Hannah Montana: Best Of Both Worlds (mf,ff,mff,Ffff,Ff,Fff,MFf,Mf,mFf,inc,ir)
by Donna Abit

"Ready to go, Jackson?" asked Mr. Stewart.

"Sure, dad," he answered.

"Mile, I understand why you're not ready to go meet Kathryn yet," said Mr.
Stewart. "I really wish you would give her a chance though."

"Dad, no one can take her place."

"Well, we can talk about it later," he said. "You're sure your ok staying by
yourself overnight?"

"I'm sure. Is it ok if Lilly comes over while you are gone?" Miley asked her

"Sure," he replied. "I know you're both responsible enough to stay out of
trouble. Just find out when her parents want her to come home, and make sure
she does on time."

She called Lilly. "Hey, doing anything tonight? Daddy and Jackson are going
to be gone overnight, and I have the place to myself."

"That sounds like fun," said Lilly.

"It will be. I can't throw a big party or anything, but daddy said I could
have you over. He just says to find out when you're supposed to be home, and
make sure you are on time."

Later, Lilly called Miley and said "Landing in 10." Miley opened the door so
that her friend could skateboard in.

Miley showed her the Kelly Clarkson video she had bought earlier that day.
"Want to start by watching this?" she asked.

"Hey, wow, that's the new one," Lilly replied. "Sure."

"Here's the popcorn, too."

After watching the Kelly Clarkson video a few times, Miley suggested Kim
Possible: So the Drama.

Lilly said, "I've seen some of the shows, but never that movie."

"I think you'll like it," Miley said.

After it finished, Lilly said "Let's go visit the Hannah closet. I'll NEVER
get tired of looking at what you have in there!" This suited Miley fine.
After a while, they came back out into Miley's regular bedroom. Lilly said
"Well, what should we do now? Another movie, maybe?"

"I might have a better idea," Miley said. She put her arm around Lilly's
waist, pulled her onto the bed, and started to kiss her. After they broke
for some air, Lilly said "Oh...OH!"

"Just like at the end of the movie," said Miley. "Well, maybe not JUST like,
but pretty close." She took an arm from around Lilly, and drew back far
enough to reach in and start gently massaging one of Lilly's boobs.

"Miles, are we supposed to be doing this?" Lilly asked.

"We're supposed to do what makes us happy," Miley replied. "And I'm liking
this, and I think you do, too. Lift your arms up." Lilly did so, and Miley
lifted her t shirt off.

"I had no idea what you had in mind, but I'm liking it more and more," said
Lilly. She started unbuttoning Miley's blouse, and found out that Miley was
not wearing a bra.

"Here, don't be shy," said Miley as she took Lilly's hand and put it on a
boob. "Like that? I do, a lot."

"I don't think I'm supposed to like it," said Lilly a little hesitantly.

Miley slid her blouse the rest of the way off while saying "No reason not
to." Then she unhooked Lilly's bra and took it off. "Now tell me what this
feels like," she said as she cupped each of Lilly's boobs in each of her
hands and gently massaged.

"Oh wow..." Lilly said softly.

"I guess that answers my question," said Miley. "Let's get the rest off,"
she continued while kicking off her shoes and lowering her skirt and
panties. Then she took off Lilly's shoes, shorts and panties, encountering
no resistance.

Then she put her arms around Lilly and kissed her. She started mildly, but
was soon exploring the inside of Lilly's mouth with her tongue. When they
broke, Miley said "Hang on, I want to try kissing something else." Then she
took an arm from around Lilly and used the hand to fondle one boob, while
she sucked on the other one.

After a while, she lay back and said, "Ok, your turn." Lilly sucked and

Later, the two girls lay naked and satisfied on the bed. Lilly asked, "Miles,
does this mean we're gay?"

Miley answered, "That's silly. I still like boys. Do you still like boys?"
Lilly nodded. "You might say we get the best of both worlds," Miley

As Lilly and Miley sat at Rico's beach concession stand, Jackson sneezed.
"Bless you," Miley said.

"Thanks," said Jackson. "I hope I'm not coming down with anything."

"How about we cruise by your place?" asked Lilly.

"Sure," Miley answered.

On the way there, Miley said "Daddy's in town all day, and Jackson will be
working till 7. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Lilly said "I don't know about this, Miles. That first time was great, sure,
but is it right?"

"I think it is. Why would it be wrong?"

"Well, a lot of people seem to think that..." Lilly hesitated.

"People think a lot of things. Doesn't make 'em right," Miley said. "Come
on," she continued, pulling Lilly through the door as they reached her house.
"Kelly again?"

"Sure, put it in," Lilly said, sitting on the couch.

As they watched, Miley put her arm around Lilly. Since she did not want Lilly
to feel pressured, she didn't do anything more until they had watched the
video a few times.

"How about Cruel Intentions?" Miley asked.

"Yeah, I like that one," said Lilly.

When they reached the part where Kathryn and Cecile kissed, Miley took that
as her cue to kick things up a notch...or two...or three. She cupped one of
Lilly's boobs while kissing her deeply. The movie was ignored as they
continued. "Ooh," moaned Lilly as she started to pull Miley's top off.

Before she got it off, Jackson walked in. He wasn't sure what to make of what
he was seeing on the couch, but he was sure that he did not want to see Miley
without her top. "AHEM!" he said loudly.

"ACK!" screeched Miley as she put her arms down and lowered her t-shirt.
Lilly took her hand off the boob and the girls pulled away from each other.

"What is going on here?" asked Jackson.

"Not what you think," said Miley.

"No, not at all what you think," put in Lilly.

Jackson said, "Ok...what is it they say about protesting too much?"

"It was just a quick peck on the cheek, Jackson," said Miley. "Nothing more
than that."

"Look," said Jackson. "I didn't see much, but what I did see was going WAY
beyond a peck on the cheek."

"Jackson, can you keep secret what you did see?" Miley asked, as she realized
that they weren't going to bluff it through.

"Are you embarrassed or ashamed?" he asked.

"Embarrassed," said Miley while Lilly said "Ashamed," at the same time.

Miley continued, "Look, we don't want people to think the wrong thing about
us. And, Lilly, we have nothing to be ashamed about."

"Looks to me like the people who think you like boys are the ones who think
the wrong thing about you," said Jackson.

"Look, that's what I mean," said Miley. "Both of us like boys. We just ALSO
like each other. We can do both, but a lot of people think like what you just

"Oh," said Jackson, pretty much at a loss for words.

"Why are you here?" Miley asked. She knew that they couldn't have lost track
of time that badly, and confirmed it by looking at the clock.

"Didn't feel good, so the boss gave me the rest of the day off. When I
sneezed, I guess I really was catching something."

It was Miley's turn to be at a loss for words beyond "Oh."

Lilly spoke up with "Please Jackson, don't tell on us."

Jackson said "All right, your dirty little secret is safe with me. I'm not
even going to try to extort anything, which may be a sign that I really am
not feeling well."

"Thanks," said Miley. "You're a great brother, when you're not being a real

That night, shortly after everyone was in bed, Miley went to her Hannah
closet and picked out pyjamas that she wore for her Pumping Up the Party
song. She wished she had lingerie, but that would not be appropriate for
her audiences.

After putting them on, she tiptoed softly to Jackson's room, opened the
door, stepped in, and closed it. Then she said "Hey Jackson, you awake?"

"Yeah, I'm awake," he said. "Why are you here, Miles?"

Instead of answering directly, she turned on the light and pulled her top
over her head. Then she said, "If you had come in a few minutes later this
afternoon, you might have seen something like this. Do you like it?" while
striking several poses for him, some frontal, some from the sides. Then she
left, closing the door behind her.

Jackson sat there with his mouth wide open for several minutes before he
turned the light back out. He wished his hard-on would go away, because he
knew he was not supposed to think of his sister that way.

Back in her own room, Miley decided that she had been very naughty, and that
she liked being naughty.

When Miley and Jackson got home from school, Jackson sat on the couch and
started channel surfing. Miley decided to steam things up a bit, and sat on
his lap. Jackson said "Umm...Miles..." not quite certain how to react.

She wriggled a little and said, "Comfy? I am. I want to check on something."
Before Jackson could react, she slid her t shirt off, unhooked her bra, and
took that off. "Thought so," she continued. "These are prettier in natural
daylight than in indoor light, don't you think?"

"Miley," Jackson said slowly, "Dad could come back at any time."

"Oh, don't worry about it," she said. "We'll hear the car come in." She
wriggled a little more, in such a way to make her chest shake a little.
"I guess you're right, though." She put the bra and t shirt back on, not
hurrying. As she stood up, she felt Jackson's crotch briefly. "I thought
I might find a bulge down there." Jackson turned red.

A little later, she said "You never did answer which way they are prettier?"
Jackson turned red again, and was unable to answer.

Friday afternoon, their father told them, "Ok, I'll be taking off now, and
I'll be home about this time tomorrow. You two going to be all right?"

"No problem," said Miley. "Ok if I have Lilly over?"

"Sure," he said. "You know the drill, make sure she's home by the time her
parents say."

"We're ok," confirmed Jackson. "Can I have Cooper over?"

"Same deal, check with his parents about time."

Cooper was a complication she hadn't counted on. Oh well, there would be
other opportunities for her and Lilly. She had another plan, though.

That night, she set her alarm for midnight. When it woke her, she got up,
took off her pajamas, got some hand lotion from the bathroom while wondering
if ketchup would work for what she had in mind, went to Jackson's room, and
got under the covers next to him. She didn't expect him to wake up, and he
didn't. She went back to sleep.

That morning, she woke up first and lay there patiently, waiting for him to
wake up. He did so shortly. She waited for him to notice he was not alone,
which also did not take long. "Good morning," she said, smiling.

"Miles, what are you doing here?"

"Up until a few minutes ago, I was sleeping," she answered. "Now, just laying
here waiting for you to wake up. With dad away overnight, I just felt more
comfortable in your bed than alone." With that, she snuggled close to him.

He noticed something and said, "Miles, your not wearing..."

"Pajamas?" she finished. "Nope, nothing else, either. Want to see the bottom
half?" Without waiting for a reply, she stood up and struck poses for him
similar to the ones she had used before. "Whaddya think? I still say they're
prettier in natural daylight." Before he could do anything, she got back in
bed on top of him and put her arms around him. "I'm not shocking you too
badly, am I?"

Jackson tried to collect his thoughts. He had never really expected anything
like this from Miley. It was wrong...wasn't it? His crotch was telling him
there was nothing wrong, nothing at all. "I don't know about this," he
finally said.

"You sound like Lilly," she said. "Don't worry about anything or anyone else,
just us." She felt his crotch. "Oh my, we better get your pjs off before this
rips them apart." She pulled the bottoms off, unbuttoned the top and slid it
off him. "That's better," she continued as she put her arms around him. "You
know when they're at their prettiest? It's when the nipples tighten up from
rubbing against your chest, like they are now."

"Wow," Jackson said, still not quite knowing if he really wanted this.

She broke from the clinch. "I don't think we should do the, well, all the
way thing, you know. Getting pregnant would be a really bad idea. But I still
have some ideas that should be fun. Give me your hand. She took it and and
put it on a boob. "Like that? I do, a lot."

* * *

Later, as she was putting lotion on her hands, she said "Let me know what you
think of this," and started massaging his cock.

