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mentioned in this story are completely made up. Any likeness to the
characters in this work and real life people is completely a coincidence. Do
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than that enjoy!!!

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Hannah Montana: I Know!
by Skibbiez ([email protected])

"Look out Seaview High! Miley and Lilly have arrived!!!" The young Lilly
Truscott boasted as she and her best friend walked through the halls of
their new school.

"You're right Lilly, this is our time to make a name for ourselves, live our
lives, and most importantly meet some boys!" Miley said as she turned around
to follow a hunky senior.

"There's plenty of time for boys, we have to get to the auditorium." Lilly
said as she grabbed Miley's arm turning her back around.

"Aww! You're such a party pooper!" Miley said pouting.

The two girls continued walking through the halls when suddenly Miley's
cell phone began ringing. She pulled it from her pocket and stopped dead in
her tracks as she looked at the screen.

"Who is it?" Lilly asked with a concerned look on her face.

"I don't know, but read what it says!" Miley said as she handed over her

"Oh shit, Miley!" Lilly said looking back at her friend.

"Yeah no kidding, someone knows I'm Hannah Montana!" Miley said in a worried
voice. Lilly began texting the anonymous person back. "What are you doing?"
Miley asked attempting to grab her phone back from her best friend.

"Hang on!" Lilly said holding the phone away from Miley. "I'm gonna find out
who this person is!" She said as she hit send on the phone.

Almost instantly the phone began ringing again. "You'll find out soon enough,
come to room 275 at lunch" it read as the two girls both looked on anxiously.

"Holy shit!!! This is some fucked up stuff!" Lilly said as she handed the
phone back to Miley. "What are you going to do?" She continued.

As soon as she got the words out of her mouth the phone rang once more. Both
girls jumped.

"Bring that preppy bitch in the pink hat right beside you as well!" It said.

Both girls immediately looked around the school for potential suspects. They
didn't recognize anyone from the crowd.

"Well on a bright note it looks like we have a lunch date together!" Lilly
said flashing Miley a sincere smile as she wrapped her arm around her guiding
her to the auditorium.

The day continued on as normal. Although, it seemed, the classes seemed to
drag on forever. As the fifth period came to a close Hannah could feel her
heart begin to beat faster. She knew she was just moments away from meeting
the person that knew her deepest secret. As the bell began ringing throughout
the school, the kids in her class began to scramble for the door. Hannah,
however, just slowly arose from her seat and gathered her supplies. As she
slowly strolled out of the room her phone rang once again.

"It's time!" It displayed as she quickly folded it shut.

Once she got outside the class she was greeted by her cheerful friend, Lilly.

"Have you thought about what you are going to do?" Lilly asked wrapping her
arms around Miley.

"I have to do whatever they want!" Miley responded as she squeezed her best
friend in tight. "I can't let anyone know that I'm Hannah Montana!!!" She
said releasing the hug.

"Don't worry Miley, I'm your best friend, and I'll do whatever I can to help
keep your secret safe." Lilly said in an earnest voice.

Miley just looked down at her best friend and smiled half-heatedly.

Neither girl said another word the rest of the way to the classroom. They had
no idea what to expect or any idea who to expect would be in the room. They
finally arrived in front of the door to the class which was at the end of a
long hall. They both looked down the lengthy corridor and were discouraged as
no one was around. Attempting to peek into the window they couldn't see
anything in the dark room.

"You ready?" Miley asked looking over at her young best friend.

"As I'll ever be," Lilly said as she took a deep breath before twisting the
cool knob on the door.

"Umm, hello?" Miley blurted she began to walk into the room.

Lilly was behind her holding on to her shirt, but still attempting to look
over her shoulder to see who it was.

"Shut the door, and turn on the light!" A strong male voice said from behind
the desk.

Miley turned around and flipped the light switch as Lilly pulled the door

"Now the blinds!" The voice commanded.

"Once again Lilly turned towards the door and pulled down the blinds over the
small window.

"Anything else, master?" Miley stated sarcastically.

Both girls waited anxiously as they saw the large chair begin to turn around.

"I'm glad you said that, Hannah!" The voice said as he turned around finally
exposing himself. The two girls couldn't help but to laugh once they noticed
who it was.

"Rico!" Miley said as she grabbed Lilly's arm.

"What do you want, retard?" Lilly asked still a bit surprised that it was the
short pesky toad.

"First off, watch your tone with me or that secret is as good as exposed!" He
said as he stood from the desk.

