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Hannah Montana: Cheerleader Tryouts Part 3a (Mf,oral,anal)
by Dest

After fucking both Lily and Miley I knew I needed some more young pussy. They
had both told me that it was a one-time thing and we had to stop. There was
no way I could live with that so I came up with a plan. I talked to a girl
that I knew was an incredible cheerleader but who had decided not to tryout.
"Please try out Katie. I am in a bind here. I don't know which one is better
and I am supposed to make my decision today. This way I can see them again
and I can also get someone else's opinion."

"I don't know sir, are you sure you just can't ask them to try out again?"

"If I admit I can't choose between the two of them then the principal may
decide I don't deserve to be Cheerleading Coach. I will pay you 10 bucks to
tryout with them."

"Make it twenty and you got a deal."

"Fine, but you have to go all out during the tryout, that way they won't
suspect anything."

With the deal in place I went to talk to Miley and Lily. "I am sorry girls.
The principal has ordered me to hold tryouts again. Katie has decided to
tryout. She was part of the all-state cheerleading team last year and we
can't afford to pass her over without seeing her tryout."

"But sir! We already went through tryouts! Can't you just see her compete and
judge who is better?" asked Miley.

"Well I could. But the principal said I have to make sure to pick the best
one, which means I need to see how you 3 compare. The only way to do that is
for all of you to perform at the same time." Now that I had set everything up
I was ready to enjoy those teen pussies once again.

Friday, the day of tryouts...

Once again I watched the girls perform and my erection was straining inside
my pants. This time there was the added bonus of watching Katie perform. I
wished I could screw her to but settling for Miley and Lily was fine by me.
Lily was doing a lot better this time. That's very good because when I give
her the spot I knew some people would question my decision if she was
horrible. Eventually we got to the individual performances. Miley was first.

"Lily already has the spot right? There is no need for us to fuck again?"

"I dunno about that. You saw how incredible Katie was out there. I can't pass
her up because of one fuck."

"You planned this all along didn't you?"

"What do you mean? I didn't know Katie would be good. I swear if Katie was
horrible then I would give Lily the spot even if you didn't fuck me."

"Liar. Oh well, at least I get another incredible lay out of this deal."

Miley quickly stripped down and walked over to me. She gave me an aggressive
kiss; she was biting my lip like she wanted to suck the blood out of it. And
her hands were busy too. One was unbuttoning my shirt while the other reached
inside my pants to grasp my hard-on. I put one of my hands in her silky hair
and grabbed her naked ass in the other. My main point to this scheme was not
to just fuck them, but to butt-fuck them. I remembered how tight their
assholes were. There was no way either of them had had anything inside their
assholes before. I couldn't wait to be the first.

After a few seconds of fondling Miley pulled away with her eyes wide. "Your
dick! It feels so much bigger! It's huge!"

In preparation for this day I had been taking dick enhancer pills all week.
It made me longer, thicker, and it made me last much longer. I was prepared
to give these girls of the fucking of a lifetime. "I was feeling sick last
week. I couldn't get fully erect."

Miley quickly unzipped my pants and pulled them and my boxers to my ankles.

It was pretty obvious why she was surprised. Thanks to the pills my dick was
12 inches long and 3 inches thick. I was basically a dick with legs.

"It doesn't scare you, does it?"

"No, it makes me horny. I want that monster inside of me."

With that Miley jumped on my lap and started making out with me. I used my
hands to get her ready for the fucking to come. I brought one hand down to
her fuzz-covered muff and started tapping on her clit. Her moans were
vibrating inside my mouth, along with her tongue. With my other hand I
started rubbing all over her ass, only stopping every once in a while to
stick my fingernail inside of her asshole. Every time I did she would let
out a cute little "EEP!" sound and then continue on with the make out.
Eventually I got tired of making out with her and picked her up off my lap.
Then I stood up and put her in my chair.

Earlier in the week I had realized the chair elevated someone into just the
right position for muff-diving. I had been looking forward to trying this out
all week. I lowered my head and inhaled her scent. Then I noticed her pubic
hair. She had shaved it into a cute pattern resembling a butterfly. "Well
looks like I'm not the only one who expected this to lead to sex?"

Miley blushed. "I was ready in the off chance that this happened. Don't think
I was just going to throw myself at you."

