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Hannah Montana: Babysitting Miley
by Skibbiez

"Hey Miles!" Jackson Stewart the 16 year old older brother of Miley Stewart, better known to the world as Hannah Montana. Miley just looked over at her older brother as she rolled her eyes before she sat down on the couch. "What the heck is your problem?" He asked annoyed.

"I don't have a problem!" She replied. "It's my turn to watch tv so if you could just sca dattle that'd be great." She continued as she waved her hand in his direction.

"What the heck sis?" Jackson said as he stood up. "You've turned into such a bitch since you've taken on this Hannah Montana persona." He continued. "You were never like this before!" He said as he threw the remote to the tv at his younger sister. Jackson would never admit it, but he had been noticing his younger sister in a different way lately. He hated himself for it, but he was kind of developing a crush on the young girl.

"Ugh... Whatever!" She squealed as Jackson rushed off to his room. "Pshh.. He's just jealous that I've accomplished more at 14 then he will in his entire life!" She said to herself as she began watching the television. After a few hours later her cell phone rang.

"Hey daddy!" She answered in her sweet teenage voice. "What's up?" She continued.

"Hey sweetie.. Your brothers there right?" Miley's father, Robbie said in a rather disappointed tone.

"Yeah..." Miley replied unsurely. "What's going on?"

"Don't worry, but your grandma Ruthie was taken to the hospital and I have to go down there." He said. "Jackson is going to be in charge tonight, and I don't want any arguments." He continued in a demanding tone. "I am not in the mood for an argument.

"Buuuut Dadddddy!!!!" Miley cried out. "I'm 14 years old!" She continued to plead. "I don't need a babysitter!"

"Miley!" Robbie yelled. "Just listen to what your brother says and if I hear you didn't listen to him I will call your tour agent Mike, and we will cancel this tour." Miley was shocked. Her dad never talked to her like this in her life. "Now I'm going to get off here." He said, "I'll be home in a couple days. He continued before hanging up.

"I don't need a fucking babysitter!" She said as she threw her phone down on the couch.

"So I guess that was dad?" Jackson said while standing in his doorway smiling from ear to ear. "Don't worry sis, you don't bother me, I won't bother you."

"Whatever Jackson!" Miley squealed. "I'm going to my room!" She said as she stomped off. Jackson watched her rush up the stairs towards her room not once taking his eyes off her tight, young, teenage ass.

"My God!" He said to himself once she left his sight. "She is so fucking hot! Why does she have to be my sister?!" He said as he once again plopped down on the couch. Within minutes Jackson had fallen asleep. He had slept for a couple hours before being woken up by the sound of Miley blaring music in her upstairs bedroom. He really didn't care that she was blaring it so loud, but he was going to abuse his authority and tell her to turn it down.

He hurried up the stairs and just before he got to her door he smelled something burning. He, having smoked a little marijuana in his day, knew exactly what the smell was. He forced open the door causing Miley to look up in shock. She quickly hid the joint, and glared up at her brother.

"What the hell do you want Jackson?!" She shrieked. "Get out of my room!

"What am I doing?" He asked rhetorically as he entered the room uninvited. "What are you doing little sister?" He laughed as he sat down on the bed beside her. Sitting on the bed he also noticed an open can of beer on the nightstand beside the bed. "Seems like you're having a little fun in here, aren't you?" He said as he picked up the can and took a drink.

"Look Jackson, I can explain." She said in a scared voice.

"Oh please do. "He laughed before taking another drink.

"Lilly brought all the over the other day!" She began explaining as she trembled. "I just took a drag off the joint as you walked in. I've never done this before!" She cried. "Please don't tell dad, Jackson!" She continued pleading as tears began forming in her big beady brown eyes.

He thought for a moment; letting the minutes drag by. Finally he said, "Tell you what sis, I don't know why I should do you any favors after the way you've been treating me, but I'll let this go on one provision. I want you to start treating me a LOT better. You owe me for this, Miley."

"What do you mean?" She asked apprehensively.

"For starters you will stop treating me like I'm a piece of shit!" He said as he wrapped his arm around his sister. "I'm not just another person. I'm your brother so I deserve to be treated better than just some fan." He pulled her in close to him. Miley just looked down at the ground. "Now let's start off by giving me a hit off that joint."