"I like it, I like it!" he said breathlessly, as he continued to fondle her.

After he had spent himself, they lay quietly in each other's arms for a
while. She said, "I'll go see the school nurse on Monday."

"Why?" he asked. "Don't you feel well?

"Jackson, you can figure it out. Remember why we stopped short of all the

"Ok, I get it," he said.

Miley went back to her room, leaving a somewhat shellshocked Jackson behind.
She checked the clock and decided she had plenty of time for what she wanted
to do next. So she dialed Lilly's number and asked, "Hey, want to hang out
over here for while?"

"I'll be right there," Lilly answered.

Miley selected a modest one piece swimsuit, reflecting that she did not have
much of a choice because her dad vetoed any swimwear that showed off very
much. Then she went downstairs to wait for Lilly. When Lilly let her know she
was about to land, she opened the door and Lilly skateboarded in.

Lilly said, "Were you planning to go for a swim? You should have told me, I
would have put on my suit."

"Nah," said Miley. "I had something else in mind. Come here." With that, she
pulled Lilly to the couch, put one arm around her, and began fondling her
chest with the other hand.

"Oh no, I might be starting to get used to this," Lilly said hesitantly.

"That's good," Miley answered. She let go of Lilly, stood up, unzipped her
suit and stepped out of it. Then she sat back down and picked up where she
had left off with Lilly.

"ACK!" Lilly screeched. "Where's Jackson? What if he comes in and sees us?"

"Lilly, he already knows. He saw us yesterday. Remember?"

"But, I mean, you, like this," Lilly said, flustered. "That would be, like,

"But maybe he would like to see me like this?"

"Like it?" Lilly asked. "That would be even worse EWWW, GROSS!"

"Ok, come on then," she said, standing up and pulling Lilly up. Then she led
Lilly to her own room.

Later, as they were laying naked in an afterglow of pleasure, Miley reflected
that she might have to work on Lilly some in order to make her next plan

After Lilly had gone home, Miley thought. If she tried jumping straight
into what she wanted, Lilly would probably run away in terror as soon as she
realized what was going on.

Then she thought some more. She did not want to wait for the school nurse on
Monday, who would probably recommend some dreary doctor's appointment. That
was ok, but not what she wanted now. So she rode her bike to town. At the
drugstore, when she checked out, the clerk said "Going to have a little fun,
I see!"

She replied, "Look, I'm getting them for my big brother, ok? Besides, they
make good water balloons. Just ring it up." Then she rode to Border's Books.

As she had suspected, the "For Dummies" line of books had one for sex. She
looked over some of the illustrations, and noted that a few of them would
work even if Jackson were a little reluctant. Looking over the rest of it,
she decided that it was worth having. This sales clerk had nothing to say.
Then she rode home and hid her purchases at the bottom of her underwear
drawer. She did not want to explain them to her father, and figured that
would be almost as safe as putting them in Fort Knox.

That night, she selected some Hannah pajamas and decided that she totally
had to get some lingerie, although convincing her father of this would be
difficult. Then she picked up the box and went to Jackson's room, after
thoughtfully shutting her own door. Her dad had never walked in without
knocking before, so she figured this was safe enough.

As she climbed in under the covers beside him, he said, "Umm...Miles...I
don't know about this."

"Well, I know about it," she told him. "And I know that I like it, a lot."
She pulled her top off.

"Miles, wait, we're not supposed to be doing this."

"Why not?" she asked, while sliding her bottom off.

"Well, it's wrong..." he said hesitantly.

"There is nothing at all wrong," she told him, while snuggling close. "We
learned in school that even the ancient Egyptian Pharoahs sometimes married
their sisters. That's why I decided I wanted to try this."

"But that was then."

"And this is now, and there is still nothing wrong with it, if it is what we
want." She felt his crotch. "And this is telling me that you want it just as
much as I do." She felt his chest and found that there were no buttons to
undo. "So lift your arms up." He sighed and did so. She pulled his top over
his head, then pulled off his bottom. "One more thing." She opened the box
of condoms and took one out. "Let's see, I think these work this way," while
sliding it on him.

"Miles, what..."

"A condom. You know, rubber. Protection."

"Hey now, wait, we can't do THAT!" he almost screeched.

"Oh yes we can, and we will. But not right away," she said while taking his
hand and putting it on her chest, then started caressing and fondling him.

"Oh my god," he said as he fondled. He knew it was wrong, but he still liked
it. He wondered if he liked it so much just because it was wrong? His cock
was basically telling him "Nothing wrong down here, chum." But he couldn't do
THAT with his own sister. Could he?

After a while, Miley decided it was time, but she was uncertain about
warning Jackson or just taking charge. She decided that he was still acting
reluctant, so she waited until she could get him on his back. Then she placed
herself over him, and lowered herself onto his cock. YES, she thought, just
like the illustration. She looked at his face, and it was very similar to the
way it had looked when she first took off her top for him. She started moving
up and down.

"Miles..." he said.

"Shh," she shushed him. "Just move up and down in time with me."

After a while, she felt something she had not expected. She gasped as she bit
down hard on squeals that she knew would have brought her father running, but
kept going.

After they were done, she lay next to him and said "WOW! I expected it to be
good, but nothing like THAT." Jackson just shook his head. "Jackson honey,
would you do me a great big, gigantic, huge favor tomorrow?"

"Dad has all the money you make as Hannah Montana."

"No, not a money favor," she told him. "Sometime tomorrow, I'm going get you,
me and Lilly together. When I do, I'm going to lean over in front of you. I
want you stare down my blouse. Make it obvious. Have your mouth drop open and
your eyes pop out the way they did earlier tonight. Drool some. Anything, but
mainly don't take your eyes off my chest until I straighten back up."

"Miley, what are you up to?"

"Don't ask questions, just do it, ok?"

"I guess, but I wonder if I am going to regret this," he said.

"Oh, I don't think you will." She picked up the box of condoms and went back
to her own room, and put her pajamas back on. There she looked in Sex For
Dummies until she found what she wanted. Orgasm. So THAT was what she had

The next morning, she pondered: bra or no bra? She decided that she only
wanted to shock Lilly a little at this point in the game, and put one on.
Then she selected a blouse that would gap open nicely when she leaned
forward, and left the top two buttons undone. She stood before her mirror
and leaned forward, watching herself. Perfect.

That afternoon, she saw her chance. The three of them were sitting in the
kitchen with snacks and sodas. She got a can out of the fridge, opened it,
and then just kind of accidentally dropped it as she was walking past
Jackson. "Oh, man," she said, then bent at the waist and picked it up.
Then she got a sponge from under the sink and started cleaning up, once
again bending from the waist. She took her time and made sure she had not
missed any.

When she was done, she contemplated that the look on Lilly's face was very
similar to the one she had seen on Jackson's, with the jaw down and eyes
popped. It looked like this part of her scheme had gone well.

Jackson stood up and said "I'll talk to you two later. The game is about to
come on." Then he went to the living room and turned on the TV.

Lilly said "Did you see that? He was looking at you!"

Miley decided to play a little dumb. She said "So? Kind of hard to avoid when
we're in the same room, isn't it?"

"Not THAT way, I mean the OTHER way!"

"Lilly, you aren't making much sense. That way? The other way?"

"But, but, but, I, I mean," Lilly stuttered, "when you were cleaning up your
spill, he was looking down your blouse. He was STARING down it!"

"OH!" said Miley. "Maybe I was right? Maybe he does like looking at me that

"But, but, but," Lilly stuttered some more. "That's even more sick than what
WE do."

"Lilly, you're still not getting it. There is NOTHING sick about what we do.

"Well, maybe, but Jackson looking at you like that IS sick."

Miley said, "Why? Remember how we learned that Egyptian Pharoahs sometimes
married their own sisters?"

"Well, maybe they didn't know any better, or something?"

Miley decided that Operation Threesome was going to take more preparatory
work before it would happen. "Or maybe they just knew what they wanted, and
went for it. Oh well, I know what I want. Let's go to my room."

As they went through the living room, she saw that her dad had come in and
was watching the game with Jackson. Oh well, maybe not today, she decided.
So they mostly just hung out and talked, while Lilly admired her Hannah
clothing. Miley did grab a thorough feel before they decided to go hang out
at the beach, though.

Later on, Miley read some of Sex For Dummies. When she read how even two
girls could give each other orgasms, she decided that Lilly was in for the
surprise of her life the next time they got together. It would definitely
have to be with her father gone though, because she knew how noisy it might

"Ok kids," said Mr. Stewart. "You know the drill, I'll be back tomorrow
afternoon, Lilly and Cooper are fine, try not to wreck the place or burn it
down, you have my cell number for emergencies, and all that."

After he had left, Miley sat on Jackson's lap and said "Jackson honey, would
you do me a huge favor and not invite Cooper over tonight?"

He answered "Not a problem, this is a work night for him. I bet you are
having Lilly over though."

"Oh yeah."

"And I bet you will be doing more in your room than just looking around the
Hannah closet," he said.

"Another oh yeah. And you know what happens after THAT."

"Yeah, I do, and I guess I'm getting used to it," he said. "I really hope
dad never catches us. He'd flip."

"You're doing more than getting used to it. You like it. And he's never
walked into my room without knocking. Has he ever done that with you?"

"No, I guess not," he answered.

"We're safe then. If he ever knocks, just stall him long enough for me to
get my pajamas on. Then we say that we were just sitting and talking. He'll
never suspect a thing. And I'm going to do something with Lilly. When I do,
just kind of play along, ok?"

"What are you up to this time?"

"Kind of a variation on when I had you look down my blouse. Like I said, just
play along."

Jackson rolled his eyes and said "I don't know what's gotten into you lately,

"Sure you do. This," she said while feeling his crotch. "And do you know the
really good news? According to the schedule the doctor gave me, it can go in
without a condom tonight. YAY!"

He shook his head and said "You are something else."

"I know. Thanks. And don't worry about it if Lilly and I are a little noisy
tonight. Orgasms can be kind of noisy, and I have had to stifle myself when
I have them with you."

He felt her chest while saying "Go ahead and call Lilly then. The sooner you
get it on with her, the sooner we get it on, and, frankly, you're right. I do
like it. Maybe I shouldn't but I do."

"I've got a better idea," she told him. "Let's have the best of both worlds
and do a quicky before I call her. Like it?"

"Let's go," he said.

* * *

Later she was able to let the otherwise empty house know what an orgasm was
like. Afterward she told him "First time without the rubber, and the first
time not having to worry about waking up dad with the squealing. I like it.
Expect to hear more like that from me and Lilly."

She decided to do Lilly a favor and take a shower before calling. Then she
dialed and said "Can you come over? Dad's away overnight, and you know what
that means."

"On my way," said Lilly.

She put on a skirt but no top, then went to the living room and made sure
Jackson was on the couch. "When Lilly gets here, act like you like seeing me
this way. In other words, just act natural."

"Got it," he said.

When Lilly announced an imminent landing, she opened the door. Lilly looked
at her and said "Well, by now I guess I shouldn't be shocked." She noticed
Jackson and went on "But now I am! Miles did you know he was sitting there?"

"Well, of course I know," said Miley. "You told me about him looking down my
blouse the day I spilled the soda, so I decided he might want to actually
see me this way. How about it Jackson, do you like it?" while striking poses
similar to the ones she had struck the first time she had showed him this.

"Yes," he said. "Have to admit I do."