With that I knew what I had to do; I had to make her beg for it. I had to
make her plead with me until I was nice enough to give her the orgasm she
desperately needs. I leaned in and kissed her bellybutton, diving my tongue
inside over and over again. Then I let my tongue crawl its way down her body
slowly. Right when I reached her molten core I turned away and started
licking down her leg. I went down and back up, making sure to nip at her
skin every once in a while. Then I got back to her muff and started flicking
her clit with my tongue. Miley let out the most sensual moan which quickly
turned into a groan as I left her clit and started licking down her other
leg. I repeated my previous actions a few times. Miley was visually shaking
now as she was ready for me.

"You can stop this anytime. Just tell me what you want."

"You know what I want!"

"A new bike? A purse?"



With that I finally took her clit inside my mouth and sucked on it. I gently
bit down on it and her gasps were making my dick throb harder then ever
before. With that I took her clit out of my mouth and put my tongue inside
of Miley's dripping cunt. I knew that with how I had teased her and the moans
she was making that Miley was only a few seconds away from a huge climax. I
raised one hand and pinched her right nipple extremely hard and that brought
her climax. I was glad I remembered to turn the music on as loud as possible
or Lily and Katie would have heard her screaming easily.

When Miley came down from her orgasm she was looking at me with glazed over
eyes. "Wow! That was...WOW! So I guess it is your turn?"

I stood up and went over to my new couch. It was a fold-out couch which I had
bought earlier in the week in preparation for this event. The school board
said I could have it in my office but I had to pay for it myself. I knew that
just this one fuck would make the price worth it. After getting the bed ready
I sat down and patted down on it, trying to get Miley to come over. Miley
sauntered over with a sexy smile on her face.

"Thought you said you weren't expecting this to happen?"

"Who said this bed is for you? I have a lot of late nights. Sometimes it is
just smarter to stay here for the night so I am already at school in the

A huge lie. I'm a gym teacher and a cheerleading coach. Why would I need to
stay late? But the school board bought it and Miley seemed to accept it.

"So how do you want to do this?"

"Well even with how wet you are I don't think you are ready to take me inside
of you yet. Maybe you should try lubing me up?"

"Works for me."

Her glazed eyes had turned into lust filled dagger. Miley leaned in and
started kissing my neck. Then she lowered herself and started toying with my
nipples. It felt weird but so good. Miley seemed to be enjoying the taste of
my body a little too much. Miley started exploring my body with her tongue
and eventually got to my throbbing cock. She hesitated for a second and then
licked all around it. Miley put my balls into her mouth and alternated which
one she would suck on. She grabbed my erect dick and started pumping it up
and down. My precum was starting to collect at the top and when Miley saw
this she took my nuts out of her mouth and lowered her head onto my dick. She
licked the precum off and then pulled back. "MMM this is tasty stuff. You
should bottle it."

With that she lowered her head back down and started bobbing. Last time she
blew me she was clearly inexperienced and it did nothing to get me off. This
time however she quickly got 8 inches down her throat and kept going.


Within seconds my entire dick was in her throat and it was the sexiest thing
I had ever seen. This girl, who only 1 week ago lost her virginity to me, is
sitting on the bed with my foot-long cock in her throat and her eyes looking
at me like she still wanted more. The look on her eyes was too much for me
and I shot my load unexpectedly down her throat. I didn't even have time to
give her a warning. Miley took the dick out of her mouth as quickly as she
could and let the rest explode all over her face. She scooped a lot of it up
but eventually she just grabbed a towel and wiped the rest of her face off.
I couldn't believe the amount of cum I shot. Those pills must have an added
effect of increasing the amount of semen my body produces.

"Can I get a warning next time! I loved the taste but I almost choked on that

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself. You are the sexiest thing I have ever seen."

I lowered my head and kissed her. The cum disgusted me a little but I knew it
was what she wanted. Plus she had already wiped everything off so there was
not much left to taste.

"So are you ready for another round?"

"Yeah but we better hurry. We have already been in here for a long time."

Then I pushed her onto her back and mounted her. I brought my dick right to
her tight opening and looked at Miley. She had her eyes closed and seemed
scared of what was coming. I kissed her again and whispered in my ear.

"Don't worry, I won't just bury this in you. I want you to enjoy this too."

"Then shut up and make me squeal like a pig."

I smiled and shoved my dick into her, burying about 4 inches in before I met
too much resistance.

"Ahhh! So thick! Okay, Okay, FUCK ME!"

I started thrusting back and forth. I was really surprised. With how much her
blowjob technique had improved in a week I figured she must have been having
a lot of sex. But her pussy felt just as tight as I left. I made a note to
ask her about that later. The hungry look on her face persuaded me to keep
going. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was beautiful. That was when I
realized I may be falling in love with her and Lily. That scared the shit out
of me but I pushed that thought out of my mind and continued fucking her.

