Due to sexual situations no one under 18 should read this, go away. No real
people or activities are depicted in this fictional story. Now for the big

Hang Time: Hoop Harem Part 7 (FF, MF, oral, mc, medic)
by Rinky Dink ([email protected])

As Brittany Fields opened her eyes, she immediately noticed the big oxygen
mask clamped on her face.

Her vision was blurred at first but then it became clearer. As her eyes
darted around she could see she was in a hospital room and she was apparently
a patient. That was all about she could figure out. She then saw her mother
come over to her bed.

"Bob! Bob! Come quick she's awake," said Mrs. Fields, who although now in
her 40s was still a striking tall blonde, obviously where Brittany and her
identical twin sister Cynthia got their incredible good looks. "Oh, thank
God. We thought we might lose you dear."

"What...What happened," asked Brittany, as last thing she remembered she was
at Bill Simmons house waiting to discuss a cheerleading scholarship with the
UCLA coach.

"Honey, you suffered from a severe case of gas poisoning," said her father,
a handsome soft spoken gentleman, probably where the quiet Cynthia got her
personality from. "Your mom went up to your room to call you to supper and
found you lying unconscious in your closet. For some reason, there was an
open bottle of chloroform in there and it knocked you out.

"The doctor said if your mother had waited two more minutes you would have

"That damn chloroform!", thought Brittany, a raging nymphomaniac who enjoyed
knockout sex. "That explains the memory loss, I wonder if I got that
scholarship. I'll have to see Bill Simmons in class tomorrow."

Brittany had not been herself, literally, for a couple of weeks. Bill had
hypnotized her into becoming Brittany the Sex Toy but the effect of the
severe gassing to her brain had shattered Bill's grip on her mind and
returned her to normal.

Brittany had no idea school was over, or that she had told her parents a week
ago that she was leaving home for good to find some adventure in California.
With a reputation as the smuttiest slut in Deering, they were frankly
relieved when she went.

As for her parents, they had no idea the daughter lying in the hospital bed
was Brittany.

"Oh, honey, with Brittany having gone to California, you're all we have
left," cried Mrs. Fields as she grabbed Brittany and hugged her.

"Moved to California?," said a shocked Brittany. "I have some memory loss
mom, can you fill me in on what's been going on last couple of weeks."

"Sure thing, my sweet Cynthia," she said as she brushed her hand along the
blonde hair tumbling in front of Brittany's face.

After hearing her parents info, Brittany was confused and not sure what to
do or say. She did know she felt woozy and very tired and decided for now to
not tell them she was really Brittany.

* * *

"Repeat your instructions stupid slut!"

"I am Brittany the Sex Toy. My sole purpose is to pleasure my master. I am to
think of nothing except to have sex with my master. My brain is permanently
turned off. I am a mere sex toy. My body is my master's to control."

"And?" said Bill Simmons, sitting slightly to the left of the swirling
hypnotic lights the heavily drugged Cynthia Fields was now staring blankly

"I am never to leave my master's house for any reason whatsoever unless
master tells me to," said Cynthia in a flat monotone. She still wore a slight
look of wonder on her face despite the extreme doses of mind control drugs
and hypnosis Bill Simmons had put her under since he kidnapped off the
street, thinking she was his escaped sex toy Brittany.

Bill was going to make sure his sex toy never could get away again. Mary Beth
might be his wife, Julie and Kristy his sex slaves but Brittany was going to
be his pride and joy now, his personal human doll programmed solely to have
sex with him.

"OK, Brittany the Sex Toy, you will now go to my room and take off your
clothes and wait to have sex with me," said Bill.

"Yes master," said Cynthia as she got up from the chair robotically, her will
completely broken and under Bill's total control, just like her twin had
been. She even placidly answered to her sister's name if that was what her
master wanted.

Bill smiled as he saw her shapely butt wiggle as she left the room.
Everything was now in place. Life was good.

Julie Connor then entered the room along with Mary Beth Pepperton and Kristy
Ford, all three of them grim-faced.

"What's up girls?" said Bill with a smile.

"The jig," said Mary Beth. "The jig's up you motherfucker."

Bill was stunned. He had never heard Mary Beth curse and her attitude was not
like the good obedient slave he had brainwashed her to be.

"Sorry to break the bad news to you Billy boy but I regained my mind a couple
of days ago," said Julie, her arms crossed in anger. "I came here and found
your diary. I know everything and while you've out looking for Brittany I
brought them here and broke your spell over them as well."