"See," said Miley. "Nothing wrong with him liking it. He's a boy, I'm a girl,
so it's normal."

"Well, I don't know about normal," said Lilly. "I mean girls, sure, but YOU?"

"Come on, I'm not that ugly, am I?"

Lilly shook her head and said "Let's go up to your room." When they got
there, she said "I still say that seeing your own sister that way and LIKING
it is EWW GROSS."

Miley said "Oh, don't be a prude. The only reason brothers and sisters
shouldn't be together is because of pregnancy problems. He's not exactly
going to get me pregnant by looking at these."

Lilly shook her head and said "Let me think about that."

"You do that. Meanwhile..." She started unbuttoning Lilly's blouse, and went
from there. Then she went into the foreplay they used, and similar to what
she used with Jackson.

After a while, she told Lilly "Hang on now. You might not believe what you
are about to experience. And don't get grossed out. The big word for this is
cunnilingus." She put her mouth on Lilly's crotch and started kissing and

After a few minutes, Lilly's body started moving around. Miley followed as
best she could and kept going. "OH MY GOD!" Lilly screamed. "AHHHHH!" she
continued wordlessly.

* * *

In the living room, Jackson decided that Miley had not been kidding.

* * *

After Lilly had settled down, Miley stopped. "Well, whaddya think?"

"Uh, I think my mind shut down a little while back."

She laughed a little and said "I thought it might be like that. Nice, huh?"

"Let me put it this way: DO IT AGAIN!"

"Ok, but we're going to do it a little differently this time. It's called
sixty-nine." She arranged their bodies so that they could do each other."

* * *

Downstairs, Jackson listened to screams coming and going, sometimes one girl,
sometimes together. He could tell a difference, but could not figure out
which might be which. He hoped it was not loud enough for the neighbors to

* * *

Miley glanced at the clock now and then, and after a while announced sadly
"Looks like it's getting time to call it a night."

Lilly said "Can I call the 'rents and ask for a sleepover? Not that I plan
on much sleeping!"

"Sure, go for it," Miley said. Then she thought of something. Was it too
soon? She hoped not. The way Lilly was acting, this might be her best shot.

Lilly called. She finished with "Ok, thanks!" and said to Miley "It's ok.
Now let's do some more of that sixty-nine!"

"Little problem," said Miley. "I already promised Jackson some action. I can
do both him and you though. Let me go get him."

"Whoa there, what are you talking about?"

"It'll be the best of both worlds. You can watch him and me, and he can watch
us." She decided not to give Lilly a chance to argue, and went for Jackson.
When she found him, she said "Come on" while grabbing his hand and pulling
him along.

When they got back, Lilly was under the covers. Miley climbed in and put her
arms around her. "Lilly, I don't want you to feel pressured. If you don't
want this, we can stop now."

"Three people in one bed?" she said. "That might be fun, if kinky, or maybe
fun because it is so kinky. But, but, with Jackson?"

"You're still on the brother and sister thing," Miley said. "I hope this
doesn't shock you too badly, but do you know how I knew what an orgasm is
like? It's because Jackson has given them to me."

"You've done what we did tonight?" asked Lilly.

"No. Now hang on and try not to blow your circuits. Jackson and I have gone
all the way. That's what I meant by promising him some action. I told him
that after you left, we would fuck. We do it every night."

"Oh," said Lilly.

"That's all, just oh?"

"Look, I'm shocked. I don't know what to think," Lilly said.

"I told you earlier that pregnancy is the only problem, and we have that
covered." She stood up, pulled Jackson to her and told him "Come here, start
doing things. Show Lilly what we do." Jackson started fondling her tits.
"See? I like it, and he does too."

Lilly stared in fascination. "I don't know."

"When I first went to get Jackson, I intended for the two of us to just hop
in, but then I decided that maybe you should have more of a chance to back
out. So, if you want us to, we can join you. Or, if you like, I can take
Jackson to his room and fuck him there, then come back here. You decide."

Lilly threw the covers off and said "Come here, you two. Jackson, you're
overdressed for this occasion."

Jackson looked down at his sister's friend. He guessed he should have figured
out what Miley had planned, but he had not. This was almost as out of the
blue as the night when Miley took off her top for him. Or the time he woke up
next to her. He decided Lilly was not bad, although she could fill out some.
Well, so could Miley, for that matter.

As usual, the bulge in his pants was telling him "Go for it!" He started

Miley said "Lilly, how much do want to do with Jackson? That really should
be your call."

Lilly replied "I'm not ready to go all the way."

"Fair enough, and I don't blame you," said Miley. "I'll take care of that.
Anything else?"

"Let's just play that by ear."

"Ok, if anything starts that you don't want to be a part of, just speak up."

"I'm still not sure about watching you two fuck," said Lilly.

"Ok, we burn that bridge when we come to it."

Miley joined Lilly and started fondling her tits. She asked "Like what you
see, Jackson? Some guys are turned on by watching two girls go at it."

He pointed to his crotch and said "Answer your question?" while climbing in
next to Miley putting her in the middle.

Miley had known that she would like being in the middle. The sensation of
having both tits fondled at once by different people was more than just twice
as good as one person fondling one of them. Four hands doing things was also
more than just twice as good as two hands. Also, for herself, fondling a cock
and a tit at the same time was more than just twice as good as one of them
Later, she decided that having one person sucking while the other fondled was
the same way, and still later that both sucking also worked for her.

After a while, Jackson asked "Lilly, do you want to stay on that side, and
just have me touch Miley?"

For an answer she said "Excuse me" to Miley, climbed over her, and lay on top
of Jackson in such a way that her tits were tight against his chest. "Answer
your question?" she asked.

"I like your answer," he said.

"I really am serious about not going all the way. I'm not protected, and I am
really not ready for it. This is fun, though."

Miley was disappointed at no longer being in the middle, but decided she
shouldn't be greedy.

Lilly said "What I really want is more of this, though. Jackson, watch, and
play with whatever you can reach" while arranging a sixty-nine with Miley.
Jackson watched through several cycles of screaming while touching both girls
in the places that were still available.

Lilly finally said "Maybe we should take a break? This is great, but maybe
enough for a little while?" They broke apart, and Lilly ended up in the
middle. She reached much the same conclusions that Miley had.

Miley decided that since she was doing a lot of new things today, she would
try another one. She moved next to Jackson and took his cock in her mouth.
She decided that she was not really ready for him to come in her mouth, so
did not keep it up for very long.

Then she said "Ok Lilly, watch this" and got on top of Jackson. She had
decided on this position to give Lilly as many opportunities as possible to
do things with her. Just like the very first time, she lowered herself onto

"Oh man, I'm still not sure I am cool with this," said Lilly.

"Come on," said Miley, while moving up and down. "Do something. Grab a tit or
something." Lilly did so. Miley decided that one person screwing while the
other fondled also worked very well for her, while screaming out the orgasm.

After he had spent himself, the girls arranged themselves on each side of
him. With an arm under each one, they fell asleep.

In the morning, Lilly said "I better get home. Don't want the 'rents to
worry. I hope we can do this again soon, though."

"I don't know when dad will be traveling again," Miley said. "Do your parents

"Sometimes," Lilly said. "That's a good idea."

"Ok, you two, what is going on?" Mr. Stewart asked.

Miley's heart sank. How much did he know? She decided to temporize. "What do
you mean?" she asked.

"You two haven't been fighting. No insults, no arguments, nothing. Don't get
me wrong, I like it. I approve. I hope it goes on. But you have me curious."

Miley breathed an inner sigh of relief. Then she decided to lay the
groundwork for their cover story, if it might be needed. "Well, we have just
been talking a lot. This and that. When we talk, we understand each other
better. Then we get along better. And maybe we are both maturing some." She
wondered if she should say that they were talking in Jackson's room at night,
and decided not to give away any more than necessary. "Right, Jackson?"

"Yeah, we do talk a lot these days," he replied. "I hadn't thought about it,
but I guess we just haven't felt like fighting lately, and that is probably

"Ok, keep talking to each other then," Mr. Stewart said. "Well, have fun at
school today."

"Did he just use the words school and fun in the same sentence?" Jackson

* * *

On her way to school, Miley had an incredible thought. Instead of hiding
things from her father, why not bring him into it? That would be so exciting,
she thought, and no more need to hide things. But she knew that he would not
go along with it, to put things mildly. Getting her father to go along with
this would be a lot harder than Jackson, and he had not been easy. She could
see no way, and dismissed it as a wonderful but impossible idea.

Later that day, she was in the girl's bathroom when she noticed something in
the mirror over the sink. The stall door behind it was open, and in that was
Amber and Ashley, kissing, and with their hands very busy. Miley decided they
had been careless with the latch, and were now oblivious to anything else.
Then Miley had an inspiration.

She pulled out her camera phone and started shooting. She got shots of kisses
with a lot of tongue action, hands on boobs, crotches, rear ends, and thighs,
and hands sometimes reaching underneath partially unbuttoned clothing.

After a few minutes of this, Amber happened to look up and shrieked "EEEE,"
which caused Ashley to look around. They broke apart. Miley put her phone

"That was interesting," said Miley.

"It wasn't what you think," Amber and Ashley said together. "Ooh...oh forget
it," they continued.

"I think it was two girls making out pretty heavily with each other on my
camera phone," Miley said. "Since it was something else, care to tell me what
it was?"

Amber and Ashley looked at Miley and each other, speechless.

"Ok, you two, here is how it is," Miley said. "You stop the teasing. You
don't have like Lilly and me, you don't have to be our friends, you don't
even have to acknowledge that we exist, but just one taunt, just one insult,
just one remark about hillbillies or anything like that, and printouts of
what I just got not only get plastered all over this school, but all over
the neighborhood, with copies mailed to your parents. Do we have a truce?"

They looked at each other and said together "Truce."

"You might want to check the latch more carefully next time." She reached out
and briefly squeezed a tit on each of the other girls while saying "So you
like it this way. Interesting." Then she turned and left.

At home, she told Lilly "Amber and Ashley are going to leave us alone after

"Yeah, right," said Lilly. "Like that will ever happen."

"They will. I know something."


"Sorry Lilly, can't tell you. I know we are not supposed to keep secrets from
each other, but this is not my secret to tell. I can just say that blackmail
is fun. But they will leave us alone. If they don't, you'll find out what my
secret is, along with the rest of the world."

Mr. Stewart called to them "I'm going into town for an hour or two, you two

"Sure, go ahead dad," Miley said.

When they heard the car pull out, Lilly said "Does this give you any ideas?"

"You know, this is the first time you have suggested something," Miley
replied. "And, that kind of turns me off. I like to be the one in charge.
Let's do something else." Upon seeing the disappointed look on Lilly's
face, she immediately added "I'm kidding, I'm kidding! C'mere, you" while
grabbing Lilly around the waist and pulling her onto the bed. "Seriously,
I'm turned on by you making the suggestion. And don't be afraid to do a
c'mere you type move on me."

"In that case, lift up your arms." Miley did so as Lilly pulled her t-shirt
over her head. Lilly then undid Miley's bra and slid it off her. Then she
pushed Miley onto her back and started sucking on one boob while fondling
the other.

"Whoa, I've created a monster," Miley said. "Don't I get any bare titties to
play with?" They stopped long enough to remove the rest of their clothes. A
little later she said "We've got time for one of these," and put them in the
sixty nine position. After each had squealed out a loud orgasm, she looked
the clock. Close to an hour had passed, so she decided they had better stop
for now.