"How bout we just beat your ass right now and we leave?" Miley said as she
began to approach him.

"Wait! Wait!!" Rico exclaimed. "That wouldn't do you any good. Because you
see I have pictures here that prove the fact that you are Hannah Montana!"
He said stopping Miley in her tracks. Rico reached back to the desk and
after throwing aside a few papers he pulled out a picture that showed Miley
changing into her Hannah Montana costume. Miley reached for the picture, but
Rico quickly pulled it back.

"Ah Ah Mile... I mean Hannah!" He said as he placed the picture back on the
desk. "But don't worry, my dad has plenty more and he's going to post them in
the surf shop if I don't call him after school." Rico said in a sly voice.

"So what do you want from me?" Miley asked crossing her arms.

"You came in with the right attitude!" He said boldly. "For the next hour
you and your little friend over there are going to be my slaves." He said

"What!?" Lilly exclaimed, "What do you mean slaves?" She continued moving
closer to the smaller boy.

"It's no secret that I've had a crush on both of you ever since I began
pestering your brother, and now I finally have an opportunity to make you
mine!" He said looking up at Miley, "Now do you agree to my terms or shall
I call my dad and have him post those pictures?" He asked as he reached in
his back pocket pulling out his cell phone.

Miley was conflicted. She in no way wanted to be this little geeks personal
slave, but she couldn't have the whole school find out that she was Hannah

"Don't do it Miley, he's probably just bluffing anyway!" Lilly said giving
Rico a snotty look.

"Trust me my dear, he has the pictures and WILL put them up!" He said
flashing Lilly a smug little smile.

Miley stared at the white tiled floor. "Okay, I will do whatever you want!"
She said in a defeated voice.

Lilly was shocked. "Miley, you don't have to do this!" She said grabbing
Miley's arms in her hands. "It's okay if the school finds out who you really
are." She said calmly.

"I know but..." Miley began to talk as she was interrupted.

"This is sweet, but I'm on a time schedule here!" Rico said, "Now Lilly
you're in this too, do you agree to do whatever I ask of you? Or do you want
to be the reason that your best friend's secret has been exposed?" He stated
again in a confident voice.

Lilly looked up at Miley and smiled. "Whatever Rico, I'll do what you want!"
She said as she slid her hand down to Miley's and gripped it tightly.

"We're done wasting time now, let's begin!" He said as he sat back in the
large chair. He took a moment to gaze over the two young beauties that stood
before him. Miley's long brown hair was strung down on each side of her
gorgeous face almost like a picture frame. She was wearing a tight grey
button up shirt that stopped just above her belly button exposing her tight
teenage stomach. Her small developing breasts were almost trying to bust
through the thin material. Her bottom was covered by a very short yellow and
grey checked skirt that stopped just above her mid-thigh. She had long tube
socks that came up to her knee caps leaving the rest of her petite legs fully

Rico could feel himself getting hard just by looking at the young beauty.
His eyes then focused on Lilly. Lilly was a bit smaller than Miley, and a bit
more conservative. Her long blonde hair was covered by a light pink sock hat
which forced her hair to frame her face inside of the blonde locks. Her shirt
was a pink lace shirt with a white tank top underneath concealing her
beautiful chest inside. Her breasts were smaller than Miley's but rounder
which Rico seemed to enjoy. Her tight bottom was covered by a pair of black
Capri pants that ended right around her mid calf. Both girls were very
beautiful to behold and the combination of the sight and his thoughts caused
Rico's cock to become fully erect.

"Miley... Lilly... How about you two come over to daddy and have a seat?" He
asked patting his legs with his small hands. The two girls looked at each
other knowing that they didn't have a choice and went and sat on the end of
his knees. "Now that can't be comfortable," He said as he wrapped his grimy
hands around their waists and directed them further onto his lap. Miley tried
to resist once she felt the probing sense of his cock prying into her back.
"Come on Miley, sit back and relax!" He said as he attempting to pull her
further back.

The feeling of her body pressing against his cock was amazing. Finally, Miley
stood up a bit and sat back down right on top of his throbbing member. "That
what you wanted you little scum?" She said as she looked back at him.

The feeling of his bulging cock below her teenage ass was disgusting, but
she knew she had to do it. Rico could hardly contain himself. His cock was
throbbing harder and harder as Miley's tiny body sat directly on top of it.

"That's perfect!" He managed to say. "How bout we see how close you two
really are?" He said looking over at both of them. "Give each other a kiss."
He commanded. The two girls were shocked.

"Rico..." Lilly tried to plea, but he interrupted her.

