Hang Time: Hoop Harem Part 3 (Ff, M-mast, voy, mc)
by Rinky Dink ([email protected])

It has been a few weeks since Deering High assistant basketball coach Bill
Simmons has turned star player Julie Connor and team manager Mary Beth
Pepperton, now known as Slave Saint and Slave Mary Beth to him, into his
personal sex slaves. His plan is working perfectly and the girls are
enjoying their new life as slaves as well but a redheaded fly might be
coming into his ointment named Kristy Ford.

Julie Connor looked forward to lunch now more than ever.

It was the one time during the school day she didn't have to pretend to be
someone she no longer was. Like a caterpillar who had turned into a
butterfly, she considered "Julie Connor" an old skin she had shed long ago,
back in the bad old days before Master had taken over her mind and turned
her into Slave Saint.

At lunch, Julie sat next to her good friend and now frequent sex partner
Slave Mary Beth, still known as Mary Beth Pepperton to outsiders. Each had a
carton of skim milk and a salad as they wanted to keep their figures trim
for their master.

"Slave Mary Beth, I don't think I ever thanked you properly for helping me
surrender my mind and will to master," said Julie. "I fought so hard against
it but you were a real trooper and hung in there to convince me to give up
and submit to master's will."

"That's OK, that's what friends are for," said Mary Beth, who was wearing a
pink belly shirt and a black micro mini-skirt as at the end of lunch she was
going to Simmons' office to have their regular noon sex session. "I was so
happy that master had enslaved me and I didn't want you to miss out on all
the joy of master's control."

"Every day since master has turned me into Slave Saint has been wonderful,"
said Julie. "Now it's just schoolwork, basketball and sex with women. My
life is so simple and wonderful. I can't believe how many women master has
had me have sex with. It's great. All I want to do is have sex with women."

"Including sex with me," said Mary Beth with a wink. "Deep in my soul I
always wanted to sleep with you but I never would have acted upon it if
master hadn't taken over me. Who knew I was bisexual, and it's all thanks to

"Yeah, it's a shame I'll have to stop having sex with all the college
coaches recruiting me soon because master said he got the UCLA job, so I'll
have to sign with them pretty soon," said Julie, sucking down her milk.

"That's too bad, but you can have more sex with me Slave Saint," said Mary
Beth. "And I'm going to UCLA too, per masters instructions. so we can be sex
partners there too."

"Thanks, Slave Mary Beth, that'll help because once you get used to eating a
lot of pussy, it's tough to cut back," said Julie. "And master said he is
going to hire the best looking lesbian coaches as his assistants so I can
have sex with them too and he can enjoy watching."

As the pair of teen sex slaves gossiped like two regular schoolgirls about
their new enslaved lifestyles, just like they were talking about a sale at
the mall, a buxom redhead with a perky manner came bounding toward them with
a tray of food.

"Hey guys, what's up, I haven't seen you in a while," said Kristy Ford as
she sat right inbetween Julie and Mary Beth as if she were their best friend
- which she thought she was.

As head cheerleader, Kristy was at all of Deering's basketball games and had
become close friends with Julie and Mary Beth, the only girls affiliated with
the boys basketball team that Kristy cheered for.

Kristy had a friendly, freckled face and also had large breasts and a curvy
figure. Although a bit too cutesy-poo for some, frequently using words like
"Ewww!!" and "Ick!", Kristy was actually extremely intelligent and her grades
were among the highest at Deering.

"Oh, Hi Kristy, sorry we've been so busy with Julie's college recruiting,"
said Mary Beth as she shot a look at Julie. They both knew they would have to
go back into "public" mode now and pretend to be Julie Connor and Mary Beth
Pepperton again.

"Well, I'm being recruited by Harvard, MIT and Stanford for academics so I
know a little bit about that stuff, I could help," said Kristy perkily.

"Well, it's pretty much done now Kristy, but thanks for offering," said Julie
who knew Kristy had once been a trusted pal but now that she was Slave Saint
had no role in her new life, as of now.

"Oh, OK, well, we haven't done anything together in a while, we could go to
the mall and look at clothes for college or something," said Kristy

"Sure, one of these days," said Mary Beth half-heartedly. "Yeah, I'll give
you a call to set it up sometime soon," said Julie with no emotion.

Kristy was plenty smart enough to know when she was not wanted. She quietly
left and went to another table, still mystified why her best friends all of
a sudden were totally ignoring her.

* * *

Kristy Ford's mystification continued to grow as events unfolded over the
next few weeks.

UCLA announced that its head women's basketball coach had "resigned to pursue
other opportunities" and named Bill Simmons as the new coach. Julie Connor,
in a press conference shown live on ESPN and CNN, announced she would join
him and play for UCLA.

