Happy Days: The Fonz Is Back (M/F)
by Wilcox

Richie, Potsy and Ralph were arguing with Arnold over his new 50 cent cover
charge. "Just wait till Fonzie hears about this," Richie told him.

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, all you do is sit around drinking small soda. I no make
any money," said Arnold. "You stay, you pay," he said as he went back into
the kitchen.

Just then the boys were distracted as Paula Petralunga, one of the hottest
girls in town, walked by, her big boobs bouncing with every step. "Wow, she
even makes jello look like it's standing still," said Ralph.

Their eyes were locked onto her as she headed for the door. Just then Fonzie
came in. He took one look at her and snapped his fingers. "I can't now
Fonzie", she said. "I have something I need to do." With that she flipped her
long hair and walked out of Arnolds.

Fonzie walked dejectedly over to the guys and said, "I need to talk to you

They all began to talk at once, telling Fonzie about Arnold's new policy.
"What are you going to do Fonzie," Richie said expectantly.

"Pay it, I guess," said Fonzie to their shocked expressions. "You two split,"
he said to Potsy and Ralph. "I need to talk to Richie ... alone."

After they two teens drifted over to another group of friends, Richie asked,
"What's wrong Fonzie? I've never seen you like this."

"Richie, I can't believe it. I've lost it." Fonzie said hanging his head.

"What do you mean," Richie asked in a concerned tone.

"I was at my garage this morning and this eighteen year old comes in and and
says, "Hey kid, can you fix my carburator? Can you believe it? Hey Kid."
Fonzie lamented. "Then you just saw what happened with Paula Petralunga,
she's got something to do. My snap didn't even faze her ... Richie, I'VE LOST

"Come on Fonzie, not you. That's ridiculous," Richie told him. "Your the
'King of Cool', you can't just lose it."

"Oh yeah, watch this," he said, getting up and walking over to the jukebox.
"I haven't lost it huh, well see for yourself." Fonzie hit the side of the
jukebox, and nothing happened. Richie had never seen Fonzie's jukebox hit
ever fail to start a record before.

"See, it's all over," Fonzie said dejectedly as he headed for the door,
leaving a speechless Richie behind him.

* * *

That evening as the Cunningham family settled in to watch their father's
favorite TV show, 'I WANT TO SEE THIS', Richie told them not to say anything
to Fonzie if he came down from the room he was renting from them over the

"He's going through a though time right now and his date for tonight called
and cancelled on him," Richie told them.

"Fonzie doesn't have a date tonight?" Joanie squeeled. "I can't believe it!"

"Well, nobody say anything ... OK. He's feeling pretty low," Richie told

"Oh That's just terrible," Richie's mom Marion exclaimed. "I wish there was
something I could do to help him. He's such a sweet boy."

Just then Fonzie came in the back door and stuck his head into he room. "Is
it all right if I join you guys," he said meekly.

"Of course Arthur," Marion said. Marion Cunningham was the only person alive
who could call the Fonz by his real name. "Please come in. Were watching,

Fonzie came in wearing his bathrobe and before he even sat down Joanie blurt
ed out, "Fonzie, YOU don't have a date?"

Richie gave his younger sister a withering look as Fonzie fell into the chair
and said, "Yeah, well I had a date, but her grandmother passed away ... so
she ... you know had other things to do."

There was a pained silence hanging in the air as they all tried to ignore the
self pity Fonzie was obviously feeling and concentrated on the TV show.

"Yeah I've seen this show," Fonzie said after a while. "You write in saying
you want to see something and they film it for you. Yeah, ... maybe that's
it. I gotta go, say you later," he said as he hurried out the way he'd come

For the next week Fonzie continued in his deep funk, then as they were all
sitting to watch 'I WANT TO SEE THIS', the announcer said that next week they
were going to feature an attempt to break the record for a motorcycle jump
over garbage cans. "The present record is twelve and next week we'll be
showing Artur Fonzirelli's attempt to leap over fourteen garbage cans in the
parking lot at Arnolds."

They all looked over at Fonzie and he said, "Yeah, I thought that this might
snap me out of my funk. One way or another." As they all began trying to talk
him out of it he stood up and said, "I'm gonna try it, that's it." He walked
out and went back up to his room over the garage as they all looked at one
another in shock.

Richie said, "There's no way he'll do it ... not the way he is now. He'll
kill himself if he doesn't have his confidence back."