* * *

As Miley walked along the beach the next Saturday, Amber approached her and
said "Can I talk to you? I won't say anything mean."

Miley looked at her a little coldly and said "What do you want?"

"To apologize, to begin with. Ashley and I have been mean. I'm sorry."

"Better late than never. Thank you."

"I guess I deserved that," said Amber.. "You did something that day that
surprised me. You touched both of us, where most straight girls would not."

"Well, you two obviously liked touching that way," said Miley. "I thought I
would find out if I liked it."

"Did you?"

"I couldn't tell," Miley answered.

"You didn't get much chance to tell," said Amber. "Would you come with me?"

"Where to?"

"My place," Amber answered. "I want to show you something."

"I guess."

"Come on then."

When they reached Amber's home, she led Miley to behind the house and said
"This is my parent's guest house. Ashley and I use it all the time for, well,
I guess you can figure out what we do in it. Come on in," while opening the

When they were inside, Amber put one arm around Miley and the other hand on
a boob, massaging. She said "Do you want to do enough to find out if you
really like it this way?"

Miley reached over and touched Amber the same way. "Answer your question?"

"Come on then," she said, leading Miley to the bedroom and pulling her onto
the bed. "Girls who like other girls have to stick together, even if one of
them is, well, I won't call you that, since I don't want you printing out
your pictures."

"Hillbilly," said Miley. "Well, if you don't call me that in school, and
don't say it meanly here, you're safe."

"Actually, my parents have to know what is going on," Amber said. "They'd
have to be blind to not know why Ashley and me spend so much time back here.
They're cool with that sort of thing. Ashley's would flip though." She
started unbuttoning Miley's blouse.

"Do you and Ashley like boys too?" asked Miley.

"Oh yes," she said while sliding off Miley's blouse. "You know that Hannah
Montana song Best Of Both Worlds? I wonder if this is what she is referring
to in it?"

"Could be," said Miley. "Put your arms up." She pulled Amber's t shirt off.
They unhooked each other's bras and slid those off.

Amber cupped each of Miley's tits with a hand said "Liking it so far?"

"I like it, a lot," she replied, while doing the same with Amber. "But I have
to confess something. I knew I was going to. This isn't my first time."

"Oh. Why didn't you say anything until now?"

"Because I didn't know if I could trust you," Miley said. "I don't think you
would have gone this far just to set me up, though."

"Again, I deserved that," said Amber. "But trust and lack of it can go
both ways. Niggers can't always trust hillbillies. But don't call me that
publicly, and say it with a great big smile privately, and we should get
along just fine. Liking other girls this way goes far beyond any of that."

"I agree about that last," said Miley in her thickest possible Tennessee
accent, almost a parody. "But I have never used the N word, and never will,
not even as a joke."

"Good girl. Now let's take the rest off," she said, letting go of Miley long
enough to slide down her skirt. Miley took off her shorts.

After a while, they sat with their arms around each other. Amber said "Is it
ok if I call Ashley and invite her over? I've never tried a threesome, but I
think it might be kind of fun, if you do."

"I agree," said Miley, deciding not to disclose the nature of her own
threesome. Trust was one thing, but maybe not that just yet. "Go for it."

Amber dialed then said "She fell for it, hook line and sinker...what I mean
is that I wanted to give Miley here a good scare," while giving Miley an
extra squeeze. "Seriously, Miley is here in the guest house, we're cool, and
she's cool with you joining as in bed beside me, naked, with an
arm around me, that is what I mean...ok, see you in a few." She hung up and
said "She's on her way, Miley."

"You did give me a sinking feeling there for a moment. And Miley is fine, but
my friends also call me Mile or Miles."

"Ok, Mile or Miles, I think we're friends now."

"I guess I never suspected that you might have a sense of humor."

"The sense of humor may not come through well when I'm being mean. But that's
over now."

"Before she gets here, let's do a sixty-nine," Miley suggested.

"What's that?"

"You don't know? Do you know how to give another girl an orgasm?"

"No, we've tried to, and it's fun to play around down there, but we've never
managed it."

"Then get ready for one," Miley said while diving face first into Amber's

"Eww, isn't this a little gross?" Amber asked.

She paused long enough to say "I don't think so, but it's fun no matter what.
The long word for this is cunnilingus. Now hang on." Then she went back to

Amber was perhaps a little less noisy about it than Lilly had been, but still
let the world know that she liked it.

When they had settled down, Miley looked up to see Ashley looking down at
them, looking a little shocked. "Oh, hi Ashley," she said.

"Umm, hi," she said. "I don't know which shocks me more, you even being here,
or what I just saw."

"Come on, Ashley," said Amber. "Remember the way she touched us the other
day? It should come as no big shock that she likes girls the same way we do."

"No, I mean what you were just doing."

"It may seem a little gross," said Amber. "But well worth it. So strip down
and join us if you want to."

Miley said "Now let me show you what I meant by sixty-nine. I think it comes
from the shape of the numbers." She put her face into Amber's crotch while
presenting her own to Amber's face. "We do each other at the same time," she
continued then went to work. Amber did the same.

When they reached a point where they were aware of the outside world again,
Ashley was laying beside them, naked. She said "Well, you've convinced me
that it is worthwhile to do it that way."

"I got an idea," said Amber. "Miles, you take her top half, I'll do the
bottom." She put her face into Ashley's crotch while Miley started fondling
and sucking titties.

After Ashley had a couple of orgasms, Amber broke away and asked "Is it even
better with one girl doing the top half and another on the bottom?"

"How would I know?" asked Ashley. "That was my first time. I can't compare."

"Good point," said Amber. "But I can compare, so how about if you guys do me
that way?" She lay back.

"I may gag, but I guess I better get used to this," said Ashley. "You get
her top." She went to work on Amber's crotch while Miley started doing things
with her tits.

Later Amber said "It's hard to compare great with great, but I think it is
even better that way."

"Ok, my turn turn to get the top and bottom number," said Miley.

Ashley said "My turn to do the top half," then started fondling and sucking.
Amber went to work on Miley's pussy.

A little later Miley said "I'm with Amber. It's great either way. I happened
to think of something. It might even more fun to have two people doing the
top half while another does the bottom. You invited a friend, so is it ok if
I call one?"

Amber said "I'm cool. Who is it?"

Ashley said "Sure."

"I really shouldn't tell you who it is. I trust you, but I can't extend that
to anyone else."

"Probably Lilly," Amber and Ashley said together, then "Ooh, sst" and touched

"I won't say," she said while reaching for her phone. She dialed, then said
"Go to my place and start printing out those pictures I showed you, we're
going to plaster them everywhere...I mean that I was getting a little payback
for a joke someone played on me earlier today. Here's the deal, would you
like to try an all girl foursome? I can tell you that the threesome is ready for this? Amber and, no joke, how we ended
up this way is a long story, but it's has to do with what I told
you about them not bothering us any more. I'll tell you all about it later.
You know where Amber lives, right? Come around to the back and just let
yourself into the guest house...ok, see you in a few." She hung up.

"Yes, it's Lilly," she went on. "I didn't tell her what I had on you, just
that you wouldn't bother us any more. So she was a little confused by what
I first said. Two can play that game, you n-word," while she smiled at Amber.

"You got me good" said Amber.

"N-word?" asked Ashley.

"That's another long story," said Amber. "I can tell you later."

A little later Lilly came in and shook her head. "I really didn't believe it
until now, but either the three of you really are in bed together, or I'm
seeing things."

"You're not seeing things," said Miley. "We've gone from warfare to a
blackmailed truce to this. So take it all off and dive in here." Lilly did

"I think it's your turn for the bottom half, Miles," said Amber.

"I lost track, but fine by me," answered Miley. She put her face into Lilly's
pussy and went to work, while Amber and Ashley positioned themselves on each
side of Lilly to suck and fondle. Lilly proceeded to let the world know she
was enjoying it.

"I want it that way now," said Miley.

"I'll take the bottom half," said Amber.

After each girl had taken a turn on the receiving end of the attentions of
the other three, Amber said "You know something? I'm going to check with my
parents, but I'm sure they'll let me give both of you a key to this place.
We can have more foursomes, plus I am guessing that you two might have
trouble finding ways to get together?" Miley and Lilly nodded. "That way,
if we're not around for a foursome, you can still use it yourselves. My
parents will probably figure out what is going on sooner or later, but
they'll keep quiet."

"Kids, listen to me," said Mr. Stewart. "Mile, especially, try to understand.
Kathryn has convinced her company to transfer her to LA, and she's moving in
with us soon."

"Dad, no..." said Miley.

"Dad, yes," said Mr. Stewart. "Mile, I know she can't replace your mother. No
one can do that. But try, for me."

"I just wish I had seen her first," said Jackson, while making an hourglass
shape in the air with his hands.

"Jackson..." said Mr. Stewart.

"Sorry, dad," said Jackson. "Miley, dad made a good catch."

"Ok, Miley, you're going to meet her soon, because she'll be coming to town
and staying with us for three days, to make arrangements. She gets here
Tuesday," said Mr. Stewart.

"I'd still rather just get you a puppy..." said Miley.

Jackson said "But it's illegal to do that with a puppy."

"Jackson!" Miley and Mr. Stewart said together.

"Mile, don't be that way," said Mr. Stewart. "She's really nice, she knows
how you feel, and she says she will make an extra effort to get along with
you. Can you do the same? For me?"

"I don't like it, but...for you," she said. "Does she know I'm Hannah?"

"Not yet, and we're going to play that by ear," he said. "She only knows that
I manage Hannah. Once she's living here, we'll have to tell her soon."

"Can we trust her with that?" Miley asked.

"Nah, she's a big mouth," said Mr. Stewart. "Miley, give me a little credit.
Why do you think I've been traveling to see her so often for so long? I'm not
quite as dumb as I look."

"Sorry, dad."

* * *

"Kathryn, you've already met Jackson here," said Mr. Stewart. "Miley, here
she is."

"Umm, hi," said Miley.

"Oh my, I've had more enthusiastic greetings in my life," said Kathryn.
"Should I call you Miley or Miles?"

"It's Miss Stewart to you."

"Miley, stop that," said Mr. Stewart. "I know this is hard, but..."

Kathryn held up a hand to stop him. "Miss Stewart, if you really mean that,
then I will. But I really hope we can sit down for a nice long chat while
I'm here. Will you listen to me then, Miss Stewart?"

"Ok, I'll stop being a brat about it. Miley, Mile, or Miles, I answer to any
of those. And I'll listen, but I won't like it or you."

"Miley, that's about enough," said Mr. Stewart.

Kathryn held up her hand again and said "No, that's all I'm asking for. Thank
you, Miley."

"You're not welcome."

"Miley, you're about to get grounded," said Mr. Stewart.

"No," said Kathryn. "If she gets along with me only because she'll get
punished if she doesn't, none of this will work out."

"All right, you get away with it this time," said Mr. Stewart. "You were
pushing your luck there though, young lady."

"Sorry, daddy."

"About names," said Jackson. "Should we call you Miss Caldwell, Kathryn, mom,
or what?"

"Kathryn, Kathy, or Kat, they all work for me," she said.

"I'll try to say this in a way that I won't get grounded," said Miley. "I
won't be calling you mom, ever."

