This is a parody, not the real thing, all done in fun, to be read by adult
adults only!

Happy Days/Munsters: Happy Days For The Munsters (MF+,herm,trans,mc,magic)
by Dr. Bone

"I can't believe we have to do this Jenny. We just pledged a sorority and
now we must sell Chipmunk cookies, in our uniforms just because you lied on
how much we sold to win those tickets to the Elvis concert." Said Joanie
Cunningham as they went door to door in their all too tight Chipmunk outfits.

"Well at least the guys like the costume." said Jenny Piccalo, Joanie's
slutty friend as two more cars honked at them.

"Well lets try this house. The creepy abandoned looking one."

"Jenny the people on this block said it belonged to rich old kooks."

"Yeah just the type that will buy some cookies. Come on." said Jenny opening
the creaky gate as Joanie trailed behind her with the cart holding the

Jenny banged the big metal knocker against the door a few times and nothing
happened, they were just getting ready to leave when the door opened. A woman
dressed in a flowing gown with long black hair answered the door. She looked
like she had not seen the sun in years.

"Yes may I help you?"

Joanie was about to bolt for the gate when the more brash Jenny grabbed her
and said, "Yes we are selling Chipmunk cookies and..."

"We don't like chipmunks do you have beaver or bear flavored?"

"Oh no! Ha! We are Chipmunks, you know like the other scout group. We are
selling regular cookies. We got butterscotch and fat minties..."

"Fat minties my Herman loves them. We will take a thousand." she said looking
them up and down with a smile.

"A thousand cookies?"

"No a thousand boxes."

"Well we have one hundred with us now and the rest we will have to bring
back. Later."

"Okay, then, come inside so I can pay you."

The girls were so thrilled that they thew their usual caution to the wind
and went into the house with Lily. "Here is the money." Lily said taking
some hundreds out of her big leather purse. "Could you girls bring them
downstairs?" She said pulling on a rope that opened a trap door.

Fear began to awaken in the girls. "Uh we have to go." said Joanie, backed up
by Jenny.

"I must insist. My husband needs you." Both young girls looked into Lily's
eyes and their bodies were not there own.

"Jenny I can't stop myself." Joanie said as she walked downstairs.

"It's like something out of 'Chiller Theater'." said Jenny unable to stop
herself from walking downstairs.

At the bottom of the winding stone staircase was a dark room, Lily flipped a
switch and what they saw made the girls gasp. Tied to a heavy wood and metal
chair was a seven foot tall pale green skinned man who looked like the movie
version of Frankenstein. More horrible than that was the huge erection he
had. It was a darker green than the rest of his body and they could see the
veins throb and pulse as he sat their struggling against the clamps that held

"Herman that is no way to act in front of guests. I am sorry girls, once
every hundred years he gets like this and we need some help. You know how it

"Well we got to go." said Jenny trying with Joanie to bolt for the door but
it was locked and in front of it stood an older man, how much older they
would never be able to guess, dressed like Dracula.

Both Lily and the man called Grandpa stared at the girls. "Oh Lily these two
are lively maybe later I could put the bite on one of them."

"Now! Now! Later grandpa, first they have to take care of poor Herman."

"Take care of him? How?" Lily and Grandpa got in front of Jenny and Joanie
their eyes glowing, the girls bolted around them and were stopped by the
sight of a perfectly normal blonde girl. Had the word been in use at the
time they would have called her a "preppie".

"Help us please." said Joanie.

"Relax. I am called Marilyn. And you want to help my uncle Herman, don't

Under the spell of the witch the girls turned on their heels and went towards
Herman. "That is it, grasp his monster hood. You two are to be his brides

"Joanie and Jenny both reached forward and grabbed Herman's pole finding it
hot to the touch. They began to jerk him up and down, their hands barely
able to encircle the shaft. Both women felt a shudder of fear, not over the
monsters around them but over the thought of what an attempt at penetration
would do to their young pussies.

"Don't worry dears. Five hundred years ago I saw a perverted princess take a
horse into her bed. And she lived to tell the tale. Though she could not ride
sidesaddle for a long while." said Lily, all too close to their ears.

Jenny could not help herself, she was a born slut. She listed forward and
kissed Herman's cock making him howl with pleasure.

"Jenny how could you do that? We are slaves underneath some spell and you
kissed his cock."

"Why are you such a prude Joanie. Your mother is a hot lady. Are you afraid?
Is that why Cahchi is sleeping around on you?"

"I am not afraid. Here!" Joanie gave Herman's cock a wet smack of a kiss then
took the cock into her mouth. Jenny rising to the challenge licked his shaft
and orange sized balls. The sight of the two young girls was too much for
Herman and he came blowing a huge load all over both of them soaking their
uniforms with his hot sticky monster fluid. It landed all over their faces
and in their hair also.

To their shock and dismay Herman's cock started to harden again. "Hmm! One of
you girls is going to have to take the more direct approach. You seem like a
horny one." she said pointing to Jenny. Joannie why don't you help her off
with her clothes." Hands operating against their will Joanie stripped her
friend, who despite all her bravado was terrified on what that monster sized
cock would do to her tight little snatch.

