Due to sexual situation no one under 18 should read this. This story is
complete fiction and any similarity to real people is unintentional.

Hang Time: Hoop Harem Part 5 (MF,mc)
by Rinky Dink ([email protected])

The request on the face of it was so ludicrous that Hank the Hypnotist wasn't
even going to bother following it up.

The day before, his newly "acquired" hypnotized sex subject, Deering High
head cheerleader Kristy Ford, had been disappointed in the prowess of fellow
cheerleader Brittany Fields when Hank had the two entranced beauties have a
lesbian sex session behind the bleachers of the high school field.

Kristy by reputation was suppose to be the most morally conservative girl at
Deering but Hank found out in reality she might be the trampiest, even more
than Brittany who had the rep as the biggest slut in school.

Kristy had asked Hank if he could order Brittany to have sex with her all
day Saturday to teach her the proper ways of girl-girl sex, and if Brittany
couldn't make it, Kristy wanted her identical twin sister Cynthia, who was
in Kristy's honors classes at Deering, to come over.

Hank knew Brittany would be busy, she usually dated two to three guys at a
time on a normal Saturday.

Cynthia was the direct opposite, although an incredibly beautiful blonde like
her sister, she was quiet and reserved, when not under Hank's control. He
worried if he asked her to do something so way out as have lesbian sex with
one of her classmates she might rebel so much it would shatter his grip over
her mind.

But Hank had a few minutes to kill inbetween morning appointments so he
decided to give it a shot, and dialed the Fields' sisters phone number.

As soon as someone picked it up, he used the trigger phrase "Twin Trance
Time" and waited a few seconds as whoever answered the phone fell back into
their well-practiced trance state, ready to obey Hank.

"Who is this," he asked, besides having the same incredible buxom bodies, the
twins had the same sounding voice.

"Cynthia," said the flat voice on the other end.

"Is Brittany there?"

"No, she's out with Andy, Charlie and Will, for the morning."

"What are your plans for the day?"

"I am doing my trigonometry homework now and then I am going to the library."

As usual, the gorgeous Cynthia was doing nothing on a Saturday but study.

"Well Cynthia, I have someone who wants you to make a change in your busy
schedule," said Hank, now warming a bit to this, although he knew the answer
would be no. "Do you know Kristy Ford?"

"Sure," said Cynthia, her dull monotone tinged with a bit of emotion now.
"Nice girl, very polite. Always well prepared for class."

"Well, I'm not going to sugarcoat this Cynthia. Kristy told me she would like
you to come over to her house as soon as possible and have sex with her,"
said Hank. "Let me make this clear. She doesn't want to study, listen to
records, gossip or go shopping. She wants to have SEX with you, all day, and
teach you how to make love to a woman really well."

"Huh, I didn't know Kristy was into girls," said Cynthia.

"Apparently, Kristy is into girls, boys, dolls, fruit, farm animals,
whatever," said Hank. "But let me emphasize Cynthia that even though you must
obey all of my commands, I am NOT ordering you to sleep with Kristy. You may
make up your own mind on this. It's totally your decision..

"Now, Cynthia do you want to accept Kristy's..."

"Sure, tell her I'll be at her house in a few minutes," said Cynthia quickly,
not even giving Hank a chance to ask the full question. "May I hang up the
phone now so I can get going or do you have orders for me?"

"N..N..No, you may hang up the phone and go," said a stunned Hank. "Uh,..
Oh, when you leave her house after you are done you will remember only that
you had a nice time at Kristy's house and she is someone you want to get to
know better, none of the sex stuff."

"I understand, thank you. Bye," said Cynthia as she quickly hung up the

In all the many times he had hypnotized Cynthia before, and the many sexual
adventures she had experienced under his control, she had never thanked Hank

Hank knew he now had to call Kristy up, re-entrance her and let her know her
wish had come true ... Cynthia Fields was coming for a day-long lesson in
lesbian sex and Kristy would have a very apt pupil.

After he did so, Kristy's voice thrilling when he told her the news, Hank
just put his hands on his chin and shook his head.

"It seems like every good looking girl at Deering High is really a lesbian
nymphomaniac," said Hank to himself. "And I'm suppose to be the weirdo."

* * *

As she walked out of Charlie's house Brittany was in a good mood. The sex had
been especially hot and Brittany had several major orgasms ripple through her
hourglass-figured body.

As she walked the several blocks back home, she remembered particularly when
she had 3-input sex, Will was doing her in her butt, Charlie had his cock
inside her raging slit and she had been sucking on Andy's dick. She flopped
around the bed like a fish in a boat on that orgasm.

