The following is a work of fiction. It contains scenes of consensual sex
between underage teenage boys. If you don't like that stuff, it's illegal
in your neck of the woods or you'll get your ass whipped if you're caught
reading it please leave.

I have absolutely no evidence that Aaron Carter or Scott Leavenworth are
gay or bi and nothing in this story should be taken as such. Harry Potter
and the rest of the characters are 100% fictional and the property of J.K.
Rowling, and I don't know if she's really a witch. ;-)

The events in this story take place during the summer after the events told
in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." That tale concludes with the
death of Cedric Diggory and the return of Lord Voldermort, which follows
Aaron Carter's visit to Hogwarts in part one.

Harry Potter: Aaron Carter At Hogwarts Part 2 (mm,oral,celeb)
by Mike M ([email protected])

Ron Weasley looked at his lover across the bedroom they shared at Ron's house
in the Hollow. As had been the case since the final day of the tournament
Harry Potter did not look very happy to be the boy who lived. All he did was
stare into nothingness. Ron knew why. Between Cedric Diggory's death and he
who must not be named rebirth into a new body Harry had come out of their
fourth year feeling not like a hero for winning the tournament but a complete
and utter failure. A fact Harry mentioned at least once a day. Of course Rita
Skeeter's constant articles and columns reiterating the facts and/or stories
about Voldermort's accomplishments.

The Weasleys tried to hide the Daily Prophet from Harry but it didn't make a
difference. Harry just kept sinking further and further into depression. Ron
had sent a steady stream of owls to Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall,
even a couple to Snape. The head of Slytherin house helped the most sending
along a couple of potions that helped a little bit, at least temporarily.

"Harry, it's time you got over this," Ron yelled out of nowhere.

"Yes Cedric's dead, yes that fucking bastard Voldermort is back to full
strength and gathering his old followers to his side but that's all the more
reason for you to snap out of it."

Harry turned away from Ron.

"Finally, a fucking reaction from you. I love you Harry and I'm afraid."

"I'm sorry love. It's like I've been cursed. Can almost see a black shroud
over me," Harry said and struggled to turn over till he faced Ron.

"Then fight it, punch through it. Can't just surrender. Please," Ron said.

Harry held his hand out and Ron jumped from his own bed and landed next to
Harry's bed then grabbed his boyfriend's hand.

"Tell me what to do Harry," Ron said.

"Don't know, help me up. Make me walk out to the garden."

"It's raining."

"I know, maybe it'll wash it away. I don't know, maybe just trying to wash
it off."

Ron helped Harry up but Harry shook him off and walked out the room and down
the stairs by himself.

Mrs. Weasley started to say something when Harry headed for the door wearing
just his pajama shorts but Ron shook his head. "He's trying Mum."

Mother and son watched their virtually adopted son and lover walk out into
the pouring rain and to the middle of the backyard, drop his shorts and stand
with his arms outstretched. Mrs. Weasley took her youngest son into her arms
and hugged him. Ron looked up, concern and tears filling his face.

"What did he say dear," Mrs. Weasley said and Ron repeated the conversation.

"He's making progress, now I'm going to put a blackout spell on the rear
windows and I want you to go out there, strip and give your boyfriend some

Ron's face went even redder than his hair but headed out the door. The warm
summer rain soothed his skin as he stripped. Once he was naked he walked in
front of Harry and saw Harry was staring up with his eyes wide open. Ron sank
to his knees and began sucking on Harry's cock. He had to use more of his
tricks to get Harry hard and a lot more time but it did happen.

When the cock in his mouth started throbbing Ron felt Harry's hands on
his head. He felt love flowing and knew it was both ways. Harry wasn't
interfering with Ron's lovemaking so Ron just kept sucking on his love's
cock. Ron reached up and caressed Harry's smooth cheeks. Harry leaned in
and simultaneously screamed and came hard and fast down his boyfriend's

Spent Harry's knees buckled and the boys found themselves face-to-face on
the ground. They looked at each other, smiled and were quickly hugging

"Better?" Ron said.