"I don't have time for you to contemplate this. Do it now!" He said in a
controlling voice.

Miley looked over at Lilly and closed her eyes leaning her head forward.
Within seconds their lips touched. The feeling of her best friend's moist
lips on hers sent goose bumps throughout Miley's young body. They immediately
pulled apart. "There! You got your jollies now hand over the picture!"
Miley said looking back at Rico.

"You call that a kiss? I kiss my mom juicier than that!" He said laughing.
"I want to see a kiss that I can remember!" He said as he began stroking the
young girl's tiny stomachs.

Miley took a deep breath and leaned in once again finding Lilly's juicy lips.
Once they were connected she opened her mouth and began to guide her tongue
along Lilly's slim lips. Lilly slowly opened her mouth and allowed Miley's
tongue inside. Instantly their tongues were tied together, and shocking them
both Rico began sliding his hand up further their petite bodies on the inside
of their shirts. They continued kissing just until he reached the bottom of
their small developing breasts. They both pulled away and halted Rico's

"I don't remember telling you to stop, but its fine," He said, "Time to move
on anyway." He continued.

Lilly was still in a state of amazement that she had just kissed her best

"Lilly, I want you to stand up and strip for us!" He commanded hoisting the
young blonde up to her vertical.

Lilly was shocked. "Umm, you want me to do what?" She asked rhetorically.

"You heard me, now do it!" He instructed.

Lilly looked over at Miley who just looked back at her with a sincere look on
her face. "You owe me big time for this!" She said as she lifted her foot and
began removing her shoes. Miley lipped "sorry" as she watched on in
discomfort. Lilly threw her shoes aside and flipped the pink sock hat behind
her. She reached down and gripped the seam of her two shirts and took a deep
breath before she lifted it up and over her head.

Rico's eyes lit up at the sight. His hands immediately began stroking across
Miley's exposed stomach. The feeling of his small scaly hands on her smooth
stomach made her even more uncomfortable.

"Please don't do that!" She said in a controlling voice.

"Miley, I'm sorry but for the next 52 minutes... I'm in charge!" He said as
he guided his small hands under her shirt even further up her tight stomach.

Lilly continued to undress as she pulled her pants down her petite legs. She
stepped out of them and stood directly in front of the two standing only in
her underwear. She attempted to cross her arms mortified at what she was
doing. As she stood there trying to cover the rest of her body that was not
exposed, Rico had his hand fully inside of Miley's shirt cupping her small
breasts. The continued molestation caused her to attempt to scoot up, but
with his free hand he managed to keep her in his control.

"Continue..." He stated in a calm voice.

"Come on Rico!" She pleaded.

"Take the rest of your damn clothes off!!" He yelled as he once again
squeezed Miley's tiny breast.

Lilly began to cry as she reached behind her to unclasp her bra.

"Wait... I've got a better idea." He said as he removed his hands from
Miley's goose bump covered body. "You do it!" He commanded of Miley as
he hoisted her off his lap.

Miley's first thought was to head for the door, but she knew that her secret
would be exposed. She slowly walked over to her best friend and started
behind her.

"No, I want you to do it while kissing her!" He said in an excited voice.

"Rico..." Miley said turning to the young boy.

"Do it!" He once again commanded.

Miley turned and faced Lilly. "I am sooo sorry!" She cried out as she reached
behind her attempting to locate the clasp of her bra. Once she found it she
once again leaned in placing her mouth on Lilly's moist lips. The sensation
once again sent goose bumps throughout the young girl's body. Miley continued
working on the bra until she got it undone. She continued to run her tongue
over Lilly's lips as she slid the straps from her shoulders allowing the
white bra to hit the floor.

Once she was fully exposed Lilly pulled away from the kiss. "I can't do
this!!" She said crossing her arms.

"Miley, I want you to take off her panties now." Rico instructed paying no
attention to Lilly's statement.

"Please Lilly, he'll expose me!" Miley said quietly as she slid her hands
down Lilly's firm sides gripping the smooth fabric of her panties and
continued her journey down her legs pulling the thin material down as she
went. Lilly was now fully nude. She tried to cover up, but wasn't having
much luck.

"That's a good girl!" Rico said, "Now why don't you come back over here and
we'll give Hannah a turn." He said patting his leg once again.

Lilly now visibly upset began to slowly walk towards her master. Upon
approaching she could obviously see his cock trying to pry its way through
his khaki pants. When she was close enough Rico reached out and forced her
down right on top of the bulging member.

