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Happy Days: What Richie Saw (MFF,MFFF,MF,inc,reluc,voy)
by Dr. Bone

Somewhere in earlier 1960s America:

"Richie! What are you doing?" cried his sister Joanie, "You know you are not supposed to be out of bed yet."

"I'm okay Joanie, my ankle is healing fine, but look Fonzie is banging some woman in his loft," Richie handed the binoculars over to his sister who looked through them.

"Oh shit! He is really...Richie! Richie! Oh crap!"

Joanie silently handed him back the binoculars as he put her hand over her mouth, "What is the problem? Oh shit! That can't be! No it can't be."

"What is with all that 'oh shitting' going on up here?" said Jenny, Joanie's friend who had brought up some snacks.

"It is Fonzie with, my mom!" Richie said handing the binoculars to Jenny.

"And he is really doing her too, he has her ankles pinned around her ears. Joanie smacked Jenny in the shoulder as Richie took back the glasses.

"I ought to go down there and give him a piece of my mind. The nerve."

"Calm down Richie! And do what? Get the cops down here? Have what your mother did all over the neighborhood. She is a woman with needs."

"That's my mother, Jenny!"

"Yeah, but she stays with your dad and his bad back."

"Richie, she has a point, I don't like it but you should not go down there half-cocked," said Joanie.

"I think he is full cocked," said Jenny looking at the bulge in Richie's pants.


"No, it is natural to be turned on. Maybe a little bit embarrassing, but natural," Jenny said as Joanie and Richie turned beet red.

"Maybe you ought to cool off a bit before going downstairs," said Joanie.

"Yeah! And maybe you ought to cool off downstairs also," said Jenny putting her hand on Richie's crotch and squeezing it.

"Jenny!" cried out Joanie as her friend undid her brother's fly in front of her. Despite her protests Joanie's eyes went wide as Jenny pulled out her brother's cock, it was huge.

"Pretty nice cock for a nerd boy," Jenny said as she pumped it.

"This is wrong, I should go! Now!" cried Joanie.

"No! I think you ought to stay. Or maybe I ought to tell your boyfriend how you were stepping out on him with Spike."

"You wouldn't dare!"

"No! You will dare," Jenny said holding out Richie's cock for her to grasp, "That's it keep it quiet all in the family."

"Don't say anything," Joanie said as she grasped her brother's cock and pulled on it.

"Not a word, you nerd!" Jenny said giggling as she dropped to her knees, "Especially with my mouth full."

"Jenny! You can't do that, not my brother's cock."

"Why? Are you jealous? There is plenty here for you to suck on also. Get down here." Jenny said as she pulled on Joanie's sweater.

"Hey watch it, this came from New York," Joanie said as she stumbled to her knees.

Jenny held Richie's cock at the base and wiggled it. Richie looked down and nodded at Joanie.

"You pervert! You want me to do this?" and then savagely jammed his cock down her throat.

"Oh yeah!" Richie said.

Jenny worked Richie's balls with her tongue then licked her way up to the shaft. Richie put his hands gently at the back of each of the girl's heads pushing them together. Jenny got the clue and kissed Joanie.


"Oh, like you never thought of doing that!" and kissed her again, before turning her attention back to Richie's cock.

They pumped his cock until Richie's eyes narrowed to two slits and he came, splashing Joanie's sweater with a huge pile of cum.

"Great! Now I will have to take this sweater out of town to be cleaned!" said Joanie getting up.

"Then maybe we ought to take it off." Richie said pulling her sweater off of her.

"Richie! Calm down!"

He walked closer to her and kissed her deeply. Her hands grabbed his cock which she was shocked to find was already becoming stiff again.

He popped her bra open with one snap, clearly something he had learned from Fonzie.

"Richie!" she yelled as her skirt hit the floor, Jenny by this point was already naked and helping Richie off with his clothes.

He pushed her onto the bed, she landed with her legs wide open. Thoughts of his mother being fucked by his best friend ran through his mind. He slid off her panties and plunged his tongue into her pussy. His right hand fingered Jenny.

"Shit! Richie!" she said as her tits heaved into the air.