"Think so, at least right now."

"Start, can always have Mum do a rain spell every day."

Harry laughed and Ron started crying.

"What's wrong?" Harry said.

"Nothing," Ron said.


"Just that's the first laugh from you I've heard in ages."

"I know. Do you mind staying out here for a bit longer?" Harry said.

"As long as you want."

* * *

Through the rain they heard an owl's call and the long slow beat of
its wings.

"We'd better put our pants on, the owl might break the blackout spell,"
Ron said.

"Don't care," Harry said.

"My parents might be very understanding and supportive love, but seeing us
like this would be a bit much. For me if not for them."

The two lovers found their shorts and slipped them on as a great horned owl
came to rest at their feet.

"Millicent?" Harry said as he removed a message tube from the bird's talons.

"Wonder what Aunt Rowley wants," Ron said.

Harry unrolled the scroll and the ink started to run in the rain. Ron tapped
it with the new wand Harry had bought him for his last birthday.

"Thanks Ron," Harry said and returned to the scroll.

Dearest Harry,
I hope Millicent finds you quickly because I've got a bit
of news for you that will get rid of any funk you're still
in. I need you two and all of Ron's family in London on
August 24th. I've been sworn to secrecy why but its good
news lad and should be a jolly good time. You'll all stay
with me, there's plenty of room in my new home. Send an
owl telling me when you're coming and I'll make sure the
flu is open.

Love, Aunt Rowley

"Wicked," Ron said, "Wait, that's only one week from now."

"It's the middle of August already? Sorry I've put such a damper on our
holiday," Harry said.

"Least we didn't get into any trouble. Let's go in and tell Mum and Dad."

They ran to the door but Harry stumbled into a chair as soon as they were in
the kitchen.

"You all right there?" Mr. Weasley said from the stove. "Just making you
boys some hot cocoa for when you came in."

Ron picked Harry's head up and looked into his eyes. "Blimey, Dad there's a
curse on the house that's affecting Harry." Harry nodded, "I see it again."

Mrs. Weasley entered the kitchen. "What do you mean Ron?" his father asked.

"Mum, remember when I told you Harry thought he saw this black shroud?"

"Yes, but I thought that was just a metaphor."

"Me too, but when we were outside he was better. Got an owl from Aunt Rowley
and we were both excited. Reason we came back inside so we could tell you.
But as soon as we crossed the threshold it slammed back into him. His eyes
are as dead as before and not like two minutes ago."

"If your right Ron that's a mighty powerful curse and well aimed to. I'll
talk to people at the Ministry of Magic tomorrow about it," Mr. Weasley said.

"No, not a word that we know it's a spell," Harry said.

"But son, you can't suffer like this till school starts," Mrs. Weasley said.

Harry handed her the scroll and she quickly scanned it.

"That will be wonderful but its still a week away."

Harry looked at Ron pleadingly.

"What Harry's thinking is for him and me to go as soon as possible and hide
there. Where's that special muggel phone Aunt Rowley gave us?" Ron said.

Mrs. Weasley whipped out her wand, "Appirate cellular. She handed the phone
to Ron, "Never know how to work those muggel things." Ron flipped it open and
punched the buttons like he'd been shown.

* * *

In London J.K. Rowling was finishing dinner with some of her magical friends
when the phone rang. She excused herself when the waiter told her it was

"Hello," she said.

"Aunt Rowley? It's Ron, Ron Weasley."

"Ron, I take it Millicent reached you ok? Will you be able to come up?"

"Yes, but Harry and I need to come up right away and stay in your house until
school starts."

"Is he ok? Voldermort hasn't attacked has he?"

"We think he cursed the house. As long as Harry's inside here he's totally
depressed, outside he feels better. Can we come now? Please!"

"Yes, of course. The flu is open so whenever your ready come over, and its
big enough for the two of you to come together."

"Thanks Aunt Rowley, see you soon," Ron said and hung up.

Rowling hung the phone up and stood there thinking for a few minutes before
returning to her guests.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm expecting my, uh, nephew and his friend to be
arriving by flu very shortly. Please do not mention this to anybody from
either world. Not even at the ministry please."

Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge nodded.

* * *

Ron handed Harry the two suitcases and led him into the fireplace. "Wrap your
arms around him son, I'll throw the powder. Don't think either one of you can
talk clearly right now," Mrs. Weasley said and reached into the bucket.

"Ready Mum, love you," Ron said.

Harry barely nodded before leaning his head onto Ron's shoulder.

"Aunt Rowley's flat," Mrs. Weasley said, tossed the powder and the boys

* * *

Minutes later two slightly dusty boys stumbled out of a fireplace.

"Aunt Rowley," Ron called.

A moment later the door opened and she walked in. As she approached Harry
began to stir and while still leaning on Ron he was at least smiling when
she kissed his forehead.

"Feeling any better?" Ron asked.

Harry shrugged.

"Maybe a shower will help like before," Ron said.

"Follow me to your room then. Has its own shower, big enough for the two of
you. I'll have Martin bring two trays in to the room," Aunt Rowley said.

"Who's Martin?" Ron said.

"I've got guests in the dining room and when I entertain I hire him to serve.
He comes from a wizarding family but not enough talent to get into Hogwarts
but he's a great waiter. And if he sees you two naked he might not make it
back to the dining room," J.K. Rowling finished with a wink.

"Aunt Rowley," Harry said.

"He talks," she said as she opened the bedroom door, "Well in you go boys
I'll check in with you after everybody's gone."

"Thanks," Harry said and gave his mother's best friend from Hogwarts a hug.

Harry felt a warm touch on his shoulder and turned over. He reached for his
glasses and once they were on he gave his Aunt a big grin.

"That's better Harry. A nice big smile is a good way to start the day and I
bet you haven't felt much like smiling recently if what Molly told me last
night is true."

Harry nodded and turned to see Ron still sleeping, "Can we talk out there?"

"Sure, I'll wait for you there, give you a chance to use the loo, slip some
clothes on too.

Aunt Rowley winked and left a blushing Harry behind.

He joined her in the sitting room five minutes later wearing shorts and a
Hogwarts t-shirt.

"Hope they didn't make you of all people pay for that," Aunt Rowley said.

Harry sat on the couch next to her and shook his head.

"We all get one of these and one of our house shirts."

Rowling took her nephew's hand, "So what did you want to tell me away from
the love of your life?"

"Not hiding things from him, just that he was so exhausted when we fell
asleep that I didn't want to wake him. And it has been hell for him this
summer the way I've been behaving."

Aunt Rowley opened her arms and Harry leaned into her and started crying. A
few minutes later Ron walked out wearing a pair of boxers decorated with
Quidditch balls. He hurried over but kept silent when Rowling put a finger
to her lips.

"What's wrong? He isn't depressed again, seemed all right last night while
we were, uh, you know," Ron said once again turning a deep red.

"No dear, just a fret over how much of a sot he's been, putting a damper on
your summer fun."

"Ron?" Harry said as he sat up rubbing his eyes.

"Woke up you were gone and never came back from the bathroom so I came
looking," Ron said. "Feel all right?"

Harry sat up as he ran his hand through his perpetually unruly black hair.
His eyes scanned around his body. "Don't see it, feel better. Kind of hungry

"Teenagers, come on now, breakfast should be ready in a moment," Rowling's

Ron gave Harry a hug, "Welcome back love."

"Sorry I mucked up our summer," Harry said.

"Wasn't your fault now was it? Besides Mum and Dad said it was good practice
for when we have a baby of our own."

"They didn't?" Harry said and started laughing.

Ron nodded and laughed along, overjoyed at his boyfriend's recovery.

A recovery that was confirmed when Harry ate a breakfast that came close to
matching everything he had eaten in six weeks at the Hollow. When he was
finally finished he leaned back and patted his full stomach.

"Presuming you can get out of the chair what are your plans for the day?"
Rowling's asked.

"Pump you for information on the surprise," Ron said.

"Not a chance."

