This story is fantasy, not reality. It is a work of fiction containing characters from a television show. It is not endorsed by anyone involved with the show and is not meant to represent the real lives of the actors who play the characters here. It is just fantasy.

If you are under the age of 18, are offended by details of explicit sex or faint-hearted then please stop reading now.

Codes: ff, oral, anal, cons

Features: Hannah Montana, age 15 (played by Miley Cyrus), Lilly Truscott, age 15, (played by Emily Osment), Robbie Stewart, age 45 (played by Billy Ray Cyrus)

Hannah Moantana: Best of All Worlds Part 4: Miley Likey Lilly
by Clare Clitty

Lilly Truscott woke up feeling a little groggy with a mild headache. She was naked in Miley's bed. Miley was sitting at the computer, looking at what appeared to be online porn. Lilly's pussy tingled and she began to recall the events of earlier that afternoon. She'd been passed out for an hour and a half now, but she remembered Miley giving her the lemonades with vodka, Miley rubbing her down with suntan lotion, both of them naked, and Miley's new puppy Jinx giving her a tongue bath. And Miley on top of her, fondling her and kissing her. Did all that really happen? Lilly rubbed her slightly sore pussy lips, still sticky from all the attention earlier. Yes, she thought, it did happen.

Lilly was shocked, but she also remembered how good it all felt, how incredible the pleasure was, how wonderfully Miley kissed her and made her feel. Lilly felt a warmth in her pussy as she thought about Miley and she began to get wet. She remembered how good Miley felt pressed up against her, how she touched and kissed her. Lilly was pretty sure she wasn't a lesbian, but she liked how Miley made her feel.

Lilly looked over at her best friend, the secret pop star she'd idolized before she knew her, and wondered if they could do that again? It didn't seem wrong now and It felt so good.

Miley still hadn't noticed Lilly was awake, so Lilly rustled in bed and sighed loudly.

Miley looked over her shoulder and smiled, "Oh hey, sleepy head. A little too much hoochie for your coochie, Lilly?" They both laughed, Lilly a bit more nervously than Miley.

"Yeah, sorry, guess you knocked me out." Lilly smiled back at Miley and then narrowed her eyes at her seductively, extending her arm from the covers and motioned for Miley to come over. Miley hopped out of her chair and bounded over to Lilly, giggling. Lilly grabbed her hand, flipped open the covers, and pulled her into bed. The two close friends giggled and snuggled, Lilly still nude and Miley dressed only in pajama shorts and a thin tank top. As Miley held her friend, she ran her hand down Lilly's side to her ass, squeezed it, and then reached around to feel Lilly's moist snatch.

Miley snickered, "Oooo, you little slut, you want more, don't you?"


Miley looked Lilly in the eyes, focusing her attention on her young friend intently, and quietly purred, "you liked it when I was fucking you, didn't you, you little slut?"

Lilly looked down a moment, then sarcastically responded back at Miley with a sly smile, "yeah, Lilly LIKEY."

Miley kissed Lilly as her hands roamed the blonde's young body, fondling her breasts and crotch. Lilly moaned as Miley carefully worked a fingertip into her virgin snatch. Miley had no intention of deflowering her little friend, she'd leave that to her father to accomplish, but she wanted to make Lilly cum all by herself.

Miley crawled on top of Lilly and began kissing down her body, hidden from view under the covers. She paused at Lilly's breasts, giving her pert nipples special attention, causing Lilly to moan loudly. Miley kept working Lilly's nipples carefully, sucking on one nipple while tweaking the other with her fingers, her free hand planted between Lilly's legs deftly working the girl's snatch.

"Oh Miley," Lilly moaned, "that's nice."

"Tell me what you want me to do," Miley prompted.

"Oh...." Lilly hesitated a moment, slightly embarrassed to say it out loud, "please lick my pussy Miley. Make me cum."

Miley smiled and continued kissing, planting soft kisses on Lilly's stomach and "inny" belly button before tickling the soft, sensitive flesh over Lilly's pelvic bone. Lilly squirmed and moaned the whole time, her hands on Miley's head as she rubbed and grabbed the brunette's hair. Miley worked her mouth down to Lilly's moist hole, then paused and carefully spread the lips before her, revealing Lilly's clit. Miley liked feeling the soft down of Lilly's peach fuzzed vulva and smelling the tangy aroma of her damp snatch.

She ran her tongue up the opening, savoring the juices of Lilly's arousal, stopping on her clitty which she began tonguing and sucking on enthusiastically. Lilly thrashed and moaned louder, grabbing handfuls of Miley's hair in her ecstasy, forcing Miley's face into her crotch. Miley lips, nose, and chin quickly got smeared with her lover's wetness.

Miley was still working a wet finger into Lilly's hole, careful not to break the girl's hymen. Then she took this same sopping wet finger and worked down to Lilly's anus, inserting it slowly to the first knuckle. Lilly gasped loudly, spreading her legs wider to give Miley better access to her ass. Miley utilized this move by pushing her finger further into the blonde's tight ass, past her tight anal ring, working it slowly in and out as she continued sucking and licking Lilly's throbbing clit. She ran her tongue down Lilly's taint to her anus and rimmed her for a second. Lilly moaned louder and Miley smiled to herself, happy that she was about to give Lilly the orgasm of her young life.

Miley drooled all the spit she could onto Lilly's anus, working the lubricant into Lilly's ass with a second finger. Lilly shuddered and cried out as Miley inserted this second finger into her ass, causing Lilly to raise her buttocks off the bed to meet Miley's intrusion. Miley dived back into Lllly's pussy, licking her with a new intensity as she began to pump her fingers in and out of the fifteen year old's virgin asshole.

Lilly was bucking, moaning, and breathing deeply as her orgasm mounted under Miley's relentless assault on body. The young girl had masturbated before but never had anyone else offer her such incredible pleasure. She was practically floating in a sea of ecstasy. It was obscene how Miley was violating her ass, but she loved the feeling and wanted more.

Lilly's moans grew louder and more intense, her back arching up off the bed. Miley buried her nose in Lilly's clit as she dug her tongue into the girl's sopping wet pussy. Miley's drool slid down Lilly's crotch to her ass, where Miley's sticky fingers were now pumping in out of the poor girl's tight asshole.

Lilly went silent for a few seconds, her body tensed and went motionless, and she began crying out as she orgasmed in Miley's face. Miley could feel Lilly's pussy shudder with release and she kept licking, kept fingering her, prolonging Lilly's pleasure. Lilly eventually slumped back to onto the bed, her body relaxing as Miley stopped licking and slid her fingers out. She kissed Lilly's snatch and then darted out to the bathroom to clean off her hand. She dove back into bed, kissing Lilly and snuggling up against her. Lilly kissed her back passionaltely.

"Thanks, Miley. That was fucking amazing."

"Anything for you, Lilly. But you need to pop that cherry and feel a cock inside of you. That's ten times better than anything I can offer."

Lilly paused a moment. "What are you talking about, Miley? Who have you had sex with? Other than me?"

"Well, let's just say it's all in the family, sweetie, but if you stay the night tonight I'll tell you all about it."

"NO WAY!" Lilly was shocked, and yet somehow not surprised either. "Details, now, you bitch! You've been holding out on me!"

"Stay here this weekend and I promise to tell you everything."



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