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Hang Time: The Initiation Part 1 (m/f, con, oral, anal, slut)
by Keyser_Soze1012

I had just finished my first practice session with the Deering Tornadoes, one
of the top basketball teams in the state and was going back into the locker

"Man you kicked ass out there, coach was seriously impressed." Michael the
team captain told me.

"I was alright, but you guys are a strong team I don't know if it's gonna be
easy to get into the starting five, and trying to get Julie Conner's spot
doesn't help." I told him

"Man she was pissed when she found out about you and that's not gonna help
with the initiation." Silk told me. This confused me I thought the initiation
was to dunk, which I did no problem being 6'4" and having played ball since I
could walk.

Antonio quickly explained, "The initiation is pretty difficult, you have to
get one of the girls to give you their underwear and if Julie is pissed she
won't and the chances are neither will Mary-Beth or Christie. And if you
don't pass we make you look bad and you get cut, you get a week to do it but
if you do you make the team and we make you look good."

I finished showering and changing but was always thinking about the task, I
thought if I persuaded Julie I was an alright guy Mary-Beth or Christie
would come around and make it easier. So I knocked on the door of the Girls
locker room, I heard Julie call from inside asking who it was.

"It's me. I need to talk to you can I come in." I shouted as I saw the guys
leave glancing back at me. Julie pushed the door open; she stared at me

"Make it quick," she told me, "I don't have a long time, especially for

"Look I don't want your spot on the team, I'd have to be crazy to go for it,
you're the best player in the state I wouldn't stand a chance." I pleaded.

She sat back on the bench; she was wearing tight jeans that showed off her
long legs and nice ass while her tight shirt clung to her great tits. She
buried her head in her hands.

"I'm sorry, it's just a lot of people don't think I should be on the team so
I know they'll try to use you to get rid of me."

"That's only gonna happen if I turn into a NBA star overnight." I joked,
Julie began to laugh.

"Did the guys tell you about the initiation?"

"Yeah but that's not why I'm here."

"You want a hint, buy a bra, spray the perfume Mary-Beth wears on it and the
guys will fall for it. They all cheated like that... Antonio bought a bra,
Eugene stole his sisters, Silk got one from one from a whore and Michael
begged me to give him one of my old ones."

"Your kidding, they all talk like they've fucked every one of you."

"Nah, Mary-Beth has only done her boyfriends, Christie is a virgin and thinks
she might be a lesbian."

"What about you?" I asked not expecting an answer.

"Done a couple of ex's... not Michael... and coach once... don't look at me
like that. He was going to throw me off the team." I couldn't believe what I
was hearing and now Julie was talking to me like an old friend and looking
at me differently.

Suddenly she began to kiss me and run her hands over my back and ass, I
wasn't going to waste this opportunity and began to squeeze her soft,
perfect, round ass. Julie began to fiddle with my belt buckle while I began
to unbutton her tight jeans. I slipped a finger inside her panties and began
to slowly caress her pussy lips; she was already quite wet. Julie pulled my
finger out, broke the kiss and stepped back pulling her shirt off. She was
know only wearing her black push up bra and matching panties. She pulled my
shirt off and got rid off my trousers. She eyed the bulge in my boxers

"Mmm, that looks good I hope it tastes as good as it looks." She dropped to
her knees pushing me down onto the bench and pulling my boxers off, my 8"
cock sprang out. Julie grabbed it and began to jerk it to full hardness. Her
hand was soft and the handjob was slow and was probably the best I've ever
encountered. Suddenly the handjob stopped and she took the head of my cock
into her mouth. She began to suck slowly licking the tip as it passed between
her hot lips. Slowly she began to move down the shaft taking more and more of
my cock into her mouth; her tongue snaking round the shaft all the way. She
looked up into my eyes when she got 6" into her mouth, the most any girl had
managed then lurched forward taking the rest into her mouth and sucking like
a vacuum keeping her eyes locked on mine.

"I'm gonna cum," I yelled. Julie increased her sucking and moved back to the
head and began to jerk me off into her mouth. This was incredible, she was
even better at cock sucking than she was at basketball, at this she was
already a pro. I began to cum but Julie kept jerking and sucking swallowing
it all down.

She stood up peeling her underwear off, her tits were bigger than I thought
with small dark nipples and her pussy, which was by now drenched, was neatly
trimmed showing she was a natural blonde. She handed me her bra and panties,

"This should help you pass the guy's test," She smiled, "Now try and pass
mine... fuck me hard and make me cum." She backed up against the wall. I
swaggered over to her and began to slowly push the head of my cock into her
pussy. Damn this girl was tight even with all the lubrication off her pussy
juices. Julie began to moan as I slowly began to move in and out of her. I
lifted her up against the wall and she wrapped her long legs around my
waist. I began to thrust in and out of her harder.