"Today I'd just like to stay here and watch television. Maybe tomorrow Ron
and I could go down to Diagon Alley and get our school supplies before the
rush starts," Harry said.

"Bad idea Harry. You'll give me your lists and I'll send Martin to get what
both of you need. Harry you've got to stay away from Wizarding places as
much as possible. The streets of London are filled with Lord Voldemort's
followers. You don't have to hide in here till September 1st but a little
disguise, Harry keeping his hair down, you coloring yours Ron and you'll be
able to have a fun week," Rowling's said with an expression that clearly
indicated no arguments.

"Can you make both of us blonds? That would be really cool," Ron said.

"Have a better idea, I'll send Martin to the store and get blond hair
coloring. Will be more resistant to searching spells and I can remove it
right before you go through the barrier. Good, I'm off. Have a good
day." Aunt Rowley got up then kissed the boys good-bye and left.

"Tellie in our room big enough or you want the big screen one?" Harry said.

"I think I want the bed," Ron said then led Harry by the hand back to their

Once through the door Harry switched positions and stretched Ron onto their
bed before pulling out his wand.

"Stripus completes," Harry said and Ron was instantaneously naked.

"No magic from here on out. I want to see you strip. I want to feel your
lips, hands, mouth, cock," Ron said.

Harry nodded and flipped his wand to the corner. He slowly pulled his shirt
off. First revealing a still smooth solid six-pack. Then dime-sized erect
nipples before he pulled the shirt off completely, once again showing his
dazzling smile.

And yes Ron's eyes got up that high. The smile caused his cock to jerk on
its own. Ron had missed it so the last few months.

Harry turned and slowly lowered his shorts revealing his tight smooth butt.
Naked he began backing up till his knees touched the foot of the bed. With
just a slight bend of his knees Harry leapt up and back landing an inch away
from a squinched up Ron.

Harry rolled on top of Ron and they wrapped their arms around each other and
began kissing. Gently at first but very quickly building up to deep lust.
After a while Harry broke the kiss and started kissing and nipping down his
lover's face and throat till he reached Ron's nipples. He licked at the few
light red hairs between them before starting to work on the left nipple.

"Oh yes Harry, oh hell yes, wow," Ron finished as Harry took a nibble on his
tit before moving onto the right.

Harry bit down hard on the right nipple then licked the nub between his teeth
while Ron bit down on his hand stifling his scream. Harry slowly reduced the
pressure and when finally done started kissing down Ron's stomach and
carefully around his crotch.

Harry quickly swallowed Ron's hard five inches and began running his tongue
around it then licked the precum off the end. Meanwhile Ron reached over and
began fingering Harry's hole, getting first one then two spit lubed fingers
into the chute.

Harry pulled off of Ron's rock hard glistening cock, rolled onto his back
then raised his legs. Ron began rimming him, sticking his tongue deeper and
deeper up Harry's ass.

"Fuck me lover, fuck me now," Harry cried.

Ron moved into position and inserted his dripping cock into Harry's opening.

"I love you Harry Potter."

"I love you Ronald Weasley. Now fuck my ass."

As Ron drove his cock deeper into Harry's hole he bent over until their
lips locked in place. They each gave a small gasp when cheeks met balls
then resumed kissing as Ron began thrusting in and out of his lover. Harry
relished feeling Ron's hard cock inside him again. Much as he could feel
magic flow around and through him he felt the lust and more importantly
the love with each stroke. Each taste of Ron's tongue, mouth and lips.

He willed Ron to go slower, wanting it to last forever. The first time Harry
sensed Ron ready to go he bit down on Ron's lip and the pain slowed it up.
The second time he squeezed his cheeks tight forcing Ron to stop. The third
time with his own balls ready to explode from almost an hour of constant
love making he finally gave in.

"I'm going to fill you, give you more seed than you've ever had before," Ron

"Fuck me, yeah give me your love, fill my pussy with your cum," Harry

A minute later Ron thrust in tight one last time and exploded deep inside
Harry. The force of the cum brought Harry over the edge and built a cum lake
on his chest.

