Due to sexual situations no one under 18 should read this. This story is
entirely fiction and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.
Thanks to Anynon for borrowing a couple of his characters and a bit of his

Hang Time: Hoop Harem - Part 4 (FF,voy,mc)
by Rinky Dink ([email protected])

In a few months Bill Simmons knew he would be in nirvana, both personally
and professionally, and he couldn't wait for the school year to end at
Deering High.

He would be the head women's basketball coach at UCLA, a heck of a step up
from being the assistant coach at Deering, a little school in Indiana.

In his personal life, he would be married soon to cute 18-year-old Mary Beth
Pepperton, who was worth millions, and he would have the top player in the
country, the beautiful long-legged blonde Julie Connor of Deering not only
playing on his team but seducing the team's hot-looking assistant coaches
and players, all personally selected by Bill, for lascivious lesbian orgies
that Bill could watch for his personal enjoyment at his house.

To make things even better, Mary Beth and Julie were in reality Bill's
mind-controlled slaves, totally subservient to his will. In their minds,
their names weren't even Julie and Mary Beth anymore, but Slave Mary Beth
and Slave Saint now.

To put the cherry on top, Julie's lesbian girlfriend, buxom redhead Kristy
Ford, the head cheerleader at Deering, had been influenced to become obsessed
with having sex and to think of Bill as a super-stud.

On her own Kristy decided to enroll at UCLA and Bill had graciously told her
she could share a room with Julie at his house. Besides the entertainment of
those two going at it, the thought of gorgeous college cheerleaders being
lured to the house by Kristy for orgies delighted Simmons.

Everything was Jim Dandy fine with Bill Simmons life... until that fateful
day in the malt shop.

* * *

Bill, Mary Beth, Julie and Kristy were in the Deering Mall soda shop sucking
on some milk shakes before heading to the movie theater for their normal
Friday night double date.

After the movies they would head to Simmons' house where Mary Beth and Kristy
would make sure Bill got some head while Julie, a hard-core dyke, would
frolic with both of the girls.

Suddenly, the room seemed to stop, as a nubile blonde walking into the shop.

She was about 5-foot-5 with natural long blonde hair and an incredibly tanned
fit body, and the lass obviously did not mind flaunting it.

She was wearing faded low-slung jeans barely making it up to her lower hips,
maybe an inch above where her pubic area was Bill estimated, and a tight
bippie top that made sure her flat stomach and ample chest were fully on

Besides her good looks, the girl, maybe 18, seemed to exude raw sexual energy
with every swivel of her hips as she took a seat at the counter and threw her
tote bag down.

"Who the heck is that," said Simmons with a note of wonder in his voice.

In unison, as if from a prepared script, Mary Beth, Julie and Kristy all
said: "That's Brittany Fields... the tramp."

"I guess you girls know her then," said Bill.

"Yeah, Eww! I can't stand that she's on the cheerleading squad with me,"
said Kristy making a face. "She is such a slut. She gives all the other
cheerleaders a bad name with all her sleeping around."

"I heard the only person on the football team not to sleep with her is the
mascot," said Julie.

"Yeah, Brittany makes the girls who are easy at school look like nuns by
comparison," said Mary Beth.

Young, beautiful and slutty, Brittany was sounding like the perfect girl in
Bill's eyes.

"Pardon me for saying Kristy but since you and Brittany are on the
cheerleading squad and you're now really into having sex too, why aren't you
friends with her?" he said.

Kristy looked at him like he just told her she had cooties.

"I may have sex a lot but I'm very selective with who I do it with, make sure
they're proper," said Kristy. "I'll have sex 10 times a day with three people
I know but Brittany would have sex 10 times with 10 different people and not
care who the 10 people were.

"She's just low-rent trash."

"The thing is, she didn't have to turn out a cheap tramp," said Julie. "Her
sister Cynthia is so-o-o-o nice."

"Yeah, I know," chimed in Mary Beth. "It's amazing that they are identical
twins and Cynthia is so sweet and quiet and is totally loyal to her
boyfriend, and her sister is such a floozy."

"Cynthia is in all my advanced classes, she's great," added Kristy.

Bill didn't hear the last part of his harem's conversation as he was busy
watching Brittany giggle and move her hips to the music playing on the
jukebox, he decided Brittany Fields was definitely trash he wanted to pick
up... but how?

As it turned out, Brittany quickly took care of that problem herself.

