The following is a takeoff of the old TNBC series Hang Time. Any similarity
between any real or fictional characters is completely by accident. Due to
sexual situations no one under 18 should read this _ go away. As a big fan
of the show, something I've been wanting to do.

Hang Time: Hoop Harem (MF,mc)
by Rinky Dink ([email protected])

Maybe the most thankless job in basketball is that of assistant coach. All
the negatives of coaching, pressure to win, long hours, dealing with
unreasonable parents and players is made worse by the fact the assistant
gets less pay then the head coach and if the team does well, none of the
glory, but if things go badly the assistant is fired along with the head

Bill Simmons had been a loyal assistant to head coach Bill Fuller of the
Deering High Tornadoes of Indiana. The team was famous for winning state
titles and having its best player be a girl, the beautiful blonde Julie

When Fuller left for a college coaching job, Simmons applied for his
position but was passed over as too local to coach Connor for her final
year. The school brought in Mike Katowinski who had NBA coaching
experience but let Simmons remain as his assistant.

Simmons knew what a bleak future he had.

Connor would lead them to another state title, Katowinski would nab a big
NBA job and with the talent cupboard now bare he would finally be named head
coach. Deering would plunge into mediocrity and he would be blamed for it
and his life ruined.

Being a tall, dark-haired good-looking guy in his late 20's with an athletic
build who had played college basketball at Yeshiva University, Simmons felt
fate had dealt him a bad hand and he he was too young to have his career
come crashing down, he was determined to do anything to avoid his future
plight. And he meant ANYTHING.

* * *

The basketball team's manager was a pretty brunette named Mary Beth
Pepperton. She was totally self-absorbed but since she came from the richest
family in Deering she could get away with it.

Bill Simmons knew if he could his hooks on the Pepperton family fortune he
would be set for life, which meant finding a way to get his hooks into Mary
Beth. Although he taught health at Deering, he had been a psychology major
in college and thought he had a way to accomplish it.

Mary Beth's latest boyfriend had gone off to college so she was a bit lonely
and depressed. Simmons was more than happy to console her for as long as she
wanted and being the center of attention always made her feel good.

Eventually, Mary Beth became comfortable enough with him that when Bill
invited her over to his house for dinner she accepted. Simmons took the day
off from school that day to prepare. Having been handed everything on a
silver spoon, Bill thought Mary Beth's mind should be quite malleable.

Mary Beth showed up in an expensive but not gaudy blue dress with dark brown
shoes and a white bow in her hair. Her breasts were not large but she had a
nice figure and big brown eyes, and certainly would be considered attractive
whether she had money of not.

"Thanks for inviting me over Mr. Simmons, it gets a bit boring at the
mansion, seeing the same servants day after day," she said as she took off
her mink coat.

"Well, it's a pleasure to have someone of your grace and style in my humble
house," said Bill with a smile. "I've got some fruity wine we can have
before dinner. I know you are only 18 but I think you are mature enough to
handle it."

"Thanks Mr. Simmons, I appreciate you thinking so highly of me," said Mary
Beth as she took a glass of wine.

Little did Mary Beth know that the wine was spiked with mind relaxants.
After three glasses, Bill decided Mary Beth was prepped for the next stage.

"Let's go to the dining room Mary Beth, I think dinner is ready," he said.

"Sure, whatever you say," said Mary Beth, not knowing how true those words
would become.

Simmons spent half of his weekly salary to make a dinner that matched Mary
Beth's expensive tastes.

"Ummm, stuffed grouse, that's one of my favorites," said Mary Beth, licking
her red lips. "Hey, what's that light display back there?"

Directly opposite from where Mary Beth was sitting was a triad of different
colored lights, swirling around in intermittent patterns.

"Oh, that's an old leftover from my college psych days, its suppose to be
something that if you look at enough it makes you feel good," said Bill.
"Give it a try while you eat."

"Sure, sounds interesting," said Mary Beth as she began to dig into her
grouse. "I could use something to feel good about."

With her mind already relaxed by the wine, the swirling lights became more
and more fascinating to Mary Beth.