"Slave Saint, Kristy, Slave Mary Beth, I can explain," sputtered Bill, his
grand scheme now falling apart.

"It's Mary Beth Pepperton now, and forever," snapped Mary Beth.

"And it's Julie Connor to you too," said Julie.

"You bastard," added Kristy, who couldn't believe she had thought this guy
was the most wonderful fella on Earth just the day before.

"I should have been the head coach at Deering. I got screwed. I was getting
screwed. This was my only way out," said a desperate Bill. "Please don't call
the cops."

"Oh, were not calling the police," said Kristy.

"You're not, thanks, but why," said an amazed Bill.

"Because we have a fate much worse planned for you," said Julie with a
devilish grin. "You see, yesterday afternoon you remember having dinner with
me and Mary Beth and then having a lot of sex with all of us. But it didn't
quite worked that way.

"I followed your script to the letter Billy boy. I put mind relaxants in your
drinks, put the swirling lights on and moved it on the wall a bit so it was
right in your line of sight. You were hypnotized along with the other girls.
I told them to sleep while I injected you with the mind control drugs and
then I..."

"What on Earth did you do?" said a terrified Bill who truly just remembered
a normal nice night of dinner and an orgy.

"Arise Bill the Eunuch!!" shouted Julie.

Bill's eyes became glazed over and his mouth was slightly agape. Kristy and
Mary Beth looked at each other thinking the same thought: "This is what we
looked like? How awful."

"Time to Realize. Repeat your instructions," said Julie to Bill.

"I am Bill the Eunuch. My purpose is to become a Eunuch and became the head
basketball coach at Deering High," said a deeply entranced Bill, getting a
taste of his own medicine. "I will go to the hospital and have my penis cut
off. I will call UCLA and resign and make sure the hot bodied assistant Miss
Harpring is named head coach (Julie wet her lips when Bill said this part,
she couldn't wait to munch on that natural blonde carpet of Bill's
hand-picked assistant)

"I will then go to Deering High and ask for my teaching job back and beg to
be named the new head basketball coach. When I officially get the job, Bill
the Eunuch has accomplished his purpose and Bill Simmons will reemerge."

"Excellent Bill the Eunuch," said Julie. "Your master is pleased. Now go to
the hospital and make the proper arrangements."

"Yes mistress," said Bill the Eunuch as he shuffled off.

"I always thought you were Miss Role Model for Girls," said Mary Beth with
admiration in her voice. "I didn't know you could be so evil Julie."

"Evil is as Evil does," said Julie. "He wanted to be such a sex stud, now he
won't be able to have sex ever again. And I've seen the guys who will play
on next year's team. They stink. He will be so hated for having such a total
loser of a team. He'll be tarred and feathered by everyone at Deering.

"I am a role model for girls Mary Beth. Just using my Girl Power. Like the
Spice Girls used to say."

"If you are quoting the Spice Girls, I know my wholesome Julie is back,"
said Mary Beth. "Anyhow, I got a lot of work to do. I've got to cancel all
the wedding arrangements and get a late admittance into Duke so I can be
with Hammer again. I hope I'm still into guys, after shagging both of you
I'm not positive anymore."

"But thanks Julie for everything. The mansion in L.A. is already paid up for
the next four years. You and Kristy can stay there rent-free as long as you
are in school. God, I'd be this guy's stupid sex slave forever if not for

As Mary Beth left, Kristy and Julie eyed each other.

"I want to show my appreciation too Julie," said Kristy seductively. "I may
not have the money to give you a house but as a present I can give you my

Kristy then shoved Julie down to the floor and quickly began French kissing
her. She then removed her clothes and took off Julie's top and shorts.

She then began licking and the cute pink nipples on Julie's breasts and
began playing with her clit with her fingers as she moved down Julie's
soaked panties. Julie moaned her approval and began rubbing her body
against Kristy's fair-skinned body.

When Julie got a finger into her soaked pussy Kristy gave a yelp and went
into an orgasmn. Feeling her lesbian lover's cum gushing onto her hand,
Julie got turned on and orgasmed herself. The two teenage bodies heaved up
and down in a mass of female flesh as they celebrated their liberation with
shouts of sexual glee.

* * *

All Brittany Fields wanted to do was cry and Brittany always did what she
felt like, whether it was having sex with three guys at a time or, like now,
sobbing uncontrollably.