"Miley, when you're ready." He said as his hands immediately began their
journey all over Lilly's tiny little body. Miley slowly began to unbutton her
shirt as she just glared over at her best friend while Rico assaulted her
body with his hands. His right hand was rubbing across and grabbing her small
breasts as his other hand was stroking back and forth on her lower stomach
just above her most precious region. Lilly would attempt to get away, but
Rico would just pull her back to him. Miley got her top off and threw it to
the side. She slowly unzipped her skirt and took a deep breath.

"Turn around," he said, "I want to see that fine ass!" He continued as he
gently grazed his hand over Lilly's small forming patch of pubic hair.

Miley slowly turned around and began sliding her skirt down her long athletic
legs. Rico was fully aroused and was taking it out on Lilly's precious body.
His hand was violently ripping at her small breasts while his other hand had
found its way to her pussy and was vigorously rubbing across the moist
region. Miley's ripe young ass was sticking straight up in the air as she
stepped out of her skirt. She turned back around and stood in front of the
two in just her bra and panties.

"This is great!" He said, "Continue!" He said smiling from ear to ear.

"You sure you don't want Lilly to do it?" Miley said attempting to free her
friend from his grasp.

Rico thought for a minute and allowed her up. "That's not a bad idea at all!"
He said. Lilly jumped up at the chance and stood in front of her half naked
friend. "But! I want to see a more sexual kiss!" He said stroking his cock
through his jeans.

"Look Lilly," Miley said as she pulled her in close, "it's just us here,
let's just do this and get it over with" she said placing a slight peck on
Lilly's forehead.

"I can't do it..." Lilly cried out pulling back.

Miley just leaned in and began to once again passionately kiss her best
friend. She slid her warm smooth hands down Lilly's stringy arms and then
proceeded to pull them up to her sides almost instructing her on what to

Lilly took the next step and gripped Miley's bra in-between her fingers and
unsnapped the clasp. Within seconds Miley was standing topless as they
continued to be joined at the mouth. This time, however, it was Lilly that
was making the advancement and was sliding her tongue around Miley's mouth
as she tried to protrude into her mouth. Miley finally allowed the entrance
and the two girls were entwined in a French kiss. Miley slid her hand up
Lilly's face and began running her hand through the young girls long blonde
hair. With her free hand she slid it up Lilly's slim body and gripped her
small breast in between her hand. Lilly pulled back a bit at the new
sensation, but Miley just pushed her head back to her. Rico was in heaven
as he had managed to fish his cock out of his jeans and was stroking his 6
inch member as he watched the two girls of his dreams making out right in
front of him. A few minutes went by as the two girls finished up.

Miley slid her fingers down Lilly's rosy cheeks as the two girls once again
faced their master. Both of them were disgusted at the site that was before
them. Rico was vigorously stroking his cock as he gazed over the both of

"Get those panties off her!" He said gazing into Lilly's beautiful blue

Miley took her best friends hands and placed them on her sides. She slowly
guided Lilly's small hands down until she reached her panty line. Lilly
gripped the tiny string in her fingers and the two girls' hands slid the
rest of the way down Miley's long legs. Miley stepped out of her panties
and they both stood once again. They stood side by side, both in the nude.
Rico continued to check them out. Miley looked gorgeous. Her tiny developing
breasts barely sticking out of her chest as her puffy brown nipples were
fully erect. Her pussy was bald as a baby's bottom, but still looked very
enticing. Lilly had slightly larger chest but they were still small. Her
breasts were as round as a baseball, and her tiny dime sized nipples were
likewise erect from all the added attention. Her virginous flower had sprung
a small patch of blonde pubic hair that surrounded her tiny slit. The two
girls looked amazing.

Miley looked up at the clock. "Well, we're naked and still more than thirty
minutes left... Ain't it time you fucked us?" She said boldly as she crossed
her arms.

The statement caught both, Lilly and Rico, by surprise. "Miley!" Lilly said
grabbing at her friend.

"No," Rico said laughing, "but I want you two to fuck!" He said sternly.

Lilly's eyes grew to the size of golf balls. "Rico that's insane!" Lilly
cried out, "We're not lesbians!" She continued.

"Well unless lil miss Hannah Montana over there wants the whole world to know
her secret, then I suggest you become lesbians!" He said firmly.

Lilly looked back at Miley and within seconds Miley had her arms wrapped
around the petite young girl. "Miley we can't do this!" Lilly pleaded.