"I understand," said Kathryn. "Don't worry about it."

"I prefer to call you Miss Caldwell," said Miley.

"Ok, I can live with that," said Kathryn.

"I wish you couldn't."

Kathryn held up a hand before Mr. Stewart could speak and said "Miley, could
we call a truce until we have that chat?"

"Do I have to, dad?"

"Nope. If you like getting grounded, just keep it up."

"All right, truce," she said quietly.

"Ok then," Mr. Stewart said. "Ready for me to drive you to your new job so
you can introduce yourself around, fill out whatever paperwork is needed, and
all that?"

"Let's go," Kathryn said.

"Getting time for me to go to work, too," said Jackson.

Miley answered her phone when it rang. Lilly announced an imminent landing.
She went to the door and opened it, and Lilly skateboarded in.

"Good time for another introduction," said Mr. Stewart. "Lilly, this is
Kathryn Caldwell, the lady I've been going to see for a while. She's moving
in here soon. Kathryn, this is Lilly, one of Miley's friends."

"Pleased to meet you, Miss Caldwell," said Lilly.

"And I'm pleased to meet you, Lilly," said Kathryn.

"Is it ok if she stays the afternoon?" asked Miley.

"Let's make it a standing rule that anytime you're here alone, Lilly is ok,
UNLESS you've said something to get yourself grounded?" Mr. Stewart said,
hands on his hips.

"I understand."

"Same thing goes for you and Cooper," he said to Jackson. "Let's go, Kathy."
They left.

"See what I mean about WOO HOO?" Jackson said, while making an hourglass
shape in the air with his hands.

"I heard that," called back Mr. Stewart.

"Jackson's right, for once," said Lilly.

"Ok, I'm out of here," said Jackson. "I'm sure you two will find something to
do." He left.

"How about the new Britney video I just got?" Lilly asked, showing Miley her
new video.

"Yeah, let's," said Miley, putting it in the DVD and turning it on with the

"And, of course..." Lilly said as she unbuttoned Miley's blouse. After she
had slid it off, she lifted her arms so that Miley could pull off her own
t-shirt. Then they unhooked each other's bras and slid those off.

They pretty much forgot about the Britney video when they put their arms
around each other and started kissing, and did not notice when the door
opened. "I don't think you meant for me to see this," commented Kathryn.

The pulled apart and raised their hands to their chests. "OH NO!" screeched

"That wasn't what you think it was," said Miley.

"Look, Miley, we might get along better if you don't insult my intelligence,"
said Kathryn. "I'm seeing two girls with their tops off, and I saw you
hugging and kissing."

"Please don't tell on us," said Miley. Lilly nodded vigorously.

"Look, you're going to have to trust me," she said. "I won't tell anyone.
Your secret is safe. So don't worry, ok?"

"Do I have a choice?" Miley asked.

"Not really, but you're still safe," said Kathryn.

"So why did you come back," asked Miley.

"I forgot my purse. Ok, you two, pick up where you left off." She left.

"Great, now she can blackmail us the way I did Amber and Ashley," said Miley.

"Come on, Jackson," said Mr. Stewart. "You two have the house to yourselves,
call my cell when you're ready for us to come back."

"Thanks, Robbie Ray," said Kathryn.

"Thanks, daddy," said Miley.

Jackson and Mr. Stewart left. "What do you want?" Miley asked coldly.

"Miley, you've made it clear you don't like me."

"Why should I?" Miley asked

"Because it hurts when you won't even give me a chance."

"All right, what do you want to keep quiet about what you saw?" asked Miley.

"Nothing. Nothing at all. I meant what I said. You may not like me, but you
can trust me."

"I don't believe you," said Miley.

"Someday you will, because someday you'll realize I really am keeping your
secret safe. But that can only come with time. Why do you hate me?"

"You're not my mother."

"And you don't want me to become your stepmother, or the equivalent for a

"Well, it's not that, so much..." Miley said.

"I think it is. The very first things you said to me were mean. I'm just glad
I knew it was coming. Would it help if I said I was sorry about your mother?"

"Well, some, I guess," said Miley.

"So we'll start there. I'm sorry about your mother. In fact, I'm sorry I'm in
your life at all. I wish it was your mother here instead of me."


"But we can't have that, so we do the best we can. You do know that your
father and I love each other very much, don't you?"

"I guess I hadn't thought about it," said Miley.

"We do. The next time you talk to him, ask him if he is happier now than he
was before he met me."

"I will."

"Good. Now about what I saw. It looked to me like it was not the first time
for you two."

"Well, it wasn't."

"Ok, I'm going to trust you with something. Your father knows this, but I
really don't want anyone else to know. I like other girls too."

"You're kidding," said Miley.

"No, no kidding. Don't get me wrong, guys are great too. I'm with your
father, after all. I wonder if that stupid song I keep hearing about the
Best Of Both Worlds refers to that?"

"Stupid song?"

"Yeah, don't get me wrong if you like it," said Kathryn. "I know your father
manages Hannah Montana, so I won't run her down. There's nothing wrong with
it, I guess for lightweight pop it's pretty good, but it really isn't my
favorite, and I do get a little tired of hearing that one all the time."

"Oh," said Miley. "Yeah, I do kind of like it. You might say it's one of my

"That's cool. I'm sure I like things you won't care for. So since your father
manages her, have you met her in person?"

"Sort of," said Miley. "It's a long story."

"Well, next time you see her, maybe you can ask her about that."

"I will," said Miley. "We have the place to ourselves until we call dad and
Jackson, though, and we're two girls who like other girls." She moved next to
Kathryn and put her arms around her. "Does that suggest anything?"

"Whoa there, little girl, I don't know about this," said Kathryn.

"I ALWAYS get that reaction or something like it. I always end up in bed with
whoever says it though, and I'm taking you to my bed, so come on," said Miley
as she stood up and offered Kathryn her hand, then pulled her up and led
Kathryn to her room.

"How old are you?" Kathryn asked.

"Old enough to want this, and don't worry about it, what happens in my
bedroom stays in my bedroom," said Miley, while contemplating that the things
she did had BETTER stay there. "This is going to be fun. Lilly is great, but
we don't have much on top yet. Now I get a couple of full sized boobs."

"Your father knows I'm bi, but maybe we better not tell him about this," said
Kathryn as she undressed.

"Yeah, he might flip out. I'm not sure how he would react to me and Lilly,
but you and me might be a little like incest."

"You know what they say, incest is best," said Kathryn.

"Kathy, did I hear what I thought I heard? Yeah, Kathy, that works for me.
I don't think I will ever get to mom."

"You don't need to call me mom if you don't want to. You heard me right. My
first time with a guy was incest."

"Oh god, how bad was it?"

"Bad? It was the greatest time of my life. The biggest problem was convincing
dad that it was what I really wanted."

"Your dad?" asked Miley. "Your own dad did you?"

"He sure did," said Kathryn.

They climbed into her bed. "I want my dad to do me. I don't know how to make
that happen though."

"Let me think about that one," said Kathryn. "I might be able to help."

"Oh wow, would you?"

"Like I said, let me think about it. Father's can be tough nuts to crack.
Here, give me a hand." Kathryn placed Miley's hand on a boob. "So, what do
you think of full sized ones?"

"I like, I like. I can't wait for Lilly and me to fill out," said Miley.

"You will. Here, let me do something for you," she said as she cupped Miley's
tits with her hands.

"Not much there, is there?" asked Miley.

"Don't worry about it, you still have enough to be fun."

"But you have more," said Miley as she started sucking on the one she wasn't
playing with.

"Have fun with them."

A little later Kathryn said "We better get moving. We can't make your father
and brother wait all night for us. Sixty nine, maybe?"


"Sounds like you've done that before too. Ok, let's do it." She arranged
their bodies with each crotch in front of the other's face. Each started
licking and kissing the other.

Kathryn reached an orgasm first. When she had settled down some, she went on
with Miley until she had one too. Then she broke them apart. "Look at the
time," she said. "We better call them, get dressed, and all that."

"Yeah, we better."

"I don't know how many opportunities we will get. That's another reason not
to tumble your dad. I wonder if he would go along with threesomes?"

"I'll let you know of a place we can use," said Miley.

"Where's that?"

"A neighbor's guest house. It's a long story."

"Well, let me call him, put our clothes back on, and tell them that we might
be able to stand each other."

When Mr. Stewart and Jackson came home, Mr. Stewart asked "How did it go?"

"We're cool," said Kathryn.

"You're cool?" he asked.

"Really, daddy, I realized I was being a brat. Kathy's nice, and I want both
of you to be happy. I'll stop," said Miley.

"Kathy, I don't know how you pulled that one off. You're amazing."

After school the next day, Miley said "Can I show you around the
neighborhood, Kat? You can meet Oliver, my other best friend, I'll show you
the neighbor who hates us, that sort of thing."

"Sure, Mile, sounds like fun, let's go," said Kathryn as she stood up.

Mr. Stewart watched in awe and said "In one day you've gone from catfighting,
Miss Stewart and Miss Caldwell, to this? Kathy, you're wasting your talents
here. The Middle East needs you."

"Well, I'm not sure if I could handle countries as well as I did this
situation," she said.

"I'm impressed, no matter how you did it. Have fun." Kathryn and Miley left.

"First of all, that house there belongs to Mr. Dontzig," said Miley. "You
won't meet him, because he's the one who hates us."

As they walked along Kathryn said "Are you getting along with me just because
of what we did last night?"

"The other way around, really," said Miley. "You're gorgeous and stacked,
certainly, but I only take people to bed if I like them."


"Will you and daddy be getting married?"

"Miley, we didn't give you any choice about me moving in. We're going to give
you a choice in that, and only get married if you approve."

"Then I approve, mom."

Kathryn stopped dead and said "Now I'm the one impressed. Did I just hear
that right?

"You did. When you told me about being sorry about my other mom, and how you
wished she was here instead of you, I started to see you as a human being
instead of a monster to be defeated and driven out. Then you told me how you
loved each other, and how daddy is happier now. I won't even ask him like you
said, because I can tell. Can I be your maid of honor at the wedding?"

"Slow down a little," said Kathryn. "It's like your dad said, a day ago you
were calling me Miss Caldwell and telling me to call you Miss Stewart."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I understood then and still do. Just let me try to get caught up.
If anyone had told me yesterday that today you would ask to be my maid of
honor, I would have laughed at them."

"I guess I would have too," said Miley.

"Let me think about it. Your dad and I really haven't talked about it much,
beyond waiting for you to approve. I have a sister who will want to be matron
of honor, but maybe the two of you could be co maid and matron of honor, or
something like that. It won't be soon though."

They started walking again. "Here's Oliver's place," said Miley while
ringing the bell. When he answered, she said "Oliver, this is my new mother,
Miss Caldwell. Well, she isn't married to daddy yet, so maybe not quite a
stepmother, but, well, she's my mother anyway."

"Glad to meet you, Oliver," she said while shaking his hand. "My...
daughter..." she said while watching Miley nod "needs to slow down a bit.
Her dad and I have no plans to get married, at least not right away."

"I'm glad you're getting along. I had the impression that Miley here didn't
approve," said Oliver. "Didn't I hear things like hate, witch, bitch, and

She hit Oliver in the arm and said "Mom, he shouldn't have told you that. I
never should have said those things about you."

"Miley, don't worry, really, I do understand."

