Hannah Montana: Cum With Me If You Want To Live Part 3 (ff)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Miley woke up with a smile. She felt pleasure in her pussy as her fuck-pet
Arian gave her morning pussy licking. Arian tongue-fucked Miley until the
girl's eyes fluttered and opened.

"Mmm, yes oh yeah. Keep going..." Moaned Miley as she ran her fingers through
Arian's hair.

After a few minutes of having her pussy eaten Miley was cumming in Arian's

"Hooey, sweet nibblets that was good, thanks Arian. Uh-oh I can't be late for
school." Miley said as she hopped up and out of bed.

Arian laid down and went back to bed. She needed the sleep. Being Hannah
Montana's personal hooker was hard work. The girl's sexual appetite was
insatiable. Miley quickly got dressed and went to the kitchen so she could
snag a poptart before going to school.

"Good morning nympho." Jackson said.

"Your just mad because you don't have your own private hooker and because the
only hot nympho you know is your sister." Miley countered.

Jackson had no come back. Miley was right. He'd been stewing about it since
Arian came to live with them. He kept Stewing as Miley left the house and
went to school. He started thinking. His sister had a pretty hot bod. He
began to stroke his cock as he imagined how he could take advantage of her

It was Miley's first day of school since contracting Nymphomania. Her father
had been very concerned and had suggested she go to a special school but
Miley had begged pleaded and eventually gotten her way. But now that she was
returning to class she was nervous. If her nymphomania kicked in she'd have
to cum as soon as she could or she could die. First period went fine. Second
period she realized that she was fantasizing sexually about her history
teacher Mr. Benjermanson. This bothered her because he was a man who wasn't
just teaching them about the civil war, he also participated in it. Third
period was rough, really rough. She found herself wanting to fuck every
person in her class, the teacher, than janitor and the lab snake. By
lunchtime she wasn't doing very well. She sat down at the table with her
friend Lily.

"Hey Miley, you've been away fro a long time. Hey did you see blah, blah,
blah, blah...." Miley wasn't paying attention to Lilly's words.

She was more concerned with Lily's carrots and celery. Which in Miley's mind
were just phallic symbols. She licked her lips when she saw her friend dip
her carrot in creamy dressing then suck it off. This was driving poor Miley
wild with lust. Miley was getting so damm horney that she couldn't see
straight. Miley just grabbed Lilly's wrist and dragged her to the girl's
bathroom at top speed.

"Lilly, I have something to tell you." Miley said.

"What is it?" Asked Lilly.

"Lilly, I have nymphomaniacs disease." said Miley.

"What?" Lilly demanded.

"Sometimes I just HAVE to cum and if I don't I start to get sick. And then
if I don't cum in time could die." said Miley.

"That's terrible." Lilly said.

"Yes it is and that is why I need you to finger me right now." Miley said.

"What?" Lilly demanded with a shocked look on her face.

"Please Lilly, please I'm dying here." Miley dropped to her knees and begged.

"We.. I... but we're both girls." Lilly protested.

"I don't care I have to cum, please don't let me die please PLEASE make me
cum." Begged Miley desperately.

"OK OK I'll finger you." said Lilly.

"Oh god thank you Lilly." Said Miley.

"Ok, Ok, Ok let me lock the door so that nobody walks in on us." said Lilly.
After locking the bathroom door she turned around to face her friend.

To her surprise Miley had already reached under her skirt and removed her
panties. Lilly smiled nervously. She got behind Miley and placed her hand on
Miley's pussy.

"Mmm yeah, fuck my pussy, Lilly. Do me, please do me now...yes." moaned

"Ok, ok relax will you?" Lilly said.

Miley whimpered as her friend's index finger stroked her raging cunt. Lilly
pushed it in and began to pump it in and out. Miley let out a deep sigh and
leaned back against the blonde.

"Deeper, harder." Demanded Miley urgently.

Lilly pushed in two fingers this time and began to finger faster and with
more force.

"Oh yeah Lilly, yes, yes harder faster I need you to fuck the shit out of
me." Miley said.

A third finger was added and Lilly was working her friend's pussy as hard as
she possibly could.

"YES, YES I'm going to cum YES!!!!" Cried Miley.

Miley jerked in her friend's arms and spewed girl-cum all over Lilly's

"Ewww, gross!" said Lilly.

"Sorry let me get that for you." said Miley.

She took Lilly's fingers and sucked them clean. At this point Lilly was a
little turned on and sort of freaked out by the fact she was turned on.

"Uhhh, let's go Miley lunch is almost over." Lilly said.

She unlocked the door and standing in the hall were about twenty very angry
girls who were trying really hard to hold it. As soon as the door opened
Lilly and Miley were unceremoniously knocked to the ground be a swarm of
girls rushing to get to the stalls first.


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