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mentioned in this story are completely made up. Any likeness to the
characters in this work and real life people is completely a coincidence. Do
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than that enjoy!!!

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Hannah Montana: My Daughter's Gifts
by Skibbiez ([email protected])

"You just enjoy yourself angel and I'll see you next week." Robbie Stewart
said to his teenage sensation daughter, Miley Stewart, better known to the
world as Hannah Montana.

"I will daddy!" Miley said as she wrapped her arms around her muscular

They released the hug and Miley walked off towards the car. As she was
walking away swaying her ample teenage ass back and forth, Robbie couldn't
help but get a little turned on from watching his young daughter. He just
laughed at the thoughts and walked back in the house. He flopped down on
his large couch and turned on the television until he eventually fell asleep.

As he drifted further into his sleep, the sound of the doorbell rang loudly
throughout his large beachfront house causing him to roll off the couch into
the floor. "What the hell?" He said gathering himself.

He slowly made his way over to the door rubbing his head where he had knocked
it on the table during the fall. He peered through the peephole to find out
who it was. Standing before him was his daughter's best friend, Lilly
Truscott. His daughter had been friends with young Lilly ever since the
fourth grade, but it was just recently that the young girl had started to
develop into a young woman. His daughter and she was now freshman in high
school and their bodies were starting to develop nicely. Robbie had paid
special attention to her as she matured into her womanhood, almost developing
a secret 'crush' on the young girl.

As he stood silently with his eye pressed against the peephole he allowed his
vision to roam across the young girl's body. Her long blonde hair was in
braids and rested on each side of her beautiful face. Her shirt was a tight
low-cut spaghetti strap that was semi-transparent exposing a white bra that
concealed her two perfectly round breasts. He continued down and her bottom
half was covered by a hot pink wavy skirt that barely made it down to her
mid-thigh. He led his sight on downward engulfing every inch of her gorgeous
teenage body before placing his hand on the knob and slowly turning.

"Lilly!" He said in a shocked voice. "This is a pleasant surprise!" He said
as he smiled down at the young girl. "Come on in." He said waving his hand in
front of him as he moved away from the doorway.

"Hey Mr. Stewart," Lilly said flashing him a sweet smile as she walked by

Robbie couldn't help but watch her ass swing from side to side as he shut the
door. Lilly turned back around as the door slammed shut, and dropped a tote
bag down beside her.

"So, is Miley here?" She asked as she looked around.

"You didn't know?" Robbie said quizzically, "She's with her mom for the
week," He said with a concerned look on his face.

"You've got to be kidding; my mom said that it was okay for me to stay..."
She began as Robbie stopped her.

"Ohhhh! That's right!" Robbie laughed, "I ran into your parents the other
night and they asked me if I could watch you for a couple days while they
went to your aunt's funeral." He said walking closer to the distraught girl.
Lilly let out a sigh, "Well I guess that'll have to work, huh?" She said
disappointed tone.

"Ahhh!" Robbie said placing his large arm around her tiny shoulders, "It
won't be that bad!" He continued as he pulled her in close to him.

Lilly just laughed as she wrapped her arm around his waist and pulled a bit
on him. She never had a problem with Robbie, and almost saw him as a father
figure of sorts. Robbie, however, was seeing her as much more recently, and
could feel himself starting to get hard just at the touch of her smooth
creamy white skin. "I guess I'll go get settled in." She said releasing her
grip from him.

"Okay, but hurry back down here, I want to see if you'll help me out with
something." He said as he propped down once again on his couch.

"Okay!" Lilly said in her perky voice as she turned and started up the

Robbie quickly turned his head around grabbing one last glance at her
gorgeous ass while she ran upstairs, and much to his delight caught a
glimpse of her plump ass when her skirt rode up just enough for the view.

Robbie glared over at the powerless television as disturbing thoughts began
to run throughout his mind. He adjusted his cock as it began to form a tent
in the front of his jeans from his naughty daydream. After about fifteen
minutes he decided that he would go check on Lilly. He rose from his seated
position, and grabbed a couple boxes from the coffee table and headed up the
stairs. He approached his daughter's room which Lilly had made her own for
the next couple days, and gently started pushing on the large wooden
entrance. What he saw next he could have never expected.