He turned and kissed Jenny, she uncharacteristically turned her face slightly away, was she shy of kissing him with Joanie's taste on his lips? This excited Richie and made him deep kiss her.

"Aren't you two best friends?"

Jenny nodded, excited and afraid at the same time.

"Then help her cum." Richie said as he fingered Joanie.

He guided her head between Joanie's legs and Jenny kissed Joanie's dark haired pussy then licked it tentatively at first but quicker as Richie stuck his finger deep into her.

"Jenny! Oh crap!" Joanie said as she came.

"That's it now you two lick each other.

Richie grabbed Jenny and spun her around on the bed dropping her with her pussy right in Joanie's face.

"Kiss it Joanie. Now!" Richie said, Joanie remembered that he had not been the same since his wife, Lori-Beth had left him for a guy who played in a jazz trio. He was so forceful now. She kissed Jenny's shaved snatch then started to lick it. Richie watched for a moment then got on the bed between her legs.

"Richie! No! Shouldn't you get a rubber?"

But he did not care and rammed it into his sister's tight pussy, Jenny sat up planting her pussy firmly on Joanie's face and kissed Richie as he sucked on her small tits. Joanie was terrified and turned on at the same time.

Jenny rolled off of Joanie as Richie pulled Joanie's legs tighter around her.

"I am going to cum in you..." Richie growled, but Joanie was beyond hearing it.

As he kissed Jenny he came deep inside of Joanie. He pulled his sister up and kissed her deeply and then pushed her face down and told her to suck him dry.

"Finger yourself while you do it. That's it. Don't be shy now slut."

Joanie wanted to argue but could not, now she was as big a slut as Jenny ever was.

When Richie was hard again he told Joanie to go get the baby oil in the bathroom cabinet. He grabbed Jenny and spun her around and made her grab the bottom of the window pane. He entered her from behind and watched with her as Fonzie strapped a leather collar around his mother's neck, then attached a leash, He whipped her behind with the leash as she slavishly sucked his cock.

"What is the baby-oil for Richie? Richie! You are not going to...I have never..."

"Well, I guess you are now. He told Jenny as Joanie came back in the room with the oil and a flesh colored dildo.

"Laverne and Shirley left this here the last time they were over."

Richie chuckled for a moment with the private memory of them both blowing him, then he got back to business. "Well, Jenny, you pride yourself with being the neighborhood slut; so let's see if you mean it. Joanie lube me up!"

His sister obediently oiled his cock up until it gleamed.

He worked his finger up Jenny's tight little asshole until she relaxed while she gazed out the window watching Mrs. C being pounded by Fonzie's cock. Then Richie pushed his cock head against her anus telling her to relax, that it was just like one big finger. She pinched the nipples of her small pert tits hard as his cock gradually slid in.

He let her adjust to him a bit, not moving then he began to thrust in and out of her as Joanie lubed up the dildo and slid it inside of Jenny. Within minutes due to the dual friction she was cumming until her knees were weak. Richie told Joanie to lick Jenny, at first I was hard to coordinate what she was doing then she got the hang of it.

"Oh shit! Yeah!" said Richie as he came in Jenny's asshole while he watched his own mother get banged in the ass by Fonzie. He grabbed Joanie by the hair and told her to lick Jenny's asshole clean. Joanie started to complain but Richie said she would do the same for her later.

"Richie! I am not taking it in there." Richie did not respond as he kissed Jenny deeply. Richie made her suck his cock until it was hard again.

"Okay I have seen enough of that!" he said as he closed the curtains over the window from which he watched his mother's debauchery and turned his attention to the two girls.

He fucked Jenny long and hard, then as promised he finished in Joanie's ass as Jenny returned the favor with her tongue and the dildo.

Through the coming weeks he banged the girls separately and together. Joanie brought up the request for Richie to use rubbers but he refused to do so; and Joanie still offered her body to him. The next week after a session where both girls wore their Junior Chipmunk uniforms Richie decided to confront his mother; he wondered when he should do so; but that question was settled for him when she came into his room.