The guys had offered to drive her home but Brittany decided to walk. Deering
was a pretty town and it gave her a chance to unwind, and she would enjoy
the ogling of the boys on the street as she was wearing just a thin red
mini-skirt and a tiny white belly shirt around her shapely body.

Suddenly, just as Brittany was rounding the corner to her house, a new black
BMW came out of nowhere and pulled right up to her. Brittany looked in,
hoping it was some rich guy looking to take her for a spin, but instead it
was a girl about her age.

"Hi Brittany, you're just the person I was looking for," said Mary Beth
Pepperton. "Get in the car, it's really important."

Brittany didn't get in right away. Brittany obviously knew who she was, the
richest girl in Deering, but they had no more than a nodding acquaintance.

"Oh hi Mary Beth, what do you want me for," asked Brittany.

"The cheerleading coach of UCLA is visiting Bill Simmons today and they are
looking for future talent," said Mary Beth. "They really like pretty blondes
in California so he told them about you and the coach wants to meet you."

"That's awesome, gee thanks, I was just hoping to get into Deering Community
College when I graduate," said Brittany. "But why would you help me? I know
you're friends with Kristy and, well, were not exactly on the best of terms.
I know she is going to be a cheerleader at UCLA next year and I don't think
she'd be exactly thrilled to see me there."

"Oh, no, Kristy is a team player and she knows you're talented," said Mary
Beth, waving Brittany in. "Bill said he can guarantee she will have no
problem with you being on the team. You'll see."

"OK," said Brittany and she slid in next to Mary Beth. "I must admit, I've
been thinking about Kristy lately anyhow and I would like to patch things up
and be friends with her."

"Excellent," said Mary Beth. "You'll see we are a very friendly group."

* * *

Hank the Hypnotist enjoyed hypnotizing women for sex but he also did not want
to spend 20 years in jail, which is why he was very careful with his harem of
pretty young thralls.

He remembered what his favorite hypnotherapy professor, Dr. Maples, said
about controlling subjects.

"Every person is born with a free will," he said in his winding up lecture.
"You can cover it up, you can stun it, you can fool it for a while but you
can not destroy it. If you do, you will end up eventually with a person who
is either a vegetable or completely insane. A person can not live without
free will.

"The key to control is to have your subject do something they want to do but
don't realize it consciously. That's the key to being a good hypnotist."

Hank then had raised his hand, even then planning on making beautiful women
fall under his spell for sex, to ask Dr. Maples a question.

Hank had followed Dr. Maples guidelines and it had served him well.

He did not tamper with the basic personalities of any of hypnotized subjects.
He just put them in a trance state and made them raging sex maniacs for a
while before wiping their memory clean of what they did and returning them to

Not a single subject had ever become a vegetable or gone nuts, or even said
they had a nightmare about it, so Hank was sure all his subjects really liked
what he did to them and kept recruiting new women to hypnotize.

However, as he looked at the two deeply hypnotized teenage girls in front of
him, he realized someone else in town had no problem in pushing the mind
control envelope.

Kristy brought Julie to Hank's office at 7 exactly, telling her Hank had a
relaxation technique that would help her game.

Hank quickly put Julie in a chair in front of his desk and Kristy sat near
the door.

He then said the trigger phrase 'red cheer" and Kristy's face slackened as
she went immediately into a trance. Hank had her go to sleep and then quickly
put the shiny medallion in front of Julie Connor's chiseled beautiful face.

..."You feel so wonderful Julie, go to sleep, close those tired, tired eyes
Julie," said Hank, sweat pouring off his brow.

Julie's pretty eyelids fluttered a bit but finally they closed. Hank looked
at her rather nice chest and saw that she was breathing in a steady fashion.
He had finally hypnotized Julie Connor. It was now almost 8:30 p.m.

The only woman Hank could think of that took nearly this long for him to
entrance was the fitness instructor at the health club, whom Hank later found
out had just come out of the service and had been a Navy SEAL.

For a slave with no will, Julie had been pretty strong willed about falling
under Hank's power but he finally hoped to find out what the heck was going

"Julie, can you hear me," said Hank.

"Yes," she whispered, her eyes shut.

"Would you rather have me call you Slave Saint?"

"Whatever floats your boat."

"All right, I'll stick with Julie. Julie, you love the way you feel now. You
feel wonderful, right?"

"Yes, wonderful."

"Now Julie. There is a saying that 'the truth will set you free' I want you
to tell the truth and nothing but the truth to whatever question I ask you.
The more truthful the answers the better you feel. Any other instructions to
not remember or not think about anything are to be ignored. Do you understand


For the next hour, Julie went through the whole story, from her drugging, the
lights, Bill's control of her, her refusal to have sex with Bill, of Mary
Beth, their "eye-opening" dinner with Kristy, the UCLA coach, her awakening
to being a lesbian, her seduction of Kristy. Julie did not leave out a single
detail, seemingly delighting in her descent from wholesome All-America girl
into a lesbian sex slave.

