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Hannah Montana: Cheerleader Tryouts Part 3b (Mf,anal,oral,foot fetish)
by Dest

As soon as Lily walked in I knew I was going to have a hard time fucking her
again. After the incredible sex with Miley I was feeling exhausted and knew
I had at best one time left in me.

"Is there something you want me to do first, or do you want to get straight
to the fucking?"

"Well why don't you tell me what you want to do? And be graphic."

I was hoping whatever she said would be enough to get my erection back. I
wanted to be ready for her when I took my clothes off because I wanted to
see the look on her face when she saw how much my dick had grown.

"Hmm, okay. I want you to strip me of these tight restraining clothes. Then
I want you to lick all over my young body, finishing by giving my young tight
cunt a long thorough tongue-fucking until my body gives out in orgasmic
delight. Then I want to feel your big hard cock in me, pounding harder and
harder until you spill your seed straight into my tight inexperienced

My plan worked and my dick was brought back to full attention and making a
huge dent in my pants. I thought briefly about turning the couch back into
a bed but I was fairly certain me and Miley had left some evidence of our
love-making there. As it turns out I later found her panties left there. I
guess she wanted to leave me a memento. Nice of her but it could have ruined
my plan.

"Well then come over here and let's get started on your list. What was first
again? Oh yes, now I remember."

I almost tore through her shirt getting it off her body. It had buttons but
I was feeling to horny to bother with them. Luckily only half of them snapped
off so she would be fine getting home. If not looking a little odd. I started
kissing her body with every button that became undone. I was now really glad
I had drank all of those bottles waters because otherwise my lips would have
became chapped pretty quickly. I quickly discovered she had forgone the bra
this time. I have no idea how I didn't notice this during her routine. Guess
I have to get my eyes checked. I then brought my mouth back to her young
nubile tits and proceeded to suckle them like a newborn. If I had learned one
thing about my latest endeavors it is that there is no taste like a teenage
girl. No matter where I put my mouth I end up craving more of this heavenly
taste and it is always nearly impossible for me to drag my mouth away.

"You're...OH GOD...skipping step one. You're supposed to...UHHH...strip me
completely before you taste me."

"Does that mean you want me to stop? Or maybe I just let you go now? I could
give you the spot on the squad now. If that's what you want. Tell me what you

With that I gave her nipple a sharp bite.


Good good. I may be able to get her to come back for more, even after she
makes the squad. Just got to make sure she craves me more after this. After
this incredible week I don't want to go back to just masturbating to these
teenage girls and their gravity-defying bodies. I want to continue fucking
them until I can't even remember how to masturbate.

Satisfied that I was once again in control of the situation I brought my
attention back to the lovely pair of breasts in front of me. Licking them,
sucking them, biting them. A couple of times I brought a hand towards her
neglected breast and pinched it right as I bit her other nipple. The sound
she made was so primal, so guttural that I knew I had her right where I
wanted her. She was mine. Every once in a while I swiftly switched which
breast I was toying with. The sounds she was making caused my dick to jump
so many times I don't know how my jeans stayed intact. After lavishing them
with my tongue for several minutes I finally started kissing my way back
down her body.

When I got to the hem of her skirt I brought both of my hands up her long
moist legs and proceeded to pull her panties off. I thought I was hot before
but by now I was boiling. Every fiber of my being wanted to just plunge into
her release my seed into her belly and sleep for hours. But I knew I had to
make her desire me for more of these trysts. So continued with steps one and
two of Lily's instructions. After sliding her panties entirely off her body
I nearly tore her feet off taking her shoes and socks off. She was wearing a
loose pink ruffled skirt that seemed to make her look even more gorgeous. I
wanted to leave it on her because it somehow made me even more turned on.

After stripping her of everything but the skirt I stood up and gave her a
long steamy kiss. I felt her tongue probing at my lips and I opened them and
was surprised with the ferocity with which Lily entered my mouth. I was
starting to think she wanted this more then I did! The feeling of her tongue
massaging my tongue drove me nuts and I returned the favor while at the same
time lightly pinching her nipples. I took my lips away because I knew that if
I didn't stop then I could kiss her for the rest of the day. I went back to
her wish for me to lick all over her body. I licked up her nose and between
her eyes. Across her forehead and down both cheeks. She was flushed and the
red hue on her tanned skin was a sight that made me wish for a camera more
then ever before. Not so I could remember, oh no. That sight is burned into
my memory and will never escape. But so that others could see the beauty. I
know that one look at her like this would make everyone forget their
troubles. The fact that she was topless and wearing a short skirt would make
them forget their names as well but it would still be worth it. After I
finished with her face I brought my tongue downward and swiped it over her
chin before lowering to her neck. I made sure to not miss a spot with my
tongue and when I got just behind her left ear she let out an erotic moan.
I made a mental note of this spot. Somehow I must have missed her "zone."
Years ago I discovered that every girl has a spot above their waste that
turns them on immensely. When you find this spot and put just the right
amount of attention there, the girl becomes putty in your hands.

