This story is fantasy, not reality. It is a work of fiction containing characters from a television show. It is not endorsed by anyone involved with the show and is not meant to represent the real lives of the actors who play the characters here. It is just fantasy.

If you are under the age of 18, are offended by details of explicit sex or faint-hearted then please stop reading now.

Codes: f-best, M-mast, oral, voy

Features: Hannah Montana, age 15 (played by Miley Cyrus), Robbie Stewart, age 45 (played by Billy Ray Cyrus)

Hannah Montana: Hannah Moantana - Best Of All Worlds Part 1 - Good Doggie
by Clare Clitty

Miley Stewart thought it would be a beautiful day to give her new dog, Jinx, his first bath in his new home. She'd been pestering her father for a dog for months but Robby didn't want to potty train a new puppy, so he'd put it off. When one of his business associates said that he had a young Giant Schnauzer that needed a home, Robby showed his daughter a picture and she instantly wanted it. The dog's original owner was moving out of state unexpectedly and had to give the dog up. It was 18 months old and well-trained, but needed a home quick. And so Jinx, a large Giant Schnauzer entered the Stewart home only a few days before.

Robby had headed out for a long day of business meetings and errands earlier that morning, leaving Miley with the run of the house. He was in such a hurry he nearly forgot his day planner, which Miley had run out to his truck as he pulled out of the driveway. She had just finished her short list of chores for the day and was setting up to give Jinx his bath on the back yard patio. A large tub of soapy water, some sponges, a couple large towels (one for Jinx and one for her sunbathing, which would commence after the doggy bath). Miley quickly changed into her favorite sun tanning bikini, a small pink string-tied number that was easy to adjust for tanlines. It was really a fairly tiny bikini, one that her father would never let her wear outside their private back yard.

Miley liked her tiny bikini. It just barely covered her ass and she had to keep her triangle of pubic hair fairly small to accomodate it (bending over in it would easily reveal the crack of Miley's cute ass). Miley's pokey nipples were evident through the material and it made her feel naughty to be dressed in such a sexy outfit. Miley liked being a little bad and feeling sexy. Miley was tired of always being the good girl, of always trying to be sweet and responsible. She wanted to be more grown up, act more like the rebelluous pop star her music career required. She didn't want to be the role model adults preferred.

Miley began washing Jinx again, soaping him up all over, then rinsing him off here and there with the large sponge full of water. First his head, shoulders, and back, then his sides and legs. Finally she got to his belly before realizing that to get him completely clean, she was going to need to clean his doggy dick too.

It didn't bother her so much as made her think back to the night last winter when Lilly was staying overnight and the two played a game with the computer late that evening, searching for various subjects to gross out the other with. Lilly upped the ante by finding a picture of a bald, fat old man fucking a young girl (an image that secretly reminded Miley of her first time on the casting couch at age 13). Miley's response was to find a picture of a woman being fucked by a dog. The game ended there with Lilly admitting she couldn't beat that and even if she did, the game was getting too gross, but Miley was both disturbed and intrigued by the photos she found. She hadn't thought about it much since, but that dog she saw that night had a huge cock and the blonde that was sucking and fucking it seemed very happy.

Just thinking about it made Miley feel a little flushed and she noticed a stirring in her young pussy that was normally reserved for hot boys and sexy men. It was naughty, dirty, and even unnatural to consider, but suddenly she wondered what it would be like to be fucked by a dog? At the very least, she could let him lick her and she could "play" with him.

And why not play with the dog? He wouldn't tell and no one else would have to know. It seemed like all the other pop stars experimented with sex and did crazy stuff. Miley thought it was sorta sexy and adult to be so naughty and dirty. Lilly and the other kids at school would never think to do anything this nasty...they were just kids. Miley, on the other hand, knew she was a woman. Celebrities do what they want, when they want, and they don't care what people think, Miley thought.

As Miley got back to the moment, she realized she had been stroking and rubbing Jinx's belly and hind quarters for a while now and the dog was happily letting her. Jinx was panting and his tongue happily lolled out of his snout. Miley washed her hands and soaped them up again, then carefully and slowly ran her hands along the dog's stomach back to his sheathed penis, which was already growing hard and erect! Wow, Miley thought, his doggy dick must be huge. The sheath alone was over an inch thick and about 4 inches long from stub to base. This was one well-endowed puppy.

The large puppy whined as she began to carefully rub his cock. Miley soothed him, "It's OK, boy, we're going to have some fun. Good boy! You like when I touch you here, don't you, boy?"