Miley looked over at him and flashed him a smile as relief poured over her body. She held up the smoking joint. He leaned over taking a long hit. Miley pulled it away as soon as his lips brushed up against her fingers. Jackson just grabbed her wrist and brought the joint back to his mouth again pushing her fingers into his lips.

"Ahh that was good." He said holding his breath as long as possible before blowing the smoke out in her direction. Once again he put his arm around her petite body and pulled her close to him. "Go on sis, your turn." He said before he pulled her hand up to her mouth almost forcing her to take a hit. Miley sucked on the flaming joint for about 3 seconds before coughing. Jackson just laughed as he pulled her head down and kissed her on the top of the head.

Miley forced herself from his grip and stood up. "What are you doing Jackson?" She asked. "You're acting really weird."

"Look Miley," He said sternly. "If you don't want dad to find out about your drug use and drinking then I expect you to behave. Miley looked down at him with a perplexed look on her face.

"You said you wouldn't tell!" She whined.

"Everything has its price and the price for my silence is your full cooperation," He told the bewildered young brunette.

"Yeah... But..."

"No BUT'S!" He shouted as she shrank back. "I expect you to do as I say starting right now. Go downstairs and get me a beer. I'll be waiting right here." He continued as he sat back down on the bed.

Again Miley was shocked. She slowly exited the room and began making her way down stairs. "What's he mean cooperation?" She asked herself before reaching into the fridge and pulling out an ice cold budweiser. She gingerly walked back up the stairs and took a deep breath before re-entering the room. She glared over at her brother who was laying on her bed holding a picture.

"You two do make a cute couple" He said sarcastically before tossing it aside. "That mine?" He smiled before Miley just tossed it over to him. Jackson sat up and once again sat at the edge of the bed. He drank his beer for a few minutes in complete silence. The tension in the room was overwhelming. He looked up at his obviously upset younger sister "Come here." He commanded.

She hesitated while she continued to just stare at him.

"I said come here, Sis!" He said in a more stern voice.

Miley slowly began moving towards him as he just sat there staring a hole through her body. She stopped once she was right in front of him and crossed her arms across her small budding chest. "What do you want from me? She said in a sassy voice.

"What do I want?" He said smiling. "We can start by you leaning down here and you can place those luscious lips against mine!"

Miley was shocked. "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" She exclaimed as she began backing away. "I'm your sister not to mention I'm only 14!"

"You know that you have to do everything I say right?" He said raising his voice a bit as he began getting antsy that this was actually happening. "Well that is unless you want me to let ol Daddy-o know that his precious Hannah Montana has been smoking the wacky tobacky!" He continued while he reached out and grabbed Miley by her waist bringing her back towards him.

"Jackson you can't be serious!" She exclaimed. "This is so fucking wrong!" She continued knowing that she didn't have a choice. She had to do this tour, and if kissing her disgusting brother was going to make him keep his mouth shut then she knew she had to do it. Jackson just sat on her bed just smiling up at her. "Fine God Damnit!" She screamed before she leaned down and placed her plump rosy red lips against his. The taste of her cherry lip gloss filled his body. He was in heaven, but as quickly as her lips touched his they were taken away. She leaned back up causing him to fall forward a bit still wanting more.

"What was that?" He asked, "I've seen you kiss dad better than that!" He laughed while licking his lips. "Get back over here and I want you to kiss me like you kiss that pretty little boyfriend of yours!"

"Jackson..." Miley began to plead.

"I'm done arguing sis, either you do what I tell you no questions asked or I'm going to call dad right now!" He said in a stern voice. "Now give me a mother fucking kiss!" He continued in a commanding voice.

Miley was in awe. Never in her 14 years of life has she ever been talked to that way. Tears began to form in her large brown eyes as she started leaning towards her older brother. Jackson didn't move a bit, but forced Miley to come all the way to him. Within seconds their lips met again. This time, however, Jackson placed his hand behind Miley's head forcing her to continue kissing him. He slowly opened his mouth and began running his tongue across her fruity tasting lips attempting to pry them apart. After just a few seconds Miley opened her mouth and he instantly pushed his tongue into her mouth meeting hers as the two continued to passionately kiss. Miley was disgusted, but she knew that she had no other option. Jackson had control over her life at this point.

While they continued to kiss the seconds felt like hours to Miley. She attempted to back away from her forceful brother, but he just held her close. Slowly he led his free hand underneath her shirt and on up her stomach. Miley was becoming even more uncomfortable and attempted to break free even more. Jackson would not allow it and continued to push his hand further up her body until he finally reached one of her small, but still developing, breasts. As he gave the petite mound a soft squeeze Miley finally broke free of his grip and rushed backwards.