Lilly was standing in front of a large mirror in just her bright pink skirt
and only her white bra. Robbie's initial thought was to exit the room as if
he had seen nothing, but his feet seemed to have been planted in their place.
Her breasts were small developing 'A' cups, but were perfectly rounded like a
pair of freshly ripe oranges. Suddenly, Lilly looked up in the mirror to
notice Robbie standing in the doorway, and instantly covered herself with her
shirt. Robbie just let out a slight chuckle as he walked in the room, "I'm
sorry Lilly!" He said taking a seat on the bed, "But don't be too shy, it's
nothing I haven't seen before." He said as he placed the boxes he was holding
in his lap covering his hardening boner.

"It's okay Mr. Stewart," Lilly said modestly, "It's just I'm very shy about
my private areas." She said again adjusting the shirt to cover her more.

"It's good that you're like that," he said smiling, "There are some perverts
in this world!" He said again with a smile across his face.

"I don't want to sound rude, but did you need something?" She asked while she
attempted to put her arms through the sleeves of the shirt.

"In fact I do," He said opening one of the boxes, "You can leave your shirt
off if you want to help me." He said pulling out a very elegant red dress.

Lilly was shocked at what her best friend's dad just said. She paused a
second before questioning, "Help with what?" She said looking back at him.

Robbie laughed as he realized what he had just said, "Oh no, ha-ha, nothing
like that!" He said as he held the dress in front of him. "I bought some
things for Miley the other day, and I think you're about the same size as
her." He said fondling the thin material through his fingers, "I was just
wondering if you would model them for me so I can see how they would look
on my little princess?" He said convincingly. Lilly looked back confused at
the proposition. "It's okay if you don't want to, Miley said she really
wanted this dress and other stuff, I just wanted to know what it would look
like on her before I let her wear it out." He said as he began folding the
dress back up.

"No," Lilly said softly, "It's fine!" She again said as she walked towards
Robbie still covering herself with the shirt she was holding.

Robbie smiled as he handed the dress to the young girl. "Thank you so much
Lilly!" He said, "I'll be downstairs when you get it on." He said as he made
his way towards the door. Robbie left the young girl to change and he hustled
down the stairs. He sat at the table patiently anticipating the beauty that
was about to bestow him. Within minutes he felt his patience wearing thin and
was getting very anxious until he heard footsteps coming his way. He watched
as the young girl walked down the stairs and stopped and stood right in front
of him.

"How does it look?" She asked running her hands down her sides. She looked
amazing. The dress hung on her a bit loose due to her petite body, but this
allowed for a better view of her small cleavage.

Robbie stood up and walked towards her and placed his hands on her sides
running them up towards her arms. "You look fabulous!" He said as he stroked
his hands back down on the silky material. Lilly didn't know what to take of
Robbie touching her like that, but she just brushed it off as it was nothing.
He guided her in turning her around so he could get a better view of her
tight ass in the stunning dress. He knew that his cock was protruding through
the front of his jeans, but he didn't care. He was lusting over this young

"Miley will love it!" She said turning back around facing him.

Robbie just stood smiling down upon the gorgeous young girl, "I think she
will look as good in it as you do!" He said removing his hands from her
waist. "Thank you." He said retreating back to his chair careful not to
cause attention to his raging cock.

"No problem!" She said in a cheerful voice. "I'm going to go change now!" She
said as she started back towards the stairs.

"Okay!" Robbie said still staring on in amazement. "There is a bikini in the
red box up there, if you wouldn't mind too much do you think you could come
back down in that?" He asked.

Lilly hesitated a bit before agreeing. She hastily ran upstairs. While alone,
Robbie quickly unbuttoned his Levi's and brought his massive cock out of his
pants stroking the throbbing member. "I can't believe that I'm doing this
over my daughter's best friend!" He said to himself quietly as his strokes
became longer and quicker. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he
couldn't help it. He wanted the young girl, and he was going to have her.

After a few moments of pleasuring himself he heard Lilly making her way back
downstairs. He immediately pulled back up his pants and sat back down as if
nothing had happened. Instantly catching Robbie's eyes was Lilly slowly
strolling down the stairs. He watched her the whole way down the long
stairway until she stood directly in front of him. Obviously embarrassed
Lilly tried to cover up her exposed body. Robbie's eyes immediately focused
on her small breasts that were being pushed up by the extremely revealing
blue bikini top. It was tied in the front by a cute little bow that hung down
over her tight abdominal region. He roamed his eyes further down her gorgeous
body making her feel even more uncomfortable. His eyes now focused on her
crotch region which was covered by likewise very tight fit blue bottoms. A
slight hint of camel toe was visible through the thin material. The bottoms
were tied in small bows that rested on each side of her small hips.

