This story is fantasy, not reality. It is a work of fiction containing characters from a television show. It is not endorsed by anyone involved with the show and is not meant to represent the real lives of the actors who play the characters here. It is just fantasy.

If you are under the age of 18, are offended by details of explicit sex or faint-hearted then please stop reading now.

Codes: ff-best, M-mast, oral, inc, cons, voyeurism

Features: Hannah Montana, age 15 (played by Miley Cyrus), Lilly Truscott, age 15, (played by Emily Osment), Robbie Stewart, age 45 (played by Billy Ray Cyrus)

Hannah Moantana: Best of All Worlds Part 3: Lilly Likey Doggie
by Clare Clitty

It was later that evening, the day that Miley and her father had sex for the first time, that Miley snuck into her father's room and made love to him quietly before falling asleep with him in his bed. Her older brother Jackson was none the wiser when Miley and her father carefully flirted with each other during dinner. At one point, Miley put her foot in her father's lap under the dinner table, massaging him to an erection with her toes and snickering as he got noticably flush. Later, as Miley did the dishes he came up behind her and slowly ground his crotch into her ass, the whole time carrying on a conversation with his son (who was in the other room).

The next morning Jackson left for work early and Miley casually walked naked to the bathroom and into the shower. A short while later her father followed her, soaping up her small body before fucking her under the jets of the massaging shower head. The hot water was nearly gone when they finally finished, only to have Miley give her father a blowjob in the bathroom as they were toweling each other off.

This sort of thing continued through the weekend and into the next week, Miley and her father teasing each other when ever Jackson was home, sneaking away to make love when he was asleep, and blatantly fucking all over the house when he was gone. In the short span of a week, Miley was becoming an expert at sex and quite comfortable with herself sexually.

She knew her brother was going to be gone on a camping trip with another family that weekend and asked her father if she could invite her best friend Lilly Truscott over on Friday, winking at him when she said he could do "Daddy errands" that day and leave the house to her. Miley hadn't told her father that she knew he'd spied on her when she fucked the family dog, Jinx, on the patio a week before. She figured that was his secret to either keep or reveal. It was fun letting him think he had seduced her. Robby agreed, telling her if he came home early he'd be very careful not to disturb them.

Miley had a plan carefully laid out and invited Lilly over for 11 am on Friday. They'd sunbathe, talk, and Miley would see how far she could push her best friend into Miley's new world of sex.

Lilly arrived right on time, dressed in a white tank top, green shorts, and orange tennis shoes with yellow laces Her white sunbathing bikini was underneath. She was wearing her long blonde hair in braided pigtails.

Miley took Lilly into the kitchen and they quickly caught up on current events. Lilly petted and played with Jinx a bit and the big dog appreciated her attention. There was lots of girl talk, most of it not very interesting. Miley offered Lilly a "special" lemonde, her father's proven recipe for a vodka lemonade. She made two, one secretly much stronger for Lilly and one nearly virgin for Miley.

"Wow Miley, this new, ain't it? We've never drank at your house before. In fact, we never drink at all."

"Well, Lilly, it's time for us to start acting like adults. A little hooch in our lemonade isn't gonna hurt and it will make sunbathing a lot more fun. Daddy will never know because he doesn't drink that often, and if he figures it out he'll just blame Jackson! Bottoms up, girlfriend."

Miley and Lilly kept talking, finishing their first drinks. Lilly could feel the effects of the liquor already, but Miley seemed completely fine as she poured a second round. Of course, once again Miley made Lilly's drink secretly stronger than her own. It was around noon now as the girls headed out onto the patio to sunbathe.

They each laid out on a lounge chair in the sun, Miley in her tiny pink string bikini and Lilly in her more conservative white bikini. Lilly was beginning to really feel her second drink and feeling a little drunk. She'd never drank this much before (she hadn't really drank period) and she was feeling a little light-headed, rolling over on her stomach and unhooking her bikini top. Miley was finishing lotioning up, watching Lilly, and she knew the time was ripe to act.

