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Hannah Montana: Cheerleader Tryouts Part 4
by Dest

Well it had been two months since cheerleading tryouts and I had kept up my
"relationship" with both Lily and Miley without them finding out about the
other one. Because Lily was on the team we were able to get together a lot
more often without it looking suspicious. Miley was a rare treat that I got
to enjoy but it worked out extremely well. Miley had so much pent-up sexual
energy that when we finally got together for sex she was like a wild animal.
It was an incredible arrangement. I got to have regular sex with Lily and
hardcore raunchy occasional sex with Miley.

I had continued taking those sexual enhancement pills just so I could keep
up with the two of them. Their sexual appetites seemed insatiable. Not that
I am complaining at all. This is still the best thing that has ever happened
in my life. I never would have dreamed of this kind of thing happening to
me. I tried to pretend that it was just sex but I have to admit that I was
developing severe feelings for the girls. I was feeling like an asshole for
fucking one behind the other's back but I couldn't stop. It was like my
conscience was being overpowered by my dick. I was still a little afraid of
being caught and fired but both girls had gotten very good at alleviating my

Then one day I walked into my house and was shocked at what awaited me. Miley
and Lily were sitting on my couch with frowns etched into their faces.

`Shit, they finally found out. Wait, maybe not. Just play it cool.' "So what
brings you two here? Do you have a question about something?"

Miley seemed to get madder at that. "Yes, we have a question. How long did
you think you could keep fucking us both before we figured it out?" she
nearly yelled.

Well by now I was really scared. I thought they might find out but I had no
idea that they would be this mad. I thought Lily might be a little thrilled
since she had showed interest in Miley. "'t think it would be that
big a deal."

"Well we'll show you how big a deal it is." They then both stood up and
walked right up to me and got right in my face. And then they turned to each
other and shared a long hungry kiss.

`Well I obviously died and went to heaven.' ""
With that they finally broke their sexy kiss. Lily gave me her familiar
slutty smile. "Well when we found out we were a little mad but then we
started talking and certain...urges were brought out. We decided to use
this experience to indulge in some of these urges. And since you were the
one who brought out these urges we decided to wait until you could share
with us this experience.

`Yep, I am definitely dead. If I had known heaven was going to be like this
I would have killed myself a long time ago.' "You two are sure you're not
mad? Not at all?" Miley leaned in and tried to inhale my lower lip. After a
few seconds she pulled back and answered me. "Well we were very mad when we
found out, and there are still a few feelings of resentment. So the deal is,
we let you join in, but you have to be completely under our control." She
pointed to the couch where some handcuffs and straps were located. "I had no
idea you two could be so kinky. I like it. But how did you two find out
about me having sex with both of you?"

* * *

(Yesterday afternoon)

Lily and Miley are relaxing at Miley's house. They had started talking about
the upcoming prom. Miley seems a lot more enthusiastic then Lily. "I can't
wait! Remember our deal about losing our virginity at the prom. We have to
make sure to get suitable dates so we don't feel disgusted with ourselves the
rest of our lives."

"I can't take it anymore! I have to let you in on a little secret. I lost my
virginity a long time ago. In fact almost a year ago."

"Oh thank god. I didn't want you to know but I have been having incredible
sex for the last couple months. I was just trying to keep up appearances. I
am so glad I don't have to keep that in anymore."

Lily was shocked. She never would have dreamed innocent Miley would have any
sexual experience. Let alone multiple times. "Really? Who have you been
having sex with?" `Shit! I forgot I originally had sex with him to get Lily
that cheerleading spot. Well I hope she won't be too mad.' "Well I...sorta...
have been fucking the Mr. Fineberg, cheerleading coach." `Oh god I hope she
doesn't hate me.'

`The cheerleading coach? Wait, so he is fucking both of us?' "That's who I
have been having sex with too. What the hell! That bastard."

"WHAT! Wait, why did you have sex with him?"

"Ummm...Well I hate to tell you this but I knew I didn't have a shot at being
a cheerleader unless I did some "extra tryouts" so when I went into his
office I used my body to get the spot."

"NO! NO FUCKING WAY! After you told me how much being a cheerleader meant to
you I went into his office and used my body to get you the spot. And to think
you already had it. That bastard!"