"Please Lilly, no one can find out my secret!" She said as she brushed the
hair back from Lilly's face before gently pressing her lips once again to her

Rico sat back in amazement as once again the two were engaged in a very sexy
and passionate kiss. Miley's hand slid down Lilly's petite body once more
grabbing her small firm breasts. Lilly instinctively proceeded to do the same
as she slid her hand across Miley's tall and sexy body gripping her tiny
breasts into her hands. The two remained locked in their kiss as slowly Miley
began to lead Lilly backwards until the two were greeted by the cool texture
of the wall. Once against the wall Miley released the kiss leaving Lilly
begging for more as she followed Miley's head away from hers. Miley looked
into Lilly's large blue eyes and smiled before plunging her head downward
grabbing Lilly's small breast between her lips. Lilly let out a slight moan
as she began to run her hands through Miley's long dark hair. Lilly could not
believe the feeling that was taking over her. Miley continued to suck on
Lilly's fully erect nipples all the while her hands continued roaming over
her silky smooth skin. Within moments she leaned back up and gave her a small
peck on her mouth. "Lay down..." Miley said quietly as she slowly slid down
Lilly's firm body guiding her to the floor.

Lilly met Miley on the cool tile floor as she lay back with her back against
the hard brick wall. Miley leaned in and gave Lilly another kiss right on her
juicy red lips. Lilly was still a bit timid of what was happening, but she
couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of Miley's soft touch. As Miley continued
to kiss her and run her tongue all across Lilly's mouth she slid her hands
down Lilly's petite body until she reached her tender pussy. Lily tried to
back up some as Miley ran her tiny fingers across her slit. Miley released
the kiss and slowly began kissing her way down her young best friend's body
making sure to cover every inch paying close attention to her budding
breasts. Lilly began running her hands through her long blonde hair as Miley
continued her journey down her small firm body. Miley's face was just inches
away from Lilly's tiny clit as she looked up and stared into Lilly's glazed
over eyes. The smell of her sweet virgin pussy was enticing and without
anymore hesitation Miley burrowed her tongue deep inside the moist clit.

Lilly let out a loud screech as Miley began probing her tongue deeper inside
her tiny little body. She aggressively grabbed at her small breasts pulling
on her nipples before letting loose. She could not believe the fact that her
best friend was eating her pussy and she was actually enjoying it. Miley
continued licking all around the forbidden flower as she brought her fingers
in and probed her index and middle finger into Lilly's wet cunt. Lilly let
out another loud scream of pleasure while Miley swiftly whipped her tongue
back and forth over Lilly's pussy while probing her two fingers quickly in
and out. Lilly bit her bottom lip because she knew that she wasn't going to
be able to take much more. Miley swifter and quicker began probing her
fingers deeper inside of the young girl forcing her to become wetter and
wetter. Lilly was screaming in pleasure with every thrust until finally she
climaxed. Miley removed her fingers and slowly began kissing her way back up
the young girl's body. Lilly just lay back against the wall with her hand
wrapped around her tiny breast in an orgasmic state. Miley continued to kiss
her way back up reaching her small budding breasts sucking on the two mounds
of flesh for a moment before continuing her journey back up. The two locked
lips once again and this time instantly their tongues were entwined in a very
passionate kiss. Lilly's hands were roaming all across Miley's breasts as
were Miley's on hers.

From behind Miley came a new set of hands that cupped her tiny breasts.
Startled Miley immediately turned around to see Rico standing directly behind
her with his rock hard cock as the only thing in her line of sight. "Lilly,
my dear, you are dismissed!" He said as he grabbed the back of Miley's head.
"We need some alone time." He continued as he brought Miley to her feet.

He wrapped his arm around the gorgeous young teen allowing his hand to fold
over and cup her right breast. Miley tried to back away, but he was a bit
stronger. Lilly regained her composure and made it to her feet. As she
attempting to go by the two Rico wrapped his arm around her as well. The
young timid girl froze as he cupped her breast as well in his hand. "But
there is still time for one last kiss before you go!" He said as he guided
them together while his hand remained on each of their small breasts.

The two girls leaned in once more sharing a kiss. Rico watched on in
amazement as he was sandwiched between two beautiful young girls that were
making out. He gently squeezed on their breasts as he became more excited
causing them to release their kiss. "Amazing Lilly, you did great!" He said
as he let her go.

As she walked away he took the opportunity to grab her firm ass causing her
to move a bit faster away. Lilly quickly got dressed and headed for the door
as she stopped to look back at her best friend. "Miley?" She said in a
concerned voice.

