The following involves sexual situations and no one under 18 should read
this. This is a fictional story any relation to real people is by sheer

Hang Time: Hoop Harem Part 2 (Ff, mc)
by Rinky Dink ([email protected])

Turning wealthy high school socialite Mary Beth Pepperton into Slave Mary
Beth had been a piece a cake Bill Simmons knew compared to what he planned
to do next: enslave Deering High's basketball star Julie Connor to his will.

Having been handed everything on a silver platter her whole life, Mary Beth's
will had been easy to break, but he know from serving as an assistant coach
for Julie's team that she had an iron will and great determination.

Basically, as far as Bill, and anyone else, could tell, Julie Connor was
perfect in every way.

Incredibly beautiful, with long blonde hair, a nice-sized chest, long supple
legs and an hour-glass figure, Julie was also beautiful inside, as she was a
good student, didn't drink, smoke or do drugs, was polite to her elders and
got along with basically everyone. No one had a bad thing to say about Julie
Connor, the ultimate All-American girl.

When former head coach Bill Fuller and Simmons used to go out for drinks
after games, they would joke about how perfect Julie seemed, referring to
her as "Saint" Julie and finally after a while simply as "The Saint".

One night, Fuller turned to Simmons and made a comment that would prove to
be prophetic.

"You know Bill," he said. "Nobody's perfect, even "The Saint." She's
seemingly perfectly wholesome in every way, which means she must have some
deep, dark secret that will shock everyone when it comes to the forefront.

"I don't know what it is, and I may never find out, but one day The Saint
will be exposed as human, mark my words."

Being a girl who led a boys' team to state titles, Julie was rated as one of
the top girls basketball players in the country and college coaches beat a
path to Deering almost every day.

Julie had two close friends she really trusted, head cheerleader Kristy Ford
and Mary Beth Pepperton.

Per her instructions from her master, Slave Mary Beth talked Julie into
coming to dinner at Simmons' house with Mary Beth to get away from the stress
of the recruiting process.

Knowing "The Saint" would never touch alcohol; Bill offered her apple juice,
spiked with mind relaxants, which Julie graciously accepted and drank several

At dinner, Julie was placed in direct line of the hypnotizing swirling
lights. While Mary Beth prattled on about the high price of jewelry, Simmons
watched as Julie's face slowly went slack and her eyes got glassy.

When the fork in Julie's hand fell out of her grip and clanged to the floor,
Bill went to the drawer for the mind control drugs and injected her with it.
He then had Mary Beth go to his bedroom and take off her clothes as after he
programmed Julie he knew he would be horny as heck and needed to bang his
sex slave.

Bill's plan for Julie was simple.

Every college in the country wanted her to play basketball there. If they
wanted Julie, they would have to make Bill Simmons the head coach as well.
It would be a package deal, with Simmons getting out of Deering and giving
him a giant promotion.

The first night, Bill merely programmed Julie to come back every night for
dinner until he said otherwise, a simple instruction that even the
strong-willed Julie would not resist obeying.

It took about a week of constant programming, swirling lights and mind
control drug injections before Julie totally surrendered her mind and body
to Bill.

At first, Simmons gave her double doses of the mind control drug to start
the process of chipping away at her strong will but knew that was dangerous
and stopped after Julie's first signs of compliance, calling him Master and
taking off her clothes automatically when she entered his house.

Mary Beth proved most valuable in having Julie give up her mind.

Julie would stand there and stammer or hesitate as Bill gave her a new
instruction to obey and Mary Beth, equally naked, would encourage her to give

"Come on Julie, you have no idea what you are missing," Slave Mary Beth
would say. "You've got to let Master take you over. It's so wonderful. I'm so
happy, and so will you. Please stop fighting. You are so lucky Master has
chosen you.

"Don't screw it up and fight it. Surrender Julie, surrender everything, your
mind, will and body, to Master. It is so great. Now that Master controls me,
my life has really just started. Serving Master is the best feeling you will
ever have Julie, now please give in so you can enjoy enslavement like I do."

Eventually, Bill found the key to breaking Julie.

He fed her a line that if she gave her mind totally to him, her basketball
would improve as she would have no other concerns except basketball since he
would control her in any and all other aspects of life. In her weakened
state, she bought that line totally and her resistance quickly crumbled.

Now, Julie's nubile naked body stood in front of Bill. Her eyes were lifeless
and unfocused, her body slack as her brain was no longer capable of thinking
on its own.

"What is your name, real and public?," said Bill as he once again gave his
"slave exam" to his newest recruit.