"You lost your virginity to help me out? Miley, you are the best."

Lily leaned in and gave Miley a hug. Maybe it was the wonderful thing Miley
did for her. Maybe it was all the talk about sex. Maybe she finally just
couldn't hold back but Lily finally acted on her sexual impulses about Miley.
Lily moved her mouth to Miley's mouth and kissed her. After a few seconds
Lily backed up and covered her mouth with her hand. `OMG! I can't believe I
just did that. There goes the best friend I ever had!'

Miley was shocked that her best friend had feelings for her. But what shocked
her even more was how good the kiss felt. It was the best kiss of her life.
There was so much chemistry involved in that kiss that she stopped thinking
and just acted. "OMG Miley I am so sorry aboGSH" Miley grabbed Lily by the
neck with both hands and gave her a much more passionate kiss. After a few
seconds Lily seemed to wake up and she started kissing her back. She pushed
her tongue against Miley's lips which Miley quickly opened. Then the struggle
for dominance began. Neither one seemed willing to submit and their tongues
quickly tired with the effort both put into the kiss. Lily finally pinned
Miley's tongue down and to celebrate she brought her hands up to feel Miley's
breasts through her shirt.

That was when Miley broke the kiss. Lily worried she had came on to strong.
"Wait, wait. I have an idea on how to make this even better." Lily looked at
her questioningly until Miley filled her in on the plan. "Ooh, I can't wait.
We get to enjoy some hot lesbian sex and get some payback on that bastard.

"Don't speak about him that way. Without him we never would have realized our
feelings about each other."

They kissed once more but quickly broke it off knowing they wouldn't be able
to resist going further. Both girls then lay back in each other's arms and
just enjoyed the feel of the other girl.

* * *

(back to the house)

"It doesn't matter how we found out. Let's just enjoy each other's bodies
for now. Now strip naked and get in the bedroom so the fun can begin."

I had trouble remembering how to take off my clothes and ended up just
ripping my shirt in two to get it off. Both girls were smiling at me as they
grabbed the handcuffs and straps and followed me into the bedroom.

"We decided to wait until you could join us before having sex with each other
so we are feeling really horny. I hope you don't mind if we go first."

"Mind? No no no, don't mind at all. Just glad you two could get past your

I looked at them and waited for them to start. "Have you forgotten already?"

Miley twirled the handcuffs in her hands and I remembered the deal. "Oh yeah,
so where do you want me?"

"Get on the bed you dirty boy!"

With that kind of motivation I jumped right up there and got ready. My dick
had been hard since their kiss so I was really anxious to get to the sex.

Lily and both took a side and handcuffed my arms to the bed-posts. Then they
grabbed the straps and tied my legs to the posts at the end of the bed. "Umm,
if I'm taking up the entire bed where are you two going to have sex?"

"Why, right on top of you of course. Unless you have any objections?"

My tongue was halfway down my throat by now but I managed to choke out a no.

They smiled at each other and leaned in to give another long emotional kiss.
Both girls were extremely flushed when they finally broke it. Miley turned to
me and gave me a sultry smile. "So do you like what you see so far?"

"Uh-huh, uh-huh."

"Well good, then why don't we try something to make it even hotter?"

"That could be fun."

Lily pulled something out of her pocket and started walking over to me.
Whatever it was she kept it behind her back and I couldn't tell what it was.
When she finally got to me she leaned in and licked my neck. Then I jolted
when I felt Miley stroking my cock. "Do you like that? Does Miley stroking
you feel good? Are you ready to get involved?"

"Yeah! Yeah! Of course!"

Lily showed me what was in her hands and I nearly fainted. It was...a

"This is your punishment for corrupting two young innocent girls. We are
going to be giving the show of a lifetime. And you won't be able to see it.
If you don't complain too much we will still have sex on top of you though."

Well to say I was infuriated would be an understatement but I was trapped.
Better to at least be able to hear them and feel them then nothing at all.
Plus if I pissed them off too badly they could just leave me here for God
knows how long.

