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This is just a story I had in mind a few years ago that I'm finally finishing off.

Codes: ff, ncons, magic

Hannah Montana/Wizards Of Waverly Place: Alex Russo Goes To A Hannah Montana Concert
by Dragon333

"Alex!" shouted Harper. "I just won us TWO tickets to see Hannah Montana!"

"Get Out, Harper!" Alex said as her slang for, "that's amazing." "Did you really?"


"Oh my god! Hannah Montana is the best singer EVER!"

"I know! I'm glad I get to go with my best friend!"

The next night 14 year old Alex and Harper were in Alex's room.

"Do my boobs look too big?" Harper asked Alex sticking her chest out.

"I don't know. I'm gonna have to get a feel of them to know for sure." Alex said as she planned to do with her best friend what she always does: take advantage of her. Harper had a moment of silence in awkwardness then decided to reply.

"OK, but only 'cuz you're my best friend." Harper giggled as she turned to Alex allowing her to touch, feel, and caress her breasts. Alex touched them all over and made sure she touched every inch of them and then did it again.

"They're perfect, Harper." Alex said finally releasing her hands from her best friends breasts.

"Alex, you didn't change yet. Do you think we'll make it in time for the concert?"

"Harper, you're such a worrywart. Of course we have time. "Alex assured her. "Cashmereus appearus." Alex said as she let the magic she did work and magically had her school clothes turn into pop-star clothes.

"OK, Waverly Place! Are you ready to ROCK tonight?" they heard Hannah Montana say as she was on stage performing at the concert Harper won them tickets for. Alex felt her nipples harden as she stared at Hannah Montana. The red guitar jacket with the sparkling gold shirt gave her such an amazing style that turned Alex on. Hannah Montana also had that beautiful blonde hair with those bangs that gave a calming feel to anyone looking at them on her.

Alex hasn't used magic all day, except for putting clothes on, and it was killing her. She always used magic every day. It was part of her daily routine. She couldn't live without magic. As she felt her nipples harden and her pussy getting wet, she knew what the perfect spell to do was.

"Gialsjay times day!" Alex said as she waved her wand as she stood on one foot. She hopped closer and closer to the front of the stage and then got distracted by a girl with big tits.

"Damn, those are big jugs! They are just DYING to be squeezed!" she said aloud as she went up to her and felt all over the girl's tits. Then she gave it one last big squeeze and went off to go to the front of the stage.

Hannah Montana's pose was frozen with the microphone in her hand and bending over frontward singing.

"OK, Hannah... Time for me and you to have some fun!" Alex said as she hopped on one foot closer to her favorite pop singer. "I love being a wizard! I can do whatever I want! I better have all this fun while I still can because when I turn 18 I might not have magic anymore."

She then looked around at all of the people around her, frozen in time, unaware of anything she was doing. Alex reached her hands behind Hannah and up and under the popstar's jacket and cupped her tits from behind. "Mmmm your tits feel so good, Hannah Montana!"

Alex squeezed, caressed, and massaged Hannah Montana's breasts as she moved her body closer on one foot and then felt her crotch on Hannah's butt. Alex then moved her hands down and unbuttoned, unzipped, and removed the blonde pop star's pants. Then without having her hopping foot touch the ground, she removed her own pants, and went back to having her body against the back of Hannah Montana. She pressed her Latina tits against the back of the blonde pop princess and began to rub her crotch against the butt of her favorite singer while she held on to Hannah Montana's tits for support.

Alex Russo felt like she had died and gone to heaven as she allowed herself to close her eyes and let herself go into a state of hypnosis. In this state, Alex felt like no one in the world was there but Hannah Montana and her. She didn't just feel like everyone was frozen in time, but she felt like the stuck faces around her weren't even there at all.

Alex Russo kept dry humping Hannah Montana's ass as she picked up speed with each thrust. She finally then went as fast as she could and released a gushing orgasm through her panties and onto Hannah's panties. Alex almost let her hopping leg touch the floor, but right when it was about to hit the ground, she realized what was going to happen and quickly got it back up.

Still on one foot, she put Hannah's pants back on and also her own. She then gave Hannah Montana's 15 year old tits one last big squeeze before she left the stage. Hopping on one foot, Alex almost made it to the bathroom, but couldn't keep balanced long enough and felt her hopping leg finally hit the ground. Since she was surrounded by a bunch of people, she was accidentally pushed over and stepped all over on. Luckily for her, Harper found her and ran up to her.

"Excuse me, can you people let my friend get up?" Harper asked them politely. The music was so loud as Hannah Montana continued to rock even with wet freshly cum stained on her panties and on in the inside of her pants that no one seemed to understand or listen to what Harper had to say. "Excuse me." she said again a little louder.

"LET MY FRIEND UP YOU, DOUCHEBAGS!!!" Harper yelled at the top of her lungs frustrated that no one would allow her friend to get up off the floor. They finally stopped and looked at Alex on the floor and everyone backed up and let Alex finally get back up off the floor. Alex Russo smiled and nodded at everyone.

"I'm OK." she said.

Alex Russo once again got away with a fabulous adventure and her 14 year old self seemed like she couldn't be happier.


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