Robbie stood up once again paying no attention to the large bulge that was
poking out of the front of his jeans. He slowly walked over to the young girl
sliding his hands down her arms bringing them out to her sides before running
his hands back up placing his hands on her tense shoulders. "Are you okay,
Lil?" He asked in a concerned voice.

"Yeah..." She replied softly, "It's just I've never done anything like this
before." She continued in a timid voice.

"Don't worry sweetie, you look beautiful!" He said as he slowly began guiding
her to turn around. Once he was behind her his eyes slid down her petite body
down to her ass. The bottoms had slid up in her ass crack giving him a
perfect view of her gorgeous heart shaped ass. He took his hands from her
shoulders and placed them firmly on her hips. His four fingers were rubbing
slightly on her tight stomach while his thumbs were slowly sliding down
her tight ass as he began to lead her forward.

"Hey! She said laughing, "What are you doing???" She again said trying to
halfheartedly resist.

"Don't worry!" You'll love it!" He said as he stopped her before they got to
the back door. "I really got this bikini for you because I knew you were
coming over." He said placing one of his hands on the door knob. "And I
wanted you to join me in here!" He said as he swung the door open exposing
a brand new Jacuzzi.

"Oh my!" Lilly said stunned.

"Go on," He said as he cautiously began unbuttoning his jeans.

"This is amazing Mr. Stewart!" Lilly said quickly turning around and wrapping
her tiny arms around his neck. This caught Robbie off guard and he didn't
have time to move his hands from his waist, and this caused them to rub up
against her crotch. Lilly released the hug and luckily didn't think anything
of it as she just turned around and climbed into the hot Jacuzzi.

Robbie quickly took his jeans off the rest of the way and hastily followed
right behind her wearing only his boxer shorts. Lilly was dazed by the
forwardness of him, but brushed it off once again. Robbie sat across from
the young girl admiring her beauty as she sat there in the bright blue
bikini with the water dripping from her snowy white skin.

"This is awesome Mr. Stewart," She reiterated. "This is exactly what I need
after cheerleading practice!" She said as she began to rub her small neck.

"Did you have practice today?" Robbie asked trying to remain casual.

"Yeah, it got over right before I got here. It was a tough one too!" She
continued still rubbing her neck.

"Oh," Robbie laughed, "Well then, Robbie said submerging his arms under the
water. "I can help you out there!" He said as he grabbed Lilly's feet and
placed them in his lap.

"Don't," She laughed, "That tickles!" She said laughing as she tried to pull
her feet back.

Robbie held onto her cute little feet as he began to squeeze them in-between
his hands. "Don't worry; you're going to enjoy it!" He said rubbing his
fingers through her toes.

"Oooh that does feel good!" She said leaning back against the tub.

"Hannah, I mean... Miley loves for me to give her massages after her
performances, and she says that I'm the best!" He said sliding his large
hand further up her athletic calf.

The feeling of Robbie caressing her sore calves relaxed her so much she
closed her eyes and laid her head back against the cushion on the back of
the tub. "Mmmm... This is amazing Mr. Stewart, thank you!" She said with a
slight moan.

The sound of her sweet voice rang like heavenly bells through his head.
"You're welcome Lil," he said as he slid closer to her keeping his hands on
her fit legs. "Sit up for a sec," He said taking his hands from her legs and
placing them on her petite shoulders.

"What?" She said as she leaned up.

Robbie just smiled over at Lilly and guided her directly in front of him. He
could smell her perfume that was oozing from her smooth skin, and he could
tell that she was nervous as goose bumps had formed on her as well. "I'm
going to start up here and you just tell me how it feels." He said as he
placed his hands on her shoulders and began to squeeze the tight muscles.

"Oooh yeah, I like that!" Lilly said softly almost moaning.

Robbie laughed as he thought some more dirty thoughts. He continued rubbing
along her shoulders and her neck causing her to become more and more relaxed
to his touch. He began to slide his hands down her thin back before roaming
back up squeezing the muscles in her shoulders. Robbie began to slightly pull
back on her shoulders a bit causing her to lie back against his muscular
chest. Much to his surprise Lilly didn't fight it. She was too relaxed from
the massage and the Jacuzzi to notice.