"That's it... oh god... fuck me harder... harder." She screamed. I followed
her instructions to the letter and I also began to suck on her nipples
feeling them harden in my mouth. Her cunt was now adjusted to my cock so I
was able to slam in and out at full force as she ground her hips into my
mine and I squeezed her ass. This was enough to send her to a screaming

"Fuck yes, Oh gawd, I've never been hard. Fuck,
I'm...cumming... harder...harder...ugh...yes...yes...YES!" she was screaming
so loud anyone within a 5 mile radius would be able to hear. Her pussy was
squeezing my cock like a vice grip as she began to buck her hips and the
orgasm subsided. I laid her on the bench and straddled her chest. I placed
my cock between her tits and pushed them together.

"Oh yeah fuck my tits!" Julie yelled now completely caught up in lust. I
began to thrust between her large firm tits, which were well lubricated by
the sweat she had worked up during our fucking. I was close to cumming
because her tits were so firm and looked so well with her nipples standing
on end, as I thrust in and out Julie flicked the tip of my cock with her
long soft tongue.

"Come on cum all over my tits, give me a facial, come on!" Julie was
screaming and I couldn't help but shoot cum all over her stomach and tits,
Julie moved her head and took a few spurts on to her face. She lay back and
began to rub the cum into her body and licked off what she could.

I knew I had passed both the girls and the guys little initiations and I had
enjoyed the greatest fuck of my life so I picked up her underwear and turned
to pull on my clothes as she slumped on the bench. Just as I reached my
clothes Julie spoke,

"What, going so soon? I thought you would have more stamina, especially
since there is one hole you've not filled yet." Hearing her say these words
made my cock spring to life. I wasn't exactly a genius but I knew what a
great ass she had and wasn't going to turn down the opportunity to fuck it
hard. Julie stood back up against the wall, facing away from me leaning
against the wall with her hands outstretched. I walked up behind her and
began to run my hands over her smooth, soft ass. I pulled her cheeks apart
and began to use her pussy juices to lube up her tight anal passage. Julie
was moaning softly as I did this so I knew she was ready so I placed the
head of my cock into her, she quickly shot back trying to force it all in,
but I was ready,

"If you want me to fuck you harder than you've ever been fucked and make you
cum I want to hear you beg" I demanded

"Oh please, stick your big cock in my ass, I've been a very bad girl and
deserve to be punished, I'm such a slutty girl, I can't go an hour without
sneaking off to finger myself, fuck me hard like the whore I am." She cried
out completely lost and desperate for a fucking.

This was enough for me so I slid all the way into her ass and slowly began to
thrust in and out; Julie quickly picked up the rhythm and began to slam her
ass back in time with my forward thrusts. I reached round with my left hand
and began to rub her throbbing clit causing the blonde slut's moans to get
louder and louder. I then smacked her ass with my right hand as I picked up
the pace of my thrusts.

"Oh yes that was good do it again...please...I'm such a bad little girl."
Julie screamed. I continued my triple onslaught of thrusting, smacking and
rubbing. Julie's ass was so tight it was incredible and it was difficult to
slide in and out with any great force. However I continued to slam in as
hard as I could manage and it wasn't long before Julie came again.

"Fucking hell, gawd, fuck me, I'm cumming
yes...YES...YES!!" she screamed as she grabbed my left hand and tried to
prevent me from breaking contact with her clit but she was too tired and I
reached up and began to massage her big firm tits with my hands as her orgasm
continued. Her ass tightened around my cock and I came, shooting straight up
her ass.

We both slumped back onto the bench exhausted. I slowly got up and got
dressed, just as I left I turned back, Julie was still slumped on the bench.
"Thanks for the great fuck we'll have to do it again sometime." I told her.

"Definitely and I'll bring Mary-Beth and Christie too, perhaps you can change
that red head from a lesbian to a full blooded slut." She panted.

Now that was a test I would look forward too.

Two hours later I met the guys at the stadium and handed them Julie's
underwear. None of them could believe I had managed to get her underwear so
I told them she had got mad at me and had thrown them at me telling me if
that's what I wanted I could have them. Well they wouldn't have believed me
if I had told them that I had fucked the slut.

Hope you liked that, I'm planning a follow up with all 3 girls, any ideas
for that or any other stories you would like to see email me at:
[email protected]


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