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Hannah Montana: Life Of Miley Part 1 - The Dentist
by Skibbiez

"I can't believe that Monday will be the 5Th anniversary of mom's death." Miley said to her father, Robbie as the two of them fondled through some old family pictures.

"Yeah," He said as he wrapped his arms around his 15 year old daughter pulling her tightly into him. "We've been through a lot in those five years aint we kid?" He asked as he gave her a soft peck on her head. "I just wish your mother could see how you and your brother have turned out," He said looking down at one of her pictures. "She would be so damn proud of you!" He said again as tears began forming in his eyes.

"Ohh Yeah!" Miley said laughing, "I'm multi platinum recording artist, Hannah Montana!" She again said laughing trying to lighten up the mood. Miley knew how upset her father got every year around the anniversary of her mothers death. He had been on dates since she died, but no one could live up to the standards he had.

"Now don't go gettin all big headed on me now," He said smiling down at her as he hugged her once again. He continued looking down at her while she thumbed through some more pictures. He couldn't believe how beautiful she was getting. She was turning into an exact replica of her mother. He watched as her luscious red lips surrounded the large blow pop she had been sucking on for quite sometime. He couldn't help but get a little turned on from the sight. He knew it was wrong but in his current mind state he couldn't stop himself from gazing down her body staring directly at her firm teenage breasts. She was wearing a low-cut white tube top that much to his pleasure showed off much of her young cleavage, and adding to his pleasure from his angle he could see directly down her shirt right to her green bra. He could feel himself getting hard as he continued to check out his young daughter. He wanted more than anything to just reach out and grab her two perfectly round perky breasts, but he knew that he had to control himself.

"OWWWWIE!!!" Miley screamed out bringing Robbie back to reality. "OWWWIE OWWWIE OWWIEEEEEE!" She again screamed as she clutched her hand against her jaw.

"What's that matter sweetie?!" Robbie said excitedly not knowing what had happened?

"I hink I roke a hooth!" She said as she continued to hold onto her jaw.

"What?" Robbie laughed.

"I hink I broke a tooth!" She again sputtered out "Shut up!!" She said as she pushed him away playfully, "It's not funny!" She said again grabbing her jaw.

"I don't know why you want to ruin them beautiful teeth anyway with all that candy you eat," He said as he stood up nonchalantly adjusting his hardened cock. "I'll call Dentist Froman and see when he'll be able to get you in." He said as he walked towards the phone.

"Crazy da say whaa????" Miley said as she stood up. "You can't call the dentist!" She said while holding her jaw. "I'll be fine!!" She said not wanting to go to the dentist. Ever since she was a little girl she was terrified of the dentist.

"Miley I know you're scared of the dentist, but you have to go and get that tooth fixed," He said picking up the phone. "Don't worry, you'll be fine." He said while he dialed the number.

Robbie continued talking on the phone for the next 10 minutes while Miley sat on the couch holding an ice pack on her face. Finally, he hung up the phone and walked back over to his daughter.

"Well you have two options," He said gazing down at her. "You can either wait until next Tuesday, where I would be able to go with you." He stated, "Or you can go in today and I can drop you off on the way to Uncle Earl's and pick you up when we're finished working on his boat." He continued once again taken back by the beauty that sat before him. He led his eyes up her beautifully tan legs all the way up until he was stopped by her short cotton gym shorts.

As much as she hated it Miley knew that she couldn't bear this pain for another week, and that she had no alternative but to go today. "I guess I'll go today then," She said softly. "I mean, I am 15 years old now I can go to the dentist by myself!" She said trying to convince herself more than her dad.

"Come here," Robbie said pulling his young daughter up, "Your mother would be so proud of you!" He said before wrapping his arms around his little girl bringing her sweet body into his. The feeling of her soft body pressed against his immediately gave him a hard on. He pulled her tighter pressing his hardened cock against her stomach before before releasing her. "You better go get ready," He said. "You gotta be there before 2:30," he continued as they both simultaneously gazed over at the clock that read 2:06.