"I am Slave Saint in reality but when not around master or Slave Mary Beth I
am to be called someone named Julie Connor and act as if I am that person,"
said Julie, whom Bill had given his old nickname as her new real name.

"What are you duties Slave Saint?"

"I am to serve Master in any way he desires," said the new slave. "My life
has just one purpose, to serve Master and obey his orders completely."

Bill's plan was officially to have Mary Beth serve as his wife while Julie
would be his mistress, although both would in reality be simply his sex
slaves. It was time to get to that part of Julie's "exam."

"Slave Saint, what are your duties towards Master in terms of sex?"

Julie's eyes blinked a couple of times and there was a long pause before she
spoke: ... "I have no duties sexually to master ... as he is a man."

"What the heck!!!," thought Bill, this wasn't part of the programming at

"Explain, in great detail, Slave Saint, what master being a man has to do
with having no sexual duties."

Julie blinked her eyes a few more times, obviously trying to come to grips
with her new state of enslavement, and crinkled her button nose a bit, before
giving Bill the biggest shock of his life.

"I can not have sex with master because he is a man. I only have sex with

"Holy crap, Julie Connor, the perfect girl, was a fucking dyke!!, thought a
totally bowled over Simmons.

It took Bill a few minutes to compose himself after getting this stunner.
Julie stood there placidly, naked, swaying slightly while awaiting new orders
from her master.

"Slave Saint, even though we are alone, I want you to go into "public" mode
and pretend you are Julie Connor but you still are totally under my control.

"Yes master, I obey you completely."

"Julie, what the hell, you're a lesbian?" said a still mystified Bill. "Be
totally honest."

"Yeah, surprised me too but when I had sex with another girl at basketball
camp last year it was like a light opened up in my heart. It felt so right,
so good, so natural. I knew from the first time that girl's tongue entered
me that I wanted to spend the rest of my life having sex with only women."

"But you dated Michael Manning (the top boy on the team) for like a year?"

"Yeah, I know. I just thought back then girls could only go out with boys
and he was nice and good-looking, for a guy. You notice we broke up right
before school started, after I came back from camp. After spending all
summer kissing girls, when I came back to Deering and kissed him, nothing,
zilch, no feeling at all for me. I knew then what my destiny was, I'm just
into girls."

"I have to admit Julie, I thought you were the type who would not have sex
until you were married."

"Oh, I am. I promised my parents and my pastor I would never sleep with a
man until we were married. I never had sex with Michael.

"Of course, that promise will be easy to keep now since I am never going to
even date a man again, let alone marry one. But since lesbians can't marry
there is no reason to hold out on that end, so I've been going to town and
having a ball."

"With who have you been 'going to town' with Julie?"

"Well, I do have a steady girlfriend but all these college coaches streaming
in has been like a lesbian buffet for me. There are mostly young, athletic
and man to do they know how to lick carpet."

Simmons had heard that many female college coaches were lesbians. He and
Katowinski had met almost all the college coaches recruiting Julie and now
he was finding out after they left their office they were heading right to
bed with Julie.

"You mean all those serious women in suits got inside your panties. Geez,
Julie, we had 2 or 3 coaches a day visit you sometimes"

"Oh yeah. When you and coach Kat would leave the office I would tell them I
was an active lesbian and I needed to go to a school where this was accepted.
They would say it wasn't a problem of course. I would then say there was
only one way I could be sure the coaching staff would be friendly towards
lesbians, I would then give them a wink, and then we usually went to their
hotel room for a sex session.

"I thought this would work maybe a few times but every female coach that's
been here has slept with me, even the ones who were married or from religious
schools. If they didn't like girls before, they do now," said Julie with a
slight giggle.

Bill Simmons was in shock. Not only was "Saint" Julie Connor a dyke but a
complete lesbian slut, willing to lick carpet with anyone she could find. As
Coach Fuller had predicted, if Julie was going to have a deep, dark secret it
was going to be a doozy.

But now Bill had a dilemma.

He had masturbated so many nights over the thought of having sex with Julie.
Mary Beth was cute but basically just an end to a means, financial security,
Julie was the one he always really wanted as a lover. But it was quite
obvious she was not only a dyke, but a hard-core dyke who even in her
enslaved mind could not imagine having sex with a man.

Back in college, Bill remembered from his psychology courses that sex experts
Masters & Johnson had tried to convert homosexuals into becoming straight
with very limited success. If they couldn't do it, there was no way a simple
health teacher like himself could hope to turn Julie into a heterosexual.

But Bill then remembered another report he read in college. This one said
than men get as much sexual pleasure in watching two women have sex as they
do actually having sex with women.