Mary Beth Pepperton and Simmons then announced they were engaged and that
Mary Beth had already been accepted as a student at UCLA. Kristy then found
out Julie intended to live with Mary Beth and Bill in their Los Angeles home
instead of the athletic dorm with the rest of the players.

Kristy knew enough about sports that an assistant high school coach does not
normally get named to be a head coach at a big college.

She also knew that as of a few weeks beforehand Julie had narrowed her
choices to UConn and Tennessee for college until this sudden development,
and Mary Beth had long dreamed of going to Duke and being reunited with her
old boyfriend Hammer.

And neither had shown previously the slightest personal interest in Bill
Simmons, who for some reason was now the center of their lives.

Kristy thought about going to Coach Katowinski with her concerns but decided
she needed more evidence before doing that.

For a whole week she followed Mary Beth and Julie. Every day after school
she followed them as they headed straight to Bill Simmons house and did not
leave until it was time to go home and get to bed.

Finally, curiosity got to her and Kristy crept up to the house and peered
into the window. She couldn't believe what she saw.

In the bedroom was Mary Beth and Julie having sex with each other. They were
howling with lesbian lust as they were in the "69" position as Kristy could
see their tongues flicking in and out of the other's pussy.

She thought for a second she saw Bill Simmons laying on a nearby sofa jacking
off but she was so hypnotized at the sight of her close friends screwing each
other that, by the time she looked again, the sofa was empty.

"Ick, Julie and Mary Beth are lesbian lovers? This makes no sense," thought
Kristy as she wracked her super-smart brain for a plausible answer. "Mary
Beth is marrying Bill Simmons, why would she have sex with Julie? And why
would her fiancee' encourage it?

"There is something really funny going on and I'm going to find out what.
I'll see Coach Katowinski tomorrow and then..."


All of a sudden, Kristy felt a damp cloth across her nose and face. A strong
arm reached across her chest and pinned her arms back.

Kristy could not move but as she gulped large draughts of air she felt an
odd smell to it. She didn't know what to make of it, and she little time to
think about what was occurring as her head began to spin and her eyes began
to roll back into her head.

Finally, Kristy lost consciousness and her body became limp. Bill Simmons
put the chloroformed-soaked cloth back in his pocket and slung the shapely
redhead over his shoulder and carried her back into the house.

Little did Kristy know that her window watching of Julie and Mary Beth
eating each other out would be the last act of free will she would have.

* * *

As Bill Simmons lay the unconscious body of Kristy Ford on the couch, he
could here Mary Beth and Julie shrieking as they had simultaneous orgasms in
the bedroom, "Damn," thought Bill. "I'd like to have seen that."

Covered in sweat and each other's cum, Mary Beth and Julie padded out of
the bedroom to take a shower together where they could clean up and still
continue their lovemaking. They immediately noticed Kristy in slumber on the
couch and Bill standing over her.

"Master, why is Kristy here," said Mary Beth.

"I caught her snooping outside," said Bill. "She was watching us in the
bedroom while we were, ah, doing our thing, so I slipped outside and
chloroformed her."

"Well, what are you doing to do to her," said Julie with a note of concern
in her voice.

"I don't know exactly," said Bill. "We can't leave here with her memory
intact. She knows too much. I think I'll hypnotize and drug her and make her
want to be a cloistered nun. Then she will be away from us forever."

"Oh, no!," exclaimed Julie. "Why don't you enslave her like you did me and
Slave Mary Beth. It would be so wonderful if you controlled her mind and body

"Why do you care so much what happens to this cheerleader, she's not part of
our world," said Bill, worried something about Kristy was corrupting Julie's
slave programming. Julie had never questioned any act of Bill's before.

"Yeah, I mean, she was my friend too but who cares about Kristy anymore, she
is part of my past, my awful past before master took me over," said Mary

Julie licked her full red lips before speaking.

"Well, master, ah, remember when you first discovered I was gay and I told
you I had a girlfriend," she said. "Well, ah, you see. Oh hell, Kristy is my

Both Bill and Mary Beth's eyes got wide, they could have been knocked over
with a feather. Kristy, the straightest arrow in all of Deering High, was
Julie's lesbian lover?

"Geez, I was your and Kristy's best friend, we went everywhere together, we
were inseparable," said Mary Beth finally. "How the hell did you hide this
from me!"

Julie bent her head and talked in quiet tones.

"Well, when I came back from camp I knew I was a lesbian and when I broke up
with Michael, Kristy was really concerned and she would stay after practice
to see if I was OK. You almost never come to practice Mary Beth since it's
all that boring X's and O's stuff you don't care about but Kristy was there
practicing with the cheerleading squad.

"Anyhow, after practice we would hug and Kristy would let me put my head on
her shoulder. I was of course really fine with breaking up with Michael but
her thinking I was upset was getting me close to a hottie like her so I went
with it.