Miley was nervous, turned on, and anxious all at the same time. As the afternoon sun shined down on her, she could felt herself perspiring a bit with anticipation and excitement. Her pussy was beginning to get hot and wet, the tickle of girlish erotic excitement beginning to swell in her. She felt Jinx's large cock begin to slide forward from the sheath as she rubbed it, his full-length soon exposed. She knelt down and noticed the dog cock was shaped different from a man's, its color a deep, dark red with the head ending in a flat tip like a large italian sausage. It must have been a good 6 inches in length and over an inch thick, bent slightly but otherwise mostly straight. Miley noted how obscene it looked as some pre-cum formed at the tip. The dog hadn't been fixed yet and his testicles were a large lump at the base, veiny and swelling with cum.

She quickly rinsed off the remaining soap from his back and sides, then walked him out of the tub and over to the towel. Jinx shook himself dry as she stood nearby, then whined and turned his head toward her crotch. Still whining, he nosed her swelling clit through her bikini bottoms and licked her between the legs a few times. Miley felt a shock of pleasure run through her entire body as the dog's rough tongue found her womanhood. Only moderately protected by the thin fabric of her bikini, it was incredible. "Oh sweet nibblets, Jinx, that's a GOOD boy!" Obviously Jinx had the same thing in mind as Miley.

Miley pushed the dog's nose back from her crotch a moment and then grabbed the beach towel she was going to suntan on later and stretched it out on a nearby lounge chair. She quickly pulled the string ties on her bikini bottom and removed the small flaps of material, and then laid down with her small dimpled ass on the end of the lounge chair, her legs spread out as she angled herself up on her elbows. "OK, boy, come here Jinx!"

The dog wasted no time, sniffing her well-groomed thatch of brown public hair before lapping at her wet crotch. Miley nearly fainted from the headrush of intense pleasure that erupted in her pussy and shot through her brain. She had cum before while masturbating and gotten worked up looking at boys and men before, but she had never felt anything like this. Her teen body was being lit up with sexual shock waves of pleasure and she was quickly coasting to an orgasm, her first from cunnilingus. Her carefully manicured crotch was perfectly suited to Jinx's tongue. Miley made sure to regularly attend to her bikini line, shaving her snatch clean of offending hair save the small triangle above her maidenhood, leaving only the pink goodness of her soft, smooth teenage sex. This triangle pointed suggestively to Miley's vulva, which was hairless but shrouded in the full, puffy lips of her pronounced labia.

Miley began to buck her hips back and forth slightly, her moans growing. "Yes, oh good boy, Jinxy, good boy...oh, so fucking good." Miley didn't normally swear but this moment was so nasty, so lewd and naughty, that the words just came out of her. Hearing herself talk dirty increased her own excitement.

She began to moan and slide her hips forward while her knees went limp and fell outwards, offering Jinx greater access to her pretty little pussy. The large puppy greedily lapped at his reward, showering her puffy lips with an ever faster burst of rough licking. Miley dropped flat on her back, her eyes closed and mouth hanging open in ecstasy as she reached down with both hands to fully expose her clitoris to Jinx's rough tongue. Miley's pussy was adorned with two full, pouty lips that she pulled back offering Jinx easier access to her cunt.

Miley wanted to connect her pussy to this dog's tongue, to feel this incredible sensation last forever. Never had she felt pleasure like this before and she didn't want it to end.

"Oh Jinx, good boy, uh uh oh uh oh shit, lick my pussy, boy, lick it," she slurred under her breath.

The dog was salivating on Miley, the lounge chair, and the patio, his cock swelling with cum as he lapped at the juices flowing from her pungent slit. His hot breath shot down from his nostrils onto her clitty as he tongued her soft pussy, further enraging her passion and ecstasy.

* * *

Only moments before all this, Robby Stewart exited a taxi in front of the Stewart home. His car had broken down that morning on the way to the business lunch he had planned and by the time AAA arrived, he had already cancelled all his errands for the remainder of the day. He had a lot he was intending to do and didn't expect to be home so early. What a waste of a day he thought.