He then imagined Julie having sex with all the young women coaches he had
met, and various other women he knew. A smile came to his face and in his
pants his dick got bigger and bigger at the thought of Julie in bed with
other women.

"Slave Mary Beth, come here immediately!," he shouted.

"Yes, Master, how can I serve you," said a nude Mary Beth as she bounded into
the frontroom.

Bill hoped Mary Beth had a bit of bisexuality in her, heck, even if she
didn't, a straight woman would still probably like to have sex with a hot
piece of ass like Julie.

"Slave Mary Beth you find Slave Saint extremely attractive, the most
attractive person you have ever seen next to me," said Bill. "You desperately
want to have sex with her, you are totally turned on by her."

"Yes...Master," said Mary Beth with a glint in her eye that told Bill she did
not need much encouragement to have girl-girl sex with Julie.

"Slave Saint, you find Slave Mary Beth extremely attractive, basically she is
the best looking woman you have every saw. You are really horny and can not
wait to have sex with her."

"Yes, master, right away," said Julie as she grabbed Mary Beth's wrist and
quickly yanked her back to the bedroom.

Julie threw Mary Beth on the bed and quickly jumped on top of her.

She began passionately French kissing Mary Beth, jamming her tongue deep into
Mary Beth's throat. Mary Beth moaned her approval as Julie began to move her
hands down and rub her breasts.

"Ohh, your breasts are so cute and tasty," said Julie as she unwound her
tongue from Mary Beth's and began suckling on the nipple of one of her
breasts, while her other hand circled Mary Beth's pink areolas and was
pinching the nipple.

Mary Beth's mind was exploding with sexual pleasure. Having sex with Julie
had been one of her secret fantasies and now that it was happening it felt
as great as she hoped it would be.

"Oh, my, oh, my, yes Saint, yes Saint, be brutal, be nasty, don't stop, don't
stop...oh, oh, oh," moaned Mary Beth as Julie's expert tonguework was putting
her in ecstasy.

Mary Beth's hips suddenly bucked and she let out a loud shriek as a massive
orgasm ripped through her body. Julie then went down and began lapping at
the juice pouring out of her pussy and that turned on Mary Beth quickly again
and she soon had another orgasm, her pussy pouring liquid all over Julie's
face as she continued eating out Mary Beth's box.

Bill marveled at how Julie showed the same determination and fury having
lesbian sex as she showed on the court. He lay on the sofa near the bed and
jacked off with pleasure watching his two nubile teen slaves having sex.

After her second orgasm, Mary Beth lay on the bed with a vacant stare,
totally drained from the massive orgasms Julie's lesbian expertise had
inflicted on her, but Julie was not done.

"OK, Slave Mary Beth, my turn now," said Julie as she grabbed Mary Beth's
head and shoved it right to her pussy.

Mary Beth had no experience with girl on girl sex but she was catching on

She began lapping at Julie's clit and Julie now moaned her approval. Mary
Beth was soon hit with a geyser of pussy juice as Julie orgasmed. She found
she liked the taste and began licking up every drop she could get her tongue
on, which caused Julie to get excited quickly again.

As Julie and Mary Beth continued what was turning into a marathon
carpet-munching session, Bill lay there with a big smile on his face as he
found that the study was right, he was totally turned on by his up close look
at lesbian lovemaking.

He now had the best of both worlds, when he wanted to have sex with a woman
Slave Mary Beth would be there and, when he wanted to relax a bit,
star-spangled Slave Saint would be available to watch in a lesbian lickdown

* * *

All the colleges after Julie Connor were told she would only meet with female
coaches and they would always end the recruiting trip now at Bill Simmons

He would not be there (as far as the coaches could tell, as he arranged a
two-way mirror in the room next to the bedroom for himself to watch) but the
coach would soon forget wondering where the owner of the house was as Julie
would quickly seduce them and they would be rolling around the bed eating
each other out.

Sometimes, Mary Beth would be there as Julie 's "friend' and a lesbian
threesome would develop. Bill could see Mary Beth had definitely become
bisexual as she entered sexual relations with Julie and all the different
coaches with glee.

Except for sex, Bill found Julie to now be as deeply under his control as
Mary Beth as all his hard work was paying off.

But Bill soon found out Kristy Ford, Mary Beth's and Julie's best friend,
was starting to poke around and ask questions about her pals new behavior
and he knew she would have to be dealt with if his ultimate plan was to work.

And he knew just how to deal with the buxom redhead, he had room for another
plate at his dinner table.

(to be continued)


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