"Oh My God Jackson!" She exclaimed. "You can't do that!"

"Miles.. Miles.. Miles.." He said as he stood up. "You still don't understand do you?" He asked as he slowly walked towards his terrified sister. "You honestly don't have a choice right now." He continued, "Either you do what I say or your little 'Hannah Montana' gig is over!" He said unsympathetically as he placed his hands on her shoulders before slowly guiding them down her arms warm, goosebump filled, arms. "Now take off your clothes!" he commanded as he placed a soft peck on her forehead.

"You can't be serious!" She said looking at me defeated as the tears flowed from her eyes. "I am your sister for Gods sake and you want me to strip for you!!" She continued, but Jackson didn't care at this point. She was no longer his sister. She was merely another snobby bitch that he wanted to teach a lesson. "You're a perverted fuck!" She continued as she gripped the bottom of her t-shirt. She slowly pulled the thin material up exposing her flat stomach. "Please Jackson, Don't make me do this" She pleaded as she stopped just below her breasts.

"It would be a shame for me to have to call dad and tell him that his sweet and innocent daughter was up here smoking pot and drinking his beers!" He said pulling out his phone. Miley just looked down at the ground. She was now in total defeat. She slowly pulled the shirt over her head exposing her two perfectly round breasts. The only thing keeping him from seeing her two beautiful breasts was a thin pink bra. As soon as she got the shirt completely off she crossed her arms trying to conceal her beauty.

"Very nice sis," he said as he softly grazed his hands over her freshly exposed chest. "You are becoming quite the woman." He said smiling as he continued to trace the seam of her bra. "Now continue." He commanded

Miley closed her eyes as she put her head down before reaching behind her back unclasping her bra.

"Hold on a second!" Jackson said causing Miley to look over at him. He had pulled the phone out again and snapped a picture with her breasts forced out in front of her. "Sorry, you just looked so good like that, and I just figured that you if you stopped cooperating I could send this little picture to that boyfriend of yours." He once again shot her a sly smile. "Now go ahead and take the rest of your clothes off!" He instructed as he backed up and sat back down on the bed.

Miley glared at him with evil in her eyes. He could tell that at this moment she literally hated him. She once again reached behind her back and quickly undid the latch. She took a deep breath and pulled the bra off of her chest exposing for the first time to anyone her bare chest.

Jackson could not believe what he was seeing. His beautiful little sister was now standing in front of him completely topless. Her tits, although not very big, were perfect in his eyes. They were perfectly round, almost like an orange, with tiny dime shaped nipples that were fully erect sticking out of in front of them. His dick was aching for release from his shorts. While he continued watching her he began pulling his shorts down exposing his throbbing cock to his sister as he began to slowly stroke himself. As much as she hated to admit it to herself Miley was a little intrigued by the sight of her brothers cock. She hated every fiber of his being, but a little part of her was curious to know what it would feel like inside her.

She knew that this wasn't all he wanted so she hesitantly she began to unbuckle her pants and slowly she slid them down her long skinny legs exposing her matching pair of red lace panties. Jackson just stared over in amazement of her beauty. Miley began stepping out of her shorts which caused Jackson to rise up and slowly approach the young beauty. He placed his large dry hands upon her smooth warm skin. He began to ever so gently slide his fingers up and down her sides causing goose bumps to form across her exposed body. Miley just looked over at him with tear filled eyes knowing there was nothing she could do to stop the molestation.

He leaned in once again passionately kissing her directly on the lips before guiding his hands up her body fully gripping both of her small breasts. He continued to kiss her as he massaged the two firm mounds for a few seconds before finally releasing her. Miley's eyes were the size of golf balls. She had hardly kissed a boy let alone went this far.

"Jackson please..." She muttered out before he briefly kissed her once again.

He just gave her a slight smile as he continued roaming his hands up and down her petite body before reaching her waist. Instantly he maneuvered his fingers to where they were inside her panties and he started to slowly bend down while taking the panties down with him. Miley instinctively grabbed the seam of her panties. Jackson just looked up at her with a look of disapproval causing her to release her grip and allowed him to continue to take them down her long slender legs. Jackson rubbed every inch of his sisters fit legs while he took the panties down. He gripped each of her ankles individually assisting her in stepping out of the thin lacey material.