Robbie watched as she walked out of the room. He couldn't believe how turned on he was. He always got a little hornier around the time of his wife's death, but never to this extent. He picked up a few of his deceased wife's pictures and smiled as he thumbed through them. He began to slowly stroke his cock through his tight jeans as he looked through the pictures. He didn't know why, but he was picturing his little Miley in every picture. He continued to pleasure himself for the next 5 minutes until he heard Miley come into the room.

"You ready?" She asked softly still nervous about going to the dentist for the first time by herself.

As she walked up him Robbie couldn't help but to check her out once again. She had changed into an extremely tight white spaghetti strap shirt that seemed to cling onto every curve of her young upper body. Her small developing breasts were visible from the amount of cleavage that was being displayed. His eyes continued down to the black and red plaid skirt that barely came down to her mid-thigh. She had a pair of white socks that came up to just below her knees and it was topped off with a pair of black tennis shoes. Robbie could not believe how sexy he thought his daughter was. "You're going to the dentist in that?" He asked a little choked up.

"Well yeah dad," She said as she began leading him out the door. "You never know who I could run into!" She said laughing as the two exited the house.

The whole ride was silent. Miley was getting more nervous with each passing mile. She would rub the sweat from her hands on her skirt causing it to ride up her thighs even more than it already was. Robbie would take every chance he could to gaze down at his young teenage daughters gorgeous tan legs. He decided he would be a little brave and make a move. He placed his hand on her upper thigh and began to slowly move it up. He looked over at her as she was staring back at him. He smiled at her "You gonna be okay?" He asked softly as he continued up her leg stopping right as he got to her skirt line. Her soft skin felt so good to his touch.

"Yeah I'll be fine," She said flashing him a sweet smile as she placed her hand on top of his. "I'm a big girl now!" She said laughing.

"Yes you are sweetheart." He said as he led his hand up just a bit further to where it was just inside her skirt and he gently squeezed her meaty thigh before releasing his grip and pulling into the dentist office. "Here we are," He said looking out his window. "Do you want me to go in with you to get you registered and everything?" He asked peering back at Miley.

"No dad, I got this." She said as she gave him a quick hug before exiting the car. Robbie watched as she walked into the dentist's office almost wishing gust of wind would blow her skirt up to give him a glimpse of her perfect ass. As she entered he lost all hope and drove away.

Miley entered the office and immediately surveyed the place over. She laughed to herself as she saw all the kids probably 8 or 9 laughing and having a good time without a care in the world. She slowly walked up to the window. "Hi... I'm Miley..." She began to say before the attractive young lady behind the counter stopped her.

"Yes Ms. Stewart if you would just have a seat right over there Doctor Froman will see you in just a few minutes." She said directing Miley to one of the seats in the waiting room.

"Okay," Miley said softly, "Thank you," She continued before turning back around and sitting down.

"ARE YOU GETTING YOUR TEETH PULLED OUT!?!" A bratty young boy yelled out at her.

"No," she laughed, "He's just going to fix my tooth that I broke eating candy," She continued. "So if you don't want all your teeth to fall out you better not eat anymore candy for the rest of your life!" She said in a powerful voice sending fear into the little boy as he ran back to his mother that gave Miley an evil stare. Miley laughed again and picked up a magazine.

"Miley Stewart," The nurse said before she could even open the magazine. "The doctor will see you now." She said in a sensitive voice.

Miley placed the magazine down as she stood up. She took a deep breath as she forced her skirt down as low as it would go. "You can do this Miles, it's just a dentist!" She said to herself as she followed the nurse to the back.

The nurse took her to the room that was all the way in the back of the office, "Here we are, Room 6" She said cheerfully, "Go ahead and hop up in that chair and Doctor Froman will be right in, okay!" She said again in a very upbeat voice.