As she eyed the room, she saw Bill's table and hopped off the stool. Brittany
slinked her way to them as boys around the shop stared with their tongues
hanging out at the teen sexpot.

"Hey Kristy, I was hoping you would be here," said Brittany in a breathy but
strong voice that turned Bill on even more. "Ms. Wilson (the cheerleading
squad's sponsor) says she needs to see you right away. Something about the
equipment not being all accounted for."

"Since you won't be around next year, and I will, we wouldn't any scandal
involving Deering's cheerleaders being your legacy now would we."

"Well thanks Brittany for the heads up," said Kristy through clenched teeth,
knowing Brittany thoroughly enjoyed delivering this bit of bad news. "I'll
go there right away."

"Ms. Wilson said she will be behind the bleachers counting the equipment all
afternoon so you can go right there," said Brittany with a smile as she then
turned and headed back to her spot on the counter.

"I'll catch up with you guys later at the movies," said Kristy with a sigh
to the group as she gathered her things and got up.

As soon as Kristy left the restaurant, Brittany's eyes suddenly became
unfocused and glassy. Of course, no one noticed as everyone was looking at
her spectacular body, not her face. She slowly reached in her tote bag and
pulled out a cell phone.

When her call was answered she simply said, "She's coming," and after
listening briefly to the person on the other line, said, "Yes," got up and
left the shop without ordering a thing.

As soon as she reached home and put her sister's clothes back where they
belonged, Cynthia Fields would snap back to normalcy and not remember she
even left her room the past few hours.

* * *

As she went to the football stadium, Kristy wished she had time to go home
and change but knew Ms. Wilson would be mad if she were late. She was wearing
her "whore slut" clothes for her date, red micro-miniskirt and pink cut-off
halter top, instead of her normal wholesome school fare.

As she walked behind the bleachers Kristy became mystified. "What was
Brittany talking about?" she thought as there was nothing but grass and some
trash and no sign of Ms. Wilson, or anybody else, as school had long since
been over.

Suddenly, a man appeared from behind one of the columns and walked right up
to a surprised Kristy.

"Hi, Kristy, I'm the one your looking for," he said. "This is what Ms. Wilson
wanted you to see." As the man then held up a bright medallion and it began
spinning in front of her face...

...Hank the Hypnotist made a comfortable living as the only hypnotherapist in
town but his true passion, so to speak, was entrancing beautiful women for
sexual purposes. Most of the time it was to have sex with him but he liked
to experiment once in a while.

By a couple of lucky breaks, he had hypnotized both of the beautiful Fields
sisters and whenever he said the words "Twin Trance Time" to either one of
them they instantly went into a trance and began doing his bidding.

Cynthia had been programmed to think she was Brittany and head to the malt
shop to lure Kristy, as Hank needed the real Brittany at the bleachers.

This was one of his "fun" experiments. He thought Brittany had been
exhibiting some lesbian tendencies recently and he decided to find out if
she really was into girls.

He knew Brittany and Kristy hated each other but he also knew Kristy was a
hottie with a reputation as the most uptight girl in school, so Hank decided
it would be even more fun if Brittany made out with her virginal arch-rival
on the cheerleading squad.

As Brittany Fields stood there like a statue with a glazed look on her face
awaiting instructions, Hank was finishing up the entrancement of Kristy, who
stood in front of Hank with half-closed eyes, completely glassy as the
medallion spun in front of her face.

"Watch it spin and shine Kristy, relax as it spins and shines, spins and
shines. You are getting more relaxed the more the medallion spins Kristy.
Watch it spin and relax. Spin and relax, you feel so wonderful as you watch
it spin and shine Kristy. So wonderful, so relaxed, as it spins and shines.
You love it so much as it spins and shines and you feel so relaxed, so
wonderful. So relaxed, so wonderful as you keep watching Kristy. The more
you watch the more relaxed as you watch it spin and shine, spin and shine,
so relaxed now Kristy."

Hank motioned with his free hand for Brittany to come over. Wearing just a
t-shirt and shorts, Brittany had been lounging at home listening to records
when Hank had zapped her this time, the gorgeous blonde robotically shuffled
towards the pair.

"You're so tired Kristy, so relaxed and tired," said Hank."All you can think
about is how wonderful you feel but you are also so tired. Wonderful, relaxed
and tired. So wonderful, so relaxed Kristy. Why don't you close your tired,
tired eyes Kristy. Close your eyes and enjoy being so relaxed and wonderful.

"Close, Close those so very tired eyes Kristy."