He came inside the house and noticed it was quiet. Miley must be out back sunbathing or taking a nap. No need to wake her, he thought. She had a long day yesterday of recording, rehearsals, and entertaining those industry folks. I don't know how she does it, he thought to himself. As Robby walked through the house, he thought he heard what sounded like noise coming from the back yard. It sounded weird though, not like conversation, TV, or the radio. As Robby looked out the kitchen window on the patio, he was shocked by what he saw. There was fifteen year-old Miley, half naked and in obvious sexual pleasure on the edge of his lounge chair, while their Giant Schnauzer Jinx was licking her exposed teen pussy. Robby was shocked by the sight, but even more shocked when he felt his cock immediately stiffen and his pulse raise. He ducked down a bit, just peeking out the window. Neither Jinx nor Miley had heard him or noticed him. He didn't know what to do, but as he subconsciously reached down to rub his hardening cock through his jeans, he decided not to interrupt them. Better to see what was happening.

Robby didn't really think of Miley in a sexual way, but he'd definitely noticed that she was sprouting into a beautiful young woman and he was happy to let her wander around the house in whatever skimpy, revealing outfit she or her friends chose. Robby had to excuse himself a few times when Miley and Lilly were sunbathing in the backyard for fear one of them might notice his erection in his shorts. Robby was well-endowed and attractive but was rarely getting much sex these days. As a busy single father and business manager, his typical sexual outlet was late at night, alone on the internet, imagining the models were more grown-up versions of Miley's friends, Lilly especially. Now here was his beloved little girl, being eaten out on the back porch by the family pooch. It was safe to say this was the last thing Robby expected to come home to and he was realizing it was a pleasant discovery.

I can't believe what I'm seeing, thought Robby. I had no idea that this is why she wanted a dog so bad. Damn it if she isn't quite the little slut though. That dog must be the happiest puppy in the entire state right now!

Miley was still slowly rocking her hips to Jinx's licking. The fingers of her left hand were pulling back the hood of her fleshy vulva, revealing her clit to Jinx's tongue (she was also softly needling her clitty with one finger). Her eyes remained closed, her mouth agape, alternately gasping "Oh my god," and "lick my pussy, Jinxy," amidst a stream of grunts and soft, short moans.

Miley's inexperienced pussy was now a sopping wet combination of her own juices, sweat, and Jinx's saliva. Waves of pleasure rolled over her as she felt herself climbing to an amazing climax. She had to pull back from Jinx's tongue a few times to prolong her pleasure, not wanting this magical moment to end too soon.

Robby suddenly had an idea and quickly but quietly made his way to the den where he retrieved his HD camcorder. It wasn't likely he'd get this chance again, so why not make the memory last? He crept back to the kitchen, quietly positioning the small camcorder on the counter via a mini-pod and began recording. He had a nice side-angle view, allowing him to zoom in and frame the action nicely, focusing on his daughter's half-nude body and the dog's head between her legs. Then Robby unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his engorged cock, stroking it as his daughter approached her orgasm outside.

Robby watched as Miley tilted her head back on the lounge chair. She was no longer rocking her hips to Jinx's licking but pushing them forward, her butt sliding off the end of the chair. Her knees now raised up, her leg muscles tightening as she pushed her pelvis up to meet the dog's devouring tongue. Now she had both hands at her clitty, furiously frigging it as her climax grew. Miley gasped loudly, her mouth open and her eyes tightly closed shut. A whimper escaped her lips and suddenly her hips began to buck up and down as she came. Her breath halted for a few seconds, then Miley let out a long, high series of yelps followed by a long, slow moan, as Miley's grimace relaxed into happy orgasmic release. Jinx kept lapping at Miley's sweet flowing juices as her fingers stopped moving, her body relaxing into a slumped heap on the lounger.

Miley pushed Jinx away as she realized her pussy lips and crotch were a tad bit sore from all the attention. Inside, Robby breathed a sigh, his hard cock still in his hand. Dammit, he thought, I got home too late for the show and she's going to leave me in here with blue balls. He slumped down a bit in the dimly-lit kitchen, not wanting to be noticed from outside. He need not have worried though because the angle of the bright afternoon sun on the window would have made it difficult if not impossible for Miley to see him or the camera inside.

"Here boy," Miley said. Jinx came up beside her on the lounger and she hugged him. "Good boy, Jinx, good boy. Oh I love you so much. I think you're going to be spending the night in my room a lot." She stroked his side and petted his face as she nuzzled the dog. Jinx was panting and whined at her. "What's wrong, boy?" As she pulled back from him to look in his eyes, she could see him looking back with longing and desperation. "Oh, I'm sorry, boy. Did Miley go and leave poor Jinxy all excited?" She coaxed the dog forward and leaned down a bit, reaching up under his hind quarters to see his erect and swollen cock still fully exposed and wanting release. "Oh, I'm so sorry boy," Miley said as she patted the dog. "Come here, boy. We'll take care of that."