Slowly Ron stopped stroking then collapsed onto Harry, his cock still buried

"Love, I've missed that so much. So glad you're back," Ron said.

"Not as much as I'm glad."

Ron grinned, "I'm gladder."

Harry shook his head, "I'm gladdest."

"I am," Ron said and started tickling Harry.

"Ok, Ok, I give up, just get that cock back inside me where it belongs."

Ron lifted Harry's legs again and quickly inserted his hardening rod into
the cum filled hole.

* * *

That night the world famous author J.K. Rowling was seen at dinner and the
theater with two well-dressed blond teenaged boys who shyly stood behind her.
While she wouldn't reveal their names she said they were relations of the man
she was dating. She wouldn't give his name out either.

As they walked from the theater to the car Harry suddenly cried out in pain
and covered his head. Ron leaned him against the wall and looked around.

"What is it?" Rowling asked.

"Warning of some sort usually," Ron said, "Maybe a death eater around. Lets
get moving."

"Could it be?" Rowling asked as she wrapped her arm around Harry.

Ron walked on Harry's other side and noticed a quick shake of the head.
"Harry doesn't think so, or at least not close."

As they approached the car Harry relaxed and started walking normally. Ron
kept looking around and suddenly stopped.

"Blimey, look at this Harry."

Harry looked at the poster, smiled and looked up at his Aunt.

"Yes, that's the surprise. Have a box and backstage passes for both shows."

"Be so good to see him again. Looks like he's grown a bit," Ron said.

Harry looked up at Aaron Carter's smiling face, "Wonder if everything's

"You'll have a chance to find out. Now into the car," Aunt Rowley said.

"Can we invite Hermione and Neville Aunt Rowley?" Harry said as they entered
the house.

"Better if we want to live to get to school," Ron said.

"Done and done per the future king of pop's request," Rowling said.

"Thanks Aunty," Harry said.

"Now off to bed with you. No, make that off to sleep."

Harry and Ron blushed and nodded.

* * *

The rest of the week went fast for the two young wizards. They enjoyed
sightseeing around their nation's capital. They didn't even mind having
Martin with them during the day since he knew the city and was funny.
Cute too.

August 24th came and mid-afternoon Mrs. Weasley, the twins and Ginny popped
out of the flu one at a time. Mr. Weasley walked over from the Ministry of
Magic getting there right before supper.

"So what's the big surprise Aunt Rowley?" George Weasley said.

"Going to see a friend of ours," Harry said.

"A close personal friend of ours," Ron added.

"Aaron Carter's in town?" Fred said.

"Two nights at Albert Hall and we have a private box for both nights,"
Rowling said.

"You shouldn't have JK, must have cost a bloody fortune," Arthur Weasley

"Wouldn't know, its actually the Carter family box but since only Mrs.
Carter and one of Aaron's siblings are with him there's plenty of room for
all of us."

"Which sibling?" Ginny asked.

"Big brother," Rowling said.

"Nick Carter!" Ginny said.

"How does a witch like you know about a muggel singer?" George asked.

"Advantage of having all those muggel born around," Ginny said and they all

"It's been wicked this week living in the muggel world," Ron said.

"See you went native with that Malfoy hair color," Fred said then dodged
rolls thrown by Harry and Ron.

Fred laughed until they hit the back of his head on the way back.

"Security, two blond boys seeing the sights with their minder are going to
escape easy detection. And with him back to full strength plus the spell
didn't want to take chances," Rowling said.

"And we prefer to call it Aaron blond," Harry said.

Martin walked in at that moment, "Ms. Rowling, Miss Granger has arrived and
with your permission would like to bring her parents up to meet everybody."

Rowling looked around the table and got nods from all concerned.

"Please ask them to join us for dessert Martin."

"Very good ma'am," Martin said and nodded which started Harry and Ron

"Boys," Mrs. Weasley said.

"Sorry Mum. Martin is the minder Aunt Rowley mentioned and that is not how
he normally acts," Harry said.