"Mom!" both Richie and Joanie shouted as he took his sister from behind. To make matters worse Jenny came out of the bathroom in just her panties.

"What is the meaning of this? I mean what is the meaning of this!" Mrs. C said showing Joanie's sweater, the one he had cum on, it looked all matted as she had forgotten to go to the drycleaners and had stuffed it in the laundry hamper.

Richie got up pulling out of Joanie as she covered herself up. "Richie, this is so wrong. I knew something was wrong when you two kissed each other by mistake under the mistletoe last year. And you, Jenny, you have always been a bad influence!"

"Mom! That was an accident! Besides what about you cheating on dad with Fonzie?"

"How did you..." she started to say, then she saw that Richie's window had a
direct view of Fonzie's bedroom.

"Richie, you must understand I was not cheating on you father, it is just, with his back, when I feel, well...frisky...I... need an outlet and..." Mrs. C went to the window and looked out into Fonzie's bedroom, "...the problem is that from this angle you could not see it but your father was in the corner watching. Don't think bad of him, watching us would get him to the point that I could finish him off without him hurting his back."

"I did not know."

"Mrs. C, you are a slut!" said Jenny.

"Well, maybe I am. But we have to keep what was said quiet, within the family."

Jenny cleared her throat.

"And Jenny, and I know only one way of doing that."

Mrs. C sat down on the bed between Richie and Joanie and moved away the sheet that Richie had used to cover himself.

"So nice, so much bigger than your father's," she said as she put her hand around his cock and yanked it.


"Now Richie, don't act so shy, after all you were watching me before," she said as she stroked his cock.

She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips with a kiss that was definitely not maternal in nature.

She turned to Joanie, "It is good that you are open minded, Howard on several occasions has had me with other women, why to do you think Laverne and Shirley came over so often, then there was the time that old army buddy of his Hot Lips Houlihan came over..." she kissed Joanie, then looking over at Jenny she got up, "Might as well welcome you into the family also." she gave Jenny a deep hot kiss that made her dizzy when she pulled away.

"Joanie, Jenny, help me off with my clothes!" she faced Richie as Joanie and Jenny undid her blouse. Then slowly removed her bra. Her tits were firm and pert for a woman of her age. Despite himself Richie was getting harder just watching. Mrs. C kicked off her shoes as Jenny undid her skirt. Mrs. C herself pulled down her black panties leaving herself in only her stockings and garter belt. She kissed Joanie deeply, then Jenny. She guided their hands to her pussy as she fingered the two girls.

"Mom!" Joanie moaned as she came, but Mrs. C kept going.

Gently she guided Jenny down to her knees, Jenny got between her legs and licked her red haired pussy as Richie watched from the bed. Joanie got underneath Jenny and licked her as she fingered herself.

Mrs. C then went over to Riche with the girls on either side of her. She put her hand firmly around Richie's cock and kissed the head, then she opened her mouth and to the astonishment of Jenny and Joanie she took his cock all the way down to the base. Smiling with it out of her mouth she said that if they could do the same they'd always keep their husbands.

She held Richie's cock out and had Joanie try the same, telling her to relax her throat. With each try Joanie took a little bit more down her throat, then Jenny did the same.

"Well Richie I guess there is nothing left for us to do but fuck," Mrs. C. said getting up to face her son. She pushed him down onto the bed and straddled him with her hips. Joanie held his cock steady as she squatted down on it. It slid into her with a wet sound. She kissed him as she crashed down on him.

"Make sure to cum in mommy's pussy!" she taunted as Jenny and Joanie watched while they fingered each other.

"Mom!" Richie screamed as he came inside of her. She lowered herself down onto him and milked him dry as she kissed him.

Mrs. C laid on top of her son for a while savoring their fuck, then she reached down and grasped the base of his cock holding it up indicating Joanie and Jenny should get it hard again. The three fucked through the night until it was early morning.

While the three upstairs slept Mrs. C went downstairs, a bit sore, and made breakfast.

A week later when Howard came home from a lodge convention she made plans to bring the whole family and Fonzie together, but that would be another episode of Happy Days.


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