They continued to discuss it but no one could come up with a solution. "Lets
all sleep on it and try again in the morning," Richie's dad Howard said

That night Marion couldn't sleep as she thought about Fonzie and his
confidence problem. She got out of bed and went downstairs in her short
nightgown for a drink of ice water from the fridge. As she stood at the sink
drinking her glass of water she noticed that Fonzie's light was still on.
Maybe I can get through to him before he kills himself she thought as she
headed out the back door and went up the stairs to Fonzie's room over the

She knocked on the door and Fonzie came over and opened the door, wearing
just his robe. "Ayyyy Mrs C, what's up. It's really late."

"Arthur can I come in and talk to you?" she said.

"Sure Mrs. C., come on in. Ayyyyyy Mrs C your looking really niccccce,"
Fonzie said as he checked out her full figured body in her short nightgown.
"You look different dressed like that Mrs. C., really hot."

"Ohhh, thank you Arthur, your so sweet. I came up to talk to you about the
motorcycle jump your planing to do. Is there anyway I can talk you out of it

"No Mrs. C, it's something I have to do. I need to do it if I'm going to
break out of my bad streak." he said.

"Well, in your present state of mind, I'm afraid that your going to hurt
yourself and I've come to feel so fond of you Arthur," Marion told him.
"There must be something I can do to help you snap out of this funk your in.
Anything at all, just tell me what I can do to help you. What can I do to
give you that sense of confidence you'll need to make that motorcycle jump?"

"Well, Mrs. C, I don't know if I can say it. I'm afraid you'll hate me and
kick me out of here," he said as he devoured her lush figure with his eyes.

"Nonsence Arthur, you can ask me anything. I so want to help," Marion told

"Well, OK, what would really help me right now is a blow job," Fonzie told

"OHHH Arthur, I don't know. I didn't expect that," she said as for the first
time she looked down and noticed that Fonzie's robe had parted and an
absolutely enormous penis was pointed at her. It was twice the size of
Howard's. A wrist thick shaft of male muscle all covered with bulging veins
that stood close to a foot long. Marion felt a sudden flash between her legs
as she looked down at Fonzie's huge dick and without conciously thinking
about it she reached out and began stroking it.

"Oh Arthur ... It's so big, so long and thick," she moaned as her hand moved
up and down his thick shaft. "It's been so long."

"No need to apologize Mrs. C," Fonzie said as he leered at her. "Your making
me very horny."

Marion gave a little jump as she stroked Fonzie's long thick rock hard cock,
"I haven't felt a hard on for years. Mmmmm Arthur, did I do that to you,"
Marion moaned as she jerked Fonzies massive cock.

"Ohhh Mrs. C, you sure did," said Fonzie as he reached behind Marion's head
and pulled her in for a long french kiss. Marion almost fainted as Fonzie's
hot wet tongue entered her waiting mouth, she moaned uncontrollably as his
tongue explored expertly.

Fonzie pulled her nightgown over her head and after several minutes of
feeling her up as he kissed her, he pulled her over to his chair and sat
down, "OK, Mrs. C, come and get it. It's time for that blow job."

She knelt down on the floor, between Fonzie's widely spread legs and took his
huge dick into her hands. She wrapped both her hands around the massive cock,
pumped it up and down, and marvelled at it's tremendous size. She jerked him
lovingly, pumping up and down on the huge meat stick. Her mind was alive of
thoughts of how she was probably saving his life.

Then Marion lowered her mouth onto his big cock, taking half on her first
try. She started sucking hard and bobbing her head, while vigorously using
her tongue. Fonzie nearly fainted when he saw Marion, lower her head, wrap
her lips around his erection and take half of it into her throat. Her mouth
was burning his cock. Her tongue was swirling around his cock, whipping back
and forth as she sucked up and down. "That's RREEEAAALLL good Mrs. C." The
squeezing of his cock head by her tight throat was fantastic. But he wanted
more of it.

Fonzie reached his hand to Marion's head, and patted her. She smiled up at
him with her eyes, thinking he was letting her know that she was doing a good
job. But he grabbed a handful of her hair and, on her next down movement
pushed his dick deeper into her throat.

Marion was caught be surprise by another two inches of cock. She would have
said something, but it was hard to talk with a mouth full of dick. She had
never had a cock this deep in her mouth before and she was a little worried.
But even though she was concerned, she kept up her vigorous sucking. She
wouldn't acknowledge that this was turning her on ... but it was. She was
only helping Fonzie regain his confidence, so that he could make his
motorcycle jump, she told herself.

Fonzie still had a handful of Marion's hair, pumping his best friend's
mother's head, up and down on his cock. He was using her face to masturbate
himself. Fucking her mouth. He started pushing her head down much harder on
her down movements, determined to get all of his cock down Mrs, C's throat.