Jackson now kneeling directly in front of his young teenage sister peered up to see her perfectly proportioned pussy staring back at him. He took a deep breath taking in her sexual aroma. "Oh my God Jackson stop!" Miley begged, however, Jackson was now too far stricken to quit. He just ran his hands back up her legs as he stood back up. Once he was standing in front of her he cupped his hand in-between her legs and began massaging the hairless mound.

"I'm quite biased to a shaven twat, sis" Jackson said confidently as his rubbing became rougher and faster. Miley couldn't understand the feeling that was going through her body at that moment. As much as she hated everything that was going on, she was somewhat enjoying the feeling of him rubbing her pussy.

"Jackson you have to quit," She said pushing him away. "I can't do this!" She cried as she backed away from her brother.

"Oh you can do this!" He said in an angered voice as he grabbed her by the waist. "And you will!" He yelled as he violently threw her down on her bed.

"Jackson stop!" Miley cried now terrified. "You have to stop!" She continued pleading as she scooted to the front of her bed. Jackson just stared down at her almost as if he was a lion stalking a young hyena. He slowly walked towards the bed until he heard a voice from outside the door.

"Miley!" The feminine voice yelled. "Are you upstairs?"

"I didn't know Lilly was coming over." Jackson said pulling his shorts back up. "Now it's a party!" He continued.

"Jackson please. Just leave me alone and I promise I won't say anything about this!" Miley begged. "Just get out of here PLEASE!"

"Oh no little sister," he said before sitting down at the edge of the bed and placing his hand on her still exposed leg. "But if Lilly is willing we might just take some of the focus off of you!, now cover up before she gets up here!" He commanded while smiling from ear to ear.

Just a few seconds later Lilly knocked on the door before walking in. She stared at Miley who was still obviously distraught and then over at Jackson who was sitting on her bed in just his basketball shorts. His hard cock still pitching a tent in the front of the mesh material. "Umm am I interrupting something?" Lilly asked in a confused voice. Jackson was so horny. He knew that he was going to fuck the little girl standing in the doorway.

He immediately began checking the young teenage girl out as she stood oblivious in the doorway. She had her blonde hair pulled tightly in a ponytail behind her head that stopped just below her neck. Leading his eyes down her tight body he reached a red tank top with a silver heart directly in the middle. Her breasts were young and perky, and even though she was smaller in size than his sister they were quite a bit more developed. He continued down her body allowing his eyes to molest her reaching her short white mini skirt that ended just above the middle of her firm athletic thighs. She was definitely the epitome of beauty.

"No Lil nothing's going on up here." Miley finally spoke breaking the tension in the room. "We were just talking about some stuff."

"Oh well I can come back if you want me to?" Lilly asked still perplexed.

"Nahhhh Lillz!" Jackson spoke up while he stood up from the bed. Again, unconcerned about the fact his throbbing cock was sticking straight out in front of him inside his shorts. "I'm actually glad you're here!" He said as he pulled the covers from his naked sister, exposing her nude body to her best friend. "Miley was actually just paying me to keep a little secret she told me about you two." He said as he began walking towards the puzzled girl. She just looked at him with a bewildered look on her face.

Jackson continued walking until he reached Lilly. "What's going on?" She asked. "I really think I should come back later."

Jackson didn't say a word he just reached out and grabbed her arm pulling her inside the room. Once inside he slowly made his way behind the young girl before putting his arms around her and pulling her into him. His rock hard cock was pressing directly against her firm ass.

"Jackson stop!" Lilly said as she halfheartedly began trying to escape his grip. The more she struggled the more she grinded her ass against his cock. The feeling was incredible.

"I think you might want to assist in this payment or I might just have to tell your mother about your little drug problem." He said now massaging her stomach under her tight shirt.

"You're retarded Jackson" She said as she gave up the unwinnable struggle of breaking free. "I don't have a drug problem, I just smoke a little weed." She continued. "Now let me go!"

Jackson just laughed as he brought his hands up farther on her stomach. "That's not how this is going to play out at all. "I also heard a little rumour that if you got caught smoking again that your mom would ship you away to live with your father." He said in a cocky tone. "And we all know that means you would have to leave poor little Miley over there." He said before giving the young girl a kiss on her exposed neck. "Now here's how this is going to play out." He continued before he kissed her once again on the neck this time sucking a bit before releasing. "You and Miley over there are going to do everything I say with no questions asked." Again he kissed her, this time he licked his way up to her cheek. "If you do then no one will be the wiser, but if you don't..." He paused in order to give her a light peck on her lips, "your mom and dad will know about these drugs in a lickity split!"