Hank took it all in without comment, but before he wrapped things up with
Julie he felt he had to take a shot.

"Julie, you will now have sex with me," he said.

"Can't, sorry, you're a man," she shot back.

It was time to get this lesbian young couple on their way but he had one more
thing he had to find out, and it wasn't info Julie could provide.

"Julie, you will go to sleep and only wake up when I clap my hands. When I do
so, you will remember nothing of what we discussed, you will just feel really
relaxed and glad you came. You will also feel horny, really horny.

"Now, if you ever hear my voice say the words "blonde saint" you will return
to this wonderful state. Do you understand?"


"Now, sleep", said Hank as Julie's head immediately fell to the left, her
long blonde hair cascading towards the floor, fast asleep.

Hank now turned to the perky buxom redheaded teen already sleeping.

"Kristy, open your eyes but you are still asleep, come here immediately," he

Kristy's eyes popped open. She sat up and wiped the drool from her pouty red
lips, she had been asleep almost 2 hours, and came over and sat in a chair
next to Julie, totally oblivious to the fact that her girlfriend was slumped
unconscious in the chair next to her.

"Don't worry, she can't hear us Kristy," said Hank finally glad to get around
to some fun. "Now, how did your "lesson" with Cynthia go today. Give me ALL
the details."

"She really can't hear us?"

"No Kristy, Jul..I mean Slave Saint, is totally knocked out. Can't hear a
thing until I wake her up."

"Well then," said Kristy apprehensively at first but then gaining confidence.
"It was awesome!! Cynthia is so great and she is a very quick learner. The
sex was s-o-o-o-o good. I loved it. We had such a good time. I orgasmed, I
don't know, six or seven times."

"Give me the blow by blow, so to speak, Kristy," said Hank, anxious to hear
how quiet, reserved Cynthia Fields had done as Kristy's lesbian sex student.

"Well, for the first hour we just worked on French kissing and feeling up the
breasts at the same time. Cynthia was a bit nervous at the start so I wanted
to take it slow. Then we went to the clit and the proper way to lick and then
to the vagina and how to work it, both tongue and with fingers. That took a
while, like a couple of hours, Cynthia was really into it at this point, she
loved it when my tongue was in her.

"We then went into the way to do a "69". Cynthia loved it, she orgasmed so
much after we went into the "69" I had to change the sheets, they were so wet
from her. Finally, we got into a bit of anal sex but by then it was getting
late and I had to get ready for my date with Julie so I had to break it off.

"Cynthia didn't take it well. She cried and cried. She said she never wanted
it to stop because it was the best day of her life and didn't want it to end
but I couldn't do anything about it. We had spent about 7 straight hours
having sex, I figured that would be enough for her but it wasn't, but I had
to get going, and I had to save something for tonight with Julie too.

"That's about it. Can you make her come to my house again soon to have more
sex? Please, pretty please with sugar on it. I...I have to have sex with
Cynthia again, particularly now that's she's well-trained in the art of

The image of Kristy and the gorgeous blonde Cynthia licking carpet in
numerous positions was enough to give Hank something to masturbate all night

"Well, we'll see," said Hank. "Anyhow, time to wake up. You will not remember
anything about your time with Cynthia except you had a nice time and hope to
visit her again, but you will remember none of the sex stuff. When I clap my
hands you will break out of this trance and return to normal, except you will
feel really turned on and can't wait to have sex."

Hank then clapped his hands.

Julie's head snapped up and Kristy's face went from slack to normal. They
then looked at each other like a pair of hungry lionesses. For kicks, Hank
had decided to make them desperately want to have sex when he took them out
of their respective trances.

"Ah, thanks, it really helped, I feel very relaxed," said Julie. "Maybe we
can do it again some time. Talk to Kristy, she knows my schedule."

"I'll talk to you later about it," said Kristy shakily, barely able to stop
from attacking Julie and ripping her clothes off right then and there. "But
me and Julie REALLY got to go now."

After the girls left, Hank cleaned up a bit and then locked up his office.

As he walked down the corridor to the exit, he could hear loud wailing and
heavy panting coming from the utility closet. He listened for a minute or so,
and then just smiled and continued on his way.

* * *

"I am your toy. My name is Brittany the Sex Toy. My body belongs to you. I am
your simple toy."

"Repeat your life purpose."