Kristy's eyelids fluttered for a moment but quickly folded down and her eyes
were completely shut.. She was totally in Hank's power now and he was pleased
that Kristy, who he thought was such a total square, had for some reason on a
really sexy outfit, better for what he planned for the big-busted redhead.

"Kristy, can you here me?" Hank said in his well-practiced commanding tone.


"How do you feel?"

"Relaxed and wonderful."

"That's great Kristy, now listen closely," said Hank. "You love feeling this
way, Kristy, you love this feeling and will do anything to keep feeling this
way. Nothing is more important to you, not family or friends, nothing is more
important than being able to keep feeling like this and being able to keep
feeling like this?

"I'm the one who made you feel this way, so you will do anything I say
Kristy, do you understand?"

"Yes, I will do anything you say," said Kristy in a soft whisper.

"Good, good, now Kristy, I would like you to have sex with Brittany Fields
here. I want you to make lesbian love to Brittany right here, right now. You
want to make love to her, Kristy, you really, really want to make out with
Brittany. Do it... now."

Hank then quickly turned to his other hypnotized "subject" the blondiful
Brittany Fields.

"Brittany, it's lesbian time."

Brittany's eyes suddenly became clear and her slack body straightned up. She
had a smile come across her face as she looked at Kristy but she didn't have
much time for anything else as Kristy Ford, the girl who had considered
Brittany Fields low-rent trash just a little while earlier, was jamming her
tongue down her throat.

Hank was shocked at he observed the girl-girl sex action.

Brittany he knew had little, if any, experience with women and he had assumed
Kristy had no experience with sex at all and had figured he would have to
tell the girls what to do. But as it turned out he could have brought a chair
and some popcorn to watch the show as Kristy needed no guidance it seemed on
how to eat out a woman.

First, Kristy forced Brittany down to the ground and French kissed her with
great passion. She then pulled off Brittany's t-shirt and unsnapped her bra
in quick succession and after whipping off her own clothes began fondling
Brittany's large, creamy breasts as she continued to work her tongue inside
Brittany's mouth.

Brittany moaned her approval as Kristy unwound her tongue from her mouth and
began kissing down her body, idling by her breasts as Kristy suckled each
perfect round globe one at a time for a while.

Kristy finally made her way down to Brittany's nether regions and began
lapping at her clit and put two fingers in her slit. Hank was impressed with
Kristy's skill as he could see Brittany was writhing in pure joy. If Brittany
had not been a bisexual before, Kristy's expert carpet licking was turning
her into one now.

Brittany continued to pant louder and louder until her back arched slightly
and she let out a yell as she orgasmed. Kristy hungrily lapped at the cum
surrounding Brittany's totally-shaved pussy and suddenly her hips bucked as
she orgasmed, her cum pouring onto Brittany's fine breasts.

Seeing this, Kristy turned around and began lapping at Brittany's breasts for
the cum. She also grabbed Brittany's hand and jammed two of her fingers into
Kristy's still sopping wet cunt. Brittany figured out what to do quickly and
began pumping away while Kristy's began to lick away at Brittany's breasts.

The rival cheerleaders, now locked in sexual bliss, orgamsed almost
simultaneously, the shouts of lesbian lust even louder this time.

Hank figured they were now fully satisfied sexually after two orgasms and
Brittany looked totally wiped out. But Kristy grabbed Brittany's limp body
and flipped her over and began lapping her asshole.

"Geez, she's giving her anal!!," thought Hank. "This is the most moral girl
in school? Brittany and Cynthia had said she was virtually a nun."

Hank would have let the teenage lesbian love show continue but he could see
Brittany's gas tank was empty and he was worried someone might have heard
the screaming and come to investigate.

"Brittany, Kristy, you are done with having sex," he commanded. "Get

He noted Brittany got up quickly and began putting what clothes she had back
on while Kristy sighed her disappointment first before putting her stuff on
again. Hank noted that Kristy was not wearing a bra or panties.

Kristy had definitely not come as advertised and he was going to find out
why. First he had to dispatch his other thrall.

"Brittany, you will walk straight home and as soon as you enter the house
you'll wake up and won't remember meeting me, Kristy or anything that has
happened here. As far as you know, you just woke up from a nap."

"I understand," said Brittany in a flat voice and she mechanically began
leaving the area.

"OK, now Kristy, you are to be totally truthful with me. I was told you
were the chairperson of the Students for Abstinence at Deering," said Hank.
"Something tells me after this performance that you might not be a virgin."

