The following story is fiction. Any relation to any real people, places, or
events is pure coincidence.

This story is based on the NBC Saturday morning teen comedy "Hang Time"
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Hang Time: Part 3 - Julie's Rape (Mf,shave,bond,ncon)
by Ryan T Morris

It was about 11:00 am when Julie Conner got home. Julie had a hard day at
school. She had a history test that she just barely passed, her basketball
team lost the game, and her boyfriend cancelled their date for tomorrow
night. She was glad about a few things though. Her parents were out of town
for the weekend, her friends, Kristy and Marybeth, were going shopping with
her tomorrow, and since she didn't have a date tomorrow night, the 3 were
going to have a slumber party.

She was a little worried about being alone tonight. She thought of what had
happened to her friends over the last few months. Her friend Kristy was
abducted, raped and hung, naked, by her arms from the basketball net in the
gym. Luckily, Julie and Marybeth found her and save her from any more
humiliation. Marybeth was not as lucky. She was abducted, raped, and put
naked, in her car, forcing her to drive home naked. Even though, it was a
few months ago, Julie wasn't worried too much.

Julie was wearing what she usually wore on a game day that happened to be a
school day, a white cardigan, tan pants,and healed loafers. It was a chilly
night, so she was also wearing her varsity jacket.

When she got inside, she turned on the kitchen lights, took off her jacket,
threw it over a chair, and headed in to the living room. When she got in the
living room and turned on a lamp, it happened. Some guy came from out of
nowhere, grabbed her, put his hand over her mouth and said, "Alright, little
miss basketball. Do what I say and your parents won't find you dead on
Sunday! Do you understand?"

She nodded her head.

"Good. Now tell me what room is your bedroom?"

She said her voice trembling, "Upstairs, first room on the right."

When they got to her room, he threw her on the bed, gaged, blindfolded her,
and tied her arms and legs to the bed posts. When he was done he unbuttoned
her cardigan opened it up, and put his hands in her bra and rubbed her
breasts and nipples, until her nipples got hard. As he was rubbing her
breasts he said," I have been waiting months for this. Julie we are going
to have so much fun tonight!"

When he was done with her breasts, he took off her belt, unbuttoned and
unzipped her pants, put his hand in her panties and put his fingers in her
pussy and said, "I am going to have so much fun tonight. Even more fun than
I had with Kristy and Marybeth." Julie could not belive her ears. Not only
was she going to be raped, but it was the same bastard that had done those
horrible things to Kristy and Marybeth!

When she stared to cum, he stopped fingering her pussy and said, "Your ready.
Let's get to business!" He climb off her got a pair of scissors and went to
work. He started by cutting down each arm of her cardigan, removed the
shredded garment and threw it on the floor. Next, he cut off each bra strap,
reached around her, unhooked the clasp, and took off her bra and threw it on
the floor. After he removed her bra, he sucked on her tits for a while. After
that he took off her shoes and threw them in the corner. Then, he started at
the bottom of each leg and cut up each pant leg, and threw what was left of
the pants on the floor. Next, he cut off her socks and panties, and threw
them on the floor.

When he was done, he climbed off her and took off his clothes, got back on
her, put his dick in her pussy and started to fuck her. As he fucked her, he
sucked on her tits and stuck his tongue down her throat. The force was making
her tits jiggle around. When he saw this he got more turned on. Just as he
was about to cum pulled out and shot it on her face. But he wasn't done with
Julie. Next he pulled out a can of shaving cream and a razor, and said, "Now,
Julie, I'm going to shave off your pussy hair, and fuck you some more." He
took some shaving cream and rubbed it over her pussy, then he took a razor
and shave off her pussy, then he took a razor and shave off her pussy hair.
When he was done, he took a towel and wiped off her pussy. He, then, climbed
back on her and started to fuck her some more.

When he was done, he said to her, "Now, I'm going to take off your gag. If
you scream I will kill you. O.K.?" She nodded yes. He took off the gag and
said, "Now, I want you to give me a blow job. Have you ever given a blowjob,

"Yes," she said.

"Who was it?"

"My boyfriend."

"Did you like it?"


"Did he like it?"


"O.K. you better give me a good blowjob or I'm going to fuck you some more!"

He put his dick in her mouth and she started to suck on it. She sucked on it,
hard and fast. She wanted it done as fast as possible. When he finally came
she swallowed it. When he was done he climbed off her, put her gag back on,
got dressed, blew her a kiss good-bye, and said, "Thanks for the good time."

When Julie heard the kitchen door close she breathed a sigh of relief, her
ordeal was over. She struggled to try free herself, but the bonds were to
tight. So she decided to get some sleep.


Kristy and Marybeth had been waiting for 10 minutes for Julie. They honked
the horn a couple times, and after awhile they decided to go in the house and
see what was taking Julie so long. Julie woke up when she heard the kitchen
door close and Marybeth's voice calling out, "Julie?", then she heard
Marybeth and Kristy come up the stairs. Julie was so happy, she started to
cry. Kristy opened Julie's bedroom door and said, "Julie?"

Kristy and Marybeth could not belive there eyes. There was their best friend
bound by her arms and legs to the bedposts, gaged, blindfolded, and naked.
When they saw this they rushed to Julie's aid. Kristy untied Julie's legs and
Marybeth untied Julie's arms and removed her blindfold and gag. When Julie
was free, she hugged her best friends and said, "Thank you!"

Kristy and Marybeth asked Julie what happend. As Julie was telling her story
she started to cry. Kristy and Marybeth consoled their friend. When Julie was
finshed. Marybeth told Julie she should take a long shower, then they would
take her out to breakfast, then they would so some shopping, then they would
spend the rest of the weekend. Julie thought that was a good idea. Julie made
Kristy and Marybeth promise not to tell a sole about what happened to her.
And they never did.



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