"Thanks..." Miley muttered nervously.

"Is there anything i can get you while you wait?" She asked sincerely. "A water, juice, or anything?" She continued.

"Not unless you have some nerve medicine," Miley joked as she watched the nurse walk out of the room shutting the door behind her. Miley crawled up into the dentist chair and pulled her skirt back down. "Thinking back this was a bad idea to wear," she said to herself trying to keep her mind off of what was about to happen.

Within a few minutes the door opened once again and in walked a middle aged man wearing a white doctors coat. He was a larger man that what Miley had remembered standing at about 6'3'' and weighed somewhere around 223-250lbs. His graying hair was beginning to recede further back into his head. His eyes were fixed on Miley's petite young body which made her even more uncomfortable. She immediately began to pull her skirt down as low as it would go to cover herself up even more.

"Ahh Miley Stewart," He bolted out, "You've grown a bit since the last time you were in my office." He said as he made his way over to his swivel stool and pulled up her chart. "Looks like you were only 12 years old the last time you were here." He continued looking up at her over the top of his glasses in an agitated manner.

"Yeah I know, I'm sorry Doc but you see I'm kind of nervous coming here and I've been taking really good care of my teeth!" She said trying to convince him.

"I can tell," He said sarcastically. "That's why you're here now with one broken." He said again in an aggravated tone. "But that's the past, lets move on." He said scooting closer to Miley's chair. "Why don't you open up so I can have a look at what you've done." He instructed as he readjusted the lamp that was above Miley's head. Miley once again took a deep breath as she opened her mouth widely for the dentist and leaned her head back. "That a girl now this wont hurt a bit I'm just going to have a look at what I'm going to be working with here." He said as he leaned in and looked intently at Miley's pearly whites. "Lookin good Miley, Lookin real good!" He said much to Miley's delight. "Oh wait..." He said, "That's not good he said as he reached for his tooth scraper.

"What's the problem?" She asked in a concerned voice. "This ain't gonna hurt is it?" She asked again in a scared voice.

"Well it seems as though it's worse off than I thought, this may hurt a little bit." He said as he leaned her head back. "Please open your mouth as wide as you can." He instructed. Miley obliged and Doctor Froman began again pillaging inside of young Miley Stewart's mouth. He began probing his scraper across her tooth causing Miley to screech in pain. "Yep that's what I thought." He said placing the scraper back down on the table. "The tooth can't be saved," He said as he turned on a gas valve.

"What do you mean it can't be saved!?!?" Miley asked anxiously. "YOU CAN"T PULL IT!" She said again terrified.

"Don't worry Miley," He said, "It won't hurt I'm going to put you to sleep during the entire procedure." He assured her. "You will not feel a thing!" He continued in an assuring voice. "Now put on this mask and count backwards from 50 as I go tell Nurse Mitchell to hold my appointments. He said placing the gas mask over her mouth and nose as he exited the room.

Miley began to slowly breath in the gas and started to count backwards from 50 as he had instructed. As she got to 42 her eyes began to feel heavy, and within a few seconds she was out. Doctor Froman waiting a few more minutes before coming back in as he wanted to make sure she was completely out before coming back. Finally after about 10 minutes of being under the gas he was assured she would be completely unconscious he re-entered the room. He stood over his young victim admiring her youthful beauty. He removed the gas mask from her face and ran his old dry hand across her smooth face tracing his finge+r across her luscious lips. Miley didn't move a muscle from his touch. He slid his hand down her neck and across her exposed upper chest before cupping her small developing breast in his large dry hand. Miley shuffled a bit but Doctor Froman knew that it was just her subconscious and that she was out cold. He continued to gently squeeze her perky young breasts while he leaned down and gave her a kiss directly on top of her lips.