"," said Kristy with a bit of a mischievous grin. "I quietly
resigned that post and gave it to a junior about a month ago. I had this
dinner with my best friends Slave Saint and Slave Mary Beth that kind of
opened my eyes about sex. They told me they were having a lot of sex and
it was fun and there was no reason to wait so I plunged in, sort of, and
been having a lot of sex since. And they were right, it is fun. A lot of

Kristy had been programmed to only call Julie and Mary Beth by their new
names only when they were alone or with Bill Simmons. However, now in Hank's
power, she was told to be totally honest and these really were their names

"Excuse me, did you say your best friends first names are both Slave?" asked

"Yeah, they used to be known as Julie Connor and Mary Beth Pepperton but when
I'm around them or with Mary Beth's fiancee' Bill Simmons they want to be
called Slave Saint and Slave Mary Beth. They say they are more confortable
with it because it reflects who they are now.

"I don't know why they changed their names but they are my friends so I call
them that."

"Tell me more about this dinner where Julie…I mean Slave Saint and Slave
Mary Beth opened your eyes about sex," said Hank who was genuinely intrigued
as a hypnosis professional at this point as obviously some form of mind
control was in action here, with Kristy being the least effected for some
reason. "Were there any details you can remember that made it different than
any regular dinner you've had with them."

"Not really," said Kristy. "It was at Bill Simmons house. He wasn't there but
I didn't think that was a big deal since he is engaged to Mary Beth. For some
reason, my left arm hurt, like it had been pricked by something, but it went
away after awhile.

"It was a pretty nice setup. They even had this nice light show on the wall
with all these different colored lights mixing all over the place. They said
the lights were in a pattern but I looked at it for a long time and I never
could figure it out."

"Did you have this sex talk before or after you noticed the lights," said

"Oh, after," said Kristy. "I didn't think we talked that long but we must
have because my dinner was stone cold when we finished and Slave Saint had
to reheat it. We did talk a lot about how good looking Bill Simmons was. He
is such a hunk! And that may have extended the talk a bit."

Although Kristy had been brainwashed by Julie and Mary Beth to forget the
sordid details of her hypnotizing "dinner", even the filtered version she
remembered was enough for a pro like Hank to piece things together.

"Will you see either of those girls tomorrow Kristy?" asked Hank.

"Yeah...Oh, I forgot to tell you, Slave Saint is my girlfriend, we've been
dating for a while, even back when she was Julie Connor," said Kristy
sheepishly. "I know I should have resigned as head of Students for Abstinence
then but as long as we didn't use a dildo and my hymen was intact I figured
technically I was still a virgin, and back then I really believed, for
straight people, abstinence was best.

"Anyhow, we have a date tomorrow night."

"Fine, Kristy, I am going to implant in your mind my office address. You will
bring Slave Saint to that address at 7 p.m. sharp tomorrow," said Hank, his
mind whirring.

"When I take you out of this trance you will remember nothing that has
happened here but you will obey all the instructions I have given and if you
hear my voice and the words "red cheer" you will fall back instantly into
this wonderful, relaxed state you are in.

"Yes, I obey," said Kristy. "Ah, I have one question though sir."

"Yes,." said Hank not used to having a question and answer period with his
hypnotized sex puppets.

"Well, I know Brittany has slept with a lot of guys but it was pretty obvious
just now she has little experience on how to pleasure a woman sexually,"
continued Kristy. "I don't meet Julie until 6 p.m. tomorrow so I have the
whole day free. Could you have Brittany come to my house tomorrow morning
and we can spend the whole day having sex and I'll teach her all the proper
lesbian lovemaking techniques I know."

Hank was a bit bowled over. Even as loose as Brittany Fields was she only
had sex in her trance state when Hank commanded her to. Here was a deeply
entranced Kristy Ford asking for ADDITIONAL sex that Hank had not planned.

"I'll see what I can do Kristy," said Hank finally. "Saturday's are pretty
busy for Brittany normally with guys you know. I don't usually zonk her

"How about Cynthia then, she's awesome," said Kristy, not wanting to waste a
whole day when she could be banging a pretty blonde.

"I'll see," said Hank. "Anyhow, when I snap my fingers you will wake up and
go on your way thinking everything worked out fine."

As Hank watched Kristy's firm round butt sashay in the thin miniskirt as she
walked away, Hank knew he would be busy on Saturday night as well.

(to be continued)


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