Another inch disappeared into that tight well of pleasure. Fonzie could see
a worried look in the sweet mother's eyes, and it turned him on even more.
That was it. He grabbed tight onto her hair and on the next down movement, he
slammed her head down and thrust his hips up. Fonzie's entire cock was now in
Marion's mouth and throat. It was like nothing he could have imagined. And he
knew he wouldn't last long now. Her throat enveloped his cock in tight, wet,
burning flesh. Fonzie saw total panic in Marion's eyes, and that did it. He
was going to cum as she sucked it rapidly, her head rocking back and forth
before his thighs.

She squeezed her breasts eagerly. Fonzie gasped, his hips lurching to and
fro, his head flung back, wincing in pleasure. It was too much to bear. He
groaned in relief and released her head. Marion sensed his orgasm and pulled
back, opening her mouth wide, jerking his cock in her fingers, her tongue
whipping his cockhead.

The heat surged from his cock and spurted out, jetting down into her open,
hungry mouth, spattering her face and breasts with it. Marion groaned,
swallowing his musky seed, crushing her breasts together, smearing the young
stud's gunk on her nipples and in her cleavage. He came in copious loads till
he had emptied himself in her mouth and on her body. He staggered back in the
chair, groaning.

"Wow, Mrs. C, that was the best head I've ever had. Your quite the woman. You
deserve a treat yourself after that effort," he told her.

Fonzie stood, pulled Marion up to her feet and planted a deep wet french kiss
on her lips. Marion was in a horny stupor as her limp body was being pulled
to the bed in the corner of the room. She saw the bedspread pulled down to
reveal the clean sheets that she had put on Fonzie's bed that morning. She
watched as his pillow was placed in the middle of the bed. Then Marion was
scooped up and her naked body was laid upon the bed, with Fonzie's pillow
under her flairing hips, serving to raise her womanhood to the mercy of her
young boarder.

"Ohhhhhhhhh ... yesss ...!" Marion groaned, arching her hips up to meet
Fonzie's hot mouth as it clamped down on her juicy muff, the withering tongue
teasing her sensitive clit. Before long she found herself planting her feet
on the mattress. Her legs spread wide as her hands grasped Fonzie's head and
she arched up in response to the faboulous oral pleasure.

Never had Howard performed this sexual act on her. "Ohhhhhhhh ....I'mmmm ....
I'mmmm cummmminggggg!" Marion moaned after several intense minutes, her body
shaking uncontrollably.

Marion had reached a mind-shattering orgasm. Only in regular love making with
her husband had she achieved sexual relief, but nothing like the orgasm she
had just achieved. All this had changed in the past hour. All of this had
taken place in her own home with a boy the same age as her own son, but then,
this was a troubled, street smart boy who was more of a man than a boy.

Writhing upon Fonzie's bed, Marion was helpless in resisting him. Helpless as
she looked at his handsome face, helpless as he crept up to her. Marion's
wide opened eyes gazed down at the massive tool that Fonzie was shucking,
seeing the glistening shine of fluid oozing from the cockhead. Seeing the
massive tool that she had sucked off earlier. "Oh, please ... Arthur ... it's
too big ... it'll never fit!" she stuttered.

Fonzie grabbed her ankles and placed them on his shoulders. Marion looked up
with glazed eyes, "I'm not sure I can take it Arthur, please ...". Marion's
head whipped back and forth on the pillow, her curly hair waving in the air.
Fonzie smiled to himself, then told her, "Relax Mrs. C, your gonna love it,
trust me."

Fonzie scooted forward on his knees. Marion's long sexy milky white legs
pointing straight up to the heavens. His huge rock hard cock found the moist
opening to Marion's warm and slick cavern. Marion was now panting as the
large cockhead delved into her fleece and parted her moist slit, rubbing up
and down with pressure being placed to split her wide open. In one swift
motion, his wide cockhead was sliding through her wet pussy lips, then it was
pushing its way inside her.

He was so big and she was so tight, he met more than a little resistance
getting himself into her. She struggled attempting to pull up and away. She
pleaded with him, "Please Arthur. I'm not on birth control anymore," but he
wasn't listening. If anything, this seemed to spur him on.

He kissed her hard and pushed his massive cock even deeper into her pussy,
getting at least seven inches of his fat cock inside her womb. Then they just
laid there, tongue-kissing for a minute, as she adjusted to his girth and
size. He was stretching her to a new limit, touching her where no man ever
had before.

With a groan and "Damn, Mrs. C," he would pull part way out and then thrust
deeply back into her glove tight sheath. He repeated this just three more
times until he had his full 11 inches buried deep inside. She couldn't
believe she'd taken it all, but his balls were slapping against her lips now.