I tried to form mental pictures of what the girls were doing but it was
impossible. I distinctly heard a zipper opening and a bra unsnapping. I
could hear the sound of lips on skin but I had not idea where the kiss was
or who was kissing who.

"Oh Miley, suck on my tits! I have waited so long for this!"

`DAMN DAMN DAMN, best mental picture of my life and I know if I could see it
would be the most beautiful thing I ever saw. DAMN!'

* * *

(Third-person point of view)

After blindfolding Mr. Fineberg the two girls seemed reluctant to start. To
tell the truth they weren't too mad at Mr. Fineberg after realizing their
feelings for each other. In fact they were quite happy and wanted to thank
him. Plus having someone they had both already slept with would alleviate
some of the tension from having sex with each other after years of
friendship. But at the same time they didn't want him to get completely off
the hook, especially since he had been screwing them both for months and they
could have been having hot threesomes that whole time. So they definitely
felt he deserved some torture, but actually having sex on top of him was too
cruel. After a few seconds of waiting Lily suggested pretending for a while
and then letting him join in.

Miley unzipped her jeans and pulled them down her legs along with her
underwear. Lily took off her shirt and unsnapped her bra. Lily was about to
ask what next when she felt Miley's tongue on her left tit and Miley's hand
on her right. "Oh Miley, suck on my tits! I have waited so long for this!"

Lily sunk down onto the bed and used one hand to hold Miley to her tit and
the other to stroke her bare ass. One stroke went a little low and she felt
Miley's wetness soaking her hand. Miley had by now changed places so her hand
was on Lily's left tit and her mouth was lathering Lily's right. Using all of
the willpower Lily had she pulled Miley away from her tits and frenched her
for thirty seconds.

"If you keep this up it won't be pretending, I thought you wanted to include
him in this?" Lily whispered.

"I don't care about him, I have the idea of sex with you in my head and I
saw you looking so radiant I needed you. We can always include him later."

Lily knew if they kept going they would exhaust themselves and leave Mr.
Fineberg high and dry. "You're spending the night at my place, we can do
this then, right now we got a willing male that is going to explode from the
mental pictures we must be giving him."

Miley frowned but agreed to hold off.

That was when Lily realized that she had been lying on Mr. Fineberg's legs
this whole time. And when she saw his throbbing cock she realized that saying
he was about to explode was quite accurate. When Lily brushed his cock with
her hand he groaned and raised his pelvis, searching for the contact. Miley
walked to his face and took off the blindfold. "Have you learned your
lesson?" Miley asked.

Mr. Fineberg started nodding so fast he looked like a bobblehead.

Miley gave him a sensual kiss, "Good, then we have one question for you. You
look ready to cum, so who do you want to suck you off?"

* * *

(Mr. Fineberg's point of view)

Now that question threw me off, I knew it wouldn't take long for me to cum
with any type of stimulation. So a blowjob to finish me off was a good idea.
But this question seemed dangerous. What if I picked the wrong one? So I went
with the safe, and sexy, choice. "How about the both of you?"

When they looked at each other uneasily I got scared that I screwed up, but
the grins came back full force and they both climbed onto the bed, Lily
straddling my left leg and Miley straddling my right. Lily was the first to
bring her head in to lick the precum off. That right there almost got me and
I had to control myself so I could get the most out of this experience. Next
Miley brought her head down and started licking up and down my cock. When
she went back up Lily came down and took the head in her mouth. She swirled
the tongue around my dick and looked at me with her innocent expression that
somehow is the sluttiest thing I have ever seen. This time Miley took the
whole thing in her mouth and slowly bobbed her head a few times before
letting Lily have her turn. Lily took the opposite approach and did a lot of
fast bobs and that was when I felt Miley sucking on my balls and I exploded.
Lily's mouth was filled to the brim before she pulled off and let Miley taste
some of my semen. Lily pulled Miley into a kiss and it was the sexiest thing
I have ever seen. Two beautiful near naked teenage girls with my cum on their
faces making out near my cock. One last spurt of cum came out and landed on
Lily's chest.

Eventually they pulled away from the kiss and started licking my cum off
each other. When Lily was clean except for her chest she stopped Miley from
licking it off. She got on her hands and knees and crawled up my body and
presented her chest to me. "Come on, you know you want to."