When news that "Cynthia" Fields was seriously ill in the hospital hit town,
a steady stream of well wishers came to her room.

There were Spanish club members, the Honor Society, the church youth
ministry, debate club members, the entire student government and almost
every teacher at Deering made sure to pay a visit to poor Cynthia, not
knowing that it was really Brittany.

Luckily, the poisoning gave Brittany an excuse not to know any of their names
or how close they were to Cynthia.

What impressed Brittany was how many people Cynthia had touched in her young
life and in such a positive way. Stories of her kindness and generosity
poured out from many of them, whether it was helping a failing student study
to remain in school or being in charge of the annual blood drive.

She had always loved her twin but considered her a bookish, no-life bore.
Now, she had genuine admiration for her.

Alone, she sat in her hospital room and thought to herself: "If people knew
I was Brittany, how many people would visit me?" She realized that despite
having had sex with hundreds of guys, she was close to no one. If people
knew the truth, she would not have a single visitor, maybe not even her own

Brittany cried and cried before she had an epiphany.

"I wish I was Cynthia," she said inbetween heaving sobs, her large breasts
getting wet with tears. "And until she turns up. I WILL be Cynthia."

Just then a nurse popped into Brittany's room and stopped her reverie.

"It's time for your hypnotherapist appointment Miss Fields," she said.

* * *

"You're my hero," said Kristy as she softly kissed Julie on the lips.

"No, I'm your Saint and I'm here to defile you," laughed Julie as she gently
nipped at Kristy's nice-sized round freckled breasts.

After each had ripped off two huge orgasms, the pair were a bit wiped out
right now.

"Hey, should we leave," asked Kristy, finally getting up from the floor where
she and Julie just made love.

"Nah, Bill the Eunuch is my slave, let him make us dinner, and I want to find
out when he gets his wiener hacked off," said Julie, as she brushed Kristy's
red pubic hair from her hands.

Julie grinned and gave her girlfriend Kristy a high-five.

"See Kristy, good does always triumph over evil," said a jubilant Julie.

"Yes, but what you did to him is a bit icky," said a smiling Kristy. "Man,
those drugs must have been powerful. I can't believe I thought he was the
best looking guy on earth. He's not even my type."

"You mean a man," said Julie.

"No, you're the 100% lesbo," said Kristy. "I'm still clinging to the idea
I'm bisexual."

The two laughed but the mood quickly changed as suddenly, a low moan emanated
from the bedroom.

"Oh, cripes, Brittany the Sex Toy, I mean Brittany Fields, we forgot about
her," said Julie.

"Well, what do we do," said a panicked Kristy.

"Simple," said Julie. "I'll tell her that her master sold his toys to me and
now I am her master."

"You can't do that!" said Kristy who was back to her ultra goody-two shoes

"But Kristy, you know how much sex I like to have," said Julie. "Would you
rather have me sleeping with all kinds of players, coaches, cheerleaders and
other girls in college or just mostly you and Brittany. I NEED a sex toy."

"But then you are no better than Bill Simmons," retorted Kristy. "I know
Brittany is a tramp and a slut but she is still a human being, if a really
trashy one."

"Exactly," said Julie. "I release her from her programming and what, she'll
just go back to what she was doing and grow up to be a hooker. This way,
she'll be well taken care of, living in a nice house and I'll have her go to
school and order her to get good grades.

"And when I make it big in the pro's she'll be living in the lap of luxury
with me. Your way, she'll end up in some trailer park, with a couple of
illegitimate kids, getting slapped around by some brute and spending her
nights on street corners whoring herself out for her pimp."

In a way, Kristy knew what Julie said made sense.

Kristy couldn't care less if Brittany did end up a hooker but she knew that
would hurt her identical twin Cynthia, and Kristy cared about her feelings a
lot. If Cynthia had not been a year behind in school, and thus making a
continuing relationship impossible, Kristy honestly was not sure whom she
would have ended up with.

"Well, the fair thing to do is to ask her, let her make her own decision,"
said Kristy.

At that moment, stumbling into the living room was a gorgeous teenage blonde.

"Kristy, Slave Saint, where is Master," said a dazed and totally naked
Cynthia Fields, still trying to recover from the quick and powerful
enslavement programming Bill had put her under. "His Toy has been waiting to
have sex with him for a long time."

Just then, a carbon copy beautiful blonde girl, in a conservative skirt and
blouse, although the first four buttons of the blouse were undone to show
off her ample cleavage, opened the front door.