The feeling of her young lips shot a sensation throughout his body. He pried his tongue inside her mouth and began roaming around inside hers while he began to more firmly squeeze her breasts through her shirt. After a few minutes of passionately kissing the young unconscious girl he backed away once again admiring her beauty. He wiped the saliva from his lips before leaning down once again and gripping the bottom seam of her shirt and slowly began pulling it up exposing her green lace bra. Her tiny nipples were fully erect and somewhat visible through the lacy material, but not enough for the evil doctor. He quickly gripped the bra and brought it up above her firm tits allowing them to bounce free. After they were completely free and visible he placed both his hands on her meaty mounds and began to run his hands across her fully erect nipples giving them a gentle pinch with every pass. He leaned down and gave her yet another kiss on her lips, but wasn't stopping there as he continued to kiss down her neck to her chest and finally stopping on her breasts sucking on her pointy nipples. His cock was raging inside his pants and he knew that he had to release his monster.

He finally backed away again and took his coat off and moved on to his pants next not once taking his eyes off his topless beauty. He pushed his pants down allowing his cock to bounce up only being constricted now by his boxers. Within seconds those too where down and his raging cock was standing straight out in front of him like a compass needle pointing a direction. He placed one hand on his cock and slowly began to stroke his throbbing member and his other hand was once again on Miley's sweet body. He slowly slid his hand down reaching her waist. He slid his fingers across her skirt line before continuing down her skirt to her legs. The feeling of her soft skin felt so good against his dry elderly hands. Finally he reached the bottom of her skirt and he reversed his direction causing the skirt to come up with his hand. Seconds later her skirt was resting on her stomach exposing her matching green lace panties. He ran his hand all across her panties stroking his finger up and down her pussy slit in the middle of the panties. He noticed a wet spot had formed from his attention to her forbidden area.

"Enough teasing my dear" He said to his unconscious victim as he removed his hand from his cock and proceeded to pull her thin panties down her long athletic legs. He peered back up at her now exposed crotch. Her pussy had a perfectly shaved triangle directly above her thin pink slit. Her pussy looked so inviting Doctor Froman slid his large hands up her legs until he reached her juicy crotch stroking his fingers across her tiny slit. He led his fingers up to his mouth and tasted her young juice before returning his hands back down. He teased her pussy for a few more minutes before finally inserting his finger inside her young virgin pussy. He swiftly probed his finger in and out of her young pussy getting faster and harder with every thrust. With his free hand he led it up her petite body once again cupping her perky breasts squeezing them harder as he thrusted his now two fingers deeper inside the young girl. He leaned down and once again began kissing her on the lips as he finger fucked her virgin pussy. He sucked on her lips pulling them out before releasing them. She tasted so good he knew that it was time that he had her.

Miley began to stir even more as she remained unconscious while Doctor Froman slowly pulled his fingers from her pussy. His cock now seeping with pre-cum was aching for some attention of it's own. He once again slid the gas mask upon her face to prevent her from waking up and he slowly inched towards her with his cock in his hand. His heart pounded as he mounted her and placed his cock directly in front of her fuming pussy. He slowly slid his slick cock across her juicy slit sending shots of ecstasy throughout his body. Finally, he inserted his cock inside and immediately shot some cum inside the young unconscious girl. He continued to thrust his meaty cock further inside her tight body as he leaned down and once again began sucking on her perky nipples. Her warm pussy wrapped around his large cock like a glove. Doctor Froman couldn't believe how good she was feeling. He had fucked other girls in the past but none with the beauty that Miley portrayed. He slowly retreated a bit before shoving it inside once again. He began biting and tugging on her nipples as he thrusted faster and faster in and out of her. He ripped the gas mask off her beautiful face and began kissing all across her mouth once again. He forced his tongue inside her mouth and once again licked the inside of her mouth all the while he continued to pound her tight pussy.

