This story is fantasy, not reality. It is a work of fiction containing characters from a television show. It is not endorsed by anyone involved with the show and is not meant to represent the real lives of the actors who play the characters here. It is just fantasy.

If you are under the age of 18, are offended by details of explicit sex or faint-hearted then please stop reading now.

Codes: f-beast, Mf, oral, inc, cons

Features: Hannah Montana, age 15 (played by Miley Cyrus), Robbie Stewart, age 45 (played by Billy Ray Cyrus)

Hannah Montana: Hannah Moantana - Best of All Worlds Part 2: Good Daddy
by Clare Clitty

It had been two days since Miley's unexpected sex with Jinx, the family dog, on the back patio. Even though she knew she might get caught if she continued having sex with Jinx at home, she was desperate for more. She figured she'd have more control over the situation if she just let Jinx eat her out rather than letting him do her doggie style. She enjoyed letting the dog fuck her most of all, but she was afraid it would be easier for someone to walk in on her and Jinx in that situation. She knew her brother was going to be at work all day and her father would be running errands and taking business meetings most of the afternoon, so today was her best shot. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Miley subconsciously wanted to get caught by her father. She wanted him most of all, but didn't know how to go about it.

After her brother and father had both left, Miley brought Jinx into her room and closed the door. She kicked off her sandals and removed her shorts and underwear, dressed only in a loose blue t-shirt, naked from the waste down. Her tightly cropped lush brown pubic hair formed a small wedge of fur above her nicely shaved pussy. Her labia were fleshy and pronounced, standing out from her mons. She was already getting warm and damp at the thought of what was coming next.

Miley sat down on her bed, positioning her ass near the edge, her legs hanging off and feet planted on the floor. She inched her butt forward and then laid back, working her fingers into her pussy. She liked touching herself and did so often, sometimes even using the vibrator a fan had sent her (which she kept hidden from her father), but this was only the preliminary round to get things going for Jinx's tongue. Jinx paced the floor at the foot of her bed, whining and stopping occasionally to stare at his mistress. Her sex was already giving a scent he recognized and he sensed her arousal. His doggy cock began to stiffen in its sheath in anticipation.

Miley was working two of her small fingers in and out of her slit while her other hand pulled back the flesh exposing her clitty, which she vigorously rubbed with her free fingers. Miley's pussy was getting warmer and wetter by the moment, her breathing and pulse quickening. She closed her eyes and imagined fucking her father, sucking his cock and feeling him inside her. She'd dreamt of it two nights in a row since fucking Jinx and both mornings she'd woken up with a dripping wet pussy, which left her no choice but to masturbate to orgasm. The thought of fucking her sweet father hadn't crossed her mind before two days ago, but sex with the dog had opened up a whole new world of possibilities. She'd discovered evidence her father had watched and gotten off on her bestiality and it really turned her on. She imagined him jerking off, shooting his cum on the floor, all the while wanting her.

Her pussy was dripping with pre-cum now and Jinx whimpered and whined again.

"OK, boy, come here." Miley sat up and motioned to the puppy, who immediately came to her crotch and sniffed, then excitedly began licking her just as he had before. If Miley hadn't been lying down, she would have fallen over at the sensation of Jinx's rough tongue lapping greedily at her juices. He lit up her pussy with pleasure and she began to moan as she scooched forward on the bed, pushing her ass towards him and spreading her knees out further. Doing so exposed Miley's small rosebud of an anus to Jinx and he sniffed and lapped at her there too. His tongue found her asshole and Miley cried out in shock and ecstacy. It was amazing. Jinx began working his tongue up and down her entire slit, from her clit to her asshole. Miley was beginning to writhe with pleasure on the bed, moaning loudly and completely lost in her enjoyment. She could already feel an orgasm building.

* * *

Meanwhile, Robby Stewart walked quietly up the to the front porch and unlocked the front door, taking care to very quietly open and close it behind him as he entered. As soon as he shut the door he paused a moment and listened. A second later he heard faint moans of pleasure coming from Miley's room.

