This story is based on the NBC Saturday morning teen comedy "Hang Time"
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This story is in 3 parts. Parts 1 and 3 are told in the third person. Part 2
is told from the abductor's view.

Hang Time: Part 2 - Marybeth's Abduction (Mf,shave,bond,humil,ncon)
by Ryan T. Morris

Part 1: Marybeth's Summer Job

Marybeth Pepperton was standing behind the jewelry counter at Bloomingdale's
in the Derring Mall, talking with one of her co-workers about what they were
doing that weekend. Marybeth was working at Bloomingdale's because she wanted
to make some extra spending money, that and she would get 10% off of what she
bought at Bloomingdale's. It was a good job, she made good money and got the
weekends off. Anyway, Marybeth noticed that it was almost closing time, and
that there was a gentleman in the department. She decided that she would tell
him that it was closing time.

Part 2: Marybeth's Abduction

I was eating dinner at the Stadium, when I heard a voice that sounded
familiar. It was the voice of Kristy, the girl I raped 2 months ago. She was
at a table eating with two of her friends, Julie and Marybeth. Marybeth
looked so good. She was wearing a navy blue blazer, a white blouse, a black
leather belt, a navy blue knee-length skirt, white tights and a pair of black
2 inch pumps. When I saw her black shoulder-length and 38C tits, my dick felt
like it was going to explode. I knew I had to have her. After a few minutes,
she said that she had to get back to work. Kristy asked her what time she got
off of work. Marybeth said 10pm. I looked at my watch, it was 6pm. So, I
decide to follow her to work. When, I found out see worked at Bloomingdale's
I made my plan.


I was about 9:55 when I found Marybeth standing behind the jewelry counter
talking with one of her co-workers. So, I decided to look around the jewelry
department. A few minutes later, she came up to me and told me it was closing
time and that I had to leave. I thanked her and started to walk out the door.
When I got outside there was bench near the door, so I decided to sit down
and wait for her to come out. After a few minutes I saw her walking out
toward the parking lot. I gave her a couple second head start, then when she
got to her car I made sure that there was no one else in the parking lot I
made my move. As she was get ready to unlock her car I went behind her, put
my hand over her mouth and said, "Shut up Bitch, and if you play along you
will see your friends tomorrow! Now, first thing we are going to do is take
a walk to my van and if you say a word, I will kill you!" When we got to the
van, I open the door and put her inside. When we were inside the van, I
closed the door, then I gag her, blindfolded her, handcuffed her hands in
front of her, and took her to my special cabin in the woods. When we got to
the cabin, I took her to the bedroom, chained her hands and feet to the bed,
and said, "Get ready for the best fuck your ever going to have!"

I climbed on top of her and opened some buttons on her blouse, stuck my hands
in her bra, felt her breasts and rubbed her nipples until they were hard.
Then as I was rubbing her tits some more, I said, "Oh boy, Marybeth, I am
going to have more fun with you than I did with your friend, Kristy!"

Then she said, muffled by her gag, "Oh my god! Your bastard who raped Kristy
and left her hanging from the net!"

"That's Right! And, your going to love how I leave you. But, before that
let's get down business!"

After that, I re-buttoned her blouse and got my scissors. First, I cut off
her blazer. Next, I cut off each button of her blouse then I cut off her
blouse. After that, I cut each of her bra straps and cut I the middle of her
bra. After I took off her bra, I gazed at her beautiful breasts and sucked
on them for awhile. Next, I took her belt and shoes off and threw them in
the corner. Then, I cut off her skirt, tights and finally her panties.

After I got my clothes off, I climbed back on top of her and started to fuck
her brains out. Every time I moved, her tits would jiggle around. As I fucked
her I was sucking and rubbing her tits, and enjoying every minute of it. Her
screams were muffled by the gag, but I could tell when she was about to reach
an orgasm. When I was done I shot my cum all over her face. After fucking her
about 3 times and shooting it in her cunt, I went to the bathroom to take a

As I was taking a piss, I though, "I shaved Kristy's cunt. Why not shave
Marybeth's cunt. So, I grabbed some shaving cream, a razor, and a towel. When
I got back I said to her, "I think I will fuck you a few more time before I
let you go. But this time I'm going to shave your cunt first!" I could hear
her say, from behind her gag, "Please no more!" But I just waived it off. I
took the shaving cream, put some in my hand and rubbed all over her cunt.
Then, I took the razor and stared to shave off all of her pubic hair. When I
was done I took the towel and wiped it clean. Then I got back on for another
fuck session. It felt so good I fucked her three more time.

When I was done, I decide I wanted Marybeth to give me a blowjob. So, I told
her, "Marybeth, I if you want to go home and see your friends and family
again. You will do what I say! I going to take off your gag, if you scream,
it won't matter because we are in the middle of nowhere." After I took off
her gag, she didn't make a sound. Then I told her I wanted her to give me a
blowjob. She said she didn't know how to give a blowjob. So, I told her, I
was going to put my dick in her mouth, she was going to suck on it, and when
I came she was to swallow it. She agreed and opened her mouth. When I put my
dick in her mouth she closed it and started to suck on it, it was the most
unbeliveable thing that has ever happen to me! Words cannot discribe how I
felt! When she was done, I thanked her and put her gag back on, put my
clothes back on, put Marybeth's shoes back on her feet, put Marybeth's belt
around her waist, unhooked her from the bed, bound her arms and legs, put
her back in the van, and drove back to the mall.

On the way, back to the mall, Marybeth fell asleep, and no wonder it was
almost 6:00am! When we go to the mall I made sure that there was no one in
the parking lot. I took her out of the van, put her in the front seat of her
car, unbound her hands and feet, and left a note in her belt that said,
"Thanks for the great night!". Then I closed the car door and left

Part 3: Marybeth's Drive Home

When Marybeth woke up, she was sore all over. When she realized her hands
where free, she ripped off her gag and blindfold and realized she was
complety naked, exept for her shoes and belt, and her pussy hair was shaved
off! She was had never been so cold in her life! Then she saw the note in
her belt. She read it and got so mad. Not only had this pervert abduct her,
taken her favorite work outfit, raped her, shot cum on her face, shaved off
her pussy hair, making her give him a blowjob, and leave her naked in her
car, but he had the nerve to leave her a note Thanking her for a Good Time!

After Marybeth was done ranting, she realized what time it was! It was almost
6:30am! She had to get home before the mall opened and people saw her! Then,
she realized that she would have to drive home, NAKED, and her house was
about 10 miles from the mall! So, Marybeth stared her car and headed for
home. She drove the speed limit, and stoped at all of the stop lights. Every
time Marybeth stopped she would look over at the car next to her and there
always was someone staring at her and she incredably humliateted. As Marybeth
stopped more and more, she became more and more humliateted.

She was glad when she got home! Her parents went on a weekend trip and gave
the servents the weekend off. So, there would be no one there to see her.
When Marybeth got in the house, she ran up to her bathroom, threw off her
shoes and belt and took a long shower. When Marybeth was done she put on some
clothes and called her friends, Kristy and Julie. When, Marybeth told her
friends what happed they came over right away! Marybeth was very shaken up
about what happend when Kristy and Julie got there. Kristy could understand
what she was going though, because the same basterd had rape her and left her
hanging from the net at school. Kristy and Julie agreed to spend the weekend
with Marybeth. Marybeth made Kristy and Julie promise not to tell a sole what
happend to her.

Kristy and Julie agreed. Julie couldn't help but wonder if she would be next
and If she was what kind of humliation would he put her through.

The End


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