Happy Days: Part 2 - ...Joanie's Education (M/ff,reluc)
by Wilcox

Mrs. Marion Cunningham was just finishing the breakfast dishes when her young
daughter Joanie came into the kitchen. "I cleaned the living room Mom, like
you told me too. Can I go down to Jenny Picillo's house now?" she asked

"Dear, maybe later OK. I have to go downtown for a couple of hours and I'd
like you to stay here and look in on Arthur. The poor boy needs to be cared
for, what with his injured knee from that motorcycle jump on that stupid TV
show. The poor boy needed surgery and has trouble getting around just now,
and that medication for his pain just knocks him out. I want you to stay here
in case he needs something."

"Oh Mom, Fonzie's leg isn't that bad," Joanie implored. "I promised Jenny
that I'd come over.

"Maybe later dear, you've seen how he is," Marion told her daughter as she
put her coat on and went out the back door.

Joanie was visibly upset as she watched her mother's car pull out of the
driveway. "There goes my day," she moaned. "Jenny promised that was going to
teach me about boys today, now ... who knows when that'll happen. I'll be an
old maid soon and I still won't know a thing about sex."

She got on the phone and called Jenny, explaining how she had to stay home
and do something for her mother. Jenny's inquisitive nature pulled the story
out of her friend and she excitedly said, "Joanie, this is too good to pass
up. I'm coming right over." The innocent young Joanie had no idea why Jenny
sounded so excited as she hung up the phone.

In a matter of minutes Jenny came bursting through the back door and flew
into the kitchen gasping for breath.

"What did you do, run all the way? Joanie asked her hunched over friend.

"Yes I did, as a matter of fact. God Joanie, you can be so dense sometimes,"
Jenny told her. "Remember when I was telling you about guys' cocks and how
you said you would like to see one, but we couldn't come up with a safe way?"
Jenny said as her breathing began to return to normal.

"Yeah. You're not planning anything stupid are you?" asked Joanie as her eyes
grew wider.

"No. I've got the perfect plan. See how you like this. You know how you said
Fonzie is up in his bed loaded with painkillers that knock him out? When he
takes them, they knock him out cold and could sleep through a hurricane, you
said ... right."

"So?" the innocent Joanie told her worldly friend.

"So, we go up and check him out stupid," Jenny told her.

"Check him out?" Joanie replied confusedly.

"His cock, jeezzzzz Joanie, didn't you say you wanted to see one? Well I
overheard some of the older girls talking in the restroom at Arnold's and
they were talking about Fonzie. They said he was hung like a horse. You
said that you were all alone here right. So we go up to Fonzie's room and
see it for ourselves." Jenny said with a big smile spreading across her
pretty face.

"OHHH, I don't know Jenny," she said as her friend pulled her through the
back door and up the stairs to the room over the garage that Fonzie was
renting from her father Howard.

They stopped on the landing and knock softly on the door. When there was no
response Jenny pushed the door in slowly and peeked into the room. "There he
is," she whispered. "He's on the bed and sound asleep. Come on Joanie, it's
now or never. You said you wanted to see one and we can find out if what the
girls' say about Fonzie is really true or not."

Jenny walked in and pulled Joanie through after her. She looked back out
the doorway to make sure no one saw them and closed the door behind them.
"Come on," she said as she tiptoed over to the bed where Fonzie was heavily
breathing in a deep drug induced sleep. Jenny looked down at him for a
minute then started pulling the covers back to see if that would wake him
up. When he didn't stir she pulled them all the way down to the foot of the
bed, totally exposing Fonzie's naked body to their young wide spread eyes.

"OH MY GOD," Jenny exclaimed at the sight of Fonzie's massive penis. It was
laying over his leg and even though it was flacid it was larger than any of
the erect cocks Jenny had ever seen. "The girls were right, he's hung like
a horse," she said and then let out a low wolf whistle.

"A horse ..." Joanie exclaimed softly. "What does that mean?"

"You've never been on a farm ... have you girl?" Jenny told Joanie as she
continued her innocent friends sex education lesson. "That means it's big ...
very big. Horses have enormous dicks ... so they say that a guy with a big
dick is hung like a horse. Well what we have here is the lead stallion of the
herd. I never knew they came ... this big," she said as she reached out her
small hand and began running her fingers over the soft tube of male flesh.