"BINGO!" thought Robby. "Perfect timing." He headed for Miley's room. Robby figured Miley couldn't wait to get back at the dog, so he made sure she was well aware that he would be out all afternoon. In fact, he had planned to come back and catch her in the act, hopeful he could leverage her embarrassment to trick her into sex with him. He wasn't sure his plan would work, but he had a feeling his daughter's new-found slutiness would play into his fantasies. He'd been fantasizing about her for two days, having watched the videotape of her session with Jinx numerous times now. He wanted a piece of that action too.

* * *

In her room, Miley was completely unaware of her father's presence, caught in the bliss of being licked to orgasm by her very willing lover, Jinx. Miley was moaning so loudly, she didn't even hear her father open her bedroom door and peak in. Robby was once again amazed by the site of his daughter having sex with the dog. He could clearly see his daughter's exposed pussy. She was squirming and moaning to Jinx's attentions. She was using both hands now to pull back her full pussy lips, exposing herself fully to Jinx's tongue. Her t-shirt had ridden up on her chest to reveal the bottom of her white lace bra.

No time like the present, thought Robby.

"Miley, what in god's name is going on?!" he said loudly. Miley sat up suddenly, her mind dazed for a moment. Jinx kept lapping at her, but his ears perked up. "Jinx, QUIT that right now. Come here, Jinx. COME HERE." The dog stopped and sheepishly walked over to Robby, who kicked him out of the room, closing the door behind him. Miley was still half-naked on her bed, her pussy spread out and soaking wet with a combination of Jinx's sticky drool and Miley's own pre-cum and sweat. Jinx whined a bit out in the hall.

"Daddy!" Miley suddenly realized fully what was happening and closed her legs, instinctively trying to cover her waist with her comforter, which didn't work very well considering she was already laying on it.

"Don't bother covering yourself up, young lady. I saw what was going on here. I'm just wondering what was going on with you and Jinx?"

"Uh, it was an accident, Daddy."

"An accident that you're half naked with the dog licking your pussy?"

Miley was a little surprised to hear her dad use that word and it suddenly donned on her that maybe her fantasy was coming true right now. He must have planned this, she thought, so why not play along? If not, she was already in trouble.

"I'm sorry Daddy. I just wanted to learn about sex, but no one will tell me anything. I've had these urges, this itch in my...uh, pussy, and I thought Jinx could help. It was sort of an accident when it happened the first time."

"First time? Explain, young lady" Robby questioned, knowing what was likely coming next. Miley was sitting on the edge of the bed, her hands in her lap barely hiding her crotch from view, but still otherwise bottom-less. She smiled sheepishly at him, doing her best good girl act.

"Yeah Daddy. I gave Jinx a bath and his thingie got all hard and then he wanted to sniff know, pussy, so I let him and he licked me there and it felt so good, I couldn't stop him. He's a good doggy, Daddy. I'm the bad girl." Miley did her best to look sad and embarrassed. She figured her father started this game, so she would play along and see where it led now. "I just have this urge, these feelings down there, and they feel so good when I touch myself but they feel even better when Jinx licks me. I'm sorry Daddy."

Robby saw his opportunity. This was going to be too easy, he thought. His mixed-up daughter just needed a mentor.

"It's OK, sweetie. Most girls your age are having these questions and most of them don't get the answers and help they need. Most girls don't have a Daddy who understands and loves them enough to help them, because this can be difficult. But I want to help you, Miley. Would you like that?"

"Oh yes, Daddy, please." Miley smiled and responded with her most enthusiastic Daddy's Little Girl voice. She really did want him to help her with sex, especially if it meant he'd be fucking her brains out.

"Well, since I interrupted Jinx, let's get started right now. Sex is for more than just making babies. It's also about pleasure, honey, about two people making each other feel really good. Have you ever seen a man naked, Miley?"

"Only in pictures!"

Robby smiled at her reply and then unbuttoned his shirt and let it drop on the floor. He kicked off his shoes and removed his socks. Then he walked over to Miley. "Honey, you should learn how to unbutton a man's jeans yourself. Men like that sort of thing."

Miley reached out and carefully snapped the fly on her father's jeans, then carefully pulled down the zipper, exposing his white briefs. His cock was already getting stiff and leaving a clear impression through his briefs. Miley looked down at it, smiled, then looked up at her father and smiled even bigger.