Marion felt herself tense then scream with her first orgasm. He was humping
her harder, his hips pistoning in and out like a jackhammer, shaking the bed
beneath them, and she couldn't stop him even if she wanted to. He seemed to
be growing bigger inside her with each thrust as he power fucked her for a
solid fifteen minutes.

Fonzie slowed himself. His body cried for release. Marion let out some soft
whimpers of pleasure and then it happened. Fonzie made a few grunts and some
strange noises of his own and then his cock began to spray deep inside her

His ass clenched as he punched into her, held her tight to his groin, punched
into her again, held, and punched into her and held one last time, triggering
another orgasm deep inside her loins. She screamed and held him tight to her
cunt, arching her back and pressing her feet down onto his ass to keep him
close. "Ungh, oh yeah," he groaned. "Feel my cum shoot up in you, Mrs. C.

She felt his hot seed rushing into the depths of her pussy, blast after blast
splashing the back of her womb, and the taboo of it made her orgasm grow in
intensity. The force of his cum was unlike anything she had ever felt with
her husband, and her pussy involuntarily clenched his thick young meat,
milking every drop. All the time he continued kissing her and saying, "Oh,
yeah, Mrs. C, feel me in you? You're so hot and tight. I could nestle here
all day."

When she came back down to earth, she couldn't catch her breath. Blinking,
her first thought was of Howard. What would he say if she ended up pregnant
from this? How would she explain a baby to her family?

As the thoughts whirled through her mind, she began to feel Fonzie moving
inside her again, slowly pulling his half-hard cock out of her pussy lips
before thrusting back in, and he was growing harder by the second. She
couldn't believe how fast he'd recovered and blinked up at him in shock.

"You didn't think that was all, did you? Mrs. C, that was just a snack. Here
comes the full course," he groaned.

Marion screamed in delight as he began pounding her pussy with his massive
young cock. The intense feeling of being fucked by such a large cock made
her have one orgasm after another. She was bucking wildly as she moaned in
pleasure beneath him. Just as she was about to reach release again, he pulled
out of her and moved down her body, lifting her hips with his big strong
hands and munching on her soaked pussy with his lips, pushing his thick
tongue where his manhood had just been.

At the unfamiliar sensation, Marion screamed out, "God!" and clenched the bed
sheets at her side. Soon he had her moaning again, and although Fonzie would
have loved for her to return the favor, he wanted to fuck her some more. He
pulled back and rolled her trembling body over onto her stomach.

He couldn't believe it as he looked down and saw his gigantic cock as big and
hard as it had ever been. It was so sticky with Marion's juices dripping from
it as he positioned it at the entrance to her cunt. She made another effort
to say, "No, don't ... we can't, I have to get back before Howard ..." as he
raised her on all fours and mounted her from behind.

She started to struggle and he calmed her with a hand in the middle of her
back and told her, "It's OK Mrs. C. We have lots of time and your therapy is
really working. I'm starting to feel like the old Fonzie again." Fonzie
grinned as the sweet hearted housewife tried to scramble off the bed. He
grasped her by her hips and dragged her back to him. She tried to crawl away
from him, but he grabbed her again by the hips and locked her in place.

She arched her back and moaned as he easily punched his huge cock into her
swollen drenched cunt. He loved how her tight fourty year old body looked as
he hammered away with his thick meat. She buried her face into the pillow to
muffle her constant moans as Fonzie rammed his long thick cock up inside her
tender little pussy and fucked her glove tight cunt powerfully doggie style,
a first for her.

"Aruggggggggggggg ......" she moaned cumming on the thick pole that lanced
her precious body. Twice more, the pretty middle-aged housewife reached mind
shattering orgasms as she was fucked doggie style on the bed over her garage
by her teenaged son's friend.

Fonzie couldn't take it anymore. Her tight pussy was the best he had in a
long time. She put most of the young sluts he regularily banged to shame.
With a mighty thrust, he landed all he had inside of her. His muscular body
tensed as his testicles exploded, sending cum shooting up inside her womb
again. Marion, barely able to speak, cried out as Fonzie just smiled and
groaned as he shot load after load of his thick warm cum into her quivering

He pulled her against him as hard as he could as his tremendous cock emptied
inside of her yearning pussy as they both collapsed onto the bed. His huge
cock was still inside her pussy as he fell on top of her from behind.

With his seed planted deep within her womb now, his 11 inches of manhood felt
too good inside her tight pussy to move, especially as he was already getting
hard again. 'Damn,' he thought. He'd never lasted this long before. He wished
he could bottle what Mrs. C did to him.