"Still," Mrs. Weasley said, "Did you just call me Mum?"

Harry nodded, "Hope that's all right."

"More than all right, hearing Mrs. Weasley out of your mouth hasn't felt
right in ages. Didn't want to push you though," Mrs. Weasley said.

"All right if I call you Dad Mr. Weasley?"

All Arthur Weasley could do was nod.

"There you two are," Hermione called from the doorway and rushed in and
hugged her best friends. "You feeling better Harry?"

"Better and better," Harry said and motioned with his head.

"Oh right, Mom, Dad this Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley, Ron's brothers Fred
and George and younger sister Ginny. Over there is Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and
finally our hostess Mrs. Rowling."

"An honor to meet all of you, we've heard so much about all of you ever since
Hermione sent us her first owl," Mr. Granger said, "But I am a bit confused.
I have read her descriptions and your books and Harry has black hair and
Ron's is as red as the rest of the family."

Harry brushed his hair to the side revealing the famous lightning bolt scar.

"It is us Mr. Granger, safety. Can you imagine boys looking like us with Aunt
Rowley? Might blow the whole cover," Ron said.

"And why do you need to be under cover?" Hermione asked with a scowl.

"Later, its time for dessert," Harry said as Martin walked in with a big

"We couldn't impose," Mr. Granger said, "We just wanted to meet our
daughter's friends after all this time."

"Don't be silly, no imposition at all. Besides just seeing faces isn't
meeting," Rowling said.

* * *

Neville arrived straight from Diagon Alley right before lunch the next day.
Took one look at Harry and Ron and just shook his head. "Don't even tell me,
I don't think I want to know."

"Good idea," Fred said.

"Very good idea," George said.

Neville looked at the twins and sighed. "Maybe after lunch. I'm starved.
Shopping is getting harder every year and then figuring out muggel
transportation to get here."

"Wouldn't know about the shopping, Martin took care of it," Ron said.

"You have your books already?" Hermione said.

"Even started studying," Harry said.

"You?" Hermione said arching her eyebrows.

"Can't rely on whatever moron they get to teach Defense Against the Dark
Arts now can we," Ron said.

"Rumor going around the ministry that Dumbledore is going to teach the
course himself, at least the three upper levels," Arthur Weasley said.

"That would be great. At least I wouldn't have to worry which side he was
on or if he was a faker," Harry said.

"Bloody right," Ron said.

"If Professor Dumbledore is going to do the upper three then who would do
the lower levels?" Ginny asked.

"Snape has always wanted it. Think it was Hagrid told me beginning of first
year," Harry said.

"More to the point when does Aaron get to town?" Hermione asked.

* * *

The four incoming fifth years were sitting on the front steps at noon the
next day when two black cabs pulled up to the curb. The rear door of the
first one opened before the cab was fully stopped and Aaron jumped out and
ran over to his friends. They hugged each other tight.

"What did you two do to your hair?" Aaron finally asked.

"You like it? We call it Aaron blond," Ron said.

"Yeah, makes you look good," Aaron said.

"Son," a woman said from behind.

"Sorry Mom," Aaron said, "You met Harry and Ron last year."

"Sorry about the shock last year Mrs. Carter, only way we could pull it off."

"Was worth it for the great time my boy had. I take it the other two are
Neville and Hermione," Mrs. Carter said.

"Yes Mom," Aaron said.

"Pleasure to meet you Mrs. Carter," Hermione and Neville said almost

"Where's Nick?" Hermione said.

"Couldn't make it at the last minute so brought a friend of mine.

Couldn't believe I actually knew JK Rowling," Aaron said and turned to the
car, "Come on out Scotty, it's safe."

A young teen slowly emerged from the cab. He stood next to Aaron and looked
very short to the almost six feet tall teen singer. Like all the boys except
Neville he was blond, but his seemed natural.

"This is Scotty Leavenworth, he's one of my actor friends," Aaron said.

"Actor friend?" Scotty said and elbowed Aaron in the side.

"Ok, Scott in addition to being star of the big and small screen is the
co-star in my bed," Aaron said, "Sorry Hermione."