Miley wrapped her lithe legs around me and started pulling me in harder. I
figured if that was how she wanted it, that was how I was going to give it
to her. I pulled all the way out of her and ignored her whimpering. Then I
pushed into her with all of my strength. She let out a huge breath and I
think I knocked the wind out of her. I let her regroup a little and then
pulled back and thrust just as hard. Miley thrust back at me and this time
my entire foot-long monster sized dick impaled her. I had to stop and
reflect on how much I love my life. Who would have thought that being named
the cheerleading coach would be the best thing in my life?

Miley was wondering why I stopped and she used her legs to pull me in and
let me know she was not done yet. Then I started fucking her in earnest. I
gave her everything I had. By now I had forgotten all about Lily and my
plan to fuck her later. I was going to fuck her until we were both unable
to stand. I started massaging her breasts with both hands, bringing them
together and then I lowered my head and started licking all around them.
The sounds she was making was making me near climax way too soon. I knew I
had another round left in my dick but I was not sure if my body would be
able to go through with it. Miley's screaming brought me back to earth and
I watched her face contort into a look of pure ecstasy. Her walls closed in
around my dick and made me come to the brink of climax but I fought it off.
I wanted to do one more thing before I ejaculated.

I pulled out and climbed off of her. "You were even better than last time!
But you didn't cum, did you? There is something I want to try first. It may
hurt a little at first but it will become the most pleasurable thing you have
ever felt."

Miley's eyes went wide. "You don't mean...anal?"

"Yep, don't worry, I have plenty of lube and I will go as slow as you want."

"Okay, but be careful."

I got up and went to my desk and grabbed the tube of lube I put there
earlier. I spread some all around my dick and then walked back to the bed.
I turned her over onto her knees. I put lube on one finger and plunged it
into her rectum. I knew Miley was hurting but she kept quiet. That made me
love her even more. After a while I was able to get two lube-covered fingers
into her asshole and I thrust them in and out rhythmically.

I knew she was ready when she started thrusting back at me so I withdrew my
fingers. Miley gasped at the feeling of emptiness inside her. "Stick it in,
please stick it in."

I mounted her and put my dick back into her pussy just to get some more
juices onto my cock. I brought my dick up to her asshole and slowly pushed
it into the tightest thing I had ever felt. She was like a vice. I almost
shot my load inside of her right then. I took a few seconds to catch myself
and then I started thrusting. I could get only a few inches inside her no
matter how hard I tried. There was no way I would get it all inside her
before I cummed but I didn't care. If the sounds Miley was making were any
indication she didn't care either. She was clearly in pain but she was also
having more pleasure then every other orgasm combined. I brought one hand
down and started thrusting four fingers into her cunt and with my thumb I
brushed her clit. That did it and Miley was orgasming again harder then I
had ever seen someone cum. The way her body was flopping around made my dick
explode deep inside her asshole. I pulled out and let the rest cum all over
her back and ass.

Then I fell back and collapsed on the bed. "Wow, well my mind is made up."

"Oh shit! Look at us. Lily and Katie will know what we have been doing."

"I have a shower in the bathroom. Let's take a quick shower and then you can

"Us taking a shower huh? I think we would even dirtier." Miley said in a
suggestive tone.

I leaned over and kissed her one more time. "Well whatever happens, happens."

Miley giggled and followed me into the bathroom. Somehow I still had enough
energy for one more round. When we got into the shower I picked her up and
wrapped her legs around me. I pushed her up against the wall and started
thrusting while making out with her more passionately then I had ever kissed
a girl before. We both were brought to quick orgasms and then cleaned each
other up.

"I almost forgot, how did you get so good at blowjobs in just a week?"

"Well I practiced on vegetables. I thought we may do this again so I decided
to get ready in advance. Did it work?"

"You were incredible. I can't wait to feel those lips around my dick again."

"Easy, big guy. Who said I would do this again?"

"Oh I know you want my dick inside you one more time. Plus you haven't felt
my dick shoved all the way into her asshole."

"Well that is not entirely false. I'll see you in a few months when Lily is
going for cheerleading captain."

With that Miley left and I was alone in my office again. Not for long though
as Lily came in only a few seconds later. "So are you ready for another round
of hardcore fucking."

Oh shit I forgot all about Lily. Guess I have to bite the bullet and give her
a good old-fashioned fucking. Unlucky me!
_ _ _

PART 3b coming soon. This took a lot out of me. I can't keep writing right


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