"Lilly, let me put some lotion on you. You're going to burn out here if I don't." Miley walked over to her friend and knelt down beside her chair, spilling a generous amount of lotion in her hands and working it onto Lilly's back.

"Thanks, Miley. You're so good to me, so nice," Lilly giggled. Miley began working the lotion into Lilly's shoulders, arms and neck, and then down her back. She was careful to rub the oil into around sides, just touching the edges of her small breasts, tickling her slightly as she did. Then Miley crawled down and started lotioning Lilly's feet and calves. Lilly giggled as Miley applied lotion to her feet, but got quiet as Miley worked her way past her knees. Miley carefully rubbed the lotion into Lilly's thighs, working the supple muscles of her legs and taking her time as she worked upwards towards Lilly's pelvis.

Miley could see that Lilly was beginning to get turned on. Her friend had grown very quiet and relaxed, her back and legs beginning to sweat lightly as Miley worked more lotion into her upper thighs, her fingers occasionally slipping into Lilly's inner thighs and bikini line. Miley had slowly worked Lilly's legs apart and she could see a damp spot in the crotch of Lilly's bikini bottoms. Her plan was working.

"Lilly, take off your bikini."

"What? Are you kidding, Miley?"

"Oh, come on, Lilly. No one is here, no one is going to be here all afternoon, and no one can see into my backyard. We have complete privacy. Quit being a baby, be cool, will ya? See? I will."

With that, Miley stood up and pulled the strings on her bikini, the pink top and bottom falling to the ground. Miley smiled down at her best friend, naked in the sun. She looked confident and sexy and it made Lilly feel silly and embarrassed for resisting. She wanted to be cool like Miley and this seemed OK, but she'd never been casually naked in public, or at least not in front of other people.

"Take it off and I'll finish lotioning you. Come on." Miley casually rubbed some lotion onto her breasts as she stared at Lilly, then reached around and lotioned her own ass before spreading the final dab into her crotch and inner thighs. Lilly felt a little weird watching Miley handle her private parts this way. It was kinda sexy, she thought. She'd never looked at another girl that way.

Lilly hesitated. "I don't know Miley. What if someone comes home? What if your brother or father show up? That would be...ewww."

"Jackson left town this morning for a camping trip and Dad is going to be out of town all day until after dinner." Miley lied about this second part. She knew there was a good chance her Dad would quietly sneak back home and spy on them. She was hoping he would actually, and she knew it was unlikely Lilly would have any idea, but it would be a great treat for her father.

"Come on, Lilly, don't be a dork! Pop stars don't have tan lines and neither do their friends! Just take it off, alright?"

"Um, OK." Lilly sheepishly stood up, letting the unhooked white bikini top fall off. Her small breasts (she was nearly flat-chested) were capped by large, dark brown areola(about the size of a half-dollar) and blueberry-sized nipples. Lilly was careful to wear bras and t-shirts that hid her perky, large nipples. She hesitantly put her thumbs in the waistband of her bikini bottoms, then slowly peeled them off, stepping out of them. Lilly's bush started as a thin line of tawny light brown pubic hair sprouting from the cleft of her bare mons, which branched out into wispy bush of hair that was trimmed just below her bikini line. Her pubic hair was much thinner and straighter than Miley's. Her vulva was smooth, puffy and nearly bare, very lightly covered in fine blonde peach fuzz that was nearly invisible.

"OK, stand still a second," said Miley. She squirted a pile of lotion into her hand and kneeled down in front of Lilly, rubbing the lotion liberally onto her ass. Lilly had a beautiful ass, too. Firm globes of flesh that were dimpled with tight muscle and little baby fat but perfectly formed. Many hours of skateboarding and sports had given Lilly a beautiful backside and Miley was jealous of her, but she enjoyed touching and fondling it. Lilly closed her eyes as Miley rubbed the lotion into her bottom, taking special care to get ample oil between Lilly's cheeks. A couple times, her fingers came close to Lilly's anus and once, Lilly shuddered when they did.