"I am your toy. My name is Brittany the Sex Toy," said a deeply hypnotized
Brittany Fields sitting at Bill Simmons' dinner table, in the infamous spot
directly from the hypnotizing lights. "My body is belongs to you. I am your
simple toy."

"Excellent job Brittany the Sex Toy," said Bill Simmons smiling from ear
to ear. "School ends in a few days. The second it does you will go to the
parents of a person named Brittany Fields. Tell them you are heading to
California to find yourself and you will be in touch when you find a place
to stay."

"Yes master, your sex toy obeys," said Brittany in a dull monotone, not a
flicker of life in her beautiful blue eyes."

"Until school ends, you will act like you this Brittany Fields person, but
as soon as you've told your parents you are leaving you will become your true
self and be Brittany the Sex Toy for the rest of your life."

"I..understand...your sex toy obeys," said the hot-looking teen to fall under
Bill's spell.

"Good," said Bill. "Now every day after school you will come right here for
further programming."

"Yes, master," said Brittany the Sex Toy.

Bill had not expected a major struggle from Brittany Fields to retain control
of her mind but it had been even easier than he expected, even weak-willed
Mary Beth had put up a better fight. Of course Bill did not know Brittany's
mind had already been hypnotized and programmed for a long time and was sued
to it..

Everything had gone as planned.

Since seeing what he thought was Brittany Fields (but actually was her twin
Cynthia) in the malt shop, the image Bill had of the hot blonde had stuck in
his mind.

He had discovered that although Mary Beth, Julie and Kristy were all under
his thumb, they were also known as "good girls" with duties and
responsibilities that if they didn't fulfill would raise suspicion.

With the move to California looming, Bill decided he needed someone totally
dedicated to his sexual needs and nothing else. He didn't need intellectual
stimulation, his current harem were all honor students, he needed someone who
only cared about having sex and no one cared about looking for.

He needed a beautiful girl who, as Kristy had put it, was low-rent trash. He
needed Brittany Fields.

He had Mary Beth wait in her car all morning for Brittany to come home and
she had followed exactly his script of the UCLA cheerleading coach looking
for talent that Bill had implanted in his wealthy slave's mind to lure
Brittany to his house.

When Brittany showed up, Bill had told her the coach had to go somewhere but
would return for dinner. He then gave her a number of spiked drinks and told
her they would start dinner and the coach would join them. After she becoming
hypnotized by the light show, Simmons gave her the mind control injection and
began the programming.

"When I count to three, you will wake and think you are Brittany Fields and
act accordingly," Bill said, wrapping up the first brainwashing session.
"Dinner was great and you met the UCLA coach and everything went well and
you feeling relaxed and happy.


"Thanks Mr. Simmons for dinner, it was great," said a now wide-wake Brittany
as she got up from the table.

"My pleasure Brittany, and please call me Bill, when this cheerleading
scholarship comes through, we'll be seeing a lot of each other."

"OK, Bill. Yeah, I mean. I can't believe the coach liked me that much, and I
owe it all to you.," said Brittany, now coming closer to Bill. "You know,
nobody's done like anything this nice for me ever. Most people just usually
call me a slut and tell me I'm going to grow up to be a hooker."

At this point, Brittany was right on top of Bill and was putting her hands
down his pants.

"I'd really, really like to reward you for your generosity," she said as she
now was unzipping his pants. "And the way I'd like to do it is by being very
generous with my body."

Brittany was fully in control of her senses but Bill saw his instincts were
correct, all this blonde teen with the hot body and the revealing clothes
cared about was sex. She really was Brittany the Sex Toy, except in real life
she was a toy who liked to be handled by a lot of people.

Brittany pulled down Bill's pants and then his shorts. She opened her
glittery pink lips and engorged it around Bill's member.

Bill got turned on immediately as it became quite evident that Brittany was
an expert at sucking dick. Her tongue raced around the tip pleasuring it
while her lips moved around and around to create even more pleasure.

Due to all the time needed to plan Brittany's trap, Bill had not had sex that
day and his dick got quickly hard.

Bill closed his eyes and dreamt about all the days in Los Angles he would
spend with Brittany the Sex Toy wrapped around his dick, just like it was
now, while he talked on the phone or watched scouting film.

Bill came quickly and he could see Brittany swallowed his hot seed whole. Her
tongue then lapped him clean and she finished the sex session by giving him a
couple of deep French kisses.

As Brittany's tight ass walked out the door Bill knew he definitely had the
"Fab Four" of females at Deering High.

He already had the rich one, the smart one and the athletic one, now he had
the slutty one.

However, Bill Simmons did not realize that outside of Mary Beth, the other
three also served another master.

But he would learn _ the hard way

(to be continued)


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