Robbie decided that now was the time to be brave and take the next step. He
slid his hands down her sides causing her to rise up a bit. Once he reached
her hips he slid his large hands around her tight abs and began guiding them
up. He kept his eyes focused on hers, and was poised to retreat at the first
sign of distress. As he slowly slid them up her milky smooth skin she
instinctively began to move her body towards him until she was pressed
directly against his large body. His raging cock was pressed strongly against
her tender teenage ass. The feeling was incredible and he dwelled in the
bliss for a few more minutes just running his hands up and down her tight
abs. Finally, he knew that he was going to make his move and he carefully
gripped the two strings that held the front of her bikini together in each
of his hands. His heart raced as he looked down at the young beauty that was
fading into sleep against his body before taking a deep breath and slowly and
cautiously tugging the strings. He managed to untie the loose bow without
causing a disturbance.

His heart was pounding a mile a minute at this point. He slowly grabbed the
two thin layers of material covering her small mounds and gradually peeled
them aside exposing two of the most perfectly round breasts he had ever seen.
They were still in early development but had obviously blossomed into two of
the finest breasts he had seen. Her small dime sized nipples placed almost
perfectly in the center of the small lumps were standing fully erect at the
touch of the cool air. Lilly stirred a bit as the air grazed over her newly
exposed breasts causing Robbie to retreat his hands back down to her stomach.
He slid his hands over the tight region until he felt that it was safe to
once again advance. He started his journey back up her firm stomach stopping
right below her gorgeous breasts. He knew that if he went any further that
there would be no return, but he couldn't help himself. He placed each of his
large hands on top of her small breasts engulfing the small mounds. He
squeezed his hands cupping the soft tits inside before releasing a bit. Much
to his surprise, Lilly didn't awaken. He continued to grope her tiny chest
for a few moments before not wanting to risk getting caught. He took his
hands from her body, only to return them to the string on top of her neck
that held the small bikini to her. With a swift tug it was released and the
thin fabric floated in front of her. He grabbed the top and tossed it outside
of the Jacuzzi.

Moments passed and he just went back to rubbing on her back. His cock probing
deep into her backside was aching for escape, and he knew that he had to have
her. He didn't know how he was going to do it, but he had to! He allowed his
hands to once again slide down her smooth sides causing her to attempt to
back up even further from the tickle. His hands met her hips and he quickly
grabbed the strings on each side of her bottoms holding them together. Giving
the strings a swift tug they came untied. Robbie was now seconds away from
seeing this young girl fully naked. He gripped the top seam in the front of
her bottoms and pulled it off before tossing it outside as well. He couldn't
see through the water as well as he wanted, but the general perception was
there. His hands immediately returned to the newly exposed section. He gently
rubbed her bald crotch slowly at first, but the hornier he got the faster and
lower he got. As he preceded further down in her most private region the more
restless Lilly was becoming. Robbie took his chances and softly rubbed his
fingers right on top of her pussy. Like an alarm going off, Lilly was awoken.
Robbie quickly moved his hands up to her stomach acting as if nothing had
happened as he softly rubbed her smooth abs. Lilly didn't move, but looked
around as if to be getting her bearings.

"Oh!" She said as she scooted forward a bit, "I'm sorry," She laughed, "I
fell asleep on you!" She said in a sweet voice.

Oh don't worry about that!" Robbie replied, "Did you enjoy your massage?" He
asked placing his hands back on her shoulders beginning to rub once again.

"Oh yeah, it was amaz..." She began saying as she paused, "Wait... What
happened to my bikini?" She asked frantically crossing her arms across her
chest trying to cover up.

"I'm sorry about that," Robbie said, "It's outside the tub. It's just when
Miley finds it more relaxing to be naked when I give her a massage, I just
figured you wouldn't mind." He said staring back in her nervous eyes. "You're
not mad are you?" He asked sincerely.

"No, well... It's just..." Lilly tried to say still trying to cover herself.

"It's okay; you have a beautiful body and nothing to be ashamed of!" Robbie
said moving his hands over to her arms and began sliding them down her until
he reached her wrists. He began to slightly tug on her until she finally gave
in and uncovered her tits.

"Ummm... It's just no one has seen me like this, not even my DAD!" She said
looking down into the water.

"Well he sure is missing out!" Robbie said smiling, "But you can just think
of me as another dad." He said wiping a splash of water from her cheek. "How
bout we get out of here and you help me with one more outfit?" He said as he
grabbed the towels from behind him.

"I don't know Mr. Stewart," She said taking a towel from him.

"What's with this Mr. crap? Just call me Robbie!" He said as he stood
immediately covering his very obvious cock bulge.

"I'm sorry Robbie" She said laughing as she covered her body with the large
beach towel, "I'm really tired though!" She said stepping out from the

"Well this is a really special piece I got for Miley and I don't think it's
going to fit her, but it's one that she really wanted!" He said as he
followed her back into the house. "It'll only take a minute, but I understand
if you don't want to." He continued.