"Let me show you Rico's, the beach concession stand. Later, Oliver." said
Miley, and took her hand as they walked.

"Is that the place Jackson works at?"

"It sure is. He's working now."

As they walked up, Jackson was behind the counter, drenched and dripping
from head to toe. "What happened to you?" Kathryn asked.

"Rico," said Miley and Jackson together.


"The owner's son," said Miley. "Any time you see something like this, they
had another battle."

"You should see him though," said Jackson.

"I don't think we really want to know what they did to each other this time,
do we, mom?"

"I can wait to find that out."

"Did you just call her mom?" Jackson asked.

"I sure did. I see Amber over there," she said, then lowered her voice so
that only Kathryn would hear. "She's the one with the guest house I told you
about. If we ask about using it, she will probably figure out why."

"Do you trust her?" asked Kathryn.


"Then I trust your judgement. Let's go meet her."

They walked up to Amber and Miley said "Hi Amber, this is my new mother, Miss

"I'm pleased to meet you, Amber."

"Me too," said Amber. "I'm glad you're getting along with each other."

"Oliver already spilled the beans about what I've been saying," said Miley.
"So don't worry about covering for me. Is it ok if mom and I use your guest
house sometimes?"

"Uhh, no problem, but am I hearing what I think I hear?"

"Miley says she trusts you," said Kathryn. "So I trust you too. We like each
other that way, you might say, as well as other ways."

"I guess that explains why you get along so well," said Amber.

"That's what mom here thought, but it was the other way, really," said
Miley. "I decided that I should stop being mean to her. There's another girl
involved here, and I trust her too. If we use the guest house, she'll have
to know too."

"Then I trust her too," said Kathryn. "When can I meet her?"

"Do you know where Ashley is?" asked Miley.

"Let me find out," said Amber. She dialed her cell phone and said "Hi Ashley,
where are you...ok, I'll look, Miley's new mom wants to meet you...I know, it
surprised me too, but Miley really is calling her mom, not the bitch...I'll
let them explain it, talk to you in a few moments." She closed the phone and
continued "She says to look down this way," as she led them away from Rico's.
"There she is, waving."

"I guess I'll be doing some image repair around here, won't I?" asked

"Mom, I'm really sorry about that..."

"Miley, you can stop apologizing, and I was just joking."

"Well, I'm not joking when I say that, yes, some image repair is needed. But
I did it, so I can undo it," said Miley. "Amber and Ashley are the same way.
The three of us haven't always gotten along well."

"It's quite a story, but Miley here is right," said Amber. "Hi, Ashley."


"Ashley, this is my new mom, Miss Caldwell," said Miley.

"Hi, Miss Caldwell. You probably figured out from what Amber said on the
phone that I really wasn't expecting this," said Ashley.

"I know. Now I'm trying to let everyone know that she really isn't like what
I said," said Miley.

"Well, should we tell her?" asked Kathryn.

"Tell me what?" asked Ashley.

"Amber here is going to let my daughter and me use her guest house for what
she says you use it for."

Ashley blinked a few times and said "I guess that explains it."

"Everybody thinks that, but it was the other way around," said Miley. "I'll
tell you later. Are your parents home now, Amber?"

"I think so."

"Come on mom, let me show you the guest house, and introduce you to them.
Officially they don't know what is going on, but I'm sure they do. They're

"I still can't believe you're calling me mom."

"If it bothers you, I can stop."

"Good heavens, Miley, I feel great about it. I don't want you to stop. So
how did you become friends with those two? Did they say they were sorry about
your first mother, too?"

"No, it started with what I saw in a bathroom stall..." Miley went on to tell
Kathryn how use of the guest house had come about, while taking her hand and
leading her to Amber's house.

When they arrived, she rang the doorbell and said "Hi, Mrs. Smith, is Mr.
Smith home?"

"Yes, he is," she said. "Come on in. Who's your friend"

"This is my new mother."

"Ok..." she said while leading them to the living room.

"Do I need to do image repair?" asked Kathryn.

"No, I need to do it for you," said Miley. "Hi Mr. Smith. This is my new
mother, Kathryn Caldwell, Mom, Amber's parents. She's already met Amber."

"Hi Miss Caldwell," said Mr. Smith.

"Pleased to meet you," she said, shaking his hand. "I'm Kathryn, Kathy, or
Kat to my friends."

"Well, the mother of any friend of our daughter is our friend," said Mrs.
Smith. "Kathy, that's George over there, and I'm Sarah."

"She knows about the things I've been saying about her," said Miley. "Now
I'm letting everyone know how wrong I was. I'm hoping it's ok for her to
come over to your guest house the way I do. You know how dad and Jackson
are about the TV."

"Sure, not a problem," said Mr. Smith.

"Well, I'm sure we'll be seeing more of each other. Let me show her your
guest house," said Miley.

On the way to it, Kathryn said "TV, eh. Yeah, that sounds a little flimsy,
so I think you're right. They know and don't care."

"You'll probably meet Ashley's parents at some point. Amber tells me they'd
flip out if they knew."

"Ok, I'll be careful when I meet them." Miley opened the door for her.

Inside, Miley said "It's still early. Let's do it."

"Yeah, let's." Miley took her hand and led her toward the bedroom. Kathryn
looked around and said "There isn't a TV in here."

"Like you said, it's kind of a flimsy excuse." Kathryn started to unbutton
her blouse, but Miley said "Lilly and I usually undress each other, it's
fun." She moved Kathryn's hands away and started unbuttoning.

"Allow me, then," said Kathryn as she unbuttoned Miley's blouse. They slid
them off each other, then unhooked each other's bras and took them off. Miley
put her arms around Kathryn and started sucking on a tit.

"You can't wait for us to lay down, I see," said Kathryn.

Miley broke away and said "Yeah, I'm a little anxious, mom. Here, let me
slide this down," as she slid down Kathryn's skirt while Kathryn undid
Miley's pants and slid them down, and both kicked off their shoes. Then
they each slid the other's panties down, and stepped out of them. Miley
lay back with her arms extended. Kathryn joined her and they each put
their arms around each other.

"We better make this quick," said Kathryn. "Your dad's going to worry if we
take too long."

"I know," said Miley. "We'll have better opportunities later."

"So let's go straight to a sixty nine," said Kathryn, while she arranged
their bodies.

They each started licking, kissing, and sucking each other. Miley felt
Kathryn moving around just as she came herself. She kept going anyway, even
though she wanted to stop to scream.

Once they were done, Kathryn said "Like you said, we'll have better
opportunities later. We better get back."

"I know," said Miley as they both got up and and started to dress.

Amber and Ashley walked in and said together "That didn't take long...ooh,
sst" and touched fingers.

"Sure didn't," said Miley. "Have you done threesomes, mom?"

"A few," Kathryn said.

"Then I think we'll have some fun here," said Miley. "Amber, Ashley, do you
think she's pretty?"

"She's beyond pretty, she's, well..."

"Thanks, girls," said Kathryn. "Sounds like you're interested in me." Amber
and Ashley nodded vigorously.

* * *

As they walked home, Miley said "Mom, I have two more secrets to tell you.
Both are very important to me."

"I'll never tell anyone, but only tell me if you want to."

"Well, one of them we couldn't keep from you very long even if we wanted to.
I'll wait until we get home to tell you that one. But here's one that even my
dad doesn't know, and I hope he never finds it out. I've done it with a guy,
not just girls."

"Yeah, he might not be too cool with that one."

"Here's the rest. You said your first time was with your own dad? Mine was
with Jackson."

"Wow, you've been an active little girl. Anyone else? Oliver maybe?"

"Not yet, but he's on my list. If I know him, he'd be more interested in

"If that's the case, maybe I can help there, too," said Kathryn.

"It sounds like you and dad are cool with both of you doing others?"

"Yes, we agreed on that."

"Cool, mom."

"And I'm cool with helping you get whoever you want, including Oliver. He's
cute. Do you want to tell your dad about me being your other mother and all

"No, you do it, mom."

They arrived home and went in. Mr. Stewart was at the kitchen counter.
"Robbie Ray, you better sit down for this," Kathryn said.

"Oh no, how bad is it? Is it as bad as yesterday?"

"No, daddy, it's not like that!" said Miley.

He sat down and said "Ok, what do you have to tell me?"

"My daughter here has been introducing me around as her new mother, calling
me mom, and wants to be my maid of honor at our wedding, which she is hinting
that she wants to happen soon."

"You're right. I needed to sit down for that one."

"It's true, daddy. I decided that she can never have the same place in my
life as my first mom, but she can have a different place just as good."

"I told her that we haven't really talked about marriage. I guess we better
start," said Kathryn.

"Let's not rush things," he said.

"I'm not the one rushing things," said Kathryn. "I'm still trying to catch up
with our daughter on this."

"Me too."

"Ok, now give me a few minutes," said Miley, and went to her room.

A few minutes later she came back, with wig, clothing, makeup and sunglasses
as Hannah Montana. "How do I look, mom?" she asked.

"I think you look like Hannah Montana," said Kathryn.

"That's my big secret. I don't just look like her, I am her," said Miley.

Kathryn looked at Mr. Stewart, who nodded and said "It's her, all right."

"Wait, I'm figuring this out," said Kathryn, smiling broadly. "This is your
secret plan to get rid of me. You're going to hit me with so many shocks in
one day that I have a heart attack, right?"

Miley went to her, hugged her, and said "I love you, mom."

"Kathryn, if you had told me yesterday that today I would see my daughter hug
you and say I love you mom, I would have laughed at you. I might have called
in the men in white coats."

"I said something like that earlier today. Miley, I'm sorry I called your
song stupid. I didn't..."

"Stop, mom. How about if we both stop saying we're sorry about yesterday?"

"Deal," said Kathryn.

Jackson came in, still dripping. "Rico?" Mr. Stewart asked.

"Rico," answered Jackson.

* * *

"I'll miss you, mom," said Miley while hugging Kathryn.

"I'll miss you too, Kathy," said Jackson.

"If anyone had told me that Miley would call you mom before Jackson did..."
said Mr. Stewart.

" would have laughed at them," finished Kathryn. "I would have been
laughing with you. And I'll miss you too, Miley. I'll be back in a week,
though, to stay."

"Ok, kids, it's time for you to go to school," said Mr. Stewart.

* * *

"MOM, over here!" Miley yelled as she ran to Kathryn and hugged her. "Welcome

"Hi, Kathy," said Mr. Stewart. "Whenever she lets you go, I'll get my own
hug. How was the flight?"

"Fine. The moving company expects to deliver my stuff tomorrow," she said.

"Welcome back," said Jackson.

"And I'm glad to be back with my new family."

"Miley, do you think you could let go long enough for me to get a hug, then
go to the car?" asked Mr. Stewart.

At their home, Miley asked "Want to go for a walk along the beach, mom? Maybe
do a little swimming?"

"I can't swim yet," said Kathryn. "I didn't pack any swimsuits. But let's
walk around, sure."

"Is that ok, daddy?" Miley asked.

"Fine with me," he said.

As they walked along Miley took her hand and said "I had something else in
mind. I think Lilly would be interested in joining us."

"Sure, we can have three way girl talk while we walk the beach."

"That wasn't what I..."

"Meant," Kathryn finished for her. "I was kidding. I know what you meant, and
it sounds like fun."