"Don't worry, she's fine!" Rico said pulling her in closer. Lilly opened the
door and vanished from the room. "The way I see it my dear, we still have 13
minutes left in lunch period, and I want to make the most of it!" He said as
he began to stroke his oozing cock.

"You can't fuck me!" Miley said concerned, "I'm still a virgin!" She
continued looking over at her captor.

"No I'm not going to fuck you," he said leading her back over to the desk.
"I'm going to fuck Hannah!" He said as he reached back and pulled out a
blonde wig.

"Oh my god" Miley said in a shocked voice. "You cannot be serious!" She said
again surprised.

"Put it on and lay down," he said as he handed her the wig, "You're wasting
precious time!" He continued.

Miley slowly slid the wig to fit her head and pushed the hair out from in
front of her face.

"You're beautiful Hannah, now kiss me!" He instructed.

Disgusted, Miley leaned down and started to give him a gentle kiss, but Rico
pulled her tightly into him and wrapping his hands around her head he planted
his dry lips onto her plump lips. Miley's eyes shot wide open as she
struggled to break free. Rico wouldn't allow it and kept his tight grip
around her. He pried his tongue into her mouth entwining it with her. He
swiftly slid his hands down her tiny body reaching her lower back. He quickly
began walking towards her, but at the same time pulling her towards him until
he gained the leverage needed to lay her down on the floor. Once she lay on
the floor, he slowly climbed on top of her placing his knees on each side of
her skinny body straddling her. His cock was sticking straight up in the air
directly above her bright pink pussy. Miley for the first time in the whole
encounter was terrified. She did not want to have sex with this boy, but even
more so she couldn't allow him to expose her. Rico looked down in her eyes as
his grimy hands clutched her small breasts.

He leaned down to kiss her once more pressing his cock directly against her
warm pussy. Tears began to form in her eyes as she felt the sticky juice ooze
from his cock onto her vagina. She squirmed a bit to get away, but he had her
pinned down. He scooted down just enough to where he could get to her budding
breasts with his mouth. As he leaned down to take them into his mouth the tip
of his cock pressed against her virgin slit. Miley attempted to scoot forward
to prevent it from happening, but to no avail. The next moment it happened.
He slid forward inserting his cock inside her. She let out a gentle moan of
pain and pleasure as he continued sliding forward on top of her inserting his
cock even further. He gently pinched her puffy nipples while he retreated a
bit only to jam his massive rod back inside her further.

Miley couldn't believe how good this felt to her. Every inch of her body was
tensing up with every thrust that Rico would pound into her. Rico would
occasionally lean in and give Miley's small erect nipples a light peck before
putting the puffy mounds between his teeth giving them a gentle bite. The
sensation sent chills throughout her young body. He began to plunge his cock
deeper and deeper into her nubile body at a more intense rate as he felt his
cock about to explode.

At the last moment he slowly slid the large rod from her pussy and almost
instantly began spewing his warm jizz all over the floor beside Miley. Miley
quickly regained her composure and not wanting to show her enjoyment quickly
got to her feet. Rico slowly rose to his as well and pulled his pants back up
around his waist. Miley began to walk in front of him as he grabbed her once
again placing his arm around her shoulder like before cupping her tiny breast
in his sweaty hand. Miley crunched up as his other hand began to stroke
around in small circles on her stomach.

"That was great Hannah!" He said in a cocky voice as he led his hand down
grazing over her pussy.

Miley tried to pull herself from his grip, but failed. Rico leaned over and
gave her a light kiss on the top of her breast before letting her go.

"You are finished," he said as he walked back to the desk to admire her as
she gathered her belongings.

"Then my secret is safe then, right?" She said as she began to put her
clothes back on.

"Yes, I will call my dad and tell him to destroy the pictures," Rico said
propping himself up on the desk. "That is, unless you want me to keep them?"
He asked with a sly smirk on his face.

Miley knew what he was implying and immediately answered. "Destroy the
pictures and I never want to see your disgusting face again!" She said as she
finished putting her clothes on. Rico just laughed as he watched Miley make
her way to the door.

"Oh Hannah, just one more thing!" He said jumping down from the desk. Miley
slowly turned back around. "My wig?" He said holding out his hand. Miley took
the blonde wig off and threw it at him as she exited the room.

The End!
_ _ _

Hope you enjoyed this fiction. I would like to hear from you if you liked it
or not to see what improvements I can make on my next fic. Thank you for
reading and stay tuned for my next story! [email protected]


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