"Finally, one day I decided to make my move, there is just so long I can
pretend being hurt over breaking up with a GUY. So I lifted my head off her
shoulder and gave her a kiss. She was surprised but she didn't run away. I
then gave her a long, deep passionate kiss.

"She got up and asked what the heck I was doing. I explained to her what
happened at camp, and that I no longer wanted to be just friends with her. I
wanted to date her. I told her I would understand if she never talked to me
again but I couldn't change my feelings for her. I wanted her to be my
girlfriend, not a girl friend.

"She asked for a couple days to think about it. Anyhow, two days later I'm
in the girls locker room showering after practice and suddenly these two
freckled arms come across me and start fondling my breasts. I turn around
and there is Kristy, naked and with a big smile on her face. "She said "OK,
let's do it" and we made love right there on the shower floor.

"Since that day, until master was wonderful enough to turn me into Slave
Saint, Kristy and I have been a couple, but a discreet one for obvious
reasons. We kept it so quiet even you didn't know Slave Mary Beth."

Bill and Mary Beth looked at each other, both too shell-shocked from Julie's
tale of the lesbian conversion of the head cheerleader to know what to say,
but Julie did.

"Anyhow, that's why I have some feeling for her master," Julie said. "I will
obey anything you decide as I live for your control but if my girlfriend
could be enslaved and know the pleasure of having her mind and will taken
over and becoming your sex puppet. It would be so wonderful."

Bill pondered his options. Kristy was a hot piece of ass and watching her
have sex with Julie, and have sex with her himself, was a pleasant thought.

However, he knew that would complicate things. There are just so many
hot-looking girls he could enslave and change their lives suddenly without
someone getting suspicious.

He probably would have stayed with the cloistered nun bit but he saw the look
in Julie's eyes.

As deeply enslaved to his commands as she was, he knew something like this
might make her go back to fighting her programming, and Julie was his prize,
his ticket to big-time college coaching plus the girl he truly had a hard-on

"OK, for you Slave Saint I will not make Kristy a nun but I can't enslave
her either, too many people would notice her sudden change in life plans
right on the heels of both of you changing your plans," said Bill. "But I do
have something in store for her that I think will please you.

"As a matter of fact, you and Slave Mary Beth can do the programming, just
like when you convinced the old UCLA coach she was better off quitting and
joining the army."

After Bill told both of them the plan, Julie's eyes glistened with happiness
and approval.

"Oh thank you master," said Julie. "You are such a great and kind master. I
am so glad to serve someone like you."

The unconscious Kristy Ford, her massive chest going up and down in a steady
form as she lay on the couch, didn't have much say in the matter.

* * *

Bill injected the powerful mind control drug into Kristy's arm and then had
Kristy drink a liquid with a heavy dose of mind relaxants while the
chloroform still knocked her out.

Julie cooked a dinner and Mary Beth set the dinner table for three.

Before he left, Bill put the swirling lights on, warned Mary Beth and Julie
not to look at them so they would not be entranced, and carried Kristy's body
to the table and dropped the redhead in the seat directly opposite the lights
and gave her a whiff of smelling salts.

As Kristy's eyes opened she felt like her head was encased in a fog. As the
fog slowly lifted, she remembered she had been outside Bill Simmons house
watching Julie and Mary Beth have sex when the lights went out in her head.

She noticed that she was at a table, food was in front of her, and Julie and
Mary Beth were sitting on either side of her.

"Wha...What the heck happened, where am I, what are we doing?," said the
dazed Kristy, her bloodstream filled with chloroform and various mind control

"Forget how you got here," said Julie, which Kristy instantly did, "the
important thing is why you're here."

"OK, why the heck am I here," said Kristy.

"Eat, relax, look at the pretty lights over there, and we'll explain," said
Mary Beth who was pleased as Kristy began digging in to the pasta Julie had

"Mary Beth knows we're dating, and she has the same concern I do about you,"
said Julie.

"Why my girlfriend for the last three weeks has barely seen me, I hope
someone is concerned about that," said Kristy with a note of disappointment.

"That's going to change Kristy, if you listen to us," said Julie. "You just
need to relax. Relax Kristy. Look at the swirling lights. I've found them
relaxing. Everything will be great between us if you just relax. Relax and
be happy. Look at the lights and relax and be happy."

Hungry after the all the sex they had that Kristy had observed, Julie and
Mary Beth chowed down, confident the drugs and lights would do the trick and
hypnotize their best friend.

Kristy's eyes quickly went glassy and she soon stopped eating. She just sat
there staring at the lights. Finally, the fork fell out of her hand and the
loud clang it made when it hit the floor signaled to Julie and Mary Beth
that dinner was finished, and programming Kristy's brain was their desert.

"Kristy, can you hear me?" said Julie.