"Fine!" Lilly gave in, "I'll be down in a minute!" She said as she rushed up
the stairs.

Robbie continued to dry himself off for a few minutes longer until he decided
that he would meet her upstairs. He wrapped the towel around his waist and
started his journey up the stairs. His heart was pounding with anticipation
of what was to take place next in the evening. He made it to his daughter's
door, and with a gentle nudge he was in. Standing in the doorway he looked
over and saw that the young girl was standing in front of the mirror dressed
in the sexy lingerie.

"This is what he bought Miley?" She said to herself before turning around to
check out her backside. As she did she saw Robbie in the doorway once again.
"This is a very sexy outfit Mr. Ste." She said pausing, "I mean Robbie" she

Robbie's eyes gazed all up and down her beautiful young body once again. The
top of the lingerie was a red sheer lace piece that was tied together right
in the middle of her two clearly visible breasts. He led his eyes down her
tight exposed stomach devouring every inch of her beautiful body. Her most
private region was covered by a red and black lacey thong that barely
contained her beautiful ass.

Without saying a word Robbie began to slowly walk over to the young princess
and placed his large hands on her small waist. "This looks..." He said
pausing, "I can't even describe," he continued as he began stroking his hands
up and down her goose bump covered sides.

Lilly smiled modestly as she stared down at the floor, "Thank you" she
replied softly.

Robbie couldn't contain himself any longer. He slid his hands back down her
warm skin and paused briefly on her waist before sliding his hands around her
to the small of her back. Nervous, Lilly began to squirm a bit. Robbie slid
his hands down and cupped each cheek of her ass inside his large hands. This
feeling caused Lilly to jump up a bit and she began to buck like a wild

"Mr. Stewart!" She yelled out but was silenced when Robbie lowered his head
down to hers and placed his lips directly onto hers. Lilly's eyes shot as big
as golf balls and she tried to pry herself away from his controlling grasp by
placing her small arms in his chest and tried to pull away. This was not to
be as Robbie was much stronger than the young teen and he continued to kiss
her passionately. He slid his tongue all across her plump rosy lips trying to
pry it through.

Finally, in what seemed like an eternity he released the kiss, but didn't
release his grip he had on her. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" She yelled out. "Let
me GO!" She pleaded as she tried once again to force herself away.

Not saying a word Robbie just led the disturbed beauty to the bed forcing
her down on the queen-sized mattress. He wrestled with her a bit before
eventually winning and straddled her young body by placing each of his knees
on both sides. His massive cock was attempting to pry its way through his
thin boxer shorts, and it was in that moment that Lilly knew exactly what she
was in for. She attempted to buck him off of her, but he was much too heavy,
and every time she did she would probe his cock into her tight belly. Robbie
gripped her wrists inside one of his hands, and led them above her head
leaning down giving her a light peck on her forehead.

"You are beautiful Lilly; you're going to enjoy this!" He said rubbing his
fingertips down her chest through the center of her breasts stopping once
he reached the bow that held the top together. With a slight tug he had it
untied and he flicked the sides apart and once more she was exposed. He ran
his hands over the two small breasts gently cupping them.

"You Can't DO THIS!!" She again pleaded while bucking harder.

Robbie caught her in mid-sentence leaning down placing his lips on hers.
Lilly was disgusted with his large pulsating cock pressed against her belly,
but there was nothing she could do about it. While kissing Robbie managed to
catch Lilly with her mouth open and inserted his tongue into her mouth. She
tried to hide her tongue from his, but in inevitably found it. He entwined
the two as he slid his hands down her body cupping both her small breasts in
his hands. Lilly tried to push him off her, but to no avail. Robbie released
the kiss and began to gently peck his way down her firm body. Lilly closed
her eyes finally accepting the fact that it was going to happen, but tried
to pretend that it wasn't. Robbie made it down to her ample breasts and
in-between cupping them he placed his lips on her fully erect nipples.

"Pleeease!" Lilly cried out half-heartedly trying to throw him off, "I can't
do this!" She again cried out.

The sounds were falling on deaf ears as Robbie continued to molest the young
girl's tits. He softly kissed the center of her chest before sitting up. He
sat up on his knees for a brief moment only to pull his boxer shorts down
just enough to free his raging cock. He stroked it a few times in front of
her before leaning back down and giving her another kiss on her lips. His wet
hard cock was pressing deeply into her stomach causing Lilly to attempt to
maneuver her way away from him once again. Robbie leaned up and looked her
deep in her tear-filled eyes. "You're doing great..." He said as he began
sliding down her slim body rubbing his cum dripping cock across her.

