This is a fictional story about a fictional t.v. programme so don’t take it
too seriously.

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Hang Time: The Coach Leads By Example (Mm+/fff)
by The Flying Anvil

The team was on a losing streak Julie Connor was getting pissed off. Being
the only girl on an all boys' basketball team she had to try twice as hard
to stay on the team while the boys seemed to be completely unmotivated. She
felt she was the one who needed to bring back the team's killer instinct.
After discussing with her two best friends Kristy Ford and Mary Beth
Pepperton they came up with a plan to get the team winning.

So after the coach's pre-game pep talks at the next game when he asked if
anyone had anything to add Julie stood up and said, “Me and the girls are
sick of us losing.” The boys began to moan. But Julie raised her voice
above the moans and continued by saying, “So we decided that as a little
incentive for you boys to play good we decided that if you guys win today
we will allow you to put yourselves in any hole of any of us you like.”

This shut the boys up. After a brief silence the coach spoke up and told
the girls he could not allow them to do that. Mary Beth reassured Coach
Bill that he wouldn't be left out. The couch smiled and said, “Alright,
lets get out there and play the best game of basketball we have ever

The team indeed did go out and play one hell of a game. It picked after
the first half when the girls gave them a little reminder of what they were
playing for by flashing them at the break. After it was all said and done
they crucified the other team by 60 points. The team returned to the locker
room to reap there rewards.

As promised the 3 girls were waiting for the real games to begin. Kristy
and Mary Beth still had there cheerleading uniforms on and Julie was clad
in her basketball uniform she was also very sweaty after the game which
caused her uniform to stick to her athletic body. Then Julie said that as
they played such a great game today it is time to reap the benefits. She
went on to say as the coach was letting them do this he should be the one
to choose first. The couch was a little hesitant with his answer but he
could not turn down this chance of a lifetime opportunity. He had always
fancied Kristy from when he first saw her and had always wanted to see if
she was a true ginger.

Kristy began to strip for the lads. First came off her sweatshirt to reveal
her firm pale breasts, she had the pinkest little nipples. She stroked her
nipples to make them hard before ripping of her cheerleading skirt to reveal
a nearly see thru due to the wetness tight white panties. It became obvious
to all that she was a true ginger. She had a very hairy patch of pubes at
the front and when she pulled down her knickers the coach could see that she
had shaved near the pussy lips.

The coach could not hold himself back any more. He pulled down his tracksuit
trousers and got out his 12 inch cock. Kristy was shocked by the size but was
ready for the large range of penises she would encounter. She went in her
purse and got out some lubricant and began to massage it into the coach's
hard cock. She then laid down on a bench and braced her self for the largest
cock she had ever seen in her life.

The coach shoved it into Kristy's tight vagina lips. Kristy had to bite on
her lips as he entered her. The coach rammed his cock in and out of the
tight teen's lips. After a few minutes she began to scream with pleasure.
The coach was giving her the workout of her life. By now all the boys had
got completely gotten out of there uniforms and were waiting for there time
to shine.

After 15 minutes the coach was still going and the boys were getting
restless. Mary Beth was also getting really horny and in need of a dick. She
asked the boys to line up behind the girl you wanted to shag and we will get
to you quicker. There was a lot of shoving about and they began to line up
behind the girls. Nick, Teddy, Danny and surprisingly Julie's long time
boyfriend Michael all queued behind Mary Beth. But she could not get angry
with him at the moment as she had Antonio, Vince and Rico lining up behind
her waiting for some loving. Nobody was going to bother with Kristy as the
coach looked like he was nowhere near finished.

Mary Beth asked Teddy Bear the first man in the queue where he wanted to put
his manhood who had a remarkably small knob for a black man it extended to
4 inches. Teddy always wanted to get a piece of posh Mary Beth's tight arse.
With that she bent over the bench and lifted up her skirt and as she was
wearing no panties Teddy could jump straight into her well used arse. He
began to bone vigorously her posh little arse. The expression on her face
was a picture. Her eyes wide open enjoying every moment as the fattest man
in the history of the team was pummelling her arse.

Meanwhile, Julie had given up with the one at a time rule. She was naked as
the day she was born with Antonio shoved up her toned butt. She also had
Vince enjoying the many pleasures of her fully shave cunt. She was also
gobbling on Rico's large sausage. She was also having her large breasts being
suck on and fiddled with by all of her boys. She was having the best day of
her life winning one of the most important games of the season and now was
getting fucked in every hole by her team mates.

As this was happening Mary Beth had taken lead of Julie's example but taken
it one step further. She had taken off all her clothes and was still getting
pummelled by Teddy up her posh bottom, but also had Nick up her styled cunt
and was sucking off Danny. She had Michael's nine incher between her huge
tanned tits. It was obvious she took her sun bathing seriously. The screams
heard from the locker room could be heard through out the school. But nobody
cared they were having such a great time.

Danny was the first person to cum he shot his load deep down Mary Beth's
throat. It really does show why she deserved to be the head cheerleader.
Mary Beth swallowed all of Danny's love juice. By now Antonio had filled up
Julie's tight arse. Michael was just about to shoot his load but he wanted
to prove that he was truly the team's best scorer. As he was in Mary Beth's
tit wank he aimed his knob up in the air and shot his load up in the air and
landed his sticky juice directly into Mary Beth's already cum covered mouth.

By now Teddy and Vince had finished with there respective holes and have
left off to the showers to wash off. Rico had taken Michael's example and he
took his dick from Julie's mouth and stood up and aimed and came in Mary
Beth's mouth which was over the other half of the locker room. He obviously
was the best at three pointers

Nick and the coach were the only ones left and after 10 more minutes finally
spunked deep inside Mary Beth's now very wet cunt. Everyone was in the shower
now apart from the coach and Kristy. They washed each others bodies and got
out of the showers to get changed. They were shocked to find the coach was
still fucking the ginger bitch's brain out. Even when they were changed they
were still doing it. The team left satisfied and ready to win there next

When they came back the next morning the coach had finally cum. He sat the
team down for a post game chat. He told the team that the team needed to
concentrate on endurance. He said they were too concerned with putting their
balls in the net. He went on to say that the tactics used yesterday were the
best he had seen them do.

After that game their winning streak continue and the team even got into the
NBA. They finally got the will to win back and they all got better each day
as they learned how to increase there endurance and shooting skills.

The End


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