Hannah Montana: Cum With Me If You Want To Live Part 1 (Mf,Ff)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Miley Stewart was feeling absolutely horrible. She was hot and sweaty and her
vision was blurred. Her father became worried when she said she was going to
have to cancel the Hannah Montana concert.

"I think their might deffinately be something very wrong with you little
bud." He said as he put is hand on her head. "Better get you to the

"Ok daaaa..." Miley fainted.

"OH NO! What's wrong with her dad?" Jackson asked.

"I don't know son. We need to get her to the hospital and quick."

Robbie Stewart had to pick his daughter up in his arms and carry her to the
car. He drove her down the street very quickly and checked her in. She was
quickly taken to a doctor who recommended a specialist whom she was taken to
in haste.

"I've seen this before. It's something new that's going around." said the
first Doctor. "Only doctor Sapen has had any success with this at all."

In Dr. Spaen's examination room Miley Stewart lay on the table weak and

"Nurse if you please remove her gown." Ordered the doctor. The Nurse did as
she was told and exposed the young girl's pussy to the doctor. The Doctor
placed a hand on her cunt and felt it gently. Miley would have protested but
she was totally out of it. "Just as I feared. It's over heating! I'm going
to have to take some drastic action to save her life or she is a goner."

"Hurry Doctor!" The nurse pleaded.

The doctor unzipped his pants and whipped out his cock. He spread Miley's
legs apart and thrust his manhood deeply into her, splitting right through
her virginity and deep into her depths. He pulled out and then thrust back
in. The girl was completely unconscious at this point. Her head was bobbing
with each stroke ut she seemed to be in a coma. She was moist and tight and
her cunt was buring. Miley was by far the tightest and sweetest pussy he'd
ever fucked in his life. The Doctor pushed that though out of his head. He
was fucking her to heal her not for his own pleasure. Dammit. OK maybe a
little for his own pleasure he admitted to himself as he drove his cock into
the unresponsive girl.

"Live dammit, LIVE DAMM YOU TO HELL!!!" he said as he rammed his meat into
the girl over and over.

The nurse stood watching the scene looked on hopeful that the doctor could
save the girl. The doctor was slamming into her like a charging Rhino when
suddenly she started to moan.

"Unnnnhh yes, oh yeah that feels good. Ohhhh yaaah." Miley moaned as she
began to reveive. "Ohhh yeeeessss I'm cuuuuuuuuuuming!!!!"

The girls vitals stabalized as she finally felt the release of her orgasm.
A few strokes later he emptied his cum into her previously virgin pussy.
Her eyes which had opened only briefly closed again and she began to rest

"Didn't think she'd make it for a minute." Said the doctor as he zipped his
pants back up.

"I knew that you'd save her doctor." Said the nurse.

"Thank you. Can you do me a favor and eat her out while I speak with her
father?" Asked the doctor.

"Of course doctor." Replied the Nurse.

The woman bent down and first began licking the the cum from the girl's fresh
young pussy and then moved on to exploring her sweet velvety depths with her
tongue. Miley stirred sightly and bit her lower lips as the doctor began to
tongue fuck her. Miley didn't know what was going on or where she was. All
she did know was that she felt intense pleasure.

"Mmmm yes." She moaned.

The nurse lovingly rolled her tongue around inside the girls and reached up
with one hand to rub and pinch Miley's Nipple.

"Ohhhhh who are you, what are you doing to me?" She asked.

"Do you want me to stop?" Asked the nurse as she lifted her head.

"No please don't." Miley begged.

The nurse smiled at her the stuck to fingers in the girl's pussy and fucked
them in and out of her at a rapid pace. Soon Miley was cumming again and well
on her way to a full recovery.

Outside the Doctor approached Robbie Stewart.

"How is she? Is she OK?" Asked Miley's father.

"She's fine I have stabalized her and she is out of danger for now. The nurse
is with her giving her some treatment." Said the doctor.

"Mr. Stewart I'm afraid that your daughter has Nymphoimparititis." The doctor

"No, not that, not at her age, not Nymphomaniacs disease!" Robbie said in

"Afraid so. Mr. Stewart I must inform you now that if Miley doesn't cum at
least 5-6 times a day she will slip into a coma and die. 5-6 times a day is
the minimum. I'd rather see like 7-8. And masterbation isn't going to cut it.
She needs to be fucked by an outside source." Said the doctor.

"Doc, what the hell am I supposed to do?" Robbie asked.

"Well you have plenty of options. Make sure she gets a couple of horny
boyfriends. Three or so. Hookers will do. They have a special service that
trains dogs and helper monkeys for this sort of thing." Said th Doctor.

"OH MY GOD!!! Are you some kind of quack?" Robbie demanded.

"Sir I'll have you know I have degrees from the finest colleges in all of
Central Honduras." The Doctor said testily. "You may as well accept the fact
that if things get real bad you may just have to help her with her problem

Robbie Stewart fainted.

"DAD!!!" Cried Jackson as he ran to his father's side.

"Well it's a good thing that we are in a hospital." Said the doctor as he
looked at the unconscious man.

To be continued...


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