Happy Days Part 4
by Two Hard

All you could hear coming from Joanie's bedroom were the sounds of
pleasure, groans, moans and the wet sound of bodies interacting.

Richie and Joanie were in a hot 69, Joanie on her back, legs spread wide
and her brother hungrily attacking her wet cunt with his busy tongue,
meanwhile Joanie was sucking her brother's prick down her throat. As she
deep throated Richie's cock she was poking his butt with her wet finger,
slowly sinking it all the way in, every time it hit bottom, so to speak,
Richie groaned and his tongue sucked noisily on her erect clit. Out of the
corner of her eye Joanie spied her makeshift dildo, her hairbrush, and she
remembered Richie telling her that he wanted her to fuck his ass with it,
she grabbed the brush which was still slick with her cunt juice and saliva
and began rubbing it around Richie's tight hole.

Richie felt something hard moving around his ass and he took a quick look
back, he saw his sister trailing her hairbrush up his crack and let out a
hiss and dove back into Joanie's bald beaver. Slowly Joanie inserted the
handle of the brush into her brother's ass, at first she felt his rectum
tighten and try to push it back out then Richie relaxed and the handle
entered the dark hole, Richie's cock grew in her mouth as his butt was
invaded and his attacks on her wet quim intensified.

Joanie pumped the brush in and out and butt fucked her big brother, she
pulled his cock out of her mouth and gently sucked on his sac, rolling his
balls in her mouth. Richie was in heaven, before now his ass had only
known fingers and now his little sister was ramming her brush deep into
his shit hole, he felt her tongue playing with his balls and he dove
deeper into her sopping pussy, licking and drinking up her juices.

Joanie had never been turned on so much before, just the sight of the
brush fucking her brother's ass was enough to set off a series of small
orgasms, then she felt Richie start to lick her own butt, his tongue
swirling and poking into her musky hole.

Suddenly Joanie heard a series of quick clicks, releasing Richie's sac she
looked back and she almost died, standing there with a camera taking shots
was Richie's pal Potsie Webber, because Joanie had her firm thighs wrapped
around her brother's head pulling him into her cunt he had not heard the
sounds and was still eating out her pussy.

"Hi Joanie!" Potsie said with a huge grin on his face and without further
ado he dropped his pants and boxers and stood there with his prick at
attention. Now Potsie wasn't very good looking and not particularly
bright, but he knew an opportunity when he saw one and right now he knew
he had one not to waste. As Joanie watched Potsie walked towards her until
his cock was pointing at her face, although not particularly big his cock
was very fat and Joanie although not happy with the situation was keen to
attack this piece of man meat.

"Eat my prick baby" Potsie told her. "and no one sees these photos."
Joanie reached up and took hold of his cock, her hand would not go right
around his throbbing prick and she wondered how she could fit it in her
mouth. All this time Richie was oblivious to what was going on as he
greedily ate his sister's pussy, although he was wondering what had
happened to his glorious blow job, but Joanie was still pumping the
hairbrush and this was enough to keep him happy.

Joanie licked around the head of Potsie's dick and ran her tongue under
the rim of the knob, then she gently pushed her tongue into the piss hole.
Potsie was standing rubbing his nipples as his best pals little sister
licked his cock, he looked down at her angelic face and smiled when she
gave him a devilish grin, then he looked down her firm young body and at
Richie's hard body on top of his own sister and watched as his pal ate out
Joanie's cunt.

Slowly Joanie stretched her full red lips around Potsie's fat cock and was
able to fit the head into her mouth, she gently sucked and nibbled on the
knob and slowly began to swallow the length until her face was buried in
Potsie's pubic hair. Her throat was stretched wide open by the fat girth
of his cock, although she was able to easily take in his length, Potsie
let out a loud groan as Joanie expertly blew on his love horn, he looked
down as her face rubbed on his pubic mat and watched as she continued to
butt fuck Richie with the brush.