"Hey," she said dryly as she entered the house.

"Oh, hi Cynthia," said Kristy who then turned to look at Julie with a "we're
royally screwed" look on her face.

The blonde went quickly up to Kristy and said "red cheer". Kristy suddenly
felt of wave of relaxation come over her, her eyes closed and her head fell
to the side as she fell asleep on her feet. A moment later, the blonde went
up to Julie and said "blonde saint" and Julie was knocked out on her feet as

The blonde then went up to the nude Cynthia and said "twin trance time" and
she was immediately slumbering. Cynthia's personality had been programmed to
be Brittany the Sex Toy but it did not wipe out the previous hypnotized
instructions she had received.

As Cynthia's head dropped, Hank the Hypnotist stepped into the living room.

As the only hypnotherapist in town, when a patient at Deering Hospital
suffered memory loss he was automatically called in to help them regain
their memory.

When he saw his latest subject was one of the gorgeous Fields sisters, Hank
was delighted and when under hypnosis he found out Brittany was pretending
to be Cynthia he had a good chuckle. Unknown to her, he had been having her
pretend to be Cynthia for fun many times.

Brittany had just been discharged from the hospital and Hank and the deeply
entranced Brittany had been sitting outside all day waiting for just this
moment, when Bill Simmons and Mary Beth were out of the house and only the
three pretty girls who were under his hypnotic control were there.

Hank had the hypnotized foursome go to Bill's bedroom and had Brittany strip
as the other three were already naked. Hank had Kristy wrap her mouth around
his cock after he dropped his pants while he had Julie tell him the full

Hank got a good laugh about the future Bill the Eunuch. My work is done he
thought as his thralls had already exacted revenge for him. After sucking on
Bill's cock for months, Kristy was an oral sex expert by now and Hank quickly
felt a rush and shot his seed into Kristy's mouth. She swallowed it whole and
then gave him a winsome smile.

Now that his sexual thirst had been slaked for a spell, Hank could think.

Brittany had been reborn pretending to be Cynthia. Now that she was someone
with a good reputation, Brittany wanted to get off the life path that was
leading to her becoming a hooker and become a solid member of Deering's elite

Conversely, Cynthia he thought now wanted to more like Brittany, albeit a
lesbian version. Her love of sex with Kristy convinced Hank she was not as
shy as she appeared, at least not in the sack.

His hunch was confirmed as he questioned her under hypnosis.

"I've done the "brainy girl" thing, now I want to do the sex thing," she
said. "I know now to be truly happy I need to have sex and a lot of it, and
only with women. All I really want to do is have sex with women. I know I
told everyone I want to be the first women President but really I'd like to
be a full-time girls-only sex plaything."

Hank decided for all concerned what was best. To do otherwise would risk a
break in their entrancement someday and he would then risk becoming Hank the

He knew that would mean three of the four would then be away from Deering
and thus out of his power but with "Cynthia" Fields still there and the most
popular and powerful girl at Deering High, now that Julie, Mary Beth and
Kristy were gone, he was sure his slut puppet would round up excellent

After implanting his instructions to the four slack-jawed beauties, Hank
left with a spring in his step. There was room for only one mind controller
in this town and he was still top gun, and he still had a penis too.

* * *

The real Brittany Fields dressed and quietly left to go back to her loving
family, now that they thought she was Cynthia.

The other three girls returned to the positions they were in before Brittany
had come in and zonked them out. When the door slammed shut, the girls eyes
flicked open.

"So what the heck are we going to do with Brittany the Sex Toy," said Kristy.
"I can't believe you think she would want to be someone's sex toy, unless
that someone was the entire Deering High football team."

"Master...I mean Bill, said her enslavement programming had malfunctioned,"
said Julie to Kristy. "Maybe she is back to normal. Then we can ask her about

"About what, and what enslavement program," said Cynthia, her mind still
muddled. "Sorry but my memory isn't too good right now."

"That's OK, sit down and we'll explain it all to you," said Kristy.

Kristy and Julie sat in chairs in front of the woozy Cynthia, who lay on the

They explained all that had happened and went through the metamorphosis of
Brittany Fields into Brittany the Sex Toy.

Cynthia quickly realized that Julie and Kristy thought she was Brittany but
decided to keep quiet for now and just listen.

All of this explained the one thing that had hurt Cynthia the most about
Brittany's sudden departure, that her twin had not discussed it with her.
There was no way Brittany would have done something this drastic without
talking it over with Cynthia, unless of course she was a brainwashed sex
toy, which it turns out she was.

