Hancock: King Of Kings (MF,inter,anal)
by the Fan ([email protected])

My name is John Hancock. I'm a six-foot-four, 240-pound, extremely
good-looking black man living in the city of Los Angeles. My current base of
operation is mobile. I am a wandering superhero, you see. I am inhumanly
strong, invulnerable, and I can also fly at supersonic speed. And I cannot
grow old. Even though I appear to be in my late thirties or early forties, I
am actually much older than that. I am immortal. Eternally young and healthy.
One of the great immortals left on earth to protect the world of man. The
insurance policy of the gods. Long story. Tell you about it another time.

These days, everybody hates my guts. I mean, what in hell do I have to do to
make people happy? I come down from the sky and save them all from certain
danger. The soccer moms, the working men, the brats and the punks. Everybody.
Cause I am the hero. However, the media treats me like I'm a criminal. And I
swear, I will shove my foot up the ass of the next person who calls me an
asshole. Male or female, young or old, it doesn't matter.

Why? Because I've had with you people, alright?

Lately, though, I discovered some pretty interesting things. I realized that
I am not alone. There is another immortal out there. A woman named Mary
Embry, wife of Ray Embry, the public relations guy I befriended. She can fly.
She's got super strength. She's invulnerable. And she can manipulate the
weather, something I can't do. Oh, and did I mention she was smoking hot?
Folks, it's been a while since I got me some. Which is why I'm about to tap
that ass, pardon my French.

Presently, Mary Embry is on all fours, butt-ass naked. I liked watching her
that way. A six-foot-tall blonde-haired and blue-eyed Amazon assuming the
position. Face down and ass up. I looked at her plump, rather tasty-looking
ass. You know a brother like me has to get some of that. Like a lot of black
men, I like hooking up with blonde-haired white chicks. And I knew Mary Embry
wanted a piece of me the moment she laid eyes on me. They all do. I'm not
cocky, just confident and rather honest. Women have been throwing themselves
at me for decades.

In this day and age, a lot of men have sacrificed their manliness to fit in
and kowtow to society's demands. The modern society in which we live demand
that men be laid-back, easy going team players. Can't be a wild card. Can't
be a rebel. You have to play nice, especially with women. Never mind that
women themselves are drawn to the alpha male type of man like moths to a
flame. Feminism be damned, females prefer bad boys. It has been
scientifically proven, folks. If you're me, the baddest man on earth, you're
gonna get all the women you can handle. When I fly around and the hot chicks
see me, you can hear the panties dropping.

Mary Embry was no exception. One day, when Ray was at work, I dropped by
for a visit. She was alone in the house. Their son was at school. Mary was
sunbathing in the garden, wearing nothing but a black bra and matching
panties. Folks, this tall blonde chick had a banging body. And I definitely
wanted a piece of that fine, thick ass of hers. I casually walked to the
garden. I stood in front of her. She looked at me and although she tried to
disguise it, I could tell that she liked what she saw. She was giving me the
come-fuck-me look. I totally dig that. So I gave her a hand up and pulled
her to me. I kissed her full and deep and she kissed me back. Passionately.
There was a hunger in her kiss. This woman hadn't had any action in a while.
I guess Ray couldn't satisfy her. That's cool. This looks like a job for me.
Everybody just follow me cause that ass is empty without me.

We went to the living room, and tumbled on the carpeted floor. In a flash my
clothes were off. Mary took off her bra and panties. She stood naked before
me. I leapt to the couch, to see her better. Hot damn, she looked good. This
chick was definitely too much woman for Ray. That's okay because this super
stud will get the job done. And so I did. I stroked my long and thick,
slightly bent, uncircumcised black dick. Yeah, I'm uncut. I'm invulnerable,
remember? If you ask me, that's an advantage I got over other men. My dick
is more sensitive and I can get more sensation out of sex. It makes me a
better lover, too.

Mary knelt before me and grasped my cock in her hands. I grinned as she began
sucking my cock. That's right, bitch. Get ready to suck my cock. Bow down to
the king! On your knees, darling! Mary sucked my cock and licked my balls.
Hot damn, she was a little hesitant at first but once she got going, there
was no stopping her. It was almost as if my cock was pumping life into her
mouth. She worked me over, man. When I finally came, she drank my manly seed
until there wasn't a single drop left. I sighed in pleasure. This girl's got
some skills. Holler!

Next, I laid her on her back and spread her legs, giving her pussy a good
licking. Mary squealed in delight as I pleasured her. Then I shoved my dick
into her snatch. Hard and fast, I pumped my dick into her pussy. We went at
it like this for some time, then tried something new. I wanted a shot at her
booty and she was down with it. I put Mary on all fours and spread her plump
ass cheeks wide open. I rubbed my cock against her backdoor, then pushed it
inside. With a swift thrust, I was in the promise land. I love fucking women
in the ass, folks. I guess you could say that I am a crack addict. When you
fuck a woman in the ass, especially in the doggy style position, you dominate
her completely. You show the bitch who's boss. You're the man. I guess that's
why I did. I thrust my dick in and out of her asshole, stretching that

Mary screamed as I fucked her ass. I guess superwoman or not, a huge cock up
the ass can hurt like hell. I must say that I was seriously getting off. As
I plunged my cock into her asshole, and her screams filled the air, I
screamed in triumph. Her screams were music to my ears. I grabbed hold of her
long blonde hair and yanked her head back while sodomizing her. I never get
tired of doing that. She gasped in shock. Laughing, I asked her how it felt.
She squealed. It turned me on so much that I came shortly after, filling her
asshole with my cum. Mary howled as my cum filled her asshole. Yeah, bitch,
take that! Folks, I love anal sex and if loving it is wrong then I don't
want to be right!

Afterwards, I took off. Mary Embry took a shower, then went back to
sunbathing. When her husband came off, he was beside himself figuring out why
she was smiling so much, or why she walked a little funny. I could have told
him. Smile, dude, your wife just got serviced by Hancock!


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