Her and Bill chatted for a bit as she ate. Soon, she stopped talking and
soon afterward she stopped eating. Mary Beth's eyes got glasssy as she
watched the endless patterns of the lights. She sat there motionless. Not
making a move, simply staring wordlessly at the lights.

Mary Beth became so relaxed the fork she had been holding left her hand and
fell to the floor with a loud clang. Mary Beth did not move a muscle as the
fork bounced around the floor. She was totally consumed with the lights,
nothing else mattered.

Bill knew it was time to go to stage three. He had worked at a local mental
hospital over the summer to make some extra money, and help his scheme when
Katowinski got the head job, and had gotten a hold of some of the strongest
mind control drugs the institution had without the doctors knowing.

Simmons got up and went over to a drawer nearby. He took out a hypodermic
needle and filled it with a fluid. He went over to the blank-faced Mary
Beth, rolled up her sleeve, and injected her with the drug.

Bill waited a few minutes for the drug to course through Mary Beth's
bloodstream before acting.

"Mary Beth, can you hear me?," said Bill.

"Yes," Mary Beth whispered.

"Mary Beth, you feel great, you feel incredible, you have never felt better
in your entire life."

"Never...better," she said, eyes still fixed on the lights.

"You love looking at the lights, nothing makes you feel better than looking
at the lights, right Mary Beth?"

"Nothing better than lights," she sighed.

"You know I own the lights Mary Beth. That means I am the one who makes you
feel this good. Only I can make you feel this way and you never want to give
up this feeling, right? You will do anything to keep feeling this way I make
you feel."

"Anything, anything," she said.

"Mary Beth, all you need to make you happy is watching my lights. I need
other things to make me happy. I need to have sex with you, I need access
to your family's money. I control the lights and you want to do anything
to make me happy, right."

"Yes...master," she said.

"Great," said Bill, thrilled he didn't even have to implant the word in her
brain to call him master, her will was so weak she had done it on her own
and self-anointed him her master.

"Now Mary Beth, soon I am going to turn off the lights, but don't worry,
they will always be here to make you feel good. I will count to three and
you will wake up from this suggestible state and return to your old self.

"You will consciously remember none of what has just happened but will do
everything we have discussed. When I turn the light display back on you will
instantly go back to this exact same state, actually try and go even into a
deeper a trance if you can. Do you understand?"

"Yes, master," said Mary Beth now more confident in her enslavement.

Bill went over and turned off the lights: "One, two, three."

"This really is good grouse," said Mary Beth. "Hey, how did it get cold so

* * *

For the next week, every afternoon after school Mary Beth would go straight
to Simmons' house. She thought she was getting private tutoring for health
exams but within minutes Bill would turn on the swirling lights and her real
reason for being there, her slave programming, would begin.

To show her subconscious how totally she was in his grip, he decided to
program Mary Beth that as soon as she entered his house she would take off
her clothes. Even before the lights would go on and Mary Beth was still
nominally herself she would casually strip without a second thought as to
why she was becoming naked in a teacher's home.

Bill finally decided Mary Beth was ready for a sort of "slave exam." as he
thought he controlled her about as deeply as possible without turning her
into a complete vegetable.

Mary Beth's cute, curvy and naked body stood rigid in Simmons' living room,
her eyes glassy and without a spark of life to them. For all intents and
purposes, Mary Beth Pepperton no longer existed, Bill had totally
extinguished the pretty young socialite's will and mind.

Bill began the "exam".

"What is your name?"

"Slave Mary Beth."

"What does the outside world know you as?"

"Mary Beth Pepperton, of THE Pepperton's"


"I wear the skin of someone named Mary Beth Pepperton because my total
enslavement to you is too special for anyone else to know and it is
convient, but inside I am your's to control in any way you see fit."

"What is your purpose in life?"

"To serve you, my master."

"What do you think about during the day?"

"I think of nothing. I have no mind. You tell me what to think."

Bill smiled broadly, Mary Beth had passed the "exam" with flying colors.

"What have I told you to think, Slave Mary Beth."

"That you are the best looking man on the face of the Earth. That when we
are not alone I am to pretend to be this Mary Beth Pepperton person.