Finally, he knew he was on the brink of cumming and he knew that he couldn't cum inside her. He slowly withdrew his cock from her limp body leaving a trail of cum all the way. He slid off her kissing his entire way down. He maneuvered himself up to Miley's pretty young face. He forced her mouth open and instantly slid his massive cock deep inside her mouth almost causing her to gag in her sleep. He probed his cock in and out of her mouth forcing the cum to rush from it like a rushing waterfall. He turned on the saliva sucker to suck out his cum so that she didn't choke on it and continued to fuck her young mouth.

"That's it bitch..." He muttered quietly, "There's no reason to be afraid of the dentist!" He continued. He ran his hands through her long brown hair while he continued to probe his cock in and out of her mouth. When he had finished his cock had gone limp and he sucked the remaining cum out of the mouth with the saliva sucker. He reached in his desk and grabbed his camera. He began snapping a few pictures of her nude unconscious body.

"Nurse can you come in here and clean her up?" He asked pushing the button on the telephone.

"Certainly Doctor," The voice replied, "I'll be right there!" She said eagerly.

Doctor Froman continued snapping pictures of Miley's unconscious body even turning her over so that he was able to get her ass in a few shots.

A few minutes later in walked Nurse Mitchell. She was a middle aged blonde nurse that had only been at the office for a few years, but quickly caught on to what went on in the office. There was a reason that she made the kind of money she made.

"Oh my!" She exclaimed. "She's much hotter naked!" She said laughing as she ran her hands across the young girl's nude body.

"We have to hurry," Doctor Froman stated. "I still have to finish the procedure and I can't give her much more anesthesia." He continued.

"Okay Doctor" Nurse Mitchell replied as she began scrubbing the cum from Miley's face.

"Why don't you lick it off and I'll snap some pictures of that!" He said taking a couple pictures of his sexy nurse.

"Alright!" She said cheerfully as she leaned down and placed her plump cherry lips on top of Miley's and began licking across her luscious young lips. Doctor Froman began snapping pictures of the two as she continued to kiss her. She slowly moved from her mouth and began licking all across Miley's pretty innocent face and down her neck until she finally reached her tits. She started sucking on her tits while the evil doctor continued to add to his sick collection.

"Clean up around her pussy and we have to get through with this!" He instructed as he watched Nurse Mitchel lick her way down to Miley's torn vagina and she began licking across her juicy tender lips. Miley once again began to stir and moan. The nurse inserted her tongue inside the young girls vagina and began lashing back and forth across the tender area. Miley was getting more and more restless and was starting to come to.

"Okay Nurse that's enough." He said placing the gas mask back on her face. "We need to get her dressed and finish the procedure before her father gets worried!" He instructed.

The two did just that, and as soon as Doctor Froman completed the procedure Miley began to wake up. She had no idea what had happened while she was asleep, but she had an unfamiliar pain in her vagina.

"Did everything go okay?" She said rubbing her head trying to come to.

"Yes Miley, we got the tooth out and I actually had to fill another." The doctor said looking at his latest victim. "Your dad is outside waiting for you whenever you're ready," he said as he exited the room.

Miley slowly got up with the room spinning as she was still high from all the gas he had given her. She cautiously walked towards the door and left the room. She finally made it out of the office and began walking towards her dads car when suddenly that burst of wind her dad had hoped for the first time came and blew her skirt right up just enough to give him a clear view of her pussy. Robbie couldn't believe that his daughter wasn't wearing any panties! Miley, herself, could not believe it.

"Did I forget to put my underwear on before I came here?" She asked herself trying to remember getting dressed. The drugs that she was on had her mind all turned around, and she couldn't remember if she had or hadn't. She climbed in the car hoping that her father didn't see her little "flash", but it was all he needed to send him over the edge and he was already plotting how he would have his own daughter!

The End

Stay tuned for Chapter 2!!!!!!!!

But do remember that this is a work of fiction. Any names that were used in this story were made up and any similarities between people in my story and people in real life living or dead is completely a coincidence. I do not intend any harm with this story nor do I wish you any harm in reading this story. Remember folks its all made up!!!

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