Happy Days: Travels Of Joshua Long Part 4 (MF,M-dom,bond,anal,drugs,ncon)
by JH

Joshua was beginning to learn more and more about the capabilities of the
machinery he had designed. While it would allow him to create and control
the world he entered he had to be very specific about the characters he used.
This was very important on long running programs where the characters would
age. During one experiment he entered a world to find the woman he wanted was
dead at that point of the series! He placed the headgear on and concentrated
on the TV screen. There was an early show of the program "Happy Days"
playing. He could feel/hear the hum and then light began to bend and dim.

He was standing in front of a familiar two story suburban house. Joshua
walked to the door and rang the bell. Marion Cunningham answered. "May I help

She was dressed like a fifty's TV wife would be. She wore a nondescript
dress and loafers. Her auburn red hair was pulled back into a bun. What was
obvious, however, was her figure. Though not busty she had voluptuous soft
round curves that were emphasized by the soft globes of her ass.

Joshua smiled. "Mrs. Cunningham?"

"Yes." Marion had wide greenish eyes that stayed locked on his.

He offered his card. "My name is Joshua Long. I met Mr. Cunningham at the
last Greater Milwaukee Hardware Show and told him I had some items for his
store. He asked me to meet him here."

"Mr. Long, my husband is out of town but if you want you can leave the
materials with me and I will see he gets them. Won't you come in."

She held the door open. He walked into the familiar room.

"This is a very nice house."

She smiled. "Thank you. Would you like some coffee?"

"That would be very nice if you are having some." He sat on the couch.

She went to the kitchen and in a moment returned with two cups. "I forgot the
milk." She walked back into the kitchen and as she did Joshua emptied a few
drops of a clear liquid into her coffee.

Marion sat on the couch next to him. "What is it you do, Mr. Long?"

"I supply plumbing supplies to various outlets." He watched her as she drank
the coffee.

It took a few minutes but she slid into a deep sleep. Joshua picked her up
and took her to the bedroom. Laying her on the bed he began to strip her.
First the shoes and dress, then the slip, finally the bra, girdle and
panties. Joshua stared at her. She was an extremely attractive nude with
firm round curves.

Turning her on her stomach he tied her arms and legs to the four corners of
the bed with her own nylons. He then placed a ball gag in her mouth and
pulled it firm. Finally he pulled two large cock shaped vibrators out of his
briefcase. The first he slowly inserted deep into her cunt. The second he
liberally coated with ky and pressed it against her anus. Pushing with
increased force he felt a pop and watched it slid deep into ass. Finished he
waited. Time meant little in this world.

She began to stir and slowly realized she was tied. "Uhhhhhhhnnnn."

The onslaught of physical stimuli washed over her. She was tied to a bed and
had no clothes on. Then she felt the gag and finally the two dildoes buried
in her. She turned toward him and tried to lift her head. "UUUUHHHHHH".

"Ok, Marion, here's the deal. I could have done this to Joanie." At the name
of her daughter her eyes opened wide. "But I would rather do you. Do you
understand ?"

Marion nodded slowly.

Joshua reached over and turned on the vibrator stuck in Marion's cunt. She
reacted like an electric shock went through her. "OOOOOOWWWWWWWOOOO!"

"Are you going to cooperate?"

Marion nodded a negative.

"Ok, I will wait for Joanie to get home..."

Marion nodded a violent no.

"So you will cooperate?"

Marion nodded an assent.

Joshua smiled. "Let's see how cooperative you will be."

He took the ball gag out of her mouth. Before she could speak he had his cock
at her lips. He pressed it into her mouth. Instinctively she began to suck on

"Not bad."

It took a while but with his coaching she began to suck on him more
proficiently. His cock slid into her mouth to the back of her throat then
out until just the head was caught by her lip. She swept her tongue around
the head like he told her. Then he stuffed back into her mouth.

He reached around and turned the vibrator stuck in her ass on. She moaned. He
gripped the base and began to piston it in and out of her anus. At the same
time he took his other hand wrapped around his prick and fucked her mouth.

"You're quite the whore aren't you?"

With his cock in her mouth she couldn't reply. He took it out.


She didn't say anything.

"Marion." The tone in his voice told her what she needed to do.

"Yes. I am a whore. Your whore. I will do whatever you tell me to."

"Where do you want my cock?"

"I will take it anywhere you want."

He positioned himself between her legs and pulled the vibrator out of her

"Tell me what you want me to do."

She was silent a moment as if trying to read his mind. He took his cock head
and pressed against her asshole. She tried to pull away put could only move
so far.


As if resigned to her fate. "Go on fuck me. Fuck my ass. Cum in my ass."

"What ?"

"You heard me. I want you to fuck my ass and cum in me." As if to emphasize
the words she pressed back against him letting his head slip between the
small ring muscle.

He began to slip it deeper into her asshole. The ky lubricated the channel
and the vibrator in her cunt stimulated his cock. Marion moaned deeply. He
began to slide his cock in and out of her rectum.

"OH OH OH OH OH OH." She began to chant in rhythm with his sliding cock.

He reached under her and began to squeeze her breasts and was surprised to
feel the nipples harden.

"FUCK ME. Fuck your whore. Fuck my ass. Cum in my ass."

He couldn't tell if Marion was acting the part or was just getting into the
action but the effect was the same. He began to feel the cum shoot form his

"That's it cum for me. Fill my ass up."

Marion was pushing against him as the room started to blur.

He was back in his lab tired and drained.
_ _ _

Part 5: Leave It To Beaver


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