Author's Note: When she is in costume I'll call her Hannah. When she's out of
costume I'll call her Miley. This is for both the writer and readers benefit
I think.

Hannah Montana: Cum With Me If You Want To Live Part 2
(Ff,prost,humor,light bond)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Miley was feeling that burning at the core of her being that marked the onset
of her Nymphomania kicking in. At the hospital her father and the doctor had
explained things to her. She had actually partially figured it out because
the nurse had eaten her out a couple times, but regardless it was shocking to
hear that she had to have sex, and regularly, or she would die. This was
fairly disconcerting. But it was more so to learn that the doctor had taken
her virginity, apparently in an effort to save her life. Her father had been
horrified and her brother shocked. Now she was supposed to have sex at the
minimum 5 times a day!!! She had spent the day with the doctor and nurse
recieving several 'treatments'. But after a full day of sex she had to go do
her re-scheduled concert. She was in the limo with her father after that
Hannah Montana concert when the insatiable need to cum suddenly overtook her.

"Dad, I really don't feel good." Hannah said.

"What's wrong honey?" Asked her father in alarm.

"Dad it's the nymphomania, I'm hornier than Michael Jackson at a boyscout
meeting," Hannah explained.

"Bud, for the sake of my sanity could you come up with some kind of code for
that?" asked her poor stressed out father.

"Fine. Dad, it's Animal Planet during sweeps week in my pants, better?" asked
the annoyed girl.

"Not really." He said. "OK I don't want you getting do you
err.. would you mind a girl."

"Boy, girl, monkey in a clown suit, I'M NOT FEELING PICKY OVER HERE!"
screamed Hannah.

"OK, Ok." Robbie said. He looked out the limo's window soon his eyes focused
upon the prostitutes plying their trade on the side of the road. "Driver pull
over to the side."

There were three women standing there. One was pretty and around 25. The
other two were older and missing teeth. Robbie only wanted the best for his
daughter. He pointed at the pretty one as he opened the door. She walked
over. She was short with long brown hair, leather shorts, fishnets, black
leather boots and a pink to that was struggling to contain her huge fake

"Hey there." She said. "Your pretty hot."

"Uhh it's not for me it's for my daughter." Said Robbie.

"Look I don't know what kind of sicko looks to get a hooker for his daughter
but I'm not really into girls." Said the hooker.

"Three grand." Said Robbie.

"But I can fake it. Name's Arian."

Arian got into the Limo and got a look at Hannah.

"Holy shit! You're Hannah Montana." Arian exclaimed.

Hannah was a little pre-occupied with staring at Arian's chest.

"What's wrong with her, she don't look so good." Said Arian.

"Her nymphomania is kicking in." Robbie said.

"Bummer. So are we going to do this here right now?" Arian asked.

"Sure!" Said Hannah quickly.

"No way. I'm definately not going to watch. I'll take you to a hotel." Robbie

"Please hurry." Squeaked Hannah.


Arian walked into the hotel room with Hannah in tow.

"Look I know that you're young, so if you want to take it slow...." Arian was
cut off when Hannah tackled her her onto the bed.

"PLEASE FUCK ME HURRY!!!!" Cried Hannah.

Hannah gripped Arian's tits like giant milk-filled ballons squeezed as she
frantically humped Arian's thigh.

"Holy shit kid! Calm down!" Said the surprized Arian.

"Shut up and fuck me, fuck me hard and fuck me NOW!!!" Hannah cried.

In an effort to hold her back Arian grabbed Hannahs hair. Arian was a little
surprized when she realized that she was holding a wig.

"Holy shit." She said in shock. Hannah pushed her face onto Arian's and began
to kiss her. Arian tossed aside the wig then broke thir kiss. "Wait Hannah
let me do this right."

Arian got up and helped take off Hannah's shoes. She then unzipped Hannah's
pants and pulled them off of her. Arian went to her bag and retrieved a
strap-on dildo. Hannah was boucing up and down on the bed like an excited
kid on Christmas. Arian held it up to Hannah when she finished strapping it

"Moisten it up baby." Arian said.

Hannah was getting impatient to cum but she saw the immediate need to do
thing's Arian's way. She opened her mouth and wrapped her pretty lips around
the rubber shaft. She started sucking it like a real cock. Once it was nice
and moist she pulled it out and Hannah lay on her back with her butt near the
edge of the bed. Arian grabbed the girls shapely legs and spread them wide
open. She pushed the dildo into Hannah's cunt slowly at first, slidinging it
in halfway.

"Please, PLEASE fuck me. I need to cum PLEASE!" She begged pathetically.

Arian quickly rammed the rest of it into her then pulled back to slam into
her. Arian's big tits were bouncing up and down like crazy and Hannah was
hollaring at the top of her lungs with every stroke.

"YES, YES FUCK ME, FUCK ME!" She screamed.

Finally the girl began to cum and Arian's pace slowed until Hannah was spent.
Arian removed the strap on and then laid down next to Hannah. She handed
Miley the dildo and she sucked it like a baby with a pacifier while at the
same time Hannah took the opportunity to knead Arian's sexy tits.

"I want to see them." Hannah said.

Arian took off her top and then removed her black bra. Hannah began to
joyfully suck on Arian's nipple. Hannah unzipped Arian's shorts and stuck her
hand in the women's wet, juicey cunt. She began to finger Arian while she
lovingly sucked her breasts.


Hannah was herself again when she got back in the Limo and she was wearing a
huge smile. Arian followed her, looking a bit tired.

"Dad Arian is so awesome, I want to keep her." Hannah said excitedly.

"Keep me? I'm not a stray dog she can have as a pet." Arian said.

"One hundred grand a year." Robbie said.

"OK then she can call me Fido for all I care but I want weekends off and two
weeks vacation." Arian counter offered.

"You can have one week's vacation and Wednsdays off." Robbie said.

"Deal." Arian said.

"Congradulations Miley you have a Fuck Puppy." Robbie said.

"WOOO-HOOO!!!" Miley hollared.

"Who's Miley?" Arian asked.

"Dad..." Miley whispered into her fathers ear. Arian couldn't hear what she
was saying.

"Sure." Said Robbie "Allright Miley wants to make this official."

"Who the fuck is Miley?"


The Limo stopped in front of a pet store and Robbie went in. A little while
later he came out. He handed a bag to Arian. Inside was a collar. The collar
had a tag that read 'Arian' on one side and 'property of Miley' on the other.


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