Hermione reached up and kissed Aaron's cheek. "No problem, there's got to be
a straight boy around someplace."

"Somebody call?" George said from the doorway and everybody started laughing.

"Oh oh, I think we'd better get inside before the photographers attack,"
Aaron said.

They looked down the street and saw four men trying to aim their cameras as
they ran toward them. Everybody rushed up the stairs and inside. Right before
he closed the door George pointed his concealed wand and whispered a command.
Instantly the man in the lead fell sprawling knocking the rest down too.
Every single camera broke on impact.

Upstairs after everybody got introduced to each other the younger set headed
to the living room leaving the adults around the dining room table. Of course
Martin had provided a selection of drinks and snacks for Harry and his
friends too.

"So where did you two meet," Harry asked.

"I know its so cliche but Scott came backstage after a concert in Los Angeles
for the usual two boy stars meet and greet kind of thing.

Ten seconds together in a room with a hundred people," Aaron stopped and took
Scott's hand, "Our eyes met, hands touched to shake and we were alone in that
same room. Took all my effort not to take him into my arms and kiss him right

"Mine too, but we're both too well trained to reveal that side of us in
public. Not right or fair but kill our careers and we both love what we do
too much," Scott said.

"Know what you mean. When Harry and I came out last year there was a lot of
flack," Ron said and stopped at a poke from Harry.

"He knows the truth," Aaron said.

"Said he'd never see or talk to me again if I told a soul. Worse than when he
followed up with castration as a bonus," Scott said, "Do you really have the

Harry pushed his hair out of the way.

"I've met Daniel Radcliff, the boy who plays you in the movies and you're
much better looking," Scott said.

Harry blushed, "Thanks, first time I'm regretting not having muggel TV at
Hogwarts. But what Ron started to say is that there was a backlash at school
and in the magical world. But being who we are helped and by the end of the
school year there were several others out in all the houses except

"Always pictured Crabbe and Goyle spreading their cheeks for Malfoy," Scott

"If they did Malfoy would probably stick his boot in each of them," Fred

"And bring his foot back out bare," George said.

"Much chance of running into him while we're here?" Scott said.

"Be surprised as hell. His father doesn't like mixing with you lower
classes," Ron said.

"So what's your schedule?" Hermione asked.

"Busy," Aaron said, "Up to three shows now, and yes you are all coming to all
of them. Tomorrow is devoted to interviews and an appearance at the Virgin
Records Mega-Store.

"Then a day of rehearsals and then the three shows in three days. But after
that I am free until September 4th when we have to leave here for shows in
Liverpool and Manchester," Aaron said and smiled.

"I'll send Hedwig to Dumbledore to see if it's all right," Harry said shaking
his head. But his smile was just as big. Aaron leaned forward and kissed
Harry and the lips. The two boys were quickly embracing with lips locked.

"George, Fred, I think that's our cue to go," Hermione said standing.

"You stay here, we'll go into the bedroom. If it gets to noisy just put up a
spell," Ron said.

The five gay boys headed across the room and through the door into Harry and
Ron's bedroom.

"Nice room, better than the hotel suite for sure," Scott said.

"Harry, remember that spell from the train?" Aaron said.

"Stripus completes," Harry said pointing his wand at Scott who was instantly

"Holy shit, that is so cool," Scott said when he realized it.

Neville was watching the actor's big cock rising to its full glory, all seven
cut inches of it. Big for any thirteen-year-old but for a boy only about four
foot nine it looked huge. Without even loosening his top shirt button he
knelt before Scott and began licking the boy's hot rod. Scott's knees shook
as Neville licked the precum from his slit.

"Oh shit, oh hell yeah."

Neville smiled and swallowed the erect cock in one motion. Scott would have
fallen but a very naked Ron was kneeling behind him rimming his ass. In fact
Neville was the only clothed teen, a swish of the wand and the right command
had him naked as well.
_ _ _

As you can think this is the point were I discontinue this story I have loved
writing this. Thanks to every one.


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