Potsie's groan reached Richie's ear even through the curtain of Joanie's
smooth thighs, he jerked his head out and looked back, and there saw
Joanie swallowing Potsie's prong. "Fuck " he thought " now Potsie knows I
fuck my sister" but he could tell that Potsie was not going to tell
anybody by the look on his face, pure unadulterated pleasure. Richie
climbed off Joanie and turned so he was above Joanie and his eager cock
was now aiming at hi sister's gleaming cunt, he pushed his prick into the
hot wet snatch and pumped into Joanie, and as he did muscles in his ass
clenched on the brush still stuck in his butthole. Potsie watched his pal
ram his cock into Joanie's cunt, and what a cock he thought, it was bloody
enormous. As Richie entered his sister's tight cunt she let out a guttural
moan which vibrated in Potsie's cock, looking back at Richie, Potsie saw
the handle of the brush sticking up between his cheeks and he reached over
and started to fuck his pal with it.

Joanie spat out Potsie's dick and whispered into Richie's ear, he climbed
off Joanie and lay on his back and she then squatted over Richie's weapon
and slowly sank down, her greedy cunt sucking it fully in, she then turned
to Potsie and said "O.K. big boy stick that fat prick up my dirty little
ass." and with that she reached behind and spread her cheeks, which
allowed full access to her spread butt hole. As Potsie watched Richie's
prick fuck his sister's dripping cunt he climbed on the bed and positioned
his own cock at Joanie's back door entrance, he reached down and scooped
up some of the sticky juice from her pussy and smeared it over his dick
and her awaiting shit hole.

Slowly Potsie pushed the head of his dick against Joanie's ass, at first
there was tight resistance to his advances as Joanie's ass had never had
anything that fat enter her there before, but gradually her asshole
stretched to accommodate his width and once his head passed her tight
ring, the remaining length sunk quickly into her dark hole. Joanie was
starry eyed as she became the meat in man sandwich, her brother's cock
filled her pussy to capacity and Potsie's over-wide dick was stretching
her ass to perfection, as Richie rammed up, Potsie pushed down, Joanie had
never known such a full feeling before, and it was a short time before her
young loins shook as she came and Richie was saturated with her cunt
juice, as her cunt contracted when she orgasmed it also made her butt hole
tighten, as her ring clenched Potsie's pumping cock it made him cum also,
and he shot his load of jism into her bowels.

Potsie pulled his dick out of Joanie's ass with an audible plop and
quickly moved to her head so she could clean up his shitty cock, her warm
wet tongue licked and sucked his dick cleaning up all her ass leavings and
his cum. Potsie then felt a tickle on his balls, as he looked down Richie
was licking at his sac he then sucked in his balls, so there he was
getting sucked off by his best friend Richie and his little sister Joanie.

Suddenly Joanie released his cock and let out a moan as she once again let
loose with her young cream, this caused Richie to stiffen and shoot his
load up his sister's pussy, all the while sucking on Potsie's nuts. Richie
pulled out of Joanie and fed Potsie's cock into his mouth, he couldn't
believe the width of his friends dick it stretched his mouth and it was
all he could do to suck him in, he started bobbing his head on Potsie's
prick and Potsie couldn't help but moan as his friend deep throated him.
Joanie lay back exhausted and as she watched her brother suck another
boy's cock, her abused cunt and ass dripped with cunt juice and streams of
thick white cum.

Then Potsie yelled and she saw his cock throbbing as he shot a second load
of cum down her brother's throat, Richie greedily drank all of the salty
cum not letting a drop spill. Potsie fell back on the bed as Richie
cleaned up around his cock and balls, Joanie leaned over and gave him a
deep kiss, "Thanks Potsie that was fabulous having two cocks deep in me."
"Anytime" Potsie gasped.

"I'll take you up on that." Joanie whispered as she watched her brother
licking up the mess, "and I think Richie will agree."


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