"I'm so sorry Lilly," Miley said crying, "I had no idea!"

"Now if you're going to be a good little girl then why don't we take this little shirt off here and you go sit down over there by my sis!" He said before Lilly allowed him to take her shirt up and over her head. He tossed the shirt to the side and released his grip on her. "Now go take a seat over there beside your good friend Miley." He said in an upbeat voice as he smacked her on the ass.

She ran over to the bed and immediately grabbed the blanket attempting to cover herself. "Uh uh uhhhh" He said waving his finger in front of her. "And for that, Miley I want you to take off her bra!" He commanded. Miley just stared over at her brother with hatred in her eyes before she gripped the metal latch that held the bra together and quickly unclasped it.

"Lilly I am so sorry!" She said as she slowly took the straps of her bra down her small arms before fully removing it. Lilly's amazing young breasts were now fully exposed. Like her breasts, her nipples were also larger than Miley's and more puffy as well. Jackson couldn't handle it any longer. He once again took down his pants and began stroking his rock solid cock much to the disgust of his sister and her best friend.

"You guys look so cute together," Jackson said while smiling. "I've always wanted to see you two kiss." He said as he sat down in the chair directly across from the two young beauties. "So let's have it," he said waving his hand in front of him instructing them to begin. "And before you two start bitching and begging for me to stop I don't want to hear it so get it started or I'm out of here!" He continued in a raised voice.

The two girls just looked at each other. Neither could believe the position that Jackson had put them in. They knew that they had no other choice so almost simultaneously they leaned forward and kissed each other. Jackson was in awe. Never in his life would he have thought he would see his 14 year old sister kissing her 14 year old best friend! He continued stroking his cock while gazing over in amazement as they sustained their passionate kiss. "More tounge!" He commanded. "And I want you two to play with each others tits!" He belted out. Lilly was first to comply as she slowly slid her hands up Miley's slender body until she gripped her small mound in her hands. Miley's eyes lit up from the feeling of her smooth hands gently massaging her breasts and she returned the favor gripping Lilly's meaty mounds in hers as she gently teased her young friends puffy nipples. They continued this for a while longer before finally releasing to Jackson's disappointment.

"Very nice ladies!" He said cheerfully. "I'm glad to see you are in cooperation now!" He continued. "Lilly why don't you go ahead and lay down on the bed." He said as he stood up with his dick still secured in his hand.

"What are you going to do?" She asked timidly as she cautiously laid herself down on the bed. Miley just stared down at her topless friend in amazement.

"Sis, go ahead and continue to play with her titties." He said making his way over to the bed. Lilly returned her hands to Lilly's moderate breasts. "How bout you lean down and suck on them perky nipples!" He instructed. Miley looked over at him in disapproval before she complied and leaned down taking her large nipples inside her mouth. Lilly let out a slight moan from the new touch. Jackson smiled as he reached the foot of the bed standing over the young girls. He slowly scooted up the bed on top of Lilly's legs keeping his knees on each side of her. Miley looked up to see what he was doing. "Don't stop!" He said as he continued up Lilly's petite body.

Jackson began tracing lines just above Lilly's waist occasionally digging his fingers underneath the tight material of her skirt. Lilly was obviously becoming more and more uneasy with every stroke over her smooth milky skin. Jackson slid further up Lilly's young body to where he was sitting on her hips with each of his legs on both sides of her small body. Jackson slid one of his hands up Lilly's tense body gripping one of her breasts in his large hand. "I have wanted this for a long time!" he said giving the soft mound a squeeze before retreating back down to her waist. He gripped her skirt in his fingers and swiftly pulled it down her legs as he slid back off of her. He twirled the skirt around his fingers while gazing down at the young girl now laying in only her white panties.

Miley continued to massage and kiss all over her meaty breasts. She would never admit it, but she was actually enjoying herself.

He slowly creeped up Lilly's frantic body once again. His eyes were peered on her white panties that had little cherries all over them and one large cherry directly on top of her puffy pussy. His cock was dragging between her trembling legs leaving a trail of precum.

