw in there the promise of endless peril, he didn't care. Taking Regina's face in his hands, John Hancock kissed her full and deep.

"You're one bossy, crazy broad but I like them like that," John Hancock said, and Regina Mills laughed as the tall African-American superhero kissed her, and then hoisted her up on the ladies room counter. Hastily Regina unzipped her top, and Hancock began licking and caressing her tits.

"Don't hold back lover," Regina Mills whispered, and the witch grinned as Hancock kissed a path from her lovely tits to her belly button, and she spread her thighs invitingly. Hancock yanked down Regina's panties, and then buried his face between those sexy, shapely thighs of hers. A shocked gasp escaped Regina's lips as Hancock began eating her pussy like a hungry man.

"Damn you taste good," Hancock paused to say, and Regina Mills grabbed his head and grinded his face against her pussy. Hancock busied himself licking and fingering her pussy, and the superhero was delighted by the way the witch tasted. In his time as a superhero, Hancock had bedded women of all races but he'd never been with a woman quite like Regina Mills. This witch was something else...

Regina Mills sighed happily and rubbed her big tits together as Hancock licked and fingered her pussy. The witch admired her reflection in the bathroom mirror, thrilled by the sight of a gorgeous African-American stud kneeling before her and pleasuring her cunt. Regina Mills pinched her tits just as Hancock stabbed her clit with his tongue while teasing her cunt with his fingers. Orgasmic, the witch shrieked in delight.

"I need you inside of me," Regina Mills said, and Hancock stopped what he was doing as the witch shuddered in pleasure. Spreading her thighs even wider, Regina winked at Hancock. The superhero smiled smugly, for he knew just what to do. Regina Mills looked at Hancock's dick, which was both long and thick, and uncircumcised. Yummy, Hancock's dick was just the way Regina Mills liked them.

"Thought you'd never ask," Hancock said, and he thrust his hard dick into Regina Mills cunt. The witch gasped as Hancock penetrated her, and the superhero kissed her softly on the neck. Thrilled by the deliciously hot pain and wicked pleasure which she felt down below, Regina Mills wrapped her strong arms around Hancock's torso. The witch's fingernails dug into the superhero's flesh, and Hancock winced.

"Shut the hell up and fuck me," Regina Mills said in a sharp tone, and Hancock was more than happy to oblige her. The superhero slammed his hard dick into her cunt, loving the feel of her tight pussy around his dick. Regina Mills had been with quite a few men and more than a few women in her time. From that sexy, one-handed pirate with a drinking problem, the hunky Hook, to that adorable yet bitchy blonde slut Emma, Regina Mills had her fun with anyone she wished. Still, Regina had never been with a "brother" so to speak, and certainly not a super-powered one like John Hancock. This was turning out to be a lot of fun.

"You like the rough stuff, eh?" Hancock said, and Regina Mills nodded, a wicked smile on her lovely face. Hancock grabbed the witch by the throat and slapped her hard across the face. Crimson rage shot through Regina's body and her eyes blazed with bright red fury. Hancock smiled and slammed his dick into her cunt, even as crimson magical energy coalesced all around them.

"You like playing with fire," Regina Mills said, in between moans and sighs, as Hancock's long and thick dick filled her cunt. The African-American superhero grinned wickedly and said nothing, continuing to slam his dick into her pussy while holding her by the throat. Regina's fingers dug into Hancock's flesh, drawing blood, and the crimson energy burned him but the superhero healed instantly and, undaunted, continued fucking her.

"I love it freaky," Hancock said, and Regina Mills smiled and kissed him passionately. Hancock fucked her like this for a few more moments, then he turned her around and bent her over the ladies washroom counter. Regina Mills looked in the mirror, watching Hancock as he caressed her big butt and then got ready ease his long black dick into her cunt.

"Stick it in my ass instead," Regina Mills said, and Hancock laughed and happily obliged her. The superhero kissed Regina's big butt, and then spread her butt cheeks wide open. Regina Mills giggled in pleasure as Hancock's tongue slid into her butt hole, and the sexy super stud licked her ass for a good while, sending tendrils of pleasure cascading throughout her body.

"I'm going to tear that ass up," Hancock said, grabbing the lubricant bottle which Regina Mills pulled out of her purse and tossed at him. Hancock lubricated both his dick and the witch's asshole, then pressed his long black dick against her butt hole. With a swift thrust, Hancock's dick went into Regina Mills asshole, and the witch's passionate scream filled the washroom.

"Spank my ass please," Regina Mills said, moaning softly as Hancock's long black dick filled her asshole. Anal sex is one of Regina Mills guiltiest pleasures, and the African-American superhero had her right where he wanted her. Regina Mills grinded her big white butt against Hancock's groin, driving his dick deeper inside of her.

Hancock continued plowing his dick into Regina Mills asshole. The witch screamed passionately as she got butt fucked. Hancock was a master of anal sex. That Regina Mills figured out pretty quickly. The feel of his dick in her asshole was absolutely incredible. Regina Mills, the world's most powerful witch, feared across eternity, screamed as Hancock's dick filled her asshole. The witch loved the feel of a big black dick up her asshole and if loving it was wrong, then Regina Mills didn't want to be right.

"Oh fuck," Hancock said, as Regina Mills tight asshole gripped his dick like a vise. The superhero's knees buckled and he cried out, warning his bewitching female lover that he was about to cum. Regina Mills cried out as Hancock came, exploding within her. The superhero's dick spewed torrents upon torrents of cum deep inside the witch's asshole, and they screamed in unison.

"That was fun," Regina Mills said, a few moments later, as she readjusted her clothes. John Hancock smiled at her and readjusted his black and yellow leather superhero uniform. Regina Mills looked him up and down. Hancock was good-looking and sexy, and certainly packed a lot of power in every way but Regina Mills wasn't the type to stick around once the deed was done.

"Can I see you again?" Hancock asked, and Regina Mills smiled and gave him a hug and kiss. Instead of answering him, Regina Mills took his face in her hands and looked into his lovely brown eyes. Hancock smiled at her, then gasped as the tall, gorgeous raven-haired witch vanished in a cloud of red smoke and brimstone. Hancock found himself alone in the ladies room of the Starbucks, with his clothes missing. Damn witch, Hancock thought, smiling as he un-welded the doors, and flew away at super speed.


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