"That's my penis, sweetie, but you can call it my cock, dick, whatever you want. It goes in your pussy sweetie, but first I want you to teach you how to give a man oral sex. A blow job, giving head, or sucking cock are other terms for it." Miley smiled and wondered when her father would stop telling her things she already knew. "Would you like to learn, honey?"

"Yes, Daddy, I want to suck your cock. I'll do a good job, I promise."

Robby smiled again stepped back a bit, his cock getting rock hard at his daughter's enthusiasm. "Get on your knees in front of me, honey, and pull down my jeans." Miley did exactly as she was asked, slowly pulling them down to his feet. Robby stepped out of them and kicked them aside.

Without a word spoken, Miley reached up and pulled the elastic band of the briefs down, slowly revealing her father's engorged member amid a thick forest of brown pubic hair. She pulled the briefs down to his ankles, his cock falling free and pointing right at her. It was easily 8 inches in length and thick too, somewhat like Jinx's. Robby was circumcized, his cockhead growing a deep red with excitement. Miley reached out and touched it and her father closed his eyes, savoring this moment. She wrapped one hand around the base and leaned closer, the head staring her in face. Precum was flowing from the tip and Miley carefully licked it off, savoring the flavor in her mouth. Robby gasped, then regained his composure.

"Oh... very good, honey. Now I want you to take it in your mouth, carefully, and suck it like a popsicle. No teeth, just lips and tongue only. Softly suck it at first sweetie. You want to enjoy the popsicle, make it last, not eat it all at once. Go on." Miley nodded and carefully licked her lips, opened wide, and took her father's hard cock into her little mouth. She wrapped her lips around the head, getting a long moan of approval from Robby.

Miley sucked her father's cock, taking the first three inches into her mouth while swirling her tongue around the tip and underside. Her lips tightly wrapped around his girth, drool dripping from her chin, her fist still loosely grabbing the base of his member for good measure. Miley looked up at her father, a smile on her face as she pulled back and removed his cock from her mouth. A small line of spit temporarily hung from the tip of Robby's throbbing erection to Miley's lower lip as she said, "How was that daddy? Did I do good?"

Robby smiled and replied, "Sweetie, that was amazing. Now take me in your mouth, as much as you can, and bob your head back and forth. If you need to, you can lightly jerk off the base of it with your hand." Upon seeing the smile on his face, Miley giggled. "OK Daddy. I'll try. You sure are big!"

Miley knew a lot more dirty words for her father's cock, but she was toying with him, playing up her "good girl" appeal and trying to appear as innocent as possible. She knew her father was well aware of her prowess, having secretly spied on her while she fucked the family dog. But she wanted him to make her his slut, and pretend as though she didn't know. Plus, she liked being taught by her Daddy. He'd taught her most everything else in life and show biz. If she was going to be his lover, he might as well teach her what he liked best.

"You're doing an amazing job, sweetie. Keep it up and I'll cum for you. Would you like that?"

Miley giggled sheepishly again, "Oh Daddy, you're so nasty." She looked at his wet dick again, glistening with her saliva inches from her face, then glanced back up at him with a devilish grin. "Daddy, if I suck your cock and you cum for me, is it OK if I swallow? I want your cum, Daddy."

Robby felt his balls swell and his erection harden even further in Miley's hand. Hell, at this rate he might just explode in her face without any blowjob. "I'd like that honey. I'd like that very much."

Miley exclaimed, "OK!" and gave her father her best "daddy's little girl" grin before training her eyes on his 8 inch monster and taking him back into her mouth. She began to slowly work his cock back and forth, getting a steady rhythm going. Then she began to work further down his length, letting more and more of him slide into her throat. For a second she wanted to gag, but she quickly got past it and suddenly it seemed her father's entire manhood was in her throat. She felt his wiry pubic hair tickle her noise as she let go of him with her hand. She stopped a second, then slowly withdrew him back to the head, then slowly took him back in almost to the base. It hurt her jaw a little and was difficult, but it felt nasty and Miley liked it. She'd deep throated her father.

Robby looked down to see his beautiful little girl's head impaled on his shaft. It felt amazing, her throat tickling his head while her lips were wrapped around the base, her tongue cradling his length. Miley stopped a second, adjusted herself, and then withdrew Robby from her mouth again. She sat back a second and looked up at her father, then pointed to a spot just below her small Adam's apple. "You came to here, Daddy."