Oh my god, thought Robby as he stroked his cock harder in anticipation, what is Miley going to do now?!

Miley led the dog over to the other towel she had used to dry him off before and made him lay down. Then she knelt down on her knees next to the dog and got him to roll over on his back, rubbing his tummy as he exposed his still-hard doggy cock and balls to her smiling face. "Good boy, Jinx. Let me help you out, you naughty doggy!" Miley ran her hand down his furry stomach, reached his cock and gently wrapped her fingers around the base, giving it small strokes up and down. Jinx looked up her, his head wagging, tongue lolling from his snout, and legs kicking slighty as he whined his approval.

"Here goes," Miley quietly said to herself as she licked her lips and filled her mouth with saliva. Then she leaned over the dog and sheepishly licked his stiff cock with her tongue. The flavor was weird, but because of the bath, not horrible. Aiming Jinx's fat member up with her hand, she took the tip into her mouth. Jinx instinctively lurched his butt up at the sensation and suddenly, Miley had a mouth full of hot, throbbing dog cock. She began to bob her head up and down, coating his throbbing rod with as much saliva as possible. Jinx's cock was quickly glistening and rock hard, his balls swelling with excitement.

Robby couldn't believe what he was seeing. Had his daughter given head before and had she done it with dogs before? His head was swimming with shock and awe at the sight before him. Luckily, Miley and Jinx were positioned in such a way that Robby and his camcorder had a great view of the action. He readjusted the zoom and got a decent shot of Miley giving her dog some great head. As Robby watched, Jinx's right hind leg suddenly began spasming in rapid jerking motion up and down. Holy shit, thought Robby, that lucky dog is going to bust his nut in her mouth!

Jinx's whining increased as Miley continued sucking his throbbing hot cock. It began to swell in her mouth and she was shocked at the size it was expanding to. Jinx's knot was growing, normally intended to lock his seed into his bitch, but causing him to literally swell out of his mistress' mouth. The sensations causing this reaction weren't the same as actual sex, so Jinx's swelling was minimal but still too much for Miley's small mouth to hold. She was having a hard time grasping Jinx's cock and she couldn't comfortably keep his girth in her mouth. She slipped her head back, so that the last half inch of Jinx's enormous member was between her lips and swirled her tongue around the head. Pumping him with her fist and using her free hand to massage his balls, Miley continued to work over the dog's knot. Suddenly, she felt Jinx jerk and his cock thrust forward into her mouth as he shot his hot cum into her throat.

Ewww gross, thought Miley as she pulled back from Jinx's spurting cock. She nearly gagged on the hot cum, some of which managed to slip down her throat, the rest dribbled out of her mouth. She was already a wet mess of milky cum and spit, as Jinx's last spurts had landed on her lips, nose, cheek, and chin. Miley let go of him to wipe off her face. Looking down, she noticed a couple large sploches of dog cum on her top. Oh well, she thought, no need to keep wearing this. She pulled the draw string of the stained bikini top and off it fell, revealing her bare breasts to the dog (and unwittingly, to her father).

Robby was still stroking his cock inside watching this whole spectacle. As Jinx came in and on his daughter, Robby came all over the kitchen counter and cupboards. Oh man, he thought, that was amazing. He giggled at the sight of his poor daughter, covered in cum and leaning over her four-legged lover. He took a moment to appreciate her size 33 c-cup breasts though, decent handfuls of firm flashed capped by small light pink nickel-sized areolas and small, pert nipples that poked out stiffly.

Miley sat up from her crouch over Jinx and turned back towards the lounger, still on her knees. She then leaned forward onto her hands trying to reach her beach towel on the lounger. Before she could even think, Jinx was up like a shot and mounting her from behind. Now on all fours, leaning forward with her naked ass in the air, she made an easy target for her canine lover. He stepped right over her, getting his large, muscular torso above her back and his snout near her ears.

The sudden proximity of Jinx's snout at her ears caused Miley to arch her back up, which placed her still-wet pussy at an inviting angle to Jinx's still-throbbing cock. Miley was shocked to feel this hot intruder suddenly pushing against her cunt lips, Jinx's full weight and strength behind it. The dog wasn't much bigger than Miley, but in this position she was at a complete disadvantage. Jinx was straddling her tight, gripping her sides with his front legs.