"That after I graduate high school we will get married and make daddy have
us live in luxury. I will attend UCLA so we can move to Los Angeles and hit
the town all the time. Officially, I am your wife but really I am your sex

"Excellent Slave Mary Beth. Your remembered all your orders. Now, can you
prove to me your worthiness to be my sex slave?" said Bill who was getting
plenty horny seeing Mary Beth naked like that day after day.

"Sure," said Mary Beth with a newfound glint in her eye. "Having sex with
you is my reason for living."

Bill had Mary Beth watch a number of porno tapes and read a lot of erotica
books the past week. To his surprise, Mary Beth had still been a virgin and
needed much training for her new position as his sex slave.

Mary Beth eagerly came to Bill and unzipped his pants and pulled down his
boxers. His member was a full mast as the thought of what was to come had
excited him.

Mary Beth put his cock in her mouth and suckled it with great pleasure. In
her newly reprogrammed brain, serving her master sexually was the ultimate
in joy.

Mary Beth rolled her tongue excitedly again and again around Bill's cock and
he could tell Mary Beth had been an excellent student in her sex studies.

Bill put his hands on Mary Beth's breasts and began fondling them over and
over again. Mary Beth cooed her approval even though her mouth was full of
Bill's member.

Bill hadn't had a girlfriend in a while so he was getting turned on quickly.
Finally, he could hold it no more and let out a loud grunt. His seed poured
into Mary Beth's mouth, which to her was like the wine of the gods.

She moaned her pleasure as she licked the top of the cock, seeking more of
her master's seed. When she had swallowed as much of his jism as there was,
Mary Beth reluctantly let Bill's cock out of her mouth, a slight sigh of
disappointment erupting from her pouty red lips.

"Did I pleasure you properly master," she said with desperation in her eye.
Her master's approval the only thing that gave her life meaning.

"You did very well for a first time Slave Mary Beth," said a wiped-out Bill.
"Your master is pleased."

As soon as Bill's last words came out of his mouth, Mary Beth let out a
shout and her hips bucked.

She fell to the floor as her body shook from a massive orgasm as Bill's
carpet got stained from a river of juice from her pussy. Bill's approval of
her sexual performance had excited Mary Beth so much she had erupted in an
incredibly powerful orgasm.

"Boy, she will break in half once we start doing anal," thought Bill.

* * *

Her friends noticed a change in Mary Beth over the coming weeks, and all of
it seemed positive to them.

She was no longer depressed about not having a boyfriend, she was bright,
friendly and seemed totally relaxed and once again a fun person to be

Her best friend, Julie Connor, did notice that Mary Beth seemed to not have
as much free time as in the past, going somewhere she would not discuss, and
that she was wearing shorter skirts and more revealing tops but she chalked
it up to Mary Beth being on the prowl for a new boyfriend and thought little
of it.

In reality, Mary Beth was relaxed and friendly because she literally did not
have a care in the world.

Her future was set, she was Slave Mary Beth and she was Bill Simmons'
mindless sex slave. Any problems or questions that came up she would go to
him and he would give her instructions. She had no reason to worry about
anything, or think a thought.

Although her will had been easily broken, Mary Beth was quite intelligent.
She wanted to be the best sex slave possible and continued to read sex
books, watch porno and study as much as possible on the best ways to have

She and Bill set up a schedule where three times a day, before school,
during his lunch hour and after school every day they could have sex without
seeming conspicuous.

With every day, Mary Beth's sexual prowess was growing. As soon as she
graduated, she would move in with him and become a full-time sex slave and
then shortly thereafter they would be married and the Pepperton fortune
would be within his grasp and then off to LA.

It was all going just like Bill Simmons had planned.

However, the enslavement of Mary Beth had always been only one part of his
plan. He wanted to still be a basketball coach, and a bigger name than
Katowinski or Fuller would ever be.

He knew he had a meal ticket to big time coaching right there at the school,
and with Mary Beth now totally under his control, it was time to get that
ticket punched.

The name of the ticket was Julie Connor.

(to be continued)


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