Robby chuckled and smiled at his daughter's ingenuity. Then he reached out and lightly cupped the top of her head in his palms. "That was great, sweetie. Now back to work." Then he brought her lips back down to his cock and she quickly took him in her mouth.

"Steady rhythm sweetie, steady rhythm. That's how a man cums. Let me show you." Robby held Miley's head in his hands and began bobbing her head back and forth as he slowly began to buck his hips into her face. Miley took her cue and began sucking her father's cock in earnest, giving him as much tongue action as she could. She moaned loudly in her throat as her father continued to fuck her mouth.

"Lightly stroke my balls, sweetie." She did as he asked, lightly fondling her father's balls, running her fingers back towards his asshole. Robby's breath quickened and he could feel his cock swelling with cum. Miley was an incredible cocksucker. This little slut was born to give head, he thought.

"Oh Miley honey, that's good, that's good. Mmmm," Robby moaned as his daughter tickled his ball sack with her fingernails and brought her tongue up to work the underside of his penis. She tongued just below the head like a pro, hitting all the nerves there. "Oh God, sweetie, oh fuck that's good!"

Robby continued fucking Miley's face, his hands grasping her hair now. He moved his left hand away and slid his right hand around the back of the head. His hips were bucking a little harder and faster now. It was a bit uncomfortable for Miley but she had no intention of stopping. Suddenly Robby let out a low moan, then a series of grunts and bucked harder, shooting his load into Miley's mouth and throat.

Robby suddenly bucked back even harder as he came, his hand slipping off of Miley's head. This caused her bobbing head to lose his cock and it popped free of her mouth, shooting two good loads right in her face. Cum hit her cheek and nose, one large glob dripping onto her lip before falling on the bed.

A few more dribbles leaked out of Robby's cock and Miley leaned forward, grabbing her father's wet dick as she happily sucked the last of his cum up. As his orgasm subsided, Robby relaxed and looked down at Miley. She had cum on her face, HIS cum, and she was smiling up at him. She opened her grinning lips to show him cum on her tongue and in her mouth, then closed and swallowed before giggling at him.

"Mmmm, Daddy, you taste good. How did I do?" Miley asked as she carefully cleaned the remaining cum from her face with her fingers, licking them clean.

"Oh sweetie," Robby stammered,"Honey, that was incredible. Thank you. You're amazing. A+ for my little student."

For a second Robby seemed to be done and Miley's smile disappeared, a look of uncertainty on her face. "What about me Daddy? Is that all for today?"

Robby smiled and chuckled at his daughter. "No, little darling, we're not done by a long shot. Stand up, give Daddy a hug." Miley complied, her father's wet and softening member was warm next to her stomach. Her head barely met the bottom of his chin. He wrapped his arms around her, then slid them down her back and stopped at her cute ass, grabbing it and squeezing both cheeks. Her small breasts were pushed up against her chest, her t-shirt and bra her only clothing. He tilted down his head and gave his daughter a deep kiss, working his tongue into her mouth. Miley swooned in response, melting into his arms. Then he brought his right hand around, found her breast under her shirt and lightly fondled it through the bra. Miley shuddered a bit, moaned her approval, and Robby then slid his hand down her side to her hip.

He paused a moment, broke their kiss, and looked into her eyes as he slid his hand between her hot, wet thighs. Miley closed her eyes, her mouth opened slightly, and she let out a long sigh as her father touched her pussy for the first time. She was dripping wet and Robby's large index finger easily slipped between her outer lips and into her pussy. He worked his fingers back to expose her maidenhood, finding her clit. Miley gasped and moaned, then opened her eyes and smiled softly at her father, looking a little dazed with pleasure. Her clit was excited and firm. He sunk his finger into her pussy and she moaned again, her eyes closing as her head lolled to one side in ecstacy.

Robby leaned his head a bit closer to Miley's ear and whispered, "I can't wait to fuck you sweetie." Miley moaned as her father inserted a second finger into her sopping wet slit. She wanted this so bad and it felt so good. She wanted to feel him deep inside her, filling her up with his manhood.