"Come on Joanie, touch it," she said with a gleam in her eyes. "Don't worry.
There's nobody to hear you. Your Mom's gone out shopping and Fonzie's out
cold. He wouldn't hear a gun go off with the medication he's on. That's why
your Mom wanted you to stay home while she went out. Somebody has to be here
if something happened."

"Oh I don't know Jenny," Joanie said softly as she stared mesmerized at
Fonzie's huge penis.

"No need to whisper. He can't hear you Joanie," Jenny told her innocent
friend. "Do you like his prick?"

"Oh, golly. Wow!" Joanie exclamed. "I never thought I would actually see one.
Are they all this big?"

"Hey, if you think that's big, just watch this," Jenny said with a smile.

"What are you doing?" the startled Joanie said timidly.

"I told you that you don't have to whisper," Jenny told her. "I'm jacking him
off to make his prick get hard. That's what you do when you fuck. It makes
the guy get hard so he can put it in your pussy to make babies. Hasn't your
Mother given you the birds and the bees speech yet?"

"Well, she tried once, but then she stopped and said that maybe I was still
too young and that she'd tell me it all later," Joanie confessed. "I've heard
the older girls using the words, but I never expected anything like this.
Wow! Look how big it's getting. It does that even when a guy's asleep?"

"That's not all it does while he is asleep," Jenny smiled. "Here, you do it
just like I was and see what happens."

"Really?" Joanie said excitedly.

"Go ahead. You're going to get a surprise," Jenny assured her innocent

"Oh, golly. It's getting real big now and starting to tremble. What do I do
now?" Joanie exclaimed.

"You're doing just fine. Keep doing what I did," Jenny told her. "But, maybe
you better stop for a second so we can take our dresses off."

"Why?" Joanie asked.

"Just do it. You'll understand in a few seconds," Jenny said with a knowing

"Oh. Well OK. It just feels funny to take my clothes off in front of Fonzie,"
Joanie said as she moved her fingers up to the buttons on her dress.

"Right now, he's just a big chunk of meat we're playing with," Jenny told
her. "I'll keep him hard while you strip, but you better hurry if you don't
want to miss the good part."

"The good part?" Joanie said as she kept her eyes glued to Jenny's small
fingers as they slid up and down Fonzie's monumental shaft of rock hard male
muscle. It was all covered with bulging veins and stood close to a foot long
now. It was so thick that Jenny couldn't close her fingers around it and it
seem to almost be alive as it twitched and jerked under her worldly friends

"Yeah! Now hurry! Here, he's so big we can both pump him. Get ready for the
fireworks," Jenny said excitedly as thick drops of pre-cum oozed out of the
hole in the wide head as Jenny milked the out-cold Fonzie's big dick.

"Wow! Oh wow! Golly, wow!" Joanie exclaimed as the slipery fluid leaked down
over the wrist thick shaft, adding lubrication for Jenny's loving hand.

"Here, taste some of it," Jenny said as she switched hands and licked the
tasty jism off of her fingers.

"Do you think we should?" the wide eyed Joanie said excitedly.

"When are you going to get another chance to learn all this stuff without
having to worry about getting caught or having some guy think he can go all
the way?" Jenny said with a nod of her head towards Fonzie's dick. "Come on,
you've been saying how much you wanted to see one. Well now comes the next

"My pussy is on fire," Joanie said as she reached out and coated her fingers
with the male fuck juice oozing out of Fonzie's massive dick. "MMMMM, I like
it, it taste's really good. Is that all there is?"

"OHHH girl, there's lots more where that came from. He hasn't blown his load
yet. This is just the cuming attractions," Jenny said with a laugh at her
play on words. "He's got loads of cum stored in his big balls."

"Is that what you call it, cum?" Joanie said.

"You really don't know very much about sex, do you?" Jenny said as she looked
sympathically at her naive friend.

"Well, not really, but it's kind of embarrassing to talk about it," Joanie

"Well, don't worry girlfriend, Jenny's here to fill in your education," her
worldly friend went on. "You see, guys can only do it so often. After they
cum, it takes them a while before they can do it again. What I've discovered
is that you can make them get hard again quicker if you suck their cocks."

"Suck them? You mean, put them in our mouths?" Joanie said in wonder.

"Look, if you really want to learn this stuff, just do what I tell you, OK.
Trust me. I know what I'm talking about," Jenny said with a knowing smile.