"Wow, that's a heck of a tale, if it hadn't happened to me I wouldn't believe
it," said Cynthia. "I guess I better go home and straighten things out then."

"Well, Brittany, don't go just yet," said Julie, licking her lips. "I have a
proposition for you. It's a good deal for someone like you, who likes sex a

"You see, Mary Beth had bought this great house in the Hollywood Hills when
Bill controlled her and even though she isn't going to UCLA she said in
gratitude she is going to let Kristy and me stay there for free for the four
years we're in college.

"Bill has already picked the coaching staff, they are all totally hot babes
and one of them will now be head coach. And he picked the players too. All
of them are hot looking and have a reputation for liking to have a good time
with other women.

"Kristy will be on the cheerleading squad and we know they are all beautiful,
UCLA has a reputation for having the best looking cheerleaders, and we hope
to convert most of them into wanting to have sex with women. And I'm sure we
will run into great looking lesbian coeds there too."

"That's nice," said Cynthia. "You and Kristy will have a lot of great looking
sex partners. What has that have to do with me?"

Julie responded: "The bottom line is: We want you to voluntarily continue to
be Brittany the Sex Toy, except you will now be owned by ME."

Cynthia's eyes widened on that statement.

"Hear me out. I know you love more than anything to have sex Brittany. I know
you are into guys but we can teach you to like girls too (Julie not realizing
this was not a problem to the person she was talking to as, unlike her
boy-crazy twin, Cynthia was strictly into girls).

"I am offering you a chance to live in the lap of luxury and basically you
will spend your whole time having sex with hot young college coeds; me,
Kristy, cheerleaders, well-toned players and I am sure once word gets around
some foxy young actresses we can get friendly with.

"If you want to go to school during the day that's fine as Kristy and me will
be busy with classes and practices anyhow, we'll even take care of college
if you graduate high school. But at night, we want to have a lot of girly
parties at the house and you will as a sex toy be expected to have sex with
everyone there.

"How about it?"

Cynthia sat there poker faced. She had just been kidnapped and brainwashed
(twice actually, though she didn't realize it) and now she was being asked
if she wanted to be a lesbian sex toy.

She knew Brittany would never agree to sleep with just women, she was too
much into guys, but as a newly-awakened homosexual with a voracious appetite
for girl-girl sex, she had to admit she was actually intrigued by this
off-the-wall proposal.

Importantly, she would get to still have sex with Kristy. And she had no
problem munching Julie's carpet either, they had always gotten along very
well and her legendary status was a definite aphrodisiac. To a young lesbian
in Deering, Julie Connor's pussy was the ultimate trophy.

And they did say she could go to school so she would still have her
academics, actually it would help as Cynthia knew her lower middle class
parents could never afford to send her to as nice a college as UCLA.

It also would solve a major problem.

With Kristy leaving, Cynthia was very worried she would not have girl-girl
sex she now craved for a long time.

Cynthia didn't know any other girls who liked to have sex with other girls
and in a small town like Deering there was no teen lesbian hangout, and being
so shy Cynthia doubted she had the guts to hit on another girl.

"Let me get this straight," said Cynthia. "Basically, my average day would
be, on a non-school day, something like this:

1. get up, have sex with Julie
2. eat breakfast, then have sex with Kristy.
3. eat lunch, then have sex with Julie again.
4. Have dinner, then be part of an girl-only orgy where I would be passed
around and expected to have sex with numerous athletes, coaches,
cheerleaders, actresses and other students all night long."

"Yeah, that would basically be it," said Julie.

Cynthia slowly got up off the couch and crawled toward Julie. She was afraid
"Brittany" was so insulted by this she was coming up to punch her and got a
scared look on her face.

But when she reached Julie she took Julie's skirt and rolled it up and smiled
when she saw Julie was not wearing panties (as Slave Saint she had thrown all
her bra and panties away). She then gave a few loving, long licks at Julie's
clit, looked up at her and said.

"You have made this toy very happy."


Cynthia eventually found out what happened to Brittany and they agreed they
would both be better off having people think they were the other twin.
Cynthia did eventually tell Kristy the truth but swore her to secrecy.

Combining their respective alluring powers, Cynthia and Kristy were able to
seduce about 2/3 of the UCLA cheerleaders into having girl-girl sex and be
part of their lesbian orgies.