Miley quietly began rubbing around Lilly's hips and up her sides. "OK, Lilly, go ahead and lay down and I'll finish up." Lilly suddenly opened her eyes, a little startled, and complied. Miley started on Lilly's shoulders, then worked her way down to Lilly's chest, smiling as she began to work lotion onto Lilly's breasts. Lilly put on her sunglasses, finished her lemonade in a large gulp, and laid back. She was feeling pretty buzzed and relaxed and she'd stopped paying any attention to the damp warmth in her pussy. What Miley was doing didn't seem sexual, but it felt really good.

As Miley's hands found Lilly's breasts and casually flicked her nipples, they grew stiff. Miley worked down to Lilly's stomach, then moved to Lilly's ankles and feet, then back up her legs, past her knees and to her thighs. Lilly remained silent, her eyes closed and her breathing growing deeper.

As Miley worked her fingers into Lilly's inner thighs, Lilly slowly shifted in the chair and spread her legs a bit. Miley got a clear view of Lilly's pussy and could see it was getting wet with excitement. Miley was close to dripping she was so turned on. Miley's plan was working, but she was just getting started. She wanted to corrupt sweet little Lilly and show her just how much pleasure she was missing out on.

Miley squirted another pile of lotion onto her hand, the bottle now nearly empty, and placed her hands around Lilly's left thigh, running her fingers up her leg and briefly brushing Lilly's pussy. Lilly gasped.

"You OK, sweetie? I don't want you to burn anywhere, even here." Miley giggled as her finger came within a quarter inch of Lilly's pussy again.

(sigh) "Yeah...go ahead."

Miley took her cue and placed both hands inside Lilly's thighs, running them up to her crotch and into the young girl's wet cunt. Lilly gasped again and moaned slightly as Miley brought her right hand onto her friend's pussy, massaging the soft flesh. She spread lotion around Lilly's pelvis and finished by tracing her hand back to Lilly's pussy and running it down the girl's slit, almost to her asshole. Lilly moaned again, her head rolling to one side. Miley held her hand there a second, feeling her friend's wet slit and savoring this moment of naughtiness.

She was so involved in her task that Miley didn't realize her father had been home and watching her (once again) from the kitchen for the last 15 minutes. He had already gotten the HD video camera set up via mini-tripod on the counter, recording this beautiful moment of teen lesbian tenderness. He had gotten home just in time to see Miley and Lilly disrobe and he'd nearly cum when he saw Lilly's gorgeous little body. He was jacking off, watching his daugher seduce her best friend, when he saw Miley lean down and whisper something to Lilly, then she got up and walked over to the patio door. She quickly came back with Jinx, who was excited to be outside with his mistress and her friend.

Jinx could smell their sex and here was a new potential lover. He trotted over to Lilly, who was still lying on the lawn chair, and licked her face and then sniffed down her body. Miley knelt down next to Lilly as Jinx made his way down to Lilly's crotch, sniffing her quickly before he whined and licked her pussy. Lilly came to with a start, groggy but aware, and Miley stopped her from sitting up.

"Just let him do what he does. No one needs to know, Jinx won't tell, I won't tell, and believe me, it's amazing. You're going to love it, Lilly."

Lilly was nearly drunk and dazed with sexual passion, but this was a little much. "No Miley, I can't."

"Come on, Lilly, be cool. It's no big deal. He's just a doggy giving you some kisses. It feels great and he wants to do it. Just relax and try it out for a second." Lilly gave in, still nervous but embarrassed by Miley's pressuring and loosened up by the alcohol.