"Let me call her then," said Miley. She dialed her cell phone and said "Hey
Lilly, mom's here, for good this time...want to meet us at Amber's guest
house?...yep, that means what you think it does...see you in a few."

* * *

When they arrived, Kathryn asked "Do we need to tell them we're here?"

"No, we have permission to just use it," said Miley as they went in. "Let's
wait for Lilly before we start. I want to watch her undress you."

When Lilly arrived she said "Miley, I looked something up before I came,
because I thought I recognized Miss Caldwell. This is the Kathryn Caldwell.
She's a famous model."

"Well, not all that famous," Kathryn said. "You did have to look me up, after
all. And it was a few years ago."

"Famous enough to have fan sites on the web," said Lilly.

"I bet I don't have as many as that kid, what was her name, Hannah Montana,
I think?"

Miley laughed and said "Lilly knows who I am."

"Ok, didn't want to spill anything," said Kathryn. "Seriously, there are
models a lot more famous than I ever was."

"But none more beautiful," said Miley.


"Enough with the chit chat, though," said Miley. "I want to watch Lilly
undress you."

Kathryn raised her hands over her head. Lilly lifted her t shirt and then
stood on tiptoe to try to get it the rest of the way off. Kathryn said
"Here," and sat on the bed. Lilly lifted it off, then unhooked her bra as
Kathryn unbuttoned Lilly's blouse.

When Lilly slid off Kathryn's bra she paused and said "Wow."

"She's got nicer ones than I do, doesn't she?" said Miley.

"Now Miley, they're just bigger, not nicer," said Kathryn. "Besides, I had
some help."

"Implants, you mean?" asked Miley.


"Well they're still nice."

Kathryn unhooked Lilly's bra and slid it off. Lilly kicked off her shoes as
Kathryn undid her pants and slid them down, then slid her panties down. Lilly
stepped out of them as Kathryn lay back after kicking off her own shoes.
Lilly then slid her skirt and panties down and off. Lilly lay beside her and
said "These are the real deal," while grabbing one and sucking on the other.

"Hey Lilly, mind sharing?" Miley asked as she climbed in on the other side of
Kathryn. Lilly let go while she continued sucking.

"Thanks," said Miley as she fondled her side, then started sucking. After a
few minutes she kissed her way toward and into Kathryn's crotch, where she
started kissing and licking. She followed as Kathryn began to move around,
and kept going until she settled down again.

"Thanks," said Kathryn. "You've definitely had some experience."

"We found out with Amber and Ashley that it was even better one girl working
the top half and another one on the bottom half," said Miley.

"Sure is," said Kathryn. "Which one of you wants to be next?"

"Me," said Lilly.

After they were done, Miley said "My turn."

As they lay there afterward, Lilly said "I'm ready, Miley. I went to the
nurse and did the rest just like you did, and I want to lose my cherry."

"Have you decided who?" asked Miley.

"I know who I want, but he'd never do it, and Miss Stewart here would object.
Your dad."

"What gave you the idea I would object?" asked Kathryn.

"Well, I mean, I thought..." said Lilly.

"Not at all. We've agreed that we can have others, just like here," said

"Even so, he probably wouldn't do me," said Lilly.

"No promises, but let me think about it. I might be able to help."

"Wow, thanks," said Lilly.

"Well, we've had a nice long walk," said Kathryn. "Maybe we should go back."

"Walk?" asked Lilly.

"It was our excuse to come here," said Miley.

As they were dressing, Amber and Ashley came in. "I don't suppose you could
stick around?" asked Ashley. "I think all five of us would be fun."

"I'd love to, but we really do have to get home," said Kathryn. "Let's put
that on our to do list."

"Did you know Kathryn here is a famous model?" Lilly asked.

"Lilly, I told you, that was a few years ago, and I never was all that

"More famous than anyone else here, that's for sure," said Miley.

"Well, let's go home," said Kathryn.

* * *

When they arrived home, Jackson and Mr. Stewart were there, Jackson in a
bikini, lipstick, high heals and long wig. "If you're going to live here,
you'll have to get used to this sort of thing, Kathryn," said Mr. Stewart.

"I don't do this for fun," said Jackson. "I'm not that way. It was Rico.

"I don't want to hear about it," Miley interrupted, pointing at his chest.
"I only want to know one thing. What have you got in there?"


"It's all set, Lilly," said Kathryn as they sat in the the Stewart kitchen
with Miley. "Miley, I'm sorry you won't be able to join us...YET...if I make
myself clear?"

"Wow, thanks," said Lilly.

"Excited?" asked Miley.

"That too, but more like scared," said Lilly.

"Don't be," said Kathryn. "You made a good choice, and if you want me to be
there, I will."

"Oh, would you?"

"Not a problem, not at all," said Kathryn. "I hear the car now. Miley, could
you take off, maybe look up Amber and Ashley, and come back when we call your

"I'm out of here then, and have fun," said Miley as she left and her father
came in.

"The way she said that, did you tell her what we plan?"

"Oh yes," said Kathryn. "Had to get her out of here somehow, unless you want
her to join in?"

"Kathy, you're sick sometimes. You know that?" he asked.

"And that's why love me so much, isn't it? I prefer to call it kinky,
though," Kathryn told him.

"Are we going to sit around talking, or do something?" spoke up Lilly.

"I vote for doing something," answered Kathryn. "Let's go." She stood, as did
the other two.

"Let's? As in all three of us?" asked Mr. Stewart.

"I don't think she'll be as nervous with me there," she said. "Lilly, tell
him what you want."

"I want her with us," said Lilly. "I don't...I mean...Kathy here...I, I, I"
she stuttered a little.

"Tell him anything about us that you like," said Kathryn.

"Well, Mr. Stewart, this won't be my first time, just my first time with a
guy. Kathy and I have, done it, you might say."

"Got it," he said. "Kathy I know about, but I guess you surprise me."

"It's a long story," said Lilly. "Right now, I want you, Mr. Stewart," as she
started undressing.

"We need a bedroom name," he said as he dropped his pants. "How about RR? It
works for me, how about you two?"

"Ok, that makes sense RR," she said as she dropped her panties and lay on her
back. He and Kathryn lay on each side of her.

"I guess this would be a good place to start," he said as he started feeling
Lilly's tit on his side. Kathryn did the same from her side.

"This is the life, as Miley might put it," said Lilly.

"This isn't QUITE what I meant when I wrote that song for her, but I guess it
works for this too," he said. Then he moved his hand down to her crotch and
took her nipple into his mouth.

"Lilly, you don't have to just lay there," Kathryn told her. "Play around
with his cock and balls, just be gentle with the balls."

After a few minutes he said "Oh yeah, that's how to do it all right, you're
just like an old pro."

"Robbie Ray!"

"Whoa, I didn't mean it that way, sorry."

"It's ok," put in Lilly. "I didn't take it that way."

"Let me help you get primed, you might say," said Kathryn as she put her
mouth to Lilly's crotch and began to lick and kiss. After a few minutes she
felt and heard her come, and broke away after Lilly settled down.

"Are you ready?" asked Mr. Stewart.

"Ready and waiting," said Lilly.

"One more thing," said Kathryn. "It may hurt a little, but not too bad, and
with this KY Jelly, it shouldn't hurt much at all. Here, allow me," as she
took a tube off the nightstand and put a generous amount on Mr. Stewart's

Lilly spread her arms and legs out. Mr. Stewart positioned himself on top of
her. Lilly reached down and briefly stroked his cock, then guided it into
her. When he was inside, she wrapped her arms and legs around him and began
moving in time to his thrusts.

"I wasn't expecting you to know how to do those things," he said.

"I told her what to do ahead of time," Kathryn told him.

"Ok, hang on then," he said as he continued his thrusts into Lilly. Shortly
she began letting out the same wordless squeals she had when Kathryn had
given her an orgasm. While she was squealing, felt himself come inside of

"You're great, RR," said Lilly.

"Well, thanks," he said. "You're not bad yourself, kid. I meant what I said
earlier - I was expecting to have to make allowances for your first time. I

"In the future, I want to do it in different positions. Kathryn here couldn't
do much from that one."

"How do you know about other positions?"

"We should be honest," put in Kathryn. "She's watched, just hasn't taken part
until now."

"You move fast," he said. "Who did she watch you with?"

"Now now, you know that I don't kiss and tell, and I definitely don't screw
and tell."

"Well, are we ready to tell Miley she can come home?" asked Mr. Stewart.

"Hey, great idea," said Kathryn. "It'll be fun to have her here. Bet you can
get it up again so that Lilly and I can watch you two!"

"Kathy, that's sick even for you."

She did her best to imitate Bugs Bunny and said to Lilly "He don't know me
very well, do he?"

* * *

"Miley wants me to tell you a few things," said Kathryn as she worked at the
kitchen counter. "I told you that Lilly and I have been together. So have
Lilly and Miley. She thought you might flip out over that one."

"Well, before I met you, I'm not sure what I would have thought," he told
her. "But I guess you've convinced me there's nothing wrong with it."

"Good, now for something I hope you're cool with. Miley and I did it the
first night I was here. She practically dragged me to her bed."

"So that's how you won her over so fast. I did tell you that I didn't care
how you did it."

"You know, I thought that too, but she said it was the other way around. She
said she only did that because she liked me, and I believe her."

"Then I'm still puzzled," he said. "I really figured the best that could
happen would be for you two to be cool and distant toward each other, and
that the open warfare would die down."

"You know, Robbie Ray, I think you had more to do with it than I did. I
pointed out to her that you were happier with me in your life than before,
and I think that may have done it."

"Well, however it came about, I'm glad."

"Now for something else she wants me to tell you. I wasn't joking last

"About what?" he asked.

"About her joining us. She wants you."

"Now hold on...I wasn't joking about that being sick."

"No, it really isn't. It can be, but not when both people want it, and she

"I think I better talk to her. I want to hear it straight from her," he said.

"So you'll do it, if she says it's what she wants?"

"Let me think about it, and listen to exactly what she says," he answered.
"Is there any limit to how sick and perverted you can get?"

"Well, I haven't tried bestiality...yet."

"You mean, like with..."

"Animals, yeah," she said.

"Tell you what, if you ever do, I don't really want to know about it, ok?"

* * *

That afternoon, after Jackson had left to work at Rico's, he said to Miley
"Kathryn here told me earlier that you wanted to tell me something."

She looked at Kathryn, who nodded and said "Go ahead, I told him. He just
wants to hear it straight from you."

"Then I want you, daddy. I want you in bed with me even more than I want it
from mom here."

"That seemed pretty definite," he said. "You're sure?"

"I've never been any more sure of anything in my life."

"More sure than when you said you would never call Kathy here mom?"

"Daddy, that's not fair!"

"I know, it isn't," he said. "One more thing, about pregnancy..."

"Got it covered," Miley broke in. "I went to the school nurse and all that.
I'm safe."

"Sounds like this may not be your first time?"

"Robbie Ray, mind your own business," said Kathryn.

"I think that answers my question," he said. "Well, let's go then, Mile, if
you're really ready for this,"as he stood up.

"Do you want me to join you?" asked Kathryn.

"You know, mom, in the future I'd love to have you in as a threesome, but
for this first time, I think I'd like it to be one on one. Is that ok?"

"Fine, fine, I agree, this time should be a special occasion for both of you,
without me. Go do it."

In the master bedroom, he said "Miley, I want to check one more time. Is
Kathy putting any pressure on you to do this?"