He pulled his fingers from her snatch and gently pushed her back onto the bed. He climbed onto the bed over her and brought her thighs up around his sides, then leaned forward with his newly erect penis now only an inch from her tiny little pussy. He reached down and positioned the head against her slit. Miley gasped as her father began to slide the head of his cock into her tight hole. Her dog Jinx hadn't been so delicate when he fucked her just the other day and as her father slowly worked his girth into her, she felt shocks of pleasure radiating up through her body.

Robby was about 3 inches in and it was a tight fit. She felt incredibly good wrapped around him, so hot and wet in there. Robby pulled back an inch, then slowly worked forward and got almost 5 inches in. Miley shuddered and moaned. Then Robby withdrew almost all the way out, then worked himself back in, a bit more quickly this time. Miley groaned. Robby figured it was now or never. He pulled almost all the way out, then sank himself in as far as he could, almost to the hilt. Miley cried out and Robby savored the moment, his cock firmly buried in her tight little snatch. Then he began slowly pumping in and out of her, sinking himself in about 5-6 inches with each thrust, his speed beginning to pick up.

Miley began to grunt and moan with his thrusts, working her hips up and down to meet him. She gripped his shoulders with her little hands, her eyes closed tight.

"Uh, sweetie, this is incredible. You're doing great."

Robby kept fucking Miley like this for a few minutes, Miley grunting and moaning the entire time, her moans becoming more constant and excited. Suddenly she dug her fingers into his shoulders and was silent, her face contorted in pleasure. She was cumming for the first time with her father. She cried out, her entire body tensing up, then Miley sighed a heavy sigh as father kept gently fucking her. "Oh my god, Daddy, oh my god. That was so good."

Miley couldn't believe how amazing it felt, to have her father inside her and to have orgasmed like this.

"I love you sweetie, but let's try something a little different for Daddy." Robby stopped his thrusting, pulled his hard cock free of her soaked pussy, and prompted her to sit up and turn over. "Up on your hands and knees, honey. I'm going to show you doggie style." Miley and Robby both quietly chuckled to themselves for completely different reasons at Robby's comment. Robby got up behind Miley on his knees and reached over, forcing her head and shoulders down to the bed, which made her arch her back and expose her ass more clearly to him. Then he brought his cock back to her pussy and re-entered her. Miley moaned again. Robby grabbed her hips and began driving himself into her, bringing her ass right up against his abdomen as he got all 8 inches of himself in her tight hole. His balls swung forward and smacked Miley's pussy and thighs with each thrust. She was crying out in time with his bucking as Robby was hitting a whole new series of nerves inside her.

This was better than Jinx, Miley thought, her body awash in new pleasures. Jinx was rougher and less careful while Miley's father was taking his time and making each thrust count.

"Uh uh, oh oh, yes, fuck me daddy, fuck me harder!"

Hearing this, Robby gripped her hips tighter and increased his tempo. He looked down and saw his daughter grabbing handfuls of her comforter in her fists, her face contorted in a look of sheer animal lust. He was fucking the shit out of her and she was loving it. "Oh yeah, sweetie, I'm going to fuck you good. You want Daddy to cum?"

"Uh, uh, oh, yeah, yuh, please Daddy, cum in me. Please fuck me good!"

Robby's cock hadn't been this hard and filled with cum in years. It felt so good burying his manhood in this little girl, her hips so narrow he practically dwarfed her body in size. He was sinking it into her as deep as he could and he knew his cum was going to be blasting deep into her womb, he was so horny now. Luckily he'd had a vasectomy not long after Miley was born, so there was no threat of pregnancy.

"Oh fuck, honey, I'm going to cum!" And with that, Robby began blasting his wad into his daughter. Miley could feel his cock throbbing inside her, each hot blast of cum running into her bowels. At that moment, Miley came again, yelping and grunting loudly as her father let her have it. As he finished, he collapsed on top of her, tired and exhausted, his cock still jammed inside her. After a few minutes, he pulled his limp dick free of her, a small flow of his cum and her juices seeping onto Miley's comforter. She was too exhausted to bother with the mess. The two of them fell asleep, napping for about an hour.