"Is this the only cherry you have down here," he laughed as he softly placed his finger on top of the cherry. Lilly tried to scoot back but the weight of her best friends brother was pressed directly down on her legs. Jackson continued to run his fingers over her puffy pussy lips on the outside of her panties for a few minutes longer. Finally, he gripped the seam of her panties in his fingers and pulled them down her legs exposing her cleanly shaven pussy.

"Oh how nice," He said smiling down at the naked beauty. "You do shave!" He laughed. Lilly quickly covered up her exposed vagina. "I want to see what you guys look like side by side," he said as he moved over to Miley. "Lay back down sis," he instructed as he pulled the young girl back down on the bed. The sight before him was amazing. He just stared down at the two gorgeous young girls for a few minutes before taking a seat between them placing each of his hands on the insides of their thighs. He slowly slid his hands up inching closer and closer to both of their juicy pussies. Much to his surprise Miley was actually more comfortable with his touching as she just lay there motionless. Lilly, however, was growing more and more anxious the closer he got. He stopped his hands just below their steaming pussy, and looked up at the frightened girls.

He cupped his hands over each of their pussies causing Lilly to scoot further up the bed. She was all the way against the headboard of the bed as the older brother of her best friend was still fondling her vagina. After a few minutes of massaging their most sensitive area he bent his middle finger and inserted it into each of their pussies. Lilly let out a slight moan when his finger breached her vaginal wall. Jackson smiled as he continued to probe his finger in and out of his young sister's cunt.

"That feels good, don't it Miles?" Jackson asked while he forced his finger deeper inside her tight pussy. Miley just stared over at Lilly as she let out a slight whimper. "Come here," he said removing his fingers from her while keeping them deeply inside her best friend. "I want to show you what Lilly's feels like." He said pulling the young girl up and assisting her down to him. As much as she didn't want to admit it the feeling of him playing with her pussy felt amazing! Miley reluctantly sat next to her perverted brother as he slowly removed his hand from Lilly's moist pussy and began to retreat from her warm apprehensive body. "Take over sis!" He instructed as he stood directly behind his teenage sister. She looked back at him attempting to plead with him.

"Please Jackson... Don't make me do this." She whined as he just stood with a stern look on his face. She knew he wasn't going to let them out of this. She turned and faced her friend as she lowered her hand towards her seeping pussy. She unwillingly inserted her index finger inside Lilly's warm moist cunt. Lilly couldn't believe the pleasure that was taking over her body. She softly began to tug at her breasts while Miley continued to probe her fingers in and out of her dripping cunt.

Jackson just watched as his young niece finger fucked her older sister. It was a sight he never thought he would see, but was very delighted that he had. Miley's ass was sticking straight up in the air with her pussy just begging for some more attention. "Definitely no going back now," he said to himself as he placed his hands on her hips and began to rub around her tiny ass in a circular motion. "Taste her juices," he instructed softly forcing her head towards Lilly's pussy. Miley hesitated for a bit, but then gave in and began licking Lilly's pink slit.

"OH YES!" Miley screamed out while ripping at her pert breasts.

"You're doing a fine job sis!" Jackson said as he began squeezing her ass cheeks while moving closer. His cock was fully erect and sticking straight out in front of him. He took a deep breath and pressed his rock hard cock against her moist pussy. The feeling of her warm cunt caused a bit of cum to flow out of his meaty member. He took a deep breath and with one quick thrust his throbbing cock was probed deep inside his 14 year old sister. Her large pussy lips immediately pressed against his large cock squeezing the large member inside of her.

"Oh My God!!!" She screamed causing Lilly to exit her feeling of ecstasy to see what was happening. "Jackson you can't do this!!" She continued screaming. "You can't!!" She said as he found his rhythm probing his cock in and out of her virgin slit.

"Lilly.." He said between breaths. "I want you to kiss her!" He instructed as Lilly turned to her best friend.

"Jackson it hurts so bad!" Miley cried out. Lilly didn't know what to do. She decided to lean down and pressed her lips on Miley's full luscious lips. Miley greeted her and for a moment the pain subsided. They continued to kiss and Lilly allowed her tongue to enter Miley's mouth as the two continued to French kiss each other while their Jackson continued to probe his cock in and out of Miley's aching pussy. He ran his hands all across MIley's trembling body as he rammed his cock in and out increasing the speed with each thrust. The pain was now completely gone and was replaced with pure pleasure. She found herself once again sucking on Lilly's breasts as her young best friend held her head in her arms attempting to comfort her.