"I don't remember ever hearing anything about putting a guy's cocks in our
mouth." Joanie said nervously.

"Well, I didn't learn that part in any class," Jenny smiled wickedly. "I
found a porno tape in my Dad's closet, so I watched it while I played with
myself and watched things the people in the movie did."

The two girls leaned in close to Fonzie's towering prick and Jenny instructed
Joanie on the use of her tongue and lips as they worked over every inch of
the immense cock swaying before them. As they continued Joanie's confidence
grew and she watched glassy eyed as Jenny opened her mouth and slid her lips
down over Fonzie's thick fuck stick. She took roughly half of it, then slowly
wiggled her way back up and down for a couple of minutes. "Your turn Joanie,"
she said with a gleam in her eye as she pulled off of it.

Joanie took her position and dropped her lips to the big cock head. Sticking
her tongue out, she licked at the oozing cockhead then dipped her head down
to engulf the entire cockhead into her hot wet mouth. Jenny warned her to go
slow the first time. "Use your tongue, swirl it around the head and dig it
into the hole. Good, good, do that for a while then slowly take it in and use
your tongue to lick all around, especially the big ridge along the bottom.
That's very sensitive and guys love it when you work your tongue over it."

Joanie followed her horny friend's instructions and was soon bobbing her head
like a pro as she gave the first head of her young life to the out-cold
friend of her big brother. Jenny told her that now that she had the hang of
it they could share until the 'big moment'. Joanie wasn't sure what Jenny
meant by the 'big moment' but didn't ask as she had a mouthful of cock just
then. For the next several minutes they licked and sucked away, their hands
milking the thick shaft and rolling Fonzie's heavy sperm laden balls as they
took turns engulfing Fonzie's oversized dick deeper and deeper into their

Then Jenny pulled Joanie off of the massive cock and said, "Watch this
Joanie, he's really big but it's time to learn a new trick called
deepthroat." Joanie's eyes almost popped out of her head as she watched
Jenny slid her mouth all the way down over the long thick cock until her
nose was buried in his curly pubic hair. Jenny's throat bulged obscenely
as Fonzie's massive shaft throbbed within it.

Then she slowly lifted up until just the wide head was in her mouth. She
looked in Joanie's eyes as she dropped down and repeated her sword swallowing
act several more times before lifting off and saying. "Your turn girlfriend.
The real trick is controlling your breathing. You'll get the hang of it in no

Joanie hestantly worked her mouth over the thick shaft until she felt it
lodged against the back of her mouth and over the next several minutes she
followed Jenny's instructions as she learned how to deepthroat a cock. Jenny
was impressed and told her, "Girl, if you can handle Fonzie's big dick, you
can handle any guys. Your going to be very popular from now on, trust me."

Suddenly, Joanie's eyes widened even more. She felt Fonzie's cock swelling
more and it began twitching uncontrollably in her loving mouth, but she had
no idea what was coming. "He's coming!" Jenny yelled. Joanie tried to lift
her head off the big cock, but Jenny grabbed her hair tightly, holding her
in place. "This is it Joanie, the big moment, this is what you've been
sucking for. Hold on and swallow girl."

Joanie felt the big cock swell even more and then she felt a tremendous burst
down her throat and a warm burn deep within. Her mouth was suddenly flooded
by a flood of tangy tasting cum. Joanie was forced to swallow or drown in
Fonzie's heavy streams of thick cum. She coughed and gagged as his jism
overflowed from the corners of her mouth, pouring down her chin. She managed
to get the hang of it and gulped as much down as she could as some of it shot
up and into her nostrils.

Joanie swallowed again and again, drinking all the hot thick cum that the
out-cold stud could produce. Finally, his cock began to dwindle and shrink in
her still sucking mouth and Jenny let her head go. Joanie gasped for air as
Jenny said, "Wow, that was fantastic Joanie. You were incredible. Did you
like it? Wow, your first blow job and you get to swallow the load of the
biggest stud in town. Your not mad ... are you? For me holding you down. It's
the only way to learn. I should know, that's how Billy taught me."