Robby woke up to a warm sensation on his cock. He'd been dreaming about his daughter and her friend Lilly sunbathing nude in the backyard. It should come as no surprise then that after his dick had gotten firm and hard again during his dream and woken her up, poking her in leg. Miley had rolled out from under her father, causing him to lay on his back, and decided to wake Daddy up with a post-coital blow job. Robby opened his eyes to see his daughter lightly sucking his cock. When she noticed him looking at her she pulled him from her mouth. Holding the base of the shaft in her hand, she smiled at her father and then ran her tongue from the tip of his penis down to the base. She lightly kissed his balls and then licked him all the way up to the top in one long stroke before taking the head back in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. Then she began to bob her head up and down on his dick again. Miley was an incredible cock sucker.

Robby groaned and sighed. It felt amazing. He couldn't believe his daughter's skill, but surmised she probably had been watching some porn as he recognized the move from one of his DVDs. He thought he had done a decent job of hiding those, but obviously not, which was just as well because talent like this shouldn't be starved of creative input. Hell, he'd get Miley her own collection of porn if she was this good at picking up technique.

She continued bobbing up and down on his cock and Robby was beginning to feel the cum building up in his balls again. He was tired, but definitely not out if his daughter was up for more fucking.

"Mmmm, that's nice, honey. I might have to fuck you again if you don't stop." Miley moaned lightly as she continued bobbing her head on his cock and the vibrations of her moan on his erection felt great.

"OK, you asked for it." Robby reached down and picked up his daughter's waist, pulling her around until her pussy was within easy reach. Then he sunk his fingers into her snatch again. Miley moaned again and sure enough, she was already wet with enthusiasm. He fingered her a little while as she sucked him off, then he grabbed her hips again in his hands and motioned her to crawl on top of him. Miley smiled at her father as she crawled up to straddle him, her pussy just out of reach of his dick. Robby held her and gave her a deep kiss, his tongue finding hers. The he released her and sat her up on top of him, reaching down to work his cock into her pussy.

At first it was a tight fit, but the weight of Miley's torso caused him to slip him almost entirely inside her. He held her hips as he began to buck her forward and back on top of him, working his cock in and out of her slightly, but staying mostly buried inside her the entire time. Miley moaned and looked down at him. He began fucking her harder and faster now, working his throbbing cock in and out of her only a bit but giving her clit quite a ride.

Miley closed her eyes and leaned her head back. She was fucking him now, her hips moving rhythmically back and forth. Robby used one hand to keep her steady and reached up with the other to fondle her breasts. Miley groaned and tossed her head to one side, her long brown hair falling over her face and shoulder. She pulled her shirt off over her head and quickly snapped the clasp on her bra. It was off in a flash, sailing across the room, and Robby got his first close-up look at his daughter's sweet breasts. They were firm handfuls with nickel-sized pink aeroelas topped by small, button nipples. He grabbed her breasts and fondled them, flicking his thumbs over her nipples.

"That's good, sweetie. Fuck me hard." Robby could feel his climax approaching and he could tell Miley was well on her way to her own. "I can feel how hot and wet you are Miley. I want to see you cum."

Miley opened her eyes and tossed her hair back. She looked down at her father with pure lust, her eyes half closed in ecstasy as she grinded her pussy down on top of his cock. She opened her mouth, her breath coming quicker, and suddenly she closed her eyes and yelped a series of cries. She was cumming. Seeing this caused Robby to cum and shoot another load into her pussy, smaller than the last two that afternoon but sizable for her small snatch. She opened her eyes again and collapsed onto his chest as the last spurts of Robby's cum emptied in her.

"That was so good, Daddy. I did that all by myself." She said coyly.

"Yep, you did honey. That was great."

"Mmm Daddy, I like feeling your cock inside me and your cum shooting inside me." Robby chuckled.

"Great sweetie, because we're just getting started. But we're going to have to keep this secret. This can only be between you and me."

"What about Lilly, Daddy? She's my best friend!"

"What do you mean, honey?

"I know she's just as curious about sex as me and...well, Lilly would kill me, but she's always had a big crush on you. Could you teach her too?"

Robby was silent a moment. He hadn't even conceived of this possibility yet, but it was something he'd love to have happen.

"I think we might be able to work something out, sweetie, but it's a delicate matter. We'd need to approach it carefully."

Miley smiled at her father, knowing she was going to corrupt sweet Lilly Truscott into her naughty world too. She hugged him. "I love you, Daddy! Thank you!"

"I love you too, Miley."


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