I finished with her neck and started licking down her arms. Her perfect arms
with just a hint of muscle. I sucked all of her fingers into my mouth and
licked in the spots inbetween her fingers. After licking my way back up her
body I stopped momentarily to glance at Lily's face. Her cheeks had become
even redder and her eyes were closed. Her mouth was open and was biting her
lower lip so hard I thought she would produce blood but she never did. I
resumed my kissing and paid special notice to her shoulder blades. A lot of
girls have a spot here that also turns them on. But Lily was not one of them
so I quickly moved on. I brought my lips back to the spot on her neck and
reveled in the sounds she made as I nipped at her skin.

Then I resumed my trek down her body. I had already explored her front with
my tongue so I went down her back. I went down her body with the careful
precision of a surgeon. No spot was left untouched. Eventually I found myself
down at the skirt that attracted me so much. I kissed her body through the
skirt and when I got to the end I just kept going downward. I explored every
flaw in her body with extra consideration. If she had a scar I made sure to
spend twice as much time on that part. Eventually I found myself at her foot.
Now feet have always creeped me out. Not just the smell but the way they
look. Lily wondered why I had stopped and looked down at me.

"You know I did say every part of my body."

I smiled up at her before bringing my face back down and kissing the top of
her foot. Now she had been sweating a little because of her dancing but
thankfully the taste was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. My
fears nearly gone I resumed my licking and brought my mouth to her toes.
What the hell, I thought. I already kissed every other part of her body. I
brought one toe at a time into my mouth and sucked on them like I had sucked
on her fingers. I heard Lily gasp above me and realized that she must have a
foot fetish as well. After I put her third toe into my mouth Lily climaxed
quite unexpectedly. It was the hardest I had heard her orgasm. I think this
is the first time she realized how much she enjoyed having her feet played
with. She would definitely force me to do this again. Well this is one more
thing I can use to keep her coming back for more. Although admittedly I knew
I would dread this part of the sex. But anything to keep the lady coming
right? After finishing with the foot I licked back up her leg and repeated my
ministrations on her other leg. I still hesitated a bit before kissing her
foot but it was much less.

When I had finally gotten back to her midsection I was extremely relieved. My
mouth felt chapped from all the kissing and my tongue was feeling quite sore.
And I still had to eat her out! But at least this part I was ecstatic to do.
Her skin tasted exquisite but her juice was the best thing I had ever tasted.
I had only kissed her midsection through her skirt so I proceeded to finish
step two. I started on her delectable derriere. She had just enough fat on it
to make it round and bouncy. I had the strange urge to take a bite out of her
ass but I resisted. After working my way back to her front I finished licking
everywhere except where I really wanted to lick.

Lily's juices were dripping by now and she looked ready to burst. Even after
her earlier climax she was in desperate need of release. I brought one finger
to her leg and moved it up, capturing some of her juices on my fingers.

"MMMM! That is the best thing I have ever tasted. If you bottled this I would
spend my entire paycheck to taste this."

I smeared some more on my lips to stop them from being so dry and then I
finally brought my head down to the sweetest place on Earth. I thought
briefly about going slow but knew Lily was close to orgasm and I was
reminded of my ever-present erection throbbing inside my pants. Which I
had somehow forgotten to take off during my Lickapalooza. I dove my tongue
into Lily's sugary paradise and used every muscle my mouth had to bring her
to a swift release. Lily's loud moans reminded me once again how lucky I
am. That and the taste of Lily which is uniquely hers. A fact that infuriates
me because I would love to discover something that remotely tastes like her
but nothing else comes close. Remembering how she responded last time right
when Lily was coming down from her post-coital high I stuck my finger into
her asshole and was surprised at the looseness of it.

This brought Lily straight into another screaming orgasm. When she came back
to earth I asked her why she was so much looser then last time. Granted she
was still really tight but last time I could barely fit anything into her.
Now my finger slipped in without too much of a struggle. Lily blushed before

"Well I loved the feeling when you put your tongue and then your finger into
my asshole last time. So for the past week I have experimented with other
things going in there."

The image of Lily at home masturbating and putting things into her ass were
too much for me. I needed to fuck and I needed to fuck now.

"Would you like something much larger put into your asshole? I am sure I
could accommodate you."

Lily gleamed at me and nodded feverishly. I started undressing, loving the
look of lust in her eyes. When I finally took my boxers off and my rock hard
cock came out Lily gasped in shock.