Jenny reached out and began to lick and stroke Fonzie's dick as Joanie
recovered from her first sexual encounter. She gobbled down every drop of
jism that Joanie had missed and soon had him at full mast once again. "Do
you want to fuck him now. I know that I do," she said as she got up on the
bed and straddled his muscular body, his huge erection between her legs.
She sat down on it and slid her juicy slit over the thick length of the
throbbing male organ. Jenny's slippery pussy was now sliding up and down
on top of Fonzie's long shaft as it laid on his stomach and Joanie's eyes
opened wide in wonder as her friend's cunt lips spread open as she rode
the thick dick. Joanie saw a liberal coating of Jenny's flowing juices
being applied to Fonzie's long throbing rod.

Jenny slid herself down to the base of his balls and lifted his enormous
cock straight in the air against her firm little belly. Joanie thought that
it looked like Jenny was in a sex induced trance and in her horny condition
she instinctively lifted herself up, almost to a standing position over his
mighty cock. She lowered a little, enough to drag his enormous cock head
through her drenched gash.

Jenny purred at the sweet sensation she felt by having her sopping wet little
quim massaged by a thick cock twice the size of any she'd ever taken before.
If she wasn't so wet there would have been no way that Fonzie's huge cock
could have fit into her tight little cunt. As his fat cock head fit into the
mouth of her tight hole she instinctively lowered herself.

Jenny moaned loudly as her sweet young pussy opened around the wide head and
accepted his huge mounting stick. Her cunt lips stretched to the max as she
lowered herself further. Joanie watched in rapt amazement as Jenny really
worked to get him inside of her. "So this is fucking," she thought, not yet
realizing that she to would soon have Fonzie's huge cock buried deep inside
of her teenaged little pussy as well.

Jenny continuously lowered and raised herself, sliding up and down on his
massive cock to work it in deeper. She hit the four inch mark and really
started to struggle. The intense feeling of her cunt stretching over Fonzie's
thick cock was making her weak.

Slowly Fonzie hands moved up to capture her small waist, but the horny young
girls didn't comprehend that their unknowing victim was now awake and looking
at the two naked young girls as one of them slid her sweet young pussy down
over his big cock. He smiled as he listened to them and realized that this
was just what the doctor ordered for helping him recover.

He drank in the two ripe young bodies, pleasently surprised by the fullness
of their ripe figures, especially little Joanie. She was developing into a
younger version of her very accomodating mother and her tits were much bigger
than he'd thought them to be. He'd previously considered the two of them too
young to add to his stable of conquests, but now he saw that they were both
more than qualified.

He was lifting Jenny up and down on his big cock now and she started
trembling as his manhood peaked her inner most carnal desires. Jenny's cunt
worked feverishly to adjust to his enormous size and feeling more comfortable
that she could handle him, she lowered down and his big cock easily passed
her many boyfriend's accustomed depths.

She raised slightly then slid down his enormous pole again and again. She
took him in deeply but hadn't fit it all in yet. She had never felt such a
long, thick cock inside of her before, and her glazed over eyes stared up
to the heavens as she bounced up and down as his big rod slid in and out of
her tauntly stretched little cunt.

Jenny's little teenaged pussy was being seriously resized. She rode Fonzie's
cock like she was riding a horse, and in a way she was as his massive
horsecock rammed against her cervex repeatedly, her juicy cunt squishing
loudly with every balls deep thrust. To Joanie's wide opened eyes, her
worldly friend couldn't seem to get enough of the long thick cock as she
rode herself into the senset. Everytime she landed, Joanie could here a
loud squish as the room filled with the sounds of hot sex.

Fonzie watched the two girls in growing excitement as he stretched Jenny's
cunt with his massive cock. Her cunt felt so sweet to him as it gripped his
big cock tightly and started to really adjust to his enormous size. Young
Joanie's hand was working in between her legs when Fonzie's voice broke her
single minded concentration on the lurid scene before her.

"Ayyyyyyyy Joanie, get up here and sit on my face so I can taste that sweet
little pussy of yours," he said as he reached up and filled his hands with
her Jenny's bouncing tits, watching intensely as his thick cock glistened
with her juices.

The two girls were suddenly brought back to reality as Fonzie grabbed
Joanie's arm with one hand while the other kept Jenny in place on his big
cock. "Get up here I said ... NOW. You can do more than watch you know," he
told her forcefully as he pulled her onto the bed and made her kneel up by
his head and straddled his face. She let out a gasp as she felt Fonzie's
experienced tongue flick over her juicy slit and find her erect clit.

"OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," she moaned as she felt the first contact of a hungry
mouth on her hot squishy pussy. Fonzie was in heaven as he ate out Mrs. C's
sweet young daughter. He'd been plowing her on the sly for a several weeks
now and the thought of a mother/daughter double header in his bed filled his
head with lurid ideas of how he'd fuck the two of them to exhaustion. In
mere minutes Joanie felt a growing sensation of overpowering pleasure rising
from deep within her inner being and the first climax of her young life
flashed through her heaving body. "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," she screamed as
she rode Fonzie's face and recieved a masterful tounging.

Two more orgasms each washed over the young girls before Fonzie had them
reposition themselves on his bed. Jenny pulled off his incredible prick with
a loud plop and then laid on her back as instructed. "OK, Joanie," Fonzie
said. "Get up over Jenny and 69 her."

Joanie had no idea what he wanted her to do but she let herself get moved so
that she was on her hands and knees with her face over Jenny's sopping wet
cunt. "Now eat it," Fonzie told her as she felt his hands on the back of her
head push her face down to the juicy slit beneath her. She was beyond reason
as she flicked out her tongue and did to Jenny what Fonzie had just done to
her and to her surprise discovered that she loved the taste of her friends
sweet pussy juice. Jenny responded in kind and Fonzie watched the two girls
go it for a while as she stared at Joanie's sweet little ass.

He moved up behind his best friend's young sister and grasped her by her hips
and dragged her back to him. Jenny moved with her and maintained her furious
tonguing as her eyes filled with Fonzie's massive organ bobbing mere inches
above her. He looked down at Joanie's virgin backside wiggling her over her
friend's face in front of him and lay his lengthy horsecock between her firm
cheeks, his huge sperm laden balls touching her bright pink slit as the thick
shaft nestled in between her faboulous buns, the head peaking out over her
back as he slowly sawed it through her sexy little ass.

He felt Jenny's tongue working on his ball sack as he locked Joanie's hips
in a powerful grip and fit his huge cock into the mouth of her virgin cunt.
"Hold on honey. It may hurt a little at first, but trust me your going to
love it," he assured her as he pushed forward slowly and groaned loudly as
his cockhead was enveloped by the young girls tight lips.

"OOOHHHHHHHHHHHH," she moned into Jenny's cunt as she felt Fonzie's massive
cock stretch her lips wide apart as it moved into her and lodged against her
hymen. This was followed by a piercing shriek that was muffed by Jenny's gash
as Fonzie slammed his hips forward and claimed her cherry as her hymen was
shreaded by this massive cock as it surged into Joanie like a fright train.
Humping back and forth slowly, his cock began to penetrate the teenaged
beauty as her love juices began to flow and ease the penetration.

She found that he was right as the pain was washed away with an overpowering
surge of pleasure as waves of incredible intense sensations washed over her.
"OOHHHHH," she moaned. "It feels so good now. OHHH Fonzie, you've made me a

"Oh, baby! Ahhhhhh, yeah, you sweet little honey!" Fonzie groaned loudly as
now had eight inches in and just had a few more to go. With Joanie's channel
now sopping wet, Fonzie began to fuck away in earnest, burying his entire
length fully before withdrawing, only to plunge it back into the young girl.
He marveled at how her glove tight little pussy had so quickly been
transformed into a hungry cock loving cunt.

"It's a gift," he thought as he pounded the up-to-today innocent young
daughter of the family that had taken him in and made him feel like one of
their own. She was whimpering, writhing her buttocks erotically in his
crotch as Fonzie ran his hands down her body to squeeze her breasts as he
fucked Joanie slowly, deeply and thoroughly. His cock ground in and out of
her, glistening and gleaming with her blood and their juices.

After a hard twenty minutes of super intense fucking he felt the heat in his
tongue pleasured balls begin to reach white hot proportions and knew that he
was going to cum soon. Joanie's body rocked and jerked under his thrusts,
her full young breasts flopping about as he moaned thickly, his hands on her
hips, pulling her glove tight pussy up and down the length of his long thick
cock. Joanie cried out thinly, lurching and jerking as he ram fucked her cunt
furiously, hammering his hips at her buttocks, reaming his cock deep into her
little pink slit.