Julie eventually became upset that Kristy was spending so much time with
Brittany the Sex Toy and they decided to end their relationship, although
she could still stay in the house and enjoy her toy. Years later Kristy
married the son of a Hollywood producer, whose sister had been a regular at
the orgies, proving she really was bisexual.

Cynthia ended up never spending a day in class, there were simply too many
hot-looking women to have sex with both day and night, although she did take
enough courses through the Internet to get her high school diploma.

When Julie graduated from college and Mary Beth said the house had to be
sold, Cynthia finally let her know she wasn't Brittany.

Rather than be mad, Julie was relieved and gave her a big kiss and a hug.

She said she had long ago fallen head over heels in love with her but figured
she could never have a real relationship with dumb, trashy Brittany but she
had always had a thing for smart, sophisticated Cynthia and this explained
her feelings.

Julie did go on to be a big star in the pros.

Cynthia became Julie's manager and made her even more money With her
wholesome good looks and outgoing personality, combined with her "saintly"
clean public image the only female athlete who made more money in
endorsements was Anna Kournikova.

They cackled in bed when they would read in the gossip magazines of Julie
dating some famous hunk. A couple times they even read Julie was pregnant.
Last year, Julie was named in the annual list of the top 50 most eligible
women in the country as No. 27, which gave them a good laugh as they
snuggled in bed, each with a strap-on dildo.

...As for the real Brittany. She had always been as smart as her twin but
instead of using her intelligence to have a lot of sex with boys she now
applied it to school. Still thought of as Cynthia, she was voted school
president and class valedictorian.

To help satisfy her massive hunger for cock, Brittany bought a
state-of-the-art vibrator and spent many days laying in bed doing homework
while the vibrator whirled away inside her pussy. Her parents were grateful
that shy Cynthia was suddenly going out on some dates and had some kind of a
social life.

In what she told her intellectual friends was a tribute to her runaway
sister, Brittany went out for the cheerleading squad. Now that they thought
she was Cynthia, Brittany was voted captain, a position Brittany never would
have gotten on her own with her trampy reputation.

Brittany eventually received an academic scholarship to Purdue and when she
got there found she had a taste for politics, just like her twin had back in
high school..

Although liberal in her attitudes on sex, Brittany actually had small town
values and was really conservative on most other issues. Horny older male
politicians were quick to add the shapely, busty blonde to their staff and
after graduation her career skyrocketed on Capitol Hill.

Brittany currently is a commentator on MSNBC and was rated the No. 43 most
eligible woman in the country. The article noted she was planning a run for
the Senate in her native Indiana and to most veteran political observers,
the question was not would "Cynthia" Fields eventually run for President,
but when.

...Mary Beth did go to Duke but after reconciling for a while her and Hammer
did eventually break up. Mary Beth moved to New York after graduation and
became a leading light on the social scene.

Despite a string of lovers, Mary Beth has not yet married, amid rumors of
secret affairs with various high society women but she still was ranked No.
6 on the list of most eligible women and made sure to lord her higher ranking
to her friend Julie whenever she saw her.

...As for Bill Simmons, when he discovered his penis was hacked off he
freaked out and tried to have it reattached but failed. When the UCLA
athletic director told him he had quit and the Deering athletic director
told him he had begged to be named Mike Katowinski's replacement as head
coach he thought he had gone insane and checked into a mental hospital,
ironically receiving the same drugs he had injected into Brittany,
Cynthia, Kristy, Mary Beth and Julie.

Bill tried but he simply had no basketball talent and the opposition, seeing
they finally had a chance for payback, ran up the score shamelessly on his
pathetic excuse of a team. No one else wanted to coach so Bill was told he
would lose his teaching job if he didn't keep coaching the Tornadoes, now
better know as "the slightly windy's".

After five years, Bill's coaching record was 6 wins and 92 losses and he
could not leave his house without being pelted with a rotten apple or spit
on as the "man who destroyed Deering basketball."

Deering High did increase its season ticket holders by one. Hank the
Hypnotist never missed a game as he watched Bill's team get crushed with
glee and listening to the fans chant "Simmons sucks" was music to his ears.

Hank was even doing better professionally. Deering elected its first female
mayor, a 35-year-old former Navy SEAL. A week after taking office, the mayor
decided to honor Hank for all his "community service" with an award on the
steps of City Hall.

Bill Simmons wondered why he received an invitation to the event, he didn't
know anyone named Hank.

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