Slowly he began humping her again, trying to bring his cock back to full
staff. The sensation of her slippery pussy walls tightening around him
brought a deep groan of satisfaction to his throat.

Marion couldn't believe he was still going at her from behind. His weight
pressed her deep into the mattress and brought a moan from her when her
sensitive nipples scraped against the sheets. He had cum in her twice and
she'd swallowed another load and he was still going at her.

She could feel his hot cum flowing out of her pussy with nowhere to go,
running down her crotch. As Fonzie once again picked up speed, Marion just
laid there thinking to herself, "What had I let happen."

"Ungh," she moaned as he pushed so deep inside her she wondered if he'd
come out her throat. He stilled and she felt him pull out again, this time
completely. His hands massaged her asscheeks and she moaned, hoping he was
finished, yet still yearning for more. She felt him insert one finger, then
two, and scoop out some of his cum from her pussy.

The movement brushed against her clit, and she orgasmed instantly. It was so
powerful, she didn't even feel him spread his juices around her anus, and
realized too late what he had planned when he began to push his cockhead
against her tight rosebud.

"Oh, god, no! Not there Arthur! No one's ever done that before ... Oh my
god!" she screamed as he pressed forward.

"Shhh Mrs. C. You've had the full meal, now it's time for my desert," he
said. "Just relax and it won't hurt so much."

Marion whimpered as his cockhead throbbed at her virgin anus. It yielded
under the pressure as he flexed his buttocks and rammed his hips forward. His
massive cockhead popped into her rear channel and deep up her virgin asshole
as Marion's head jerked up.

"OH! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" she cried.

"Ahhhhhuhhhyeh ohfuckyes!" he gasped, gritting his teeth, his fingers digging
into the softness of her creamy buttocks, his head flung back as he flexed
his buttocks and ground his hips forward.

His cock squeezed deeper and deeper into her tight little asshole. Marion's
fingers tightened into a fist and her face creased in pain. Then, incredibly
to her, the pain changed in nature and his cock felt incredibly good in her
anus. Deeper and deeper it went, and Fonzie groaned, burying the enormity of
his long thick penis in her tiny anus, his hips pressing tightly to her

A few minutes later, she was panting and clutching the bedsheets again, her
ass thrust up in the air as he started moving, thrusting in and out. He
sighed and groaned, in total bliss as he fucked Richie's mom up the ass.

Marion grunted and the pain began to fade, replaced by an most pleasurable
sensation. Pretty soon, she was humping back at him, begging, "Fuck me Arthur
... fuck my ass." She whimpered, writhing her buttocks erotically in his
crotch. Fonzie gasped, running his hands down her body to squeeze her breasts
as he sodomized Marion slowly, deeply and thoroughly.

She moaned and shuddered, rocking to and fro under him like a bitch in deep
rut, whimpering loud obscenities. Her body rocked and jerked under his
thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and bouncing as he moaned thickly, his
hands on her hips, pulling her anus up and down the length of his wrist thick

His mouth hanging open, panting and gasping like a wild animal, Fonzie
stopped suddenly, jerking his cock out of her anus and, quickly, pushing it
down, rammed it heavily into her cunt. Marion cried out thinly, lurching
and jerking as he ram fucked her cunt furiously, hammering his hips at her
buttocks, reaming his cock deep into her little pink slit.

Suddenly, he lurched out of her cunt and again drilled her anus, skewering it
heavily, going in deep and sodomizing her thoroughly. Marion exploded, her
fingers tightly clenching the bed sheets.

Fonzie sensed her orgasm and slid out of her anus and into her cunt again and
fucked her furiously. Marion whimpered and cried out in joy as she orgasmed,
even harder than before. He felt himself about to bust his nut again and
slammed his cock deep into her pussy for one more thrust before pumping her
full of his baby juice again.

He let his cock soften in Marion's wildly milking pussy a while and than
pulled out of her, running a satisfied glance over her sweaty, limp body as
lay on his bed, drained completely. "That was great Mrs. C. I feel so much
better, but you know, I have another week to go before the big jump. I might
have a relapse or something, so what do you say, same time tomorrow night?"
he asked casually.

She looked at him with a gleem in her eyes and nodded her head. She rolled
over, climbed out of bed and quickly pulled on her nightgown. "Arthur, it's
the least I can do for you. But, we can't let Howard or Richie know about our
confidence building sessions." Fonzie chuckled and fell back exhausted onto
his sweat and cum soaked sheets as she slipped out the door and returned to
her husband's bed.

* * *

Needless to say, with Marion's loving help, Fonzie's confidence was fully
restored and he set a new world record motorcycle jump.


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