He stopped briefly resting his intense member on top of her panty covered
pussy forcing Lilly to sit up, but only to be pushed back down by Robbie. He
continued his journey down her until he was able to grip the seam of her
panties in his fingers and slowly slid them down her legs. Her gorgeous pink
pussy was visible to him. He leaned down giving a gentle peck to the area
that was just above her tiny slit engulfing the sweet aroma that it released.

"Robbie, please... You have to stop!" She cried out. "I'm still a virgin!"
She pleaded as she attempted to scoot further up the bed.

Robbie looked up at her from where he was at and smiled. "I'll make it easy
for you!" He said as he leaned down once again kissing the area all around
her tender pussy. Robbie extended his tongue and licked the juices that
flowed from her clit and on up covering over her pussy.

"Oooh, Nooo!" She cried. Robbie kissed the pink lips before licking them once again.
His hands slid up and down her warm body as he continued to briskly tongue
lash the tiny slit. "Please!! Ohhh God!!!" She moaned, "You have too..." She
continued to moan as she gripped the blankets that were covering the bed.
Lilly's body was tingling with pleasure, and she didn't know what to think of

Robbie began to slowly maneuver his way back up the young girl dragging his
tongue along the way leaving a trail of saliva across her hot body. He began
kissing once more just below her softball like breasts with his raging cock
just inches below her steaming pussy. He stared up at her and a smile came
across his face when he saw how much she was enjoying herself. He slowly slid
up further taking her right breast in his mouth. The tip of his throbbing
cock was now touching the front of her pussy. The juices flowing from her
clit fell onto his cock making it pound even more. Finally, he began to
insert the large rod inside of her. As he began Lilly began biting her bottom
lip to ease the pain. He slowly inserted the large head of his cock inside
her, and she couldn't contain herself any longer. She let out a loud screech
as she ran her hands through his wavy hair.

As she continued moaning with pleasure she would tighten up against his cock
causing it to be much harder for his insertion. "Plllleeasee... Robbie! It
HURTS Sooooo bad!" She said thrashing at the blankets trying everything to
ease the pain.

Robbie gradually began to withdraw his cock a bit, but swiftly re-inserted it
quicker and further.

"Oooh God!!!" Lilly cried. The pain mixed with the pleasure was a sensation
like no other Lilly had ever felt before. Lilly's tight cunt wrapped around
his throbbing cock was pure pleasure for Robbie who was continuing to draw
his cock back a bit before thrusting it in even further than before. Robbie's
breath was becoming faster as his sweaty body continued to drive back and
forth into the young girl. His hands were racing all across her tiny chest
gently pinching on her fully erect nipples. Lilly was now moaning completely
in pleasure as she was vigorously grabbing at her small breasts likewise
pinching on her tender nipples while she was already climaxing. Robbie leaned
down and gave her another passionate kiss on her lips molesting her tongue
with his as he continued to buck on top of her fully inserting his cock
inside her.

Moments later, he felt his warm juices begin to flow from his cock so he
began to slowly remove it. Lilly's eyes rolled back in her head as he slid up
her hot sweaty body and placed his cock between her two gorgeous breasts. He
squeezed her two breasts against his dripping cock and he began titty fucking
her. Before too long, his large throbbing cock exploded all over her. His hot
man juices squirted over her young body. Robbie leaned down again placing an
adoring kiss on her lips, and this time he was greeted with her tongue. They
shared a long kiss before Robbie finally pulled back. He placed his hand on
her upper chest and led it down over her breasts and down to her belly.
"Thanks kid... You were amazing!" He said to her as he rolled over on his

Lilly mustered up the rest of her strength to roll over to where the two of
them were spooning. Robbie slid his hands around the young girl's small
stomach pulling her into him until she was directly up against him. His cock
was pressing against her exposed ass crack and his hands were gently cupping
her small breasts. Lilly just stared at the wall softly crying as the two
fell asleep.
_ _ _

This is the end of this part in this could be multiple part saga. I haven't
decided where I want to take this yet, so give me some suggestions! Once
again feedback is adored and you can send that to [email protected]

I must repeat that nothing in this story actually happened in real life or
are any of these characters alive in real life. The names, places, and
everything else in this story are fiction and any likeness to anyone living
or non-living person, place, or anything else is completely coincidental! I
hope you enjoyed and I hope you are ready for the next installment!


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