"Joanie I thought you were my friend." cried Jenny as Joanie continued to
undress her.

"I am...I just can't stop myself." Joanie cried as Grandpa lowered a swing
from the ceiling. Jenny was strapped into it and using pulleys, she was
lowered over Herman's quivering cock.

Joanie held Herman's cock up straight while Lily guided Jenny onto it.
"Please it is in inhuman. Its too...big! Arghh." Despite her protests the
cock slide into the young woman's pussy. Lilly and Marilyn pulled the
swing up and pushed it down until well over a foot of Herman's huge
stitched cock slid into Jenny.

"Come here young lady." said Grandpa. He threw a potion onto the ground and
when it cleared Joannie was dressed in a clingy black robe and nothing else.
Grandpa's fangs seemed to lengthen as his eyes went red, the bloodlust was
upon him deeply. Joanie felt the fangs pierce her jugular vein as his finger
slid into her pussy. Joanie came on the spot and continued to cum as Grandpa
sucked the blood from her warm neck. He enjoyed the scent of the cheap,
girlish cologne. His hands squeezed her nipple though the material.

She opened his fly. His cock looked like a small dried out snail, but as her
blood circulated through his undead veins it began to turn a regal blue and
thicken and lengthen until it rivaled Herman's (pardon the pun) monster cock.
Joanie got to her knees and took it into her mouth. Grandpa savored her
youthful energy as she pleasured him.

"You know they say I am the normal one. They say I am a witch but I am
neither." Marilyn said as she removed her skirt. Even in her trance like
state Joanie was stunned Marilyn pulled over the edge of her pantyhose
the most beautiful cock she had ever seen. "I am a warlock and had a
curse put on me by that bitch Endora. I am sure in another century or so
she will cool off and take it off. By the way mortal why are you not
sucking my cock?"

Joanie was about to suck on the warlock's cock when Herman stomped his feet
like a child and said, "That is not fair. I wanted to fuck the other one. I
want to. I want to! I want to! I WANT TO!" he stamped so hard that dust and
spiders fell from the ceiling.

"Herman stop being such a big baby. Now I will let you out but you must be
careful, they are so young and ....tender." said Grandpa drooling.

Joanie was bent over a bench and locked in her place. Jenny took her revenge
snickering as she raised Joanie's black gown and Lilly lubed Herman's cock.

Herman slowly pushed his cock into Joanie. She begged and pleaded but it slid
into her. Herman fucked her hard from the first, his fingers digging deep
into her butt cheeks as he steadied her for each monster sized thrust.

Jenny was on her knees sucking Grandpa and Marilyn's cocks.

"Oh dear there is not enough human pussy to go around and the boys are really
getting into it. Is your mother home?" Joanie wanted to say no but she could
not. Under their control she gave out her home number.

"Mrs. Cunningham this is Lilly Munster. Yes your daughter asked if you could
pick her up. A half hour? Good! 1313 Mockingbird Lane. You can't miss it."

Herman went back to stretching her pussy out beyond all normal use. He dumped
a monster sized load into her. Joanie under the Munsters spell go on her
knees to suck Herman hard again after she was unshackled. She was doing this
when Lilly went upstairs to get the bell. Jenny was being fucked by Marilyn's
huge cock.

"Joanie what is going on here? Is this a Halloween party?" said Mrs.
Cunningham as she came down the stairs with her brother Ritchie's wife,
Lori-Beth and their friends Laverine and Shirley.

"Oh my!" was all Shirley could get out before they were upon them. Grandpa
sank his fangs deep into her neck as Lilly took care of Laverine.

Lori-Beth and Mrs. Cunningham, Marion were blocked at the door by Herman when
they tried to escape. Mrs. C, could not help but look down at Herman's cock.

"Suck it!" he told her.

She started to stammer but then Marilyn looked at her with those eyes of
hers, "I think you should do what my uncle says, he can have quite a temper."

In her prim and proper dress she got on her knees and sucked on Herman's cock
with an enthusiasm that surprised the other Munsters.

Laverine and Shirley were on their knees licking Lilly's pussy as they played
with each other's tits. Grandpa grabbed Lori-Beth and Shirley and threw a
powder on their sweaters making them vanish, along with the rest of their
clothing. "Hmm! You girls could use some bigger boobs. Never attract or keep
a man with tits like that." With an almost comic "Poof!" sound both women's
breasts expanded to a full thirty eight double D.

"Now show Grandpa a little gratitude why don't you. Oh yes you girls suck
good and I am the vampire."

Mrs. C screamed as Herman fucked her.

The ladies were used for hours on end.

Suddenly they found themselves in their Desoto driving home with no memory of
what happened. "Shirley, Laverne about those bras you are wearing..." said
Mrs. C.

A month later Joanie woke up with a start. "What a strange dream." she said.

"Are you all right Joannie?" Asked her mother coming in.

"Yeah I just had the strangest dream that..."

All of a sudden Grandpa monster appeared at the window followed by Jenny.
Joannie protested but she let them in, her hands under his spell. Her
mother's fangs grew longer as she undressed Joanie. Jenny lightly licked
her pussy as they all stripped to make love under the moonlight.


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