I was hesitant to taste my own cum but at the same time intrigued. Plus I
was still horny as hell after that show and sucking on her tits would help
somewhat. I couldn't move much so Lily had to smother me with her chest, not
complaining in the least, for me to lick the cum off. While I was licking
the beautiful chest of one Lily Truscott, Miley was not inactive. She had
already gotten her shirt and bra off before I started licking. When I finally
got around to sucking on Lily's nipples Miley was already pulling off Lily's
skirt and thong. Lily basically collapsed onto me and squealed so I had a
good idea of what Miley was doing after undressing Lily. I felt something wet
drip onto my chest only a few seconds after Miley started eating out Lily.
Looks like Lily had gotten pretty worked up too, because I can't think of a
time when she came that fast.

Lily rolled off of me and started gasping. I could finally see Miley and the
wetness between her legs was quite obvious. I tried moving over to her but
forgot about being tied to the bed. "You girls can let me go now."

A smile came over Miley's face. I had never seen her smile like that. There
was competition for Lily's innocent look for the sluttiest thing I had ever
seen. "Now why would we let you go? We told you this time, we call the

I was annoyed that I had to stay tied down, but couldn't help but notice she
said this time. Meaning there will be repeat performances; this realization
had the unfortunate side effect of making my dick twitch which did not go
unnoticed by the sexy teens resting near me.

After a bit of giggling at my reaction the girls whispered while looking
over at me and I couldn't help feeling like a piece of meat. It actually felt
pretty good. All of a sudden they jumped into action and I was moaning at the
velvety feeling of Miley's tight hole surrounding me. Miley gasped as she
went down and paused, as if she was waiting for something. Then my view was
blocked by the lower half of Lily. It appears Lily wanted this to be special
because her hairs were shaved into a neat little triangle with the point
aiming towards her wet pussy. Miley started rising and falling on my dick and
I could hear slurping coming from Lily's other end and I realized what Miley
had been waiting for. The image of what used to be sweet innocent Miley
riding my dick while the never innocent Lily licked her clit was getting me
very excited.

Then I started feeling Lily's tongue on my cock as I moved in and out of
Miley and it was like sensation overload. I couldn't move but I felt like I
needed to do something. I moved my head as little as I could and my nose
brushed up against Lily and I could hear her moans. I hadn't realized I
would be able to pleasure Lily but the girls had given me just enough room.
I buried my head into her muff and couldn't believe how wet she was. Miley
started shrieking and I got the idea that Lily must have reacted to my
tongue and responded in kind. Miley was thrusting herself harder now and I
used what little movement I had to thrust up hard into Miley while nibbling
Lily's clit and pushing my nose as far as possible into Lily. I was always
made fun of for having a pointy nose but I thanked God for my honker now.

Suddenly my nose was saturated with Lily's juices and her moans mixed with
the sounds of flesh as Miley continued to bounce on me. Lily rolled off of me
and I finally could watch Miley wantonly bounce like a whore in heat while
she needed her small breasts with both hands. This sight pushed me over the
edge and I came hard into Miley, taking her over the edge with me. Miley
collapsed onto me, not even bothering to take my dick out of her, and passed
out. I couldn't believe how tired I was considering I was barely able to move
the whole time, but I followed her and Lily into sleep soon after.
_ _ _

Well one person has asked for lesbian sex, which would be the orgy I am
planning on doing, or planning on skipping, still haven't decided. I want at
least one more to ask for it before I try and write it. I will probably write
one more threesome because I wish I had put more into this but I wanted it
done by Christmas. Thanks to the one person who e-mailed me and asked me to
continue. That, alongwith me losing power and having nothing better to do
with my laptop battery, inspired me to finally finish this chapter. I started
and stopped writing this a few times, I hope it isn't noticeable but it
probably is. Thanks to everyone who has been reading this. I looked at my
hits and I am over 10000! That is insane. And thanks to everyone who has
reviewed, although I wish there were more of you. Hearing that people like
my story is what makes me write. I hated leaving this unfinished since I
knew there were people that wanted this. Sure it is 8 months behind schedule,
but...well...I got it done eventually.


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