Joanie exploded, her fingers tightly clenching Jenny's hips as she drove her
tongue into her friend's gushing cunt as deeply as she could. Fonzie sensed
her orgasm and fucked her furiously. Joanie whimpered and cried out in joy as
he finally lost control. He gasped, slamming to the hilt in her spasming cunt
as the heat surged from his cock and spurted out, jetting into her spasming
little cunt with tremedous force, spattering her cervex and filling her to
the brim with his potent sperm.

He stayed buried in her, holding her as tightly against him as he could as
the convulsions passed through him. After a few minutes he pulled back with
a loud plop and found Jenny's lips immediately move to encircle his gooey
cock. She licked and sucked, gobbling down all of the tasty fuck juices that
she could and she felt unmeasurable joy as his soften cock began to lenghten
and thicken once again in her loving mouth.

"OK sweetcheeks, it's your turn," he told Jenny, "assume the position." She
grabbed Joanie's hips and rolled them over so that she was now on top. The
two girls maintained their new positions as Fonzie moved up behind the more
experienced girl. He watched them as they worked on each others cunts. Jenny
lapping up Fonzie's gushing jism as it oozed out of her friend's freshly
fucked quim.

"You've been after this for quite a while, haven't you little girl?" he
told Jenny as he moved up close behind her undulating ass. "Well I've got
something special in mind for you." He pushed his cockhead between her
georgeous buns and nuzzled it in against her tiny anus as Jenny whimpered.
Then he slid his cock down her crack and into her juicy cunt quickly,
making her groan at the sudden massive invasion.

He pumped her for a minute, savoring the feel of Joanie's hard working
tongue on the underside of his thick shaft. He then pulled out and pushed
his cockhead back between her firm little buttocks to her tight, puckered
sphincter. Jenny whimpered again as Fonzie's cockhead throbbed at her
virgin anus. It yielded under the pressure as he flexed his buttocks and
rammed his hips forward. His massive cockhead popped into her rear channel
and deep up her virgin asshole as Jenny's face buried itself between
Joanie's wide spread legs.

"OH! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" she cried.

His cock squeezed deeper and deeper into her tight little asshole. Jenny's
fingers tightened into a fist and then the pain changed in nature for the
teenaged slut and his cock felt incredibly good in her tauntly stretched
anus. Deeper and deeper it went, and Fonzie groaned, burying the enormity
of his long thick penis in her tiny anus, his hips pressing tightly to her
firm buttocks.

She moaned and shuddered, rocking to and fro under him like a bitch in
deep rut, whimpering loud obscenities that only seemed to inflame Fonzie's
passion. Her body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts
jogging and bouncing as he moaned thickly, his hands on her hips, pulling
her anus up and down the length of his cock. Beneath her Joanie was
attacking her friend's now empty cunt with a passion. Her tongue working
exquistitly over her friends engorged clit as she drove three fingers as
deeply as she could into her spasming pussy.

Jenny became numb in her body as Fonzie fucked her up the ass for another
half hour non-stop before he deposited a heavy load of potent spunk deep
up her tight little asshole and the three of them collapsed in an entangled
heap upon Fonzie's cum dreanched bed. The two girls move down and began to
pay homage to the instrument of their incredible rabvishment, licking and
sucking in turn on his flacid dick.

"OH Fonzie, will you fuck me up the ass too," Joanie begged.

"Next time Shortcake, you two have worn me out," He promised as he fondled
her ripe tits. "I'm not fully recovered from my injuries yet you know. I need
my rest."

Joanie suddenly saw the clock on Fonzie's bed side table and shouted, "My
God, look how late it is. Mom will be home anytime now. Jenny we've got to
get out of here before she catches us." They shot out of Fonzie's bed and
hurriedly got back into their clothes, then rushed out the door and returned
to the house. Jenny was long gone when Mrs. Cunningham returned from her many

She came in and dropped her packages on the counter as Joanie, fresh from a
quick shower bounced into the kitchen. Marion turned and asked Joanie if
she'd looked in on Fonzie as she was told too. She immediately saw a that
there seemed to be a change in her teenaged daughter, her smile was bigger
than she'd ever seen it and she noticed that she was walking gingerly and
inquired what happened to her.

She replied, "Yes mother, he got taken care off." She smiled, thinking 'and
so did I', "I tripped going up the stairs to his room and strained a leg
muscle." Actually, her legs muscles had been strained by the young stud
living above their garage pounding his mighty horsecock into her tight virgin
pussy and stretching it as never before, but she couldn't tell her mother
that, now could she.


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