This continued for a few minutes longer until Jackson felt himself near orgasm. He slowly pulled his cock out of her vagina leaving a trail of cum along the way. Miley immediately collapsed to the bed, and Lilly glared up at her friends perverse brother. "This is so wrong!" She scolded as she stared up watching him stroke his rock hard cock. Even though she was totally disgusted by his actions she was equally impressed by the size of his large cock. She even felt herself wishing that he would fuck her!

Jackson smiled down as his cock still begged for more attention. He slowly leaned down and began crawling up the bed towards his sister's timid best friend. He dragging his cock up her legs as he continued up. He stopped on top of her with each of his legs on either side of her. Her heart was beating a mile a minute as she knew exactly what he was wanting to do to her. Even though a little part of her wanted him inside her, a bigger part of her was terrified.

"Jackson please stop..." She murmured out right before Jackson leaned down and placed his mouth on Lilly's thin moist lips. Lilly's eyes shot open like a full moon as she tried to push him off. The more she pushed and bucked around the harder he forced the kiss down on her. All the while the two kissed he roamed his hands over her large plump breasts gently pinching on her fully erect nipples. Once he released the kiss Lilly tried to plead him off of her again, but it fell on deaf ears. Instead he reached down and began guiding his rock hard cock towards her hot pulsing pussy.

Lilly was shocked as she felt his throbbing member teasing her fat pussy lips while he placed the tip against her. Once again he leaned down passionately kissing the young girl before he finally forced his large cock into her tight twat. Lilly let out a loud moan as the pain of his throbbing rod slowly inserted into her virgin flower. "Oh My God Jackson!!!" She cried out. As he got all the way in her, he began to quicken the pace. Up and down, quickly he began jamming his tool deeper inside the young girl. His hands began violently ripping at her maturing, young, and perky breasts. Lilly slowly began losing the painful feeling as a feeling of pleasure overwhelmed her. She wrapped her arms around Jackson's large body, digging her fingernails deep into his skin she raked down his back. As his internal juices slowly seeped out inside the young girl she raised her hips allowing him to enter her further. Jackson continued pounding the young vixen as he lowered his head down and began again sucking on her fully erect puffy nipples.

Feeling he was about to lose his entire load inside her, he slowly began to pull out. As soon as he got his raging cock out of her tight clit, it exploded releasing his warm sticky juice all over her golden brown skin. As Lori began to come back to her senses she looked up at Frank who was putting his boxer shorts back on. She looked up at him with a disgusted look in her face. "You were amazing kid" he said smiling as he pulled his shorts over his cock. Lilly just stared at him as he backed off of the bed once again standing at the foot of the large bed. Miley also retreated to the front of the bed to sit beside her trembling friend. Both girls were in total shock of what just took place. They each glared at Jackson with hatred in their eyes. "Now I think that is good enough to keep me quiet for now," He said as he pulled he began making his way over to the front of the bed.

He grabbed each of their arms and pulled them up to him. They tried to fight, but after what they had just endured they were much too weak. He placed his arms around each of them as he stood in the middle of the two beautiful girls. "Now if anyone was to hear about what happened here tonight then I wouldn't be able to keep quiet about what I know," He said as he gripped one of their soft breasts in each of his hands. "That understood?" He asked while giving the two tender breasts a gentle squeeze. Each girl knew that they had no alternative but to agree as they shook their head in agreeance.

"That's good, now how about we give each other one more kiss and I'll leave you alone for the night?" He said in a commanding voice more than an asking. Miley and Lilly both looked at each other knowing that they just wanted to end this nightmare. They leaned in and once again their lips touched. Miley led her tongue inside of Lilly's mouth. Once inside Lilly met her as the two entwined their tongues for a heated kiss. Jackson began to slowly back away from the two young girls not taking his eyes off of them. He reached the door as they released their kiss. "Goodnight sis." He said smugly as he left the room. Miley and Lilly just stared blankly at the door still trying to process what just happend.

The End!

***My Note***

This was a work a fiction, and it is intended to be read that way. If you have any questions or comments on this or any of my other stories feel free to email me at [email protected] I am always open to requests, but I can't promise that I will get to them. Also, I love feedback for my stories whether good or bad. I know this story was long, but this is exactly how I imagined it from the get-go, so I didn't want to remove any of the plot. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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