I gave her some bullshit story about being sick last week and that I could
not get fully erect when I am sick and she bought it. Got to love naive

"I don't think I can fit it in there."

I knew from my experience with Miley that I could definitely fit my cock in
there. Miley was much tighter then Lily and Lily has an anal fetish. This
would be easy.

"Don't worry. I will start with your pussy while at the same time prepping
your asshole. You will be fine."

Lily seemed to accept that answer.

"So how should we do this?"

"Get on the floor on your knees. Here's a sweatshirt to put under your knees
so you don't burn them on the carpet."

Lily got into position and I pulled the lube back out of my desk. After
slathering my cock with enough lube and putting some on my fingers I got
behind Lily in position. Lily was propped up with her forearms on the carpet
and her head resting on the carpet. I think she was praying that it wouldn't
hurt too bad. I raised her skirt up so I could see her lovely body and I
could feel it. I slowly inserted myself into Lily's tight cavern. With my
precum, the lube, and Lily's juices I went in easily. After about half of my
dick went in I pulled back to her entrance and slowly reentered her. With one
hand holding her hips so I could keep a rhythm I brought my other hand to her
asshole and stuck a finger in. Judging by the intensity of Lily's moans she
was enjoying it so far. I gave a hard thrust into Lily's cunt and at the same
time forced another finger into her. Lily let out a mixture between a moan
and a scream. I took that to be a good sign and went back to a slow pace of
fucking her pussy and lubing her cunt. After a few minutes of this I entered
a third finger into her asshole. My door had a mirror on it and I looked up
to see a look of pure ecstasy on Lily's face. She was biting her lip to keep
from screaming.

I took my fingers out of her asshole and pulled out of her pussy. I looped my
arm around her and nestled my hand in her curls.

"This will only hurt for a while, and then it will be more pleasure then you
ever imagined."

Lily nodded at my words and I started pushing my dick inside her. At the same
time I fiddled with her clit so she would be distracted from the pain. After
three slow thrusts I made it as far as my fingers had reached. I knew that
whatever pain she had felt so far would exponentially intensify. To top it
all off the feeling of her tight asshole plus the knowledge that I had just
done this with her best friend was making me feel close to climax. I fought
through these feelings and proceeded to anal fuck her. I was picking up speed
now and the sounds Lily was making made it clear the pain had turned into
pure pleasure. I was going just a little bit deeper with each thrust. Plus my
fingers were still busy at work playing with her clit. Lily started moaning
loudly now. She buried her head into the floor to remain quiet. I wasn't sure
why she bothered. If anyone heard her when I sucked her feet they knew what
we were doing. After another 10 minutes I had buried my entire dick in her
and was mere seconds away from climax. I wanted to reach it at the same time
as her so I shoved two fingers inside her pussy while still flicking her clit
and leaned into her neck. I kissed that spot I discovered earlier and felt
her release. The tight anal passage wrapped around my cock, mixed with how
long I had been hard and sight of her face as I looked at her in the mirror
triggered my orgasm and I just let it loose right into her asshole.

I fell off her asshole exhausted. I couldn't have gotten hard if Miley and
Lily had 69'd right there in front of me.

"You weren't kidding. That was unlike anything I ever experienced before.
That was even better then when you sucked my toes."

"Thanks, always here to help. Speaking of which do you want to repeat this
performance sometime?"

Lily blushed, "Maybe. Just make sure you aren't sick."

We both got dressed and checked outside. There was no one in sight. We got
lucky and no one heard our fucking. Apparently both Miley and Katie had went
home. Lily whispered to me that she had left me a little present on my desk.
When I went to check it out I found her stained underwear there. Means I had
a memento to two great fucks. Wonder if I can think of a way to get them both
later on?

As I was contemplating this the janitor walked in.

I hid the panties as fast as I could and hoped he hadn't seen them. "Hey
Neil. What's going on?"

"Well apparently a lot of fucking! You didn't notice the video cameras we put
up last Sunday didya?"

The color drained from my face as I turned where he was pointing. Sure enough
there was a camera that had to have captured all of the action. "Is there
anything I can do to keep this between us?"

Neil scratched his chin. "Well I can think of one thing. I noticed both girls
left without underwear. Give me those and consider the matter forgotten."

"Both girls? I only have Lily's."

"Check the bed. You didn't bother to look very closely after you two had

I was a little disappointed to lose my mementos but it was a small price to
pay. I gathered both pairs of panties and handed them over. He then handed me
50 bucks.

"What's this for?"

"I was going to get a hooker tonight. But with the footage I have now I won't
need one for weeks. In reality I owe you more!"

That brought a smile to my face and I sent him off. Not before he told me I
was the lucking sumbitch to ever walk the Earth though. I sat back in my
chair and thought about the last week. Neil sure hit the nail on the head
there. I am damned lucky.



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