Caught unexpectedly off guard, Miley tried to move and push Jinx off her but the dog simply pressed her back down and began to growl in her ear. Miley was frightened. She hadn't initiated this and she wasn't sure she was ready to let the dog fuck her, but her opinion didn't matter now. She may have sucked him off, but Jinx still wanted to take her and he was going to have his prize; he wanted to mate his bitch.

Robby's jaw dropped once again at the sight of the family dog mounting Miley and obviously, about to aggressively fuck her. He wondered if Miley had already gone all the way and if she had, with whom? The question quickly left his mind as he once again adjusted the camera for the perfect view. It was still recording and he realized that if Miley's singing career unexpectedly ended, he could probably still retire comfortably from a video like this. A beautiful nubile fifteen year old American teenager, first being eaten out by her dog, then sucking its cock to ejaculation, and finally now nude and being fucked by said dog. This was gold he could bank on.

Outside, Miley could feel Jinx's hot breath on her back as a drop of saliva hit her shoulder, his panting in her ear, when suddenly the dog's cock rammed into Miley's pussy. She yelped, as much in surprise as discomfort, as the dog slipped himself inside her tight pussy. It wasn't an easy fit at first, but the combination of her own dampness with the ample coating of saliva and cum on Jinx's cock made it work out. She'd been violated once before under less pleasant circumstances, but either way the sudden intrusion was still a strange and shocking sensation to her young body and mind.

Jinx was so hot inside her, like a glowing poker jammed into her bowels. His excitement was obviously higher than before, as all his most basic instincts were now fully engaged. He whined a bit as he began thrusting in her, at first short and quick, trying to push deeper into her. Miley was in some pain as Jinx's large cock ravished her tight slit, and she could feel him stretching her out, the pressure letting up a bit. His efforts were aided by the thin coating of cum and saliva, but it still was difficult. As he buried himself deeper into her, his pace began to pick up and Miley felt incredible bolts of sheer electric pleasure erupting from her abdomen.

She began to moan and grunt with his movements, her words jumping in tone and pitch with each deep thrust. "Oh Jinx, oh boy, good boy, oh...uh, uh, uh, oh my god, oh oh, good boy, yeah, fuck Miley, come on boy, fuck me," Miley slurred, the intensity of the dog fucking her building with her own pleasure, the pain beginning to subside (or at least being overwhelmed by large doses of adrenaline).

Miley's mind was awash in both shock and pleasure. Things were happening so fast, she'd experienced so much already this afternoon, that she didn't really have time to register the sheer nastiness of what was happening. She could feel his hairy legs pressed up against her sides and the imposing weight and heat of him on her back and against her thighs. He was panting loudly and as the shock gave way to sheer pleasure, Miley began to breath louder and fast, her mouth hanging open and her eyes tightly clenched shut. Her small b-cup breasts were swinging slightly (as much as they could really), her small, pert nipples already hard as rocks and poking out from her nickle-sized, brownish-pink areolas.

As Jinx thrust his weight into her, she began to rock with him, matching his movements and pushing back against his thrusts. Jinx was buried in her as far as he could go and his hard knot was banging against, slapping her enflamed clitty into excitement. Her little pussy was being stretched out by his growing shaft and the feeling for Miley was amazing. Not only was she feeling the pleasure of this large dog cock lustily being thrust into her, she felt nasty, so incredibly dirty. She was the object of this animal lust and it excited her. She wanted to be lusted over, fucked, and feel her lover's cum dripping from her wet pussy. Miley was transformed while her dog bucked against her ass. She wanted more sex, more fucking, more of this pleasure. Miley tilted her head back and smiled while Jinx pounded her pussy, his shaft swelling in her cunt. It feels so good, she thought, I want more of this. I like being a nasty little slut!

"Oh fuck me, Jinx, yeah boy, good dog...yeah boy...come on...oh uh, oh, God...fuck," Miley moaned, "it feels so good...inside me! Come on Jinx...yeah...uh...good boy, good boy...oh...oh!"

Miley was matching Jinx's rhythm and movement now, pushing back with each of his thrusts, forcing him as deep as he could go into her. His knot continued to buck up against her, driving her clit wild. She knelt forward, arching her back into him, exposing as much of her crotch to him as she could. His canine cock had swelled to maximum width and Jinx was actually locked into Miley's tight little body. It was an incredible sensation for Miley.

"Oh fuck me Jinx, come on boy...please fuck me, oh fuck...that feels so guh-good." Miley was nearly besides herself with pleasure, her lust nearly an out of body experience now. "Come on bu-boy, come on...oh god, good, oh man, oh wuh wow, oh, good!"