"Yes," Kristy barely whispered as she concentrated on looking at the lights.

"Do you trust me Kristy?" said Julie.


"Do you love me?"


"If you love me, truly love me, you'll listen to what I and Mary Beth have
to say and do exactly what we tell you to do."

"Do.. what you tell me to do," said the entranced cheerleader.

"Kristy, you haven't seen Julie or me lately because we have different
priorities now," said Mary Beth. "We've realized the most important thing in
life is enjoying people sexually. Basketball, studies, everything else is
secondary to having sex with as many people, men or women in my case, as you

"We know you are into academics and, to be honest, that's a low priority for
us. What does studying get you, a bigger office in a bigger office building.
Who cares? Why waste all that time when you could be having sex and having
lots of fun with people."

"Exactly," said Julie. "We had a great time every time we had sex Kristy,
Right? So why do it once in a while when we can do what gives us the most
pleasure all the time. We like to have Bill Simmons watch us have sex
because he is the best looking man in the world but that's just our

"So Kristy, this is what we want you to do from now on and you can be our
best friend again and hang out with me and Mary Beth"

"First," said Mary Beth. "Know the most important thing in your life is sex.
Man, woman, doesn't matter. Getting good grades is nice but your body is a
vessel for sex and must be satisfied at all times."

"Second," said Julie. "You know in your head that Bill Simmons is the best
looking guy you could possibly meet but what you do about it is strictly up
to you but you do realize he is the most incredible looking guy on the
planet and you could think of nothing but positive things about him.

"Also, although we are a couple, we both feel a need to experiment with
different sex partners and you have no problem sleeping with other people
and you do not get jealous if I have sex with other women."

"Repeat your instructions," said Mary Beth.

"I love sex...nothing more important than sex," said the catatonic Kristy.
"Bill Simmons is great looking, nothing bad about him. No problem with me
and Julie sleeping with other people."

After a little fine-tuning of Kristy's brain, they wanted her to call them
by their real names, Slave Saint and Slave Mary Beth when they were alone,
Julie and Mary Beth looked at each other and smiled. Their brainwashing of
their best friend had gone extremely well.

Since they had implanted just two simple instructions into Kristy's mind,
that she really was into sex and that Bill was a perfect super-hunk, there
was no need for further programming sessions unlike the long enslaving
process each of them had gone through.

Julie switched off the swirling lights and had Kristy count to three.

"Hey, this is good pasta Slave Saint," said Kristy in her perkiest voice.
"but could you warm it up a bit, it looks like it got cold rather quick."

* * *

As Kristy Ford filled out her application for Yale, she smiled a bit when
she came to the line that said "Special Attributes:" She wrote in "Bisexual
tramp" but quickly erased it, even though she knew it was true.

Since that wonderful dinner at Bill Simmons house, where her best friends
Slave Saint and Slave Mary Beth had opened her eyes about having a healthy
appetite for sex, her life had gone topsy-turvy.

Most nights Kristy had spent studying, now she usually went with her
girlfriend Slave Saint on a double date with Slave Mary Beth and her fiancee'
Bill Simmons. The date usually ended at Simmons house where Kristy would have
sex with Julie and usually Bill and even sometimes Mary Beth as well.

She was glad her and Julie, oops, Slave Saint, had such an open relationship.
Simmons was such a stud, why hadn't she noticed it before? And she loved
having a chance to have sex with him. It was cute to frolic in bed with Mary
Beth too but that gorgeous Bill Simmons was the main reason she always agreed
to a double date instead of being alone with her lesbian lover.

Simmons was such a great guy, thought Kristy, he had even figured out a way
for her to keep her grades up despite no longer spending much time studying.
He had told her that both her female math and science teachers were lesbians
and would do anything to get inside her panties.

She wore "Daisy Duke" shorts and a revealing white halter top one day and
met with her teachers after school about her grades having gone down lately.

Ms. Grady, the science teacher, stared at Kristy's luscious hooters as she
talked about Kristy's studying harder. Kristy slowly took Ms. Grady's head
and pushed it into her cleavage. She soon was suckling Kristy's boobs and
made an appointment to meet at her place at 7.

With one down and one to go, Kristy went to see Ms. Shaw. A 40-ish small
mousy women who got little action either way. This was a slam dunk as in a
matter of minutes she had pulled Kristy's shorts off and was happily lapping
at her clit.

Kristy's grade point average actually WENT UP this semester as compared to
the previous grading period, when she had actually studied.

What a great guy Bill Simmons was, how lucky Slave Mary Beth was to be
getting married to him Kristy thought as she went to the college guidance
office to drop off her application to the one college she finally decided
she wanted to attend:

It was an entrance application for UCLA. Where it said check off if student
needed housing, Kristy had checked off "will live off campus."

Bill Simmons had hit the trifecta.

(To be continued)


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