Jinx sniffed her again and nuzzled his nose into her crotch, his long tongue lapping at her exposed slit. Lilly was struck by an amazing burst of pleasure and moaned loudly, her eyes opening wide for a second and then drooping closed, her head falling back onto the chair, as Jinx got into the act. Her drunk body was aroused enough to respond and she involuntarily spread her legs for the dog. He immediately began lapping at her vigorously. Miley took one of Lilly's breast in her hand and began fondling it. She stroked Lilly's head with her other hand as Jinx continued to lick the poor girl's pussy. Lilly was lightly moaning and groaning from all this attention.

"Here, Lilly, slide down," and Miley helped Lilly slide forward on the chair and then stepped over Jinx (who kept his snout in Lilly's crotch the entire time) to spread Lilly's legs further apart. She then motioned Jinx to step between Lilly's legs hanging off the chair, giving the puppy complete access to the girl's sex. Jinx's tongue began lapping Lilly from anus to clit, treating the girl to an incredible tongue lashing. Miley returned to fondling the girl's breasts and rubbing her all over. Then Miley leaned over and kissed Lilly on the cheek, then on the lips. Lilly, lost in pleasure and arousal, opened her mouth and joined Miley in a deep kiss, moaning softly. Lilly and Miley had never kissed before and Miley was in the driver's seat, working her tongue expertly into her inexperienced friend's mouth.

Miley climbed up on top of Lilly, placing her knees on each side of the girl, and kept kissing her deeply while wrapping her arms around her neck. Miley arched her back, placing her ass and pussy just over Lilly's crotch. Jinx immediately began lapping hungrily at both girls, his head bobbing up and down between his feast of teen pussy. Both girls were alternately kissing, moaning, and lightly bucking their hips to the dog's rough, long tongue.

Inside, Robby was masturbating furiously and loving every second of his show. At one point Miley turned her head towards the kitchen (while Lilly kissed her neck) and smiled at the window, unable to see inside due to the glare of the sun and tinted windows but certain her father was there. She blew him a quick kiss and winked before turning back to Lilly and kissing her passionately. Miley laid her weight on Lilly's chest and reached between them, pulling back Lilly's cunt lips with one hand to expose her clitty to Jinx. Lilly moaned loudly and squirmed under Miley's probing fingers, her pussy on fire.

Lilly was close to coming and Jinx sensed her orgasm, focusing his attention on her sopping wet pussy. He lapped away at her and Lilly groaned and gasped, breathing sharply as beads of sweat began to appear all over her creamy skin. Miley sensed the approaching orgasm too and rubbed her chest and breasts up against Lilly while kissing her faster and harder. She was in control of the girl's fate now and she loved it. She loved seeing innocent Lilly becoming a little slut just like her, loved the thought of her father watching them both. She wished he could be inside her right now, fucking her while she turned Lilly into her little slut.

Suddenly Lilly tensed up, her body jerking as she yelped and began cumming. Jinx kept lapping, Miley kept kissing, Lilly kept cumming, and inside Robby came too. He was developing an amazing library of porn starring his daughter.

Outside, Lilly slowly relaxed and stopped grunting. She closed her legs and Jinx moved to lapping at Miley. Miley rolled over on her friend and Jinx whined and walked away. She cuddled up next to Lilly and kissed her softly.

"Wow, that was pretty amazing. I told you it was going to be good. What did you think?"

"Oh my god, Miley, Lilly likey! I've never felt anything like that before. Thank you. I love you, Miley."

"I love you too, little slut," Miley giggled with a devlish grin as she nestled her head on Lilly's shoulder. They kissed softly and held each other a while longer. Inside, Robby sensed the fireworks were over and quickly cleaned up his cum, then put away the camera and snuck back out of the house. He'd leave them alone for the rest of the afternoon, but he knew was going to have to fuck the living daylights out of Lilly too. There was just no question about it, although he was still afraid the girl might not want him to.

Miley eventually brought Lilly inside, careful to make sure they were alone. Lilly fell asleep for a nap, naked in Miley's bed, and Miley considered her next moves. She figured the best idea was to invite Lilly to stay the night this weekend while her brother was gone out of town. Hopefully, Lilly's mind had been successfully opened to all the new possibilities before her.


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