She could feel his breath on her quickening, feel his hot drool rolling down her back and over her ribs. Suddenly Jinx whined loudly and Miley could feel him spurting into her, his cum shooting deep into her bowels. As his fiery jizz plastered her insides, it felt like it was shooting through her like bullets. She immediately began cumming herself, letting lose a long series of loud, shrill moans.

"OHHHH, oh, OW, uh OH, uh, uhm, AHHhh, oh shuh-shit fuck, ahh ohoh ahhh!" Miley moaned as her puppy filled her pussy with his hot, sticky cum.

It felt like he would fill her up with his hot jizz, since her pussy was already fit to burst with his incredibly swollen member. Miley let out a huge gasp of pleasure and energy as Jinx finally stopped cumming inside her. Her head hung down, her eyes closed, she panted in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

She was joined with him and his cum and it was almost more than she could bear. She felt light-headed for a moment as her orgasm subsided, thinking she might faint once again.

Inside, Robby shot a new load onto the counter, his first cum now slowly dripping and pooling on the floor. Fuck, he thought, I've never seen anything like that. My little girl is a fuck machine! I'm going to have to get me a piece of that ass. Robby was a little shocked by his daughter's lusty behavior and a bit surprised by how much it turned him on, but he knew he wanted her. All of her. Distracted by his newfound yearning to fuck his daughter, he hurried to clean up his mess with a nearby kitchen towel.

Outside, Jinx's swollen shaft eventually subsided enough for the tired puppy to finally pull himself free of Miley's throbbing pussy. As he did a small stream of thick, sticky cum dribbled out of her red gash, lewdly puddling below her. Miley groaned her approval (happy to be free of his hot girth). Jinx wandered over to his towel, laid down, and began licking himself clean of his lovely mistress' sweet flavors.

Miley collapsed onto the ground, her pelvis making a nasty splatting sound as it landed in the puddle of Jinx's slimy cum. Miley was too spent to care, resting for a while before nearly falling asleep, nude on the patio. Her pussy was enflamed and sore from Jinx's fervent attention, but regardless she was very happy and content. She had never felt like this before. Her sex felt like an entrance to a whole new world, as though her tiny pussy could lead her to discoveries of pleasure beyond her wildest imaginations.

Seeing his daughter's spent nude body splayed out on the patio and her dog licking himself into a happy slumber, Robby quietly turned off the camcorder, buttoned his jeans, returned the camera to the den, and wandered back out the front door. He would walk the neighborhood for another hour, trying to decide how best to seduce his daughter while hoping she hadn't noticed his presence.

Eventually Miley came inside, her clothes in a ball under her arm, walking nude through the empty house with the sticky stain of dog cum on her stomach and thighs. She really couldn't care less about it right now, no matter how perverse and incriminating it might be. She smiled to herself and reveled in how slutty and wonderfully naughty it made her feel.

As she wandered through the kitchen, she spotted her Dad's day planner and car keys sitting on the kitchen table. Was he home? Miley suddenly found herself as Daddy's Little Girl again, and in her panic dashed into the kitchen headed straight for her room.

What was that? She'd stepped in something wet and sticky and nearly fallen flat on her ass. She stopped for a second, studying the floor. It looked like a small puddle of cum on the kitchen floor. It couldn't be from Jinx, he was still outside. And it couldn't be from her, because it had to have been there before she entered the room. Could it be her Dad's cum on the floor? She touched it (still a little wet but cool to the touch), and brought a dab of it to her nose. Musky, but definitely not from Jinx. She tasted it. Salty and sweet, but not as thick as Jinx. Had her Dad been watching her fuck Jinx? He had obviously come home since this morning, since she knew he had left with his day planner and car keys.

Miley's young mind was running a mile a second. Her fear and horror at being caught was quickly replaced by curiosity and wonder. What did this mean? Was Dad getting off on her fucking the family dog? Even Lilly thought Miley's Dad was sexy, as gross as that might be, so maybe she shouldn't be surprised. Miley was awash in questions and uncertainty but one thing was for sure: her Dad had come home early, someone had cum all over the kitchen floor (presumably watching her), and her Dad was gone now. Maybe Miley's new found sexuality didn't need to be contained to the family dog after all, but she'd need to be sure before she made her move.

Miley took a long shower, then headed to her room to replay all the day's events in her mind, over and over.


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