"Oh no, daddy, I was the one who brought it up, and asked her to help me

"Then I guess it's time," he said as he unbuttoned his shirt.

She unbuttoned her own blouse and took it off, followed by her bra. Then she
said "Daddy? When was the last time you saw these?" while striking poses,
both frontal and side views.

"The last time I changed your diaper," he said. He stepped up to her and put
his arms around her as he continued "You can still back out of this."

"Are you getting cold feet on me, daddy?"

"No, but if we really are going to do this, we need a bedroom name for me,
just like Lilly has. Can you call me RR, the way she does in here?"

"What's wrong with daddy?"

"It just feels too weird," he said.

"I guess, erm, RR."

He stepped away from her, unlaced his shoes and took them off, followed by
pants and underwear. At the same time she took off the rest of her clothes
and lay on the bed. He joined her and put his arms around her again, and
stroked her hair some.

"Aren't you going to play around with my titties?" she asked. "They're not
as big as mom's, but they have to be more exciting than they were before I
was potty trained."

"No hurry, darlin'" he said as he started kissing her. She immediately took
control and stuck her tongue in his mouth while he continued to stroke her
hair. When they broke for some air, he said "No, this isn't your first time."

"I hope you don't mind, daddy."

"I'm RR in here, remember? And as long as you're being careful like you said,
I guess it's ok. So let's see what you have," he said as he broke their
clinch and put a hand on a tit to gently massage it. "Oh yeah, definitely
more than what you had when I changed you."

She grasped his cock and stroked it some, then alternated between that and
fondling his balls. After a few minutes he started sucking one tit while
fondling the other. Both felt her nipples tighten up. Then she took his
stiffening cock into her mouth and sucked on it. As she felt it harden up
she stopped and got on top of him and said "Here's how I like to do it,"
while lowering herself onto his cock. He stroked her hips and thighs as he
timed his up and down movements to match hers.

As she squealed and said "Oh god, oh god," he felt himself come. Then she
lay beside him and said "Now this is the life."

"That's what Lilly said too. It's not quite what I meant when I wrote it,
but I guess it works," he said as he put his arms around her and went back
to stroking her hair.

* * *

Miley, Lilly and Oliver were hanging out at Rico's. Lilly said "Hey, is that
Miss Caldwell coming down from your place?"

"It sure is," said Miley as she waved and Kathryn waved back, then walked up
to the stand.

Kathryn said "What do you think?" as she reached out, placed a finger under
Oliver's chin and pushed up gently to close his mouth and jaw.

"I think I wish my dad would let me wear something like that to swim in,"
answered Miley.

"I, I, I, I..." stuttered Oliver.

"I think what he's trying to say is I, YIE, YIE or something like that," said
Lilly. "Did you know she's a famous model, Oliver?"

"I, I, I..." he continued.

"Lilly here exaggerates, I was never all that famous."

"I, I, I, I..."

"It would appear that my bikini causes stuttering. Well, I'm going to go for
a swim. See you all later," as she walked toward the surf.

Watching her sway as she left, Oliver said "That isn't a bikini, it's very
small pieces of cloth held together with string!"

"You didn't have to drool over her," said Miley.

"How bad did I embarrass myself?" he asked.

"BAD!" they said together.

* * *

A few minutes later she came back dripping, and they noticed that her suit
had turned translucent when wet. She closed Oliver's mouth for him again and
asked "Has the stutter cleared up?"

"I, I, I, I..."

"Guess not. Come on girls, let's go to our place for a while. You ok,

"I, I, I..."

"Yeah, you're ok," she said as they began walking up to the Stewart house.

"You didn't swim for very long," said Miley.

"Miley, I wasn't there to swim, I was there to take the first step with

"You impressed him, I think. I've never seen him quite that helpless," said

"Ok, here's the plan," said Kathryn. "When we get to your place, call Oliver
and ask him to come over, then you two leave and I'll take care of the rest."

"You know what mom here is going to do?" asked Miley. "She's going to talk
Oliver into doing both of us."

"Both of us?" Lilly asked. "What gives you the idea I want to do Oliver?"

"You do, or you will," Miley said. "Until you're ready, you can watch us the
way you do me and Jackson. Speaking of Jackson, you should do him the next
time we're together."

"Just who's in charge of my sex life, me or you?"


"I was afraid of that," said Lilly.

"Ok, call up Oliver and see if he's stopped stuttering yet," said Kathryn.

Miley dialed and said "Hi Oliver, want to come over...ok, see you in a few."

"Have fun in the guest house, or swimming, or whatever," said Kathryn. They
left. When Oliver rang the bell, she called out "Come in, Oliver."

He came in and said "Where's Miley and Lilly?"

"Hey, he really can say something other than I, I, I," she said. "Come here,"
while putting an arm around him and pulling him onto the couch next to her.

"I, I, I..."

She laughed and said "Just calm down, Oliver. You don't need to say anything
if you can't. Miley told me that you might be interested in me." He nodded.
"So let me take charge."

"Bi, bi, bikini," he managed to get out.

"Wow a full word," she said. "You want me to take this off? Ok, come on
then." She stood up and pulled him up and led him to the master bedroom,
where she slid the top off.

"But what about Mr. Stewart?" he asked.

"A full sentence, I'm impressed. Don't worry, I hid the shotgun, so you'll
have plenty of time to get out before he finds it." He started to leave, but
she grabbed him and pulled him back. "Look, he's cool with this. He's away
all day, but that's only so you won't be nervous. He won't come back until
I call his cell and tell him we're done, ok?"

"He knows? I mean, does he know that it's me?"

"He sure does. He's looking forward to a threesome with you and me, too, but
he wanted us to have a one on one first." She took his hand and placed it on
a boob.

"Wow..." he said.

"I think that means you like that."

"It does."

"Oliver, is this your first time?"

"I, I, I..."

"Ok, it's your first time. I hope you enjoy it." She slid her bikini bottom
down and kicked it away, then started unbuttoning his shirt as he undid his
pants and slid them down, followed by his boxer shorts. He kicked his shoes
away and stepped out of the pants and undershorts, then lay in bed beside

"I, I, I, I..."

"Oliver, seriously, try not to be nervous," she said as she put her arms
around him. "You'll be fine."

"Thanks, Miss Caldwell."

"I'm Kathryn, Kathy, or Kat, to my friends, and I like being friends with
people in bed with me."

"Kat, I'm not nervous."

"Right, and you haven't been stuttering either," as she took his cock and
stroked it some.

"Sorry about that."

"Don't be," she said as she moved her hand to his balls. "Now do something
up here, I know you want to," as she moved each of his hands in turn to each

"These are nice," he said as he caressed them and felt the nipples tighten.

"Big you mean. They're not all me, hope you don't mind."

"They're great."

"Now suck on them," she said as she continued fondling his cock and balls.
He did so. After a few minutes she said "Here, I bet you'll like this too"
as she took his cock into her mouth and sucked on it. Then she stopped, lay
on her back with her arms and legs spread out, and told him "Ok, get on top
of me, face to face, well, it might be more like face to boob but that's fun
too, and put your weight on your arms." He did so and she guided his cock
into herself. Then she wrapped her arms and legs around him and said "Ok,
just move up and down now, and I'm tall enough for you to suck on a boob
while you do that."

"I'm short enough, you mean," he said, then did what she had told him to do.

"Don't be hard on yourself, Oliver, I'm over six feet tall." A little later
she yelled "HERE I COME" followed by wordless squeals.

A little later he said "OH that's what the real thing is like," and
rolled off of her.

"I think it's safe to say you liked the real thing?"

"I did."

"Then I can tell you someone else who likes it."

"Who would that be?"

"Your friend Miley."

"Maybe she does, but not with me."

"Sure she will, just give her a chance," Kathryn said. "I've talked to her,
and it's what she wants. So do you, I think."

"It would feel to weird to even ask her."

"So she'll ask you. You won't let us down, will you?"

"No, I'll do it if she wants me to."

"Let's ambush Oliver," said Kathryn to Miley.

"What do you mean?" Miley asked her.

"We'll go to Amber's place, and I'll call Oliver tell him I want a replay of
the other day. Then when he gets there I'll leave, and you should be able to
pick to pick it up from there."

"Got it," said Miley as they walked along.

When they reached the guest house, Kathryn dialed her cell phone and said "Hi
Oliver, want a rerun?...You know where Amber lives?...come on over to the
guest house they have, I'm there...see you then." She closed the phone and
said "Excited?" to Miley.

"I sure am."

"Give me a call when you're done, if you want to make it a threesome."

When they heard the bell, Kathryn opened it and said "Come in, Oliver."

"Hi Oliver," said Miley.

"Well, hi Miley," said Oliver. "I didn't expect you to be here."

"It was a setup, actually," said Kathryn. "I'll leave now, have fun." She
left and closed the door behind her.

Miley put her arm around Oliver and pulled him to and onto the bed. Then she
said "Mom says you were a lot of fun, so I want to give you a test run."

"This is too weird," said Oliver.

"Oh, give me a break, we're just going to have a little harmless fun, you got
it on with mom without being in love with her, and you can have a good time
with me even if we aren't in love."

"You were never like this before, Miley."

"Remember when we learned about the kinky stuff that went on in the families
of the Egyptian Pharoahs? I decided I wanted to try some of that, and it's a
total turn on."

"Then this won't be your first time?" asked Oliver.

"Not hardly," she said as she unbuttoned his shirt.

"I never would have dreamed you might do things like this."

"Oliver, I know a little bit about keeping certain things secret," she said
as she undid his belt.

"Good point," he said as he dropped his pants and underpants.

She took off her own clothes and lay on top of him, rubbing back and forth
a little to make her nipples tighten up. "Ah, this is the life," she said.
Then she rolled off him and stroked his hardening cock. He started fondling
her boobs.

After a few minutes she positioned herself over him and lowered herself onto
his cock. After they both came she said "Now see? Just some good clean fun."

"Yeah, it was fun. Weird, but fun."

"Speaking of weird fun, don't get dressed just yet." She dialed her cell
phone and said "Hi mom, we're ready...great, see you."

"What now?" Oliver asked.

"Mom's on her way. Think you might get turned on by two girls?"

"Whoa, you weren't kidding about weird."

"I wasn't kidding about fun, either."

"Yeah, Kathy's great."

"And I'm not?"

"Miley, I didn't mean it that way. I..."

She cut him off with "I know you didn't Oliver. Don't worry about it."

When Kathryn came in she said "Well Oliver, do you like being friends this
way too?"

"Yeah, it's fun," he said.

She took off her own clothes and said "Guys usually like watching this" as
she lay next to Miley. They started out by fondling each other's boobs. Soon
Miley started sucking on one of Kathryn's.

Oliver said "Isn't this kind of like incest, with you two?"

"You know what they say, incest is best," Miley told him.

Kathryn stroked his cock and said "Looks like you were able to reload." She
sat him on the edge of the bed and straddled him with her legs while sitting
on his lap, then lowered herself onto his cock.

"I hadn't thought of doing it that way," Miley said as she fondled Kathryn's
boobs while Kathryn moved up and down on Oliver. After a while she let out
wordless squeals until Oliver came.

"You learn something new every day. This is called the lapdance position,
because lapdancers in topless clubs sit on laps this way."

"How do you know about that?" Miley asked.

"I danced topless in between modeling gigs when I started out."


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